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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  March 3, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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(jr) oakland educators voted on a contract deal aimed to end the seven day teachers strike. this, after a marathon negotiation with the school district and the union. thanks for joining us, im jr stone. (justine) and im justine waldman. the strike is over. teachers will be back in the classrooms tomorrow. oakland education association members voted to accept the contract from the school district. with a turnout of over 70- percetn of oea members voting, the results were 64-percent yes for the 2017-2018 contract term. and 58-percent for the 2020/2021 contract term. teachers lined up at the paramount theater to vote on the districts deal today. the union and the district
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have been negotiating for the past two years. teachers were demanding higher wagers, smaller class sizes and more resources. after the marathon negotiations with the district, the education association announced friday the teachers won everything they demanded. (jr) lets take a look at the breakdown of what is included in the new contract. an 11-percent salary increase.. with a 3-percent bonus. lower class sizes, removing one student from each classroom. more student support... redusing caseloads for counselors from a ratio of 600 students to one counsleor... to 500 students. and pausing the closure of some scools. the district says it will hold more community input sessions. now lets hear from some of the teachers as they went to vote today. mark zucker/oakland teacher: "this is not the first or last step, we're in the middle of of a battle. i was in the strike in '96, i was in the strike now, and it was worth it because we
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showed we cared, the community showed they cared. we pulled together and this is the next step, we achieved some important gains, we want to get them in writing and move forward from here."> (justine) kron4 sent a push alert after the teachers voted to approve the new contract. you can download the kron4 app to get breaking news news alerts for your area. (justine)in the north bay, a environmental activists in petaluma are speaking out against the proposed construction of a safeway gas station along mcdowell boulevard.(jrs) they say the station would be too close to an elementary school and would also draw too much traffic to the neighborhood. kron 4's charles clifford is live for us tonight in petaluma with details. charles. . . natswoo hoo!sunday afternoon, dozens sunday woo hoo! nats natswoo hoo!sunday afternoon,
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dozens of people walked along mcdowell boulevard honk! honk! natsand drove around the block to oppose a plan by safeway grocery stores to build a fuel station. . or gas station. . on this corner.if approved, the fuel station would be built here at the intersection of mcdowell and maria drive. those opposed to the project say that's to close to the petaluma child development center and mcdowell elementary.
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sotwe would welcome a safeway gas station if it wasn't across the street from what are know as sensitive receptors. according to bay area quality management district. children, small childern, lungs.they also worry that the new fuel station would increase traffic in the area.the gas station was proposed over a year ago, but so far the city has not given a green light.late last year, the city council delayed the project and asked safeway to do additional work on its environmental impact review . the issue is scheduled to be taken up by the council again on monday. protestors here hope the city will put an end to the project or force safeway to move the fuel station somewhere else.sotwe aren't against gas station just the location. (justine) on the peninsula... san mateo county officals are bracing for up to 915 human services employees to go out on strike tuesday and wednesday. during the strike, the county plans to maintain essential services but may close some locations and centralize services. county officials say its not known how many employees will take part in the strike or how many
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facilites may be affected. county officials are still hopeful that an agreement can be reached and a strike averted. the county and union reached an agreement last month on a new 3-year contract. ten of the 11 units ratifed the contract. the union notified the county that the remaining unit, human services will be striking. lingering showers are possible during the overnight hours before dry
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weather returns monday. overnight lows will be cooler, tracking widespread 40s. daytime highs monday will warm up into the mid to upper 50s, expect some low 60s in the interior valleys. our next storm will arrive tuesday with widespread light-moderate rain. breezy winds are expected tuesday night into wednesday. rain totals of 0.50" to 1.00" will be common in most urban areas, with 1.00" to 1.50" in the north bay valleys. in the hills and coastal ranges, rain totals of 1.00" to 2.00" appear likely.
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temperatures through the week will not fluctuate much, highs in the 50s to near 60 and overnight lows in the 40s to 50s. overnight lows will then cool late in the week into the 30s when the weather scattered likely late in the next weekend. (jr) flooding victims in guerneville are getting a little bit of help from a local assistance center. (justine) which could come just in time before another string of storms threatens to flood the russian river again. kron 4's dan kerman shows us how this pop-up is preparing to help. sunday morning sonoma county officials prepared to open a local assistance center for flood victims at the old bank of america building on main street in guernevillesot michael gossman/sonoma county :09a local assitance center is meant to be a one stop shop for your governmenta and non profit services in time of a disasterofficials say this will really streamline the process for many who have to make repairssotyou can geta permit right here in guerneville and not have to go to santa rosa to start work on your hosue and start rebuidling your propertythat's good news for a lot of locals sot armando mushik/flood victim :32we got about 4 and a
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half feet of water we are right off the river, lost most of our furniture and appliances are pretty much shot so we are taking everyitng out and eplacing the walls half way upand the assistance center will also offer non rebuilding related services.sotyou will be able apply right here for food stamps, you can talk to our behavorial health folks if yo uneed cousneling , you can talk to our community development comission and if you need help finding housing or housing assistance, you can talk to the dmv to the contractor state licensing board without having to drive all over town and especially to santa rosa. standup dan kerman/guerneville 1:18going forward the assitance center will be open from 9 am to 6pm alt elast through next saturday. in guerneville, dan kerman kron 4 news.129/std (jr) a drop-ff site for
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non-toxic flood debris will be open through monday afternoon for sonoma county residents cleaning up after the recent storms. the sites open saturday morning and close at 3 p-m. the service is intended only for waste originating from the flood, and those using it will be asked to show i-d or proof they live in the flood- affected community. residents are asked not to mix hazardous and toxic waste with other flood debris. toxic materials collection services are being planned and will be shared on the sonoma county emergency planning website. residents are asked to help protect the environment and not leave debris at unattended sites or in public right aways. (justine) two young sisters missing from their northern california home since friday afternoon were found alive. following a massive search that included helicopters and tracking dogs. leia carrico, 8, and caroline carrico, 5, were found "safe and sound" on sunday morning by a fire
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captain and firefighter who had followed the girls' boot tracks, humboldt county sheriff william honsal said. (justine) though the girls were dehydrated and cold, they were uninjured and "in good spirits." the sheriff says the girls were trained in outdoor survival throgugh their local 4-h club and authorities believe that helped them. (jr) in the east bay... four people are in stable condition after being shot early this morning inside a business in downtown oakland. the victims, two men and two women, were shot just after midnight at a business in the 300 block of 14th street. a man has been arrested in connection with the shooting. police were not able to provide any additional information about what led to the shooting or the identity of the shooter.
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(jr) u-c berkley has released new information about the assualt that happened on campus in february. according to the university, dozens of student groups, representing a full array of belief, interests, and ideaologies, engaged in advocacy and outreach, gathered at sproul plaza. authorities say, a man who's not a student at the university, passed through the open market place and got into an altercation with hayden williams. on friday, officers arrested zachary green who was caught on camera punching williams in the face. witnesses say the victim was out protesting jussies smollett, who's accused of staging a hate crime. u-c berkeley says neither williams or green are affiliated with the university. (justine) vallejo is debuting its first new water ferry in years. service for the one hour ride into san francisco starts tommorrow at 5:30 a-m. the last ferry returns at 8:15 p-m. one way trip tickets are just over
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14 dollars. and round trip tickets are just over 29- dollars. they even offer 24 hour parking for 7-dollars. the ferry fits about 450 people on board. (jr) coming up... arden fair mall in sacramento closed today preparing for protests.. what origanizers are saying about their fight for civil rights. (justine) plus.. more support to block the presidents national emergency as the senate may now have enough votes to approve the bill blocking the declaration. (jr) and after the break... a series of tornadoes wreaking havoc on the south eastern part of the country. we hear from local officals about the extent of the damage.
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(jr) the national weather service says at least a dozen tornadoes touched down across alabama and georgia this afternoon. lee county, alabama was hit especially hard. it appears two tornadoes hit within an hour. the lee county sheriff says at least 22 people were killed and several people were serisouly injured. some victims have been transported to a local hospital with serious injuries. several homes were also destroyed. a local meteorologist in alabama talked with cnn earlier tonight about the extent of the damage.
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coroner: "it came on pretty sudden. we had fair warning and then it just hit with a vengeance and it just destroyed a very large area."> (jr) authorities are blocking traffic to some of the most heavily damaged areas. a trained canine has been brought into the area to help with rescue operations. (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist mabrisa rodriguez. lingering showers are possible during the overnight hours before dry weather returns monday. overnight lows
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will be cooler, tracking widespread 40s. daytime highs monday will warm up into the mid to upper 50s, expect some low 60s in the interior valleys. our next storm will arrive tuesday with widespread light-moderate rain. breezy winds are expected tuesday night into wednesday. rain totals of 0.50" to 1.00" will
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be common in most urban areas, with 1.00" to 1.50" in the north bay valleys. in the hills and coastal ranges, rain totals of 1.00" to 2.00" appear likely. temperatures through the week will not fluctuate much, highs in the 50s to near 60 and overnight lows in the 40s to 50s. overnight lows will then cool late in the week into the 30s when the weather dries out. scattered showers look likely late in the week and into next weekend. (justine) a little bit
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(justine) (justine) a little bit of good news out of this devastating tornado. rescue crews were able to locate a lost dog found alive in storm debris. the rescue worker was able to reunite the dog with his owner. (jr) in national news..
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senator rand paul says he can't support president trump's national emergency declaration that unlocked billions of dollars for his border wall. the bowling green daily news reports the kentucky republican made the comment at a g-o-p fundraiser last night. paul was quoted saying "i can't vote to give the president the power to spend money that hasn't been apporiated by congress." with that, the senate now likely has enough votes to approve a bill blocking trump's declaration. the bill has already cleared the house. trump has vowed to veto it. it would mark his first veto in office. congress would then need two- thirds of its memebers in both chambers to overrule the veto. (justine) in world news... starting tommorrow the u-s and south korea will begin the first of their reconfigured, scaled down joint military exercises. that is according to a statement by the south korean ministry of defense sunday. the drills will continue for about a week, until march
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12th. the two contries are shifting their traning strategy away from the big- high profile drills that have long irratated pyongyang. the u-s and south korea say they will focus on smaller exercises and even virtual training. (justine) national security adviser john bolton is calling on north korea to give a full explanation of what happened to otto warmbier . warmbier was arrested for allegedly stealing a political sign during his tour of pyongyang in earli 20-16. but died juust a couple days after returning home. warmbier' family is sharply rebuked president trump, after his public defense of kim jong un in the mistreatment and death of their son. bolton is defending trump's stance... and says his own opinion doesn't matter.
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thing north korea could do right now would be to give us a full accounting of what happened and who was responsible for it."jake tapper/ reporting:"do you take kim jong un at his word?"john bolton/ national security adviser:"the president takes him at his word."jake tapper/ reporting:"i know he does, what about you?"john bolton/ national security adviser:"my opinion doesn't matter. my opinion is..."jake tapper/ reporting:"you're the national security advisor to the president, your opinion matters quite a bit."john bolton/ national security "i am not the national security decision maker. that's his view.">(justine) in a statement warmbier's parents said quote, "kim and his evil regime are responsible for the death of our son otto... no excuses or lavish praise can change that." (justine) coming up... following the decision to not charge the police officers involved in the fatal shooting of stephon clark, assemly members are stepping forward with plans to change the way police use deadly force in california. (jr) and after the break... presidental candidates joined activists in selma, alabama as the community remembers the 54th anniversay of "bloody sunday."
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(justine) hundreds of people marched across the edmund pettus bridge in selma, alabama today for the anniversary of "bloody sunday." it was a weekend of remembrance. as democratic candidates gathered today to remember a somber day in american civil rights history. this weekend marks the 54th anniversay of 'bloody sunday'... when peaceful demonstrators rallying for equal rights were brutally beaten. reporter david daniel shows us how several presidental hopefuls
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joined the events. a somber look back.and a focus on the future.bernie sanders/(d) presidential candidate: "how sad it is that 54 years later we are still fighting for the right to vote."several democratic presidential candidates joined community leaders to commemorate the civil rights marches in selma, alabama. including the assault on marchers on the edmund pettus bridge known as "bloody sunday."54 years ago--peaceful demonstrators were beaten by state troopers as they rallied in support for voting rights. candidates praising the progress that's been made... but acknowledging there's still work left to be done. hillary clinton/former presidential candidate: "starting right now here in selma, once again, to redouble our efforts with a 21st century civil rights movement devoted to claiming, enforcing and defending the right to vote, once and for all."cory booker/(d) presidential candidate: "i worry now that we are at a point in our country where we see a moral vandalism that is attacking our ideals and eroding the dream of our nation."despite
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the threat of a tornado-- the selma community gathered to re- enact the symbolic edmund pettus bridge crossing.civil rights leader john lewis-- who was badly beaten in the 1965 confrontation on the bridge-- also paid tribute this weekend. a stormy forcast not keeping the community from marking the pivotal chapter of u-s history that led to the passage of the voting rights act.i'm david daniel reporting. (jr) coming up next... a sit-in lasting overnight in sacramento prompts the closure of the arden fair mall to ensure the safety for visitors. (mabrisa)a look at your
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a group of protestors, upset over the district attorney's decision in the stephon clark shooting, closed sacramento's largest shopping center today. (justine) arden fair mall did not open today because 10 demonstrators camped overnight in the mall to talk to shoppers about racial justice. (jrs) reporter kristi gross says sacramento police and mall executives agreed to keep the mall closed becaue they were worried the protest might grow too big.
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nats: people trying to open mall doorssunday shoppers turned away at the door--- signs posted--- arden fair mall--- closed for the day. dominique brown/ upset shopper wow that really sucks because i wanted to get my husband a gift. adrian santiago/ upset shoppermy wifeús pregnant and she wants wetzel pretzels, so iúm over here trying to please her and whatnot and itús closed. totally unfair for everybody else. a small group of college students and community activists, staged a silent sit-in at arden faire mall overnight saturday night, into sunday morning--- when mall officials announced they would be shutting down for the day. khalil ferguson/ mall organizer weúre protesting and causing a disturbance because we still have to fight for equal rights. we still have to fight for civil rights, human rights. itús dozens of supporters joined in throughout the day---there's police brutality against colored people. that's what i believe. at one point protestors blocked access to bj's brewhouse...linking arms at the front entrance as diners ate inside.protestors say they hope the financial hit helps lead to change. khalil ferguson/ mall protest organizer we wanted to disturb maybe the most lucrative businesses like champs that does high numbers, like victoriaús secret, like apple. we did not know it was going to turn into the whole mall
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shutdown which of course is exponentially greater than what we wanted initially. so this is a great feat and we will not stop. nats: arden mall, shutdown! shoe stores, shutdown! food court, shutdown! while some shoppers were upset with the inconvenience--- dominique brown/ upset shopper i know why theyúre protesting and i think they have a right to protest but i think that they could do it at a better place instead of at the mall others stood in support--- calling it a worthy cause. lorraine taufa/ supporterif youúre going to do it peacefully donút believe in violence but if youúre going to do it peacefully then thatús your right. (justine) emotions are beginning to give way to activism as people look to channel pain felt in the wake of stephon clark's shooting death into something positive. sacramento mayor darrell steinberg is supportive of legislation that would focus on de-escalation tatics. the california act to save lives, or assembly bill 392 was created by assembly woman shirley weber of san diego and assemblyman kevin mccarty of sacramento. they say it will reform the 100-year-old deadly force rules for police
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engagement. essentially the bill would limit the cicumstances under which law enforcement officers can use deadly force. (justine) city leaders are hopeful that this new legislation could be a path forward for a community trying to reconcile with its past. (jr) and take a look at this....rime ice is what it is called. it is thick ice that occurs when saturated overnight temperatures meet snow. the ice forms from rapid freezing and is difficult to remove from lift
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cables and chairs.(justine) these pictures were taken at squaw valley. we are joined right now by meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez to talk more about what we are seeing up in the sierra. (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist mabrisa rodriguez. lingering lingering showers are possible during the overnight hours before dry weather returns monday. overnight lows will be
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cooler, tracking widespread 40s. daytime highs monday will warm up into the mid to upper 50s, expect some low 60s in the interior valleys. our next storm will arrive tuesday with widespread light-moderate rain. breezy winds are expected tuesday night into wednesday. rain totals of 0.50" to 1.00" will be common in most urban areas, with 1.00" to 1.50" in the north bay valleys. in the hills and coastal ranges, rain totals of 1.00" to 2.00" appear likely. temperatures through the week will not fluctuate much, highs in the 50s to near 60 and overnight lows in the 40s to 50s. overnight lows will then cool late in the week into the 30s when the weather dries
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out. scattered showers look likely late in the week and into next weekend.
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(justine) coming up... how a community is coming together help people who are searching for missing family members. ♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family. visit (justine) six months after
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university of iowa student mollie tibbetts was found murdered in her hometown, a movement is springing up in her honor. (jr) mollie spent part of her childhood in the bay area. reporter shannon moudy has details on the mission to help find those who are missing. inside live now's little print shop in brooklyn iowa memories are being kept alive -- and hope is being vanlandschoot/ print shop owner:"prior to mollie missing, i was probably like a lot of people out there where i wasn't paying attention."joy vanlandschoot printed thousands of posters when mollie tibbetts was missing. her work didn't stop when
10:41 pm
mollie was found --her print shop has become h-q for mollie's movement -- raising awareness for missing persons cases.iesha husted/ brother is missing:"it's good to know that there are still people who want to help."iesha husted's family is one of the two cases the movement has taken on --iesha husted/ brother is missing:"he went missing on january 22nd of last year."sebastian "ty" husted didn't return to his centerville home after a job at a hog farm near lineville. numerous leads -- have come up empty.but mollie's movement isn't just about the missing in vanlandschoot/ print shop owner:"we noticed how much attention mollie's case got and we thought we could reach out and hopefully help someone else."typhenie missing in their stories being shared --social media -- buttons -- now semi will travel the joy print shop "we call that the milk carton for joy is also selling with some funding the the missing.and ty -- who went missing shortly before the birth of his son. iesha husted/ missing:know that he was just everybody's friend. he may mistakes in his life but he was around." (justine) that was shannon moudy reporting. you can find more information on 'mollie's movement: finding others' on our website
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(justine) still ahead.. one runner in arkansas stepping up and breaking barriers as he breaks the half marathon record. still to come in sports...if you're tired of the rain, we're gonna try to bring you a little arizona sunshine...the latest from a's and giants' spring training and more, coming up after the break. (jr) runners across the
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state of arkansas had been preparing for today for months. nearly five- thousand people shut down the streets for the little rock half and full marathons. one of the runners... set not only a personal best, but
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possibly the best time for a runner with a debilitaing condition. reporter price mckeon followed the runner on his inspirational journey this morning as he broke barriers step by step. natsthis university of the ozarks professor and west virginia tech graduate stands with his buddy at the starting line.14.55 (casey orndorff/ runner) well i'm about to go run 13.1 miles hahahdoctors diagnosed casey orndorff with cerebral palsy as a toddler. 18.25 (casey orndorff/ runner)i didnt let it define me i just wanted to well be who i wanted to bedespite it impacting his right side--- the 28 year old aims to run the little rock half marathon in under two hours. 17.25(casey orndorff/ runner) one im nervous nervous 2 i dont like wind but this weather right now is perfect for me because i hate the heat so the colder the better if he hits that time the clarksville man will do more than set a personal record. 16.50 (casey orndorff/ runner) i havent found anyone that has broken the 2 hour barrier with my
10:46 pm
conditionnats (3.2.1) he's one of nearly five thousand runners on the course sunday. (casey orndorff/ runner) "30 mins left 5k lets go" we catch up with him with only a half hour left until that two hour mark. then we race to the finish line as we catch him coming in... (price mckeon/ reporter) how does it feel? 29.59 (casey orndorff/ runner) i want food io want food and i want to sit he does that while we wait to learn his unoffical time-- it appears to be close. 33.10 (casey orndorff/ runner) one 59 27 point 67 and a 9 07 pace thats what i watned to do a little rock marathon official confirms to us that's his official time. (nats bell) 33.24 (casey orndorff/ runner)i feel so good but i think my boss will be ok if i take off tomorrowdespite the exhaustion and the pain--- orndorff wraps up the interview with a message to everyone with cerebral palsy. 34.39 (casey orndorff/ runner)i hope this will motivate you to keep pushing beyond your limits becasue i certainly pushed well beyond my today (jr) that was price mckeon reporting. casey say's the first thing he will do now is eat a pizza... and then he'll start preparing for a full marathon. (justine) a new pizza shop
10:47 pm
in indiana is offering pizza with a purpose. the business is helping the homeless. tom and angie wilhelmi's love for pizza and helping the homeless started a few years ago when they moved from chicago. they say every other weekend they were making pizzas for each homeless person in their neighborhood. then they found a way to combine their two passions by opening agape pizza in december. they now only employ former homeless people living in transitional housing. they don't take a paycheck.. instead, 100-percent of the tips go directly to the local ministry 'tear down the walls.' (justine) the pizza shop continues to look for volunteers, as it continues to grow. as we anxiously await opening
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day, we're whetting our appetite with some cactus league action down in arizona...our first look of the year at the giants and the a's... let's start with the giants visiting the rolorado rockies at "salt river fields at talking stick"... near scottsdale... bottom 5th... nolan arenano... yes he tortures the giants in the spring too... 2-run home run off steven okert... 4-1 rockies bottom 7th... pat valaika takes jose lopez deep for another 2-run homer... 6-2 rockies this one was not pretty for the giants...9-3 colorado the final score now to the other bay area team... the a's... beautiful day at tempe diablo stadium... the home of the los angeles angels bottom 3rd... mike trout... takes marco estrada deep and out for a 2-run home run (albert pujols followed it with a solo job to make it 3-0 angels) the bright spot for the a's was pitcher tanner anderson... who struck out 6 batters in three scoreless innings... he was acquired from the pirates in the off season otherwise... it was the angels
10:49 pm
day...4-1 angels coming out on top after two world series titles and a love affair with the fans like few other players in san francisco... hunter pence is now in rangers camp just hoping to make the team... he reunited saturday with his old team yesterday as they squared of in a spring training game... kevaney martin from k-l-a-s... our affiliate in las vegas... caught up hunter pence.
10:50 pm
always going to be one of my favorite players. he's always done anything we asked, and he's provided leadership here." "it's that leadership that the organization will miss most." bochy: "leadership is a choice. it's going to be up to us to help replace that because you're going to miss it, and he's so positive, he's helped so many young players. so, it's up to all of us to.. you know fill it.""while the giants look towards their future with some young prospects in the outfield. pence shifts his focus to making the rangers 40-man roster. but he will always be grateful for his time as a giant."pence: "i'll always remember it, and i'll always love san francisco and the giants organization is a great organization.. and it's a gift and a joy to play for them." > now on to the nhl...the san jose sharks....fresh off their win against the colorado avalanche on face the central division's last place chicago blackhawks... ---to the shark tank we go....marcus sorenson....coming off his 2-
10:51 pm
goal performance on friday against the avalanche... ---2nd period....sharks leading 2-1...erik gustafsson rifles it in....blackhawks tie it at 2 all... ---now in the 3rd period....speaking of marcus sorenson....through the legs of chicago's goalie cam ward...sharkies go out in front 3-2.... ---moments later....brent burns gets it...shoots it to the right of ward....sharks extend their lead to 4-2.... ---sharks would add on another....and go on to defeat the blackhawks....5-2....sharks will host the montreal canadiens next thursday.... thursday.... thursday....
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(justine) some big names were on the field with the u-s women's soccer team in nashville last night. each u-s player had a different name on the back of their jersey during their 'she-believes' cup match against england. the players each chose to honor a famous woman who inspired them. some of the iconic names on the jerseys included supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg, beyonce, serena williams, author j-k rowling, and maya angelou. (jr) at the weekend box office, tyler perry's last turn as "madea" went up against the last installment in a beloved animated series. who won? here's david
10:55 pm
daniel with the top five. the first weekend after it won the oscar for best picture, "green book" made four-point- seven million dollars, rising to fifth place. "the lego movie two: the second part" dropped a spot to number four, collecting six-point-six million. "alita: battle angel" fell from second to third on ticket sales of seven-million dollars."baby, why he smiling? you put the smile on his face?" "he seemed like he was a happy man.""a madea family funeral" debuted in second place with 27-million dollars -- better than expected, but not quite enough to dethrone the champ. "shh..." (nat-dragon)"uh oh." "how to train your dragon: the hidden world" is still hot! the animated threequel made 30-million dollars, for first place and a 10-day domestic total of 98-million. in hollywood, i'm david daniel. (jr) the weekend's other new release, the thriller "greta," opened in eighth place with four-point-six
10:56 pm
million dollars, a bit lower than expected. ( if you are watching us if you are
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