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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 5, 2019 1:30am-1:59am PST

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♪ tonight, luke perry dead at 52. >> i'm the father of two children. i want to be with them as long as i can. >> his shocking death following a massive stroke. >> rescue, 94, stroke. >> i love him and he knows i love him. >> "90210" family reeling tonight. >> i'm outside the hospital. we have new details about his final moments with his children, and no show has spent more time with luke. we flash back to our beautiful moments with the actor. >> i had no id t ignites now oprah is taking sid. looking with michael jackson's
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accusers. >> and the weekend with ben affleck. candid about rehab. >> apart of my life. >> can co-parenting with jen garner. >> we're just not that cool. >> this is "entertainment tonight." good evening. for the second time in less than a week i'm standing outside of st. joseph's medical center in burbank, california. we were here last week when luke perry suffered a massive stroke. initially there had been hope for recovery, but sadly his condition worsened and this morning, the star of "riverdale" and "90210" passed away. ♪ >> i'm a father of two children. i want to be with them as long as i can. i want to have as healthy life as i can, and spend as much time with them. >> the 52-year-old dad passed away five days after suffering a massive stroke. >> rescue 94, stroke. >> reports say doctors sedated luke to allow his brain to recover, but the damage was so extensive. we were just with his former "90210" co-star, shannen doherty who was keeping her hopes up at
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last night's animal hope and wellness foundation compassion gala. >> i can't talk about it here because i will literally start crying, but i love him and he knows i love him. it's luke and he's my dylan. everybody just keep positive, wonderful thoughts. that's all i'm going to say. >> shannen who fought breast cancer reconnected with her former tv love last year and luke told us it was a blast. >> we had lunch and she got to meet her. it was really good. >> we're told jack perry was with his dad today in his final moments as was his daughter, sophie who had to fly in from a peace mission in africa. his fiance, ex-wife, family and friends were also by his side. asphalt, and a year from now i could be doing it again. i think it keeps a good perspective on things as long as you remember that. >> we first met luke in 1991 on the "90210" set mnt sensibility
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his heartthrob status. luke always seemed to stay grounded and humble through mostly guest starring roles on tv in 2017 when he was cast as archie's dad on "riverdale." >> playing the dad is the next thing in long. ideally i'll be around long enough to play the grandfather. >> the news coincided with the rumors of the "90210" reboot. tributes from that cast are pouring in. from gabrielle carteris, i am absolutely heartbroken. from jenny, my heart is so broken. both luke and shannen did not sign on for the new project, but co-star tory spelling remained hopeful. >> he will do as many episodes as he can. >> today his "riverdale" co-star, molly ringwald tweeted, my heart is broken. i will miss you so much, luke perry. sending all my love to your family. >> needs one take.
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when luke is at work, we move -- we move very fast. >> our last interview with luke was also with his tv son, kj apa. "riverdale" shooting has shut down for the day, and he is remembered as a mentor to the young cast. he gave them this advice. >> come to work and do your job well. if you get too obsessed with the things that are being said to you and about you, it kind of takes your focus off the work. these guys are tremendously talented and they just concentrate on the work, and they will be fine. >> his co-star shared this. quote, dearest luke, i will forever bask in the loving memories we have shared over the years. "e.t." was the first show on the set of "90210," and we went back every chance we had, and we're going to share so much of that time that we spe in the show. nancy? >> well, certainly our thoughts
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are with his family and friends. thank you so much. michael jackson fans are sounding off after the "leaving neverland" documentary began airing last night. some venting their anger. some defending the king of pop. well, tonight oprah weighs in on the disturbing allegations of sexual abuse. >> for me, this moment transcends michael jackson. it is much bigger than any one person. it's like a scorch on humanity. >> that with wade robson and james safechuck. in the documentary, they detail years of sexual abuse they say they endured at the hands of michael jackson. >> he was one of the kindest, most gentle, loving, caring people i knew, and he also sexually abused me for seven years. >> oprah is with the men for a special broadcast after hbo airs
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part two. >> can you explain to people why you want to continue the association if you have been abused? >> i had no understanding of it being abuse, you know? i loved michael. >> twitter erupted last night over part one of hbo's documentary with many praising the men for their bravery. michael's devoted fans called it a, quote, cheap shot because m.j. is no longer here to defend himself. he died in 2009, and during his life, he aillways denied doing anything inappropriate with children. >> don't treat me like a criminal because i am innocent. >> "e.t." was there in 2005 during michael's 14-week child molestation trial. he was acquitted on ml ichael touch you >> i learned so much from him as an artist and as a kind human being. >> wade now says having a son
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forced him to reexamine his own childhood. meanwhi meanwhile, the jackson estate is not backing down. >> it's a one-sided, one point of view documentary. >> the estate filed a $100 million lawsuit, and the jackson family attorney took aim at the doc's credibility today on cbs this morning. >> you have a situation where these accusations are made by two people who have testified differently under oath. >> last night, the jackson estate released this two-hour concert film on youtube. ♪ >> many say the apparent goal, to divert attention from hbo. the family's expected to drop another concert film tonight. and i just spoke with oprah's camp and they said that oprah knew this was possibly going to get criticized for doing this special, but people thinking she igrfive months since ben affleck was in alcohol
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treatment. he is back in the public eye now and not trying to hide his struggle. >> it doesn't bother me to talk about alcoholism. it's something you have to work at and i feel like i had a problem and i really want to address it and i take some pride in that. >> ben delivered that candid message of sobriety and self-acceptance this morning on "today," adding his family is everything right now. >> it's about yourself, your life, your family. i hope i'm a pretty good dad. i certainly try very hard. i'm lucky they have got a great mom, and she's -- she helps out a great deal with, you know, making sure we co-parent in as good a way as possible. >> that doesn't mean their co-parenting choices always fly with the kids. last night at the premiere of ben's netflix film, "triple frontier," he told me son samuel just wasn't impressed with jen's "how to train your dragon"astri. she wore it at his 7th birthday party last week. >> sam was, like, okay, mom. we have an astrid. she was devastated. she had gone to all these
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lengths to put on the costume. to find out your son is, like, we're just not that cool. you know what i mean? >> at least sam was gentler when ben told him he's hanging up the batman cape for good. >> how did samuel take the news? he loved that you were batman. >> he was okay. he understands there is time for everything and it was my turn and now it's somebody else's turn. he understands turn-taking. >> i love that. i do. i love that so much. later on, we'll have more with ben and the men of "triple frontier." remember those epic beach snaps of the guys in hawaii? mm-hmm. we get to the bottom of all that. and if they were a boy band, which boy band would they be? okay? also ahead -- >> ben's ex, jennifer lopez, in a new partnership. joa then new faces onour first look at the new season lineup.
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the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. ♪ that is jennifer lopez on the beach with joanna gaines,
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and what is the "fixer upper" star looking at right there? a $6.6 million home that j-lo bought with alex rodriguez. joanna agreed to help the couple remodel it. work has not started yet, but joanna wanted to see it and talk about the vision for the pacspa >> and now she can come over to our house and remodel for us. i love that. last night was the return of a show very close to ja-lo's heart, "american idol." topping tonight's know and tell, katy perry bonding over burgers. >> in n out burger. >> i know. >> i met my boyfriend over in n out. >> you did? >> katy is still basking in the glow of her recent engagement to orlando bloom. but last night's show was also full of happy tears. >> when somebody truly talented walks in -- >> we go, whoa. >> that's our version of scrolling. okay. well, that's great. you're nice, and then someone starts singing that's good and
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we're, like. >> hey. >> next up, julianne hough has the best first day at work ever. >> here's the first part of my day. cuddling with my hubby. >> we got our first official look at the "america's got talent" gang. terry crews replaces tyra cruz. the show premieres this spring. >> i don't know what to expect. i'm just ready and waiting for all of the -- the best talent america has to offer. >> and more drama on "the bachelor" tonight. could this moment with cassie be the reason why colton jumps the fence? we have got your exclusive sneak peek. >> how was your conversation with my dad? >> i didn't get his approval. >> and you're okay about the fe. >> i needed to get away. i needed time. >> how worried are you, and how scared are you for just his well-being? >> well, as i told him. what are you? liam neeson? you don't have your phone or a passport. where are you going? >> that's drama. >> i have been waiting this whole season to find out about th>> we think we know.
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>> time. >> answers. still ahead -- >> vamable to me. >> luke perry's life away from the camera. >> i'm in no hurry to be the star of a film. >> how he put being a dad before anything hollywood. plus pete davidson's thank you next to ariana. how he's making his feelings toward kate beckinsale very public. and for boy bands, the guys of "triple frontier" approve. they are hot and funny. >> you're welcome. no one was happier than us. closed captioning provided by --
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visibly plumps skin and reduces wrinkles. bounce back! new revitalift hyaluronic acid serum from l'oreal. ♪ now some pda between petebe. they're so on. they locked lips while attending a hockey game on sunday together. it was their second date night in weekend. kate was pete's plus one to the "snl" after party the day
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before. pete is 20 years younger than the 45-year-old actress. rumors of a romance started in january when the two hung out at a golden globes party. pete and ariana grande ended their engagement in october. ♪ >> we should have said reunited and it feels so good, right? ben affleck reunited with his ex, lindsey shookus. she was seen arriving to his new york part. we see you, lindsay. i got to hang with ben and his "triple frontier" cast mates for an exclusive conversation which started with a very, very important topic. >> thank you for the beach photos. we all saw them. we appreciate them. >> you're welcome. that was -- no one was happier than us. >> they told us it was a private beach. >> when you saw them though, was there a doh or hm? >> it was the full one. >> really? >> it was humiliating. we're in speedos, like,
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humiliating. >> i was on the bottom. >> yeah. marginally more humiliating for you, but i had my share. >> charlie hundred ma'am and oscar isaac had our first look at the cast together. i buy it completely in the film, but please it will me it wasn't all that good acting and it was a true chemistry. >> we were all friends, and now we're not friends anymore. >> i have always wanted to be in a boy band and this is like being in a boy band. >> if you had to be in a boy band in real life, which one would you choose? >> that's an interesting proposition because it's hard -- get in that boy band or i'll shoot! which boy band? i haven't given this question much thought. despite the surprising amount of time it comes up in interviews. >> there are legendary boy bands in boston probably. >> that's true. and, you know, there's just too many acts to be able to choose. >> the movie has our guys
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playing former special ops soldiers out to rob a drug cartel of millions. do you recall a time when you have ever worked that hard for some money, for cash? >> yeah. making this film. >> that is hilarious. >> if only it was a joke. >> it's heard than you think it's going to be. >> say you walk out of here and you trip over a big bag and open it up and there is millions of dollars in that bag, what do you do? >> take it to the local police station. >> thank you. i would call charlie first. charlie, there's a bag of money. >> are you that earnest, really? do you take it, ben? >> no. no. come on. of course, i would report it. >> high class probably. >> i can'tdoes no one sympathiz? >> the five of them together, bananas. such a good a time and by the way, i sawle way through in the best possible way. "triple frontier" hits theaters this wednesday and it's on
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th. can i buy you a lemonade? >> i don't know. some chicken, some salsa. you got a date, big boy. >> "e.t." has been with luke perry from the very start of his hollywood career when he exploded on the scene in "90210," and today while his loved ones, family and friends are mourning his passing, we just want to take a moment to remember our time with tv's beloved bad boy. ♪ >> we're signing autographs at a mall and started a riot. >> i knew you were going to say that. i don't know what happened. i had no idea that, you know, we would require a s.w.a.t. team and things like that. you never expect something like that. >> luke originally auditioned to be "90210's" steve sanders, but lost out to ian ziering. on screen, the then-24-year-old was broaluable to me and the only thing i'm
1:53 am
finding difficult is you get a little less privacy, you know? people know who you are, and you don't know who they are. you don't see them on tv. >> he used to shovel asphalt for a living. >> your best table, please. >> it was never the goal. >> i'm in no hurry to be the star of a film. when the time comes and i feel a little more comfortable, next year. >> from the "90210" set to red carpets, we spent hundreds of hours with luke. it was clear he loved his craft and adored his fan. he was honest and charming. >> what works for me is just try to keep the [ bleep ] to a recently. don't you want to hang out with your wife and do husbandly things? >> yeah, but, you know -- >> i don't know what those husbandly things would be, but -- >> even after his divorce in 2003, luke remained friends with his ex. he was a devoted parent to his two children, lived life to the
1:54 am
fullest and had no regrets. >> life is experienceshal. you have got to get out there and you have got to try it. you have got to fail sometimes and to get to any success, you have got to fail a few times, and so yeah. you have got to earn it. >> as you know, luke was a regular on the cw series, "riverdale," but he was also part of the cast in quent quentintariquentin taranti tarantino's "once upon a time" in hollywood. it involved brad pitt and leonardo dicaprio. in a tweet, leo called luke a kindhearted and incredibly talented artist and added, it was an honor to be able to work with him. was an honor to be able to work with him. coming up, the outpouring prestige creams not living up to the hype? one jar shatters the competition. olay regenerist hydrates skin better than creams costing over $100, $200, and even $400.
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travel considerations provided by -- well, back in the "90210" days, the question was team brandon or team dylan? but i have to say today we are all team dylan. >> absolutely, and i always will be. so will olivia munn. she posted, quote, luke perry was my first crush. more like obsession. i wore pins with his face on them to school. i used to dream of making it to l.a. just to meet him. >> and sarah michelle gellar wrote, my entire high school experience was shaped by brenda and dylan. now i have to hold my dear friend, shannen doherty's hand,
1:58 am
while she mourns the loss of luke perry. >> alyssa milano put it this way. his soul shined so bright. his smile, his talent, his kindness. he was always the coolest person in the room. amen, alyssa. >> no doubt about that, right? way too young. >> yes, indeed. >> we'll have much more on luke tomorrow. bye, everybody. surprise! (vo) living with ammonia odor? not a pretty picture. (vo) tidy cats lightweight with ammonia blocker tackles tough odor. now 100% dust free! so long stankface! (vo) bye bye dust! there's a tidy cats for that. my gums are irritated. i don't have to worry about that, do i? actually, you do. harmful bacteria lurk just below the gum line. new crest gum detoxify works below the gum line to neutralize harmful plaque bacteria and help reverse early gum damage. gum detoxify, from crest.
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