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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 21, 2018 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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bipartisan and lets get it done. the shutdown hopefully will not last long. you will not get your wall. abandon your shutdown strategy. your not getting the wall today next week or on january third when democrats take control of the house >(ken) despite (ken) despite negotiations over the last 48 hours.. political leaders just couldn't come to an agreement... so now the federal government is in a partial shutdow... for the third time this year. (ken) thanks for joining us us, i'm ken wayne...(grant) and i'm grant lodes in for pam moore. both houses have the night.. without a compromise on the border wall... and congress remains at an impasse. (ken) nine of 15 cabinet-level departments and dozens of
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(ken) senator kamala harris responded to the shutdown tonight saying in part "let's be clear: this shutdown was completely avoidable. the white house created this crisis." (grant) san francisco's presidio will remain open this weekend... despite the government shutdown.... while e presidio is federal land, it does not rely on federal funds the same way other agencies do. the presidio trust manages 80 percent of the land, and that means the popular recreation area can stay open for what's expected to be a busy holiday weekend. national park service employees will still be furloughed... and trust employees are prepared to step in where needed. (ken) a big story tonight...police continue to investigate a possible drive- by shooting at the daly city bart station. officers rushed to the scene around 3:15 this afternoon. (grant)kron4's dan thorn live in daly city
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tonight with more on what happened..dan? what we know right now is a couple of samtrans buses were struck with bullets. the buses were taken away a little over an hour. the scene is now clear here at the daly city station but not before several police officers swarmed the area. bullet holes from a possible driveby shooting shattering windows on a samtrans bus. bart police cordoned off the area in the parking lot of the daly city bart station friday.. investigators were sweeping the scene as shell casings were scattered across the ground. a spokesman for the san mateo transportation district says two buses were passengers were onboard at the time the shooting..however, two bus drivers were and they were not injured. samtrans workers
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knocked out the damaged windows before driving off with the buses.. bart police have not found any suspects or victims at this time. we have reached out to bart police for information about this investigation--we will get that to you as soon as we learn more. that's the live in daly city--dan thorn kron4 news. (grant) the c-h-p and local police departments are stepping up patrols in an effort to crack down on drunk driving this holiday weekend.(ken)they are setting up d-u-i checkpoints across the bay area.kron 4's gayle ong is live in martinez where there's a checkpoint in place right now.gayle. dui enforcement patrols are already in effect in advance of the holiday,their message is simple - if you plan to go out and celebrate, plan ahead to ensure you'll get home
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safely. as people gather and celebrate this holiday season,law enforcement is keeping a sharp eye for drunk drivers,c-h-p says there will be extra patrols looking for drivers impaired by alcohol or drugs as part of the annual christmas weekend crackdown. last year, c-h-p officers arrested more than 900 motorists for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the christmas weekend.according to the agency, a total of 16 people died in collisions on roads and highways.the goal is to keep the roads safe during this time of year when more people are out celebrating. those who overindulge are being warned not to drink and drive..the consequence will cost more than a drink..a first dui offense can reach up to several thousand dollars.. that includes: fines, impounds, higher insurance rates and a lawyer.
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this crackdown is known as the period of maximum enforcement. it started at 6 tonight and will be in effect until midnight on in martinez, gayle ong kron 4 news (ken) and the big christmas getaway is underway on the roads and in the sky. today is the busiest day at the bay area airports for this late december travel season. today the weather caused problems at s-f-o.. not only here in the bay area but for flights headed to the east coast. around 20-percent of all flights at s-f-o were delayed by an average of0 minutes today. officials say they are expecting around 180-thousand people in and out of s-f-o.
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taking a live look now at s-f-o....f-o.... lawrence karnow: we are seeing delays at some of the local airports and it's a difficult night to travel across the parts of the united states. we started with a few showers but ended with a little sunshine. doppler radar is showing that the rain has come to an end here. it will be partly cloudy and cold tonight with lows in the 30s and 40s. on the satellite you can see another storm in the pacific. it could bring us some rain on sunday afternoon. a stronger storm is likely on christmas eve. we could see a few showers on
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christmas morning. then dry weather is forecast after that. that.forecast after dry weather is moing. then dry weather is forecast after that.
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(ken) drivers in the north
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bay had to reroute their commute this morning because a park and ride lot was closed due to flooding caused by the tide. the manzanita park and ride lot in mill valley was flooded, making it too dangerous to drive through with the high waters. chp officer andy barclay says with the king tide predicted for the next five days, until after christmas - drivers should be aware of caltrans safety warnings.(ken) passengers were advised to board buses in front of the buckeye restaurant and pohono street. c-h-p will be out at the park and ride this evening during its maximum enforcement period. (grant) police in palo alto are looking for a man who attacked a woman on a neighborhood sidewalk.the woman told police she was walking south on castilleja
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avenue when a man came from behind and put his hand over her mouth.he then pushed her into the bushes.she was able to scream for help, despite being punched in the face.the man ran away when neighbors came outside.police using dogs were unable to find the man. (grant) one person is dead and 15 people are without a home in san jose. a fire broke out in an apartment building near blossom hill road near clover-crest drive at four this morning. firefighters arrived and quickly knocked out the fire but when they entered the apartment they found a man unresponsive. they quickly tried to resuscitate him but he was pronounced dead at the scene. the fire severely damaged the victims apartment as well as six other neighboring apartments. arson investigators were on the scene and are working on the cause of the fire. (ken) more violence near bart... police are looking for a man who used a gun to beat a victim during a violent incident this morning. (grant) it happened near an east bay bart station during the morning commute. kron4's haaziq madyun
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reports. the search is on for a man armed with a gun involved in a violent attempted robbery here on the 400 block of 40th street in oakland. oakland police investigators say the 40 year old male victim was pistol whipped during the altercationsotthe incident happened friday around 8:40am. crime scene investigators blocked this section of the sidewalk as they searched for evidence. this location is right next to the macarthur bart station. passengers had to navigate around the yellow crimne scene tape during the morning commute. bart officials say neither the suspect or victim came from bart, but say it is possible the victim may have been on his way to catch a train sot oakland city councilmember dan
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kalb says crimes near bart stations are ongoing problem in the city sotthe victim suffered minor injuries and was transported to the hospital and is in stable condition. police have linmited information about the suspect. investigators are checking surveillance videos of any possible oakland haaziq madyun kron4news (ken) in the north bay... a 17-year-old sebastopol girl was arrested on suspicion of attempting to murder her ex- boyfriend... by running over him with her car. police say they responded to reports of a hit and run around 10 yesterday morning in the parking lot of analy high school. witnesses say the driver intentionally ran over
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the victim and tried to leave the scene. police looked at surveillance video showing the girl backing out of her parking spot as the boy was walking nearby. the girl was booked into juvenile hall. (ken) police in petaluma are asking for the public's help in finding three men suspected of robbing an at&t store at gunpoint. police say the armed robbery occurred just before 8 p.m. tuesday at the cell phone store on the 300 block of s. mcdowell boulevard. the three suspects allegedly entered the store, one armed with a handgun, and told employees to hand over electronic devices and property. the suspects then put the items in a pillowcase and fled in a red sedan. those with information on the robbery are encouraged to contact petaluma police. (grant/on cam) three pedestrian deaths in five days underscores what is adding up to be deadly final couple weeks of 20-18 in san jose. weeks of 20-18 in san jose. kron four's rob fladeboe takes a look at the numbers and what may behind this disturbing trend. rob fladeboe/san jose "....the most recent
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pedestrian fatality here in san jose was a 47 year old man who was struck by a car as he walked here along los gatos almaden road. he died on wednesday and became the 23rd pedestrian fatality of 2018..." that's 7 more pedestrian fatalities than the city recorded last year and getting close to 2014's total which was a 20 year high. more often than not speed was a factor says california walks deputy director jamie fearer. jamie fearer/california walks "....reallywhat we need to do is to reduce speed so that when people do make mistakes, those mistakes don't end up with somebody dying or being seriously injured...."many of the fatalities are occurring on wide, high volume corridors like capitol expressway, senter road and monterey road where traffic-calmng measures are trying to get drivers' attention, which is often elsewhere says fearer.jaime fearer/california walks "....there has definitely been an increase in dostracted driving but as the same time we've got a lot roads that are hostile to people who are walkijg, there arent enough safe places for people to cross....."this sign at first and rosemary marks the spot of a fatal hit and run accident on monday. it was the first
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of three hit and run accients that killed two pedestrians and sent two others to the hopsital. but there is also evidence that pedestrian themselves are to blame for walking outside the crosswalk or aganst the light, however....jamie fearer "...sometimes when we dont have safe places to cross people will attempt to cross where they think they can and and that's when these things can happen..." rob fladeboe/san jose "...pedestrian safety advocates say the numbers are nothing less than a public health crisis.pedestrian deaths account for some 45 percent of total traffic fatalities in san jose so far this year compared with the national rate of 16 percent. in san jose rob fladeboe kron4news (ken)(ken) (ken) 4 your money tonight...
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over the past week, the possibility of a government shutdown has rattled the financial markets. the dow, s-&-p 500 and nasdaq all dropped today... as investors add the shutdown to a growing list of concerns. kron 4's charles clifford spoke to a local economist for some perspective on what's happening. natsover the past year, the dow jones industrial average has dropped by more than 2300 points. in just the past week alone, it has fallen more than 1500 points.sotmarket's are responding to uncertainty that's coming from global economic policy dr. venoo kakar is an assitant professor of economics at san francisco state university. she says the market instability is the result of nervous investors worried about brexit, the us/china trade war, rising interest rates, and a possilbe government shutdown.but, she kakar says that if one sets the markets aside, the u.s. economy is actually doing pretty well.sotthe u.s. economy is performing better than the financial markets.she notes that unemployent is at a 50 year low and gdp has averaged about 3 percent growth in 2018. that's very
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good. by definition a recession is when gdp is in the negative and that isn't happening.sotthe danger is that if the uncertainty in the markts continues too long, it could erode confidence in the overall economy.soteven if the economic fundamentals are strong, if investors and consumers sentiment is plummeting and there's a lot of pessism that could trigger a recession.kakar is relucant to make any predictions for 2019, but she says that if the issues making investors nervous can be resolved, the u.s. economy should keep chuggin along.sotright now, we have positive economic growth and our forecasts look good for the first quarter of 2019.
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sound..?the raiders could play in san francisco.. next season. (grant) now a representative for the giants says at&t park has come up as a possiblity. (ken) kron 4's ella sogomonian caught up with sports fans and has their reaction to the ida of the raiders playing in san francisco... (ken) still ahead.... a new beginning for a north bay fire station. as a temporary home is opened for firefighters who lost their last station to the firestorm (ken) and after the break... and after (ken)
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(ken) still ahead.... a new beginning for a north bay fire station. as a temporary home is opened for firefighters who lost their last station to the firestorm (ken) and after the break... how a therapy dog is bringing joy to people who cannot be home for the holidays.
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(ken) an arkansas poodle is bringing cheer to sick patients at local hospitals. lucy the therapy dog has become so beloved she has her own following on social media. mallory brooks shares
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the heartwarming story. during the week, allan gates is a busy attorney and partner at mitchell-williams law firm - in his spare time, you'll find him giving back - bringing joy to hospital patients with his dog, "good girl "lucy the therapy dog. "hi lucy"allan gates, owner of lucy the therapy dog "we walk up to a nursing station and the place just lights up"the five year old poodle was born blind and was adopted as a rescue. she had eye surgery and is now able to see well enough to do what she loves - comfort those who need it. allan gates, owner of lucy the therapy dog "as you can see, she's a professional cuddler " allan and lucy make visits at a hospice unit, at children's hospital - and the arkansas heart hospital.allan gates, owner of lucy the therapy dog "it's amazing to see her work, because the more stressed the patient, the more attentive to the patient she is "visiting people like sidney dillion from dewitt - he's been in the heart hospital for eight days and he and his wife are
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missing their dogs at home "hello girl, good girl "lucy has many talents - she can do tricks "ahhh good girl "but her specialty is cuddling - she'll crawl in the bed allan gates, owner of lucy the therapy dog "if the patient is petting her and stops, she'll do that - she's paying attention and watching " helping those in the hospital forget for a moment what they're going through and feel loved and comforted. "hey lucy, i get to see you again today, i sure do "it's also a gift for allan - being able to help others allan gates, owner of lucy the therapy dog "you can feel good when you can make anybody in a difficult situation happy "a busy attorney with a big heart - and his dog with a gift of comfort that can bring a smile to anyone's face. (grant) coming up... now that paradise is back open to residents... people are facing a new problem of who will help rebuild the homes. (grant) rain here, snow
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there.. we'll show you how conditions there now and how much snow is expected by christmas... (lawrence)ten at ten
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and it feels even better when you find them for less-at ross. yes for less. ♪ little girl and boy land ♪ while you dwell within it ♪ you are ever happy there daddy, it's christmas! ♪ childhoods, joyland never let go of your dreams. the mercedes-benz winter event is back. lease the glc 300 for $459 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. fire department held a ribbon cutting on a new temporary fire station to replace one that was destroyed during the devastating north bay wild fires.(grant) kron 4's
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maureen kelly reports that the firefighters stationed there are glad to be back, and they are not alone. station five is officially in service, 3480 parker hill rd. serving fountain grove and beyond. welcome home station five it's good to be homeand with that radio call....the santa rosa fire chief cut the ribbon on the new temporary firestation 5.....they unveilled the new sign....and raised the american isn't much....a canvas tent over a metal shell covers the engine...(sot)this is a traditional firehouse kitchen maybe a tad smaller than ideal but we have a crew of threewhile a triplewide modular trailer will serve as home base for the crew working addition to pictures of the firestation that was destroyed...the original call box and this right light were salvaged from the rubble serve as decorations and reminders of what they went thru. a fire captain created paintings depicting what they faced during the tubbs fire....and this one....of how they are coming back.....which reads five is alive.that five is alive regardless how much fire in with a fist we're back we're strong and we're ready to provide services to the area the chief says it's relief to those living or rebuilding in fountain once again have firefighters
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stationed in their neighborhood. i've already had two people drive-by give me the thumbs up that's pretty cool they're happy to have us back we're happy to be herefor firefigher tony neil.....having a new home station feels good....especial ly since he is still rebuilding his own home...which was kind of gives you a sense that healing or making progress going forward a bunch of us were affected in the department losing our homes so yeah it's definitely good for the heartwhile this station is temporay the firefighters will be living and working out of here for some time.the city is hoping to build a bigger permanent fire station in this area but that's gonna take time and money they're hoping to make it a reality in about 3 to 5 years maureen kelly kron4 news (ken) (ken) winter resorts in the sierra are getting ready for a busy holiday week. storms have dumped a bunch of
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snow on the area over the last month... and more is expected. some bay area snow boarders and skiiers went to boreal mountain for the day. ((yan hakobyan)) "it's a little slushy out today but it doesn't matter, we're just here to have fun with the boys.""once you're up there, it doesn't even matter, you're hitting the slopes, you're having fun."(ken) a new ski lift at boreal is getting some use... as hundreds of skiers and snowboarders have already made their way there... on the mountain.. boreal opened up a brand new ski lift friday called "the california cruiser" just within the last month this part of the sierra has seen about 50 inches of snow, on christmas eve another storm is expected to dump an additional 12 inches... making a white christmas for the busiest time of year at the sierra resorts. lawrence karnow: we are seeing delays at some of the local airports and it's a difficult
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night to travel across the parts of the united states. we started with a few showers but ended with a little sunshine. doppler radar is showing that the rain has come to an end here. it will be partly cloudy and cold tonight with lows in the 30s and 40s. on the satellite you can see another storm in the pacific. it could bring us some rain on sunday afternoon. a stronger storm is likely on christmas eve. we could see a few showers on christmas morning. then dry weather is forecast after that. (grant) contractors are
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eager to rebuild paradise... but they're lacking a workforce. (ken) now... there's increased pressure to get people.. especially high school-age students interested in the trades. max resnik has the details. charred metal, broken limbs, and free standing chimneys line the road to recovery in paradise. destruction so immense it's hard to take in. shawn shingler: it's surreal is really what it is. max: custom home builder shawn shingler knows the impact all too well. his house, one of nearly 14,000 destroyed in the camp fire. shawn shingler: we did get out. the fire was right across the street from my house, coming up the canyon. max: the task to rebuild, daunting to say the least, but shawn's looking forward to it. shawn shingler: i just see the potential of what paradise can really be, and i'm excited to be a part of all that. max: while shawn sees great promise in the future of homes here in paradise, there is a desperate need for a workforce here, not just to build these homes, but to also build businesses and then take care of the roads. doug guillon: we need a lot of people. max: doug guillon, of guillon inc. companies, and a member of the chico contractors board, estimates they need hundreds of skilled workers and they're trying to find and train them now. doug guillon: we formed an
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association with butte college and butte county office of education to go after young people and get them into the trades, to make it their goal and hopefully their desire to rebuild paradise. clark gardner: areas like this will need to be rebuilt and repaired. max: clark gardner, with franklin construction, a local grating and paving contractor, urges people to learn the trades now. clark gardner: i really want to see them take advantage of the opportunity to better themselves right now. max: contractors have identified some of the problems and more to come. clark gardner: especially with all the truck traffic to haul off this material and get to everything, it's going to end up tearing the roads up for sure. max: now, they just need trained workers to help solve them. shawn shingler: i see so much opportunity here. so much growth potential for growth and for things to come back. (ken) in national news... federal officials are accusing a new york district attorney of hindering an investigation into october's deadly limo crash. the crash left 20 people dead. the n-t-s-b dead. left 20 people dead. the n-t-s-b released a letter it sent to
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the schoharie (skoh-hairy) d-a. it reads in part... "the delays you imposed have denied the n-t-s-b access to the primary, esstential evidence resulting in safety-critical evidence being lost." an n-t-s-b spokesman says the board and the d-a's office have spoken by phone since the letter was sent but issues have not been resolved. (ken) the fiance of a missing colorado woman was booked on murder charges today. police arrested patrick frazee this morning. his fiance, 29-year-old kelsey berreth has been missing since thanksgiving, when she was spotted with their daughter on surveillance video shopping at a safeway. investigators don't believe berreth is alive - they suspect she was killed in her own home. frazee previously told police he last saw berreth on november 22, when he picked up their daughter. earlier this week there were reports that frazee was seen at a waste management facility. (ken) police say their child is
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safe and will be reunited with berreth's family. (ken) a tent city in tornillo, texas that's holding migrant children closes at the end of the month. but immigration officials can't say where the hundreds of children housed there will go. (grant) anna wiernicki (war-nik-ee) reports a texas congressman says the situation is surreal, and homeland security and health and human services departments need to resolve it immediately will hurd: 2800 kids in the tornillo facilityanna wiernicki: texas republican congressman will hurd says that's how many migrant children are detained at the tornillo shelter in his district will hurd: we need to move a lot of them into a family member's home where they can wait and do their immigration hearing.anna wiernicki: hurd says the contract for tornillo tent facility is up in 10 days and there is no plan for the hundreds of migrant children living there.will hurdu.s. congressman, r-texastake cg @
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0:23-0:32there are 1300 kids in tornillo who already have identified sponsors, there is another 1100 that have identified sponsors but the fingerprinting hasn't been done, and there is about 400 that have no sponsorsanna wiernicki: tornillo opened in june as a temporary shelter for migrant familiesto process as many children as quickly as possible.anna wiernicki (stand up) @annaewiernickitake cg @ 0:42- 0:52to speed things up the department of health and human services announced this week they will still require fingerprints and background checks for any sponsors of the children but not from all members of their household. will hurd: with this new change we should be able to streamline the process and i am hopeful that this change will allow those 2800 kids to get out of that tornillo tent facility.anna wiernicki: virginia democratic senator tim kaine says that's not enough. he wants all of the tent cities, including tornillo, to shut down for good.tim kaineu.s. senator, d- virginiatake cg @ 1:04-1:14 this is a very, very serious concern. but it is not a concern of the president's. anna wiernicki: right now there are roughly 100 hhs shelters for migrant families operating in 17 washington, i'm anna wiernicki. (grant) the supreme court is rejecting the trump administration's request to enforce a ban on giving asylum
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for immigrants who illegally cross the u-s mexico border. the policy, signed novermber 9th, temporarily blocked some migrants from seeking asylum outside of official ports of entry. but a district court later blocked the policy. the justice department went straight to the supreme court to reinstate the ban... but the high court turned down the request today. that means the case will proceed through lower courts and the asylum ban will remain on hold. (grant) tonight is the deadline to enroll in the covered california health insurance program that begins on january 1-st. to get coverage at the beginning of the year you have to enroll by midnight. but if you miss that still have time. people can sign up through january 15-th. however, people who sign up after today and by the january deadline will have coverage that begins on february 1-st february 1-st (grant) two prison escapees are back behind bars in ohio, after a heart- stopping car chase with
10:40 pm
deputies.(ken) officials say the two men bolted from a prison in kentucky yesterday afternoon. maureen kocot has the chase. 10-tv obtained a dashcam video, as franklin county sheriff's deputies tried to stop the suspects who just escaped from a kentucky jail. natsot:"looks like they're wanted for burglary."the sheriff's cruiser closes in as the fleeing suspects veer onto i-71 north, and put the pedal to the metal.natsot:"100 miles per hour."at one point, a driver in a white pick up truck tries to help.natsot: "we're at 90 now. the pick up truck just cut him off again. he's going to t-bone him if he gets a chance."the pursuit weaves through several can't see him, but if you listen, you can hear the deputies' k-9 gearing up for what's coming.sheriff's deputies say they stuck with the high speed pursuit because they say they couldn't risk allowing two desperate escapees to get brian croston, franklin co. sheriff's office:"just breaking out alone, that shows that they're desperate, and you don't know what they'll do."near ashland, the ohio highway patrol deploys stop sticks in the roadway.natsot: "yeah we got the spikes. he's slowing down. tell them to get their aáááá up here."the cruiser and the getaway vehicle are inches apart as the disabled car comes to a stop.natasot:"show me your hands!!!"a sheriff's k-9 deputy, weapon drawn, orders the female driver out the car.
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natsot:"they're bailing to the woods."the two escapees were on the run.deputies say k-9 jack picked up the scent, tracked the suspects, and flushed paul napier out of the woods. he came out with his hands up.a second sheriff's k-9, turbo, searched for nearly an hour until he found the second suspect hiding in a ditch.deputies credit the k-9's for the brian croston, franklin co. sheriff's office:"after a lot of work they tracked him to a creek bed and when he saw the dog he gave up."both men are behind bars, along with the driver of the fleeing car. deputies say amy corns once worked at the kentucky jail where the escape went down, and say she's in a relationship with one of the suspects.judging by how badly corns hands were shaking, she may be single soon. (grant) (grant) soon.may be single soon.soon. may be single shaking, she
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hands were badly corns judging by how badly corns hands were shaking, she may be single soon. (grant) officials say the inmates broke out after a power outage left a side door open at the kentucy prison. (grant) still ahead... how a dog got revenge on a coyote.. who was on his tail! who was on his tail! (ken) and after the break... the monterey bay aquarium is apologizing after sparking backlash over what it said about one of its otters. (sports) just ahead in sports, as the raiders think about moving across the bay for a temporary home, derek carr looks back on his time at the coliseum. also, we check in with the 49ers...getting ready to host one of the top defenses in the league.
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the monterey bay aquarium is known for two things on twitter: cute animals and spicy tweets. on tuesday it had a post with both. the aquarium tweeted what may not be the most flattering picture of one it's resident otters named abby. in the tweet the aquarium wrote: "abby is a thicc girl what an absolute unit she c h o n k" but the fat shaming wasn't what really irked the twittersphere -- no it was how the aquarium went about calling abby full figured.
10:46 pm
people online took issue with the aquarium using african american vernacular english to describe abby as thick and some even went as far as to say the tweet compared black women to animals. the aquarium issued a four-part apology on twitter. and, in case you were wondering, abby is not overweight-- she is a healthy 46 pounds.healthy 46 pounds. (ken) nature got a little too close for comfort for one southern california family. after checking their doorbell camera video the homeowners the homeowners say a coyote was spotted chasing their corgi through the front yard. but just as quickly as they run out of sight... the corgi flipped the tables on the coyote. the switch has many scratching their heads and even some laughing.
10:47 pm
like, you dummy!">(ken) the homeowner says she tried to corral her dog so he would'nt chase the coyote again.. but she says he was having too much fun playing. (grant) the weekend before christmas is always one of the year's biggest for new movies -- and this year is no exception.(ken) david daniel takes a look at the films hitting theaters this weekend. (nat)super-hero movies dominated the box office this year, and "aquaman" is ready to follow suit. jason momoa stars as the defender of the deep in the adventure, which analysts expect to reel in up to 72-million dollars this weekend."mary...""poppins! you came back!""you seem hardly to have aged at all!""really? one never discusses a woman's age, michael. would have hoped i taught you better.""mary poppins returns" floated into theaters on wednesday, to get a jump on the competition. box office watchers say the long- awaited sequel starring emily blunt could conjure up 54- million dollars or more from wednesday through sunday. "people can be terrible about ings they don't understand. from now on, the only one you show yourself around is me."
10:48 pm
(nat) "oh, i'm -- i'm good." the "transformers" spinoff "bumblebee" is chasing the same general audience as "aquaman." it'll settle for 30- million dollars or so this weekend."i created a world where i can be anyone i want." the other two new films in theaters figure to debut around 10-million dollars: steve carell stars in "welcome to marwen," based on a true story and the only drama in this field..."obama?""i gave you a completely new identity. you said you wanted to be fancy, so i just, like, cinderella'd your ass."...and jennifer lopez stars in "second act," as a 40-year-old trying to change careers. j-lo brings even more star power to an already dazzling weekend. in hollywood, i'm david daniel. (grant)(grant) in the sports world tonight.
10:49 pm
(ken) mark carpenter joins us in the studio... we'll re-open the discussion on a story we told you about earlier in the show, during the raiders search for a new home, a number of intriguing options have come up... san diego.. santa clara with the 49ers.. and now, how's this one-- at&t park. according to a representative with the san francisco giants, the silver and black...are exploring the possibility of playing their games at the ballpark. this news comes just a week after the raiders pulled their lease agreement for the coliseum in 2019, which leaves them looking for a stadium before going to vegas. officials with the giants say talks are in the very preliminary stages...and much still needs to be figured out. football at at&t is
10:50 pm
not a foreign concept... as cal played its games there in 2011 when memorial stadium was being renovated. in the meantime, derek carr...breaking down the chance they could be saying farewell to the coliseum monday night. it's home. like i said, this is where i was drafted. this is where i have some of my favorite memories. even when i got hurt, that's still a moment for me that i'll never forget, just the love that the fans would show and driving on the outside of the stadium to find the x-ray machine because there's no way straight up to the locker room, driving through the fans. (laughter) those are things that i'll never forget." 3 keys for monday against the broncos....keep derek carr upright....especially against that denver pass rush. stop the has been an issue all season....and the broncos have a good young back with philip lindsay. finally, get .jared cook involved, he's shown how efficient as a pass catcher. your mercedes benz keys to the game. to the 49ers, another opportunity to get in the way of the playoff picture for another franchise. the bears have already locked up a
10:51 pm
postseason spot, but they are still playing for seeding and a potential-first round bye. it's a tough test for young nick mullens... as chicago's defense is a force.. top 5 in the league... number one in turnover differential.. khalil mack has 12-and a 5 sacks this year, which interestingly is more than the entire oakland defense. look at it as a test for everyone because i do think this is without a doubt we've played this year. it's one of the better defenses i've seen. they have, whether it's linebacker, whether it's pass rusher, whether it's secondary, they have some very elite players. i think they have a scheme and a coordinator that there is. there's not a lot of holes. they're going to make every single play tough. you're not going freebies or anyone just really wide open to where you can score, unless you can make them vulnerable, which is very tough to do. finally tonight, who knows what's tonight, who finally finally tonight, who knows what's going to happen at at&t park next year, but we can there's a player that won't be visiting the bay area as much. major dodgers trade news today... l-a has sent a package consisting of yasiel puig, matt kemp, and alex wood to cincinnati in exchange for
10:52 pm
starting pitcher homer bailey and prospects. the dodgers save about 15-million dollars in salary space with the move... and the belief is this is all a way to make some room to sign bryce harper. (weather) coming up i'll have the seven day forecast.
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that (grant) that village may have 1 million lights. but this next house we're going to show you has 175 christmas trees.(ken) since starting the annual tradition back in 20-10.... jeannie harrison says she's had about a thousand visitors. this is in lexington this is in repairs. (grant) if you think your family goes all out to decorating for the holidays... ...check out this dazzling display of lights! the koziar family in pennsylvania has been decorating their property since 19-48. what started as a hobby became a popular national attraction. the koziar's christmas village boasts more than one million lights... and has been awarded the christmas display in the world. the winter open to the public for months around the owners spend the rest of the year planning, decorating, and making repairs. (grant) that village may have 1 million lights. but this lights.have 1 million village may that (grant) that village may have 1 million lights. but this next house we're going to show you has 175 christmas trees. (ken) since starting the annual tradition back in 20-10.... jeannie harrison says she's had about a thousand visitors. this is in lexington north carolina. harrison starts decorating for christmas on october first. and you can see why. there's hardly a square inch of the house that isn't
10:56 pm
touched. each and every room has its own theme. and in the spirit of christmas....the harrisons offer visitorsto see their home...for free. but they insist visitors bring a canned good for donating lawrence karnow: we are seeing delays at some are seeing karnow: we lawrence lawrence karnow: we are seeing delays at some of the local airports and it's a difficult night to travel across the parts of the united states. we started with a few showers but ended with a little sunshine. doppler radar is showing that the rain has come to an end here. it will be partly cloudy and cold tonight with lows in the 30s and 40s. on the satellite you
10:57 pm
can see another storm in the pacific. it could bring us some rain on sunday afternoon. a stronger storm is likely on christmas eve. we could see a few showers on christmas morning. then dry weather is forecast after that.
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