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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  January 31, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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it's freezing cold. my face my toes everything. even though i'm layered it don't matter. (vicki) tonight at 5... millions of americans are still suffering through frigid temperatures... and in many areas-- it's the coldest it has ever been. the arctic freeze is blanketing the midwest and the east coast. but relief is on the way.. as temperatures are expected to climb by monday. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm vicki liviakis. (ken) and i'm ken wayne in for grant lodes tonight. while much of the country is experiencing the polar plunge... we are tracking rain here in the bay area. these are rain totals from yesterday-- it was a small event-- especially compared to what we are going to see tomorrow. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us with details on the storm that is heading towards lawrence karnow: there were a few showers this morning before clearing this afternoon. it will be calm most of the night but a major storm is lurking off the coastline. you can see the storm just putting itself together in the pacific. it
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will intensify just before hitting late tomorrow. winds will be very strong with gusts as high as 50 to 60 mph. a flash flood watch has also been posted for the enire bay area. showers will start tomorrow afternoon and then become heavy overnight. highs tomorrow will be in the 50s to low 60s. rain will continue on saturday and sunday with another round of rain on monday. "it's freezing coldit is so cold is like antarctica right now. (vicki) midwesterners (vicki) now. antarctica right it is like frozen.outsideit is so cold "it's freezing cold
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"it's freezing coldit is so cold is like antarctica right now. (vicki) m grip of the fierce winter weather might actually welcome a stay at the south pole, where the temperature rose to a balmy eight degrees below contrast, people in cotton, minnesota woke up to minus fifty-six.for a second day, the polar vortex sent temperatures into deep double digit deficits from the great plains to upstate new york.the death toll has reached thirteen, it hurts. it definitely hurts. chicago hasn't seen cold like this in decades.steam from lake michigan turned into diamond ice crystals. mysterious booming sounds echo through the city as underground water freezes and expands,we've gone from snow to freezing temperatures wind chill and obviously we're getting prepared for snow that will come this evening." firefighters forced to work in bitter cold."the equipment is freezing up. we've got ladders that are frozen and we've got a hose that's frozen.mail
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service has been halted in four states.thousands of flights cancelled.after a 21- vehicle pileup in new york, truckers have been banned from the state's highways."i've been driving 29 years and this is about the worst storm i've been stuck in."among the more than one dozen deaths blamed on the cold ... a university of iowa student found frozen to death outsde a campus building.the wind=chill temperature was fifty below zero.overburdened power companies in minnesota and michigan are urging customers to turn down their thermostats to as low as 55 degrees as oil supplies run low.we're calling on every michgander to do your partmichigan's governor declared a state of emergency. detroit's auto plants closed down to conserve community managed to find amusement in the bitter cold. "we love it down here. we feel like we've got our own slice of hell."people in the town of hell, michigan, taking the weather in stride.."hell has froze over" (vicki) the nation's midsection should begin to thaw out this weekend ... by monday the temperatures could be in the fifties ... and that's plus=fifties.
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(vicki) stay connected on the weather in your neighborhood with the kron-4 mobile app. there you will find full forecasts... and interactive radar. and you can track the extreme temperatures affecting millions. all with the kron-4 mobile app (ken) happening now... a five-thousand dollar reward is being offered for information leading to the safe return of a daly city woman who went missing over the weekend in san francisco. kron four's philippe djegal reports she was last seen at a popular restaurant... and, that establishment is putting up the reward. (philippe) wearing an orange and white baseball cap... 38-year-old christa mahoney seen walking along ellis street in san francisco approaching and entering john's grill with her dog... surveillance video shows nothing out of the ordinary just before noon last saturday. sarah jordan/friend- 'we're all pretty nervous right now." that's because after lunch, chrislks out of the restaurant... a few hours later her dog buddy was found walking aimlessly around union square. then christa's wallet and phone turned up an n-judah line muni train... but she had mysteriously disappeared.paula lykins/friend- "in the last few months, she's had some pretty significant health problems, which sort of led to some mental health issues."
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christa's friends and co- workers at mission rock resort -- held a news conference outside john's grill thursday afternoon... asking for the public's help in tracking her down. john's grill offering a five-thousand dollar reward for information leading to her return.johnny jonstin/manager- "she seemed ok, through most of her experience here, and towards the end she seemed a little shakey, but nothing out of the ordinary." she lives in daly city -- so, the daly city police department is leading the investigation.sgt. ron harrison/daly city police- "we're trying to determine if she was actually on the muni line and if anybody was with her or where she got off of. so, we are going through a bunch of footage right now -- looking through that that we just got this morning."sarah jordan/friend- "she's one of the sweetest, kindness people i've ever met. like, she would do anything for anybody." police say foul play is not suspected in this case. christa's friends say she speaks with a distinct english accent. in san francisco, philippe djegal, kron four news.
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(vicki) victims of the camp fire in butte county protested today after p- g-and-e filed bankruptcy. a group of demonstrators gathered outside of the victims compensation board in sacramento. they are unhappy with p-g-and-e. the power company filed for bankruptcy protection while facing billions of dollars in claims tied to a series of deadly wildfires. (vicki) in the meantime, during bankruptcy proceedings today, p,g and e indicated how it plans to compensate victims of northern california wildfires... (ken) but the plan is leaving many unsatisfied. kron 4's dan kerman joins us live from the federal courthouse in san francisco with details. dan? pge bankruptcy hearing 0131195 insertinside san francisco's federal courthouse thursday, attorneys for pacific gas and electric told a bankruptcy
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judge they want to establish a trust fund to resolve all lawsuits from wildfire victims. and the fund could be financed in various ways and would expedite payments to families affected by wildfires. but attorneys representing northern california wildfire victims aren't buying itsot amanda riddle/attorney for wildfire victimsattorneys for pg&e said they did not file for bankruptcy to avoid potential responsibility for california wildfires in 2017 and 2018.... but a 4-million dollar settlement reached with 22 butte fire survivors has been set aside due to the bankruptcy.sot mike danko/attorney for wildfire victimsin court thursday attorneys for the butte fire survivors argued employee bonuses should come after fire victims are paid... sotbut the judge refused to change the pecking order.. at least for now.sot dario de ghetaldi/attor ney for butte fire victims 150/equitable powers (vicki) powers150/equitable fire victimsney for butte ghetaldi/attorsot dario de ghetaldi/attorney for butte fire victims150/equitable powers
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(vicki) (vicki) in the south bay... at least 25 motorists have reported engine trouble after buying gas at a service station in san jose. (ken) now... an investigation is underway. kron kron 4's rob fladeboe joins us now live from that station to tell us about it. rob? (rob live) this is happening at the chevron station on capitol expressway, which also handles ethanol and bio diesel fuels made by the sacramento- based propel fuels. propel admits there is a problem and it is trying to figure out what went wrong. the green propel fuel pumps here at the capitol expressway chevron in san jose have been shutdown since saturday after
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customers drove off only to see their engines stalling out moments later. valerie is a regular customer. valerie/propel customer "....sometimes i feel like i don't have the pwer i should have, this is a powerful truck and sometimes it seems kind of slow..."today, a propel crew and a contractor were checking the in-ground tanksto find out if the fuels somehow got mixed up.(full screen)in a statement to kron4news, propel said the problem occurred only at the capitol expressway location and the best thing to do is make sure anyone affected is supported, fixed up and back on the road as soon as possible. but regular customers like cody are concerned nontheless. cody/propel customer '...oh yeah,it's a valid concern because a motor is not cheap to replace, especially if you put a ot of time and effort into it..."propel's e85 fuel is 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gas. it's about a dollar a gallon cheaper than regular gas. the apparently tainted fuel has a kind of blue tint to it according to mechanics who are said to have worked on the damaged engines.
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customers at the other two stations that lease space to propel have so far reported no problms with fuel purchased there.rosa/propel customer matt/propel customer(full screen)propel is encouraging anyone who suspects they are having engine trouble associated with it's fuel purchased here at the capitol expressway chevron to contact customer service ay 800- 871-0773 or e -mail the company at info@propelfue (rob/live) no word on when we find out extactly what went wrong but propel says it will makes things right with customers on repairs and rentral cars. the chevron fuel is not effected by this. live insan jose rob fladeboe kron 4news. (vicki) coming up... as
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another government shutdown looms. house speaker nancy pelosi and president trump exchange jabs again. what the president says pelosi will soon be begging him to do (ken) she wrote hundreds of thousands of prescriptions for drug store customers in the south bay. turns out she wasn't really a pharmacist. the story ahead. (vicki) plus after the break... a local restaurant is telling their customers to get out of they are get out of they are wearing a 'make america great again hat'. the backlash they are now receiving.
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a restaurant owner in san mateo is drawing criticism after apparently banning people from wearing maga. . or make america great again. . hats in his restaurant. kron 4's charles clifford has details. well, here in san mateo the co owner of the popular wursthall restaurant has caused a bit of stir after he apparently implied that anyone wearing a maga hat would not be allowed in. now this past sunday the chef tweeted out that "maga hats are like white hoods but stupider because you can see exactly who is wearing them." now since that tweet, the chef has said the restaurant has received threats and as of thursday afternoon it appears that the tweet has been removed from twitter.we also talked to restaurant goers who
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had mixed feelings about the ban.sotit does seem like a bad business idea but i do get where he's coming from. it seems like if we want to be inclusive of everybody. everybody means everybody.sot well, i think our country has the right to free speech. if someone comes in there and starts chanting you should kick them out. but, otherwise you should have the right to wear that hat if you want to. here on thursday afternoon the staff at the restaurant is declining to comment. the chef has also declined to comment. at this point, it's unclear if the maga hat ban stills stands. in san mateo, charles clifford kron 4 news. "there's not going to be any wall money in the legislation." wall money in the going to be any "there's not kron 4 news.charles clifford kron 4 news. "there's not going to be any
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wall money in the legislation." (ken) democrats unveiled a measure today that would not provide money for president trump's border wall. and you heard house speaker nancy pelosi is reiterating that whatever deal is reached-- it will not include money for the wall. this comes as president trump told reporters that pelosi is "just playing games" by not offering funding for a wall in border security negotiations. the president says he could also imagine a day where she would beg him to build one. "and by the way, if you go to tijuana and you take down that wall, you will have so many people coming into our country that nancy pelosi will be begging for a wall. she will be begging for a wall. she will say, 'mr. president, please, please give us a wall.'"(ken) president trump went on to say he does not expect a group in congress working to reach a deal to produce an option he would find acceptable. he also says he's quote "not concerned" about potential legal challenges if he declares a
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national emergency to free up funds to build a border wall. the president promises he won't do anything until february 15th -- but says if the deal that comes to his desk doesn't include a wall, he won't even read it. (vicki) developing news tonight... a possible lead in the attack of actor jussie smollett... who is from santa rosa. chicago authorities have released pictures of persons of interest. john lorinc reports. jussie of the fox television show "empire"......says "nothing is more important than love."nat sound of smollett singing"so many words to describe you....."but chicago police are investigating a possible hate crime against the actor- singer.smollett told police that he was assaulted early tuesday morning.nat sound of smollett singing"this is the kind of song that makes a man love a man, man love a man....."smollett plays a gay character on the show and is gay in real life.police say smollett told them that his attackers yelled racial and homophobic slurs at him. smollett also said he was hit, had an unknown chemical substance poured on him and a rope placed around his neck.
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lee daniels/co-creator & director, "empire""you didn't deserve nor anybody deserves to have a noose put around your neck, to have bleach thrown on you, to be called die fáááát, náááa or whatever they said to you."chicago police have released pictures of two persons of interest wanted for questioning because they were in the area around the time of the incidentso far police haven't found images of the alleged assault, but they áhaveá found video showing smollett entering his building with what appears to be a rope around his neck.smollett is receiving a lot of support on social media.....including from politicians like speaker of the house nancy pelosi and democratic presidential hopeful kamala harris.lee daniels/co-creator & director, "empire""we are better than that. america is better than that."i'm john lorinc reporting. reporting. (anchor) taking a live look outside-- overlooking downtown san francisco. (anchor)
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time now to check on our weather... with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: there were a few showers this morning before clearing this afternoon. it will be calm most of the night but a major storm is lurking off the coastline. you can see the storm just putting itself together in the pacific. it will intensify just before hitting late tomorrow. winds will be very strong with gusts as high as 50 to 60 mph. a flash flood watch has also been posted for the enire bay area. showers will start tomorrow afternoon and then become heavy overnight. highs tomorrow will be in the 50s to low 60s. rain will continue on saturday and sunday with another round of rain on monday.
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(ken) authorities say a woman fooled thousands of drug store customers and the state of california by claiming to be a pharmacist. how she got away with it for years.
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a bay area woman is accused of posing as a pharmacist and dispensing about 745-thousand prescriptions at three walgreens stores in the last decade. (vicki) but it turns out - she is not a licensed pharmacist. kron 4's sara stinson has the story from one of the walgreens where the woman worked. these state documents claim the woman started as a pharmacy cashier and worked her way up to a pharmacist manager and investigators say this was all under a false license. state officials say kim t le handled over 700-thousand prescriptions at three different walgreens locations in the bay area including the one i'm here in san jose and two others in fremont and milpitas. le did this from 2006 to 2017 and during that time she gave vaccinations, ordered medications, counseled patients on prescriptions and
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supervised pharmacy technicans. state inspectors say they found out about le two years after they discovered she prescribed medication without following state regulations. investigators say the pharmacist license numbers provided by le belonged to other people with the same exact name.according to these documents le told officials that she got her pharmacy degree at creighton university in nebraska, but officials say the school has no record of customer says as long as she didn't hurt anyone then no harm.but we still don't know if any of le's prescriptions were incorrect and harmful. state officials say it is still unclear if walgreens every reviewed le's crendentials, but they are now deciding if the second largest pharmacy in the country should be held responible too. the board of pharmacy is now deciding if the three walgreens locations should lose their licenses. as of now there is no hearing date set - but we'll continue to follow
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up on this to see if the state decides to revoke the licenses of all walgreens involved. in san jose, sara stinson, kron four news.### (vicki) next at 5:30... a homeless camp that has caused issues in the past... is cleared out. we'll show you video as crews removed piles ofjunk and debris from the camp in the east bay. (ken) clear roads heading up to tahoe today... but it will be a much different story tomorrow afternoon. we'll talk with c-h-p officer pete mann about traveling in the sierra with another storm on the way.
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en) now to one of our top stories tonight. january storms have significantly pushed up the sierra snowpack (vicki) ashley zavala explains what state water officials say is helping and why snow surveys in the coming a crucial role. pkg:((ashley)) officials with the department of water resources say they are encouraged with today's results with a state-wide snowpack at 100% average. (john pasch- dwr) "we've had some really dry years recently so it's really comforting to finally have an average year being 100%"the department of
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water resources credits winter storms in early january for the positive snow survey the dwr's second survey of the season at phillips station... engineers recorded 50 inches of snow depth and 18 inches of snow water equivalent..that's double the snow pack from last month's survey.(john king- water engineer) we still have two more months to accumulate the typical maximum of snow accumulation." water engineers say the most snow is recorded in april's survey... engineers say thursdays results show the snow pack is already at 75% of april's average. (chris orrock- dwr) we're also getting a good storm in this weekend. we're going to see good precipitation and snow down to the lower levels that will increase our totals." ((ashley)) dwr will conduct its next snow survey february 28. tag. (vicki)


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