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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 27, 2018 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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(ken) a family in the south bay is demanding answers tonight... after a deadly police shooting on christmas day. and tonight police are saying it was a case of mistaken identity. (ken) thanks for joining us im ken wayne.. (grant) and im grant lodes. the shooting happened christmas morning on fruitdale and leigh avenue in san jose. tonight the victim's family is speaking out for the first time since her death. (ken) kron4's gayle ong is live in san jose with the latest. gayle? the family held a vigil at the
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sight where the 24-year-old woman was shot and killed by san jose police.the police chief held a press conference today and said the officer's shooting was her family wants answers. loved ones are seeking justice for 24 year old jennifer vasquez...the woman shot and killed by san jose police early christmas a press conference thursday afternoon,police chief eddie garcia explains vasquez was mistaken for a suspect of a shooting tuesday morning but he says the officer's actions
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were 2 a-m, police say they responded to 911 calls of shots fired near story road and clemence avenue..upon arrival, officers found two people suffering from gunshot wounds,and witnesses pointing out a white vehicle leaving the scene.. vasquez was driving a white toyota camry around that time,with her friend linda bueno in the passenger seat. police say vasquez was driving a stolen car..when they tried to pull the women over,they fled the scene leading officers on a high speed chase, that lasted 7 minutes, police say vasquez crashed on a chain linked fence on fruitdale and leigh avenue. after further investigation, officers say vasquez is not connected to the initial shooting officers responded to and no weapon was found in vasquez's car, vasquez's parents met up with the police chief after the press
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conference..then later at a vigil where their daughter died..through a translator,vasquez's mother is demanding justicand a list of demands from the san jose police department.. some of those demands are:to see the body camera footage of the officers on duty,a federal investigation and an independant investigation outside of internal affairs. san jose police calling this a tragic loss and after all this..a shooter is still on the in san jose gayle ong kron 4 news (grant) (grant) the hunt for an escaped inmate continues tonight .... the california department of corrections has activated its emergency operations, escape pursuit plan.(ken) authorities are also asking the public to be on the lookout for the man they believe carjacked a woman at a nearby store after fleeing san quentin. kron 4's alecia reid joins us live from san quentin tonight with the latest on the investigation. alecia? law enforcement across the
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state is on the lookout for this inmate.and with a car jacking right around the time of his escape ... police believe he is no longer on foot.pkgsan rafael police have released video of a car jacking suspect they believe is the same inmate that escaped san quentin wednesday night. the suspect ... wearing light colored clothing ... walks up to the victim ... exchanges words ... and before you know it ... she backs off while he gets into her car and drives away.the suspect displayed something under his shirt like a weapon or possibly a firearmand then also made a threat to the victim that he would kill her if she calledthe victim did call 9-11. and while investigating at the home depot ... san rafael police got word inmate shalom mendoza escaped from nearby san quentin that same evening. with very little car jackings in the city, detectives started tying pieces together.. the close proximity of where
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the carjacking occurred and obviously to where teh prison is located and also due to the tine factor. they happened really close to each other, thats definitely our priority lead authorities are looking for a toyota rav 4 ... liccense plate number 6-s-t-z- 5-0-2. the 21 year old 5-0-2. number 6-s-t-z-5-0-2. the 21 year old ... who is 5'5" and weighs 177 pounds, fits the victim's description .... however police say the two incidents could still be unrelated and are investigating both possibilities.mendoza was serving a 5 year sentence for use of a deadly weapon during a car jacking, attempted car jacking, and evading a peace officer while driving our officers are looking for the outstanding inmate as well as investigating the carjacking standupit isn't clear if the suspect is armed ... authorities are urging .... if you see the suspect or the vehicle, stay away and call 911 right away.reporting live from san quentin ... ar ... kron 4 news. (ken) (ken) new tonight at ten...
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we are getting new pictures of the suspect that killed a newman police officer. officials are not confirming his name at this time but we did learn today that he is in the country illegally. (ken) as kron4's justine waldman explains the department has only 12 sworn officers.. so the death has caused tremendous grief for the small stanislaus county town. chief randy richardson: "please remember the man. please remember the husband. please remember what he was well he came to this country to do. yes he was a police officer but more importantly he was a human being." with tears streaming down his face...chief randy richardson said corp ronil sighn is an american patriot. thirty-three-year-old singh is a native of fiji and came to
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the us to be a police officer, so he could serve his country. he has been with the newman police department since 2011. durign a traffic stop wednesday, the driver of a pickup truck without a license plate. shot and killed him. he leaves behind a wife and baby boy.sot he will never hear his 5 month old son talk, he will never see him walk. doesnt get to hold him hug his wife say good night because of a coward took his life. to find the killer, thursday night, dectectives from the stan sheriffs office searched a property in el nido in merced county. the suspect was not located and the investigation remains fluid. the sheriff would not name the suspect, but confrimed the suspect is in the country illegally.sot he doesnt belong here he is a crimina,president trump tweeted "it is time to get tough on border security. he ended the post "build the wall."officers have recovered the truck, and will stop at nothing to find this accused cop killer."stanislaus county sheriff adam christianson"we will relentlessly continue to
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hunt our suspect down and bring him to justice. there is also his police dog sam, who was there during the shooting, but was not hurt. the k9 will retire, and go live with the family. so they don't lose an other loved one. in the newsroom justine waldman kron 4 news. (grant) police revealed the suspect in corporal singh's death had paper plates on the car he was driving. but come 20-19 those temporary plates will change. the california d-m-v will require all car dealerships print out a serial number for cars driving off the lot. kron 4's ella sogomonian met with a dealer and has his take on the change. come 2019 newly purchased vehicles from a california dealership,lessor retailer or auction will have to drive off the lot with a temporary license plate number and be electronically reported to the d-m-v immediately. rmc motors owner roderick cho in san bruno says this won't make a difference in work flow.sot:
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roderick cho, owner rmc motors// "just another paper to be printed on the laser printer." 'the dmv gets notified right away so thats one more step that i guess its better for everybody becasue they car is automatically identified that it belongs to the buyer."california bill 516 explains the new law should help with regulating drivers who otherwise would avoid toll booth payments or even get away with a crime because paper plates as they are today make it harder to track them down.sot: roderick cho, owner rmc motors// "i think its basically it's just the state closing up a loop hole and recooperating lot of the money lost in the toll booths peolpe running toll booths and stuff like that and i guess theres a little bit of crime that happens along the way with cars not being properly identified with paper plates and im sure that eliminates that problem as well."the temporary paper plate numbers are free from the dealership. they will not become permanent, car owners will have 90 days to get a permanent plate with a new number.or else they will be fined between 25 and nearly 200 dollars depending on the county.california will join ten other states already implementing this rule.the dmv estimates around 15 million dollars is lost annually by toll evasion.
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(grant) happening now... strong winds and cooler temperatures are pushing through the bay area over the next day or so..(ken) the easy bay is seeing some of the stronger gusts.. that's where we find kron4's dan thorn... he's live in pleasanton tonight with more.. dan? the high winds are causing people oto have a tighter grip on the steering wheel around the bay area and many are also bundling up because the wind is whipping these cooler temperatures.. a tree falls and blocks a popular san francisco street in hayes valley as weather officials issue a wind
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advisory..there was no one in the delivery truck at the time--but it serves as a warning as gusty winds move through the bay officials say the strong wind may knock down more trees or tree limbs and possibly knock out power. sot: the winds were pretty strong i just you don't always like wind when you have like hats and everything always getting off..dylan and his friend frank noticed the windier conditions also brought in colder temperatures..sot: it was pretty uncomfortable im not acclimated to this cold weather.. but it didn't keep them from eating ice cream.. sot: ice cream is good all the time..paul mcdermott and his girlfriend were dressed as polar opposites as the temperatures hovered just above 50 degrees in pleasanton..she's bundled up..he's in shorts..sot: you can always put on more clothes--can't take them off.
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i'm sure some people would say he's a brave man..the wind advisory across the bay area continues into tomorrow officials forecast tonight's temperatures to drop into the the low 40s across the east bay..reporting in pleasanton
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dan thorn kron4 news. lawrence karnow: it was a windy day around the bay area. blustery winds made for a cool day. the doppler radar is showing mostly dry weather across the state. on the satellite you can see the high pressure building along the west coast while low pressure sits over nevada. the difference between the two is causing some gusty winds. tonight will be mostly clear and windy at times. lows will be in the 30s and 40s. tomorrow will start windy in the morning but the winds will subside by the afternoon. highs will be in the 50s and low 60s. the weekend looks fair with a mix of sunshine and a few clouds. the weather
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pattern lookd dry into the new year.
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(grant) in national news... members of the house and senate will not return until next week-- despite the ongoing partial government shutdown. they will meet again next week before the new congress is seated. the shutdown began saturday after a failed attempt to pass to spending bill. president trump is demanding five billion dollars for a border wall. he has wide-spread republican support but is lacking democratic support. president trump has said the shutdown will continue until he gets his funding. (grant) a federal judge has denied a justice department request to pause all deadlines challenging the administration's asylum restrictions. the d-o-j requested the pause because of the government shutdown. the judge wrote... those
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challenging the asylum restrictions view this as a case related to human safety-- and as such, despite the shutdown, deadlines for case filings remain in place. in another case, the judge did grant the d-o-j's request to pause deadlines in a freedom of information request case. in that case, democrats are seeking more documents on supreme court justice brett kavanaugh. (ken) two children died this month in the custody of u.s. customs and border protection and now congress is promsing to investigate. (grant) it has been a decade since a child died in border control custody... that's according to a statement from homeland security. kron 4's washington correspondent alexandra limon reports. pkg humanitarian agencies around the world are alamred by the deaths of two immigrant children in u.s. customs and border protection custody - joanne lin / amnesty internationalthe current
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system in place at homeland security department is a patchwork system of short term border patrol processing centers that are not designed to care for children, especially sick children. joanne lin with amnesty international says congress and federal agencies need to coordinate to better handle and receive families and children at the border. alexandra lin in a statement incoming house speaker nancy pelosi said congress will investigate the deaths. illinois senator richard durbin is calling for the resignation of dhs secretary kiertjen nielsen. senator feinstein asking for the senate judiciary committee to hold a hearing.meanwhile dhs announced secretary nielsen plans to visit the us mexico border friday. nielsen says new rules will require that all children in cbp custody receive thorough health screenings. and says there will be more medically trained border patrol agents in remote areas. amnesty international says more needs to be done. joanne lin / amnesty
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internationalthis administration has continued to focus on building the us mexico border wall or more immigration detention facilities, without looking at the root causes.secretary nielsen blames parents for taking children on the dangerous journey. in washingotn alexandra limon (ken) and tonight we have just learned that the 8-year-old guatemalan boy who died had the flu. officials say more tests need to be done before they can determine the cause of death. authorities y felipe alonzo died at a new mexico hospital after suffering from coughing.. vomiting and a fever. (grant) tax payers in el paso, texas, will not be on the hook for the cost of caring for undocumented immigrants released by immigration and customs enforcement. the agency has dropped hundreds of immigrants at bus stations over the past few days, without an apparent plan for housing. annunciation house, a non-profit, has taken charge, placing immigrants in its network of 20 shelters. as hundreds more immigrants were released throughout the week, the city's office of emergency management has continued offering help. for example, by providing cots.
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the process right now of activating another site. it's going to be a temporary site. it's a gym that we're going to have access to, where this morning we installed 135 cots and it should be operational tomorrow." (grant) a spokesperson for the city of el paso says the city can't offer to open a shelter because it has to follow specific federal guidelines that constitute an emergency. most of immigrants travel out of el paso a couple of days after being released -- they aren't housed for long in the hospitality sites. (ken) president trump and the first lady are back at the white house -- after their whirlwind, surprise holiday visit to u-s troops in iraq. the trip comes less than a week after the president rejected military commanders who opposed his decision to withdraw u-s troops from syria. the president defended that decision -- saying the u-s is no longer the "suckers of the world." boris sanchez has more.
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president trump -- returning to washington after visiting u.s. troops in iraq --an unannounced trip that came ádaysá after mr. trump's ácontroversialá decision to withdraw forces from afghanistan and syria."the united states cannot continue to be the policeman of the world. we are in countries most people haven't even heard about. frankly, it's ridiculous."the president -- ádefendingá the drawdown -- "we're no longer the suckers, folks."and boasting about defeating isis after declaring victory against the terror group last week."we've knocked them out. we've knocked them silly."but the president's military commanders say isis is ástillá a threat --and lawmakers on ábothá sides of the aisle are raising concerns about the abrupt withdrawal - which came áwithoutá consultation with some key u.s. allies.(sen. lindsey graham/(r) south carolina)" this is a stain on the honor of the united states."defense secretary james mattis resigned in áprotestá of the president's decision last week
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--president trump told reporters he's in no hurry to fill the position.i'm in no rush.... everybody wants that position, everybody. so many people want to be - who wouldn't want to be secretary of defense?the president -- also telling the press he does ánotá intend to withdraw troops from iraq."no plans at all. no. in fact we can use this as a base if we wanted to do something in syria."mr. trump -- facing ácriticismá after falsely claiming that he had given the troops a ten percent pay haven't gotten one in more than 10 years. more than 10 years. and we got you a big one. i got you a big one."in reality, military pay has increased annually for over three decades... and is slated to grow by 2.6% in 2019.(lt. gen mark hertling, cnn military analyst)he's not fooling any of these military members who get that leave in earnings statement every month.the president's trip comes as the partial government shutdown enters a ásixthá day -- and while lawmakers typically
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avoid getting political when talking to troops - mister trump's speech sounded a lot like one of his campaign rallies.i don't know if you folks are aware of what's happening. we want to have strong borders in the united states. the democrats don't want to let us have strong borders. only for one reason. you know why? because i want it.the president -- placing blame on house minority leader nancy pelosi after she ámockedá his plan for the wall --telling usa today it had been reduced from cement "to ... a beaded curtain." president trump -- insisting that he will ánotá back down when asked how long the shutdown could drag on. whatever it takes. we're going to have a wall. (ken) the white house says that while president trump was hoping to meet with iraqi prime minister abdul-mahadi, the meeting did not happen due to logistical and security concerns. the two leaders ádidá speak on the phone. (ken) still ahead... governor-elect gavin newsom will take the oath of office in less than two weeks... we take a look at the
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preparations going into the inauguration. (grant) and after the break... police body cams and drinking straws don't have much in common... but they're both affected by new laws in 20-19. we'll explain the changes.
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♪ whoa! the mercedes-benz winter event is back, and you won't want to stop for anything else. lease the gla 250 for $359 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. (grant bodycams and
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drinking straws ... two items that will be affected by new laws, after the first of the year. at 9... we told you about the changes affecting the minimum wage and who can drive in the diamond lanes..
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for part 2 of our series tonight... catherine heenan starts with new rules for police officers. nata=b 748, from san francisco assemblyman phil ting requires that body camera footage be released within 45 days of a police shooting, or when an officer's use of force causes death or great bodily harm. another bill by state senator nancy skinner of berkeley, grants greater public access to police misconduct records.cell gate natskinner also sponsored a bill that will make california the first state to offer vegan meals to prison inmates.the option will be offered to the nearly 130=thousand men and women incarcerated in the state's prisons also mandates vegan option meals at state psychiatric hospitals. beerpour natsomething think about before having that third or fourth cocktail.s=b 1046 cracks down on repeat drunk drivers.anyone convicted of a second d=u=i offense will have to install an ignition interlock device . you'll have to breathe into it to prove you're sober before you can drive.gavel natstarting in october, california will become the first state to eliminate cash bail for criminal defendants..instead, judges will use a merit system to decide whether defendants should be set free.backers say the old system was biased
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against the poor.slurpand finally: so long to the plastic straw.san francisco is banning them as of january first.a new statewide law is not as strict.restaurants can give you a plastic straw ... but only if you ask.and the restriction does not apply to fast food outlets, delis and cafes. (ken) still ahead... governor-elect gavin newsom will take the oath of office in less than two weeks... we take a look at the preparations underway in sacramento. (grant) and... a (grant) sacramento.underway in sacramento.(ken) still ahead... governor-elect gavin newsom will take the oath of office in less than two weeks... we take a look at the preparations underway in sacramento. (grant) and... a good
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samaritan rescues a trapped person inside a burning tesla. deils on the crash that sent three teens to the hospital. (lawrence)ten at ten
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(ken) in less than two weeks, california's new governor will take the oath of office. (grant) kron 4's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala shows us the preparations underway for gavin newsom's inauguration.
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((pkg))on the west side capitol lawn... the christmas tree is coming down.crews thursday cleared leaves and wrapped up christmas lights .. clearing the way on the side of the building where gavin newsom will take his oath of office((nats))a few blocks down... the golden 1 center is preparing for the "california rises" concert.this week, newsom announced the lineup for the fire victims benefit concert on the eve of his inauguration: pitbull is the headliner along with rock group x ambassadors, rapper common.((nats)) local butte county band.. cold weather sons will also perform. the group recently released a song in the wake of the camp fire. with thousands expected to come to sacramento for newsom's inaugural events... preparation will take several days.tag.
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(grant) in the south bay... the santa clara county d-a has filed a 67- million dollar environmental protecti lawsuit accusing the monterey mushroom company, accusing it of intentionally dumping waste-water into a county creek. an investigation by the california department of fish and game deteremined from early 20-16 into the spring of 20-17 monterey mushrooms pumped wastewater into waterways. on one occasion the company reportedly pumped 700-thousand gallons of wasterwater into the creek during a 2-day period. (grant) time now with a look at the bay area weather. (ken) here's lawrence
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(grant) another (grant) (grant) another mystery light in the sky... this time in the big apple.. people all around the big city stopped... grabbed their phones and started recording. (ken)
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josh einiger has reactions from people in the city. a transformer exploded at a power plant in queens thursday night, lighting up the sky over new york city and causing some scattered power outages. it happened shortly after 9 p.m. at the astoria east and north queens con edison plant on 20th avenue & 32nd street in yorkers reported seeing massive blue lights ithe city following the explosion and took to social media to share photos and officials said they were fielding numerous calls for reports of explosions in the long island city and astoria areas.the nypd said a fire caused by the explosion was placed under control.according to con ed, the transformer explosion was caused by a transmission dip at its astoria substation. mayor bill de blasio's office said the blue light was caused by an electrical surge at the substation.
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(ken) the power (ken) (ken) the power outage affected operations at laguardia airport as all flights were grounded for about an hour and a half. (grant) officials say there are no indications of local air quality issues but they are continuing to montior the situation. (grant) tonight we are learning about another instance of a tesla vehicle catching fire following a crash. three teens in new hampshire were hospitalized after a crash that happened last night. one of them has life-threatening injuries. the teens were in a tesla model x when it crashed into a tree... slicing it in half just before it bursted into
10:36 pm
flames on perry road in rindge, new hampshire. the 19-year-old has taken to the hospital with serious injuries and the two other teens are expected to be ok. the crash remains under investigation but police say it appears speed was a factor. (grant) a 3-year-old is recovering after being thrown from a three-wheeled motorcycle in florida. this is the chilling surveillance video -- showing the toddler just before she's thrown from a three-wheeled motorcycle. the 3-year-old drove out in traffic after her father left his motorcycle parked outside of his house. her dad was dragged behind the motorcycle as he desperately tried to stop the vehicle. people near a gas station came to the little girl's aid before paramedics arrived... and was rushed to the hospital.the bike came to a crashing stop at a barrier wall before being flipped
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over, loaded up and towed away. the child remained in the hospital this afternoon. (ken) for your money tonight... 2018 was the first year under a new tax law which was the largest overhaul of tax law in decades.and experts say if you don't prepare for tax day-- you could be in for a costly surprise. in tonight's consumer watch-- four tax tips before you ring in the new year. before you celebrate the end of 20-18! do some work now to avoid unpleasant tax surprises next year. this is especially important now--- because 2018 was the first year under the tax cuts and jobs act. chris burns, financial planner, dynamic money// "a lot of people are wondering am i going to owe money? am i gonna get money back?" experts say it's critical to invest your time in these year-end planning tips. number one- increase contributions to your
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retirement plan. it may be too late to max out your 401-k but experts say it's not too late for other savings accounts. chris burns, financial planner, dynamic money// "any sort of individual retirement account ira or a roth ira lets you make contributions for 2018 this year all the way until you file your taxes next year." number two-- give to charity. aside from being generous, giving your money to good causes also gives you major tax benefits. the new tax bill doubled the standard deduction for single taxpayers to 12-thousand. number three-- calculate your tax liabilities. experts say it's too late to make any major changes to your paycheck witholding amounts- but say you can estimate how much you'll owe in taxes next year and adjust your allowances for 20-19. chris burns, financial planner, dynamic money// "do the work to know what you're going to owe, so that you have the time and the space to think through what do i need to do to change that." and finally-- organize your financial documents. this is the most tedious step, but it helps you file sooner. and filing early means getting that potential refund check quicker. for consumer watch-i'm mary moloney. (grant) (grant) today the youngest
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heart transplant recipient at a hospital in illinois.. was reunited with the doctors who helped save his life. as tim mcnicholas reports... what sets this teen apart from most is his fight over the past couple of years. will chance wasn't born with a sick heart. he went to the doctor a couple of years ago with stomach pain...they did a scan and learned his heart had enlarged...salerno / :"we don't really know why. maybe a virus."cardiac surgeon chris salerno says the situation was life-threatening. doctors treated will for several complications before installing a mechanical heart pump. salerno/ :"when he walked around he had to carry batteries with him and a controller and he had a power chord coming through the skin" the pump was designed to keep him alive until he could get a heart transplantst. vincent called the chances this past september to tell them they had a heart for will. kip chance / :"we love you!" salerno performed the surgery a few days later...and today
10:40 pm
the chance family celebrates its success.but pre-surgey, will gave his family some words of encouragement. will chance / :"no matter where i wake up its gonna be a good place. was to wake up here in the hospital with a new heart, that'd be good. or if i wake up in heaven that'd be good too."kip/ :"there are no words great enough to say how thankful we are."will says he's happy to lose what he calls the extra luggage. and he's looking forward to this summer. will/ :"getting to do stuff with my friends and being able to keep up with them more and be able to do certain things iw asn't able to do before like go swimming."))the chance family says, when the time is right, they'll reach out to the donor's family to say thank you. will/ :"because of them im here today able to live a normal teenager life (grant) (grant) will takes medication daily to keep his body from rejecting the heart but... he may eventually need another transplant... the average post-surgery survival
10:41 pm
is about 15 years. (ken) still ahead... we will take a look back at 2018's top politicial stories in the u-s. (sports) just ahead in sports, warriors and blazers going to overtime at oracle. why some golden state fans may still be wondering if everything is okay with the champs? highlights comin up (grant) be sure to tune into kron 4 as we ring in the new year. justine waldman and i will count us down to 2019... capped off with a huge fireworks show over the bay bridge. it is the only live fireworks show in the bay area. new years live kicks off at 11:30 p-m monday only on kron 4...
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(ken) 20-18 ushered in the second year of president donald trump's leadership. it was a volitile year that saw some economic highs... and political in-fightng lows. (grant) all under the microscope of a special counsel investigation into russia's meddling in the presidential election. kristen holmes takes a look back at the year in politics: year two of the donald trump administration dominating the political the businessman-turned-president put his stamp on the economy in 2018.pres donald trump/july 27: "we are the economic envy of the entire world"strong job numbers and a boost in wages and g-d-p.also, aggressvie trade policies featuring the threat - and implimentation - of tariffs.the president negotiating new trade deals with canada, mexico, and
10:45 pm
china... but some analysts fear the bubble may burst in 2019.natskey domestic issues taking center stage:after the horrific parkland, florida shooting - optimism for bipartisan action...sen. john cornyn/-r- texas: "if we can get 60 votes for it mr. president, i'm all for it,"... soon faded.and perhaps the most heated showdown on capitol hill of 2018 - the battle over supreme court nominee brett emotional confirmation hearing, which saw accusations of sexual assault from years ago by several women, including christine blasey ford.christine blasey ford/kavanaugh accuser: "i thought that brett was accidentally going to kill me" kavanaugh strongly denied the accusations...brett kavanaugh/supreme court nominee: "i've never sexually assaulted anyone"and was ultimately confirmed by a 50 to 48 vote.natson north korea... the president going from tough talk in a warm embrace this past june... pres donald trump/june 12: "we
10:46 pm
have developed a very special bond"...after meeting face-to-face with kim jong un in singapore.natsanother high- profile sitdown in july between trump and russian president vladimir putin shocked both democrats and republicansthe two held a private meeting before addressing reporters, with 2016 election meddling front and center.the u.s. president casting doubt on his own intelligence agencies by offering a stunning defense of putin.pres donald trump/july 16: "he just said it's not russia. i will say this. i don't see any reason why it would be."natsbut back home - special council robert mueller saw it differently - charging 13 russian nationals with conspiracy to defraud the united states in february. former trump allies michael flynn, michael cohen, and paul manafort also facing varying charges.president trump insisting he and his family did nothing wrong - focusing his rage on mueller's team and his own attorney general, jeff sessions, who he fired in
10:47 pm
november.sessions was one of several top administration officials who were let go or resigned in 2018 - including nikki haley, rex tillerson, and scott pruitt...and trump's signature campaign issue - immigration and the funding for a border wall - became átheeá theme of the 2018 midterms.the president calling a migrant caravan from central america one of the biggest threats to the u.s.republicans managed to hold on to the senate, but as for the house... rep. nancy pelosi/-d- minority leader: "thanks to you tomorrow will be a new day in america."democrats rode a blue wave to the majority... setting up what should be a contentious atmosphere in washington in 2019, and beyond. i'm kristen holmes reporting. --despite --despite what happened
10:48 pm
on christmas, here's a positive going into tonight. the warriors set a franchise record with their 311th- straight sellout. and the oracle crowd witnessed a wild game. ---warriors-blazers in oakland.... champs coming off a 26-blowout to the lakers. ---pick it up in the 4th, portland leading and...a curry is stepping up. only this time it's seth, ánot steph... he had 3- three's in the quarter, including one right in his brothers face blazers up 9. ---warriors managed to climb all the way back.. got within 3.... kevin durant...deadly... nails the dagger to tie it up and send the game to ot. he finished with a triple double. --in the extra period, draymond green...finding his shot...knocks down a wide open trey. warriors up 109-107. --ensuing possession, champs turn it over.. damian lillard...delivering in his hometown...fall away triple. blazers take a one point lead. --warriors get the ball last.. kd...trying again...but he can't convert. 110-109 portland your final...warriors
10:49 pm
have lost 2 in a row. they'll run it back saturday in oregon. now to the shark tank-- brent burns...suiting up in his 1000th-career game. he's only the 23rd active player to reach that milestone. -more on him in a bit, pick it up in the 2nd period game knotted at 1... action at the net, joe pavelski is blocked... then marcus sorensen muscles it in. 2-1 sharkies --in the 3rd, game knotted at 2... burns...comes through on his big night... loads up on the slap shot to take the lead. san jose would tack on an empty netter. 4-2 sharkies your final. to the nfl-- the year coming to an end with a pair of division matchups for both the raiders and 49ers. --niners going to l-a facing the rams... in their first meeting, l-a was red hot and took it to the niners... put together a 39-10 blowout... four 49er turnovers... cj beathard started that game and aaron donald sacked him 4 times. --so naturally, nick mullens knows what jumps out about that defense. aaron donald has had one heck of a year. he's a great player. suh up front has been a nasty player, is very aggressive. so, we're aware of their pass rush.
10:50 pm
then, their secondary, mixing in and out of coverages and things like that. they're a good defense and we're excited about the opportunity on sunday." and the raiders ending their 2018 campaign in kansas city... the silver and black finishing the year with some positive momentum, given that the first part of the season was so tumultuous... they've won 2 of their last 3.. and in their first meeting with kc, they kept up with that chiefs high-powered attack. this sunday, the raiders have a shot to get in the way of their bid for the top seed in the playoffs.
10:51 pm
(weather) coming up i'll have the seven day forecast. ♪ toyland, toyland ♪ little girl and boy land ♪ while you dwell within it ♪ you are ever happy there daddy, it's christmas!
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♪ childhoods, joyland never let go of your dreams. the mercedes-benz winter event is back. lease the glc 300 for $459 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and now, the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only $1299. plus, 24-month financing on all beds. ends new year's day. (ken) a new jersey church got the perfect gift... decades later. a baby jesus statue was stolen from the nativity at a church in hoboken in the 19-30's. and now it's back home.. where it was able back in its manger for the first time in almost 90-years. churchgoers say
10:54 pm
there are no hard feelings... they're just glad it was returned. the statue was returned anonymously.. and the people behind the theft even sent letters saying they never meant any harm. (grant) a heartwarming father- daughter holiday moment went viral after being posted on facebook this week. hal vaughan wanted to spend christmas with his daughter, who is a delta flight attendant. she had to work through the holiday, so vaughan booked himself on all six flights she was working. a fellow passenger on one of those flights shared vaughan's story on facebook, calling him a "fantastic father." (ken) an american
10:55 pm
endurance athlete announced he is the first person to cross the continent of antartica... coast to coast.. solo. colin o'brady posted photos on instagram with the caption "finish line! did it!" o'brady said he began his trek at the ronne ice shelf, traveled to the south pole, then crossed to the ross ice shelf. he said it took him 54 days to traverse the continent. o'brady revealed he covered the final 80 miles in one continuous push that lasted more than 32 hours.
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previously, on the good wife: this is dek's in-house investigator, blake, from, uh, dc. blake: you a friend of leela's? i'm a who? um, sorry. kalinda's. whatever games you're playing, you play with her. i'm too busy, okay? you know there was something weird about that case, that something got buried. pitted. evidence. or testimony. alicia: mr. childs, you were under intense pressure to convict someone for the northbrook killings, weren't you? it's my job to prosecute criminals, so there's always pressure. alicia: mr. childs, you were under intense pressure to convict someone for the northbrook killings, weren't you? glenn: it's my job to prosecute criminals. there's always pressure. alicia: did you give an interview on june 11th, promising "swift accountability and justice" for the sniper? glenn: i don't recall.


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