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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  February 28, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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thanks a lot. [cheers and applause] live ... we saw this person drive onto this flooded road tonight ... sunny skies reveal the disaster on the russian river.the town of monte rio, knee deep in muddy at five kron four takes you out on the river with rescue crews ... and into the waterlogged homes and businesses(vicki) businesses homes and businesses(vicki) and here here you can see people sweeping out floodwaters... as they wait for it to recede. the governor also declaring a state of emergency after the flooding. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm vicki liviakis. (grant)
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and i'm grant lodes. the river is expected to fall below flood stage tomorrow morning... but until then, thousands of then, thousands of people are waiting to return home. kron 4's dan thorn is live in forestville tonight... dan? (dan) like many --- rex and his family are without gas right now because pg&e have been forced to cut the lines. as i mentioned earlier, we've been seeing the water recede throughout hte day nad into the night.however evacuation orders have remained in effect. we learned earlier from emergency crews they're wrning people not to wade through these floodwaters because there can be power lines and other dangers.sonoma county deputies, local police, and fire departments, then ational guard, and chp have spent the past two days rescuing people and closing roads affected by
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the storm.sonoma county officials say there were 59 people rescued by using high- water vehicles boats and helicopters rex susoeff, forestville resident: "the unusual thing was completely getting evacuation notices where i live on champs. we're out of the flood zone, like up on a mountain. but down below, all the homeless people got flooded out from the fires. there's hundreds of homeless people live here from the fires, in their trailers, and they got washed away. but uh, it's been pretty good. the cable electricity still going, no gas. so the stove doesn't work. and we've been kinda trapped here. because all the ways out are closed off from our house. but our house is okay, so that's what's important." (grant) thanks dan. we have thanks dan. (grant) (grant) thanks dan.
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we have team coverage tonight of the flooding-- as thousands of people have been forced from their homes. (vicki) kron 4's justine waldman is live at an evacuation center in sebastopol... that is at capacity tonight. justine? (justine)there are 40 people staying here at the sebastopol center for the arts.that is the most that the red cross can care for.i spoke with one woman here... her home in xx , she knows is flooded.and she already lost everything she owns in the tubbs fire that burned down the house she was staying in santa rosa's coffey park in 2017. all she has - is what is in her car.some clothes, important papers and medicines.
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ki (key) daniels lost everything in the tubbs fire, and since then she has been living light.. and did not replace a lot of things.but when the water got too high on wednesday, she took what she could and got out.based on where her home is ... she believes water likely ruined everything.but she is staying so positive... ki daniels / evacuated " my understanding is it is all devastated it gives us the opportunity to rebuild."//" think living through 2 devastations at this point you start to learn not to get too attached to material thins i would say the most precious things i have left are my memories."the center at the center for the arts is full. there is also an evacuation center at the sonoma county fairground, being run by the county, it has more space and about 100 people are there.the centers offer people a place to sleep, eat shower and get medical care. (justine)ki, who you heard from, is being so strong right now. not knowing what if anything is not ruined inside her home.she says it is part of being "sonoma county" strong - the mantra she took on after the fires in 2017. live in sebastopol justine waldman kron 4 news.
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(anchor) checking in now with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... lawrence karnow: it was a dry
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day for the bay area but the flooding conitnues along the russian river. flood waters are expected to recede below flood stage by tomorrow morning. there are only a few showers showing up on doppler radar around the state. we will see mostly cloudy skies tonight but it should stay dry. on the satellite you can see the next storm coming our way. most of friday will be dry but rain will return late night. highs tomorrow will be in the 50s to low 60s. rain will be heavy early saturday morning before turning to showers in the afternoon. we could see a few lingering showers on sunday. more rain is forecast for next tuesday and wednesday.
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(vicki) and make sure you have the kron-4 moble app to get the latest breaking news alerts. we have been sending push alerts as soon as there are significant updates on the flooding. it's free to download. (grant) another big story tonight...tonight...for the first time... p-g & e says it will likely be held responsible for causing last novembers camp fire in butte county.(vicki)the statement comes in a financial filing to investors.kron 4's dan kerman is live at p,g and e headquarters with more on what they utility said. pge on camp fire 0228195 insert in its latest earnings report , pacific gas and electric says "the company believes it is probable that its equipment will be determined to be an ignition point of the 2018 camp fire.november's fire in
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butte county charred more than 153-thouasnd acres, destroyed nearly 14-thousand homes and killed 86 people.sot i'm surprised that pge admits what we already knewattorney mike danko who represents thousands of camp fire victims says what stands out for him is that in the report p,g and e says it has set aside $10.5 billion for claims from camp fire victimssot mike danko/attorney for fire victims :38if you are a camp fire survivor and you thought i guess i am out of lck becuase pge filed bankruyptcy well this is saying no you are not out of luck, good news, pge has money and it is reserving it just for you. what the report doesn't address is whether negligence played a role in the fire.. sot mark toney/the utility reform network :56if they had been spending the money that ratepayers have been giving them for years and years to do what they are suppose to and keep the lines
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in repair we wouldnt be in this situation but mark toney with pg&e watchdog the utilty reform network says all signs point that way which is why a judge overseeing the company's felony probation in the san bruno gas pipeline case should change the company's managementthe evidence shows pge needs new leadership and apointing a receiver is a way to get new leadership immediately.137/leadership immediately
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(grant) coming up... as teachers in oakland strike for a 6th day... teachers in ááanother east bay school district could soon go on strike. we'll tell you where-- and what they are demanding. (vicki) a big storm hits the sierra... and more snow is on the way. we'll take a look at the conditions as interstate 80 is finally back open. (grant) plus after the break... continuing coverage of the major flooding in the north bay. we'll hear from a man who decided áánot to evacuate-- and is now trying to figure out how to clean up the mess. [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, you!
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major flooding continues across much of the north bay. and those who decided not to evacuate have been trapped inside their homes. kron 4's philippe djegal spoke to one man who decided not to evacuate. (philippe)even simple errands outside his house require brad use a canoe in waters now covering his driveway. brad/neighbor- "it'll probably be another 24, 48 hours. uh, least i slept last night, so that was good because of the adult beverages that helped me sleep. it's a lot of mess."brad lives on trenton road at covey road in least one driver who ignored the road closure sign got stuck in flood waters.brad's fence partially destroyed...and, debris is scattered across the roadway.brad/neighbor- "structurally, we built the house with the siding so that it would withstand a flood. so, we had the flood in 2005, and it wasn't this bad. if you look at the water now, um, this probably just up to the, right to the road and this time it was all the way." fortunately, through the afternoon, the water continued
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to steadily receed.allowing brad to start thinking about how he's going to recover from all of this.brad/neighbor- "gotta go get the gloves and start picking stuff up -- you don't want to go get in this water -- gasoline, chemicals." although he doesn't have hot water -- he still has forestville, philippe djegal, kron four news. (grant) (grant) and westbound lanes of highway 37 remain closed tonight because of flooding. the closure is happening between atherton avenue and highway 101 near novato. eastbound lanes re-opened last night-- but again the westbound lanes are still closed. there is no estimate when those lanes will be clear and drivable again. and this closure is causing lots of traffic in the westbound lanes of the richmond san lanes of the richmond san rafael bridge. (anchor) taking a live look outside-- overlooking downtown san francisco.
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(anchor) time now to check on our weather... with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: it was a dry day for the bay area but the flooding conitnues along the russian river. flood waters are expected to recede below flood stage by tomorrow morning. there are only a few showers showing up on doppler radar around the state. we will see mostly cloudy skies tonight but it should stay dry. on can see the next storm coming our way. most of friday will be dry but rain will return late night. highs tomorrow will be
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in the 50s to low 60s. rain will be heavy early saturday morning before turning to showers in the afternoon. we could see a few lingering showers on sunday. more rain is forecast for next tuesday and wednesday. (grant)
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(grant) a big story tonight... oakland teachers were on strike for a sixth day. but the teachers union is praising a recent decision made by the oakland school district. the oakland school board canceled a meeting on making budget cuts. the teachers union says the district did the right thing ... in light of the largely empty classrooms and the on-going negotiations. today marks one week since teachers walked off the job. the majority of students have not crossed the picket lines and are staying out of classrooms. it's not clear if both sides are getting any closer to
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reaching a deal. (grant) and more teachers in the east bay could soon strike. this is video as teachers walked out of california high school in san ramon today. the demonstration happened during the lunch hour-- and did not disrupt classes. teachers also walked out during lunchtime at country club elementary. teachers with the san ramon valley unified school district are currently voting to authorize a strike as contract negotiations are entering their final stage. they are asking for smaller class sizes.. and more than a three percent salary increase. (vicki) still ahead.. we take a look at why more and more people are leaving, not only the bay area, but the entire state. hear from one couple who sold their home in the south bay ... for a move to the lonestar state. (grant) a cold case nearly a decade old-- is solved. how police in santa cruz were able to track down a murder suspect-- who had been living in mexico.
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(grant) it was a case that shocked the community of santa cruz almost ten years ago and until now, one of the primary suspects remained at large. (vicki) but tonight, as kron four's rob fladeboe reports, the long arm of the law has reached deep inside mexico to bring him to justice. jeff rosell/santa cruz county county district attorney " ramirez tapia is back here in santa cruz to face what he did back in 2009..." santa cruz county d.a. jeff rosell on thursday announcing the arrest of this man, 32- year-old ivan ramirez tapia in mexico, in connection with the october 2009 murder of 16
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year-old tyler tenorio, of santa cruz.jeff rosell " tapis thought that by fleeing to mexico he could escape the consequences for hisactions but nothing could be further from the truth..." on october 16, 2009, tyler tenorio, a junior at santa cruz high school, was fatally stabbed dring an altercation with several gang members near the 7-eleven at the corner of laurel and chestnut streets. an american citizen, tapia fled to durango, mexico, where he was tracked down with the help of the fbi.bertram farries/f.b.i. "....tapia assaulted one of the federal officers and said he thought he was being kidnapped by the cartel..."besides tapia, three other suspected gang members have been implicated in the case and a fourth suspect is also thought have fled to mexico. the d.a. says law enforcement wont rest until all of those involved in the killing have been brought to justice.jeff rosell/santa cruz county district attorney "....if yo think that international borders can prevent you from being caught you are wrong, you will be brought to justice and that is what just happened to mr.
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tapia..."in santa cruz rob fladeboe kron4news (vicki) (vicki) next at 5:30... a powerful storm moves through the sierra-- leaving several feet of snow. interstate- 80 is back open-- but more snow is on the way. we'll have a live update with the details you need to know if
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you plan on heading up to tahoe this weekend. (grant) and we continue our coverage of the major flooding in the north bay. we'll tell you when people are expected to return home... and show you a dramatic rescue that was caught on our air.
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continuing coverage of our top story tonight... major flooding continues in the north bay-- but there is some relief in sight. (grant) this is video from river road in guerneville --
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you can see the water is almost up to the roofs of businesses. today-- governor gavin newsom declared a state of emergency due to the russian river flooding. the flood waters in sonoma county have started to recede. but the russian river isn't expected to drop below flood stage until early tomorrow morning. people who did not evacuate have been stuck-- and for the most part - the only way out of guerneville has been by boat. but earlier this morning-- kron 4's sara stinson encountered a driver who went around the road blocks and átried to drive through the high water. (grant)


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