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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 2, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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the sacramento county district attorney will not charge the officers involved in the shooting death of stephon clark last march. officers fired 20 rounds, officers fired 20 rounds, hitting clark at least seven times.(jrs) good evening, i'm jr stone.(justine) and i'm justine waldman. thank you for joining us. the d-a believes clark was suicidal and impaired at the time plus advanced on officers. clark died last year, after a chase with police ended in his grandmother's backyard. at the time of the incident, police say officers believed clark was armed with a gun - it turned out to be a phone. the d-a believes they had reason for
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claiming self defense. (jrs) earlier today the district attorney's made this announcement... (justine) sacramento bureau reporter ashley zavala was there and explains what led to the d-a's decision, and how the family is reacting. ((anne marie schubert- sacramento district attorney)) "as a result we will not charge "as a result we will not charge these officers with any criminal liability."saying it outloud for the first time....sacramento county district attorney concluding the case of the officers who killed stephon clark.after a year long investigation... district attorney anne marie schubert said the night he died.. clark was on several drugs and suicidal over a domestic violence incident with the mother of his child. the chase with police through his neighborhood began when he smashed car windows along a street. officers said when they finally approached him.. they saw clark in a shooting
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stance, advancing toward them. the officers worried about this light flashing in front of them.."gun gun gun" investigators never found a gun, but a cell phone. the clark family called the da's announcement a smear campaign. ((se'quette clark -stephon's mother)) "if everyone could just stop and think about what they did at 22, everybody make mistakes, everybody was human, parties, messed up, but 22 does not determine who you are who you become. but he never has that chance, he's burried in the ground.""this goes beyond stephon clark!!" after the announcement...protestors demonstrated in the parking lot of the sacramento police department.((nats))the city's mayor calling for both change and peace in the community.. ((darrell steinberg - sacramento mayor)) "our community and its leadership have different questions, was the outcome wrong, was the outcome unacceptable? the
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answer to both questions is yes. today's announcement is not a surprise. what matters most now is what we do going forward together."az: lawmakers this year could change the law on police use of force. there are two competing bills in the legislature: one endorsed by police across the state, the other endorsed by the clark family and mayor of sacramento. tag. (jrs) we are getting reaction across the country pouring out over the announcement. senator and presidential candidate kamala harris tweeted out... stephon clark should still be alive. today's news is a tragic and all too painful reminder that our criminal justice system is deeply flawed and lacks accountability. our fight for justice continues. (justine) governor gavin newsom released a statement today following the sacramento police departments announcement. "our hearts continue to ache for the loss
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of stephon clark and the circumstances that led to his death. this must be a time for change. we need systemic reforms that reduce inequities, increase community confidence in our criminal justice system, and that reinforce the sanctity of human life...""...we need to bolster proven community policing programs and expand other programs that help strengthen bonds between law enforcement and the communities they serve..." "...but most of all, we need to acknowledge the hard truth -- our criminal justice system treats young black and latino men and woman differently than their white counterparts. that must change." (jrs) we will have reaction from sacramento city leaders and activists at 8:30. we first told you about this announcement through a kron 4 push alert. download the kron4 app today and get push alerts on all breaking news sent straight to your phone. (justine) in marin county, a suspect inside a home was involved in a stand-off with police that lasted for hours today...(jr stone) this started when people heard gunshots. those living in
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the neighborhood were told to stay inside their homes as officers tried to talk to the suspect. kron 4's gayle ong is live in san anselmo right now... gayle, what's the latest on this situation? (gayle)the standoff lasted about five hours, enng with the suspect found dead inside the home from an apparent self inflicted gun shot wound. just before 11 saturday morning,central marin police responded to reports of shots fired in a house on grove hill avenue south in san anselmo.. police say another person in the house - fled the home - uninjured..and met with officersresidents in the area had to shelter in place..and was later multiple law enforcement agencies rushed to the scene ..
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to send our special response team officers into the house and they located the suspect deceased and it appears to be from a self inflicted gunshot wound.">authorities do not have details on what started the incident..the lockdown was lifted just before 6 in the evening, (gayle)the neighborhood is deemed safe.police say the suspect was the only person in the house during the standoff, his name is not being released. and there were no other reported in san anselmo, gayle ong kron 4 news. (justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. .
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light scattered showers will continue to bring rain to the bay area tonight through sunday. overnight lows will be in the low 50s. daytime highs sunday will remain mild in the mid-upper 50s with some low 60s inland. a wetter system is forecast to bring heavier rain next tuesday and wednesday, this system may increase streams and rivers by the middle part of next week. next week. middle part of next
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week. (justine) now to guerneville - where here you can see the difference in water levels... from these areial photos before and after the russian river crested. people are back home people are crested. people are back home tonight.. after evacuation orders were lifted yesterday following devestating flooding.(jrs) families in the tight-nit community are still assessing the damage. kron four's philippe djegal reports that the people living there aren't wasting anytime picking their lives back up. (philippe)lauren cabitac/nats-
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"here's the waterline. so, this is the highest point it got here." lauren cabitac and her husband walter, rode the storms out in their home along highway 116... watching the russian river rising and eventually stream into their house. the damage is significant. the lower part of the home will have to be completed remodled. the house, like so many others in guerneville also yellow-tagged. the home won't really be considered safe until the sheetrock downstairs is removed... and, the electrical panel submerged in flood waters drys out.lauren cabitac/homeowner- "i don't really know, but i bet there's probably at least 50 or 60-thousand in damage." so far, the county has assessed the damage up here at 155-million dollars. impacting 19-hundred homes -- most of them verely damaged... and, 578 businesses.nats- "can we give you a cleaning kit today? oh my god, that would be so awesome. excellent -- i'll pass that through." throughout the day, the american red cross passing out cleaning kits... including bleach and gloves, to neighbors like the cabitac's disinfecting their homes.
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the county also making large garbage bins available to people needing a place to throw away destroyed furniture and other trash. piles of debris lined up along the highway, becoming an all too familiar sight. and, the oddity of people having to powerwash the interiors of their space.lauren cabitac/homeowner- "it's the price you pay for living in paradise, and we appreciated everyday." the cabitac's also appreciate the love and support they've received from friends and family... keeping them company during the beginning stages of what may be a long journey back to square one. in guerneville, philippe djegal, kron four news. (jsutine) the west bound lanes of highway- 37 are back open tonight. caltrans closed part of the highway because of flooding earlier this week. the westbound side between atherton and 101 in novato... reopened just before 2:30 this afternoon. the east bound side was also closed for a short time after heavy rain flooded the nearby novato creek. caltrans officials say if the bay area experiences another round of sustained heavy rain and flooding, the highway may
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have to be closed again. extended slope season. ski resorts are seeing record breaking snowfall this year... that's good news for those looking to keep skiing as long as possible. we break down how much longer three ski resorts are keeping their season open this year. coming up - we take a look at how the snow is affecting our water levels with the latest snow survey. and the dangers it could cause once all that snow starts to melt. (jrs) just over a week ago a landslide in san francisco took the life of a young woman. after the break... what her boyfriend is saying tonight. < ella: i'm ella sogomonian - we've been telling you a lot about kron-on.. the bay area's only commercial free streaming news service... but the kron on app gives you a lot more than just live local breaking news around the clock. it also gives you on-demand access to the kron 4 archives... that includes people behaving badly. plus - all the in-depth award winning bay area documentaries produced by kron 4..
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history of san francisco> and if you've ever wondered what's it is like to work in a newsroom.. we've posted every episode of the backstory. and that's just a small sample of what you'll get with the kron on app. it's available on iphones, ipads, apple tv, android devices and amazon fire. we're offering a 7 day free trial for new subscribers - visit kron-on-dot-tv to sign up.> alright, you excited?
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yeah! waaahoo... well... that was fun, right? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines. (j.r.) tonight for the
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first time we're hearing from the boyfriend of the 22 year old woman who died in a landslide at san francisco's fort funston. kyra sunshine scarlet's body was never recovered. the national park service announced yesterday that they are done searching and say her body was likely swept out to sea by the high tide. today we spoke to scarlet's boyfriend shawn gan who says that this has been a very difficult time. sotshawn gan is talking about his former girlfriend 22 year old kyra sunshine scarlet who was buried in a landslide at san francisco's fort funston beach more than a week ago.sot gan says that kyra, her friend, and her dog were trying to avoid the high tide when the landslide occured. the two and the dog were trapped in the mud. kyra's friend and her dog were saved but she was never found. the search for her remains have been called off with an
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assumption by officials that her body was swept out to sea. sot oc: you'd never be bored borednever be sot oc: you'd sea.swept out to her body was officials that assumption by off with an been called off with an assumption by officials that her body was swept out to sea.sot oc: you'd never be bored (j.r.) (j.r.) shawn tells us kyra's
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friend who survived is hopeful that what happened leads to either more safety regulations in spots like this or signs to warn people of the dangers out there. (justine) state water officials confirmed today .. what many expected ... the snow pack in the sierra is well above average. and while that may hold off drought conditions... it could also pose some flooding threats when the temperatures get warmer.. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. az: here at the sierra at tahoe parking lot you can see mountains and mountains of snow have just piled up,
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towering over some of the cars you see behind me. this after a month full of snow storms, which made for a record smashing snow survey.((chris orrock)) "california has had a cold and wet february in fact i just found out in talking to some of the staff at sierra at tahoe that this february broke all records that they've ever had for the month of february as far as snow fall, in fact they were inches away for the most snow fall in any given month."snow flakes flurrying across the sierra at phillips station thursday... another promising snow survey state wide showing the snow pack at 153% average.proof of the powerful snow storms reflected as the department of water resource's twelve foot measuring pole plunged nearly all the way into the ground... homes nearby buried in white. the survey at this site showing a snow depth of 113 inches.dwr engineers say its stormed so much, collecting some of this month's data will take longer than usual.((john king- dwr engineer)) "there's been a lot of storms that have
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come in so our surveyors haven't had an opportunity to go our yet."while the state's drought conditions improved significantly this month... the dwr says all this snow pack could pose a potential flooding threat..((mike anderson - dwr climatologist)) "there is the possibility of a faster melt if you see warmer than average conditions. we'll keep track and pay attention to the forecast and work with snow survey team to anticipate how much melt is happening each week."az: more snow is on the way this weekend. the next survey is in the beginning of april. tag. (jrs) all this snow is good news for skiers and snowboarders!! this year heavenly, northstar, and kirkwood resorts are going to extend their ski season due the record breaking amounts of snow falling in the sierra. heavenly mountain resort will extend their season through april 28th plus the 3- day-weekend may 3-5 northstar california resort is
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extending their season to april 21st. and kirkwood mountain resort season has been extended to april 14, 2019, with an additional 3- day-weekend april 19th through the 21st. during the month of february alone, heavenly has received 269 inches of snow, northstar is at 286 inches and kirkwood has received 271 inches. (justine) snow... just absolutely covering our lake tahoe camera this morning. this is a timeplase from today. the snow just will not stop falling in the sierra. finally the sun did peak out later in the day.(jr stone)(jr stone) and i'm sure all the skiers are loving the fresh powder on the slopes but getting to and from tahoe is
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the dangerous part. meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now... will the snow stop long enough for people to make a safe trip home? light scattered light scattered showers will continue to bring rain to the bay area tonight through sunday. overnight lows will be in the low 50s. daytime highs sunday will remain mild in the mid-upper 50s with some low 60s inland.
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a wetter system is forecast to bring heavier rain next tuesday and wednesday, this system may increase streams and rivers by the middle part of next week.
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(justine) while one teacher strike might be coming to an end... another may be getting ready to begin. we take a look at when oakland teachers will be back in the classrooms. and which teachers are getting ready to hit the picket line next.
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(justine) happenign tomorrow... teachers in oakland will vote sunday on a tentative agreement that would end their seven-day strike. the district and the union both announcing friday afternoon, the two sides have reached a tentative agreement for an 11=percent salary increase plus a one time 3 percent bonus for educators.oc :13 "community and labor." (justine) oakland (justine)(justine)
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oakland educators have been working without a contract since 20-17, according to the union, the starting salary of an oakland teacher is 46-thousand-dollars, higher, livable wages, smaller classroom sizes and more resources were the top reasons for the strike. (jrs) developing news we're also following.... teachers in the san ramon valley unified school district voted to authorize a strike as their contract negotiations are entering the final stages. 98 percent of teachers voted to give their union the power to eventually call a strike.. áif they don't reach a deal in the near future. the teachers want a larger pay raise than what's being offered... they also are looking for smaller classes and more school nurses. these are things they say wll help not just them... but more importantly the students. (justine) we are following the sacramento district attorney's announcemnt today in the stephon clark case.
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we hear reaction from family and community. ♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can.
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protect your family. visit (justine) and we have
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continuing coverage of our top story tonight. the announcment came today from the district attorneys office saying the cops invovled in the shooting of stephon clark will not be charged.(jrs) reporter pedro rivera was at the press conference and has more on the investigation.
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oc 3:01 "effect his judgemnet" (jrs) (jrs) now city leaders are
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reacting to the d-a's decision. (justine) bridgette bjorlo says some are demanding there needs to be change in the police department. oc 1:39 "do that well" (justine) (justine) activists began
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to protest outside the sacramento police department after the announcment was made saying this is murder and demanding the officers are fired.(jrs) jessica mensch says they want to let their
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message to be heard so this never happens again. 1:28 "it anit over" (justine) (justine)(justine) at 10 we hear reaction from
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stephon clarks family. (mabrisa)i have your forecast coming up a bit later on... southwest has just announced it will be starting flights from the bay area to hawaii. the reason this could benefit you before those tickets even go on sale.
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(jrs) there are bargains to be found on flights to hawaii right now... and it is mostly due tsouthwest airlines. (justine) the airline is not even selling tickets yet... as sara mattison tells us airfare wars are already happening. if you look on-line...prices to los angeles look good for the month of low as 400-dollars or less roundtrip.
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mike brown from panda travel tells us this could be partly due to southwest airlines entering the hawaii market soon.brown says southwest's pricing structure is simple and works for them.
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dollar fare today that's 900 dollar fare tomorrow it stays pretty constant.">southwest also accepts the first two checked bags for free.brown tells us that's a big deal because people in hawaii have to travel with also helps travel agencies.
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secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit
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>> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he brings you through that, that's like he has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and your faith in him. [music] (justine) more and more bay
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area homeowners and retirees are taking and retirees homeowners and retirees are taking their hard-earned equity and migrating out-of-state. (jr) kron4's rob fladeboe explains why it's happening and where they are going. whether it's traffic, the whether it's
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they are going. and where it's happening and where they are going. whether it's traffic, the lack of affordable housing, high taxes or all of the above, a growing number of bay area home owners are cashing in and moving out. they are trying to escape the high cost living here says windemere silicon valley president myron von raesfeld.myron von raesfeld/windemere silicon valley"...that quality of life that was once prevalent here in the bay area for everybody has slowly over time has passed up the lower and middle class people and pushed them out..."von raesfeld has found a nichhe, advising people who are moving on. he recently helped the owners of this 40-year old bungalow in santa clara re-locate to texas where they bought this brand new home about 40 miles outside of austin. i spoke with michelle and michael rakow via skype. michelle & michael rakow/moved to texas"....we wound up
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selling out and taking the money and paying off the house and buying somethingelse where the cost of living is much less expensive..."(full sceen graphics)a new study by redfin shows about 24-percent of on- line searches in the bay area are looking for a home out of state. among the most popular destinations are sacramento, portland, seattle, austin and other places with strong economies and lower home prices.myron von raesfeld/windemere siliconvalley"....there are a lot of places elsewhere that are a lot like silicon valley that have the same opportunities we had here at one time that cost a wholelot less to live in..."von raesfeld says twelve consecutive clients have all moved out of state. he just sold his brother's santa clara home. don and jocyline von raesfeld are headed for anthem, arizona.don von raesfeld/moving to arizona "....the ecomomics are such that we can sell our house for a good price and pay off the house and the capitol gains and move to arizona and purchase a house for cash..." jocyline von raesfeld"'s going to be us two retired and having the best daus of our lives..."with the median-priced home in the 9- county region at $775,000 dollars and over a million dollars in san jose, joint venture silicon valley found that slightly more people are moving out than moving in. michael rakow/moved to texas "....i love it here, the people here are like a breath of fresh air..."the rakows sold their small but cozy 3-bedroom, 2-bath, 12-hundred sqare foot home here on murguia avenue for $1- million-$265-thousand-dollars. their new home is a 5-bedroom, 3 and a half bath, 28-hundred square foot home on a quarter acre with a creek out back. they paid a mere $230,000 dollars. there are no traffic jams and gas is under $2 bucks a gallon.michellerakow" just equates to less stress and more time to do the things we want to do..."myron von raesfeld/windemere silicon valley"'d be surprised what you see out there. you can find a place that's almost as good as the bay area but with a better quality of life that you might be looking for in your later years in life..." in santa clara rob fladeboe kron4news (justine) taking a live look taking a live
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(justine) (justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa
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rodriguez has our forecast. light scattered showers will continue to bring rain to the bay area tonight through sunday. overnight lows will be in the low 50s. daytime highs sunday will remain mild in the mid-upper 50s with some low 60s inland. a wetter system is forecast to bring heavier rain next tuesday and wednesday, this system may increase streams and rivers by the middle part of next week.
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suffering some road woes as of late.....>they've dropped their last two and are just 1-2 on this current east-coast road trip......>and it didn't get any easier today as they took on the sixers....a team that beat them last month......>steph curry had 41 against the sixers in oakland back in january......>let's go right the second half....tied up at 90......andre iguodala hits a corner three against
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his old squad....dubs by three.....>4th quarter...mike scott...fakes out curry and knocks down a three of his own......scott had a season- high 22 points on the night......>but the warriors answer....kd knocks down the jumper....he had a game high 34 points.......>this one remained tight through out....curry drains a three at the top of the key.....28 for steph and the dubs get a big win on the road 120-117 to finish 2-2 on their east coast roadtrip......> on to the on to the cactus league....giants taking on the padres out in arizona......> bottom of the 7th inning....padres up 6-4....hudson potts hits a deep drive to center field....that one is way back....hits of the wall....and the padres extend their lead to 7-4...>top of the 9th....jonah arenado goes opposite field....that's onto the lawn seating area....giants would inch closer....but ultimately fall
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to the padres...7-6.....> moving on to the college ranks....coming off their big upset win against washington on thursday....wyking jones and the cal golden bears hosted the washington state cougars....>1st half....connor vanover double teamed....he finds paris austin....lays it off the glass....austin had 12 points tonight for cal...>2nd's darius mcneil...with the put cal up by 9....he had 17 points tonight for cal....> golden bears defeat the cougars....76-69....and have now won two stop....they face stanford next thursday....> well it was a long, drawn out process that i think just about everyone was sick of.....but bryce harper finally made it official today during his introductory press conference with the phillies......>harper signed a 13 year deal worth 330 million....with no opt outs....and a no trade clause......meaning he will most likely retire as a phillie.....>
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that field and do philly nation proud and do everything i can to bring love to the city and do the things i can to help the community, bring that family oriented thing to the clubhouse and be a part of that group. i'm excited to get started know. here's to a new chapter, here's to a new phase in the life of everybody at philly. i'm excited to be a part of it, so thank thank you.
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(rock guitar music) (dogs barking) (sirens blaring) (jail cell door slamming) - we have the benefit of a relatively low crime rate on this end of the county, and a lot of it has to do with proactive work


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