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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  March 1, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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(grant) a historic day in the east bay... teachers declaring victory... as they reach a tenative agreement with the school district-- ending seven day strike.... (grant) thanks for joining us im grant lodes...(vicki) and im vicki livakis... the agreement ... which awaits final ratification by the union membership ... includes an 11-percent salary raise, reduces class sizes ... and lays the closure of several oakland schools. kron4's gayle ong is in oakland with details on what was said today? (gayle) after seven days on the picket lines,the oakland teacher's strike is over...the district and the union both announcing friday afternoon, the two sides have reached a tentative 11 percent salary increase plus a one time 3 percent bonus for educators.
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educators have been working without a contract since 20-17, according to the union, the starting salary of an oakland teacher is 46-thousand-dollars, higher, livable wages, smaller classroom sizes and more resources were the top reasons for the strike...the teacher's union was seeking a 12 percent pay raise over three years..the new offer - a staggering 7 percent increase..from the district's original offer..district superintendent kyla trammell has expressed the district is in a structural deficit and while the offer is under the district's limit,the money will come from budget cuts..
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(vicki) breaking news tonight...another bay area teachers contract battle... oakland teachers - not the only ones leaving the classroom for the picket lines... within the last hour... the teachers in the san ramon valley unified school district have voted to authorize a strike... as
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their contract negotiations are entering their final stage. the teachers started voting on monday... the vote will give their union the power to eventually call a strike... if they don't reach a deal in the near future. the teachers want a pay raise, but they also want smaller classes and more school nurses .. things which they say will help not just them but more importantly, the students... the san ramon valley education association releasing this video tonight...(vicki) both sides are hoping to avoid a strike ... but the teachers say, if there is no deal in place, they could be out of the classrooms and on the picket lines as early as april. (grant) another big story tonight.... in the north bay today, officials in sonoma county lifted evacaution orders for areas that had been flooded. that's good news for the people who live and work in guernville along the russian river... now get back into town to begin the clean-up. still swollen, the river is finally below
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flood stage. now, peple are eturning to find a lot of mud, mildew, debris, tree branches, and damage to the lower levels of many buidldngs. downtown guernville sits a little higher than some other parts of town so it was spared the worst of the damage. (grant)start again.>(grant) officials are also asking that anyone who doesn't have a reason to be in guerneville to stay clear for the time being. they want to give residents a chance to clean up first. (vicki) our team coverage on the flooding continues now with kron four's philippe djegal. he was there when guerneville re-opened... and people started assessing what they've lost.
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(vicki) it was a cloudy, grey day across the bay... (grant) joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... with what we can expect for the weekend lawrence karnow: it was mostly dry today with cloudy skies. but a storm is headed our way and will bring more rain tonight. you can see it on the doppler radar. so far it's only a few light shower but rain will become heavy overnight. tomorrow rain will turn to showers with highs in the 50s to low 60s. scattered showers are possible on sunday too. a larger storm is headed toward the bay area next tuesday and wednesday of next week. (vicki) don't forget .... you can
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stay connected to the weather in your neighborhood with the kron-4 mobile app. you will find full forecasts ... and interactive radar. and you can get push alerts on bay area storms. (grant) a fight caught on camera - is sending shock waves throught the sports and beyond.. it involves one of the most charitable and prominent couples in the bay area. the video shows san francisco giants ceo larry baer and his wife pam, getting in an altercation in a public park in the city. tmz obtained the video .. and it's obtained the tmz the city. tmz obtained the video .. and it's now trending on websites all over the world. kron 4's justine waldman has the video.. and the explainations and apologies, which are coming in fast. giants ceo larry baer is
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saying sorry for what happened inside this sf park.a witness tells me he had to intervene. "omg!"the video shows giants ceo larry baer grabbing what looks to be a cell phone out of his wife, pam, hands. he then steps over her as she screams, "oh my god, no, help!" then baer walks away.this happened today just before noon at the plaza in hayes valley.san francisco police are involved. i saw a few officers here talking to witnesses and are witness tells me the couple was here having coffee.. and were in what looked like an intense conversation for about 20 minutes." he was having a hard time and didn't want to talk about it.. she wanted to see his phone and at some point got his phone and then he grabbed at her. i ran over and pulled him off and when he felt us he stopped and that is when it ended and then she left and he left. they were fighting over the phone. he did not hit her not that i saw his actions caused her to fall off the the chair.larry baer and his wife have put out a statement..."regrettably today we had a heated argument in
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public over a family matter. we are deeply embarrassed by the situation and have resolved the issue."and a second statement saying sorry for hurting his family.major league baseball, which has a strict domestic violence policy, also issued a statement saying the league "is aware of the incident and, just like any other situation like this, will immediately begin to gather the san francisco justine waldman kron 4 news. (grant) pam baer had released a
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joint statement with her husband this afternoon... but this one tonight was released thought her attorney:. she says, quote - "i would like to clarify the events of today. my husband and i had an argument in public ... about which we are quite embarrassed. i took his cell phone. he wanted it back ... and i did not want to give it back. i started to get up and the chair i was sitting in.. began to tip. due to an injury i sustained in my foot three- days ago, i lost my balance. i did not sustain any injury based on what happened today. larry and i always have been and still are happily married." (vicki) an arrest has been made stemming from a violent altercation that was caught on camera at u.c. berkeley's sproul plaza last week. this video ... captured by a student... shows the political argument that
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turned violent. the man in the black t-shirt --- identified as zachary greenberg -- is seen shoving a conservative activist and grabbing at their cellphone. police say, after a brief face to face confrontation, greenberg is seen punching the other man in the face... u-c police arrested and booked greenberg into jail this afternoon. they say, they will now present the case to the alameda county district attrney's office for the possible filing of criminal charges. (grant) there will be ánoá criminal charges filed against five san mateo county deputies involved in a deadly tasing incident. kron4's haaziq madyun has new video of the incident - and reaction from the family of the unarmed man who was killed. there will be no criminal charges against five san mateo county deputies involved in the october 3 2018 physical altercation and deadly tasing of 36-year-old chinedu okobi. okobi was tased 4 separate times during the incident. he
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was later pronounced dead at the scene. this video compilation is a part of the report concluding the investigation by san mateo county distict attorney's officesot
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was the police that initiated the contact with him and he responded, leave me alone i haven't done anything">okobi who suffered from mental illness failed to submit to a lawful order to stop walking according to the d.a.'s office. the report concludes the actions that followed were reasonable sotthe family's attorney is now preparing a civil claim against san mateo county sheriff's office...haaziq madyun kron4news (vicki) in world news... the family of otto warmbier
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has issued a sharp rebuke of president trump -- (grant) this after his shocking public defense of dictator kim jong un in the brutal mistreatment and death of their son. and as reporter brian todd explains the family really didn't hold back. analysts called it a low point.. in an already-dismal news conference...pres. donald trump (no font necessary): "he tells me that he didn't know about it and i will take him at his word."the president saying he supported north korean dictator kim jong un's stance, that kim didn't know of american college student otto warmbier's deteriorating condition in a north korean prison.pres. donald trump (no font necessary): "i don't think the top leadership knew about it. i don't believe that he would have allowed that to happen."tonight that statement is receiving a stinging rebuke from warmbier's parents.fred and cindy warmbier, saying they'd not spoken during the summit, out of respect-- but now, could hold back no longer. in a statement saying quote, "kim and his evil regime are responsible for the death of our son otto... no excuses or lavish praise can change that." robert king/former u.s. special envoy to n.korea for
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human rights: "for them, this is a horrible situation to go through. and i can understand their concern about what was said."otto warmbier, a student at the university of virginia, was arrested forallegedly stealing a political sign- during his tour of pyongyang in early-2016..during what was widely seen as a show trial, he wept.-nats-warmbier was sentenced to 15-years of hard labor.a year-and-a-half later, north korean diplomats abruptly asked for a meeting with their u-s counterparts.. and told them the young american was in a coma. warmbier was quickly evacuated-- and died just a couple of days after returning home.ump initially attacked kim and his regime for the death.pres. donald trump (no font necessary): "we need only look at the depraved character of the north korean regime." and he embraced warmier's parents, even inviting them to the state of the union address. pres. donald trump (no font necessary): "you are powerful witnesses to a menace that threatens our world and your strength inspires us all." analysts said that seemed to be a far cry from his comments this week.pres. donald trump (no font necessary): "he felt badly about it."tonight, facing backlash from the family, the president took to
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twitter... saying he had been "misinterpreted" on thursday. quote: "of course i hold north korea responsible... for otto's mistreatment and death. most important, otto warmbier will not have died in vain... i love otto and think of him often!"kellyanne conway/adviser to president trump: "what the president is saying there is no indication that chairman kim knew what happened to otto warmbier when it happened."but that seems improbable, experts say-- because after his death, doctors who examined otto warmbier said they believed he'd been in a vegetative state for 14-months, before being sent home.voice of brian todd:"if he's in a vegetative state for 14-months, does kim not know about it at all during that time?robert king/former special envoy to n.korea for human right: "kim would have known as soon as they had determined that this was something that wasn't reversible. he would have known immediately."so why would president trump say he believed kim?analysts say it could have been for pure political expediency.marcus noland/peterson institute for international economics: "human rights groups have not been given much access to the administration, which is clearly prioritizing the nuclear negotiations and thinking that human rights issues may get in the way." (vicki) the warmbier family was
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recently awarded more than 500- million dollars in a wrongful death lawsuit against the north korean regime.(grant) but experts say it's not likely they will collect much if any of that... what could happen, experts say- is the warmbier case could be used as leverage with the north koreans, in negotiations over the lifting of sanctions. (vicki) president trump and north korean leader kim jong un did not reach an agreement on denuclearizati on... but that isn't stopping a scaled back u-s military initiative on the korean peninsula. in the next few days... u-s and south korean leaders are expected to announce smaller training exercises. the annual foal eagle and key resolve exercises are schedueld for this spring. but instead of large-scale training...
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they will be trimmed down to smaller units and even virtual exercises. defense officials say the changes should not impact prepardness. (grant) paul manafort's attorneys are asking a judge to go easy on him in his upcoming sentencing. their court filing today said president trump's former campaign manager is truly remorseful. the attorneys also reminded the judge in virginia that manafort's crimes are un-related to the russian election meddling. manafort is set to be sentenced on thursday for financial crimes in virginia. but just days later, he'll face a separate sentencing for pleading guilty to conspiracy and witness tampering in washington. manafort could get more than 24-years in prison on the virginia charges alone. (grant) governor gavin newsom met with reporters for the first time .... since the federal government decided to cancel funding for the high speed rail project.(vicki) our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has details on what he had to say about the troubled plan... moving forward. ((pkg)) "the irony is not lost
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on me"governor gavin newsom says the state is going to prove it's holding up its federal agreement for the high speed rail."in essence what i said only reinforced what we need to do legally under the grant which is focus on the central valley, the federal regulations require that focus."((nats--)) the governor spent friday morning reading to children at an elementary school in sacramento. he encouraged kids to never give up...later with reporters he made it clear he's not giving up on the rail project or its federal money... the governor confirmed the state is putting together a detailed response to the federal rail road administration to avoid losing 3.5 billion dollars for the project. the fra decided to cancel the money after the governor announced immediate plans for the project would only include a segment from bakersfield to modesto."that's why they'll see very well that what we're doing is consistent with the regulations and rules and that's why we made the decision we made going forward." newsom spent part of this week in washington d.c. he says he had conversations with the trump administration and lawmakers clarifying the plan and agreement. "it was an infamous vote. that you had to focus on the central valley. that's what we're doing, we're doubling down on that, and that's why i'm sort of
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perplexed by the administration's response and that's why i think it's purely political."that recent visit to d.c. didn't change the governor's mind about president trump. he maintains he thinks the administration is bullying california, citing the states dozens of lawsuits against the federal government. tag. (grant) ahead at nine.... from professional to pee-wee, football leagues are making changes to protect players... what kids on the grid-iron will no longer be able to do. (vicki) plus... two daycare worker accused of child abuse after disturbing video shows her throwing a toddler in a classroom... we'll show you the woman's
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reaction as she was gettting arrested... (grant) and up next... how wells fargo is trying to settle the fake account scandal... (lawrence) weather tease [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, you!
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delicious at your door. download doordash. first order, no delivery fee. alright,yeah!excited? waaahoo... well... that was fun, right? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines. (vicki) 4 your money tonight... wells fargo is in talks with federal officials to settle two investigations connected to the bank's infamous fake-accounts scandal. (grant) the department of
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justice and the securities and exchange commission are investigating... after wells fargo admitted in 2016 that workers opened millions of fake bank and credit card accounts. a potential settlement could help the bank turn the page on its legal troubles. right now-- the resolution discussions are only in the preliminary or exploratory stage. wells fargo says there are no assurances that negotiations will be successful. the workers claimed the fraud was to meet wildly unrealistic sales goals. wells fargo went on to fire 53-hundred employees over several years. (vicki) ahead at nine... the debate over medicare for all-- is it a human right... or socialism?... the latest proposal in the u-s senate. (grant) plus... a man shot and killed... and police are still looking for the shooter.... tonight we hear from concerned (vicki) and up next... a big problem at the newest addition to san francisco's
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skyline. details on the cracks that were found in the salesforce tower.
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cracks have been discovered in the windows of another downtown san francisco high rise.(grant) this time, it is not the troubled millennium tower, but its next door neighbor - the salesforce tower... the tallest building in the west .. kron 4's dan kerman is at the salesforce tower with more.
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first there were cracked exterior windows in the millennium tower, then cracked beams in the salesforce transit center, and now two pieces of interior glass have cracked at the salesforce tower one on fthe 12th floor the other on the 14th.sot bill strawn/s.f. dept. of building inspection :16its not uncommon in tall buildings for windows have cracks and have to be replacedbill strawn with the san francisco department of building inspection says a reporter notified the city about the crack, and a building inspector has now been briefed by the property owner but the city is not conducting its own investigationsotwe wouldnt get invovled unless as a result of the investigation boston properties is doing may want to make our engineers take a closer look but now we are expecting it to be a standard buidling maintenance item. the cracked pieces of glass were discovered on the 19th and 21st of february. in a statement the building owner boston properties says "we acted immediately to retain top glass safety consultants to help us determine the cause of these isolated failures and to take all necessary preventative steps."no determination on the cause but city officials say they will continue to monitor the building owners investigation standup dan kerman/sf 121 becuase they are interior pieces of glass no concern for anything falling on the sidewalk. both pieces of glass expected to be replaced sometime this month. at the salesforce tower, dan kerman kron 4 news.
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(vicki) in the south bay... police released a sketch of the man they say attacked a woman in mountain view. investigators say this man attacked a runner on the stevens creek trail monday night. the victim says he introduced himself as "jerry"... before he attacked her... and also spoke with a caribbean accent. police say he may also have bite marks on either a hand or a forearm after the woman tried to defend herself. the victim was treated for serious injuries to her face, but is expected to be ok.
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(grant) a heads up for drivers in the east bay... the posey tube, a tunnel from alameda to oakland, will be closed again tonight for repairs... the tunnel will be closed to traffic from 10 p-m to 4:30 saturday morning... crews will be replacing sump pumps. caltrans officials say there are detour signs in the area if people need them. (grant) a man shot and killed... and police are still looking for the shooter.... tonight we are learning more the victim killed.... (vicki) report kristi gross spoke to neighbors in the area who are on edge... a piece of yellow crime scene tape, still tied to a fence- now marks the spot of a deadly shooting in a lodi neighborhood. lodi police say a 34 year-old man was shot in the head- near east vine street and stockton street around 10 o'clock wednesday night.the family has identified the victim to fox40 as rafel morfin. a neighbors who didn't wan t to be identified, sayshe was upset
9:33 pm
when he lerned what happened. i don't like it. i don't know what it's about. i hope they get the guy. he says he was at work- but his wife was home and got a call from other neighbors to take cover for her life when gunfire erupted. they called her up and they told her get down those are gunshots well that's what she did. then she peaked out and there was cops everywhere. morfin, and/or the victim was rushed to an area hospital in critical condition but later died thursday night. investigators don't believe the shooting was random but say they're still working to uncover a motive.neighbors say they want who is responsible brought to justice. i hope they get him. you know. we don't need that. (vicki) that was kristi gross reporting....(grant) detectives are asking anyone with information to contact police or the lodi area crime- stoppers. (vicki) the woodland police deparment has been searching for the person or people behind a series of fires since the beginning of the year. the fires are typically set during the night. so far the fire department has repsonded to 15 fires over two months, but the aren't massive fires with a lot of damage. four
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parked cars have been set on fire, only one sustained serious damage... the rest of the fires have been dumpsters, shurbs and small trees. while the fires have been minor, police are worried the arson may continue.
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reports ... oppenents call the bill socialist nonsense. . everybody in, nobody out democrats this week unveiled their latest effort to revamp america's healthcare system. congresswoman pramila jayapal of washington says her medicare for all bill will literally cover everyone for everything....including vision, dental, mental health and more... we will cover disability care for the first time in the history of the country in this bill. no other bill has that. this one does. jayapal says under the medicare for all, americans would have no co-pays, premiums, or deductibiles. deductibiles. premiums, or deductibiles. but the proposal has republican lawmakers worried about the financial impact it could have on taxpayers. vice president mike pence attacked the plan. he fears it pushes the nation toward socialism. what medicare for all really means is quality health care for none//more taxes, more spending, more government and less freedom republican congressman john joyce of
9:36 pm
pennsylvania is a medical doctor people aren't looking for taxes to be increased to fund a pie in the sky plan. joyce says healthcare is the reason he ran for office, and he has a different approach. association health plans which are something that are affordable, allow people to have low deductibles importantly cover pre-existing conditions and allow people to use the pharmacy in their community. congressman joyce says america just cannot afford a medicare for all health plan. in washington. morgan wright. (lawrence bay area weather) (grant) plus... a person infected with the measles virus travels to a popular airport... and authorities are now warning many travelers could have been explosed.... (sports tease) just ahead in sports, statements from both larry and pam baer...on today's public dispute caught on camera. (vicki) kron 4 is making a major change in the way we bring you the news. we have launched the bay area's only ... commercial - free
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starting tonight with troubling news at the top of the giants organization-- ceo larry baer involved in an altercation with his wife... caught on camera. it's a story we brought you at the top of the newscast. this video from tmz sports shows an argument between baer and his wife a hayes valley park around noon. as baer is seen trying to grab his cell phone out of her hands, she fell to the ground screaming-- 'oh my god help!" he then walks away from the scene telling her to stop. there were several witnesses in the area... and police are investigating and earlier tonight, pam baer released a statement saying she'd like to clarify the events of today it reads quote-- "my husband and i had an argument in public about which we are quite embarrassed. i took his cellphone. he wanted it back and i did not want to give it back. i started to get up and the chair i was sitting in began to tip. due to an injury i sustained in my foot three days ago, i lost my balance. i did not sustain any injury
9:41 pm
based on what happened today. larry and i always have been and still are happily married." this evening, larry sent out his own statement--- "i am truly sorry for the pain that i have brought to my wife, children and to the organization. it is not reflective of the kind of a person that i aspire to be, but it happened and i will do whatever it takes to make sure that i never behave in such an inappropriate manner again." major league major league baseball has also responded... saying it is aware of incident... and will have no further comment until this process is completed. in other news, something to look forward to this weekend... the warriors in philadelphia facing the 76ers... a matchup we could potentially see in june. the champs haven't looked as dominant lately... losing 4 of their last 6 games, consecutive losses for the first time since december after falling to miami and orlando. sixers beat golden state a few weeks ago at oracle... but a key note for tomorrow-- all star philly center joel embiid won't be playig. and we want to mention, kron4 has got you covered on the champs. jason
9:42 pm
dumas and kate rooney...leadin g the charge for the kron4- hoop session. it's our weekly show dedicated to the warriors....and the top basketball stories throughout the bay area. join us saturday night at 11, just after the 10-o-clock news. the kron4 hoop session, right here on kron4. coming up on kron4 sports at 10, the sharkies back at the tank the avalanche. full highlights from san jose. until then, more news after the break. [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, you! the one with the designer dog collar. wondering how i upgraded to this sweet pad? a 1,200-square-foot bathroom, and my very own spa. all i had to do was give my human "the look". with wells fargo's 3% down payment on a fixed-rate loan and a simpler online application, getting into my dream home was easier than ever. get your human to visit what would she do without me?
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even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit
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missouri.... two daycare workers are accused of child abuse. the investigation includes video showing one employee throwing a child across a room. and in another incident, police say a child suffered a broken skull. reporter venton blandin reports... and we want to warn you.... the video in this next story is difficult to watch. incidents like this at one daycare now have the st. louis county prosecutor involved. kierra graham/ victim's mother: "i am just glad they were able to do their investigation thoroughly and that they found out the information and evidence was true."news4 broke the story -- earlier this month -- when kierra graham told investigators a teacher at pine lawn's brighter daycare tossed her 4-year-old daughter like a doll.major ron martin/ north county police cooperative:"a picture is worth a thousand words. the video is worth about a million words. it is heart-breaking. i think if you were to pick one word to describe it, it is absolutely heart-breaking." wilma brown and ariana silver are charged with child abuse for separate incidents in february at brighter daycare.
9:46 pm
nats"why are they out here?" only news4's was there as silver was taken to jail.nats "i'm sorry already."the suspect's tears and moans-- which kierra graham calls fake are nothing compared to what she says she shed while watching video of kids being hurt.kierra graham/ victim's mother:"it was shocking. as a mother, you feel helpless because you always want to protect your child. so, to see anything like that is heart- breaking."graham is happy both employees are charged, but now wants a closer investigation of the daycare's owner.kierra graham/ victim's mother:"if she can't find better help, like i said, good teachers are there but it's becoming too many bad apples in the bunch." (vicki) investigators are asking parents who bring their children to the daycare to have a discussion with their kids and check them for any bruising or signs of abuse. (grant) tonight the n-y-p-d releases chilling new video of a man who opened fire on a busy street in the bronx. police say last week - the man fired three times --
9:47 pm
targeting a 19-year-old man -- before running off. luckily, no one was hurt -- but plenty of people were terrified. people on the sidewalk -- including a little girl -- are seen running and ducking for cover. the gunman is wanted for reckless endangerment.endangerment. (vicki) a dramatic hit-and-run crash-- caught on camera... it happened yesterday morning in sarasota florida. a hotel security camera catches a driver of a van trying to make a left turn into a gas station... turning right into the path of the blue audi-- causing that car to clip the van and flip at least four times. the car then lands on its roof after hitting a concrete wall surrounding the hotel pool. state troopers say the driver hit the audi... waited about five seconds... then took off. the 19-year-old driver of the audi remains in a hospital with critical injuries. (grant) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero... joining us
9:48 pm
now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... lawrence karnow: it was mostly dry today with cloudy skies. but a storm is headed our way and will bring more rain tonight. you can see it on the doppler radar. so far it's only a few light shower but rain will become heavy overnight. tomorrow rain will turn to showers with highs in the 50s to low 60s. scattered showers are possible on sunday too. a larger storm is headed toward the bay area next tuesday and wednesday of next week.
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(vicki) 4 your health tonight... measles cases on the rise in the u-s, and the latest scare coming from chicago midway international airport.(grant)2 shot front land health officials say a passenger might have exposed people to the virus at the airport ááand at a chicago-area hospital last week. officials did not say where the the infected person was traveling to or from. but they warn that anyone who was at midway airport on february 22nd from nine p-m until midnight ámayá have been exposed. according to the world health organization, a backlash against vaccinations in the u-s, and poor health
9:51 pm
infrastructure in other places, are driving the increase in cases, doctors say, the backlash is, in part, the result of unfounded concerns that vaccines cause autism, families also choosing not to do it because of religious or cultural beliefs. the c-d-c says studies have shown that there is no link between vaccines and autism. (vicki) there's an important new heart-medicine recall we need to tell you about. camber pharmaceuticals is pulling about 56-thousand bottles of 'losartan' (prono: low-sar- ton)... used to treat high- blood pressure and congestive heart failure. that's after trace amounts of a potential carcinogen were found to be in the medicine. the f-d-a says no one has reported any adverse affects from the drug. but patients should speak with their doctor to discuss the recall before they stop taking the drug. (grant) from professional to pee-wee, football leagues are making changes to protect players. pop warner -- america's oldest youth football organization -- is banning the three point stance for some age groups - for the
9:52 pm
2019 season. the ban covers the three youngest divisions -- tiny mite, mitey mite, and junior pee wee. players will no longer be allowed to put a hand down on the field before snapping the ball. the rationale behind the rationale the rationale behind the change is to avoid head injuries. in the three point stance, players are more likely to lead with their heads because of a lower body position. now they will start plays in a squat or upright position. pop warner plans to eliminate the stance for all divisions eventually -- but there is no timeline for that yet. (vicki) up next... members of michael jackson's family speaking out tonight against h-b-o's documentary "leaving neverland"... what they are calling accusers and the allegations tonight...
9:53 pm
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
members of michael jackson's family are speaking out --against a documentary featuring two men who say the late singer sexually abused them when they were children. (grant) "leaving neverland" -- which debuted at the sundance film festival -- looks at abuse claims by james safe-chuck and wade robson. jackson's family denied the allegations -- and is suing h- b-o over the documentary. they called it a -- quote -- "public lynching" and called the accusers -- quote -- "admitted liars." they
9:56 pm
were referring to sworn statements by robson and safe-chuck... while jackson was alive... that said jackson did ánot molest them. robson even testified in support of jackson at his 2005 trial -- in which he was acquitted of child molestation. the two-part documentary, titled "leaving neverland", airs on march third and fourth. (grant) that wraps up kron 4 news at nine...(vicki) but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. pam moore and ken wayne are here with kron 4 news at ten....guys? (pam) thank you grant and vicki.... next at ten... thousands of teachers in oakland will be back in the classroom next week.. after reaching a tentative deal with the district to end a week- long strike.the union announcing today teachers won everything they demanded.details coming up in a live report. plus... evacuation orders lifted for the town of guernville after several days of flooding.but another storm is on the way which could lead to even more problems.our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow tells us when the next atmospheric rive will hit.(pam)
9:57 pm
and giants c-e-o larry baer.. in a public altercation with his wife, and it is all caught on camera. now san francisco police are investigating.(ken) don't go away...hour three of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the there are moments in life that leave a lasting impression. like the feeling of movement as a new journey begins, or the sight of soft fur, warmed by the morning sun. you might remember new flavours, the sound of an old friend's laugh,
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vo: taking amiodarone with epclusa may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. vo: common side effects include headache and tiredness. vo: ask your doctor today, if epclusa is your kind of cure. sarah's last tuition payment, sent off. feeling good? oh yeah. now i'm ready to focus on my project. ♪ ♪ this is why we plan. ♪ ♪ you never cease to amaze me, maya. see how investing with a j.p. morgan advisor can help you. visit your local chase branch. (ken) a tentative agreement has been reached between oakland teachers and the school district... it's
10:00 pm
expected that will end the seven day strike. teachers are declaring victory... with the deal including an 11- percent salary raise.(ken) thank yofor joining us, i'm ken wayne.(pam) and i'm pam moore. the agreement ... which still needs some final approvals ... also calls for reduced class sizes ... and it delays the closure of several oakland schools. (ken) kron 4's gayle ong went to the news conference held by the education association... gayle what have we learned? the educators got almost everything they asked for... higher wages, smaller class sizes and more nurses, counselors for the students.. a first big step..but there's still work to do.. after seven days on the picket lines,the oakland teacher's strike is over...the district and the union both announcing friday afternoon, the two sides have reached a tentative 11 percent salary increase plus a one time 3 percent bonus for educators.


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