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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  March 4, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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teachers might have been back in school today but now students are threatening their own strike. good evening i'm catherine heenan in for ken wayne.(pam) and i'm pam moore. oakland teachers voted on sunday to approve the contract agreement.. they will receive an 11- percent raise over four -years .. plus, a one-time 3- percent bonus. however, now in response to the deal, the school board is reducing spending to several programs and plans to close a number of schools because of declining enrollment. kron4's haaziq madyun has more... nats/student at ousd board meeting "the only things that you guys decided to work on were the raises but we need stuff for students and we need class sizes. we need teachers, librarians, nurses. we need help on everything"> school board directors in oakland got an earful from dissatisfied students, teachers and parents regarding the 4-year, 14% compensation increase deal reached between the teachers union and the oakland unified school district. the problem? the deal comes with major
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district spokesperson: "the cuts that the board is looking at today, voting on today are about twenty two million dollars. twenty one point seven-five million-dollars. some of that are cuts that were going to take place anyway because that's the kind of state that we are in as a district but the majority of it was certainly the increases in pay"> sot oakland education association president keith brown stands by the strike ending deal budget cuts and all sot library programs, foster care case managers, african american male achievement and restorative justice are among the programs slated to be cut by the school board sot sot officials at ousd and the teachers union say they are both hoping for additional funding from the governor's office to save school programs in oakland haaziq madyun kron4news
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"oh my god! help!" áscreamsá (catherine) the disturbing video that caught a public altercation between the giants c-e-o and his wife.. it's now led to larry baer - taking a leave of absence. t-m-z obtained the video which shows baer grabbing his cell phone from his wife... which knocked her off her chair..
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(pam) kron 4's dan kerman is live at oracle park ... with more on the leave and what the giants board plans to do going forward.. dan (dan) san franisco giants president and ceo larry baer is walking away from the organization for now. this follows friday's physical altercation between baer and his wife , which was captured on video and went viral. in a statement, the giants board of directors says "baer has .... requested, and the board has accepted, his request to take personal time away from the giants beginning today." the statetment says baer has "acknowledged that his behavior was unacceptable, apologized to the organization and is committed to taking steps to make sure that this never happens again."in the video, baer appears to be grabbing a cell phone out of his wifes hands, during the struggle she falls off her chair and screams oh my god. baer issued a statment friday
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saying : "i am truly sorry for the pain that i have brought to my wife, children and to the organization," "it is not reflective of the kind of a person that i aspire to be, but it happened and i will do whatever it takes to make sure that i never behave in such an inappropriate manner again." in its statement the giants board of directors says they are closely monitoring the matter and major league baseball is taking the lead in gathering all facts surrounding the situation. as for baer's future, the board says , "as leaders in the community, we at the giants hold ourselves to the highest standards and those standards will guide how we consider this matter moving forward." (dan) (pam) and we have
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been helping you follow this developing story through kron4 push alerts. you can learn more about the larry baer incident .. and keep up to date with all breaking news by downloading our kron4 app today. (catherine) this morning, city leaders in san francisco paid tribute to jeffa adachi. adachi, who died february 22nd, had served as the city's public defender since 2002. kron 4's charles clifford was at today's memorial. well, here in san francisco on monday a memorial was held at san francisco city hall for jeff adachi. adachi died back on february 22nd and at today's memorial hundreds of people attended including former mayor willie brown, current mayor londnzalez who wo public defenders office.they all recall a man dedicated to his work.sotjeff understood that making a difference in people's lives wasn't about just fighting for them in court room. he knew the work
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started in the community to keep kids from getting into trouble in the first place.sot during every stage of his career, during the time that he served all of us. he was a strong advocate for every aspect for what ought to be the rights of all the people. sotin the 28 years that i knew jeff , i never saw him run away from injustice. rather, he ran towards it. it was something he wanted to combat. in san francisco, charles clifford kron4 news. (pam) san francisco mayor london breed is proposing a new waterfront housing location for part of her overall one -thousand bed homeless shelter plan. today, breed proposed a new 200-bed "safe" navigation site at seawall lot- 330 ... on the from piers- 30 to- 32. the site would provide temporary housing for unsheltered city
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residents. mayor breed says, the city has opened 212- new beds so far this year, and are on track to add 500- total new beds by this summer. this site would be the mayor's first "safe" navigation center ... and would allow guests to bring their partners, pets and belongins with them ... while putting them on the path to a more permanent housing solution. a live look outside right now... as we get our first look at the four zone forecast with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: skies were mostly cloudy with a few scattered light showers mostly doppler radar now but that will change later tonight.
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another round of rain will move in late tonight especially the southern parts of the bay area. rain will be heaviest in the santa cruz mountain south in the morning tomorrow. you can see the storm on doppler radar. it has tapped into subtropical moisture again which will bring heavy rain and possible central and southern california. tomorrow will be we on and throughout the day. highs will be in the 60s. more rain is forecast for before turning to showers on thursday. there is a showers again this weekend. bay... flooding victims in guerneville are getting help from a local assistance center... just as more
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storms threaten to flood the russian river again. the center is inside the old bank of america building on main street in guerneville. sonoma county officials say this will really streamline the process for the many people who have to make repairs. the assistance center will also offer other services. it will be open from 9 a-m to 6 p-m at least through next saturday. a drop-off site for non- toxic flood debris... will be available today for residents in sonoma county ... who are cleaning up after the recent storms. the service is intended only for waste originating from the flood, and those using it will be asked to show identification or any proof they live in the flood- affected community. residents are asked not to mix hazardous and toxic waste with other flood debris. officials are planning to collect toxic materials ... that information will be shared on the sonoma county emergency planning website. residents are asked not to leave debris at unattended sites nor in public areas.
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(catherine) coming up... nancy pelosi is the first woman we're recognizing in a new series for women's history month. the legacy she wants to leave behind. (pam) tragedy.">(pam) at least a dozen tornadoes touched down in alabama and georgia sunday...with deadly results. now we will take you to what appears to be"ground zero" .. in lee county. also - it was an explosion at a california spa that killed a 48- year old woman and injured others .. the f-b-i has now made an arrest. details next. < ella: i'm ella sogomonian - we've been telling you a lot about kron-on.. the bay area's only commercial free streaming news service... but the kron on app gives you a lot more than just live local breaking news around the clock. it also gives you
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they say you should always listen to your heart. and where better to do that, than the island of ireland? after all, your heart is the best compass there is. so get out there and fill your heart with the stuff that keeps it beating. fill your heart with ireland. (catherine) it's
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taken nine=months, but the investigation into the deadly explosion at a day spa in orange county has ended with the arrest of the spa owner's ex-boyfriend and business partner. 59=year=old stephen beal is facing federal charges in the killing of il- diko krajn-yak last may.(pam) the f=b=i says, it has evidence directly implicating himgrant lodes is here to tell us about it.grant? (grant) rs say it was a bad ... spurned lover taking terrible revenge. "mr. beal was arrested pursuant to a federal criminal complaint that charges him with the malicious destruction
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of a building resulting in death."beal was taken into custody sunday afternoon ... agents used an armored vehicle to break into his garage.the case began on may 15 of last yearwe could actually see where part of the building had blown outat one o'clock in the afternoon ildiko krajnyak opened a cardboard box at her day spa in aliso viejo, orange county.the explosion killed her and seriously injured two customers.we do not believe at this time that it was an accident.investigators quickly focused on beal.he told them he had met krajnyak through an online dating service.the two traveled the world together ... he helped to fund her day spa, but early last year she left him for another beal admitted to feeling krajnyak told friends she feared being harmed by mr beal, and that he had made threatsbeal's garage contained more than 1=hundred explosive chemicals but there was no arrest.he explained away those materials by saying he was a model rocket part of the painstaking investigation bits of evidence were sent to the fbi b
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traced to a factory in china . it was part of a shipment to a store near stephen beal's home in long beach.the fbi has recovered video that purports to show mr beal buying a battery of that type for cash at that location (grant) now stephen beal is being apparently being looked apparently beal is being now stephen (grant) locationcash at that of that type for cash at that location (grant) now stephen beal is being apparently being looked at as a suspect another death ... his wife's death, more than ten years ago.she died after a piece of heavy furnture fell on her... while she was carrying it with her husband. utside right now.. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with the four zone forecast... and a look at rainfall totals.. lawrence karnow: skies were mostly cloudy with a few scattered light showers today.
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its mostly quiet on the doppler radar now but that will change later tonight. another round of rain will move in late tonight especially the southern parts of the bay area. rain will be heaviest in the santa cruz mountain south in the morning tomorrow. you can see the storm on doppler radar. it has tapped into subtropical moisture again which will bring heavy rain and possible flooding to central and southern california. tomorrow will be we on and off throughout the day. highs will be in the 50s and low 60s. more rain is forecast for wednesday before turning to showers on thursday. there is a chance showers again this weekend.
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(pam) at least 23- people are dead ... after an outbreak of tornadoes ripped through georgia and alabama on sunday. and the death toll is expected to rise. georgia governor brian kemp has declared a state of emergency in three- counties. (catherine) emergency crews are now working through the trail of destruction left by monster tornadoes. kaylee hartung reports from lee county, alabama. a series of deadly tornadoes ripping through alabama and georgia -- leveling homes and causing catastrophic damage across both states. sheriff jay jones/ lee county sheriff's office:"houses completely destroyed. homes just basically slabs where once stood a home."the tornadoes are the deadliest in years -- with authorities
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telling reporters they expect the death toll to rise. the path of destruction tearing through lee county, alabama. officials say one tornado appears to have traveled for several miles on the ground in one community destroying nearly everything in a half-mile wide path and sending dozens of people to the hospital with very serious injuries. jeremy daniel norton/ alabama resident:"i wouldn't wish this on anybody. this just came on so quick and changed so many lives. i mean it's really sickening to watch."neighborhood after neighborhood in this georgia town leveled.roofs torn off the tops of houses.trees uprooted and blocking streets. cell phone towers knocked down. jeremy daniel norton/ alabama resident:"this whole area right here is pretty much just gone. looking out over this way which is mostly trees. it just looks like toothpicks broke all through there.this porch, the only thing still standing from this home. sheriff jay jones/ lee county sheriff's office:"the
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contents of one residences was located over a thousand yards away, so we got a very wide storm track that went through the area."families, gathering anything they could find in the rubble to take with them to safety. sheriff jay jones/ lee county sheriff's office: "these families have lost everything they have."in the midst of the chaos, some families -- reuniting with their pets -- "is that your baby?"and their loved ones.nats "that's a sweet reunion isn't it right there. granny's ok." (catherine) and in georgia - at least a dozen tornadoes caused widespread destruction. president trump tweeted about the storms saying "to the great people of alabama and surrounding areas: please be careful and safe." (pam) coming up tonight at 6:45... family members have been responding all weekend.. to the sacramento district attorney's decision... 'not' to charge two officers in the stephon clark case. now... the new legislation they hope to get passed.. in his honor.
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the one with the designer dog collar. wondering how i upgraded to this sweet pad?
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a 1,200-square-foot bathroom, and my very own spa. all i had to do was give my human "the look". with wells fargo's 3% down payment on a fixed-rate loan and a simpler online application, getting into my dream home was easier than ever. get your human to visit what would she do without me? only on four... there was a reunion today between a recovering drug addict and the police officer he credits for saving his life. kron4's maureen kelly talked to the former repeat offender.... who took to the internet to express his gratitude. man...good to see officer rob gilson gives a hug to thomas wolf.....a year ago he would be more likely putting him in's wolf's mug shot that was sent out in a tweet by the tenderloin police station....after he was arrestd for drug possession....and then re- arrested five times for violating the court order barring him from the block of
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golden gate avenue where he says would buy drugs. wolf says his addiction started after being prescribed the painkiller oxycodone following surgery.... i blew through my bank account it melted like snow in june then the former social worker and married father of two turned to heroin ...he says he lost his job and and became estranged from his family because of his addiction but he still could't stop. the last time at officer gilson arrested me he pulled me aside and he said e know what you know if e going through a midlife e skinny e high on drugs go get some help and get back to your family those were his exact words and i teared up i remember he was right i knew after his last arrest....he was bailed out by his brother on the condition that he enter rehab. after graduating from the salvation army's rehabiltation program wolf answered that tweet...thanking both salvation army and his arresting officer for helping save his life.because at the end when i was at my worst i was starting to use fennel what you heard is really deadly and i actually saw a couple guys od and die on the
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street because of the drug i can honestly tell you that if l be in the graveofficer gilson says it's good to see the man he sent to jail so many times turn his e trying to e certainly fighting an uphill battle but to make an impact lives like we did with tom makes it all worth it wolf says he is now trying to find a job.....and is in counseling with the goal of reconciling with his family. maureen kelly kron4 news. (catherine) coming up next at 6:30 we begin a new series we begin a next at 6:30 coming up (catherine) (catherine) coming up next at 6:30 we begin a new series celebrating women's history month.. our first profile subject -- one of the most powerful woman in the country... speaker of the house nancy pelosi. even if no one in your home smokes,
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secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit
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all while putting on a runway shweek. ♪ ♪ he could. or, he could make it even easier - and set up recurring payments to his neighbor. for cat sitting. (meow) whoa. you've groomed her, too. (cell phone vibrating) and now she's ready for the catwalk. life, lived jason's way. chase. make more of what's yours. begin our new month- long series celebrating women's history. our first profile is house speaker nancy pelosi ... who is unquestionably the most powerful woman in america. (catherine) as colleen marshall reports... pelosi says she didn't want to climb the political ladder - unless she could pull other women along with her. she is the first, but does not want to be the last. after eight years of being mired in minority politics - nancy pelosi is back on top, again holding the speaker's gavel, and working to put more women
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in seats of power. < 10:28 (colleen) is that a goal for you? (pelosi) it is not a goal it's an imperitive. when i first came here there were 23 women in congress, 12 democrats eleven republicans, we made a decision on our side to increase that number we have now 91. 10:42 >a record number, applauded even by president trump during the state of the union. democrats encouraged all congressional women to wear white to honor women's suffrage. ' but' - women in pelosi's party are not thinking - or voting - with a single mind..


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