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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  January 15, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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(ken) a wet and windy day across the bay area -- and if you thought today was intense... get ready to buckle up for what's to come tomorrow. another, much more powerful storm is set to barrel across much of california tomorrow.(ken0 thanks for joining us, i'm ken wayne. (pam) and i'm pam moore. a flash flood watch has been issued -- and the effects of this storm could include downed trees and power lines. (pam) we have team coverage tonight... kron 4's j-r stone is live in sunnyvale , with slick and dangerous road conditions. (ken) but first we start with meteorologist dave spahr.... dave how bad will it get? (dave)rain this afternoon will
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taper off this evening as a weather system exits overnight. on wednesday rain will redevelop in the north bay early then gradually spread over the bay area by wednesday afternoon. heavy rain and damaging winds will spread north to south as a potent cold front moves through the region. the wednesday evening commute will be severely impacted with urban and small stream flooding likely along with downed trees and branches. heavy rain will continue for the central coast through early thursday morning. numerous post frontal showers with possible thunderstorms with small hail on thursday.
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dry friday and saturday with a chance of light rain sunday followed by a drying trend next week. (pam) thanks dave... lets go outside now to kron4's j-r stone who continues our team coverage in the south bay. in the south week. trend next week.
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(pam) thanks dave... lets go outside now to kron4's j-r stone who continues our team coverage in the south bay. (ken) j-r what does the weather look like in sunnyvale? sot i don't like it but i know we need itwe need the rain is right but with the rain comes driving conditions like this.
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slick and haerthis is what it looked like leaving san francisco on tuesday afternoon.sot i don't like it i hate it...i have no choice. those thoughts are echoed by others. take erica acevedo for example. her car now looks like this. wet conditions on monday likely contributed to the accident she was in.sot woman was stopped getting onto highwayin san francisco umbrellas were out tuesday but notice the wind was not blowing them around. that's something that will likely change on wednesday. trees and power lines could also be affected. at vargas elementary school in sunnyvale the impact was felt tuesday when they lost power due to problems with an electrical pole.sot electricity was off and on... but through all the complaints. almost everyone we the importance of rain and is making the best of their wet days.sot i like staying home on days sot i like it but the kids are inside......wound up inside yes
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(pam) in the north bay... with a lot of rain, there is always a concern the san anselmo creek could flood its banks.. so marin county officials are moving ahead with a plan ... moving ahead officials are up inside yesinside......wound the kids are sot i like it but like this...sot i like it but the kids are inside......wound up inside yes
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(pam)(pam) in the north bay... with a lot of rain, there is always a concern the san anselmo creek could flood its banks.. so marin county officials are moving ahead with a plan ... meant to reduce the risk ... but as kron4's maureen kelly reports, the project involves tearing down a building which is home to four local businesses. pkghere's what it looked like back in 2005....when many businesses were inundated with floodwater when the creek jumped it's banks. but the plan to reduce the risk of that happening again.....involvef a building that's home to four businesses. that's because what's known as building bridge #2....straddles the creek..... the city and county says it's
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also is the reason behind the major floods ithbuild back in t. actually it's a bottleneck imagine you take an orifice like a circle and you restrict it the size of it then the waters going to back up and out because of that building the water backs up and out and jumps over onto bridge street and then comes down san antonio ave. and also to the park areacounty officials have purchased the building and are moving ahead with the plan they say will improve the area's natural habitat and that's the hope that we can bring the creek and the park more into downtown make more of a space for people to use the owner of the restaurant that's being forced to move says he knew it was coming but it hasn't been easythat's what happens when you don't have the choice we didn't make a decision, they made it for us. it's been a long two years it has been very challenging to run a business i like a day by day without really knowing what's gonna happen the building is scheduled to be torn down by the summer of 2020, by both the city and county say they are working with the business owners to try to relocate them and hopefully keep them in san anselmo maureen kelly kron4 news.
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(ken) the national weather service issued a flash flood watch throughout the bay area .. starting tomorrow. in the east bay -- public works crews are hard at work... clearing debris from storm drains. they're working to allieviate a major cause of flooding during storms here in the bay area. this public works services crew is clearing storm drains in concord, acting fast to prevent neighborhoods like this from flooding during the storm. (ken) concord public works are also supplying residents with flood prevention do-it-yourself tools at several sandbagging stations including at corporation yard on gasoline alley. (ken) this storm is already proving to be a residen are heeding the warnings, getting prepared. with the rain pounding downtown san
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francisco tuesday - public works crews are lining up and getting ready to roll. the national weather service warns of heavy rain and unpredictable conditions- espeically in areas that are known to have flooding. (pam) stay informed on bay area weather with the kron-4 mobile app. you'll find full forecasts ... interactive radar.. and get push alerts when breaking news happens in your neighborhood. it's all on the kron-4 mobile app .. (pam) 14 - homes are under voluntary evacuation orders in southern california ... after a mudslide damaged a home there this morning. it happened in the suburban los angeles neighborhood of encino. the force of the mud-flow was so strong, it pushed the home's guest house off its foundation;. .. and no reported. newsroom. the placer county sheriff's office is investigating shootings at multiple locations, in south placer county. officials say, two people were injured in a shooting
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say, the shooter then took aim at officers.. hitting a k-9. deputies then opened fire on the gunman. no word on his condition, or the two other victims. police are warning people to avoid the area of interstate - 80 westbound at highway- 65 while they investigate. we will continue to bring you updates.. as we get information into the newsroom. (ken) a vigil was held for the two teenagers who lost their lives in a crash over the weekend. the crash happened in antioch near lone tree way and indian hill drive. the coroner's office confirmed, 17- year leana rubin died in the crash. 13-... some teenagers stood in the rain by a memorial ... to mourn the victims. tonight was no different -- family members and friends braved the weather to honor the girls in a vigil.
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lightner's parents have been reaching out to my granddaughter. it's so beautiful, you know, they're suffering too and they're thinking of all of us who are suffering. jaiah, when i saw her, she would say, 'hey grandma, what's up?' because she was so much of a part of our family too.">(ken)too."> (ken) four others remain in the hospital, some with serious injuries. (ken) police released a sketch of a man who beat an 88-year-old woman near a san francisco park last week. they are still searching for the suspect.. he is described as a skinny, black man in his 30's, around 5-feet 6-inches tall. the assualt happened around 6:45 in the morning. on january 8th. police responded to a home on the 1000- block of visitacion avenue. the suspect was seen leaving the home, then
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walking eastbound down the street. the grandmother who was beaten is still in the hospital with life- threatening injuries. (pam) a teenager fell into a blowhole in big sur and hasn't been found.. now friends fear he did not survive.. 18-year-old braxton stuntz tumbled into the water between two rocks at garrapata state park last saturday. some of the frantic moments were caught on ideo as friends and a witness search for him. when rescuers arrived, his friends had lost sight of him. the coast guard continued to search until sundown on sunday. the local sheriff's office says, the search has now shifted from rescue to recovery mode. (pam) in palo alto -- police are searching for a group of men accused of robbing andassaulting another man along university avenue. the victim says, he was being followed monday night, while heading to the transit center. he says, he stopped check his email on his phone to let the group pass.... but instead, they blocked the sidewalk. one of the men grabbed his
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phone... and another started kicking him. anyone with information about this incident is asked to call palo alto police. (pam) now to a bizarre story we first reported to you last night... after being accused of stabbing a woman and a teen... and then setting his house on fire... vacaville police say, 37- year-old nathaniel holland was shot and killed by police when he stabbed a k-9. (ken) this happened in a creek bed near mason and depot streets. reporter doug johnson has more from the neighborhood where this all began. ken sisk lives across the street... and helped one of the kids in this house pull his little sister out of the buring down home.vacaville police say it was this man, 37-year-old nathaniel holland who started that fire with 6 kids inside the home at the time... after he stabbed a 43- year-old woman and a 16-year-old girl.mbers tell fox firefighters got the flames out... and treated the toddler sisk helped rescue for burns to her face and chest...
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police searched for "he left the house on foot. running from the area." eventually holland made his way to this 7-11... where clerks recognized him as the man police were searching for. sotthey called 9-1-1 but realized he had just bought a weapon.sotpolice say holland made his way to this creek bed... where officers eventually caught up with him sota fairfield police k-9 was released on holland... who then started stabbing the dog. a nearby officer also felt threaten and opened fire. holland was hit... and despite efforts by officers performing c-p-r, he didn't make it.the k9 was air lifted to uc davis' veterinary hospital and is expected to survive.
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(ken) police say holland is well known to them. he was arrested in 2016 for attacking family members with a baseball bat in december 2014. police say his children have since been placed in child protective services while their mother recovers in the hospital. (ken) another big story we're tracking gridlock in washington as the partial government shutdown enters its 25-th day.(pam) hundreds of thousands of people have already missed their paychecks and today, is the first day history, that the u-s coast guard has missed a paycheck. the national air traffic controllers association went to court... to get the government to pay the controllers during the shutdown. but, a federal
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judge said no ... adding .. congress is the only branch of government which can appropriate money. while attorneys for federal employees did not win today, they have another chance to argue their cases before the judge .. during oral arguments slated for the end of the month. (pam) meantime... kron 4's dan kerman met with an air traffic controller at s-f-o today .... who explained how the shutdown is affecting them now ... and what could happen down the road. day 25 of the government shutdown and federal worker frederick naujoks is heading to work anyway... he's an air traffic controller at sfo, one of more than 400-thousand essential federal employees that must work, paycheck or notsot frederick naujoks/sfo air traffic controller now yokeswe're frustrated and nervous theres a lot of anxiety up there not know when the next paycheck is coming, there's mortgage payments and school payments, i have a 5 year old daughter in school those who work in the tower at sfo have already missed one paycheck and will soon miss a second... sotthere is
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definitely other facilies where controllers are looking to pick up work with lyft or uber or soemthing to do on the side at sfo i know a few people are mulling finding another job for a permenant career move.losing controllers would be devasating. nau yokes says air traffic controller staffing is at 30 year low nationwide, and at sfo, controllers normally work a 6th day already because they are short 6 people... now they are working that 6th day for free, like the other 5 days of the week. still he says passengers have nothing to be concerned about.sotifeel safe flying no safety impact now but the ripple effects last a long time, if dont have bodies training now there wont be bodies to replace the people who will be retiring. standup dan kerman/sfo 126people retiring and leaving the job means more work for existing controllers. that can lead to fatigue and that can create a safety issue. at sfo, dan kerman kron 4 news. (ken) (ken) the i-r-s is taking steps
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to make sure americans get tax refunds... despite the government shutdown. today the i-r-s said it is recalling 36-thousand additional federal employees to process refunds. that will bring the total number of those working at the i-r-s to more than 46-thousand or about 57-percent of the workforce. and most of them won't be paid. only about 8-hundred federal employees in two specfic areas of the agency will get their paychecks... because their operations are funded by user fees. (pam) a big story tonight... a new report from the "new york times" says.... president trump privately said, he wants the u-s to leave nato. (ken) experts worry even talk of such a move gives a power boost to russian president vladimir putin. brian todd has the details. (nats)tonight, there's new concern that one of president
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trump's foreign policy goals is again playing into vladimir putin's hands.the "new york times" reports that several times last year, the president privately said he wanted to withdraw from nato.the 70-year- old military alliance, designed to protect europe from aggression by leaders like putin.(nats)the president has long objected to america's contribution to nato.telling wolf during the campaign that nato allies don't pay enough toward the shared costs of military defense.natsot/blitzer "do you think the united states needs to rethink u-s involvement in nato? natsot/trump"yes, because it's costing us too much money and, frankly, they have to put up more money."but experts say, america pulling out of nato completely would be an incredible gift to the russian president.james goldgeier/council on foreign relations"it's beyond putin's wildest dreams, if trump were to decide the united states should pull out of nato. putin has viewed nato as an enemy for a long time. he's wanted to undermine nato."the "times" reports that around the time of a contentious nato meeting last summer, president trump told his top aides he didn't see the point of the nato alliance.he complained at that summit about germany's energy deals with russia.natsot/trump "how can you be together when a country is getting its energy from the person you want protection against?"lling
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of nato, experts say, strengthens putin's hand.the former k-g-b colonel has always seen nato as a threat to his borders and to his military.andrea kendall- taylor/former dep. natl. intelligence officer for russia:"president putin sees nato as a superior military alliance. he's avoided confrontation with nato because he simply knows he would lose the fight."that's because one of the key components of nato is 'article five':an agreement that says, if any of the 29 member countries is attacked -- the other members, including the u- s, are duty-bound to step in and defend it.and while putin has not attacked a nato country, he has harassed nato forces by having his fighter jets buzz american ships and planes near europe.putin's submarines and ships routinely spy on american and european vessels.and he's built up his weapons arsenal near nato borders.tonight, experts warn: if trump pulls america out of nato- putin could become even more aggressive.andrea kendall- taylor/former dep. natl. intelligence officer for russia "i think we would see a putin who is much more emboldened to use military force, potentially occupying parts of the baltic countries. and he would certainly be emboldened to be much more provocative, and seek to disrupt the politics even into western europe. this really, from president putin's perspective i think would be a game-changer."the white house calls the times report, quote "meaningless."and points out that president trump has called america's commitment to nato, "very strong".but experts are concerned the spy-master in the kremlin could, in their next face-to- face meeting try to privately manipulate the president into cutting the nato cord.james goldgeier/council on foreign reulsimply encourage that, and say to trump: 'this is an institution that stands in the way of better us-russia relations. and if you really want better us- russia relations, it's better if we just move on.'"
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en analysts say just the thought of a u-s
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withdrawal from nato could prompt action from america's allies along russia's borders. one possible scenario is the baltic countries might start making their own security deals with putin out of fear -- which would make them more likely to bend to his will. (pam) in world news... british lawmakers have overwhelmingly 'rejected' prime minister theresa may's brexit deal ... in the biggest defeat for any u-k government in the modern era. may's plan lost in parliament by 432 votes against.. to 202 for the deal.. the european union now says, britain needs to clarify its position moving forward. so may is under pressure to come up with a plan "b" by next week. right now, the biggest pressure on her comes from the opposition party .. it is calling for a vote of no confidence in the government. that vote will come wednesday. britian is scheduled to leave the european union at the end of march .. and it is unlikley that the deal negotiated by prime minister may ... can be
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revised before then. (pam) still ahead... governor newsom joins san jose's mayor... to try to come up with ways tp create more affordable housing. we'll tell you about their ideas. (ken) plus.. some teachers in the east bay are preparing for a one day sick out. we hear from teachers who say they are frustrated. (pam) and after the break... the men's razor advertisement which sparking praise and backlash online.. how gillette is spurring conversation
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(ken) it's the commercial that tackles one of the biggest movements of our time - the 'me too' movement.(pam) tonight... people are applauding gillette for the advertisement ... but some are also criticizing it ... saying, it is an unfair portrayal of men. our grant lodes is here with both sides .. (grant) this is about boys and men... this is about boys and men... and moving away from a and moving away from a culture that has historically condoned, or at least turned a blind eye to bullying, sexual harassment and toxic masculinity. here's a portion of the ad. gillette ad: it's been going on far too long. you can't laught it off. making the same old excuses. but something finally changed and there will
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be no going back. because we, we believe in the best in men. to say the right thing, to act the right way, some already are. in ways big and small. but some is not enough, because the boys watching today will be the men of tomorrow.(grant) (grant) gillette... saying it
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believes in the best in men... and that we've seen change with the mee too movement... and we can not go backwards... becase the boys watching now... will be the men of tomorrow. (grant) many are praising the clip for promoting respect and gender equality. but, others are threatening to boycott the company... the idea there being that gillette is using a broad brush... painting all men as predators and bullies. gillette officials say they wanted to spark debate to inspire change. (pam) ahead.. a blizzard warning issued for the sierra ... ahead of what is expected to be the biggest storm of the season so far. (lawrence)ten at ten
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this is a fight. not to the finish. but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause.
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if you want a car that doesn't have any of that, get anything... but a ford. otherwise, you're gonna want a ford. ♪ (ken) governor gavin newsom joined mayor sam liccardo in san jose today. the topic of discussion ... affordable housing... or the lack thereof across the bay area.(pam) as kron fours rob fladeboe reports now, governor newsom says, he has plans to do something about it. gov gavin newsom "....the california dream is in a round table discussion with san jose mayor sam liccardo and several community members on tuesday, governor gavin newsom says the only way to keep the dream alive is to build more affordable housing.gavin
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newsom/california governor "....i cant promise that we can solve these issues overnight, but there is a different energy now and a different commitment and a different resolve with real money attached to it...."the governor is proposing a budget that includes $500 million dollars for housing for middle income people. pledging additional support was san jose mayor sam liccardo.sam liccardo/san jose mayorjoining liccardo and newsome were local residents who are grappling with the cost and lack of affordable housing. the governor announced a new executive order that will create an inventory of all state-owned property that could be turned into housing. he also said he is open to looking at putting caps on rent. gov newsom "....i hear you, i recognize the stress, i recognize the impact this is having on your family, your businesses and your quality of life..."in san jose rob fladeboe kron4 news
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(ken) oakland mayor libby schaaf and kaiser permanente banded together today ... to announce moves to improve community health... and tackle a housing shortage in oakland. their goal is to preserve affordable housing in the bay area, by securing a $100- million loan fund that should protect affordable housing in kaiser's service areas. they will also push to house more than 500- homeless people in oakland. (ken) through the 'housing for
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health fund'.. approximately $5.2 million is committed for a 41-unit housing complex in east oakland, near the company's national headquarters. (pam) the system bringing the bay area rain... is of course also bringing lots of snow to the sierra. this is video from highway- 89 -- on the way to kirkwood mountain from south lake tahoe. the snow started falling this morning, and at times, there have been white-out conditions .. the c-h-p is telling people not to travel through the sierra for the next cple of days until the storm passes. blizzard conditions are expected. time now to check on our local weather with meteorologist dave spahr. (dave)rain this afternoon will taper off this evening as a weather system exits overnight. on wednesday rain will redevelop in the north bay early then gradually spread over the bay area by wednesday afternoon. heavy rain and damaging winds will spread north to south as a
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potent cold front moves through the region. the wednesday evening commute will be severely impacted with urban and small stream flooding likely along with downed trees and branches. heavy rain will continue for the central coast through early thursday morning. numerous post frontal showers with possible thunderstorms with small hail on thursday. dry friday and saturday with a chance of light rain sunday followed by a drying trend next week. (pam) (pam) in the east
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bay, teachers and staff at several schools in oakland are reportedly preparing for a one day "sick out" on friday. the teachers say, they are frustrated by low pay and underfunded classrooms. kron 4's charles clifford has more. in what's being called a "sick out" teachers and staff from skyline high school say they will stage a one day strike on friday. donna salonga is a teacher at skyline, she says the staff is protesting what they believe are low wages and underfunded classrooms.sotthe pay that teachers are recieving is not to living wages, especially here in the bay area. oakland unified is the lowert paid district in the county. also, it's for funding for education. the strike, if it happens, would not be supported by the oakland education association, which normally negotiates union contracts with the school district.on tuesday, oakland unified school district superintendent kyla johnson-trammell said the district is opposed to a one day strike. "we urge them not to engage in this illegal labor action which is not sanctioned by their union." but, the superintendant did
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acknowledged the teacher's concerns saying"we want our teachers to know that everyone on the board of education and in district leadership firmly believe that they deserve to be paid more than they currently are. we are hopeful that our teachers will remain in class supporting students on friday." the district also says that if there is a strike on friday, classes at the impacted schools will be held as planned.salonga says that in addition to staff from skyline high, they also expecting teachers from other schools including oakland high, west oakland middle school, and fremont high to join the one day strike. the plan for is to rally outside oakland technical high school on friday morning and the march to the school district offices for a second rally. salonga says she hopes this one day of action will be enough.soti don't think anyone wants to go on a strike, but we will. sotit's for our oakland, charles clifford kron 4 news. (ken) another big story tonight.. it's day two of the teacher strike in los
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angeles. (pam) our grant lodes joins us now with the details ... grant - this strike is having a huge impact in l-a- .. (grant) yesterday 30-thousand teachers went on strike... following 2-years of failed negotiations. to stay open the district brought in 4- hundred substitute teachers and sent 2-thousand credentialed adminstrators back into the classroom to teach. today the superintendent of the los angeles unified school district went over the impact the strike is having.(grant) angeles area."> (grant)angeles area."> (grant) among its demands,
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the teacher union wants a six- and-a-half percent raise, smaller class sizes and more nurses in schools.(grant) today a go-fund-me campaign called "tacos for teachers" sent out taco trucks across l-a to feed staffers on strike. zinog taco trucks will deliver food to schools across the city for the duration of the strike. (pam) tonight, we are learning more details about the woman in a vegatative state, who gave birth to an infant .. and how she was cared for. she had a baby at an arizona healthcare
10:40 pm
facility last month ... even though she has been unconscious for years. (ken) police are conducting a sex assault investigation. and hacienda healthcare has now hired a former prosecutor to lead an internal review. briana whitney has the story. (nats)while former maricopa county attorney rick romley spoke for the first time on behalf of hacienda healthcare today - somebody else is speaking out for the first time too.unidentified hacienda healthcare source/face and voice obscured:"i think its going to be extremely difficult, actually impossible, for anyone who hasn't worked at hacienda to be able to come to any conclusions."this inside source is very familiar with the patient and says there's more to know about the victim as the case moves forward. several sources confirming her family had just visited her during christmas time. unidentified hacienda healthcare source:"it was mom and dad and one brother and the significance is that they didn't see she was pregnant." she says the victim's care called for specific things each day, while she lived at hacienda and now we're
10:41 pm
learning just what those entailed.reporter: "what kind of care did she require each day?"unidentified hacienda healthcare source:"she required tube feedings, couldn't eat or swallow, she had respiratory care, bathing." she says the victim had safety checks by a staffer every 15 minutes, 24 hours a day, and was never in her room alone when housekeepers were changing her sheets. unidentified hacienda healthcare source:"generally they make the beds when they're out in the day room." reporter: "and you know she was one that was taken out in the day room?"unidentified hacienda healthcare source: "mmhmm!"but rick romley says there's something he'll be addressing in his review right away.rick romley, former maricopa county attorney:"i'll be looking at the security issues first. i think that's probably the number one priority. we want to make sure this never happens again."and while our source says there has always been people securing the facility day and night--reporter: "in your opinion were there security measures missing?"unidentified hacienda healthcare source:"we don't have cameras."reporter: "should there have been?" unidentified hacienda healthcare source:"we've talked about it, we've requested it, some parents have requested it, i'm not
10:42 pm
sure why it didn't happen." romley also says he intends to make his findings during the review public, but it's not solely up to him.rick romley, former maricopa county attorney:"i will be presenting it to the board of directors and it will be my recommendation that as much information is can come out, will come out. i think that's really critical."reporter: "do you think they'll give him the green light?"unidentified hacienda healthcare source:"i think they probably will, again, unless there's a reason they can't."reporter: "do you think they should?" unidentified hacienda healthcare source:"sure!" (ken) that was briana whitney reporting. the victim's family said the baby will be well-cared for. investigators have been gathering d-n-a samples from hacienda's male employees. but they say they don't have any suspects yet. (ken) still ahead... more than 3 months after hurricane michael hit the u-s families are dealing with clean up.. no power and being homeless. we hear from one family who says they will stay positive and will rebuild. (pam) and 10 years ago today....155 people survived a
10:43 pm
crash landing... in what became known as 'the miracle on the hudson'. how passengers commemorated the anniversary (sports) just ahead in sports, the warriors re-assert their dominance out west.. with a record performance out in denver. highlights just around the corner.
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(ken) it's been more than three months since hurricane michael slammed the united states.. leaving some homeless. (pam) fema has helped some florida families with housing opportunies ... but many others are still
10:46 pm
living in tents. ashton wills explains how one panhandle family, is making the best of a difficult situation. nine people... three adults and five children living in this home in fountain.... thanks to hurricane michael... they're living in tents around the home."every vehicle, every, the garage, the camper, every standing anything was pretty much demolished."because the home is not in the couples name... fema says they can't receive any assistance.. but the bennett's say they're doing just fine without."no we've not received it but at the same time we feel like there's people out there that need it more because they don't have the same support group that we have."for 64 days the bennetts had no power.... they say, at first... adjusting to the new life style was hard... but the family focused on the positives... given the situation."we were fortunate enough that we
10:47 pm
didn't have to use our drinking water to flush toilets or bathe with or stuff like that."on the property is a kitchen area... a small pull behind camper for the children and two tents. for the past three months they've been taking it one day at a time."each week it's been mostly trial and error. what works, what doesn't. we take apart and salvage what we can and rebuild new little structures."bennett says they have food, clothes and water.... but their biggest needs are building supplies. "right now we're just trying to tear down, salvage what we can, take inventory and rebuild with what we've got."the family says they're doing their best to stay positive and will rebuild. "we're just very fortunate that we have a close family. and being strong for each other. and just face what's right right now. that's all i can do." (pam) continuing the coverage from florida... one group is still on the ground in panama city ... continuing to help the community in hurricane recovery. a christian group called - samartian's purse - has had more than 2-thousand volunteers from across the country... helping some 850- florida families .. they are removing downed trees, clearing debris, and tarping damaged roofs. those with the organization say, it is
10:48 pm
rewarding helping those in need... especially, when people can see the progress being made on their properties. (ken) today marks the tenth anniversary of what is known as the "miracle on the hudson." that's when a u-s airways flight landed on the hudson river between new york and new jersey. the plane had lost engines after hitting a flock of geese. but its pilot, captain chesley "sully" sullenberger, pulled off the unlikely landing that entered the history books. the move saved more than 150-lives. transportation officials later pushed airports to do more about wildlife hazards to planes. but despite that, the number of reported bird strikes in the u-s is still growing. this event was made into a movie and actor tom hanks played the pilot in the blockbuster film, called sully... sully and his family live in danville... warriors hot warriors hot tonight..mark has all the
10:49 pm
sports.. each season each season it seems a new team emerges to go after the warriors. we saw it with the rockets last year... and the thunder a couple seasons back, this time, denver is trying to make a splash...jumping out to first place. but tonight, the warriors took back the top spot out west. here we go-- warriors in denver... nikola jokic...great young player to watch. --a scoring barrage to start the night... steph curry...three-pointer money..from the corner --kevin the mix.. from 30-feet back, warriors up 17 --a few minutes later, durant...throws it down. warriors erupted for 51-points in the first nba record. 10-3's in the first as well, a warriors record. --in the 2nd stanza, klay...wants
10:50 pm
in...25-feet from downtown... warriors up 20 --then curry again...just incredible... 31-points tonight... warriors leading 106-78, denver has no answers. --andre iguodala...what a night for him too... alley oop!!! golden state with a 32-point lead. and then klay again... his 4th dunk of the game!!... for a guy that rarely dunks at all... and he raises the roof... -they shot 53-percent from 3....60- percent from from 3....60- percent from downtown. klay finished with 31... durant chipped in 27... draymond green with 13- assists... maximum efficiency from all the all- stars. --142-111 your final...warriors back in first out west. they are back at oracle tomorrow hosting the pelicans. moving over to san jose, sharkies riding a 6-game win streak... going up against one of hockey's most storied franchises--the pittsburgh penguins. --we go to the tank... joe thornton... playing his 1,000th game tonight 1st period... 1-1 tie... thomas hertl... great in-and-out move.. and puts it in the back of the net... 2-1 sharks
10:51 pm
2nd period... thornton... slaps it in from distance... jumbo joe celebrating his milestone with a goal... 3-1 sharks 3rd period... hertl... scores again... this time on the deflection in front of the net... 4-1 sharks rolling seconds left... penguins pull the goalie... and hertl put the finishing touches on his hat trick with his 3rd goal of the night... and here come the hats sharks win 5-2... their 7th straight win... they arew 16-3- straight win... they arew 16-3- 2 in their last 21 games turning to the raiders-- turns out the door remains closed on a possible return for the raiders to oakland for next season. the oakland coliseum authority will be meeting friday to discuss the raiders lease at the stadium.. however, contrary to reports, raiders executives will not be in attendance. despite that, authority executive director scott mckibben recently told kron4 that the coliseum authority remains more than open to continuing discussions about an arrangement for next season. yet, as of now, there are no talks scheduled...and mckibben says the last time he talked with
10:52 pm
team president marc badain was around christmas. the raiders are exploring all their options for a temporary home. nfl commissioner roger goodell has said he'd like a resolution sometime this month or early february. finally, a career milestone for emerging 49ers star deforest buckner. the defensive lineman...electe d to his first pro bowl today..replacing eagles defensive tackle fletcher cox, who's out with an injury. buckner just finished his 3rd season...and 3rd season...and what a campaign... logged a career-high 12-sacks, 67-tackles, and started all 16-games. he'll be joining fellow 49er pro bowlers kyle juszczyk and george kittle. (weather) coming up i'll (weather) coming up i'll
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grammy's....and at this year's show she'll be front and center. alicia keys announcing today that she will be the host of the grammy's. the singer-songwriter made the announcement with a special youtub knows what it feels like to be on that stage. she has won 15- grammys so far in her career but this will be the first time she will m-c the event. the 61st annual grammy awards show will take place at the staples center in
10:56 pm
los angeles on february 10th. (dave)rain this afternoon will taper off this evening as a weather system exits overnight. on wednesday rain will redevelop in the north bay early then gradually spread over the bay area by wednesday afternoon. heavy rain and damaging winds will spread north to south as a potent cold front moves through the region. the wednesday evening commute will be severely impacted with urban and small stream flooding likely along with downed trees and branches. heavy rain will continue for the central coast through early thursday morning. numerous post frontal showers with possible thunderstorms with small
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