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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  December 25, 2018 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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(vicki) tonight at 6:30... christmas this year is very different for thousands of families who lost everything in the camp fire. (ken) but some kind strangers are making it their mission to make sure these families still have a merry christmas. jessica mensch shows how non-profits are spreading christmas cheer to fire survivors.
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with presents, food, and even a visit from santa claus today is one these kids won't forget. and one that they desperately needed after losing everything in the camp fire.((pkg))"hi, how are you?" awestruck at meeting old saint nick."did you get all that you were asking for this year?" kids visit santa, one by one. some asking for the usual gifts"i really want a pogo stick or a nintendo switch games"other requests- you wouldn't expect."i want everybody to have a home." santa: "that is very nice. i hope everybody can have that too. that will be in time, huh?"these children are celebrating their first christmas since losing everything when the camp fire destroyed their town more than a month ago.nonprofits working together- to make it extra special.((michael capponi, founder of global empowerment mission,))"a warm welcome, there's gifts and gift cards. they're getting food and a lot of love."a christmas lunch in chico, put on by the global empowerment mission and reality tv star bethenny frenkel's b strong initiative. giving kids a chance to just be kids againon the merriest
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day of the year.((dale miller, father))"i never expected so much love and compassion from our communityand our countryit's moving."a gesture that means the world to dale milleras he watches his two girls pose with santa.he's in the process of adopting layla and jazzylynnand wanted to make this christmas extra special. but with his home destroyed in the fireit's tough.((dale miller, father)) "there's just not anything left. they said, it wasn't a fire. it was an incinerator." still, his family made it out okay((dale miller, father)) "we just pray. and everyday it's getting a little better." with full bellies, presents for his girls and a little hope restoredmiller says he has everything to be thankful for this christmas.((dale miller, father))"all these beautiful things in life we should never take for granted. today is no exception by far." (ken) that was jessica
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mensch reporting. the global empowerment mission and the b strong initiative say they will continue to help fire victims as long as they are needed. (vicki) gofundme has refunded 4-hundred thousand dollars to people who donated to what's being called a fake campaign. prosecutors say johnny bobbitt junior -- a homeless man... and couple kate mcclure and mark d'amico conspired together.they are accused of making up a feel-good story about bobbitt giving his last 20 dollars to help mcclure, who said she was stranded on a pennsylvania highway.but officials say that never happened. the proceeds of the campaign netted about 367-thousand dollars, all deposited into mcclure's accounts. all three are now facing several charges. (ken) ice and snow caused a nightmare on interstate-15 near the cajon pass in southern california today. dozens of cars were involved in a series of chain-reaction crashes. the series of crashes stopped traffic on the freeway. someone on the
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roads recorded this video-- and called it complete and utter chaos. many of the injuries were minor, but some people did have serious injuries. (ken) and it was a much different weather scene in san francisco today. this is video from quadcopter 4. you can see the clear and sunny skies along the embarcadero. (ken) let's get a check of the weather ... with meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez. expect chilly overnight lows because of decreasing winds tonight, clear skies and falling dew points in the bay area. temperatures will likely
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fall into the 30s and lower 40s. the coldest valley locations may also see some patchy frost during the late night and early morning hours. dry and seasonal conditions will prevail this week, with daytime temperatures remaining in normal ranges, upper 50s and low 60s. high pressure will then rebuild across the bay area for friday and saturday, with dry and slightly warmer temperatures.
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(vicki) lots to talk about in the sports world tonight... (ken) jason dumas joins us in the studio. raiders fans got their christmas gift a night early.....>oakland beat denver last night 27-14 for their third win of the season.....> it was the least the organization could for a bay-area fan base that they haven't exactly done right by......>as we know...the raiders home field status for next season is still up in the air......>so last night was most likely the last game they'll ever play at the coliseum....>and raiders fans showed their loyalty....> despite the awful weather, they came out and filled the lots surrounding the coliseum to tailgate.......>and they were just as loud inside the
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stadium once the game got going.....>it was a bitter sweet moment for both the fans....>some were angry, some were's an end to an era.....>and the players knew what this night meant to them.....>but lee smith, raiders tight lee smith, lee smith, raiders tight end"it's just an awesome, awesome organization to play for. that shield is very special. and once again, christmas eve, last game in the coliseum. monday night football. what a great way to celebrate the holidays. it's awesome, it's a great night, no one could ever forget who had a raiders uniform on today, lakers-warriors......>this game has been circled on the calendar for some time....>in fact, it's the hottest ticket of the regular season thus far.....>the cheapest seat at oracle tonight?$263 bucks......>and right now....the warriors are ahead........ alright let's head out to houston....russell westbrook and the thunder visiting james
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harden and the rockets.....> let's go right to the fourth....rockets up 7.....harden gets into the lane....pretty floater for him......>under 30 to go....this is the nail in the coffin....harden so hard to keep out the lane.....he had 41, 6, and 7 as the rockets win 113-109.....> and now we head out to the world most famous arena....the greek freak and the bucks taking on the knicks......>2nd quarter....bucks up....giannis gets the steal......and you know how this story ends.....> more great d from giannis....this time he gets the block.....we are going the other way....he finds george hill who finishing with the lay-in.....>giannis had 31 and 14 and the bucks win it 109-95.....>
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(ken) coming up... a teen's family is speaking out after the young athlete was forced to cut off his dreadlocks. what they are saying about the controversy. (ken) we are now hearing
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from the parents of a new jersey teen who was told to cut off his dreadlocks in order to compete in a wrestling match. the family's attorney released a statement on their behalf today. 16-year-old andrew johnson was about to step on the mat for a match--when
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referee alan maloney, who is white, told him his dreadlocks and hair violated state wrestling rules. he was given the choice of forfeiting or getting a quick haircut on the spot. he chose the later -- and won the match. the family attorney says they are now waiting on the results of a new jersey division of civil rights investigation of the incident. the attorney said the referee was late for the weigh-in -- and should have raised any issues sooner, not right before the match. the attorney called the referee's actions that day "outrageous" and said his conduct -- quote -- "should be a disqualifying race-related transgression." (vicki) next at 6:45... it has been a tumultuous year in politics... to say the least. after the break we'll take a look back at some of the most controversial moments.
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second year of president donald trump's leadership. it was a volitile year that saw some economic highs... and political in-fightng lows around a supreme court nominee. (vicki) it was all under the microscope of a special counsel investigation into russia's meddling in the presidential election. and capped off by a blue wave in house the midterm elections. kristen holmes takes a look back at the year in politics. year two of the donald trump administration dominating the political headlines. as the businessman-turned-president put his stamp on the economy in 2018. pres donald
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trump/july 27: "we are the economic envy of the entire world"strong job numbers and a boost in wages and g-d-p.also, aggressvie trade policies featuring the threat - and implimentation - of tariffs. the president negotiating new trade deals with canada, mexico, and china... but some analysts fear the bubble may burst in 2019.natskey domestic issues taking center stage: after the horrific parkland, florida shooting - optimism for bipartisan action... sen. john cornyn/-r- texas: "if we can get 60 votes for it mr. president, i'm all for it,"... soon faded.and perhaps the most heated showdown on capitol hill of 2018 - the battle over supreme court nominee brett emotional confirmation hearing, which saw accusations of sexual assault from years ago by several women, including christine blasey ford. christine blasey ford/kavanaugh accuser: "i thought that brett was accidentally going to kill me" kavanaugh strongly denied the accusations...brett kavanaugh/supreme court
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nominee: "i've never sexually assaulted anyone"and was ultimately confirmed by a 50 to 48 vote. natson north korea... the president going from tough talk in a warm embrace this past june... pres donald trump/june 12: "we have developed a very special bond"...after meeting face-to-face with kim jong un in singapore.natsanother high- profile sitdown in july between trump and russian president vladimir putin shocked both democrats and republicansthe two held a private meeting before addressing reporters, with 2016 election meddling front and center.the u.s. president casting doubt on his own intelligence agencies by offering a stunning defense of putin. pres donald trump/july 16: "he just said it's not russia. i will say this. i don't see any reason why it would be."natsbut back home - special council robert mueller saw it differently - charging 13 russian nationals with conspiracy to defraud the united states in february. former trump allies michael flynn, michael cohen, and paul manafort also facing varying charges. president trump insisting he and his family did nothing wrong - focusing his rage on mueller's team and
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his own attorney general, jeff sessions, who he fired in november. sessions was one of several top administration officials who were let go or resigned in 2018 - including nikki haley, rex tillerson, and scott pruitt...and trump's signature campaign issue - immigration and the funding for a border wall - became átheeá theme of the 2018 midterms. the president calling a migrant caravan from central america one of the biggest threats to the u.s. republicans managed to hold on to the senate, but as for the house...rep. nancy pelosi/-d- minority leader: "thanks to you tomorrow will be a new day in america."democrats rode a blue wave to the majority... setting up what should be a contentious atmosphere in washington in 2019, and beyond. i'm kristen holmes reporting. (ken) healthy new habits may be on your list of new years resolutions. but sticking to them, may be
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challenging. here's reid binion with today's health minute. if you're looking to develop new healthy habits for the new year, you need to start with commitment and consistency. breaking in a new habit can be a challenge but repetition helps it become the norm.for instance, the first few days at a new gym or morning workout routine can be rough. that's why experts suggest you start small with your goals. take a walk at the same time everyday.extend the time and distance one expects you to go all in on day shouldn't either. if you currently do not have a regular meal schedule, look into changing that.eating your meals and enjoying healthy snacks at the same time everydaycan improve your metabolism.that's why it's important not to skip meals to save calories.know your limits. and don't set unreasonable goals.if you want these new habits to become a part of your daily routine, just remember, dedicationis key.for today's health minute, i'm reid binion. (vicki) take a look at this... tom hanks became a not-so-secret santa for some customers at an in-n-out in
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southern california. the oscar winner and his wife-- actress and singer rita wilson-- surprised customers at the restaurant in fontana friday. the couple bought lunch for some of the diners and cheerfully took selfies with workers. the actor also walked up to the drive- thru window and bought lunch for a few of the customers waiting in line. no word on why hanks was in fontana... but it looks like they made a lot of people pretty happy! (ken) coming up... it has been a big year for movies at the box office. after the break we'll take a look at the big winners.
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(vicki) 20-18 will be remembered as a record breaking year at the box office. (ken) rick damigella tells us how much tinsel tinsel-town has made so far in the hollywood minute. (nat)"my son. it is your time." "black panther" is among the movies which fueled hollywood to a record breaking year. com-score says north american movie ticket sales hit 11-point-eight billion dollars in 2018, besting the previous record of eleven-point-four billion set just two years ago. with just under a week left until new year's, that record number will continue to go up."welcome to marwen. it's my art installation."even in a record breaking year, not all movies fared so well. variety reports "welcome to marwen" is on track to lose between 45 and 50 million dollars, after bombing at the box office over the weekend. variety adds "marwen" tied johnny knoxville's "action point" for
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the worst wide release movie from a major studio in 20-18. "what could be greater than a king?""a hero."jason momoa plays the hero and current king of the box office, "aquaman." jason the momoa the person has a word, and philosophy, he lives by."i know this is probably cheesy, but i do try to live, just try to live 'aloha.' i do try to just, i think we pass so many people in our life, and if, if, i try just to be nice and give a little bit of my heart, if i can, and try to be honest about that, you know what i mean?""your mother always knew you were special."in hollywood, i'm rick damigella. (anchor 1)(anchor 1) let's take a look outside right now... our sutro camera overlooking downtown san francisco. (anchor 2) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez joins us now with the four zone forecast. expect chilly overnight lows
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expect chilly forecast. expect chilly overnight lows because of decreasing winds tonight, clear skies and falling dew points in the bay area. temperatures will likely fall into the 30s and lower 40s. the coldest valley locations may also see some patchy frost during the late night and early morning hours. dry and seasonal conditions will prevail this week, with daytime temperatures remaining in normal ranges, upper 50s and low 60s. high pressure will then rebuild across the bay area for friday and saturday, with dry and slightly warmer temperatures.
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that wraps up kron4 news at 6. we'll see you tonight at 8.... on your bay area's local news station.
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