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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  January 3, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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lawrence karnow: it was another cold start to the day and by the afternoon some high clouds began to fill our skies. a strong storm can now be seen off the coast on the satellite image. its still putting itself together but will bring some heavy rain and gusty winds to the bay late friday night and into saturday. a winter storm watch for heavy snow goes in affect this friday through sunday. tomorrow will see increasing clouds with breezy conditions late in the day. stormy weather is expected saturday morning. more showers are likely late sunday. unsettled and wet weather will continue into the middle of next week.
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(pam) lots to talk about in the sports world tonight... (ken) mark carpenter joins us in the studio. warriors rockets. a lot of new history between these teams in a short amount of time. when they met earlier this season, houston rolled by more than 20 points. but before that, the champs scored the victory that really counted. --a fond memory for golden state fans...back in may, game 7 of the western conference finals warriors rallied back from 3-2 to win the
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series on their way to a 2nd straight title. --but right now, the rockets are rolling... james harden making a case for back-to-back mvp's... 8-straight game with at least 35-points. steve kerr...on why the champs haven't ripped off any major winning streaks this year and if this is a way to build momentum. "i think part of the issue for us this year, in not really having one of these really good 10-game runs, other than the very beginning of the season, has been our inability to put together 48 minutes. i think we got a lot closer in the 2 games on the trip. that's got to continue." tipoff set for 7-30... full highlights later tonight. now to the other major event coming up-- college football national championship being decided monday night at levi's stadium... what's interesting is ticket prices have dropped... and you can find some on the secondary market for just over 130- dollars. in the meantime, transfomred for the big game... so much room for
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activities... the san jose convention center is being transformed into playoff fan central... a key site where there will be interactive games for the fans. you can throw and kick footballs, run a 40 yard dash, and win prize give-a-aways. the event is free for kids 12 and under. for everyone else it's $10 at the door....either way, it's an opportunity to be part of the festivities "most people aren't going to have a ticket to the game. this is a chance for anyone in the bay area, to come and experience the national championship game. the national championship trophy will be here, there will be athletes, players, legends. this is an opportunity for 90% of the bay area to come and experience the college football championship weekend experience. finally tonight, a number of football legends with strong ties to the bay step closer to the hall of fame. the pro football hall of fame announced its list of 15- finalists today. leading it off is 49ers general manager john lynch, but he'd be going in as a safety with the bucs and broncos also in the mix is former cal star and chiefs tight end tony
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gonzalez.... finall, former raiders head coach tom flores, who led the silver and black to two world championships. the final list of inductees will be announced in february before the super bowl. up next: the half - billion dollar investment in san francisco's moscone center... the city says, the improvments will help draw more visitors.
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(pam) a $550- million dollar expansion of san francisco's convention center... was unveiled today. mayor london breed, and other city leaders were on hand at the moscone center for a ribbon cutting. the building, first opened in 1981, now sports environmentally friendly touches such as solar paneling and a recovered water system. mayor breed says, the new terraces and above ground bridges that connect the north and south sides of the center... will better serve the needs of the tourism nancy pelosi is bk long road she pelosi.... jumping and
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cheering> (ken)and cheering> (ken) nancy pelosi became house nancy pelosi became house speaker for the second time in her career today. perhaps no-one more excited about the achievement... than her granddaughter... bella... jumping up and down as she reminded her grandmother to vote. (ken) after the new congress was sworn in at noon, pelosi was voted in as paul ryan's replacement. (pam) reporter dana bash
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recently joined congresswoman pelosi on a trip through her past ... looking back, long before the first time she ran for an open house seat ... in her husband's hometown of san francisco. dana bash/ cnn's chief political correspondent: "this is your hood."rep. nancy pelosi/ (d) house speaker: "yeah."to really know nancy pelosi, you go where it all started.little italy, in baltimore - where she was born to congressman tommy d'alesandro and anunciata d'alesandro.when she was 6, her father became baltimore's first catholic mayor.pelosi: "he leapfrogged over the irish. that was a big deal, but it took political organizing to do that."much has been made of her father's influence on pelosi.less known, is her mother's:dana: "your mom actually patented a device, the first device to apply steam to the face, (yes) basically an at home facial." pelosi: "that's right. she did."dana: "that's incredible." pelosi: "it was incredible, but she did everything."pelosi says her father, and the times, held her mother back in many ways.but anunciata d'alesandro was a quiet force - in politics.pelosi: "my mother was very much a part of the organizing. my father was
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the orator, the public servant, the-"dana: "and your mother got stuff done."pelosi: "well, my brother calls it her moccasin brigade. all of these women who would be part of getting the message out, being at events. there are two things about what i bring with me from my family in this regard. one is to know how to count. that's very important. count your votes to win the election. count your votes to win a vote on the floor. the other is listen to the constituents."the d'alesandro home was at the center of this italian community.a vivid childhood memory: helping new immigrants who knew where her father - the mayor - and his family lived, and would regularly knock on their door - asking for help.pelosi: "since i was a little girl, i knew how to tell somebody how to get a bed in city hospital, how to try to get housing in the projects, because that's right here next to us, because i heard my mother say it so many she wanted to go to law school. instead, like many in her generation, she got pelosi: "when i got married and i had a baby, and then another baby, five and six years. people are always saying, 'oh. she knew when she was a ntlied to run fo never thought of that ever, until i did."the pelosis moved
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back to husband paul's hometown - san francisco.she became more and more active in the democratic party.but it wasn't until her youngest daughter was a senior in high school that she ran for an open house seat.pelosi: "i went to her and said, 'you're gonna be a senior. mommy has a chance to run for congress. i don't even know if i'll win.'" dana: "she said, 'get a life.'" pelosi: "she said, 'get a life.' yeah. and i did."when she first ran for house leadership 18 years ago - her male democratic colleagues didn't get it.pelosi: "when people said, 'oh a lot of the women are supporting nancy to run,' and they said, 'well, why? do the women have a list of things they want us to do? why don't they just make a list and give us the list?' this is the democratic party in the year 2000."she attributes her boundless energy to italian's certainly not a balanced diet: dark chocolate and ice cream. vaccaro's has been her favorite since she was a little girl(nats) "not the chocolate chip, the chocolate. i like my chocolate unadulterated."dana: "how do you think that you wield your power as a woman differy:tlothe people tell me, after a meeting or something, they'd say, 'do you understand how different that meeting would have been if a man were conducting it?'"dana: "do they
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explain how?"nancy: "well, you listen. you build consensus." that's exactly what she did to get enough votes for speaker again... made compromises with democratic doubters looking for someone new. not her."none of us is indispensable, but some of us are just better at our jobs than others. and i have a following in the country. apart from anybody who has run for president."dana bash/ cnn chief political correspondent: "for most women frankly, myself included, it is hard to say those words, 'i am uniquely qualified. i deserve this. i earned this. i can do this better than anyone else,' but you can say that."nancy: "you know why i do it, dana? i do it, because i want women to see that you do not get pushed around. you don't run away from the fight." (pam) that (pam) the fight." run away from around. you
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don't get pushed that you do not women to see because i want women to see that you do not get pushed around. you don't run away from the fight." (pam) that was dana bash reporting. congresswoman pelosi is just the second person to hold the title of speaker twice, joining sam rayburn. (ken) in a historic global first, china's lunar rover has successfully landed on the far side of the moon. china's state media cctv announced on-air that the rover landed at 10:26 am beijing time in the moon's largest and oldest impact crater. matt rivers reports on the enormous achievement made by china's space program. chinese state media confirming a first in the history of space exploration announcing china's chang-e 4 mission
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successfully landed a lunar rover on the far side of the moon. and these are the first two close up images of the ground the rover sent back. this is the first time any country will explore the far side of the moon on the ground. china's six wheeled rover faces a long to-do listlike observing whether plants will grow in the low gravity and exploring whether water or other resources lie at the moon's poles. it will also be able to listen more clearly to the sounds of deep spacebecause here there is no electromagnetic interference from earth. the far side of the moon is the hemisphere that never faces the earth. it's been mapped extensively, but never visited, mainly because it's not possible to communicate directly to earth from there. china launched a relay satellite to solve that issue.matt rivers, cnn international correspondent: "it's a big step forward for china. because historically its space program has always lagged behind the us and russia but now it's become a huge point of national pride. displays like this one here at the national museum help inspire a sense of wonder and optimism amongst ordinary chinese people that when it comes to space, anything is now possible. kind of like the us was back in the 60's and
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70's."china has already launched two space stations and by 2022 hopes to launch another potentially capable of replacing the aging international space station. a probe to mars is set for launch in 2020. and in 2015, cnn got exclusive access to training facilities used by chinese astronauts, where we saw firsthand how china is planning to send more people into space. matt rivers, cnn international correspondent: "it's because of all that that some wonder whether it will be china, and not the united states, that will dominate space exploration in the near future."the us congress bars nasa from working with china due to national security concerns, and with the trump administration's plan to create amilitary space force, the stage is set for competition in both civilian and military arenas. trump has also directed nasa to return astronauts to the moonand they might not be alone. between china's chang-e's missions, and its manned flight programsmany experts predict beijijng is gearing up to send its own astronauts to plant a chinese flag on the moon as soon as possible. matt
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rivers, cnn, beijing. coming up. new numbers today on the snow levels in the sierra.. why the area is looking forward to a potential weekend storm.
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snow survey of the season ... done today, by the california
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department of water resources.. capitol bureau reporter ashley za-val-a has the results. ((pkg)) trt: 1:30despite these deep snow tracks and recent storms in the sierra... the department of water resources says the state-wide snow pack is below average at 67% of normal.((michael anderson- dwr climatologist)) "but there's still opportunity. we're only through the first of our three wettest months of the season: december, january, february are typically when we record half of our annual precipitation."thursday's snow survey at phillips station recorded 80% of the long-term average for this time of year with a snow depth of 25.5 inches and water content of 9 inches.((john king - dwr engineer))"nine inches of snow water content means we would be standing in nine inches of water right now if all the snow was to be melted." standup: "the department of water resources says today's survey results have a better outlook than this time last year.""while these results are below average, they are a
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stark contrast than where we were last year, where there was just patches of snow in this location."the dwr is monitoring snowpack at more than 260 locations across the state. one thing water managers are keeping an eye on - the potential impact of climate change."we have a number of programs in the department working with that, developing adaptation strategies and look to keep observations like this going to help us understand the changes." tag.of february. the beginning of february. tag. (ken) let's take a look outside right now... at our donner summit cam. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with the sierra forecast. karnow: it was another cold start to the day and by the afternoon some high
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clouds began to fill our skies. a strong storm can now be seen off the coast on the satellite image. its still putting itself together but will bring some heavy rain and gusty winds to the bay late friday night and into saturday. a winter storm watch for heavy snow goes in affect this friday through sunday. tomorrow will see increasing clouds with breezy conditions late in the day. stormy weather is expected saturday morning. more showers are likely late sunday. unsettled and wet weather will continue into the middle of next week.
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that wraps up kron4 news at that wraps up that wraps up kron4 news at 6. we'll see you tonight at 8.... on your bay area's local news station.
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house of horrors exclusive. 13 children were allegedly imprisoned by their parents. >> they found the children shackled to the beds. >> look at the note we found. help me, please. and then straw wars. brawl at mcdonald's over a alternativesper, metal, and macaroni. and trapped in the mud and sinking fast. >> the just released 911 call. >> and then death by swine flu. what the


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