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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 24, 2018 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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moved through the region.. creating a mess on the roads. ((grant))thanks for joining us... i'm grant lodes.((vicki)) and i'm vicki liviakis.we saw it all today...pounding rain, fallen trees and flooded roads. but it appears the worst of it is now behind us.((grant triplebox)) we have team coverage tonight.kron 4's alecia reid is in san francisco where there were plenty of umbrellas tonight. but we begin with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow...that was quite a storm lawrence? lawrence karnow: showers will continue through midnight. we have a chance of some thunderstorms too. on the satellite you can see the low coming through. the rain will end before christmas morning. it will be cool and crisp tomorrow with highs in the 50s and low 60s. dry weather is
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then expected into the weekend.
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(grant) we continue our team coverage tonight as we track this latest storm hitting the bay area...(vicki) kron 4's alecia reid is live along san francisco's embarcadero tonight with a look at conditions there. alecia how's it look outside? we got a good pounding earlier. and some folks are enjoying the wet weather.pkgumbrellas were a necessity on christmas eve ...i bought this jacket today because of the raineven with a steady downpour, some folks opted to go without cover.are you enjoying the
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rain? yes we're enjoying it a lotit did ease up a bit.we were gonna go to the beach today and then we didn't so ... so although it wasn't beach weather ... it was still fine to be outdoors.we're hanging out. we went to the exploratorium and now enjoying the scenery ... we gave in to itlots of families seem to have christmas eve plans. and didn't let the rain dampen their mood.we thought of going to the zoo and we arrived at 10am thinking it would not rain, but it did as soon as we got to the zoo. so this is plan b and it works because everything works in san franciscomore rain is expected throughout the night, so people are being urged to drive carefully on the wet raodways.we didn't know it would be pouring like it was. and actually a lady just crashed because of the rain. standupmore rain is expected later tonight.but the great news is that it'll be nice and sunny on christmas day. reportning live from san francisco .... ar ... kron 4
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(grant) and don't forget you can track the weather in your neighborhood with the kron-4 app. we have full forecasts .... interactive radar.. and rainfall totals around the bay area. just download the kron-4 mobile app (vicki)raiders fans we out in force for tonight's final home game.they didn't want to miss a chance to see the team play at the coliseum for what could be the final time ever. ((grant/2 shot angle))and they
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left the stadium...with a win over a heated divison rival. ((dan in monitor))kron 4's dan thorn is live at the coliseum tonight.dan what was the mood among raiders fans at the game? game? it was a bittersweet win for raiders fans what is possibly the last time the oakland raiders will the city of oakland home..i spoke with some passionate fans here at the coliseum who despite the move to vegas are optimistic about the future.. nats:while dodging rain drops and clad in their favorite silver and black..faithful members of raider nation are tailgating like any other gameday..except this isn't like any other gameday..sot: a little
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are disappointed to see the beginning of the end for the raiders in's the christmas gift many never wanted..sot: this is like the last bastian of community 50 years old the coliseum is the last of the duel purpose stadiums..however there have been recent talks for the raiders to share at&t park with the giants next season..sot: im not really crazy about that idea..san francisco raiders..that doesn't really ring a bell to meand once the team officially moves to las vegas..many say they will continue to root for the raiders..sot: im gonna follow the team..sot: im gonna love the raiders no matter where they go at..nats.. the raiders lease here at the coliseum runs out at the end of the nfl season..many questions about where the raiders will play next season. reporting in oakland dan thorn kron4 news.
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((vicki/2 shot))tonight does not áhave to be the raiders last game in oakland.(grant) that is according to an oakland city leader who tells kron4's haaziq madyun... the coliseum's doors are still open for the silver and black in 2019. imagine if you will the oakland raiders playing at at&t park, levi stadium or as far away as london's wimbley stadium. the once unthinkable is now a probability in the wake of the nfl team opting out of its 2019 lease at the oakland coliseumsothowever oakland city councilmember rebecca kaplan says she wants to set the record straight about the circumstances surrounding the raiders
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decision to not play at the coliseum in 2019 they're looking at san francisco. now we hear they're looking at london and i wanted to make sure that they and the fans know that oakland has not rejected them. they may be moving to las vegas the year after that but if they want to do a lease in oakland we have not said no to that. that would be easier for the fans. that would be easier for traffic congestion perspective. so that offer is still on the table">raiders owner mark davis walked away from that offer in the wake of the city of oakland filing a lawsuit against the nfl for what councilmember kaplan calls the team's wrongful relocation to nevada. in fact she says playing in any other stadium the final year before moving to las vegas only hurts loyal raiders fans in oakland sotbut that doesn't appear likely because raiders owner mark davis sees a conflict of interest playing in oakland while the city is suing his nfl franchisesot raiders owner mark davis says all options
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are on the table in terms of where the raiders might end up play next year. kaplan says the team should keep the option of playing in the coliseum in the mix as wellsot in oakland haaziq madyun kron4news ((grant/)) fire investigators artrying to figure out what sparked a deadly blaze in san francisco. it happened early this morning at a three story home on clay street-- in the city's laurel heights neighborhood. fire officials say a man and a woman living in the house were trapped in a top-floor bedroom. the man was killed and the woman was critically injured. a firefighter was also injured when entering the burning home-- but is expected to be okay. ((grant/vo)) authorities in bodega bay are trying to figure out what caused a truck to go off a cliff...killing the driver.that vehicle burst into happened just after midnight along salmon
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creek beach north.authorities discovered the body and vehicle about 40 feet below highway one. the chp says they are investigating whether the driver was impaired..or if a medical or mechanical issue led to the crash. san francisco police arrested a 22 year old in connection with a deadly shooting in the city's excelsior neighborhood. it happened just before midnight on saturday.police arrived and found the victim with a gunshot wound.he was prounounced dead at the scene. police believe 22 year-old jonathan escobar was the shooter.authorities tried to arrest him at his home..but he jumped out a window and stayed on the roof for three hours.he was eventually taken into custody without incident. he was booked into san francisco county jail on suspicion of homicide. (vicki) a 17-year-old killed in a deadly shooting in vacaville... and tonight the gunman has been charged with murder.... 39-year-old diagnet montoya was booked into the solano county jail. reporter pedro rivera shares the details on what led to the
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deadly gunfire... vacaville police say early monday morning, just after midnight, 39 year old diagnet montoya was sitting in his vehicle when he was approached by a group of 5 people. thats when some kind of argument began at some point, montoya left the argument and went into his apartment to retrieve his gun...the verbal match continued. a short time later, someone in the group threw a bottle towards montoya and thats police say when the 39 year old fired a single shot as for montoya, he has been
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booked into the solano county jail on murder police continued throughout the morning to gather evidence, neighbors say they are now thinking of a family dealing with a tragedy during whats supposed to be a joyous day in vacaville pedro rivera (grant) on the peninsula-- police in pacifica are searching for two suspects who robbed a man at gunpoint. it happened yesterday afternoon on rosita road. police say a man was held at gunpoint-- and ordered to hand over his belongings. the suspects then fled in a white sedan. officers say they spotted the car a short time later-- and the suspects led them on a chase but ended up getting away. the car is described as a white chrysler 200, 4 door sedan with tinted windows and paper plates. anyone with information is asked to call police. (grant) in the north
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bay... police in st. helena are looking for a man who robbed a local market at gunpoint. it happened last night at the azteca market on main street. the suspect had a handgun, but did not fire it. they say he got away with an unknown amount of cash. the suspect is only described as a thin white man about 5-feet-8- inches tall. anyone with information is being asked to call police. (vicki) national news now...thousands of migrants at the southern border of the u.s. are spending this christmas eve with an uncertain comes as a group of migrants dropped off at a bus station in el paso, texas last night raises new questions about what comes next.kristen holm explains penniless in an unfamiliar city-- just days before christmasthat's how more than 200 undocumented immigrants found themselves after immigration and customs enforcement dropped them off at a greyhound bus station in el paso texas sunday evening. carlos / migrant: "it worries
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us because we're not in our country, we don't know where we are. but we have faith in god that that everything will turn out well."according to el paso police--- the group includes families and children-- many left standing in the cold outside the small bus stop.roberto/migrant: "there's a lot of us. we have to stick together and see what happens."while authorities work on plans to relocate the group-- el paso residents are stepping in to help--joseph gainor/volunteer: "i brought some water bottles, some granola bars, some fruit snacks for the kids."several of the migrants saying they hadn't eaten and had no money to call their families or buy a bus ticket homejoseph gainor/ volunteer: "these folks don't have anything. these are the least, they're the last of us, and someone needs to do something about it."ice has not responded to requests for comment.i'm kristen holmes reporting. (grant) a big story tonight... the federal government is in the third day of a partial shutdown. (vicki) with lawmakers home for the holidays..he shutdown could last into the new year and into the new congress.
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(grant) as abby phillips reports... nearly a million federal employees are impacted by the shutdown... and some are forced to work without pay. pres. trump/ friday:"we're going to have a shutdown, there's nothing we can do about that."with the government shut down around him president trump has spent most of christmas eve on his phone and áaloneá at the white house -- the first president to spend the holidays in washington since bill and hillary clinton-- 18 years ago.the president hasn't been seen anywhere for three days -- except on twitter, where he has been making grievance the reason for the season...tweeting..."i am all alone (poor me) in the white house waiting for the democrats to come back and make a deal on desperately needed border security....that message coming minutes before first lady melania trump was seen departing florida to return to the white house early because of the shutdown. trump's demand for border wall funding -- has even prompted some republicans to question whether the fight is all for show.sen. bob corker/ (r) tennessee:"this is a made-up fight so that the president can look like he's fighting.
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but even if he wins, our borders are going to be insecure. it's a spectacle and, candidly, it's juvenile. the whole thing is juvenile." amid a government shutdown, stock market crumbling and turnover in his administration, the president is growing increasingly angry and isolated, according to the new york times--taking little pleasure in his job as leader of the free world, spending less time with old friends, and telling the ones he does speak to that he feels "totally and completely abandoned," the paper reports. with congress gone until thursday... hope seems slim that a compromise will be reached soon to reopen the government.mick mulvaney/ incoming acting white house chief of staff:"i think it's very possible that the shutdown will be on the 28th and into the new congress." even as the incoming acting chief of staff he acknowledged that trump's fight for a taxpayer funded wall isn't exactly what he campaigned on. mick mulvaney/ incoming acting white house chief of staff: "none of that is mexico paying for the wall. technically you and i both know it can't work exactly like that. i can't spend any money at the office of management and budget, the department of homeland security can't actually spend
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money from mexico. we have to get it from the treasury." (grant) for your money tonight...a dismal day on wall street.the dow and the s-and-p 500 marked their biggest christmas eve declines ever alison kosik reports-- much of the ups and downs with stock markets could be traced back to moves made by those in the white house. the trump administration's attempts to calm the stock market, backfired.. making a holiday shortened trading day, anything but sweet.-a tweet from president trump during the trading session, blaming the market meltdown on the federal reserve, accelerated the selloff during the 4 hour trading session.-the dow plunge comes after a weekend report that trump questioned if he has legal authority to fire fed chief jay powell. trumps treasury secretary steve mnuchin later tweeted
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that his boss wasn't planning to fire powell.-but it was mnuchin's calls to six of the country's biggest bank ceo's that unnerved investors.-the ceo's later said the calls came out of left field and were puzzling and largely unnecessary.-out of those calls came a treasury dept. statement saying banks have ample liquidity for lending to american households and businesses.-investors were left trying to wrap their heads around why at this time, the liquidity announcement was made.-and though it is normal for a the head of the treasury to exchange ideas and talk with bank executives, the timing. of the calls . days before christmas, during a government shutdown and while mnuchin was on vacation.. the timing, is not siting well with investors and raising the question of whether the treasury dept. sees something brewing in the economy that the market is missing.from the nyse, i'm alison kosik. (vicki) back here locally...a lot of people tend to overspend during the holidays. but there's a chance to make up for all that spending. tomorrow's mega
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millions jackpot now stands at 321 million dollars... and itll be extra special for the winner since it's on christmas... kron4's michelle kingston reports from the south bay...where people are hoping santa brings them the cash. (mk)michelle kingston, mkingstonnews"it could be a green christmas for a lucky lottery winner ... there's never been a mega millions winner on christmas but that could all change.""maybe it's my turn!"santa claus is coming to town and could be bringing you millions of dollars -- but only if you get your mega millions ticket before it's too late.alberto carillo buying dozens of tickets on monday for his familyalberto carillo sr., san jose"i am going to give them some lottery tickets and wish them lots of luck!"lottery tickets make a good last minute stocking stuffer -- and it seems many people in san jose were out buying them on monday in the rain ... a lot of people flocking to ernie's liquor store -- now known as a lucky store -- after selling a winning mega millions ticket earlier this year.the jackpot now sits at 321-million dollars with a cash option of
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193-point-seven million. there's never been a winner on christmas -- but people are hoping that changes real soon. don ieto, san jose"do you konw there's never been a winner on christmas? uh, that could change! that could change, that could be you!""i hope to be the lucky one!"if someone wins on christmas -- it will be the fifth largest jackpot won this year.players tell me what they'll do if they win ... "buy a house and give to those who need some.""do you think you'll win? i hope so!"in san jose michelle kingston kron 4 news ((grant))and we are tracking santa this christmas he delivers gifts around the world.let's take a look at where he is tonight.the north american aerospace defense command..also known as norad is operating its famous santa tracker website, despite the partial government shutdown. norad has been monitoring
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santa every christmas eve since 1955.the agency says some 15-hundred volunteers make the program possible every year. (grant) still ahead... still ahead... (grant) still ahead... (grant)(grant) still ahead... camp fire surviors gathered in paradise for a special christmas eve service. (vicki) and next... an e-m-s worker is reuniting with the new mom he helped when she went into labor while evacuating the camp fire.
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youand the holiday spiritoss just hits you... yes! or when you get the best deal... on a treat for your best friend? or when you score a magical gift... at an unbelievable price? yes! that's yes for less. ross has you and your list covered with gifts you'll love to give. and it feels even better when you find them for less-at ross. yes for less. a pregnant mother was
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stuck in her car ... and feeling labor pains ... when the camp fire broke out around her. thankfully an e-m-s worker was able to get her safely to a nearby hospital. the two reunited recently and shared their life-saving experience. luna nas has their story. anastasia skinner/mother"i knew if i went into labor i'd bleed out and die."anastasia skinner was caught in traffic having pre labor contractions.. in the middle of the camp fire.anastasia skinner/mother"i started having really bad contractions and i was on the phone with my mom and daniel and they said 'you need to hang up and call 911 because there are like three minutes apart and really bad.'"that's when mickey huber from butte county ems responded to the call.mickey huber/butte co. ems"i knew i was the closest paramedic to that area, they wanted to get
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a helicopter and with the wind the smoke, there was no way they were gonna do that." anastasia skinner/mother"the operator said to lay on the horn and start shouting basically."mickey huber/butte co. ems"we got to her, she was in her car and once i found out her medical history we decided amongst us the best thing to do was to get off the hill and get her down to a hospital."amid the flames, a retired paradise fire chief drove her car while mickey calmed her down.anastasia skinner/mother"he was very, very calm, kept telling me to tell him stories of happiness. and then tried to tell me he talked to my husband and i told him that he didn't because he was just trying to make me feel better. which he really did but i didn't know." once they were down the hill they were able to transfer her to a hospital safely.nat sound six weeks later her baby girl was born.anastasia skinner/mother"zoele mickey skinner."anatasia's husband daniel, suggested their girl be named after mickey.daniel skinner/father"well, we have something with all our kids, they all have the same
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initials. they are all z-w-s. and like the z thing is super-permanent, so the w thing was the one we could wiggle with, i guess. so we decided that that's what we could do."mickey huber/butte co. ems"it was nice, very nice, it was probably the best thing i've had in my career. i've been doing this for 30 years. and i delivered two babies in the field and i didn't want third and it all worked out for the best." (vicki) coming up.. santa stops by the pediatric unit of a roseville hospital to give out presents to families unable to be home for the holidays. (grant) plus avoiding chaos. a judge puts a restraining order on controversial rental home regulations in south lake tahoe. why a lot of families are breathing a sigh of relief this holiday season. (vicki) heading up to the sierras for the holidays? looking to hit some fresh powder? we have a look at the conditions you could be facing. (lawrence)ten at ten
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♪ toyland, toyland ♪ little girl and boy land ♪ while you dwell within it ♪ you are ever happy there daddy, it's christmas! ♪ childhoods, joyland never let go of your dreams. the mercedes-benz winter event is back. lease the glc 300 for $459 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. (vicki) people affected by
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the butte county wildfire gathered today in paradise for the town's first large-scale community event since the camp fire.(grant) ashley zavala shows us how a handful of churches came together to put on a special christmas eve service. ((nats))singing, crying, and messages of eve mass in paradise served as an emotional "welcome home" for camp fire survivors.((tim bolin - paradise alliance church))we're bringing hope to paradise. we can rebuild, and we can do this together." several pastors from across
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demoninations and churches put together the program at the paradise alliance church... each pugh packed with people. ((randy waring - paradise church community member)) "it's the first real, getting back together on the ridge. we don't live on the ridge but we worship on the ridge, our church community was on the ridge and our church burned. so we're really glad cma church had this."80 religious volunteers from across the country helped out.. including well-known evangelist franklin graham.(franklin graham)) "i couldn't think of any place i'd rather be, than to be worshipping with the people of paradise."fire survivors who came to the service also got a few christmas presents including 50 dollar gift cards ((bolin)) "we had meals donated from panera bread, and mike lindell sent 10,000 mypillows. chico state made stockings for the kids and filled it with toys."((nats)) survivors at the service say the highlight was at the end.. when hundreds gathered with
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glow sticks, singing silent night."we need this kind of stuff up here in paradise." ((randy)) "it's nice to hear people talk about the hope that people have seeing this community spring back up from the ashes." (vicki) a judge has temporarily blocked the enforcement of new restrictions on short-term vacation home rentals in south lake tahoe. a temporary restraining order was issued today-- and it prevents enforcement of the voter- approved measure for 30 days. the measure puts restrictions on the number of people who can stay in rental homes. it technically took effect last thursday. the ruling comes after local property owners filed a lawsuit saying the rules were unconstitutional. they also said it would wreac havoc with out-of-town families who plan to spend the holidays in south lake. voters narrowly approved the measure
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in november. (grant) this past weekend were big travel days for those who had to make christmas rendezvous to the sierra. still there were plenty of people on the road on christmas eve as well. and it was a challenge for those traveling. lonnie wong is in nayak with a look at conditions there. in the valley driving conditions were routine for a winter daysome light mist but traffic on interstate 80 was moving at the speed limit. going east higher you went, the less visibility there was. . . still folks at the rest stop outside colfax felt pretty confident. a last pit stop before heading over the summit for them and their four legged passengers for the who have made the trip before. adrian zanbrando and brenda barajas traveled with a group from oaklandthey didn't like road conditionsbut were
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hoping for a different christmas experience== their wish came true above the 6,000 foot level. the interstate was shut down from kingvale to the donner interchange for several hours and traffic was turned around. heavy snow and multiple spinouts were the culprit, causing a three mile backup. even when the interstate was reopenedmotorists were cautionedthe caltrans chain checks kept traffic moving slowtoo slow for this driver who took an ill advised short cut.chp officers were not cutting any breaks during the holidayssafety first. (vicki) you can (vicki)
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(vicki) you can track the weather in your neighborhood with the kron-4 app. we have full forecasts .... interactive radar.. and rainfall totals around the bay area. just download the kron-4 mobile app. let's get a look of conditions outside now with lawrence. lawrence karnow: showers will continue through midnight. we have a chance of some thunderstorms too. on the satellite you can see the low coming through. the rain will end before christmas morning. it will be cool and crisp tomorrow with highs in the 50s and low 60s. dry weather is
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then expected into the weekend. (grant) (grant) (grant) in world news...
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the governor of mexico's puebla state and her husband died today in a helicopter crash. it happened shortly after take off from the city of puebla. martha alonso had just taken office ten days ago. mexico's president sent his condolences to the relatives of the victims and said the governement will investigate the causes of the tragedy. (vicki) the death toll from indonesia's tsunami surged to 370 people today. recovery efforts have been hampered and complicated by warnings from local authorities... who are afraid there could be another deadly tsunami. this is all because of an active volcano... an eruption on saturday sent more than 150 acres of mountianside plunging into the sea. indonesian authorites believe the eruption is what caused the
10:38 pm
tsunami. efforts are now focused on trying to bring wounded and injured people to hospitals and on providing temporary shelters. (vicki) and two sailors stranded at sea for nearly three weeks have been rescued. the rescue happened halfway between grand cayman and jamaica. a massive cruise ship spotted the mariners in a small fising vessel. the chance encounter was only possible because the cruise ship had been re-routed due to bad weather. the cruise ship sent out a small boat to resuce the men. the fishermen had originally set sail from costa rica... the ship dropped them off in jamaica for medical attention. (grant) santa is proving even if you don't spend christmas eve in your own bed... he always knows where to deliver your gifts.(vicki) olivia degennaro headed out to kaiser permanente in roseville this morning to show us santa's special stop there. (pkg)) it's no secret santa is a busy man...
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still found time to make a stop at kaiser in roseville this morning.before their big trip around the world tonight... saint nick and a few of his elves brought gifts to children who won't be home for christmas this year. santa: "just because they're in a hospital doesn't mean they have to miss out on christmas. they'll be able to see santa claus. we'll come in and we'll give them gifts and stocking and get to talk to them and just kind of brighten up their day and the family's day as well."
10:40 pm
best christmas." in roseville...
10:41 pm
has the story. kyle elliott/homeowner"we always coach him, if there's a fire grab the girls and get out."and that's exactly what kyle elliott's 13-year-old son nicholas did friday when he heard crackling noises outside his bedroom window.nicholas landreth/spotted fire"i looked outside, and i saw smoke coming from the house and flames in the gutter."nicholas told the baby-sitter what he saw and they grabbed his two little sisters and got out of the house.nicholas landreth/spotted fire"my sisters were scared."he says he stayed calm.nicholas landreth/spotted fire"we rushed and got the hose and started spraying water on it." firefighters arrived about 5 minutes later.they were able to put out the fire while also managing to save the family's christmas gifts.nicholas landreth/spotted fire"not only were they fighting the fire, they were caring about the family at the same time." firefighters say christmas lights were to blame.kyle elliott/homeowner"according to the fire marshal, the christmas lights they come across the gutter and they had arc on the gutter and started the flame."the fire damaged several rooms near the front of the house including the garage.kyle elliott/homeowner "it hopped around on them and
10:42 pm
the roof quite a bit."elliott says he's always put up decorations for the holidays, but heúll be reluctant to add lights next year.kyle elliott/homeowner"between my wife and i, there may not be lights on the house for a while. itús a pretty traumatic experience." (vicki) that was zac summers reporting. officials say to prevent this from happening to you... it's a good idea to inspect christmas lights for fraying before putting them on your home. they also say to avoid overloading extension cords and electrical sockets. still ahead... a group of shoppers take the law into their own hands when they pull out guns to stop a pair of shoplifters.why business owners say this needs to stop. (vicki) and next... rudolph might be on santa's naughty list after being caught on camera breaking into a business. (sports) coming up in sports, the raiders with quite the sendoff what could be their last game ever at the coliseum highlights and reaction just ahead. ((vicki/ots)) a group of
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shoppers took the law into their own hands to stop a group of shoplifters.they pulled out their own guns...and opened fire, hitting the getaway car.and as suzanne pham explains... residents there are not happy about it. brandy sundin/ business owner: "it's good they're arrested but, honestly, i think it put more people in danger."several people who work right next to coastal store are relieved that the accused shoplifters have been caught.but how things played out with the shots fired by armed citizens. . worries them.davene tuninga/
10:46 pm
witness:"i think it's good that they did that but yet what if there would've been kids around?"police say two people took off with power tools from coastal store late saturday afternoon.when they got to their car in the parking lot. . a shopper tried to confront them and showed them his gun.the accused shoplifters struck that man with their car as they took off. . according to police.and that's when two more shoppers carrying guns confronted the thieves.the armed citizens fired several shots. . hitting two tires on the getaway car. monica medina/ witness:"like, 'pom, pom, pom, pom.' it's really, really bad, and i'm so really scary and. . "the shooting terrified monica medina. . who worked at her family's restaurant.brandy sundin says she immediately locked the doors at her business. now knowing what happened. .brandy sundin:"i think someone could've been seriously hurt, and it could've gone the other way. and had it, that would've been bad."the accused thieves got a few blocks and ditched their car. . but they were caught soon afterward.the two citizens with the guns didn't
10:47 pm
stick around to talk to officers. (vicki) one person in colorado certainly made it onto santa's naughty list. police in fort collins say they are looking for a burglar dressed in a "rudolph" costume. the woman, whose disguise was complete with - a red nose, allegedly broke inside a local business and stole numerous items early last week. and the brazen crime was caught on surveillance camera ... you can even see her face when she briefly removed her costume. police called the suspect "rudolph the red nosed criminal." a whole bunch of christmas packages likely won't end up under the tree in time for the holiday.a fed-ex truck flipped over on interstate-95 in massachusetts this morning.the crash caused some packages to spill out of the injuries were said it would still try to deliver as many of those packages as possible by the end of the day.the company also planned to notify the customers whose deliveries were affected by the crash.
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(grant) now to (grant) (grant)(grant)(grant) now to sports with mark carpenter. we know the main base of raider nation will eventually end up in vegas. next year, no one knows, but tonight, for possibly the last time, the heart of the silver and black fan base was right at the coliseum --we go to oakland the raiders...bound for vegas in 2020, a number of places on the table for next season. --but in the meantime, what a turnout from the black hole. --we go to the first quarter.. just a wild play... broncos with a long punt... that looks to be downed at the one, but it's a fair ball and dwayne harris picks it up and books it 99-yards to the end zone. touchdown raiders, 7-
10:49 pm
nothing. --later in the half-- the ground game getting to work.. doug martin...turning on the jets and rumbling to the house...24-yard strike. raiders go into the break with a 17-nothing lead, their largest since week 12 of last year --midway through the 4th, denver made it within 10... and then case keenum is picked off by marcus broncos territory. one of 2 keenum interceptions late. that just about does it, -what a way to say farewell if this is it... 27-14 raiders your final. and derek carr makes sure to go out and give thanks to the "as i was doing it i was remembering all the memories. from breaking my ankle, from the 4th quarter comeback wins, to throwing three picks in a quarter... you know, just everything you know. and just how loyal our fans are. i know it stings, i know it hurts that we might not play here. cause i don't know, but i was gonna make sure that if this was the last time i just wanted to say
10:50 pm
thank you."for this team to just keep fighting regardless of the adversity we've been though, and get a win on monday night football on christmas eve, in front of our fans, for potentially the last time in this arena was a really really special moment. and i think it's something we'll all remember forever. no doubt about that.""coach talked about it. not knowing if this was gonna be the last one here in the coliseum, and giving these fans and this community something to remember. and we gave them a win." turning now to the warriors-- we are hours away from what's become a christmas tradition... the warriors and lebron at oracle. --warriors coming off an entertaining win last night... steph curry game winning layup against the clippers in a 42-point performance. now, they'll be seeing an old friend... lebron james, but this time he's with a new squad.. the lakers..who are 4th in the west, 2.5 back of the warriors.. draymond green...gets right to the point on this next holiday meeting with james. "i really
10:51 pm
don't give a damn about him being in a laker uniform, that really don't matter to me. that's the team he's on and that's who we face. obviously bron is bron, so they're gonna be tough. tougn match on christmas day but we're always looking forward to it as a challenge." (weather) coming up coming up i'll have the seven day forecast. seven day forecast.
10:52 pm
youand the holiday spiritoss just hits you... yes! or when you get the best deal... on a treat for your best friend? or when you score a magical gift... at an unbelievable price? yes! that's yes for less. ross has you and your list covered with gifts you'll love to give. and it feels even better when you find them for less-at ross. yes for less. (vicki) the national
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christmas tree at president's park in washington has re-opened. the site closed last week when the tree was damaged after a man tried to climb it. then because of the government shutdown.. the national park service was unable to keep it open. but with the help of the national park foundation... the park was able to re-open today. it will remain open until january first. (grant) and this ohio family is going the extra mile when it comes to decorating for christmas. it takes two months of work to create this so-called "hollydays village." it all started
10:55 pm
12 years ago with 12 houses... and has expanded to 356 houses. the village includes a post office.. clock tower... pizza shop and even an airport. and the village is never the same twice... it changes each time it goes up... which is every other year. ((vicki))and we are tracking santa this christmas he delivers gifts around the world.let's take a look at where he is tonight.the north american aerospace defense command..also known as norad is operating its famous santa tracker website, despite the partial government shutdown.norad has been monitoring santa every christmas eve since 1955.the agency says some 15-hundred volunteers make the program possible every year.
10:56 pm
lawrence karnow: showers will continue through midnight. we have a chance of some thunderstorms too. on the satellite you can see the low coming through. the rain will end before christmas morning. it will be cool and crisp tomorrow with highs in the 50s and low 60s. dry weather is then expected into the weekend. ♪
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