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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 28, 2018 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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((2shot))((2shot))((ken)) breaking news just into the kron 4 newsroom.. the 2-year-old boy who was on life support in oakland has died. i'm ken wayne.((grant))and i'm grant for pam moore. we first told you about abdullah hassan when because his mother..who is from yemen was banned from coming to the united states to see her dying son...because of the white house's travel ban.but last week the state department granted her a waiver...allowi ng shaima swileh... to visit her son at children's hospital in oakland.and tonight...we have learned young abdulla, who suffered from a genetic brain
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condition, died tonight.his funeral will take place tomorrow at the california islamic center in lodi. ((ken/fsc))an attorney for abdullah hassan's family released this statement a short time ago."ali and shaima are in our thoughts and prayers as they mourn the loss of dear abdullah. with their courage, this family has inspired our nation to confront the realities of donald trump's muslim ban. ((fsc 2))in his short life, abdullah has been a guiding light for all of us in the fight against xenophobia and family separation." ((2shot))((grant))more breaking newsa powerful earthquake rocks the philippines, and now there is the threat of a tsunami.((ken)) that 7-point-0 magnitude quake struck around 11-40 am in the philippines.we just got word that there is no longer a tsunami threat.the quake was located about 120 miles southeast of davao..a large city with about 1-point-6 million people living there. officials in the philippines
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had advised the public to stay away from the case a tsunami washed ashore.word from the pacific tsunami warning center that there is no longer the threat of a tsunami from this earthquake. so far no reports on any injuries or damage.
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hold back the tears, as corp ron singh brother reflected on his loss. now captured, for the killing..32-year-old gustavo perez arriaga. he surrendered and is seen here with swat officers as he came out of a home near bakersfield. which stunned neighbors. "i got woken up this morning to the sounds of 'this is the police, come out with your hands up.'" also arrested 5 other people, including the suspects brother and co-worker, for helping arriaga escape and misleading investigators. the stanislaus county sheriff said the suspect is a known gang member and will now be charged with murder.sheriff adam christianson: "he is a criminal. he has two prior arrests for dui. remember that's the reason that officer singh stopped him because we had probable cause to believe that he was under the influence of alcohol. past behavior is typically a predictor of future behavior. and an officer loses his life over a dui stop." corp singh was 33-years old. he leaves behind a wife and 5 month old boy. he came to america from fiji to become a police officer. his suspected killer, the sheriff says crossed into the country illegally after crossing the border in arizona. the sheriff says he was trying to
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go to mexico before his arrest.. which happened after multiple law enforcement agencies followed up on tips and used surviellence.reggie singh brother i'd like to thank you for the bottom of my heart to break this happen." (ken) this happen."my heart to break for the bottom of my heart to break this happen." (ken) following the death of officer singh the california law that protects undocumented immigrants from the threat of deportation is coming under attack yet again. (grant) the stanislaus county sheriff believes the officer would still be alive if it weren't for senate bill
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54 limiting law enforcement. kron 4's enforcement. kron 4's ella sogomonian explains the criticism and defense. corporal ronil singh would still be alive today according to stanislaus county sheriff adam christianson who revealed in a press conference friday that he believes senate bill 54 also known as the california values act protected the undocumented immigrant accused of his tying the hands of police.sot: sheriff adam christianson, stanislaus county sheriff's office//" law enforcement was prohibited because of sanctuary laws and tha led to the encounter with officer singh im suggesting that the outcome could have been different if law enforcement wasnt restricted prohibited or had their hands tied because of polit8ical interfernce." he claimed the accused 33-year-old gustavo perez arriaga is an illegal immmigrant with prior criminal activity that should have been reported to immigration and customs enforcement.california senator jerry hill instead defends the bill only guarantees a day in court and the federal government is still able to punish as it sees fit.sot: sen. jerry hill, (d) california// "were trying to protect everyone's rights because eeryone who is a
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resident of california regardless of their status has a right to due process and thats what california has been doing is protecting their due process."sb 54 was authored by former senator kevin de leon and backed by a long list of politicians, immigrant rights groups and attorneys. la raza roundtable de california in san jose was one of them. sot:victor garza, la raza roundtable de california//"im not sure if its this immigrant or not because he has not had his day in court but someone did murder him and if it happens to be this poerson who is undocumented he doesn not understand the damage he has caused."sb 54 states its purpose is to keep a healthy relationship between the immigrant community and local law enforcement that if broken would undermine public safety. (ken) new laws.. this one is for drivers with 'clean air vehicle stickers.' it was a perk for people who bought electric and hybrid vehicles, those stickers allowing them to drive in the fast line, even if there's nobody else in the car.nobody else in if there's fast line, even to drive in the allowing them stickers vehicles, those hybrid electric and bought for people who it was a perk stickers.'vehicle with 'clean air is for drivers laws.. this one new (ken)
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public safety.undermine would that if broken enforcement that if broken would undermine public safety. (ken)(ken) new laws.. this one is for drivers with 'clean air vehicle stickers.' it was a perk for people who bought electric and hybrid vehicles, those stickers allowing them to drive in the fast line, even if there's nobody else in the car.(grant) but changes are coming in 20-19.... and it's all about which color you have. kron 4's gayle g live in oakland tonight with details...gayle. the new law will be in effect on january 1st.but certain drivers are qualified to extend their fast lane benefits. these green and white stickers were an attractive perk for anyone buying an electric
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hybrid vehicle,the special dmv stickers allows drivers to use the fast lane - alone..they were given by the state for those who purchased low or no emissions officials say all those cars are starting to clog up the commuter lanes and their time is up on january 1st.but there are some loopholes for those who qualify..vehicles that were issued a green or white decal between january 1st 2017 and march 1st of this year are eligible to apply for a 'red' decal that grants access to h-o-v lanes for three more years...the d-m-v said they notified these eligible customers by mail..and will issue light purple decals in the new year that will let drivers use the h-o-v lanes until 20-23with days away from the new year,we saw greenand white stickers cruising down the streets..but this vehicle is following the rules - red. the penalty if you don't switch to a red sticker..and caught using the carpool a fine close to 500 dollars. the decal fee is 22 dollars,
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you have to fill out an application with the dmv and depending on income,drivers can see if they are eligible for an extension..otherwise, you're back in the other lanes of the freeway on new years in oakland, gayle ong kron 4 news. (ken) kron 4 news. (ken) we are just three days away from ringing in the new year.. and the city of san francisco is gearing up for all the new year's eve celebrations. (grant) safety is a top priority as people across the bay area plan to ring in the new year in a traditional spot along the embarcadero. (ken) kron 4's dan thorn is live in san francisco tonight with more on how emergency officials are getting ready. dan?
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fireworks and parties will take over the city of san francisco on new year's eve.. emergency officials say they're working hard to keep everyone safe...sot: we're all working together to make sure this is a fun and safe event for everyone..sf d-e-m spokesman victor lim says this year there's an easy way for revelers to stay can text n-y-e sf to triple 8 triple 7 to get emergency updates throughout the night... sot: we'll be sending out updates on transit or any police, medical, fire issues... the department of emergency management is also beefing up their response..sot: we're gonna expand our activation with our emergency operations center so will have folks from the police department from other city agencies to have
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representatives here..the additional police, firefighters first responders will help with the effort and help coordinate resources monday night's chilly are also being kept in cold a lot not know it. it looks like dress in layers.. emergency officials say months of into a night like new year's they'll be providing more information about safety procedures on monday. reporting in san francisco dan thorn kron4 news. (ken) bart service is extended until 3 am new years day to until 3 am new is extended bart service (ken) kron4 news.dan thorn kron4 news. (ken) bart service is extended until 3 am new years day to give you a little extra time to get home. the special schedule starts at 8 pm with extra "event" trains following the new year's eve fireworks show. certain trains in and out of san francisco will skip some stops at the three busiest new year's eve stations to minimize platform crowding. here's a tip: make sure your clipper cards have enough value for a night out or buy
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round-trip tickets in advance... because first-time or infrequent riders often form long lines at the ticket vending machines. bart will resume service at 8 am on january 1st, operating on a holiday/sunday schedule. (grant) the california highway patrol activated its new year's holiday "maximum enforcement period" tonight. the stepped up patrols will run through tuesday night. kron 4's gabe slate spoke with c=h=p who is concerned about the upcoming new years holiday with people drinking and then hitting the road. nat sound drink poor at a bar the california highway patrol says during their maximum enforcement period around the christmas holiday earlier this week they made 1,100 arrests statewide for drinking and driving, or drug related offences.chp says 47 people died in the that 4 day period from traffic collisions some from dui's, some from speeding or distracted driving incidents. sound from custodio lopez - "47 is to many people to die" chp officer custodio lopez says after the high number dui
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arrests and fatalities over christmas they are stepping up patrols with a new maximum enforcement period running now through new years day hoping to catch drunk drivers before they crash and kill.sound from custodio lopez - "with all the parties people get drunk and party too much and hit the road and it's not safe"officer custodio wants to remind people that drinking and driving is a choice and it helps to be proactive to avoid making the wrong onesound from custodio lopez - "have your designated driver ready, have your uber and lyft numbers ready, it's not worth the dui charge that cost up to $18,000"in san bruno gabe slate kron 4 news. news. slate kron 4 news. news. slate kron 4 news.
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dry conditions dry conditions dry conditions with seasonable
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highs and chilly will prevail weekend, and week in the bay lows will dip into colder, wind- locations will overnight low or below the daytime highs will cool into the mid to upper 50s. chilly overnight lows will continue through the weekend. (ken) (ken) in national news... the trump administration continues to deal with fallout after two migrant children from guatemala died in government custody.(grant) washington correspondent alexandra limon reports... as the department of homeland security tries to do damage control... president trump amps up the fight with democrats on twitter over his proposed border wall. dhs secretary kirstjen nielsen planned to spend the weekend at the u.s./mexican border...starting in el paso, texas. back in washington president trump canceled his florida vacation because of the government shut-down...and continued to demand that congress provide taxpayer money to build the border wall. the president tweeted yet another threat to close the southern border entirely-- experts say that would cost the u.s. up to a billion dollars a day.mick mulvaney - white house budget director ...says the president is serious this time...mick mulvaney / white house budget directorall options are on the table - listen, it's the only way we can get the democrats attention.alexandra limon / washington correspondentthe border wall standoff caused parts of the government to shut down one week ago, and there's no solution in sight. lawmakers have left town.the
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administration blames soon to be house speaker-- nancy pelosi.sarah sanders / white house press secretaryshe's unwilling to actually do anything until she gets her speakership. she's more willing to protect that than to protect our borders than to protect american lives. president trump also tweeted a threat to cut off aid to honduras, guatemala, and el salvador--for not stopping migrants from leaving...joanne lin / amnesty international three of the most violent and deadly countries in the world, with some of the highest rates of murder, femicide and domestic violence.joann lin with amnesty international says cutting off aid would likely make conditions worse for people and could compel more migrants to come to the u.s. in washington alexandra limon. (grant) week two of the ongoing government shutdown government the ongoing week two of (grant) limon.alexandra in washington alexandra limon. limon.
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(grant) week two of the ongoing government shutdown begins on saturday. uncertainty is looming for thousands of federal workers. (ken) as ryan nobles reports, government agencies are starting to offer them advice on how to deal with financial problems. with president trump unable to secure funding for his border wall.president trump on christmas/no name font needed: "i can tell you it's not going to be open until we have a wall, a fence, whatever they would like to call it. and if you don't have that, then we're just not opening."the government shutdown will likely continue into the new year, affecting an estimated 25 percent of the federal workforce.380,000 employees are furloughed -- and another 420,000 are still working without pay, including the tsa. the smithsonian museums and national zoo will be closing
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its doors beginning january 2nd with even the panda livestream cameras going dark. president trump on christmas/no name font needed: "these federal workers want the wall."the president said on christmas that federal workers support the shutdown. but the shutdown is causing families we spoke to -- many who live paycheck-to-paycheck - to worry about when they may see their next one.and they're fed up.loreen targos, federal employee:"i have two mortgages to pay, and so i haven't even looked at how my checking account is going to balance out. i don't even have children, for people who have kids in school, extracurricular activities, putting food on the plate for their kids, those are all things that make it even more disgusting what's happening with the federal government right now."loreen targos is a local steward in a public sector union and a physical scientist with the epa, which shut down at midnight tonight. she, like other epa employees, received this email referring employees to the office of personnel management for additional guidance.the o-p-m thursday tweeting suggestions for workers to send to creditors, landlords, and banks if they can't make payment on time, like trading painting and carpentry work for rent payments.loreen targos, federal employee: "that's absolutely unrealistic. federal workers are going to be penalized for not paying their bills on time when we just want to go back to work and do the jobs we were hired to do."thursday the president tweeting -- without evidence -- that most federal employees are democrats,but workers say their politics shouldn't even matter.loreen targos, federal employee:"we are civil servants, we are hired to do our work at the epa, workers are hired to protect human health and the environment. and if he wants to imagine that we are
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democrats instead of us being human beings and civil servants, that's his problem, and i hope congress steps up and is able to do be the adults in the room." (grant) (grant) still ahead... a community remembers a 21- year-old who was killed overseas by her roomate. (ken) and after the break... thousands of books and d-v-d's found in a man's apartment... but he was not an avid collector. he was stealing them.
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(grant) very odd theft. sacramento county library staff say they initially noticed a man stealing books on surveillance. (ken) but eventually realized the same man may have been responsible for tens of thousands of dollars in missing inventory. charmaine nero has the story. pictures show piles of books and dvds inside a fair oaks home.. (rivkah sass, library director)there were items packed floor to ceiling in many rooms.items- sacramento library director - rivkah sass - says were stolen from this
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fair oaks library.we noticed some items kept showing up missing.sass says over the past year -- staff at the library had noticed some of their inventory was disappearing they began noticing patterns of usage and that many items were missing on a certain day of the week. when staff members spotted a man appearing to steal books back on december 18th - they called sacramento county deputies. investigators went to the home of 46-year old shahin sadighian with a search warrant. where they discovered close to three-thousand stolen library books and up to four- thousand dvds - totaling more than 100-thousand dollars in stolen items. (hampton, sac sheriff)it has some very odd characteristics, they werent motivated for the most part, and most of them still had their identifying markings. sass says nearly half of the recovered items - were taken within the last year. (sass) its a real cost because those items cost money that we use to purchase items that people - shes grateful deputies along with her staff helped to locate the stolen inventory - its not like the old seinfeld show where the old library police come, this is a big deal. (ken)
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big deal. (ken) that was charmaine nero reporting. sandighian has been released on bail but still faces grand theft and felony shoplifting charges. (grant) coming up.. a skateboarder is recovering after she was hit by a car and ended up going through that car's windsheld. we hear from neighbors who are shocked by the accident. (ken) and flu activity is on the rise across the country... but its not too late to protect yourself. (grant) and 20-18 is nearing its end... and these last few days are going to be dicey. severe weather across much of the country and it's expected to continue through the weekend. (lawrence)ten at ten ♪ toyland, toyland
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♪ little girl and boy land
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♪ while you dwell within it ♪ you are ever happy there daddy, it's christmas! ♪ childhoods, joyland never let go of your dreams. the mercedes-benz winter event is back. lease the glc 300 for $459 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. (ken) a woman is in the hospital tonight with serious injuries after a car hit her and sent her flying ááthrougá the car's windshield.(ken) and the man police believe is responsible for the crash-- kept driving even with the victim inside his car. it happened in sacramento county... reporter jessica mensch explains how this all unfolded. flares and police lights illuminate this citrus heights roadwhere a suspected drunk driver hit and badly injured a 27 year old woman on her
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skateboard.(lieutenant david gutierrez, citrus heights police department)"there's a long painful, agonizing recovery time and something she shouldn't have to be dealing with right now."the suspect, angel huerta, is accused of striking the woman with a sedan thursday eveningsending her flying through the windshield and into the passengers seat.but rather than stopping and helping the victimhe kept driving.(lieutenant david gutierrez, citrus heights police department)"it's pathetic and horrific. i think it's just callous and uncaring. if you make a mistake and a collision occurs, what you should do is immediately stop and render medical aid."but huerta continued drivingwith the victim in the carroughly three miles to mariposa avenue. that's when he abandoned the car, leaving the victim injured in the passenger seat. (lieutenant david gutierrez, citrus heights police department)"we received an call from a female, which we later determined she let police know she'd been hit they were able to come take her to the hospitaland found the suspect nearby.they took huerta into custodycharging him with felony dui, felony hit-and-run, kidnapping and violation of his parole. neighbors are thankful he's in custodybut still shaken that is happened so close by."i'm just devastated that lady was hit by a drunk driver."an incident, that hits home for neighbor michele mcallister "the worst part is i was hit on my bicycle july of 2017 right on the same corner."she recoveredbut says after hearing of this latest incident, she won't go near auburn boulevard without being inside a car. (grant) inside a car.without being inside a car.
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(grant) (grant) that was jessica mensch reporting... huerta was already on parole for robbery and felony d-u-i. he's in jail tonight. (ken) a young california woman-- killed in the netherlands-- is being remembered in her hometown in shasta county. this was the last song sarah papenheim played with
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the foothill high school band near redding before she graduated. more than 250 people came out to the high school in palo cedro for a service to remember papenheim thursday night. the 21-year-old was stabbed to death in the netherlands two weeks ago. she was attending school at erasmus university in rotterdam. (ken) instantly were.">(ken) the suspect in papenheim's killing is her 23-year-old male roommate. a source close to the investigation said joel schelling is believed to be a dutch national... who befriended papenheim through their love of music. (grant) people with travel plans for the new year's holiday that take them across the country will be dealing with a mess.(ken)the winter storm that has been crawling
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across the country isn't easing up just yet. john lorence has the details. white-out conditions in the midwest.more than 100-miles of interstate-80 in nebraska closed for hours because of the snow, wind and ice. wisconsin roads are also getting severe snow.john newman/commuter"it was a little sloppy getting in your car. you need an extra five minutes, at least, if not 10." intense storms in parts of texas.....including one responsible for toppling over a billboard in the houston area.romana davies/pawn shop owner"my bedroom windows were facing the storm. it almost looked like it would come through my window."these rough conditions are likely going to cause nightmares for people traveling over the new year's holiday.mos/no font given "sometimes it's other people that just don't slow down, but if you take your time and take it easy you will get where you're going."blizzard warnings are in effect for roughly one-million people in, minnesota, nebraska and the dakotas.flood watches and flash flood watches are in effect for more than twenty million people in a dozen states including alabama, the carolinas and georgia. atlanta.....the city with the world's busiest airport......could see half-a- foot of rain by that will likely result in nation-wide flight delays.i'm john lorinc reporting.
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(grant) now let's turn to mabrisa standing by in the weather center with a look at the weekend outlook. dry conditions with seasonable highs and chilly overnight lows will prevail through the weekend, and well into next week in the bay area. overnight lows will dip into the 30s and 40s. colder, wind- sheltered valley locations will likely see temperatures at or below the freezing at times. daytime highs will cool into the mid to upper 50s. chilly overnight lows will continue through the weekend. (grant) for youth health toght.. flu cases are on the rise... that's according to the latest report from the latest
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according to that's rise... are on the flu cases tonight.. health for youth (grant) weekend. through the lows will continue chilly overnight mid to upper 50s. chilly overnight lows will continue through the weekend.
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(grant) for youth health tonight.. flu cases are on the rise... that's according to the latest report from the c-d-c. they say the number of states with high flu activity is up from the previous week surveyed. karin caifa looks at the flu map, and what you need to know, to start the new year healthy. just in time for a busy holiday travel weekend --and massive new year's eve celebrations, where millions will ring in 20-19 in tight quarters --the flu, is on the rise.the c-d-c friday reported a jump in the number of states with high flu activity, over the previous week surveyed. colorado and georgia -- now joined by alabama, kentucky, louisiana, maryland, new jersey, new mexico and south carolina. nine states with elevated flu numbers.also with high flu activity -- new york city, where holiday tourism is in full swing, and two million people are expected to pack times square on new year's eve. the c-d-c also reported four more flu-related deaths in children, bringing the total to 11 for the current season. the best flu prevention -- the c-d-c says, is a flu vaccine, for those six months and older. and as long as the flu is still circulating in your area -- it's not too late to get one. it won't stop all flu, but it'll lessen the severity of symptoms.and if you're one of those people packed into crowded spaces this holiday weekend, wash your hands and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth, the c-d-c says, to help prevent
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picking up the washington, i'm karin caifa. (grant) a man in new york was photographed wearing a sign on his back asking for help for his sick wife. the sign read quote "in need of a kidney for my wife, b- positive." i'm karin washington, up the washington, i'm karin caifa. i'm karin washington, i'm karin caifa. (grant) a man in new york was photographed wearing a sign on his back asking for help for his sick wife. the sign read quote "in need of a kidney for my wife, b- positive." a phone number was also provided. the posting went viral on twitter. celebrities including zach braff and evan rachel wood shared it. the man's wife was diagnosed with kidney disease two years ago. since the posting, they've gotten numerous calls from strangers offering her a
10:39 pm
kidney. (ken) it's the season of giving and an oklahoma woman just received the gift of a lifetime.(grant) that gift came from someone she hardly knew... and it likely saved her life. jacklyn chappell has their story. after over 2 years on dialysis, jeanie franklin was close to giving up on finding a kidney donor...(jeanie franklin/kidney recipient) 'i had went through all my options.'that is until lorie peaker stepped in. peaker was a coworker of franklinús and they hadnút known each other more than a few months before she decided to step in and see if she was a match... and she was.(jeanie franklin/kidney recipient) 'i asked lorie, 'why would you do this?' and she said, 'i couldn't save my dad but i can save you.'peaker says her own fatherús kidneys stopped working before he died in 2012. so, she understood what franklin and her family were going through.(lorie peaker/kidney donor) 'one of the things i did ask her about was, 'how did you lose your kidneys?' and she was very honest with me how she lost her kidneys. and we just started talking and telling me about her family and how she had grandkids.'before donating, peaker moved to denver but still followed through with her promise, traveling back and forth to oklahoma for various doctorús appointments and for the surgery.(lorie peaker/kidney
10:40 pm
donor) 'never thought twice about it. i think iúve said before, 'if i was a match why would i not want to do it?' according to lifeshare oklahoma, more than 700 people in the state are currently waiting for life saving organ transplants... making franklinús story a lucky one. (jeanie franklin/kidney recipient) 'iúm ready to get back to work and go some places. because i have missed out on the last two and a half years of going anywhere. lorie has given me my life back.' (ken) that was (ken) me my life back.'lorie has given going anywhere. half years of last two and a missed out on the because i have some places. because i have some places. to work and go ready to get back recipient) 'iúm ready to get back to work and go some places. because i have missed out on the last two and a half years of going anywhere. lorie has given me my life back.' me my life back.'lorie has given me my life back.' (ken) that was jacklyn chappell reporting. the pair say they are closer than friends now.. more like family. and they're hoping to meet up again around the anniversary of franklin's
10:41 pm
transplant. (grant) still ahead... how filmmakers and other legendary singers plan on honoring the late queen of soul-- aretha franklin... (ken) plus we hear from a high school student athlete who spends all of his free time volunteering in his commuity. (sports) just ahead in sports, some movement on the warriors a member of the past two championship teams is taking his talents elsewhere. details around the corner. (grant) be sure to tune into kron 4 as we ring in the new year. justine waldman and i will count us down to 2019... capped off with a huge fireworks show over the bay bridge. it is the only live fireworks show in the bay area. new years live kicks off at 11:30 p-m monday only on kron 4...
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(grant) a handful of new movies are out this weekend ... hoping to challenge aquaman at the box office. rick damigella breaks it all down. "the vice presidency is a mostly symbolic job.""uh huh." christian bale plays dick cheney opposite sam rockwell as george w. bush in "vice." the latest movie from adam mckay opened christmas day, with industry watcher box office report predicting it to bring in just under ten million dollars this weekend. "what have you done with sherlock?""why watson, i never left.""holmes & watson" also opened christmas day. the parody of arthur conan doyle's detective duo starring will ferrell and john c. reilly is projected to have a 12-point- five million dollar weekend. "because i went ahead and did a picture with someone else 16 years ago?"john c. reilly did do another picture opening this week. "stan and ollie" follows the legendary comedy duo as they tour post-war england. the movie opens in limited release on friday. joining it on the specialty theater circuit is felicity jones as ruth bader ginsberg in "on the basis of sex," and nicole kidman in the crime drama, "destroyer." in hollywood, i'm rick damigella. (grant) tyler perry will
10:45 pm
host a tribute to the queen of soul next month. the filmmaker is set to host a concert tribute to aretha franklin on january 13th. the legendary singer died in august at the age of 76. "aretha! a grammy celebration for the queen of soul" will be taped at the of soul" will be taped at the shrine auditorium in los angeles. the special will then air on a later date.... a wide- range of performers will honor franklin during the show including janelle monae... kelly clarkson... john legend and brandi carlile.and brandi carlile. even legends in
10:46 pm
their own right will take the stage that night including patti labelle... celine dion and shirley caesar. (ken) an arkansas teen is having a big effect on families with sick children... for the past year he's volunteered every week to bring smiles at the ronald mcdonald house. mallory brooks shows us how this teenager is making a difference. it's been a big year for robert springer jr. - he plays basketball and football for little rock christian academy - and this year - they brought home their first state championship - for a school he's thankful for - for many reasons robert springer jr., ronald mcdonald house volunteer "i love the school - being at a school where i can honor christ and serve others is something i loved to do everyday "though football and school has taken upost of his time - giving back is most important to this high school senior - that's why every week for the past year he's volunteered at ronald mcdonald house to bake cookies and play bingo robert springer jr., ronald mcdonald house volunteer "we usually have a big group of families - they come in and have their game faces on "he comes on sunday afternoons and wednesday nights robert springer jr., ronald mcdonald house volunteer "i usually come after football practice "he bakes cookies and then sets up the game and prizes - and loves seeing the joy it brings to kids and families during a
10:47 pm
difficult time robert springer jr., ronald mcdonald house volunteer "when they win - they are excited to say bingo - some kids walk out with 5 - 6 toys "he started volunteering at ronald mcdonald house for a service project a year ago - and after just one visit - he was hooked robert springer jr., ronald mcdonald house volunteer "it just warms my heart "robert heads to college next fall - and he plans to purse a career of service robert springer jr., ronald mcdonald house volunteer "i want to be a biology major - i want to be pediatrician one day - i love serving kids and i just feel god has blessed me with that - that's what i want to do when i grow up "in the meantime, you'll find him here robert springer jr., ronald mcdonald house volunteer "i wanna do it as long as i can "with many kids who can't wait for his weekly visit robert springer jr., ronald mcdonald house volunteer "at this place, i see it as a family " a high school student making a difference through baking and bingo - and giving sick children and families something to look forward to. to.look forward forward to.
10:48 pm
turning now to sports with turning now turning now to sports with mark carpenter. lately it lately it seems there's a different warriors concern, especially with what we've been seeing on the court. but this headline centers on a player who hasn't even suited up this season. patrick longer on the golden state roster. he hasn't been around the warriors at all this year, but he was still technically on the team. the 3rd-year guard...opting to take his talents to cleveland...for an offer sheet worth 6-million dollars over 2 seasons. golden state had made an offer to him at the start of the year, but he rejected the deal and held out since the start of training camp.
10:49 pm
now to the nfl-- the raiders put together a nice sendoff for the fans of oakland this week, but there's a strong chance there won't be a pleasant ending to the year on sunday. the raiders going to arrowhead to visit patrick mahomes and the chiefs. in his first full year as a starter, mahomes...has built a resume that makes him an mvp candidate... he's on the verge of becoming just the 2nd qb ever to throw for 5,000-yards and 50- touchdowns... he already has 48-passing scores on the year... and has shown to be a player that orchestrates some wild plays. that's enough to get this endorsement from jon gruden. i don't know how mvp after you look at his body year starter. not to take anything or anybody else at a high level. this guy is making throws that people haven't seen before and closing in on 50 touchdown passes in your first year as a starter. it's quite amazing. he's taking care of the ball and he's won games for his team, so if i did have a vote i would probably stand here in front of these microphones and say, 'i vote for him.'"
10:50 pm
3 keys for the raiders sunday first off, don't let mahomes rack up the stats...he's a magician in that position. also, that kc offense is first in the league in yards... and points per game, minimize the big plays. finally, derek interceptions in the last 10 games...maintain the efficiency your mercedes benz keys to the game. the 49ers will be going to l-a...taking on a rams team led by the pride of novato--jared goff. expect the former cal star to be airing it out much more, rams playing for the second overall seed in the nfc. goff's production hasn't been consistent with earlier in the year, but he's still impressive... top 5 in yards per game.. and in his first game against the niners, completed 75-percent of his throws. it's well documented he grew up a 49ers fan...and admires what they've done this year in response to so many injuries and roster changes. "they're good. they're good on defense. they seem to play really well late in the year and i think that's a testament to not only their players, but what coach shanahan and coach saleh are able to do with them. i've
10:51 pm
been in a season like that. it's hard to keep them engaged. it's something that's hard to do. it seems like they can score as many points as they wants, whenever, with whoever is playing quarterback. i thought mullens has done a great job."has done a great thought mullens has done a great job." (weather) coming up i'll have the seven day forecast.
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(grant) just in time for the new year, a texas family is celebrating their new addition... but little one is not quite the word to describe baby ali. (ken) he set a new record for the hosptial... weighing in at almost 15 pounds. officially baby ali weighs 14-pounds 3-ounces. his parents... jennifer and eric say they were expecting a bigger than average baby after his sister weighed 9-pounds 10-ounces at birth. baby ali did spend a week in the nicu because his blood sugar was low... but his
10:55 pm
parents say they are counting their blessings. he is all healthy now... and has been home since his week in the nicu. (grant) filmmakers have picked out a title for the upcoming movie about mister rogers. it will be called "a beautiful day in the neighborhood." that was the theme song for the beloved show "mister rogers' neighborhood." sony pictures made the announcment... tom hanks will star as fred rogers in the film, which set to hit theaters in october of 2019. director marielle heller says the movie follows the story of a reporter who develops an emotional bond with rogers. fred rogers died in 2003... his show went off the air in 2001 after 31 seasons. dry conditions with seasonable highs and chilly overnight lows highs and chilly with seasonable dry conditions seasons.
10:56 pm
dry conditions with seasonable highs and chilly overnight lows will prevail through the weekend, and well into next week in the bay area. overnight lows will dip into the 30s and 40s. colder, wind- sheltered valley locations will likely see overnight low temperatures at or below the freezing at times. daytime highs will cool into the mid to upper 50s. chilly overnight lows will continue through the weekend.
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