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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  February 28, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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is expected to fall below flood stage tomorrow morning. guerneville and dozens of other communities in sonoma county should be accessible to residents by then. but until then, thousands of people are waiting to return home. (ken) kron4's dan thorn is live in forestville tonight with the latest. dan?
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to a record it did. butted tothis actually came up faster than any one we've had before. so it um, where i thought yesterday it would've come up slowly. it was overnight, it came up fast. and this didn't help, it was as high as inside as outside. so i mean now there's just going to be a lot of cleanup.> (ken) with (ken) lot of cleanup.>just going to be a mean now there's outside. so i mean now there's just going to be a lot of cleanup.>
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(ken) with thousands of people forced from their homes.. many are staying at evacuation centers. the center set-up by the red cross in sebastopol... is at capacity tonight.(pam) our justine waldman spent time there today... talking with people who likely lost everything in the flood. natswith very little time to evacuate, ki daniels grabbed what she could and tossed it in her suv.nats the water came into the car and soaked the floor boardsthis is it. some important some paperwork, her manuscript and medications... sot i have the clothes on my back and my vechile and that is what i havevideo from the
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sonoma county sheriff's office, shows how high the water got in monte rio.right now, ki, does not know how bad the damage is at her home there sot my understanding is it is all devesated she is one of 40 people staying at the red cross shelter at the sebastopol center for the arts. here people can eat, sleep and get help...sonoma county is now becoming an expert at caring for disaster victims. sot it gives us an opportunity to demonstrate the resliency of human natureki already lost everything the tubbs fire burned down the home ki was moving into in santa rosa's coffey park.her monte rio home, a place to start over. and she'll be on the move says she will always be sonoma county strong.. neither fire or flood will destroy her spirit.sot think living through 2 deve at this pont you start to learn not to get too attached to material thins i would say the most precious things i have left are my memories.... (ken) many businesses in sebastopol are dealing with a lot of water damage. (pam)
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our grant lodes is here to explain just what those business owners now have to deal with... grantwith... grant memories....are my things i have left are my memories.... (ken) many businesses in sebastopol are dealing with a lot of water damage. (pam) our grant lodes is here to explain just what those business owners now have to deal with... grant (grant) just devastating flooding at the barlows. this is a former warehouse district converted into a collection of stores. and you can just see there is a lot of water covering the area. this resturant here is pumping out water from where it is
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covering the floors. we spoke to a woman who owns an ice cream shop on the other end of the distrcit. the water was very high inside her store. she says they have a collection of what they call flood logs, metal barriers that stack on top of one another. the shop owner says when the water started rising late tuesday night into wednesday morning, there just wasn't enough time install enough of of the flood logs. we talked to her just after she was able to get into her business for the first time to see how it looks. (grant) pretty ruined.>(grant) she did give us this photo of inside, and you can see it's just as she said, there is so much water still inside the
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shop and all the equipment has been thrown around. pam ken? the bay area was happy to see bits of sunshine today but more rain is on the way. lawrence is here with the forecast through the weekend.. lawrence karnow: it was a dry day for the bay area but the flooding conitnues along the russian river. flood waters are expected to recede below flood stage by tomorrow morning. there are only a few showers showing up on doppler radar around the state. we will see mostly cloudy skies
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tonight but it should stay dry. on the satellite you can see the next storm coming our way. most of friday will be dry but rain will return late night. highs tomorrow will be in the 50s tlow 60s. rain will be heavy early saturday morning before turning to showers in the afternoon. we could see a few lingering showers on sunday. more rain is forecast for next tuesday and wednesday.
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(ken) fire (ken) fire
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fighters were continuing their patrols today out on the russian river. they are looking for any hazards or any one who may need help. earlier today kron4's haaziq madyun went out on patrol with forestville fire department and files this report sotthat trailer is just one of the hazards spotted by the forestville fire department boat patrol here in the russian river in the town of forestvillesot forestville fire
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engineer bob gromala talks about the next patrolsotthere was no one in need of help on this patrol. the river recedes fire department they are standing
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by they are forestville haaziq madyun kron4news kron4news (pam) many people who did not evacuate ... got trapped by the water .. and for the most part - the only way out of guerneville has been by boat. earlier on kron four this morning -- our sara stinson encountered a driver who went around the road blocks .. and átried to drive through the high water. here is an excerpt from her live report.. (sara's live shot)(pam) again that was live on
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kron four this morning. the people inside that car are now safe. as many as three- thousand structures have been damaged in the flood, and many people do not know the condition of their homes. (ken) happening now... certain lanes of highway- 37 are still closed tonight because of flooding. the closure is happening between atherton avenue and highway- 101 near novato. eastbound lanes reopened last night-- but the westbound lanes are closed. there is no estimate when they will
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reopen. and the closure is reportedly causing a lot of traffic in the westbound lanes on the richmond - san rafael bridge. (ken) don't forget .... you can stay connected to the weather in your neighborhood with the kron-4 mobile app. you will find full forecasts ... and interactive radar. and you can get push alerts on bay area storms. you can also send in pictures and videos from your neighborhood of the conditions outside. ((ken)) in the east bay... dramatic body camera video released of a violent police happened monday in pittsburg.officers were responding to a domestic incident involving the suspect and his father.police say the man was armed with a knife. we're told after about ten minutes.. officers used a bean bag gun to disable to man. that's when police and a k-9 moved in and dragged the suspect to the ground.during the scuffle.. one officer suffered a minor cut to his neck.the suspect was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, and resisting arrest. (pam) the n-t-s-b has released a preliminary report on the natural gas explosion
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and fire ... on geary boulevard in san francisco earlier this month. the report says, the gas line that was struck by a third party contractor.. ignited in less than 10- seconds. the five employees were able to escape injury because of "audible and visual clues" that indicated they had struck the gas line. at least 4 - buildings suffered serious damage in the resulting explosion and 3 - alarm fire. in order to shut off the gas .. p-g-and-e crews had to turn off six different valves nearby ... and mechanically pinch off the main gas line. last week ... two people have filed a lawsuit against the company which broke the gas line ... saying, they were left homeless by the fire. the n-t-s-b says ... it is continuing to investigate. (ken) for the first time... p-g & e says it will likely be held responsible for causing last novembers camp fire in butte county.(pam) the statement comes in a financial filing to the company investors. kron
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4's dan kerman reports from p-g and- e headquarters.. on what the utility said. in its latest earnings report , pacific gas and electric says "the company believes it is probable that its equipment will be determined to be an ignition point of the 2018 camp fire."november's fire in butte county charred more than 153-thouasnd acres, destroyed nearly 14-thousand homes and killed 86 people.sot i'm surprised that pge admits what we already knewattorney mike danko who represents thousands of camp fire victims says what stands out for him is that in the report p,g and e says it has set aside $10.5 billion for claims from camp fire victimssot mike danko/attorney for fire victims :38if you are a camp fire survivor and you thought i guess i am out of lck becuase pge filed bankruyptcy well this is saying no you are not out of luck, good news, pge has money and it is reserving it just for you. what the report doesn't address is whether negligence played a role in
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the fire.. sot mark toney/the utility reform network :56if they had been spending the money that ratepayers have been giving them for years and years to do what they are suppose to and keep the lines in repair we wouldnt be in this situation but mark toney with pg&e watchdog the utilty reform network says all signs point that way which is why a judge overseeing the company's felony probation in the san bruno gas pipeline case should change the company's managementsot the evidence shows pge needs new leadership and apointing a receiver is a way to get new leadership immediately.standup dan kerman/sf 137the report also indicates pge is more than 2/3 done with enhanced inspections of its power lines and equipment. this must be a different inspection than one proposed by a federal judge, which pge said would be impossible to complete by the beginning of fire season in june. in sf dan kerman kron 4 news. kron 4 news.
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(ken) oakland teachers will be on strike for a seventh day tomorrow... this comes as the teachers union is praising a recent decision made by the oakland school district. the oakland school board canceled a meeting today on making budget cuts. the teachers union says the district did the right thing ... in light of the largely empty classrooms and the on-going negotiations. today marks one week since teachers walked off the job. the majority of students have not crossed the picket lines and are staying out of classrooms. it's not clear if both sides are getting any closer to reaching a deal. (ken) and more teachers in the east bay could soon strike. this is video as teachers walked out of califoia high school in san ramon today. the demonstration happened during the lunch hour-- and did not disrupt classes. teachers also walked out during lunchtime at country club elementary. teachers with the san ramon valley unified school district are currently voting to authorize a strike as contract negotiations are entering their final stage. they are asking for smaller class
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sizes.. and more than a three percent salary increase. (pam investigators believe... the slick roads could have played a factor in a crash ... that killed three family members. it happened on interstate-80 ... not far from the bay bridge toll plaza. just after one -this morning, the family's car crashed into a big- rig stopped on the side of westbound interstate- 80 in oakland. two women and a man died in the crash... a 17 year old was taken to the hospital. police say, the teen is related to the three people who died. police believe speed may have been a factor in the crash, as well as the wet road conditions from the recent stormy weather. (pam) the identity of the victim in last friday's landslide along a beachside cliff ... at san francisco's fort funston... has now been released. 22- year old kyra sunshine scarlet ... was walking with her dog and a friend, when a landslide suddenly occured. her friend, and the dog, both made it out alive -- however, scarlet has yet to be found. originally from florida and
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utah, she had been living in oakley at the time of the incident. her family describes her as a beautiful, sweet and amazing woman... they say, she died in one of her favorite places on earth. (ken) the family of a bay area rapper who was shot and killed by officers-- has filed a lawsuit against the vallejo police department. 20-year-old willie mccoy was killed outside a taco bell drive-thru on admiral callaghan lane earlier this month. civil rights attorney john burris is demanding body camera video be released. he says mccoy was shot 25 times after being startled awake by police. officers say mccoy suddenly began to move and reached for a handgun on his lap. the police department has not yet responded to the lawsuit. (pam) still ahead... a woman found inside a buried car, after the snowstorm hit south lake tahoe... what the police warning to others ... to prevent this from happening again... (ken) and president trump walks away early from the summit with north korea.
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the reason he refused to sign the deal ahead. (pam) plus, find out what experts say is the cause for the recent surge in pedestrain deaths which are climbing across the country.. at rates not seen in 30 years... ♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family. visit
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your favorite restaurants now it doesn't matter dash. where you are. ♪ it doesn't matter what you're hungry for. it doesn't even matter how many you are. ♪ restaurants come to you. delicious at your door. download doordash. first order, no delivery fee. (pam) 4 your health tonight... an alarming new report showing .. the u-s now has the highest number of pedestrian deaths in nearly three- decades.(ken) the increase happening in
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2018 in 25 states and the district of columbia. experts analyzed the numbers across the country and projected that 6,227 pedestrians died in 2018-- the highest number since 1990. j the governors highway safety association says some of the causes behind the increase-- saying bigger vehicles, smartphones and the use of alcohol by drivers and pedestrians play a role. they also advise that the numbers can go down with better infrastructure and more awareness... to make sure pedestrians look up from their phones while walking in the street. (pam) a new study is suggesting a link between prenatal vitamins ... and a lower risk of autism. researchers looked at 241- children... who had older siblings diagnosed with autism. they say, those children have an increased risk of being diagnosed with the disorder the researchers evaluated the children from six- months old.. through age three. they found, just over 14-
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percent of the children whose mothers took prenatal vitamins in the first month of the pregnancy -- developed autism. that's compared with nearly 33-percent of children who developed the disorder, whose mothers did 'not' take the vitamins. while an autism specialist says, the study is important ... she cautioned that it is a small study ... and the results may not translate to the general population. (pam) coming up... another airline is ready to fly you to paradise... and travelers are hoping to find the "aloha spirit" in the ticket prices. (ken) plus... there's a new effort to help people suffering from last year's devastating hurricanes. we explain how senators are stepping up to get money to families in need. (lawrence)ten at ten
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(pam) we continue to track the flooding... across much of the north bay. (ken) those who decided not to evacuate have been trapped inside their homes. kron 4's philippe djegal spoke to one man who decided not to evacuate. (philippe)even simple errands outside his house require brad use a canoe in waters now covering his driveway. brad/neighbor- "it'll probably be another 24, 48 hours. uh, at least i slept last night, so that was good because of the adult beverages that helped me sleep. it's a lot of mess."brad lives on trenton road at covey road in least one driver who ignored the road closure sign got stuck in flood waters.brad's fence partially destroyed...and, debris is scattered across the
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roadway.brad/neighbor- "structurally, we built the house with the siding so that it would withstand a flood. so, we had the flood in 2005, and it wasn't this bad. if you look at the water now, um, this probably just up to the, right to the road and this time it was all the way." fortunately, through the afternoon, the water continued to steadily receed.allowing brad to start thinkingbout how he's going to recover from all of this.brad/neighbor- "gotta go get the gloves and start picking stuff up -- you don't want to go get in this water -- gasoline, chemicals." although he doesn't have hot water -- he still has forestville, philippe djegal, kron four news. we are getting close to the weekend and people are concerned about more rain in the forecast.. lawrence is here with the weather details. lawrence karnow: it was a dry day for the bay area but the
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flooding conitnues along the russian river. flood waters are expected to recede below flood stage by tomorrow morning. there are only a few showers showing up on doppler radar around the state. we will see mostly cloudy skies tonight but it should stay dry. on the satellite you can see the next storm coming our way. most of friday will be dry but rain will return late night. highs tomorrow will be in the 50s to low 60s. rain will be heavy early saturday morning before turning to showers in the afternoon. we could see a few lingering showers on sunday. more rain is forecast for next tuesday and wednesday.
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(ken) these latest storms are bringing so much snow to the sierra... that it's just piling on top of one another... so much so that its completely burying cars underneath... and as reporter eric rucker explains one woman found inside buried car after a snowstorm hit south lake tahoe.... sot'weúre glad that this didnút end in a tragedy like it could have'its a story that happened in south lake tahoe - but it comes with a warning to anyone in a car where its snowing.sot'we are very fortunate, as is she, that we bumped into her car'this precautionary tale is from february 17th.after wandering around the casinos a 48- year-old homeless woman gets into a friend's car along cedar avenue near state-line. during a snow storm the woman falls asleep in the car.over the next five hours, or possibly more - a combination of fresh snow and snow that was being plowed buried her
10:33 pm 8:35 that morning a public works plow truck made contact with the car, but it would take a bit longer before crews knew that car wasnút empty.sotsuper: david stevenson, lt sltpd' the public works department and the police officers grab shovels and started digging out the driver's side and then once the woman put her hand on the glass startled them then you know everybody started digging like they had a purpose.'the woman would tell officials she was trapped, but after being rescued was otherwise ok - even denying medical help.during a snow storm there is no street parking within city limits.the car the woman was in was going to be towed when she was discovered. (pam) the snow pack in the sierra is well above sierra is well pack in the the snow (pam) discovered. scovered. (pam) the snow pack in the sierra is well above average... state water officials confirmed the figures today .. there are mountains of snow piling up, towering over some of the cars... and there is nowhere to put it... this is
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happening after a month full of snow storms, which made for a record.. smashing previous snow surveys. the snow pack at 153 -percent of average ... and there is a snow depth of 113 -inches. but while the state's drought conditions improved significantly this month... experts say, this snow pack could pose a potential flooding threat ..(pam) it has stormed so much that collecting some of this
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month's data will take longer than usual. and more snow is on the way this weekend. the next survey is in the beginning of april. (ken) all this snow is good news for skiers and snowboarders... this year heavenly, northstar, and kirkwood resorts are going to extend their ski season due the record breaking amounts of snow falling in the sierra. heavenly mountain resort will extend their season through april 28th plus 3-day-weekend may 3-5 northstar is extending their season to april 21st. and kirkwood mountain resort season has been extended to april 14, 2019, with an additional 3- day-weekend april 19 through 21. (ken) in national news... florida lawmakers are calling on congress to move faster in approving disaster relief package. (pam) it is a 13- billion dollar request that some day hurricane micahel victims desperately needs. our grant lodes is here with the details. (grant) it's been nearly 5 it's been nearly
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5 months since hurricane michael devasted florida's panhandle region. and congress has not yet taken action to address the state's recovery needs. but florida senator rick scott says help is on the way. he's joined a bi-partisan effort in the senate to spent 13 billlion dollars on disaster recovery. scott says the money will help re-build critical infrastucture including tyndall air force base. the bill addresses diaster relief not just in florida.. but all across the southeast. lawmakers say the money would also go to alabama, georgia, and the carolinas... all areas impacted by severe weather last year. georgia senator david perdue says georgia farmers, especially in smaller communities, are desparate for help. (grant)
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the bill also includes money to help puerto rico's long term recovery. (grant) hurricane maria struck the island in 2017... causing billions in damage... and leaving roughly three thousand people dead. (pam) communities around the country are dealing with water contamination issues ... now lawmakers in washington have introduced a bill, that aims to provide tens of billions of dollars... to ensure americans have access to clean and safe drinking water. the proposed bill would provide 35 billion dollars a year in water infrastructure funding... for projects like replacing leaching pipes in schools and communities. thats about 5-percent of the military budget... and according to representative ro khanna thats what it would take to make sure every american has clean drinking water. rep. dan kildee /d-miin the kind of crisis that no community should ever have to go through. part of the reason for that is the failure of this country to invest its
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water infra>(pam) the bill would also work to update wells and septic systems in rural areas. supporters say the plan would create up to one million new jobs. (ken) president trump has returned to the u-s after the second summit with north korean leader kim jong un ended early. the president said neither leader stormed away angry.. but in his case, he had to walk away rather than make a bad deal. karin caifa has the latest. president donald trump: i think actually it was a very productive two days. but sometimes you have to walk.the second summit between the two leaders in less than a year still aimed at convincing north korean leader kim jong un to abandon his nuclear advisers to the president were said to have warned him that the north koreans would be unyielding on the topic of the sanctions that severely restrict their trade.the president thought he could make more progress face to face with kim but in the
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end, said he didn't want to make a bad deal.president donald trump: they wanted the sanctions lifted in their entirety, and we couldn't do that. they were willing to denuke a large portion of the areas that we wanted. but we couldn't give up all of the sanctions for that.there is no third summit set. secretary of state mike pompeo said both sides need some time to regroup but the summit and weeks of work by each side ahead of it showed some signs of progress.mike pompeo / secretary of state: we made real progress. and indeed, we made even more progress when the two leaders say down over the last 24, 36 hours. unfortunately, we didn''t get all the way. we didn't get to something that ultimately made sense for the united states of america.president trump spoke with japanese prime minister shinzo abe and south korean president moon jae-in after leaving the summit. both urged continued washington, i'm karin caifa. (ken) during his press conference last night, president trump says he does not hold kim jong un responsible for otto warmbier's death. warmbier is the american student who was imprisoned for more than a year in north korea... then died shortly
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after returning to the u-s in a coma. trump says he spoke to kim about the matter privately, and he believes the leader did not know about warmbiers treatment.
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up for the warmbier family saying quote "americans know the cruelty that was placed on otto warmbier by the north korean regime. our hearts are with the warmbier family for their strength and courage. we will never forget otto." (pam) president trumps former attorney michael cohen.... was back on the hot seat on capitol hill today. this time, he testified behind closed doors.. before another u-s house committee. house intelligence chairman adam schiff, from california said, his committee would focus on finding out more about the president's potential criminal conduct. the committee wants to examine cohen's claims ... that donald trump junior.. told his father about the meeting with the russians at trump tower... before it happened in june 2016. as well as claims that roger stone informed the president... that wikileaks was about to expose emails from the clinton campaign. cohen showed lawmakers, what he said were two reimbursment checks, one signed by the president. committee chairman schiff says, overall cohen is helping their investigation.
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california: "i think we all feel it was a very productive interview today, um where he was able to shed light on a lot of issues that are very core to our investigation, and we were able to drill down in great detail.">(pam) representative schiff announced today that cohen will return to capitol hill next wednesday to finish his testimony. (ken) still ahead... a rare comic book is returned to the store it was stolen from over the weekend when thieves struck twice. we hear from the stores owner who's hoping to get all his merchandise back. (sports) and in sports, last night it was dwyane wade's magical buzzer-beater... tonight, it was the orlando magic giving the warriors problems. we'll have the highlights. and also, major upset tonight in berkeley. a look at a wild night in college hoops.
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there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, the sound of an old friend's laugh, or a view that defies all expectations. these are the memories that stay with you, long after the moments have passed. (pam) once stolen... now
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found. a stolen 14- hundred dollar comic book is now back with its owner in modesto. (ken)2 shot this... just days after invincible comics was burglarized not once, but twice over the weekend. reporter kay recede explains how the collectible made its way back home. the rare 14-hundred dollar amazing spider man comic is now back in sean beck's store for the self-proclaimed "geek"... it's a relief and some justice.(sean beck, owner, invincible comics)"i know it's just a book but it's so much more than that, it's a violation."as fox40 reported monday burglars struck modesto's invincible comics twice over the weekend. helping themselves to sweaters, hats and bagging thousands of dollars worth of comic books(nats)"scooby and shaggy are teaming up with
10:46 pm
black lightning? (violet shakes her head)"which saddened beck and his customers. (romy gutierrez, customer)"it's sad to know that a friend had been taken advantage of like that."beck says many people from all over the world have helped him some helped him track down this stolen comic(beck)"i've notified ebay that this item is stolen."as well as the amazing spiderman - which was the priciest book that was taken.(beck)"really, really sweet seeing our geek community gather together."he says a friend who is also a retired police officer scheduled to meet the spiderman seller(beck)"as much as i love comic book characters and vigilante justice, i don't want anybody getting hurt."he says his friend me with the sellers in a public area.(beck)"they got a little nervous, he confronted them about this being a stolen book and they took off."beck shared this video with us -- he says the suspects drove off in this white mustang giving his friend a chance to grab their license plate- but not before leaving beck's book.(romy)"it gives me hope that he'll at least get most of them back, if not all of them."(kay recede)"sean now plans to add even more security to features to invincible comics to make sure that the store is safe as well as his costumers."as for the he says just like all his costumers -- there's no ill will -- only love.(beck)"start clean, start a new slate i'd be more than happy to meet with them and pray with them." (nats)"say thank you, sean. thank you, sean. you're welcome, sweetie."in modesto kay recede
10:47 pm
(ken) that was kay recede reporting. officers are still on the look out for the suspected burglars (pam) you will soon be able to catch a flight to hawaii -- from the bay area ... on a southwest airlines plane. the f-a-a announced, it has approved the low cost carrier .... beginning flights to the islands. the cities southwest will fly from are san jose, oakland, sacramento, and san diego. that means cheaper flights to honolulu, maui, and kauai .... not only on southwest... but on all carriers...
10:48 pm
because of the increase in competition. (pam) southwest says, it plans to announce in the coming days.. when tickets will officially go on sale .... so far, the 2nd half has been a slow grind for the warriors. going into tonight, they've lost 3 of their last 5, and against the magic, a bay area native gave the champs some problems. golden state in orlando. no kevin durant in the lineup because of rest --steph curry going to work.. 2nd half, warriors trailed by 9... but came back.
10:49 pm
the mvp....dials one from downtown... golden state up 11 heading into the 4th. --but down the stretch, the magic were too much. less than 2-minutes to go...warriors up 2. aaron gordon...san jose's own... knocks down a go-ahead 3. --and the warriors couldn't find a way. they need to get a stop in the final seconds.. what a performance from the mitty alum with 22-points and 15- boards. --warriors fa 103-96... they've lost 4 of their last 6. up next 76ers on saturday. --now to the college ranks, cal and the washington huskies. golden bears have lost conference wins. u-dub looking for a pac-12 regular seaosn title. -final minutes of the 2nd half.. tie game-- connor vanover, with the sweet bucket... gives cal a 2-point lead. --we are smelling upset.. huskies down 3, last play of the game... david crisp, no good. --cal wins for the first time since december.... 76-73... and the madness gets an early start. ---now to the farm,
10:50 pm
cardinal hosting washington state. only 8 cougars suited up and stanford with no problems at alll.. they led 52-15 at the half... kz okpala, the star of the show, 22-points on 8 boards. cardinal roll by nearly 50 in our other top story-- the giants miss out on the bryce harper sweepstakes. the former mvp has agreed to a record deal with the phillies. the 26-year-old superstar going to philadelphia on a 13-year contract, worth 330- million-dollars.. the largest deal in north american sports history. and both sides are fully committed to this long term... as there are no opt-outs... and there is a no-trade clause. reports say he wanted the largest contract possible... and the giants tried, offering 12-years for 310- million. but in the end, harper is staying in the n-l east. moving over to the nfl-- both the 49ers and raiders busy in indianapolis this week scouting future players at the combine. but this week, we at kron4 were able to catch up with some nfl legends. ed white, kellen winslow, dick
10:51 pm
butkus, john riggins, and mike haynes recently joined us in studio... on behalf of the organization-- fairness for athletes in retirement. they are speaking out for about 4,000 players who retired before 1993... and seeking benefits that are on par with other professional leagues and modern day players. --we'll be airing snippets of these interviews throughout the week and you can see them in their on bay area sportsnight, available only on the kron-on app. white and winslow, shining a light on their organization's mission "my offensive line, we had a reunion five years ago. three quarters of the offensive line had dementia, parkinson's or alzheimer's. and it was like 'whoa.'" "the thing that we really we want to focus on is that this is something that's been going on for a long time in collective bargaining agreements between the players union and the nfl. what we're asking the union to do is to step up and to stay true to promises that have been made in the past, to really take a look at pension equity and to address it." and finally tonight,
10:52 pm
speaking of nfl greats, a former player is ready to become a current player once again. jason witten-- the all-pro tight end who just retired a year ago and worked as a commentator for monday night football... is stepping out of the booth to re-join the dallas cowboys. reports say it's a one-year deal worth 3.5-million dollars. it will be his 16th season with the franchise.. and in that time the 36-year-old has become the team's leader in receptions, receiving yards.
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♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app, jason wu could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while putting on a runway show for new york fashion week. ♪ ♪ he could. or, he could make it even easier - and set up recurring payments to his neighbor. for cat sitting. (meow) whoa. you've groomed her, too. (cell phone vibrating) and now she's ready for the catwalk. life, lived jason's way. chase. make more of what's yours. (pam) a happy surprise for
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a couple of boys in southern california. they did not know their marine dad was coming home ... but he popped out and surprised them at their local y-m-c-a. he has been serving overseas with combat team from camp pendleton. it is his sixth deployment. he even missed his newest son's first birthday in december. so the boys thought dad would not be home for some time.
10:56 pm
months longer so we could surprise them."hayden nieznanski/son"really surprised, 'cause at first, i just saw like his uniform and i thought it was just like a random marine walking in. and then i looked up and i saw his face."natsot/reporter"to have your dad home a little bit early, what does that mean to you?"hayden nieznanski/son"a lot">(pam) one of the boys says, his goal is to play legos and fortnite with his dad while he is home ... lawrence karnow: it was a dry day for the bay area but the flooding conitnues along the russian river. flood waters are expected to recede below flood stage by tomorrow morning. there are only a few showers showing up on doppler radar around the state. we will see mostly cloudy skies tonight but it should stay dry. on the satellite you can see the next storm coming our way. most of friday will be dry but rain will return late night. highs tomorrow will be in the 50s to low 60s. rain will be heavy early saturday morning before turning to showers in the afternoon. we could see a few lingering showers on sunday. more rain is forecast for next tuesday and wednesday.
10:57 pm
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and i need to know if that'll make anybody uncomfortable. and it's okay if it does. believe me, this stuff makes me feel wiggly. that's what my mom used to call it: wiggly-toes. this is a simple matter of contract law. i'm sorry to refute the sexual tease of my opposing counsel, but really what i need to know is: can you judge my client, an independent business owner, fairly? sex outside of marriage... sex with more than one person... sexual bondage... i'm sorry. i just... i keep imagining my parents listening to this. man: sure, i could be fair. we business people all struggle with the same things more or less. it doesn't matter if it's sex


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