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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  March 4, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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unhealthy for people. (pam) kron 4's j.r. stone is following this story.. he joins us live tonight in the newsroom.. j.r. you have talked with people in guerneville... what are they saying (jr)some of them are begging for help in washington. hoping that federal funds can be used for this disasterous situation and the cleanup that comes with it. chairs, bureaus, name it, you can probably see it in this pile of ruined debris in guerneville. items molded in some cases and destroyed in other cases by the recent flooding. items, that could be toxic, just sitting on the streets.sot my fear is that we're forgotten about....tears of frustration and hopelessness.some residents living in these areas were told by recology workers that they wouldn't be coming back to clean up additional items. saying that it would be the residents job to get it hauled away.sot kind of a toxic situation and they need to get this stuff off of the streets and out of the way.
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federal emergency disaster relief has not been ordered even though it was granted in past floods that were not statistically as devastating. sonoma county supervisor lynda hopkins says there is a plan in place. if you are unable to clear your debris you can go to the local assistance center in guerneville on main street. there are now two volunteer groups hauling away personal items. jennifer otten says the longer these items sit the more of an impact this will have on the area.sot it's gonna ruin mother nature, take the shine off a beautiful town where people vacation....we oc: want those people to come back.
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(jr)the supervisor again says that everyone is welcome to come to the local assistance center in guerneville. she's also says more state dollars would only help government entitites in situations like this. the feds are the ones with the power to help people. pam another storm system another
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another storm system is brewing.. our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has the details.. lawrence karnow: skies were mostly cloudy with a few scatted light showers today. its mostly quiet on the doppler radar now but that will change later tonight. another round of rain will move in late tonight especially the southern parts of the bay area. rain will be heaviest in the santa cruz mountain south in the morning tomorrow. you can see the storm on doppler radar. it has tapped into subtropical moisture again which will bring heavy rain and possible flooding to central and southern california. tomorrow will be we on and off throughout the day. highs 50s and low 60s. more rain is forecast for wednesday before turning to showers on thursday. there is a chance showers again this weekend.
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(pam) today, students in oakland ... pleading with the school board ... to invest money to support their education. but instead, in a close vote, the board members decided to make massive cuts to the budget. this decision comes ... just one day after the teachers voted in favor of their new contract which ended the week - long strike. meantime, today, it was a raucous three- hour board meeting ... one that left many people frustrated. the oakland unified school district board voted 4 - 3 today ... to make close to 22- million dollars in cuts ... to next school year's budget. the superintendent says, the cuts are needed because the district faces a 56- million dollar budget shortfall by the 20-20 - 20- 21 school year... if reductions are not made. dozens of students, teachers and members of the community expressed disappointment and even anger at the board for its plan ... saying, just giving teachers the raise ... and then making widespread cuts ... is not good for
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education. the teachers union defends the decision to take the district's deal and end the strike ... their new package provides an 11- percent raise over four- years, with a one -time, three -percent bonus.. but the contract was certainly a factor in the board's decision today ... to make almost 22- million- dollars in cuts. (pam) library (pam)sizes.">(pam) but library programs, foster care case managers, african american male acheievement, and restorative justice .... are all among the programs slated to be cut. everyeone is now hoping the governor's
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office steps in... and provides more funding, so at least some of the programs on the chopping block.. can be saved. (grant) many oakland parents say their kids are happy to be back at school... now that the teachers' strike is over. but some acknowledge, there is still work to do. kron 4's michelle kingston talked with parents outside redwood heights elementary school today ... about the deal that ended the strike. michelle kingston, mkingstonnews"the sign behind me says 'we love our teachers,' and that's exactly how parents and students feel here at redwood heights elementary school. they are happy that the strike is over but they say the deal may not be enough."bethany fitelson, oakland"we are really happy the strike is over. we are really glad that it happened and think it was the right thing. i feel like there's a lot of momentum and support for schools and teachers, a lot of messages being sent, but the whole city rallied around better schools and better experiences for our students and teachers."emalee murphy, oakland"i am very proud of oakland and i hope the teachers around the
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country continue their efforts."after a week long strike ... students are back to class at all 86 oakland schools ...teachers voted sunday to ratify their contract deal with the district ending the seven day strike.the oakland education association says union members voted to approve the agreement -- increasing teachers salaries.samantha uzegbu, oakland"i think the teachers still deserve better and the fight is not over but the community really came together to show support of the teachers and our students and we are going to keep on pushing for change."parents at redwood heights elementary say they had days during the strike with no students crossing the picket line -- parents stepping up to feed the teachers -- and educating students while they were out of class. parents here say their children were back to school on monday -- back to their friends and their beloved teachers.fitelson, oakland"we are very glad it's over but also realize that not everything that we wanted to accomplish was accomplished and so there's still work to do and there's still fighting for the schools that our kids deserve and our teachers deserve."in oakland michelle
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kingston kron 4 news (pam) san francisco city leaders ... including mayor london breed and former mayor willie brown ... paid final respects to jeff adach today. we first brought you this story on 'kron-on'. adachi died unexpectedly on february 22nd.. he had served as the city's public defender since 2002. kron 4's charles clifford reports. well, here in san francisco on monday a memorial was held at san francisco city hall for jeff adachi. adachi died back on february 22nd and at today's memorial hundreds of people attended including former mayor willie brown, current mayor london breed and matt gonzalez who works in the public defenders office.they
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all recall a man dedicated to his work.sotjeff understood that making a difference in people's lives wasn't about just fighting for them in court room. he knew the work started in the community to keep kids from getting into trouble in the first place.sot during every stage of his career, during the time that he served all of us. he was a strong advocate for every aspect for what ought to be the rights of all the people. sotin the 28 years that i knew jeff , i never saw him run away from injustice. rather, he ran towards it. it was something he wanted to combat. in san francisco, charles clifford kron4 news. (grant) happening now... hilltop mall in richmond is closed following reports of a shooting near the mall. police say they received reports of a shooting just before 6 tonight. when officers arrived at the mall they could not find any victims, but they did see a trail of blood. witnesses told police the victim was transported to the hospital with a single gunshot wound that was non-life threatening. richmond police have not
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released any suspect information at this time. we have the latest information posted on kron4 dot com. (grant) on the peninsula... police in south francisco are investigating a shooting that left a 17-year-old in the hospital. police say around 11:30 this morning they responded to reports of a shooting on magnolia avenue in south san francisco. the initial investigation showed the 17-year-old was shot by an unknown suspect as he was standing near a parked car.. the suspect immediately took off... no description so far. the victim has non-life threatening injuries. (pam) in the east bay... police are investigating the death of a man whose body was found on a dirt trail near the arroyo creek... in livermore. police are treating the death as suspicious. the body was found just before 8oclock this morning. the body was lying in shrubbery off the trail. the body has not been identied yet. (pam) pacifica police are searching for answers .... after two people were found dead inside a home. officers found the bodies yesterday afternoon.. in the
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11-hundred block of banyan way. right now, there are no suspects ... and police say, there is no public safety concern. an investigation is ongoing. (pam) the fallout continues tonight... from that video showing a physical altercation between giants president and c-e-o larry baer... and his wife last week ... (grant) kron 4 's dan kerman details the action that details the action that baer is now taking ... in the wake of the incident. --nats--friday's physical altercation between san franicsco giants president larry baer and his wife , which was captured on video and went viral has now led to baer stepping away from the team, for now. in a statement, the giants board of directors says "baer has .... requested, and the board has accepted, his request to take personal time away from the giants beginning today." the statement says baer has "acknowledged that his behavior was unacceptable, apologized to the organization and is committed to taking steps to make sure that this never happens again."in the video, baer appears to be grabbing a cell phone out of his wifes hands, during the struggle she falls off her chair and screams oh my god. baer issued a statement
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friday saying : "i am truly sorry for the pain that i have brought to my wife, children and to the organization," "it is not reflective of the kind of a person that i aspire to be, but it happened and i will do whatever it takes to make sure that i never behave in such an inappropriate manner again." in its statement the giants board of directors says while they are closely monitoring the matter.... major league baseball is taking the lead in gathering all facts surrounding the situation. "as leaders in the community, we at the giants hold ourselves to the highest standards and those standards will guide how we consider this matter moving forward." standup dan kerman/sf 122the board has asked the giants executive team to oversea day to day operations, no specific person though has been tapped to be soley in charge. at oracle park, dan kerman kron 4 news. (grant) happening (grant) (grant) happening now....
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arrests are being made... after dozens of protesters marched through the streets of sacramento .... furious over the district attorney's refusal to charge the officers ... who shot and killed stephon clark in march of last year. the arests tonight are for keying cars, unlawful assembly and failure to disperse. as for the shooting... according to authorities, the officers have said, they thought the 22- year-old was holding a gun when they confronted him in his grandparent's backyard. clark was holding his cell phone. police had been looking for a vandalism suspect at the time.(grant) meanwhile, as ali wolf reports... california attorney general xavier becerra says, his investigation into the clark shooting is almost complete.
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activists and faith leaders - continue fighting in the name of stephon clark..(nat)"we handed this letter..." unsatisfied and angry at the district attorney's decision this weekend.....they are now trying to convince attorney general xavier becerra to step in.... and do what d-a anne marie schubert chose not to do: prosecute."when the nation is watching what will we do? attorney general becerra you have the opportunity here to make a turn in how we seal with police practices here in the state of california" president of the people's alliance for justice... reverend shane harris.. hopes stephon clark's case will inspire change in the way deadly police shootings are handled in california..."we need independent investigators on police shootings in california because local prosecutors investigating local police is like a student grading their own paper.
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imagine that"at the request of police chief daniel hahn, xavier becerra's office is reviewing the shooting...."i get it, i understand how important this is"in a news conference monday.... on a separate topic..the attorney general recognized the importance of the outcome of stephon clarks case..."i take it very seriously, my entire team has taken it very seriously and we hope that soon we can issue our report as well because we know how serious this matter is not just for the clark family but for a lot of folks beyond sacramento as well"becerra's office is expected to complete its investigation "soon" regardless of the outcome reverend harris and faith leaders say their fight for stephon clark ...and his family does not end here..."we will not stand idly by while our people are dying an watching this happen and not do anything about it" (grant) faith leaders are organizing a series of events for stephon clark.. marking the one year anniversary of his death... they are planning a march in the coming days..and a vigil on thursday night in meadowview. (pam) also in sacramento... outside the arena where the sacramento kings play .... fencing was installed in anticipation of the protests....(grant) reporter eric rucker
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spoke to some kings players about the protests... about eight hours before tipoff...nats:security around the golden 1 center was already out in place...metal fences were erected in anticipation of a possible protest outside the arena when the kings take on the new york knicks...nats:by late this afternoon only those with tickets to the game were allowed on the plaza..nats: b-ballinside the g1c earlier monday, kings players were practicing for the game, but knew what could be going on outside these walls as the night progressed.sotsuper: frank mason, kings point guard 'we talk about it a little bit, but we just try to focus on the things we can control and thatús being professionals' while some kings players were on the team during last year's stephon clark related protests...newer players like corey brewer and harrison barnes were not.both players say they know frustrations and tensions are very high for some in sacramento.sotsuper:
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corey brewer, kings player' we just want everybody to be safe, we know last year they shut the arena down, but this year hoping everybody is safe and nothing goes wrong'sot super: harrison barnes, kings player' no charges brought to the officers in the killing of stephan clark thatús a big deal thatús something that definitely needs attention and awareness but it game in it being donút think thatúll be the case. ' (pam) that was eric rucker reporting.... trains and buses are running normally.. but crews say, they are keeping an eye on any possible disruptions because of the protests... (grant) in national news... he was aware democrats would fight it.. but tonight, republican opposition to president trump's 'emergency declaration' for the border wall ... is growing. republican kentucky senator rand paul says.. he will vote to block the order. kron4's mark meredith is in washington with more. nat: "im going to vote to support the president" louisiana senator john kennedy says he supports president trump's emergency declaration
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for a border wall.but republican opposition to the order is growing...kentucky senator rand paul says he'll join democrats in an effort to block the declaration."this emergecy declaration, executive order, goes against the will of congress"at least three other gop lawmakers say they'll vote against the emergency order.the senate is expected to vote on the issue this speaker nancy pelosi is confident."we anticipate having won that vote in the house, we'll win it in the senate as well" but president trump says even if the senate votes to block the wall...he'll veto.and lawmakers admit it's unlikely congress will have a two thirds majority to override the president.senator kennedy says president trump had little choice but to declare an emergency...."using a declaration of emergency is not my preferred preferred option for congress to several states are suing the trump administration over the and the president himself admits supreme court to washington, i'm mark meredith. (pam) the house judiciary committee is opening a sweeping investigation into president trump's campaign,
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businesses, and administration. today, the committee formally requested documents from more than 80 -people and entities with ties to the president. that includes donald trump junior, and the c-f-o of the trump organization- allen weisselberg. the committee is looking at possible obstruction of justice, hush money payments to women, collusion with russia, and using the office for personal gain. the investigation could lay the groundwork for democrats, if they chose to pursue impeachment proceedings against the president. rep. nadler, d-house judiciary chmn"impeachment is a long way down the road. we don't have the facts yet, but were going to initiate the proper investigations."(pam) oversight.">(pam) president trump denies doing anything wrong .. and calls the people investigating his dealings, quote,- 'sick.'
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(grant) still ahead... it's what some are describing as a miracle... two young sisters rescued after two days alone in the woods. how they managed to stay alive.... (pam) plus.... a rising death toll .. after an outbreak of tornadoes rips through two states. (grant) and after the break... the number of measles cases are rising in the u-s-- and it's only march.. find out how many people are affected...
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tonight... concerning data about the number of measles cases in the u-s this year. the number keeps growing and we barely started march.... (pam) the c-d-c says, at least 206- cases have been reported since january first. that is 47- more cases than reported last week. the cases were reported by eleven states, including california and washington... in fact, washington has been dealing with a measles outbreak for weeks. the washington state secretary of health will testify before a senate panel tomorrow to discuss the outbreak. (grant) a new environmental report says waste ash from coal-fired power plants in the u-s-- has contaminated groundwater in 39 states. the contaminants include arsenic, lithium and mercury. the report by the environmental integrity project and earth justice is based on groundwater monitoring data. the data was reported to the environmental protection agency from more than 46-
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hundred wells. the landfills and ponds used to store coal ash are often unlined, letting toxins leak into groundwater. an e-p-a spokesman says the agency is reviewing the report. (grant) coming up... a former drug addict... publicly thanking the person who arrested him... for helping him turn his life around. we'll show you the heartwarming renion.... (pam) plus... a brazen thief caught on camera ... stealing items out of a truck in modesto. why neighbors are surprised it happened in that area of the county. (lawrence)ten at ten (pam)(pam) breaking news.... let's
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go live to sacramento now where police are arresting people involved in the stephon clark protests. - stephon clark killed last march..-d.a. says no charges against officers involved.charges against -d.a. says no march.. killed last - stephon clark protests. - stephon clark killed last march..-d.a. says no charges against officers involved. he had a cell officers involved. charges against -d.a. says no march.. -d.a. says no charges against officers involved. he had a cell phone.-state attorney general
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(pam) there was a (pam) there was a special reunion today between a
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recovering drug addict and the police officer he credits for saving his life.(grant) kron4's maureen kelly talked to the former repeat offender.... who took to the internet to express his gratitude. how you doing man...good to see officer rob gilson gives a hug to thomas wolf.....a year ago he would be more likely putting him in's wolf's mug shot that was sent out in a tweet by the tenderloin police station....after he was arrestd for drug possession....and then re- arrested five times for violating the court order barring him from the block of golden gate avenue where he says would buy drugs. wolf says his addiction started after being prescribed the painkiller oxycodone following surgery.... i blew through my bank account it melted like snow in june then the former social worker and married father of two turned to heroin ...he says he lost his job and and became estranged from his
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family because of his addiction but he still could't stop. the last time at officer gilson arrested me he pulled me aside and he said look i don't know what you're going through i don't know if you're going through a midlife crisis or what you're skinny your dirty and you're high on drugs go get some help and get back to your family those were his exact words and i teared up i remember he was right i knew after his last arrest....he was bailed out by his brother on the condition that he enter rehab. after graduating from the salvation army's rehabiltation program wolf answered that tweet...thanking both salvation army and his arresting officer for helping save his life.because at the end when i was at my worst i was starting to use fennel what you heard is really deadly and i actually saw a couple guys od and die on the street because of the drug i can honestly tell you that if i sit out there i'll be in the graveofficer gilson says it's good to see the man he sent to jail so many times turn his life around.we're trying to help people, i think we're certainly fighting an uphill battle but to make an impact on people's lives like we did with tom makes it all worth it wolf says he is now trying to find a job.....and is in counseling with the goal of reconciling with his family.
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maureen kelly kron4 news. (pam) two young (pam) two young girls in humboldt county -- missing since friday -- were found safe and sound on sunday in a forest. a parents worst nightmare ... as five year old caroline and eight- year old leia wandered away from their home and spent nearly 44- hours in the thick, muddy forest... but around 10:30- sunday morning... rescue crews located the two girls near richardson grove state park ... about four- miles away from the home.... within hours of hearing about the missing girls ... more than 21 agencies including the national guard and over two hundred volunteers showed up ready to go to work...some traveling over eight hours to help out.
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search crews say, the main thing that helped them find the girls ... was their footsteps and the food wrappers they left behind.... when it was confirmed that the girls were found, it was a huge feeling of relief.. they were reunited with their parents ... now their mother is deciding whether the two should be punished for wandering off...(pam) sheriff (pam) sheriff deputies say, the sisters survived by the wilderness survival training skills they learned at their youth club... lawrence karnow: skies were mostly cloudy with a few scattered light showers today. its mostly quiet on the doppler radar now but that will change later tonight.
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another round of rain will move in late tonight especially the southern parts of the bay area. rain will be heaviest in the santa cruz mountain south in the morning tomorrow. you can see the storm on doppler radar. it has tapped into subtropical moisture again which will bring heavy rain and possible flooding to central and southern california. tomorrow will be we on and off throughout the day. highs will be in the 50s and low 60s. more rain is forecast for wednesday before turning to showers on thursday. there is a chance showers again this weekend.
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/ -r- alabama: "we lost children, mothers, fathers, neighbors and friends."an e-f-4 tornado targeting lee county, alabama packed winds of 170 miles per hourand left a trail of destruction almost a mile widemayor f.l. "bubba" copeland / smiths station, alabama: "trailer homes were turned upside down with the wheels where the roof should be, trees cut off at about 15 feet in the air. unbelievable devastation."among those killed is taylor thornton -- a fourth grader -- described as an extremely happy child.and the youngest victim -- armando hernandez.the six year old known as aj was loved by everyone-nats-for days -- forecasters predicted possible high tornado activity.jessica chandle / boyfriend survived tornadoes: "i had heard there was thunderstorms coming and possible tornadoes, but i didn't know the extent of it" on sunday -- the national weather service gave about eight to nine minutes of warning before the deadly tornado touched down.jessica chandle / boyfriend survived tornadoes: "he had just enough time to dive to the couch which the couch was just about a foot away from the screen door and he just held onto the couch for dear life."now a desperate search -- in the hopes of finding survivors.but
10:38 pm
crews warn -- with a storm this massive -- the death toll is likely to kay ivey / -r- alabama: "each of us mourns the loss of life of our fellow alabamians."in lee county alabama -- i'm kristen holmes reporting. (pam) (pam) the state of california is suing the trump administration, over proposed changes to what's known... as the title -ten family planning program. since it was established in 1970, the program has provided birth control and other reproductive health care services... to millions of low- income people each year. but under a new rule... clinics are only eligible for title- ten funding.. if they do not perform abortions, nor even suggest where a patient can get one. today, attorney general xavier bacerra, senate
10:39 pm
president pro tem tony atkins, the legislative women's caucus, and health providers.. all held a news conference to annouce the lawsuit. (pam) own terms.">(pam) at least 20 other states are also expected to file lawsuits. (grant) police in modesto are looking for a brazen theif who broke into a man's truck. in a matter of seconds, the thief is seen in dashcam video reaching into a chevy silverado with a flashlight. the thief is seen rummaging through the truck thursday
10:40 pm
while the owners were asleep. at one point, the suspect actually gets into the driver's seat and shuts the door, but not before looking directly into the dashcam.
10:41 pm
out.. if the blood is connected to a victim of a crime. (pam) outrage in a california community... after a group of teenagers was caught on camera using cups to make a swastika sign at a party. the photos have caused a firestorm across the newport mesa unified school district in orange county. today extra police officers patroled the campus's while students took the cause into their own hands. as several students posted on social media asking for their classmates to wear blue to denounce anti- semitism and bigotry. the superintendent also released a statement denouncing the photos. school officials are working with police to gather more information on the students involved and to see if the students should face consequences. (pam) a committee meeting is
10:42 pm
expected to take place on thursday to discuss the controversy. (grant)vo still ahead... you can now fly to hawaii on southwest... how you can get them for a steal after the break... (sports) just ahead in sports, as the warriors gear up for another playoff run,they could be joined by an old friend. why andrew bogut may be going from australia to the bay area.. also, giants highlights from spring training. even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors.
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southwest airlines is now officially selling tickets to hawaii from the bay area. (grant) flights went on sale today.. with fares as low as $49 dollars one way from oakalnd and san jose. however the cheapest flights are going fast.... most may already be sold out. and the fares are only available through midnight tomorrow as part of a two day launch sale. southwest's first round of flights from the bay to honolulu starts march 17th. travel at the deeply discounted rates must be completed by june 19th. ticket prices during the peak summer travel period range from 189 dollars to 214 dollars. service from san deigo and sacramento will be
10:46 pm
announced in the coming weeks. (pam) volvo will begin placing speed restrictions on its vehicles ... as part of efforts to end fatal accidents. most of the company's vehicles ácaná drive faster than 150- miles an hour. but volvo says, it will limit its cars .... to go no faster than 112- miles an hour. the automaker's c- e-o says, while the plan will not end all fatal accidents, it is an important step in volvo's goal to have no deaths or serious injuries ... in its new vehicles by 20-20. volvo also plans to look at ways to address driver behavior... to prevent accidents. for example, the automaker says, later this month, it will unveil plans for technology intended to prevent driving while drunk.. or distracted. (grant) it's national consumer protection week--- and now more than ever, you should take action to protect your identity and avoid getting defrauded or scammed. so here is a closer look at this year's popular scams and important steps to avoid becoming a victim. experts say there are three
10:47 pm
major scams to watch out for this year. the first-- phony calls from the social security administration. caller i-d will show you're getting a call from the government demanding you validate your social security number. second-- a netflix-themed phishing scam... scammers impersonating the online streaming site and asking for your payment information. your payment and asking for streaming site the online impersonating scammers phishing scam... netflix-themed phishing scam... scammers impersonating the online streaming site and asking for your payment information. and third-- tax refund theft... fraudsters file taxes pretending to be you and steal your tax refund. (pam) in entertainment in entertainment news... at the weekend box office, tyler perry's last turn as "madea" went up against the last installment in a beloved animated series. who won? here's david daniel with the top five. the first weekend after it won the oscar for best picture, "green book" made four-point- seven million dollars, rising to fifth place. "the lego
10:48 pm
movie two: the second part" dropped a spot to number four, collecting six-point-six million. "alita: battle angel" fell from second to third on ticket sales of seven-million dollars."baby, why he smiling? you put the smile on his face?" "he seemed like he was a happy man.""a madea family funeral" debuted in second place with 27-million dollars -- better than expected, but not quite enough to dethrone the champ. "shh..." (nat-dragon)"uh oh." "how to train your dragon: the hidden world" is still hot! the animated threequel made 30-million dollars, for first place and a 10-day domestic total of 98-million. in hollywood, i'm david daniel.
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while major league officials look in to what exactly happened between larry baer and his wife pam, the giants ceo is stepping away from the organization. it's a story we brought you at the top of the newscast. baer taking a leave of absence...just days after this video surfaced on tmz sports. his wife pam falling to the he's arguing with her and trying to grab his cell phone out of her hand. the team's board of directors released a statement this morning saying he's quote-- 'acknowledged his behavior was unacceptable, apologized to the organization, and is committed to taking steps to make sure that this never happens again.' it was baer himself who requested the leave... and the board will have no further comment while major league baseball gathers more information. --now to spring training- - giants hosting the dodgers in scottsdale. --bottom 2nd... evan longoria... deep to left and off the grassy burm for a solo home run. 1-0 giants... longo's 4th
10:50 pm
homer of the spring --justin turner... shallow fly ball to right-center field... and gerardo parra... who played in colorado last season... makes the nice diving catch to rob turner on a hit --unfortunately those were the bright spots for the giants... as they fall to the dodgers 8-2... next up for san francisco... at hunter pence and the texas rangers on wednesday now to the nba-- the playoffs will be here before we know it... and to find some help off the bench, the warriors may be calling up an old friend from the land down under. andrew bogut...a member of the team's championship run in 2015...reportedly set to come back to golden state once he gets the greenlight from his team in the australian basketball league. the 34-year-old will make his return to the nba after being out of the association for more than a year. he had a stint with the lakers, then played for a team in sydney....winning honors for the league's top defensive player. the warriors certainly could use his defense and provide help for boogie cousins at the center position.
10:51 pm
and how about cal star kristine amigwe... she was named pac-12 player of the week today after her amazing 32 point-30 rebound performace yesterday in a win over washington state... it was also her 30th straight double-double for the bears anigwe is the first player in college women's basketball with a 30-point, 30-rebound performance in more than 15 years... tying the pac-12 record finally tonight, bryce harper has only been with the phillies for just a few days and he's already setting records. the new philadelphia slugger...who just signed a mega-deal of 330-million dollars over 13-years...has broken lebron james' record for jersey sales. according to the online retailer fanatics, more of harper's phillies unis have sold in their first 48 hours than any other jersey... surpassing a mark set by lebron's lakers jersey. (weather) coming up i'll have the
10:52 pm
seven day forecast.
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(pam) a five -year old girl in wisconsin loves law enforcement.. so when she learned of the death of a milwaukee officer - she wanted to do something to show her support .. reporter cassidy williams showshow her caring spirit .. is lifting others. allison:"yes please,"allison
10:55 pm
krueger and her mom tina are signing cards of encouragement. allison:"you're awesome, rawr" but to understand why you have to step into allison's bedroom. which shows off her two favorite things.tina krueger: "yeah that's her room. pink and police."allison:"from police officers all over the world almost."she's been collecting police badges for almost half her life..because she knows exactly what she wants to be.allison:"a k-9 officer"so when she heard another milwaukee police officer had died in the line of duty... she had a question. tina:"she was sad about it, and she was like what can i do to make them feel better?" that's how the card making began.they made cards and passed them out that day.but allison hasn't wanted to stop. allison:"there are more police officers that probably feel
10:56 pm
bad."with the help of some friend's they estimate they've passed out almost 200 cards. she even wanted to keep going today... despite the subzero temperatures.allison:"we can put on jackets."wanting to keep going... for the same reason she wants to be one of them one day.allison krueger: "they're nice, and they help people out, and they solve problems and cases." () if you are watching us on the new kronon app - our live news coverage continues next at eleven. kron on is the bay area's only commercial- free ... 24-hour streaming news service. visit kron-on -dot-tv to sign up. kronon continues next. let's go live to sacramento now where police are arresting people involved in the stephon clark protests.
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the worst criminal offenders are pursued by the detectives of the major case squad. these are their stories. one little african kid dying every three seconds 'cause they ain't got enough food. man, it ain't right. family of ten can live off what falls out of my mother-in-law's mouth. excuse me. i'm locked out. i went out the wrong door. could you let me back in? sure. thanks. oof! sorry. it's all right. excuse me. is this the way to human resources? down the hall, turn right. thanks.


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