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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  December 25, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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(ken) tonight at 6... the christmas holiday brought out the giving spirit in people all over the bay area today. and one event in particular in the east bay--- was aimed at helping those less fortunate. good evening and thanks for joining us on this christmas evening. i'm ken wayne. (vicki) and i'm vicki liviakis in for pam moore. today-- over one thousand people received gifts, toys, hot meals and a lot more. it's called christmas for everyone. kron 4's haaziq madyun has the story. ... it is the annual christmas for everyone charitable event. the 34-year
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holiday tradition continues this year at the light of grace korean presbyterian church in martinez live holiday music filled the atmosphere inside the banquet room where a traditional christmas holiday meal is served with turkey, ham and all of the trimmingseach year at christmas for everyone, those who are less fortunate in contra costa county are treated to a one stop, one of a kind, christmas experience. there are gifts for people of all ages, plenty of toys for the kiddies, lots of brand new bikes toosotgifts also include gently used clothing and winter coats that will help folks stay warm this time of yearsotneed a holiday hair makeover? how about a fresh
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cut by beauticians from the sidewalk salon haircuts of hope. two stylisys donated their beauty skills making sure everyone is looking their best on christmas daydon't have transportation? not to worry. these county buses are on the move picking up residents, dropping them off and then returning them to their homessome volunteers tell me the gift ofn giving is its own rewardsotsotonly one thing left to say after that..."merry christmas""merry christmas" "merry christmas, aye! happy new year">in martinez haaziq madyun kron4news (ken) hundreds of people volunteered their time with the salvation army this morning in san francisco on a mission to feed the elderly. kron 4's sara stinson has the story.
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"hundreds of people spent their christmas here at the salvation army in san francisco hand delivering these meals to elderly people who may not have one otherwise. i tagged along through the whole process from packaging to delivering the meals. take a look.""it's great to help elders who don't have what we do."volunteers started at four in the morning at the salvation army kitchen prepare and package the meals. "we have people on each food item, sealing the meals and then we have runners putting them in the truck."the mes were boxed up and transported to another salvation army location where other volunteers were waiting to hand deliver these meals to people in need of a hot meal on this christmas."good morning mrs. chi this is michael and tim from the salvation army with your christmas meal...hi, hi."this has become an annual tradition for michael - but this year he brought along his friend tim. he says you can really feel the need when visiting with these folks."people who really can't walk anymore, stuck with
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their walker and this is the first time they're going to see or talk to anyone in awhile probably."the best part about volunteering?"giving back to people. helping people who need the most help and not expecting anything back."if you missed out on volunteering on this christmas - there are more opportunities to do so. the salvation army feeds hundreds of people five days a week. in san francisco, sara stinson, kron four news." (vicki) this christmas.. an east bay area woman is trying to support victims of the camp fire in a unique way. ashley zavala shows us the small gesture lifting up their holiday spirits in a big way... "it's definitely a process." this christmas.."this is just
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a little reminder of how for they've come. a busy one for alisa corstorphine"i'm signing each one.. who knows.. maybe they'll down the road try to contact me when they bring these out."she's making christmas ornaments for camp fire victims."i'm signing them and then we color in the hearts." the idea came to her on facebook.. scrolling through fire support group pages."over and over again one thing people said they missed was their christmas ornaments." ((nats))she starts with a laser cutter and wood..then finishes them with red marker and ribbon.the designs are all inspired by fire survivors... "people really want little sayings about their own areas. i'm using their guidance to direct what's important to them" ((nats))alisa has no connection to butte county, but she sends an ornament to anyone who asks.. for free. after posting photos on facebook.. she says she's had an avalanche of requests"i've had a thousand, two thousand requests, i don't even know, i've lost count." to supply the demand.. she recruited an army of helpers from neighbors, volunteers, and family members, like her
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daughter amy... "she'll be addressing envelopes and suddenly you'll hear this cacaphony of dings and bings from facebook messenger." alisa says those messages are motivating... like this voice message left from a fire victim.."i just wanted to let yuou know i went to my mailbox today and i received my ornament, and i am lterally choked up, and so grateful, and so blessed for this ornament. i don't have a tree this year to hang it on.. but, it means so much to me, and i am so grateful you went out of your way to do this... this means so much to me. "the christmas ornaments.."i'm not going to save the world with this, but it's showing somebody cares, it's putting a little marker of a memory, and it's giving something that hopefully is special and treasured." a little gift with a lot of meaning. tag. in alamo (ken) a big story (ken) a big story we are
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following tonight... a migrant father is spending christmas mourning his 8- year-old son's death at the border.(vicki) the little boy is the second guatemalan child to die in immigration custody. kron 4's sanaz tahernia joins us from the newsroom with more details on his death. sanaz? (sanaz) ken, vicki, it's tough to imagine what the father is going through right now. not only is he spending the holiday in custody, but now... christmas for him will never be the same. december 25th is a day that most people joyfully celebrating with family.but for one father, it's now a day that represents tragedy and loss.u-s customs and border protection announced tuesday that another child has died in its custody.8-year-old felipe
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alonzo gomez from guatemala died just after midnight on christmas at a hospital in new mexico.according to the guatemalan ministry, felipe and his father were detained when they entered el paso on december 18th.on christmas eve, a border agent noticed felipe wasn't feeling well. officials say he was taken to the hospital but was released after being diagnosed with a fever and prescribed antibiotics.later that evening-- they say the boy began vomiting and was taken back to the hospital... where he died.felipe is the second immigrant child that's died in detention this month.just a few weeks ago, a 7-year-old guatemalan girl named jacklin caal maquin died less than 48 hours after she was detained at a new mexico border crossing.with regard to felipe's death, cbp officials say they've sent the proper notifications and the agency's office of professional responsibility will conduct a review.cbp typically releases migrants or turns them over to ice after a few guideless say immigrants
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generally shouldn't be detained for more than 72 hours in cbp holding facilities.and families are almost always released quickly due to limited space in ice family facilities.and now being released probably won't mean as much to felipe's father, without felipe by his side. (sanaz) guatemala's foreign ministry issued a statement asking for an investigation and access to the little boy's medical records. according to customs and border patrol, the cause of death is unknown at this time. the agency is reviewing the incident and will release the details as they become available. but officials there say that during their detention, migrants are medically screened and treated as needed. (vicki) while he wasn't dreaming of a white house christmas president trump is nonetheless spending the holiday at 1600 pennsylvania avenue after canceling vacation plans to mar-a-lago -- citing the government shutdown. as
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kristen holmes reports - the president is still taking time to share christmas messages - and weigh in on critical issues facing the country. "melania and i are truly thrilled to wish eve american a very merry christmas."president trump and first lady melania trump-- wishing a merry christmas to americans this morning--before video conferencing with u-s troops-- reaching out service members around the world from all military branches. president then offering another message to reporters--- tis the season.. for a long government shutdown.pres. donald trump: "i can't tell you when the government is going to be open. i can tell you it's not going to be open until we have a wall."the president adamant he wasn't caving on his demands for border wall funding.the government shut down friday night when negotiations between congressional democrats and the white house
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stalled --leaving hundreds of thousands of federal employees without a pay check this holiday season.the president claiming that federal employees supported the shut down.pres. donald trump: "but many of those workers have said to me and communicated, stay out until you get the funding for the wall. these federal workers want the wall." president trump and first lady melania trump spending the holiday in the white house-- canceling their annual trip to west palm beach in response to the shut washington, i'm kristen holmes (vicki) we are learning new details tonight in a deadly officer involved shooting in the south bay. it happened just after 2:00 this morning when officers responded to reports of shots fired near story road and clemence avenue in san jose. when they arrived-- they found two people had been shot. officers then attempted to stop a suspect vehicle that had been reported stolen-- when they were led on a brief chase. eventually the female driver lost control and crashed into a fence at the intersection of leigh avenue and fruitdale avenue. that is when officers say
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she drove at them and rammed a patrol car. four officers then opened fire-- killing the driver and injuring a female passenger. the officers involved have been placed on paid leave. we'll have an update on this story coming up in a live report tonight in our 8 p-m newscast. (ken) happening tonight... it's the mega millions lottery drawing-- and you still have time to run out and grab tickets. the jackpot is at 321-million dollars. the drawing tonight is at 8:00... and ticket sales stop five minutes before. no one has ever won a lottery jackpot on christmas-- and if someone wins today it will be the 5th largest prize won this year. we will have the winning numbers tonight on kron 4 news at 8. (vicki) coming up... an unusual sight in sacramento. a snowman shows up outside of a coffee shop... despite the lack of snow on the ground. details on where it came from. (ken) plus--- christmas is a bit different this year for those affected by the butte county wildfire. we'll show you how non- profits worked today to make sure everyone had a happy
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holiday. (vicki) plus... a little boy's christmas wish is granted. see how people from all over the world helped him honor is late father.
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(vicki) a pennsylvania boy gets a special surprise. thanks to the efforts of a local fire department, the 10-year-old has a unique reminder of his late father. (ken) the boy lost his father suddenly back in 20-16. this year -- he wished for
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a few fire patches for christmas as a way to honor his dad. alexandria hoff reports. this christmas eve could have been really hard a season and a day that might have highlighted for a 10 year old boy what he was missing and who wasn't therebut those thoughts were kept at bay inside of his bridesburg home.. nat sound"oh my god. memphis, tennessee!"lets rewind i interviewed evan potter back in november..he had lost his philadelphia firefighter father suddenly in 2016 and said he was hoping for a few fire company patches for christmas as a way to honor his dad.file of evan potter/son of firefighter"i'm trying to fill this up."evan potter/son of firefighter unknown to evan, engine 33 was already on the job.. they had collected about 100 patches for evan at that point. then two weeks after that story aired they invited us in for an update..evan potter/son of firefighter"i knew this was going to happen.. because this is how firemen are."evans wish had gone viral.. the response blew us away.and still evan
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was in the dark..amanda potter/mother"it was a big secret we didn't want to ruin it for him so i had to keep him off the internet and he wasn't allowed to watch tv.." derek moffer/firefighter"every day it was bins and bins coming it was astonishing it really was."that brings us to this christmas eveboxes upon bags upon boxes were packed up santa loaded in.. and off to evans house they went.evan didn't quite know what to make of it.. until the boxes full of gifts for him and his sister were placed under the tree.included thousands of patches from hundreds of cities from every state in the u.s.nat sound"it's from south america!"and almost every continent.amanda potter/mother "i have a whole dining room full of patches."it was a gesture to prove to evan.. that he is not alone not by a longshot and instead an honorary fireman literally- in several states and a little brother to thousands across the world.evan potter/son of firefighter "thank you firemen!"derek moffett/philadelphia firefighter"when you sign up for this job you sign up for a whole lot more than just a job."so what does evan think his dad would say about this christmas surprise?evan potter/son of firefighter"he has a lot of patches!" (vicki) that was
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alexandria hoff reporting. and to put it into perspective just how many people helped evan... out of all the boxes full of patches you saw under the tree-- there ere still eight more waiting for him at the firehouse. (ken) a christmas surprise at a coffee shop in sacramento... despite not having any snow. a snow man was delivered just in time for christmas. an employee at the old soul coffee shop says someone brought snow down from south lake tahoe-- and built the snowman. people were stopping by all day on christmas eve to take pictures with the snowman. (vicki) now lets get a check on the weather with meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. expect chilly overnight lows because of
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decreasing winds tonight, clear skies and falling dew points in the bay area. temperatures will likely fall into the 30s and lower 40s. the coldest valley locations may also see some patchy frost during the late night and early morning hours. dry and seasonal conditions will prevail this week, with daytime temperatures remaining in normal ranges, upper 50s and low 60s. high pressure will then rebuild across the bay area for friday and saturday, with dry and slightly warmer temperatures.
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(vicki) a community is coming together for the family of an army veteran who suddenly died on a trip away from home. the new york businessman died on a flight to china-- and now his family is having trouble bringing his body home. stacey sager reports. "i just want to say thank you," widow nixtia easy said at her freeport home. "thank you. i really appreciate it." norman easy would have turned 58 years old monday, but the decorated veteran who served two tours in iraq boarded a china eastern airlines plane back on december 7 bound for shanghai in his work as a healthcare executive and never came back."the latest that we have is that he passed away mid flight on the plane," son marcus easy said. "we're working on getting him back, and when we have him back here, that's when we'll have definite answers."planning for christmas or celebrating anything wasn't on this family's radar these past couple of weeks, as they've been dealing with the chinese government and the state department. and there was no progress, until recently.the
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family hired a private security firm to assist them and signed a waiver pledging no inquiry to the government, but they are still waiting to get their beloved husband and father's body returned to them. "what peeves me the most is he served his country, and we can't even get his body back," son xavier easy said. "i mean, we're going to. but he gave 30 years to this country."in the meantime, his community -- and even a couple of favorite former jets players -- came to the home to give whatever they could in return."it's something you'll never forget, your husband," former jets wide receiver wesley walker said. "and i know what that's like.""i know it's a tragedy, but when a community comes together and supports each other, like what's happening here, i think the whole world needs to know," former jets running back freeman mcneil added.and so even though they never expected this on christmas, the easy family's house is now bustling and full as they wait, with questions and broken hearts."he's not here with us, but we're here as a family," nixtia easy said. "so that's what is important. family was number one for him."freeport mayor robery kennedy and lynbrook's deputy mayor helped arrange the christmas visit, along with a delivery of gifts, especially for the youngest of easy's four children, jayden, who's only 12
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(vicki) that was stacey sager reporting. the family says they are now getting a bit more cooperation and hoping to have norman's body back by thursday. their goal is to give him a proper funeral on january 4. (vicki) still ahead... a controversial move by a referee-- after a teen was told to cut off his dreadlocks. hear the legal action his family is now taking. (ken) plus... the demand for real christmas trees has been on the rise for the last few years --- but one reason why may surprise you. we'll explain after the break.
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(ken) millennials are sometimes blamed for killing industries or praised for revivinghem -- and now it appears they've struck again! this time-- a new report shows millennials are the saviors of the real christmas tree industry. mary moloney has more in today's consumer watch. millennials are keeping it real this holiday season.the generation born between 1981 and 1996 is credited with driving up sales of real christmas trees.sales are up 10-percent compared to last year.that's according to "square inc," a financial services and mobile payment company.the figure is based on more than one-thousand christmas tree sellers using the company's payment software. the national christmas tree association says millennials are helping the christmas tree business thrive.saying their
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love for live trees is boosting demand.the same "square inc" report found prices for live trees went up 17-percent in the past two years.meanwhile, more than 95 million u-s households are expected to put up christmas trees this year.that's according to a new survey from the american christmas tree association.the survey also found eighty-two percent of the christmas trees displayed will be artificial and nearly 18-percent will be real trees. artificial trees are still the most popular...but the trend of millennials ditching artificial trees is giving christmas tree farmers plenty of holiday cheer.for consumer watch-- i'm mary moloney. (vicki) coming up at 6:30... snow causes chaos on the roads in southern california. and it's all caught on camera. we'll explain what happened. (ken)and coming up in sports.......the raiders played in what was likely their last game ever at the coliseum.....hear from the team after their emotional night.....
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(mabrisa)and i'm tracking your weeknight forcast... that's just ahead.
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(vicki) tonight at 6:30... christmas this year is very different for thousands of families who lost everything in the camp fire. (ken) but some kind strangers are making it their mission to make sure these families still have a merry christmas. jessica mensch shows how non-profits are spreading christmas cheer to


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