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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 2, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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(jr stone) hail came pounding down in pacifica today during one of the many waves of storms that are barreling through the bay area. (jrs) good evening, i'm jr stone(justine) and i'm justine waldman. thank you for joining us. we are tracking a series of rain storms hitting all across the bay area. kron4's gayle ong is in the south bay with how people were handling the rain today there...(jrs) but first we want to get to meterologist mabrisa rodriguez with what we are seeing right now. (justine) thank you mabrisa...thank you (justine) we are continuing our team
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coverage tonight as another round of rain moves through the south bay,(jrs)that's where we find kron 4's gayle ong tracking the storm in san jose.gayle, what are the conditions like out there right now? (gayle)
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nat sound rainsoaked again in the south bay..downtown san jose has been exceptionally wet..the guadalupe river was flowing saturday.many south bay residents are welcoming the rain.others thankful they're not in the bitter cold like the midwest and east coast the national weather service issued a wind advisory until saturday evening,john dokter monitors the forecasts for something else..
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in the sierras, it's a good thing.">and 9-year-old taven yuhas tells me - it's very simple. (gayle)live in san jose, (gayle) (gayle)live in san jose, gayle ong kron 4 news. (justine) (justine) the rain is not over yet. the bay area is bracing for another round of rain.. kron four's philippe djegal shows us how people are preparing for the storms. (philippe)michael stepp/moraga hardware- "the weather, like,
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has a direct impact on the business." a postive impact says michael stepp... who says moraga hardware and lumber is supplying a steady stream of customers... gearing up for a soggy stretch of weather.michael stepp/moraga hardware- "we have our n-cap setup here with rain gear, jackets and boots and everything. ponchos." property protection products also selling fast.michael stepp/moraga hardware- "gutter accessories, water damming things to block the water coming into the house -- expands, basically like sandbags. (philippe) do they work just as well? (michael) they do work pretty well, actually. they have this gel material in them that expands when it hits the water."john chokatos/nats- "i just need three." john chokatos (chuh-kah-toes) prefers traditional sandbags.nats- he lives in orinda, but rushed to rancho laguna park in moraga friday -- to pack as much free sand as possible -- offered by the town of moraga. the rain concerns him. the wind -- even more.john chokatos/lives in orinda- "the trees come down -- especially around the golf course, and there's no way to predict where they're going to come down, or how they're going to come down. one -- my nextdoor neighbor had one just come down, and
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he's a minister, and i think he had a way with the lord, because the tree fell right in his backyard -- couldn't have been placed any better, but still it cost him seven thousand dollars to get it out." by the time saturday morning rolled around -- all of the sand at the park was gone. walnut creek homeowners, who live in low lying areas -- blocking garages and driveways from potential flooding. in livermore -- the public works department -- focusing it's attention on waterways that sometimes rise quickly during storm events -- in part because of a build up of trash. public works says it's installed trash capture devices on a creek at southfront road... an effort it expects will reduce the amount of trash loading into creeks by nearly 40- percent. and, more devices like these are expected to be placed throughout the city. southern marin fire/nats- "bay residents be advised -- extreme weather predicted this evening." in the north bay, the southern marin fire district warning boaters the water is not safe... and, to stay out through the storms. philippe djegal, kron four news.
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(jrs) stay connected to the weather in your neighborhood with the kron-4 mobile app. you'll find full forecasts...and an interactive radar. you can also get push alerts on bay area storms. all with the kron-4 mobile app (justine) a man is shot and a car is stolen at a tire store in the south bay. tonight mountain view police are now looking for the shooter who carjacked the vehicle. (jrs) the car jacking happened at america's tires on el camino real and grant road just off of exit one. right across the street from the in-n-out. kron4's dan thorn is live in mountain view tonight with more on what happened. dan? (dan)police say they responded to this america's tire store on west el camino real after a man shot one of the employees in the leg and then stole a car..we spoke with some people in the area who are a little concerned this person is still
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on t loose. it appeared to be business as usual at america's tire in mountain view..the routine was not thrown off despite saturday morning's violent crime..police say around 11:30 they responded to the store after a report of a carjacking..they found one employee had been shot in the leg and a car was stolen. an unidentified man apparently walked up to a pair of employees and fired his gun at one of them while stealing the car. arriving officers quickly helped the injured employee and later took him to the hospital.the unknown gunman is still on the loose.. a concern for some people who live nearby..sot: it's pretty safe considering it's one guy but you know i would like to assume that he could be caught soon you know.cole takara detectives are still working to indentify the suspect..the employee who was shot is expected to be okay. (dan)i did speak with a manager here at the store who did confirm the shooting but would not comment any further. he directed me to their
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corporate line who as of this report have not responded. reporting in mountain view dan thorn kron4 news. (justine) a 30-thousand dollar reward is being offered in a year-old homicide investigation. patrick scott junior was waiting at an oakland bus stop to go to his grandmother's house when he was approached by a gunman and shot several times. patrick's mom describes the 27 year old as a gentle giant who stayed out of trouble. the f-b-i and oakland police are offering the reward. tomorrow will be one year since patrick was killed. (jr) well to those living in south san francisco...beware there have been a number of coyote sightings over the past week. take a listen. this small coyote was spotted in the westborough neighborhood of south san francisco near the philz coffee earlier this week. the second video you see here was taken this morning in a kron 4 viewer
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maria escalante's backyard. a larger coyote in the backyard there. neighbors in the area say there is a family of coyotes living in this area. just a warning to those with small kids, cats, or dogs. don't leave the little ones alone in the yard when they are outside. (jrs)(jrs) the super bowl count down is on. we are looking live over atlanta as kickoff to the big game is now just áhoursá away. we will have a live report from the staduim at 8:30. (justine) and the california highway patrol is on high alert with all the rain coming our way. chp responded to numerous accidents today and wants to give you some advice to stay safe.. before you get behind the wheel in weather. "right now, i am simply asking for the opportunity to demonstrate beyond a shadow of a doubt that the person i was is not the man i am today. i am asking for the opportunity to earn your forgiveness." (jrs) changing his tune
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and not backing down. the reason the virginia governor is changing his story today after apologizing for being in a rasict photo.
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" i am not and will not excuse the content of the photo. it was offensive, racist, and despicable." (jrs) virginia governor ralph northam is defiantly
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holding on to his political post-- despite mounting calls for his resignation. (justine) after apologizing for appearing in a racist picture in a 1984 medical school yearbook... he's changing his story. reporter omar jimenez has the new developments. not bowing to the growing pressure--virginia governor ralph northam announcing he's not stepping down ... changing his response to the photo that set off a political firestorm. gov. ralph northam, (d) virginia// "i believe then as i believe now that i am not either of the people in that photo."the democrat now telling a source that he didn't appear in this racist photo in his 1984 yearbook from eastern virginia medical shows a person dressed in blackface and another in the k-k-k's signature hood and robes. northam told the source he didn't even remember the photo being ralph northam, (d) virginia// "i finally had a chance to sit down and look at the photograph in detail. it is definitely not me. i can tell
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by looking at it."northam changing his tune ... after apologizing a day earlier, when he called the picture "racist and offensive." protesters rallied outside the governor's mansion on saturday-- urging him to leave office. mos: "apologies are not enough. we call on governor northam to resigning." the virginia legislative black caucus along with the n-a-a-c-p are also urging him to step aside. several key allies have pulled their support from the former pediatric neurosurgeon. including former vice- president joe biden who tweeted "there's no place for racism in america."similar calls poured in from several 20-20 democratic presidential candidates.. including julian castro and senators kamala harris and kirsten gillibrand. sen. kirsten gillibrand, (d) new york// "so disturbing. so racist. there is no place for racism in our government, among our leaders."i'm omar jimenez reporting. (jrs) kamala harris tweeted out.... leaders are called to a higher standard, and the stain of racism should have no place in the halls of government.
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the governor of virginia should step aside so the public can heal and move forward together. harris has previously been an outspoken supporter of northam including tweeting him congratulations when he won virginia's governor (justine) president trump is also reacting to the virginia governor's press conference by tweeting out governor ralph northam of virginia just stated, "i believe that i am not either of the people in that photo." this was 24 hours after apologizing for appearing in the picture and after making the most horrible statement on "super" late term abortion. unforgivable! (justine) earlier this week governor northam faced backlash after voicing support for a state measure to significantly loosen late-term abortions restrictions. the bill would end a state rule requiring at least three physicians confirm a third trimester abortion is needed. republican reaction to northam's comments was swift and defiant, with some accusing the virginia governor
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of supporting infanticide. (justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. .
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four news.stinson, kron richmond, sara (on cam) in weekend. bay area this storm in the during the while driving to keep in mind great advise >hydroplaning."out and the spinning contributes to definitely because that balding there are no balding
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(jrs) the california highway patrol has been responding to weather related accidents since the rain started.(justine) kron 4's sara stinson speaks with c-h-p about just how hectic of a day it has been. and what you can do behind the wheel to avoid an accident.
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(on cam) that rain continued into the early morning hours - i could barely keep my camera lens dry enough to get video of a big rig that hydroplaned and overturned.c-h-p closed a lane near the gilman street exit on 80 in berkley as tow trucks worked to get the truck on it's right side. no one was hurt but traffic was heavily hour later the same c-h-p officers rushed to another scene involving two back to back crashes in richmond on 80.a driver spun out near the central avenue exit - the person driving behind him couldn't stop in time and crashed into them. the roads are slick so everyone behind this crash
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tried to stop in time but another crash with three cars occurred. you can see the cars heavily damaged and being towed away here.c-h-p says most of the crashes they've seen have been due to people speeding on the slick roads. c-h-p officer hannah walcott says you can avoid a crash with these tips.great advise to keep in mind while driving storm in the weekend. richmond, sara four news. (jrs) powerful rain in southern california transformed a street into what looks like a raging river. this is video from malibu, california --- where the water level was rising by the minute on saturday. the mudflow crashed against trees. it was
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four to five feet deep and carried large boulders and tree limbs down its path. the los angeles county sheriff's department issued mandatory evacuations for the malibu west neighborhood and the paseo canyon area midday saturday. people were told to "leave immediately." the transbay terminal is extending it's shutdown. just when officials believed it could possibly open again. ♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app, jason wu could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while putting on a runway show forew york fashion week. ♪ ♪ he could. or, he could make it even easier - and set up recurring payments to his neighbor. for cat sitting. (meow) whoa. you've groomed her, too. (cell phone vibrating) and now she's ready for the catwalk. life, lived jason's way. chase. make more of what's yours.
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remain closed until at least june of this year. repair work is already underway. but starting tomorrow work will begin on the bus deck above first street. crews will be reinforcing the girders on the deck. that will force a full one block closure of first street between howard and mission from 5-a-m saturday to 8-p-m sunday. then in march...steel plates will be delivered to the center for installation. "we are very eagar to open but we need to assure the public that its safe to open we need to give time to our engineers to make sure no other potential locations that need attention in the building." (justine) the transit center was only open for one month before it abruptly closed due to cracks found in steel beams on the bus deck. and an
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official reopening date has not been set. (jrs) a teen is shot through the window of his home. why police are having problems talking to the neighbors who live nearby. (justine) and while it is raining here we are seeing snow in the sierra. we will take a look at the hazardous road conditions. (jrs) super bowl 53 is just a day away. the fans are gathering and the hype is here. in just two and a half minutes we go with a look at predictions come out as the champion.
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(jrs) we are now one day away from super bowl 53 and atlanta is the place to be... (justine) not only for the rams and patriots, but also for stars of super bowls gone by. kron4's anthony calhoun joins us tonight live from atlanta with more... hello a-c. hello a-c.with more... from atlanta with more... hello a-c. (anthony calhoun) good evening... everywhere you go, there is one answer everyone wants to know...who is going to win super bowl 53. so we tracked down a handful guys that have experienced this big game, to get their predictions. patriots or rams?
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pkg/trt: 1:25outcue: "experience matters" the patriots have won 5 super bowl titles. the rams won their only lombardi trophy, nearly 2 decades ago and not surprisingly, when talking to a couple of former super bowl mvp's, experience matters.kurt warner: "i just give a slight edge to tom brady in the moment. i saw it way back 17 years ago, 2 minutes to go, he leads his team down to win a super bowl."santonio holmes "i said it once, i said it twice, i say it again. don't count out number 12."when it comes to players and coaches that have multiple super bowl titles, the predictions are a little more banced.tony dungy "i think it is going to be tight. i think the patriots will get out to the lead. i think the rams will edge their way back into it, and the patriots with a last minute, one way or another, will win." ed mccaffrey: "give the benefit of the doubt to new england being that they have some experience playing in the
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super bowl. that doesn't just mean the game, that means the two weeks leading up to the game, but l.a. is pretty talented."michael irvin "it's almost a pick'em game for me. the rams have everything they need to give the patriots a fit."a couple of "reggie's".... who also have super bowl titles... weighed in... and it's back to belichick, brady, and their bunch.reggie bush "i think the patriots are going to win on sunday. nobody executes better than the patriots."reggie wayne "i think it falls to the patriots. it falls to them. i do think experience matters." (anthony calhoun) while the patriots have proven they while the patriots calhoun) while the patriots have proven they can execute on the biggest stage, the rams are ready to prove, that they can too. in case your wondering, i think the pats d will make a big play late, to seal the 6th and final super bowl title for the combination of belichick and brady.
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(jrs/justine)1. what are you looking forward to the most about tomorrow's game?2. how concerned should rams fans be that the patriots had two weeks to prepare for the big game?3. so, who is your pick to win?
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your pick to win? 3. so, who is big game? prepare for the had two weeks
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to that the patriots rams fans be that the patriots had two weeks to prepare for the big game?3. so, who is your pick to win?
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(justine) taking a look at the snow coming down in the squaw valley base area, this was sent to the kron4 newsroom by squaw valley alpine meadows. (jr stone) alpine meadows.(jr stone) they reported six inches of snow overnight. and now we are joined by meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez with a look at what people can expect if they want to head to the sierra.
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. (jrs)(jrs)
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(justine) and we have been
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keeping you up to date on this rain storm through push alerts. be sure to download our kron4 app to stay on top of road conditions, take a look at interactive radar and get information on breaking news straight to your phone. the longest government shutdown in history is now over. the reason u-s employers seemed to shrug it off. [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, you!
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history dominated headlines for most of january, and left 800,000 federal workers without a paheck for weeks. however the labor department says 304,000 jobs were added in january. that's well above expectations. and it marks the 100th month in a row that the u.s. has seen job growth. federal workers furloughed during the shutdown were counted as employed because the labor department says they worked or got pay for the period surveyed. the leisure and hospitality sector, construction, and health care, had the most job gains. it's no laughing matter a thief targets a pennsula office for laughing gas. the reason dentists are so just ahead in sports....the defending champs look to bounce back against the lakers after their 11 game win streak was snapped by the 76ers on thursday....that's next....
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(justine) police are now searching for the suspect responsible for shooting a teenager in stockton.(jrs) the shooting happened overnight while the teen was sitting inside his own home. kristi gross spoke with police about why neighbors are not cooperating. a drive by shooting in north stockton sends one teen to the hospital. when our officers arrived at the scene last night the 15 year old was shot
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multiple times. stockton police spokesman joe silva says officers rushed to the 43-hundred block of north manchester avenue, friday's an area--- police say has been plagued with crime for years. they're known for shootings and gang activity. according to investigators the unknown suspects shot the boy through his bedroom window-- with other people inside the apartment the time. detectives say more people could have been hit by stray bullets. there are a lot of families that live at that apartment complex so we're very fortunate that no one else got injured. investigators are working to get the dangerous criminals off the streets and find out áwhyá someone would target the teen.police tell fox 40 witnesses and residents in the apartment aren't cooperating with authorities. what happened to that 15 year old last night didn't need to happen. and we need to find those suspects who did that and hold them responsible for their actions and the only we can do that is by working together and getting that neighborhood at that apartment complex involved and getting someinformation coming into the police department. the teenage victim is recovering in the hospital and is expected to police are asking the public for information before the gun violence escalates even
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more... we have a 15 year-old boy in the hospital right now and right now he has family members that are highly upset and with these type of shootings we always worry about retaliatory shootings and that's what we want to prevent so if someone has information please get it to us immediately. in stockton, kg, f40. (justine) this next story is no laughing matter. someone has been breaking into a dental office building in south san francisco... and stealing containers of nitrous oxide or laughing gas.(jrs) the chemical substance is typically used to sedate patients. however one dental employee tells kron4's haaziq madyun... that same gas can be deadly... sot
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just going to open up and take the regulator off">you are looking at surveillance video of a man who allegedly broke into a storage room at this dental office building in south san francisco. this is where multiple thefts of nitrous oxide tanks have occurred here over the past year. as you can see these signs indicate this is dangerous stuffsot
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dangerous if it's not mixed with oxygen. it can kill you!" surveillance cameras were recently put in the room to catch the nitrous thief in action. this is video from the most recent incident, saturday january 26, 2019sot nat/sot haaziqtoo late!sot the dentists here hope someone out there recognizes the person you see in this video and contacts the south san francisco police department...haaziq madyun kron4news tonight, we all thought we were going to be treated to bron, bron in the oracle....> but, lebron james was a late scratch due to "load
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management,"yes, your guess is as good as mine......>but the show has to go on......>here's a familiar face.....javale mcgee -javale mcgee received his 2018 nba championship ring tonight in oracle....presented by andre iguodala.....>3rd quarter....warriors down by 6...demarcus cousins slams it in with authority and stares down at kyle kuzma...he would receive a technical for that.....>a minute later....after giving the man his championship ring....andre iguodala dunks on mcgee and the warriors are within 1....> 4th quarter...warriors leading by 1....more iggy.....this time he gets it from cousins....and the three is good......>next possiession....iggy again from three....he had 17 points of the bench tonight for the dubs...the warriors would go on to defeat the lakers....115- 101....> let's head out to the shark tank.......>the 4th place sharks, opening up the second half of their season....fresh off the all-star break.....> the phoenix coyotes were in town tonight.....>right now
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coyotes' conor garland just scored. coyotes up 1-0 in the second period.....>we will have tonight at to the grid-to the grid- iron......we are on the eve of super bowl 53...and tonight, the nfl had its annual award night.....>kansas city chiefs quarterback, patrick mahomes took home mvp and offensive player of the year....>in this first season starting, mahomes threw for 5,097 yards and a league best 50 touchdowns.....> he also led the chiefs to a 12-4 record and the top seed in the afc.....>
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. (jrs) the san jose public
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library unveiled its first
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ever sharks-themed library card this week. the card is on a black microchip background --- very silicon valley -- with the sharks logo on the front. mayor sam liccardo was there for the was 'sharkie'.... fans can pick up the new card beginning monday -- free of charge -- whether they have an existing library card or not. it 'is' a limited edition design and available only while supplies last. (justine) forget the super bowl.the east bay s- p-c-a has already had its big game. they posted this video of their 20-19 puppy bowl. it was a 'grudge match' between the 'top dogs' and the 'pupsicles'. (jrs) there's even a "rufferee" who declared the "rufferee" who declared the game a tie.. we'll have to wait until next year to see who the real top dogs are.
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