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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  March 4, 2019 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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holding the speaker's gavel, and working to put more women in seats of power. < 10:28 (colleen) is that a goal for you? (pelosi) it is not a goal it's an imperitive. when i first came here there were 23 women in congress, 12 democrats eleven republicans, we made a decision on our side to increase that number we have now 91. 10:42 >a record number, applauded even by president trump during the state of the union. democrats encouraged all congressional women to wear white to honor women's suffrage. ' but' - women in pelosi's party are not thinking - or voting - with a single mind..
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presidential election was traumatic for women in her party -- and caused her to shelve a plan to retire from congress... let's get a check of the weather around the bay area.... time now for the 4zone forecast... with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow.karnow.lawrence meteorologist with chief forecast... for the 4zone time now area....around the bay weather a check of the let's get congress... to retire from congress... congress... to retire from
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shelve a plan caused her to shelve a plan to retire from congress... let's get a check of the weather around the bay area.... time now for the 4zone forecast... with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: skies were mostly cloudy with a few
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scattered light showers today. its mostly quiet on the doppler radar now but that will change later tonight. another round of rain will move in late tonight especially the southern parts of the bay area. rain will be heaviest in the santa cruz mountain south in the morning tomorrow. you can see the storm on doppler radar. it has tapped doppler radar. storm on can see the storm on doppler radar. it has tapped into subtropical moisture again which will rain and flooding to central and southern tomorrow will be we on and off the day. highs 50s and low 60s. more rain wednesday before turning to showers on there is a chance showers again this weekend.
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(pam) lots to talk about in the sports world about in the sports world tonight... (catherine) including the latest on larry baer.. mark carpenter is here... while more facts are gathered about a dispute that became very public late last week, today giants ceo larry baer is taking a leave of absence from the organization. it's a story we brought you at the top of the newscast. baer stepping away from the team...just days after this video surfaced on tmz sports. his wife pam falling to the he's arguing with her and trying to grab his cell phone out of her hand. the team's board of directors released a statement this morning saying he's quote-- 'acknowledged his behavior was unacceptable, apologized to the organization, and is committed to taking steps to make sure that this never happens again.'
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it was baer himself who requested the leave of absence... and the board will have no further comment while major league baseball investigates what happened. --now to spring training- - giants hosting the dodgers in scottsdale. --bottom 2nd... evan longoria... deep to left and off the grassy burm for a solo home run. 1-0 giants... longo's 4th homer of the spring --justin turner... shallow fly ball to right-center field... and gerardo parra... who played in colorado last season... makes the nice diving catch to rob turner on a hit --unfortunately those were the bright spots for the giants... as they fall to the dodgers 8-2... next up for san francisco... at hunter pence and the texas rangers on wednesday and for more from arizona-- we turn to andrew marden-- sports director with our fresno affiliate. he's keeping tabs on the a's, dodgers, and giants. he's in mesa right now following the green and gold, but first off andrew-- what is the early giants reaction to what's been
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happening with the larry baer situation? ú --in regard to the a's, a young squad that showed flashes of its potential last year... how do they year...potential last year... how do they plan to exceed that this season? season? that this plan to exceed how do they plan to exceed how do they plan to exceed that this season?
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andrew. we'll have more from spring training on tonight's edition of bay area sportsnight, available only on the kron-on app. (catherine) coming oakland
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assemblyman wants to help students attend college - free. the new bill he's proposing.. and how many years of college could be debt free.
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an oakland assemblyman wants to extend community college for first time students... allowing them to complete two years and get their associates degree without going into debt. in 2017, governor brown signed a
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bill that gave new students their first year of community college free. many states already offer two years free -- so lawmakers have come up with a bill to help californians walk-away with an associates. the bill is in its early stages and there will be a hearingin two weeks. if passed - it would take effect in january of next year. (pam) the new legislation the family of stephon clark hopes to get passed... to prevent, what they say, are unnecesary officer- involved shootings. ♪ [baby crib musical mobile]
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millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family. visit (catherine) the state
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attorney general says he's close to finishing his investigation into the officers who shot and killed stephon clark. (pam) xavier becerra talked about this issue today ... after the district attorney's announcement that she would 'not' be charging the officers. our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala shows us what he had to say. trt 1:15"we should be ready very, very soon."all eyes are on the state attorney general as he prepares his conclusion in the shooting death of stephon clark. althou officers mistook his cellphone for a gun, sacramento's district attorney says she won't charge them... she claims clark was suicidal, on several drugs, in a shooting stance and advancing toward officers when he was shot to death last year. after the announcement..clark's mother calling on the attorney general..((se'quette clark - stephon's mother)) "i'm
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praying that the attorney general will pick up where she failed." ((becerra)) "i get it, i understand how important this is, to the family more than anyone else but to the folks who feel like this is not something new."((nats))the city on edge after the da's decision. downtown, crews put up a fence around the golden 1 center and surrounding shops ahead of monday's sacramento kings game. ((ashley)) "a security guard tells us this fence was put up here primarily to prevent what happened here last year when protestors blocked the entrance to the arena." the attorney general not commenting on the da's report. "i don't think it's appropriate for me to start talking about some of those things before we issue the results of the criminal investigation."clark's family attorney says its expected march 18. tag. (pam) meanwhile... the district attorney's announcement ... triggered protests and anger from the clark family and community leaders.(catherine) the sacramento mayor says he believes a new bill will prevent this scenario from happening again. simone dealba reports
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emotions giving way to activism... channeling the pain felt in the wake of stephon clarks shooting death into something positive. steinberg: what i say to you now, this is less about the daús conclusion and more about how to best prevent these tragedies from happening over and over and over again.mayor darrel steinberg... one of many leaders grappling with a search for tangible accountability and meaningful change.steinberg: i think police officers have a very tough job, they put their lives on the line and at the same time they have the awesome power to take a life. enter: the california act to save lives.... or ab392the bill.. penned by assemblywoman shirley weber of san diego and assemblyman kevin mccarty of sacramento:mccarty: itúll reform our 100 year old deadly force rules for police engagement and focus most importantly on deescalationthe bill would limit the circumstances under which law enforcement officers can use deadly force.sot:we have two major cities on the west coast, we have seattle and san
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francisco doing this, it hasnút impacted safety for law enforcement. its made our communities safer. itús time to modernize our deadly force rules in california.current standards for use of force are fairly broad. the stateús current law mandates that officers can use deadly force when they deem it 'reasonable.' hahn: there is violence in our community there is property damage in our community and people expect their police department to try and keep them safeunder ab 392 - officers would only be allowed to use deadly force when absolutely necessary.sot:the bigger piece of it is to prevent these before they even happen. so with this law we will have police departments up and down california changing their practices, having their officers trained differently so they can look for less lethal alternatives when confronted with these incidenta potential path forward for a community trying to reconcile with it's past.
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(pam) this week marks the 50th anniversray of the 'apollo nine' mission to the moon. to celebrate the historic anniverary ... the "chabot space and science center" in oakland... has a special exhibit... featuring a moon rock on loan from nasa's johnson space center. (catherine) kron 4's ryan o'donnel talked to the executive director of the chabot science center to learn more.. oc 1:51 "a long time" thanks for joining us... let's start with the apollo nine mission... how significant was it in the history of space program? what can you tell us about your exhibit... how many moon rocks are on display around the state? how long will you have the rock on display? if people come to see the moon rock what other exhibits do you have going on right now? oc 1:51 "a long time"
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(pam) this interview played in full ... on our new app -'kron on'. it is the bay area's only live, local news streaming... 24/7 commercial- free service. download it today from the app store ... right now kron is offering a free one week trial. (catherine) coming up....southwest tickets from the bay area to hawaii are already on sale.. why you need to act fast. to simone, i leave the van gogh. to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs,
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all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. atlanta professor carrying the
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baby of a student during a lecture .... are going viral. wayne hayer, a student at morehouse college, could not find a last- minute babysitter for his five- month- old daughter on friday ... so he brought the baby to class that is when his professor, nathan alexander, offered to carry the girl for the entire lecture, so that hayer could take notes. alexander said, he has actually carried kids for students before ... and that it is his aim to provide opportunities for students... and to build a community. the professor also said, the baby was well behaved... and even started to fall asleep during his lecture. as of monday morning, the social media post has more than 3- hundred- thousand 'likes'... (catherine) southwest airlines tickets to hawaii from the bay area went on sale today....and they've ready
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sold out for the month of march! the flights will be between oakland and honolulu, with more flights to be added in april and may. introductory fares start at $49 for travel in march and april, and tickets for the peak summer travel season range from $189 to $214 each way. southwest will serve four of the hawaiian islands. for more details - head to kron4 dot com. let's take a look outside right now... chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with the four zone forecast. lawrence karnow: skies were mostly cloudy with a few scattered light showers today. its mostly quiet on the doppler radar now but that will change later tonight. another round of rain will move in late tonight
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especially the southern parts of the bay area. rain will be heaviest in the santa cruz mountain south in the morning tomorrow. you can see the storm on doppler radar. it has tapped into subtropical moisture again which will bring heavy rain and possible flooding to central and southern california. tomorrow will be we on and off throughout the day. highs will be in the 50s and low 60s. more rain is forecast for wednesday before turning to showers on thursday. there is a chance showers again this weekend.
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that wraps up kron4 news at 6. we'll see you tonight at 8.... on your bay area's local news station.
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actor luke perry dead. his final days. >> who was inside the 90210 actor's hospital room when he passed away. >> so young, and what a great man. oprah winfrey backlash from fans of michael jackson. >> this moment transcends michael jackson. then, how the brave sisters survived after being lost for two days in the woods. >> they say they owe it all to skills they learned in four-h club. >> they weren't panicking. they kept it cool. >> and rocket man raid. he's an amateur rocket builder.


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