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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  February 22, 2019 1:30am-2:01am PST

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♪ tonight, jussie smollett arrested. >> it's just despicable. new details about the alleged hoax, more dramatic than a "empire" script. >> this isn't tv. this is real life. >> the cops sound off on a possible motive and why jussie could serve time behind bars. inside meghan markle's baby shower. but who paid for it? plus, courteney cox on her mile high nightmare with jennifer aniston, telling "e.t." all about their emergency landing and her new show. plus, the veterans versus
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the new "voice" guy john legend. >> i don't want help him at all. >> kelly, why you should watch out for blake. >> you ever seen "40-year-old virgin"? >> kelly clarkson! >> she's associated with misery. this is "entertainment tonight." >> the police say the truth is it was all a lie. jussie smollett charged with making a false account. >> this is one of the craziest stories ever. total chaos as jussie left the jail this afternoon in chicago. >> i spoke with jussie late last week, valentine's day to be exact. at that point he told me he was innocent. the chicago pd is furious and say they tore into the "empire" star today. >> i'm offended by what's happened and i'm also angry. this publicity stunt was a scar that chicago didn't earn and certainly didn't deserve.
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>> reporter: jussie smollett posed for this mug shot after tuing himself in to chicago police at 50 a.m. this morning. he was charged with disorderly conduct for allegedly filing a false police report. now if convicted he faces up to three years in prison. >> smollett paid $3,500 to stage this attack. >> police also had an alleged motive. >> why the stunt was orchestrated -- because he was dissatisfied with his salary. >> he reportedly made more than $100,000 an episode during the most recent season of "empire." brendon geoffrion was at this morning's press conference. >> the police chief said police conducted more than 100 interviewed and issues more than 50 search warrants. what struck me today is just how angry the superintend dent was. i asked him about phone records. >> do you have other exchanges
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between the brothers and jussie? >> we have the phone records that clearly indicat that they talked to each other quite a bit before and after the incent and while they were out of the country. >> johnson also had harsh words with jussie's emotional sitdown with abc news. >> i still want to believe with everything that happened that there's something called justice. >> it's shameful. makes you wonder who's going through someone's mind to do something like that. i was angered by it to be honest. >> jussie's sitdown could be used in the case. >> jussie appeared at e-bond hearing this morning. he was in handcuffs and wearing the samout fit he had on in his mug shot. cameras were not allowed in the courtroom. jussie's family was there and stood up to show support. they maintained the actor's innocence and said all jussie wants to do is clear his name. the prosecutor read how it went
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down. >> there was a change in the plan in that bleach was going to be used instead of gasoline during the simulated attack. smollett then drove the brothers home and provided them with a $3,500 personal che. >> check. >> late this afternoon, smollett posted bond and was released. as for his role on "empire," fox said we are evaluating the situation and discussing our options. a source close to the production team told "e.t." a meeting with fox is supposed to happen today to discuss jussie's future with the show. let's walk you through the time line. >> yeah, because it's a lot. january 22nd, jussie reports he received a letter with written threats towards him and a white powder inside which were
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determined to be white ibuprofen tablets. jan 25th he texted the brothers and said i might need your help. that same day, the brothers met up with jussie and he details his plan for the attack. >> january 27th, the three meet and rehorsed the attack. the three walk through the location. what should happen? they decide to use as you heard from the police, blaine bleach instead of gasoline and he writes the brothers a personal check for $3,500. >> police say the attack was actual supposed to take place on the 28th, but his flight from new york was delayed. he calls one of the brothers and changes the time of the attack to 2:00 a.m. >> here's the thing. uber records confirm the brothers head to the location. jussie allegedly gave them the drug molly and the brothers carry out the plan.
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>> you also heard chicago police say jussie orchestrated this because he was unsatisfied with his salary. the day before that surfaced i modified a panel with him about diversity in inclusion in hollywood. he made a specific point to make sure actors neknow to numbers. >> fox made $116 million. at the end of the day it's important so that when you're sitting at the table you can say things and hold people accountable not with anger or passion -- but with facts. >> he really was bothered by the salary swamgs when i was on the "empire" set back in october jussie did not hide the set he was very frustrated with his salary in the show. he was making roughly $100,000 an episode but jussie told me he wasn't happy the show got picked up for another season. more on this unbelievable story
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tomorrow. >> it's not over. >> yeah. >> the true hollywood story seems crazier than anything you could script. in other news we are learning more about meghan markle's lavish star studded party in new york. gayle king spilled the very expensive beans today in new york. >> it was a very small private affair and a special time for her. >> what did you get her? >> if i told you i would have to kill you. because she didn't open any of the gifts. she wants do it when she and harry are together. i got i think a nice i gift. >> serena williams held the shower. these were some of the flowers that plaid a role. >> i've never seen anything like this. flower decorations. flower arranging. somebody toe arrange the flowers. all doe mated to charity.
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>> afterwards, meghan donned a camel coat and cap to make her way back to london. there are reports her trip cost $430,000. but our source tell "e.t." the jet was free because it was donated by one of meghan's friend. exclusive pictures of meghan boarding the jet in teterboro, new jersey. >> now to the cheating scandal that's not even by katherine schwarzenegger. >> that's hard to come by, the drama with khloe, her ex and kylie's best friend. i know, everybody, it is a lot. up first no tonight's know and tell, khloe speaks out. >> posting about betrayal today, khloe seemingly addressed
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tristan. quote, if they ask you about me, tell her i broke her. according to sources jenner is extremely upset and shocked. we heard conflicting things about what happened and since it's involves the katherine schwarzenegger we couldn't help but ask, could this be a reality show plot line? while kim unfollowed jordan and tristan on instagram, khloe and kylie haven't followed suit. for now, jordan isn't staying at kylie's. kylie knead her space and they have been in constant communication. meanwhile, jordan may pop up on an upcoming red table talk. for now on the show, jada's revealing how early on, will wasn't her mr. right. >> i want you to know something -- he was not the dude. >> in an exclusive clip, will's wife of 21 years explained what
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nearly stopped them from getting together. >> i came to the table with some hard core daddy issues and it made me really angry towards men. i have very high expectations. i went through a really tough time in my life. >> jada's been open about her late father's addiction, abuse and opportunistic ways. she says being so candid is helping others. >> we would talk to each other, know we are not in this game alone. coming up u courteney cox reveals her pain after suffering several miscarriages. then, is chrissy tiegen john legend's secret weapon for "the voice"? >> that would be amazing. and our throwback thursday with oscar's leading lady. >> wow. >> just singing and skating in the rain. but first, rumer willis is one of the stars are revealed on "the masked singer." today she gave "e.t." some info
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on how the super secret show works. >> even your family you brought has to wear masks and hoodies and i had to wear a sweatshirt that says, please don't talk to me. it was crazy. >> one of the things rumer won't ♪ they're all going in the same direction but in very different ways and pampers gives all of them our driest best fitting diaper. pampers cruisers with three-way fit. they adapt at the waist, legs and bottom with up to twelve hours of protection for all the freedom to move their way. in pampers cruisers only pampers diapers
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are the number one choice of hospitals, nurses and parents. hi. >> minutes away, "e.t." one-on-one with courteney cox revealing here heartbreak after
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so, that is courteney cox's teen daughter cocotakes a selfie inside a bathroom, which got an interesting response from mommy. where are you my daughter? busted. don't worry, she was at her daddy's house. >> mom on instagram. >> i that mom was on top of it. >> very fun little mother-daughter moment. but starting a family was not easy for courtney. she shared with me the heartbreak she endured is. you wrote about having a bunch of miscarriages yourself. >> i was lucky enough to have my little girl coco which i had through ivf. >> most celebrities are quikwi .
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>> nobody taught me that lesson. i'm so happy to have coco. if i can share light or wisdom with anybody or hope, of course i'm sharing if i can. i think that's important. >> courtney is doing that in her new facebook watch series, "9 months with courteney cox." >> in each episode a family documents their own pregnancy. moments filled with joy and pain. >> a week after we found out she was pregnant, she has breast canneser. >> you deal with everything from breast cancer to alcoholism, whether you wanted to get pregnant. it's a lot of different subjects. >> it's been a busy month for courtney who's been helping her best friend jen celebrate her 50th birthday. she wants everyone to know they're okay after their plane made an emergency landing. >> the plane hit a pothole and
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the tire blew off, blew up, disintegrated. honestly we are very lucky. landing with one tire missing is not as big a deal as it sound when you're on the plane. >> you went ahead and enjoyed your weekend. >> oh, yeah. why the judges are afraid of john legend. and and with blake what may have touched a nerve. and "will & grace" guest star news. >> she is the greatest. and -- ♪ i'm on the edge. >> our first ever interviews with our favorite oscar front-runners. >> hello! closed captioning provided by --
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on the first hour of his first day -- >> how am i the first person? >> season 16 of "the voice" returned this monday with john legend. apparently the other coaches don't plan on making it easy for him. don't worry, john has a few advantages that the other coaches don't ♪ i can't sit and hold my >> john, will you bring your awards in just to let everybody know you have an egot? >> no, no. you know why? because, um -- >> are you afraid of what you have to do? >> i'm afraid. >> i'm positive that john will
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fall into the category of horrible pile of doo-doo coach. >> what advice do you have for john? >> i don't have any. i don't want to help him at all. >> why? >> because i worked with john in this capacity before. i know he's got mad skills. i'm worried. >> don't get sucked into john legend. he's so cool, i know. >> all the coaches are ganging up on john, but don't worry, he has a secret weapon and i'm not just talking about his cute mini-me 9-month-old miles. >> is there any concern he can use chrissy and her online presence? >> she trolls me more than she trolls everybody else. i have a feeling she's not going to help me that much. >> john may be the new guy, but blake wants to settle the score with kelly. >> last season goes out, gets the country artist and wins. will you ever let that happen again? >> you want to see me cry? is that your goal as an
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interviewer? >> i want to see you cry. >> you ever see that movie offici "40-year-old virgin" where they rip the wax off steve carell's chest? >> oh, kelly clarkson! >> that's because she's associated with misery. we are just three days away from oscars sunday, but before some of our favorite female nominees walk the carpet, we are thro throwing it back to their first time on "e.t." >> what's it like to look up and say, i'm the hottest actor in the world? >> i don't think of myself that way. doesn't matter if i'm number one. i want to be number one for the next ten years ♪ on the edge of glory ♪ >> call her leading lady gaga with her double oscar nomination for stab stab.
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♪ in the shadows >> the front runner is in the leading actress category is glenn close for her role in "the wife." >> i can't do it anymore. >> "e.t." first met her rolling through brooklyn. ♪ just singing the skating in the rain. >> she was about to become a name for 1982's "the world according to garp." >> i think you're on the verge of becoming a very big star. does that scare you? >> yes, it does. the thought went through my mind yesterday -- i must always be able to carry my own suitcase. >> in the best supporting actress category, the one to beat is "if beale street could talk's" regina king 6789 her acting career began in 1985 on the sitcom "227." >> a whoa. mo, time-out. communication breakdown. >> "e.t." first sat down with regina in 1993 while promoting
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"poetic justice." >> this is justice. justice, this is lucky. >> everyone is sending in picture to get the part. i went and got it, worked alongside janet jackson. i thought, wow, you know? >> wow is an appropriate adjective to describe our first "e.t." interview with "the favourite" nominee, emma stone. >> hello. >> hello! >> tell us your name. >> i'm emily stone. >> she went by emily back in 2004. she was a star on vh1's "in search of the new partridge family." >> i have been living in l.a. for a year and i've just been auditioning. this is my first television experience. >> emily stone. >> i love those flashbacks. love them. >> aren't they awesome? tomorrow we are flashing back to "e.t.'s" first time with the oscar's leading men. "e.t.'s" first time with the oscar's leading men. >> coming prestige creams not living up to the hype?
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travel consideration provided by -- tomorrow on "e.t." will the avengers assemble on the oscars
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stage? >> that would be cool. >> everything you can expect on hollywood's biggest night. we are prepartying with the nominees. plus, when gaga met bradley. don't miss tonight's "will & grace" on nbc. >> andrea martin guest stars as jack's new acting coach. >> lover lover lover lover lover. now stop. >> what is your bond with this guy like? >> lovers. no comeback. lovers? that's really bad. shows you how well we are going to do on the scene together. >> also on sean's guest wish list, the return of a legend. ♪ if i could turn back time >> snap out of it. >> could we see you getting her back on "will & grace" again, could that happen? >> i might be working on something else with cher, too. that might be announced at a later time. >> or right now on "entertainment tonight." >> or at a later time.
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