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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 23, 2018 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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(justine) the last minute holiday travelers are racing to make their flights. and dodging rain drops.. and snow.. as they hit the roads. (justine) good evening. i'm justine waldman. jr stone is off tonight. we have been watching traffic all day for you on this christmas eve - eve... we even saw alittle bit of wet weather on our bridge camers in richmond and at the golden gate bridge. we will track the rain expected for tomorrow in a few mintues.. but now we want to go to kron4's gayle ong who is live for us at the san francisco international airport.... with why travelers waited to leave just before the holiday. gayle.
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(gayle)we've been here all week..monitoring the conditions at s-f-o..the crowd f-o..the crowd comes in waves..workers here say the mornings are much more crowded. but the people i spoke with say it's the perfect day to travel. travelers arriving at san francisco international airport were pleasantly surprised today.. leon and his family are ditching new jersey to spend christmas on vacation in the bay area..they weren't greeted with california
10:02 pm fact, the evening rain caused delays for arriving flights..according to triple-a, december 23rd, the eve of christmas eve is one of the busiest travel days in the skies.but we didn't see crazy lines at security or the counter this afternoon..even though airport officials say there are one hundred thirty six thousand people traveling through s-f-o today alone. they're still urging people to arrive for their flights early..two hours ahead for domestic flights, three hours for international travel.ron rouse knows the drill..we found laura mackinnon and her family surrounded by piles of luggage,they're thankful to clear their second hurdle - their last it's on to the last obstacle - getting to their hotel - and finally vacation.
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mont: "we are waiting here for my dad and my brother go get the rental cars. so we had to get two to fit all of us in all of this."> (gayle)tomorrow christmas eve is expected to have fewer travelers but workers here say it is still always busy..the good news is - there is still plenty of parking available at the long term and short term lots.we are live here at sfo gayle ong kron 4 news (justine) travelling can be stressful especially during the holiday rush. s-f-o shared this video with us...of a creative way it is helping to calm travelers a therapy pig all dressed up for the occasion was brought in to share some joy. the pig put a lot of smiles on peoples faces. (justine) taking a live
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look outside over the city of san francisco.... we saw rain earlier and now it's ... adlib now we have meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez with us tonight. and mabrisa for those still looking to travel tonight and tomorrow morning will they be seeing rain? . light showers will continue mainly across the north bay this afternoon and evening as a weak storm moves across the bay area. a stronger cold front is expected to bring widespread light to moderate rain to most of the region monday and monday night. there is a slight chance of pop-up thunderstorms monday night
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because of the unstable airmass. expect gusty winds 40 mph or less expected behind the cold front late monday and monday night. daytime highs monday will cool slightly, upper 50s and los 60s will remain in the forecast. christmas day is forecast to be dry. dry and seasonable afternoon highs with cool overnight lows and breezy winds at times will persist for the rest of the week.
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(justine) "king tides" are expected to impact low-lying areas along the coast. kron4's dan thorn is live along the embarcadero tonight--where "king tides" tend to pop up.. flooding can be an issue ...dan? (dan)weather officials say these king tides or extreme tides might flood parts of the san francisco coastline. people here along the piers have seen some high water splashing up on walkways this weekend. and some of the businesses are prepared for the rising waters.. high water from king tides splashing
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along a pier 3 walkway..the national weather service says more of these king tides will threaten san francisco's coastlines through christmas eve..flooding along roads, and sidewalks is a concern for areas like the embarcadero.. and some businesses in pier 3 were seen getting prepared... sandbags are set up to hopefully deter any rising waters..other businesses like book passage in the san francisco ferry building are not as concerned..sot: no not as far as the book store is worried just make sure you don't stand too close to the edges of the railings or anything like that. nick mitchell says he believes the ferry building should not have any problems..however, when you see some of the king tides come in you might be surprised..sot: nothing too dangerous but every once and a while you'll see it take a tourist off-guard. (danhe national weather service is issuing this coastal flooding advisory from 10am to 2pm tomorrow. reporting in san francisco dan thorn kron4 news. (justine) two men were hurt in oakland in separate shootings this weekend. shortly after 7 saturday night, police found a male victim in the 35-hundred block of school street. he went to the hospital, but his condition is unknown. in the second shooting, police were called to the 11-hundred block of 59th street shortly before 1 a.m.
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sunday. that male victim was also taken to the hospital. no other information was made available. (justine) one person is dead after a multile car accident in san bruno. it happened around 3-30 this morning on northbound highway 101 near s-f-o. police are still investigating how the accident happened. (justine) it does not appear alcohol was involved in a deadly accident in san jose. police tell kron 4 news, a 19 year old female driver hit and killed a 60 year old man who was crossing the street. this happened saturday night about 8:15 on south white road at aldo court. investigators say the driver remained on scene and cooperated with the investigation and they believe she was sober. this is the city's 49th fatal collision. 52nd victim. and 24th pedestrian fatal accident of 2018. (justine) antioch police are thanking good neighbors for helping catch a man prowling around cars. they posted these pictures on facebook today. around 6
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this morning a neighbor from the prewett ranch drive and summerfield drive area called into to say she had seen a man on her home security cameras walking around trying to open car doors. the woman gave police a good description of the man when police arrived he bolted. officers ran after him and he threw a loaded gun. but they were able to catch him turns out he had numerous warrants, drug paraphernalia, stolen credit cards, and the gun was reported stolen during a vehicle burglary 2 weeks ago. (justine) an officer patrolling fairfield noticed a busted headlight that led to an arrest and a loaded gun. on saturday night shortly after 8, officers pulled over this guy you see here... wesley groves near east tabor ave. the 34 year old admitted he was on probation and he had a loaded firearm under his seat. the officer found a loaded 9mm semi-auto handgun with two magazines taped together at the base after search.
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police say the handgun had been stolen out of state. groves was arrested and booked into solano county jail. (justine) there are new parking restrictions at the golden gate bridge during the holidays. now through january 1st... personal vehicles will not be allowed to park at the "welcome center" or "vista point." taxis and rideshare vehicles will be allowed to pickup and drop off passengers at the welcome center. but they will ánot be allowed at vista point on the north side of the bridge. the closures intended to reduce traffic congestion. denise cantrell, antioch"no one visits me and for four police officers to come to my house and visit us it was nice." (justine) a family in need receives a big surprise this holiday season. antioch police brought in .. much needed gifts to families who could use a helping hand. kron4's michelle kingston met up with one of the families who got more than they could ever ask for. (mk)michelle kingston,
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mkingstonnews"the family tells me they were absolutely shocked when antioch police showed up to their house on saturday. antioch police tell me this is the second year that they've donated and given back to families in need and they say every year it gets better and better."áánats from videoááopening gifts a few days early ... denise cantrell and her daughter were surprised to find officers parked out front of their home in a giant furniture truck just days before christmas. denise cantrell, antioch"i was in shock and i'm still in shock"denise is involved in a lot of community service work in antioch ... planting flowers for veterans day and cleaning up the streets ... and now the city she loves ... recognizing her for all she does and all she needs -- her daughter has been sleeping on a couch ... her bed broken and old -- officers delivering new beds, mattresses and comforters for both of them and gifts for under their tree. denise cantrell, antioch"i didn't expect anything. i do what i do because that is how
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i am, that's who i am."antioch police delivered gifts to nine families this holiday season -- raising money through fundraising and receiving donations from local businesses.ofc. price kendall, antioch police dept"we do care about the community. so many of our officers are from anitoch, live in antioch and do things in and around antioch. we want the community to know that we are not just here to write you a ticket or show up on a bad day, but we are also there for support because it takes a whole community to make antioch the best place that it can be and we are here to just support and try to bless as many people as we can."in antioch michelle kingston kron 4 news (justine) the way one little elf is working with santa to spread christmas cheer. (jsutine) flags are flying at half staff in mourning at a fire department which lost one of their own. we speak to one the men who tired to save his (justine) and is it goodbye? fans weigh in about the raiders last possible game in oakland tomorrow night.
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(justine) the clock is ticking for the oakland raiders. monday night's game may be the teams last in the colisuem. and fans have something to say about it. kron 4's alecia reid has the story from ricky's sports bar in san leandro. raider fans gather on sunday ... before what may be the team's last game in the bay area .... on christmas eve. it's really hard to see your team leave.for me it's kinda like betrayalwhether grabbing their gear, or rocking it while watching other teams play ... this has always been
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bonding time for many families. we've been raider fans all our lives. my son grew up. raised him as a raider fan.the raiders have a dedicated fan base ... i bleed silver and black, i love the teamthey'll follow the team whether they play in the bay area next year or not.if they went to texas, san diego, anywhere in the us i'll follow them. 100%silver and black. we're die hards. we're gonna follow them wherever they go.before the 2020 move to las vegas ... some feel they should stay right here.they shouldnt play anywhere else but the oakland colleseum. some of the greatest games in the nfl were played at the colleseum. it's just a shame.i'm a believer so you gotta have thatothers currently rocking silver and black intend to move on once the raiders make their move.i will not be financially supporting thee nflthink they're making a big mistake going to vegas. it should be about the fansreporting from san leandro ... ar ... kron 4 news. (justine) (justine) (justine) now we are taking a look
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at this beautiful sunrise over south lake tahoe. this time laspe is from today... you can see throuought the day heavy clouds and even some snow falling over the resort town.(2 shot wx sweep) now we have meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez with us... with details on the winter storm warning. . light showers will continue mainly across the north bay this afternoon and evening as a weak storm moves across the bay area. a stronger cold front is expected to bring widespread light to moderate rain to most of the region monday and monday night. there is a slight chance of pop-up thunderstorms monday night because of the unstable airmass. expect gusty winds 40
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mph or less expected behind the cold front late monday and monday night. daytime highs monday will cool slightly, upper 50s and los 60s will remain in the forecast. christmas day is forecast to be dry. dry and seasonable afternoon highs with cool overnight lows and breezy winds at times will persist for the rest of the week.
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(justine) the cosumnes fire department is mourning the loss of a fellow firefighter. albaro meraz died saturday in a single-vehicle crash on highway 99 in sacramento. jessica mench has more on the 17-year veteran of the fire department. flags at half bands over badges...all symbols that these firefighters are mourning the loss of one of their own. ((chief mike mclaughlin, cosumnes fire department))'to lose a member of our saddens us deeply and truly breaks our hearts' albaro meraz, a 17 year veteran of the cosumnes fire
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department, killed saturday in a single-vehicle crash on highway 99 in sacramento. ((chief mike mclaughlin, cosumnes fire department))'his spirit, just a wonderful gregarious spirit...itús somebody that, you met him the first time and you like him immediately. thatús al.'the crash happened just before 2 oúclock when the 52 year-old lost control of his toyota. brian rose says he and his brother were driving by— and saw the whole thing...they pulled over.(brian rose, witness)'my first thought was the best way that i can help is call 911.'his brother knows cpr so her ran to the car to help.(brian rose, witness) 'thatús when somebody noticed there was a fire under the vehicle. so my brother got an extinguisher from another witness, put out the fire, and disconnected the vehicles battery so it couldnút restart.'they tried to administer cpr...(brian rose, witness)'i know we did everything we could to try to help him, but it sometimes doesnút make it better. because ultimately, he unfortunately didnút make it.' while highway patrol
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investigates what caused the crash...the fire department is relying on its peer counseling program to get through this ((chief mike mclaughlin, cosumnes fire department)) 'this is about taking care of his family now and honoring alús memory and the wonderful legacy heús left behind for us.'from working to get smoke detectors to non-english speaking neighbors, to training firefighters from western mexico, to winning a valor award for saving another personús life...merazús accomplishments speak for themselves.a legacy that will live on...long after his death. ((chief mike mclaughlin, cosumnes fire department)) 'just committed to service. but thatús who he was each and every day.' (justine) every year dispatchers at the santa rosa police department decorate a christmas tree to remember and honor police officers killed in the line of duty. you can see in the video them putting together the tree and adding lights. and the officers decorating the tree with little stars for those who have died. at the time
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of filming, there were 137 deaths nationwide, at editing there were 143. and sadly as of today there have been 145 line of duty deaths. (jsutine) bringign back a little bit of paradise. the one small gesture bringing together the community trying to survive in the devestation of the camp fire. (justine) a man in sacramento is attacked with out warning. who family are thanking tonight for possibly saving his life.
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this is a fight. not to the finish. but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care for every new beginning. now fighting for his life.
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he is now in a uc davis hospital following an attack in the streets of sacramento. reporter kristi gross spoke with his family. kino montantes is a 12 year army veteran who fought for our country. he works as a nurse at the veteran's affairs hospital helping to save lives--- but now he's in the hospital fighting for his own life...emily montantes/ wife hes a vary caring mind. he littlerally devotes his life for others everyday. kino joined emiliy and her sister at a work christmas party december 15th. after the party they walked to the capital and as they were walking back kino was suddenly attacked by a stranger walking by. my husband turned around and it looked like he said what and the man punched him i believe in his temple because he was knocked out before he hit the floor emily says her kino's head smacked the pavement causing a stroke. i ran towards him and there was nothing i could do. luckily there was a nurse in the audience because at this point
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it had turned into a spectacle. kino was rushed to u-c davis medical center where he underwent emergency brain surgery. doctors had to remove part of his skull. medically he was put into a medically induced coma for the first 3 days to make sue his brain swelling will go down. and no his skull will be left off for 1-3 month and hopefully the recovery is only 6-8 months but we never know if he'll ever be the same. kino remains in critical but stable condition in the neuro intensive care unit. johnathan kendall/ victim's brother they guy went to war and came back in good health and then just randomally on the street and now hes fighting for his life. so thats the hardest part. (justine) it's the most wonderful time of the san francisco. how the holiday is drawing people from all over to experience christmas here in the bay area... that's next in dine and dish.. (justine) the camp fire
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victims are getting an early christmas... and it's all thanks to some help from right here in the bay area. you know when you're at ross and you find a deal on cookware that makes you say. yes! ...oh, yeah! bring on the holidays! that's yes for less. everything you need to prep, cook and serve up the season. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less.
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and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. fire victims are spending the holidays at a retreat in the east bay. ashley zavala explains how the retreat is helping survivors cope. "we're usually closed at christmas time."christmas at the san damiano retreat center is different this year. the gently decorated grounds are
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serving as a getaway this week for survivors of the camp fire. ((lisa briones- san damiano retreats)) "we decided to open our doors for those wanting a little bit of respite from the daily task of insurance, trying to think of what was in the house and write things down.."event organizer lisa briones came up with the idea.. "i have also experienced some of what our guests are going through... i lost my house in 2015 in the butte fire."san damiano and its volunteers organized events, crafts and meals for about 200 survivors. "i kept thinking, i don't want to die here, i don't want to be burned to death.."memories are still so vivid for paradise resident carol gresehover (greshover). she, her mom and dog have been taking in the scenery and relaxing at the retreat.. (carol gresehover - camp fire survivor)) "it''s been very nice, great to meet other people who have gone through this, hearing their stories."
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she says she's grateful for an experience like this.."literal wounds up there in that town, and it's jus, it's really great seeing people coming together. little small acts of heroism, when you have these kinds of things, it's remarable to see that."tag. (justine) even after death and disaster, victims from the camp fire ... are planning to have a very merry christmas in paradise. some operations are slowly getting back to normal. business have reopened and medical workers are helping patients. yesterday we told you about an ice rink even opening to help bring in the holiday cheer. in a generous gesture, a local nursery donated a christmas tree to the rink. the tree was the only thing that survived when the nursery burned down in the fire. it's a sign of a survival and in show of unity in the as the community continues to rebuild
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in the days before the new year. (justine) with christmas just around the corner ... fire fighters are reminding everyone about the potential danger of your christmas tree. here is what could happen if your tree catches fire. fire fighters in sacramento went to a soon to be demolished house ... and lit up a christmas tree as part of the demonstration. the fire quickly spread to the roof ... and then the entire structure was up in flames. < 'we get a few of these every single year and they range from a candle that was left next to some kind of curtains or other decorations, bad christmas lights that might be fray and might ingite a table clothe or even a christmas tree. >(justine) the fire department say trees should be watered frequently. according to the national fire protection association, there are more than 150 fires a year started by christmas trees. (justine) throughout the holidays one place you'll catch santa and misses claus is in shopping centers. but one arkansas mall was in
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jepordy of not having a little piece of the north pole. katie davila tells us... how a local teenager took matters into her own hands. throughout the holidays one place you'll catch santa and misses claus is in shopping centers.but one northwest arkansas mall was in jepordy of not having a little piece of the north pole.knwa's katie davila is in rogers with how a local teenager took matters into her own hands.$w3 47 c2.5 g 84 c2.5 g 0 c2.5 g 0 c2.5 g 5 c2.5 g 0 c2.5 g 9 c2.5 g 0 c2.5 g 8 c2.5 g 0 c2.5 g 5 c2.5 g 0 c2.5 g 8 c2.5 g 0 c2.5 g 0 c2.5 g 8 c2.5 g 0 c2.5 g 5 c2.5 g 0 c2.5 g 8 c2.5 g 0 c2.5 g 8 c2.5 g 0
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c2.5 g 5 c2.5 g 0 c2.5 g 8 c2.5 g 0 . light showers will continue
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mainly across the north bay this afternoon and evening as a weak storm moves across the bay area. a stronger cold front is expected to bring widespread light to moderate rain to most of the region monday and monday night. there is a slight chance of pop-up
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thunderstorms monday night because of the unstable airmass. expect gusty winds 40 mph or less expected behind the cold front late monday and monday night. daytime highs monday will cool slightly, upper 50s and los 60s will remain in the forecast. christmas day is forecast to be dry. dry and seasonable afternoon highs with cool overnight lows and breezy winds at times will persist for the rest of the week.
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(justine) maybe you've noticed the holiday hustle. the traffic jams headed into the city, the crowded restaurants. folks looking for a dash of cheer. so tonight on dine and dish, kron4's vicki liviakas found some festive food ithe tourist mecca of fisherman's wharf. these young fellows came all the way from texas for a san francisco treat. their noses pressed up to the window - watching sour dough bread shaped into snowmen and crabs and turtles. they come for the clam chowder in a bread bowl. ...for for festive
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cocktails. visitors also flock here for the local crab in season. boudins in fisherman's wharf is a magnet year round for tourists with a taste for sour dough and sea food. and for the holiday's - it's dressed up and serving up specials - like this avocado crab roll for starters. chef misael reyes of boudin's bistro is partial to dungeness... served up cold in a this elegant crab salad or sizzling hot in this skillet dish with sour dough secret sauce. (now not so secret.) but there's roasted corn for corn chowder and this surf and turf lobster and filet mignon. this couple from la is celebrating the season with a taco twist... and a toast to the holidays for one and all. in san francisco,
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vicki liviakis, kron 4 news many police officers don't get to spend the holidays with their families because they have to be working... so the palo alto police department made an adorable video for their kids that we can enjoy too... take a look. oc: 1:56 "be safe"
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new laws... what california will say hello to ... and goodbye to.. in 20-19. (justi) almost three hundred people killed by a massive tsunami in indonesia. we take a look at the damage . and find out why there was no warning .. in just two and a half minutes.
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this is a fight. not to the finish. but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care for every new beginning. (justine) a massive
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tsunami killed at least 280 people in indonesia this weekend ... more than thousand people were injured and at least 57 others are missing. the numbers are expected to rise. humanitarian workers are on the ground providing assistance as crews search for those unaccounted for. melisa raney has the latest. a desparate search for survivors --nat - shouting people left digging though the rubble after a tsunami hit the coastline of west java and sumatra, indonesia on saturday. more than two hundred people have been killed.hundreds more are injured or missing.the
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tsunami struck without warning --people ran for their lives as a towering wall of water slammed the pandeglang district ...destroying more than 500 homes and severely damaging hotels and restaurants.the waves caused a stage to collapse during a band's performance --ifan / seventeen lead singer: "our bass player ... and our manager ... passed away..." several of the band's other members are still missing . authorities typically have time to warn of imminent tsunamis ...the head of indonesia's national disaster mitigation agnency said there was no warning saturday night. tsunami's typically follow an earthquake --but experts believe this tsunami was triggered by underwater landslides caused by the eruption of a nearby volcano. now, teams of aid workers are on the ground ...helping in the cleanup effort and sifting through the debris -- hoping to find more survivors.i'm melisa raney reporting. (justine) now take a look at this aerial video over indonesia as the kra-ka-toa volcano continues to erupt... there is the possibility that it could trigger another tsunami. officials are looking at whether there is a chance of another tsunami,
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agencies are still continuing to analyze the root cause to why and how the tsunami happened. (justine) ten days from now we'll be saying good bye to 2018 and hello to a host of new part three of our series tonight we look at upcoming changes in corporate boardrooms. driver's licenses ... and even fast=food menus. here is catherine heenan. in 2019 parents will get help in steering their children away from unhealthy choices at fast food outlets.starting january first, restaurants will offer milk and water as the only choices on their kids' menus.high=calorie drinks like sodas and drinks will still be available... they just won't be listed on the menuglass break natsb 826 targets the glass ceiling for women ... requiring all publicly traded california companies to have at least one female on their board of
10:48 pm
directors.more than 4=hundred companies will be affected ... a quarter of them now have all=male boards,they'll have until the end of 2019 to fix cry natunder a=b 1976, mothers of newborns must be provided with a private place for using breast pumps. the old law allowed restrooms to be designated for lactation. the law says employers must set aside a dedicated space other than a ignitionand starting in 2019, californians will be able to stiulate their own gender on driver's licenses.s=b 179 says applicants who select nonbinary will receive a card nonbinary will receive a card with an "x" in the gender category.category. the nba season is a very long one....and at times it can feel like it just drags....> this is especially the case with the warriors....because fans just want to get to the post-season already.....>but golden state has been keeping us on our toes so far this year...some drama, some good play, some bad play.....>they
10:49 pm
are 7-3 in their last ten so lately it's been more good than bad.....>they were in the holiday spirit over there at the oracle.....>the clippers were 13-of-15 from three in the first ever in nba history...tobias harris with one of those three's here....but the warriors only down 4 at the half.....>3rd quarter....kevin durant nails the three and is fouled...the 4-point play gives the dubs a 100-94 lead.....>late 4th quarter...the clips continue to shoot the lights out....this avery bradley threy makes it a two point game 39 seconds left....> clippers on the break now...more from bradley.....he follows up the harris miss with a's a tie game with 20 sonds left......>but steph curry was clutch all night.....he finished with 42 points and most importantly....the game the warriors go on to win 129-127.....> it's been a tough season out in santa clara for the niners....but they have been playing well as of late....>
10:50 pm
today they looked to for three in a row as the chicago bears came to town.....>the niners have played the bears in each of the last five seasons.......>the niners driving....trying to take the lead before halftime...nick mullens connects with trent taylor...the slot receiver making a huge play...led to one of three robbie gouls field goal... niners up 9-7 at th half.....>.second half...bears at the goal line...jordan howard makes it look easy...14-9 bears the score. but plenty of time left for san francisco..>later in the 4th quarter...same score...mitchell trubisky scrambling...marcell harris can't stop himself and is charged with a late hit...and things got chippy from there... bears anthony miller and josh bellamy and niners richard sherman would be ejected from the game...always hurts to lose uncle sherm... final minutes...same score...trubisky finds allen robinson but that is a fumble...49ers recover and they have life...but they had
10:51 pm
no timeouts left...and that hurt them on the final drive...mullens going deep, way off the mark...and that would be it...niners keep it close but fall to chicago at home... 14-9 sharks back in action tonight...playing on back-to- back nights for the first time in a couple weeks...and this one came down to the wire.....> thomas hertl...with what can only be described as a fantastic christmas suit......> 3rd period... 3-2 coyotes... hertl... giving out christmas gifts for sharks fans all night... scores one of his 2 goals on the warp around to tie the score at 3 and send the game into overtime......> after a scoreless overtime... arizona's alex galchenyuk scores to put the coyotes up a goalsharks need to score... but logan couture is turned away by darcy kuemper... who had 35 the sharks fall 4- 3.....> (justine) prince harry and
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meghan markle will spend their first christmas as a married couple with queen elizabeth at her sandringham residence. the duchess, pregnant with the couple's first born due in the spring, continues to generate widespread media attention. there is no
10:55 pm
doubt that all eyes will be on duchess meghan this christmas. the american actress and humanitarian activist notably broke with tradition last christmas, joining the royal family at sandringham despite not yet being married. now she comes as the duchess of sussex, still adjusting to life as a royal and to british culture, just as the british public and media continue to adjust to her. (justine) and today actress debbie ryan announced she has gotten engaged! she posted a series of pictures saying "i said yes! well technically i said "no way" twice but i meant yes" the ryan had her breakout role on the disney series suite life of zack and cody and has most recently been seen as the lead on the nexflix series insatiable. she has been dating the drummer from the band 21 pilots. you can see in these pictures the star laughing and crying. and view of her gourgeous ring. (justine) you either love it or you hate eve is national eggnog day.
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some say yum... others say yuck!but the drink is a staple around the's traditionally made with milk, cream, sugar, whipped eggs and spices.those looking to be even more - festive - may add a splash of liquor as well.but it's not always easy to nail the perfect recipe.share yours with the hashtag #nationaleggn og day on social media.
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