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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  March 5, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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♪ ♪ (grant) tonight... another round of wet weather is hitting the bay area.. this is a live look at stormtracker 4 radar-- the rain is expected to intensify overnight. all of this on top of the already saturated ground from last week's big storm. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm grant lodes. (vicki) and i'm vicki liviakis. this latest atmospheric river is expected to last a few days... chief
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meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now... lawrence-- how bad is this storm going to get? lawrence karnow: more rain will move in tonight and will be heavy at times after midnight. the doppler radar is showing some showers now but they will increase throughout the night. showers will continue on wednesday with a slight chance of a thunderstorm. we could see a few showers on thursday and a chance of more rain this weekend. (vicki) thanks lawrence. and we have team coverage tonight... (grant) kron 4's rob fladeboe found some problems from the previous storms on mountain roads today... he joins us live in saratoga with the latest on the conditions in the south bay. rob? (rob live) some light (rob live) rob?bay. in the south this weekend.of more rain and a chance on thursday and a chance of more rain this weekend.
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(vicki) thanks lawrence. and we have team coverage tonight... (grant) kron 4's rob fladeboe found some problems from the previous storms on mountain roads today... he joins us live in saratoga with the latest on the conditions in the south bay. rob? (rob live) some light rain so far here in saratoga but there is more on the way and it's taking a toll on mountain roads. there has been quite a bit of extra traffic here on highway 9 because highway 35 is closed and it will stay closed as long as it keepsraining. let's take a look. nats (crumbling road)what began as a sinkhole here on highway 35 quickly evolved into a land slide that took out a hundred foot section of
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the outside, northbound lane and forced the closure of the entire roadway in early february. the rain and runoff has undermined the pavement and part of the hillside above and below the slide says crew chief mehryar mogharrab. mehryar mogharrab/caltrans "....both sides of the road are compromised, one is totally collapsed and the other is on the verge of collapsing and we just cant get it stabilized while it's raining...."an initial goal of re-opening the road today has proved too optimstic. the slide is about a mile and a half north of the border between san mateo and santa cruz counties. detours include page mill road to the north and highway 9 to the south. highway 35 is a priority but there are also storm-related problems on many other roads that also need attention says mogharrab.
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mehryar mogharrab/calrans "'s not just one area, it's multiple areas that are compromised, highway 84, highway one and highway 35, to name a's just non stop...."during breaks in the rain, crews are driving what are called steel sheet piles into the soil to stabilized the hillside. but you can see how run off from the rain is still oozing out of the ground forcing crews to wait for drier weather tocontinue... (rob live) catrans says if it can get about a week of dry weather, it will try to have one lane open by the 17th or 18th of this month. live in saratoga rob fladeboe kron4news (grant) don't forget .... you can stay connected to the weather in your neighborhood with the kron-4 mobile app. you will find full forecasts ... and interactive radar. and you can get push alerts on bay area storms. (vicki) a big story
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tonight... the state attorney general will not charge the officers who shot and killed stephon clark. (grant) this comes after the sacramnto police chief asked xavier becerra's office to review the shooting. clark died during a foot chase with police... and officers police... and chase with during a foot chase with police... and officers thought his cell phone was a gun. kron 4's sacramento bureau reporter ashley zavala is live to explain what led to his decision and how the community is coping... ashley? ((az))i'm outside sacramento's city hall where some sort of demonstration is expected here tonight following the attorney general's announcement. protests are boiling over into a fourth night in a row here as top law enforcement officials clear the officers who shot and killed stephon clark.
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((pkg)) trt 1:33"our investigation has concluded that no criminal charges against the officers involved in the shooting can be sustained."california attorney general xavier becerra echoing the conclusion of sacramento's district attorney in the case of the officers who killed stephon clark.the attorney general says critical evidence that factored into his decision include proof clark broke the law, fled from police, ignored officer demands, advanced toward police and the light shining from him that officers mistook for a gun.the attorney general claims the officers truly felt their lives were in daer the night they gunned clark down in his grandmother's backyard. "these kinds of tragedies, they're tough. i can't imagine either of the two officers are feeling like this is over." some questions surround the attorney general's report which he says was an independent investigation.. becerra said tuesday he would "have to check" whether his investigators independently interviewed the officers, or if they reviewed recorded
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interviews already conducted by the sacramento police department.the attorney general was also repeatedly asked how much he considered the evidence officers never identified themselves as police when they approached clark."we looked at all the evidence that was before us, the certainly we took into all the different matters that were raised, including that one." ((ashley))still no response yet from the clark family on this..federal prosecutors are now getting involved... the u.s. attorneys office announced today its opening its own investigation into the clark shooting. tag. (vicki) and dozens of
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people were arrested as demonstrators took to the streets to protest the shooting death of stephon clark. this is new video showing police clashing with the protestors last night. authorities say more than 80 people were taken into custody. tensions have been flaring in the community since saturday... when the d-a's office announced that no charges would be filed against the officers who shot and killed clark last year. (grant) some encouraging news for those living with hiv. for the second time in more than a decade, a man is now h-i-v free, following a stem cell transplant. kron 4's dan kerman is live in san francisco's castro district with more on the news and reaction. dan? hiv cure 0305195 insertat a medical conference in washington state, researchers announced a london man no longer has hiv, the virus that causes aids, following a stem cell transplant... he is only the second man in more than a decade to see this successsot timothy henrich/ucsf 'hiv
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cure' researcheri think this case shows we are on the right trackucsf hiv cure researcher timothy henrich is attending the conference. he says for success to happen there must be a perfect match of stem cell donor and recipient... that combined with the risks, and expense make it an unlikely treament for the masses, but he remains hopeful there's another way. sotin san francisco's castro district which was decimated by the aids crisis, new of a possible cure has people cautiously hopefulsotsotsot (vicki) developing news tonight... news tonight... developing (vicki) sotsotsothopefulcautiously has people cautiously hopefulsotsot sot
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(vicki) developing news tonight... police in the east bay are trying to figure out what happened after a man's body was found on a
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popular hiking trail. so far-- the livermore police department is only saying the death is suspicious. kron4's haaziq madyun has the story walking down the dirt path when suddenly a grim discovery. the dead body of a man covered by shrubs and debrissotit happened monday around 7:43am on a walking path next to the arroyo creek in livermore. that is when a person using the path discovered the body, flagged down a livermore police patrol car and took the officers about 150-yards to the location where the dead man was foundsot kevin gunn has used this trail for the past 13-years. he says has never heard of anything like this happening heresot on tuesday livermore police investigators were seen going door-to-door on arroy road looking for any leads or witnesses. gunn says police knocked on his door as wellsot
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livermore police investigators say the deceased man is a livermore resident. police are preliminarily classifying his death as suspicious, due to the lack of any obvious signs of blunt force trauma or foul play. identification is being withheld pending notification of next of kin. in livernmore haaziq madyun kron4news (grant) coming up... tornadoes leave widespread death and destruction in alabama. and tonight, we are learning more about the victims. we'll have the latest as crews are desperate to find any survivors. (vicki) a warning in the south bay... there has been an alarming number of car break-ins in recent months. details on what you need to look out for-- and the steps you can take to prevent being a target. (grant) plus... if you thought it couldn't get any more expensive... it is. the startling new numbers that reveal just how expensive
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it is to rent a home in san francisco.
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for your money tonight... just when it seemed like we've reached the peak....a new report says san francisco rents are continuing to climb. kron4's maureen kelly has the lastest sky high figures. there's no way i could afford thatthis la transplant is housesitting an aparment on nob hill.....where in the same building, a 1 bedroom unit is renting for what apparently is
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the new normal....according to zumper, an online real estate marketplace, this march the average rent of a 1 bedroom in san francisco is just shy of $3700 hundred dollars a month. that's an increase of nearly 9 percent since last year at this time.and it's bucking the national trend of rent prices which are falling. so it's really frustrating i don't know what's gonna happen unfortunetly for those looking for a new aparment, the cheif business officer for zumper thinks san francisco's upward trend will continue.this is the beginning of the early rental season for us we normally see rents start up tech as we come into spring and then through the summer we would have an expectation that rents would continue to rise through mid year this year the say the reasons behind the rise....not enough rental stock to meet the demand brought on by our thriving local well as a change in thinking with the younger generation moving in. our latest survey has suggested it 33% of millennial's know longer do
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you homeownership as being the american dream that has the housesitter we meet outside this building staying on move...since she can't afford to settle down. i've been able to find people who let me housesit so i've been housesitting myself around san francisco i do take care my friend so it's a little fragmenting not having a stable base but that's the reality it's not only a new peak price in an already expensive city it's also the highest rent in the nation beating out new york city by nearly 30%maureen kelly kron4 news (vicki) (vicki) the most popular national park áservice site in america is right here in san francisco. it's the golden gate national recreation area. the national park service says more than 15 million people visited the site last year. that's about half-a-million more than the blue ridge parkway-- a scenic road from virginia to north carolina. blue ridge won the title in 20-17. in total, more than
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318 million people visited national park service sites across the u-s in 20-18. that's down four percent from the year before. we haven't given up hope. we're still actively searching areas there. today, we do have firefighters on the ground searching,(grant) devastated towns in alabama still trying to cope with the utter destruction from sunday's more bodies were found today in hard=hit lee county.president trump says he will visit the area this weekend.the death toll of 23 includes seven members of a single family ... as well as four children, nat cryingchanelle hart's little boy was torn from her arms.i heard all the kids screaming and i tried to hold them all a little tighter and that's when the whole floor just snatched from under as and we were all in the air ashley thornton's daughter taylor was at a friend's house when the tornado hit.
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thornton, taylor's mother> "she was a very sweet, loving child, sweetest, tender heart, very sweet spirit, innocent as she could be." growing up with these people, and knowing that they're gone now, its heartbreaking. words cannot explain how bad it is.many survivors now have nothing left but their faith. i thank the lord, you tell god thank you.. officials say one of the tornadoes - an e-f-4 -- packed winds of up to 170 miles per hour.brian hastings/ al emer. management agency: when you see the devastation it's just hard to fathom that something can be this powerful.the tornado did not strike without warning.the national weather service sent began sending out alerts three days earlier, including this one more than an hour before the ef=4 touchdown .problem is ... in rural alabama, few structures are built to withstand a out of seven families lives in a mobile home ... and as these before and after pictures show ... trailers and houses alike were
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no match for the winds.nat volunteer groups from all over alabama are helping to clean's hard to believe the storm did this amount of damage in such a short amount of time. (anchor) taking a look at stormtracker 4 radar... (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: more rain will move in tonight and will be heavy at times after midnight. the doppler radar is showing some showers now but they will increase throughout the night. showers will continue on wednesday with a slight chance of a thunderstorm. we could see a few showers on thursday and a chance of more rain this weekend.
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this weekend.of more rain and a chance on thursday few showers we could see a thunderstorm. we could see a few showers on thursday and a chance of more rain this weekend.
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(vicki) still ahead... the debate about vaccines is in washington. details on the recent outbreaks of preventable diseases-- and what is being done to try to stop them from spreading. (grant) and after the break... a manufacturing business closes its doors in berkeley. and you could help decide what the city does with the space. why they mayor says it could help reduce crime. to simone, i leave the van gogh.
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to harrison, the wine collection. to craig, this rock. the redwoods to the redheads. the rainbows to the proud. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything in your power to preserve and protect them. with love, california. nearly six months after a
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longtime manufacturing business in berkeley closed its doors... the city council is reaching out to the public on what should happen to the mostly abandoned industrial property. kron four's philippe djegal spoke with the mayor in his office... before the mayor hosts a community meeting on this topic in about a half hour at the berkeley rep. (philippe) after one chapter closes -- a brand new promising opportunity presents itself.jesse arreguin/mayor- "west berkeley is already home to a thriving economy, and we think this could really add to the economic vitality of the region." pacific steel casting company, formerly on second and gilman streets in berkeley, is in the midst of bankrupcty proceedings... and, mayor jesse arreguin says the board of trustees that currently owns the land on the industrial west side of town
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are looking to sell it quickly. the trustees have asked for the city's help soliciting input from the community on what transformation should eventually take place here. jesse arreguin/mayor- "theres one existing industrial business that's at the center of the site, um, that's still in operation. so, it's not really an appropriate place for large multi-family developments, but there could be a mix of uses." the facility shutdown late last year, after 84 years in business... te property boasts eight acres, and it's right off the freeway.jesse arreguin/mayor- "the goal as the city council, um, in may, will be giving some formal direction to our planning commission on any changes of the zoning for that particular site." and, mayor arreguin says there is a sense of urgency. a sale would help pay off former longtime employees of the shuttered business, who are still own wages. he believes it would also lead to a decrease in crime in the area.jesse arreguin/mayor- "what do we want this whole area to look like? i mean, just to see it now, and to see these buildings that are largely empty and a largely empty stretch of second street. to think a few years from now what that could be, with a lot of people coming and going and a very bustling economy -- it's just very exciting." tuesday night's community
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meeting on the site at the berkeley reperatory theater administrative offices on harrison street... is one of a few gatherings the city hopes to host on this issue in the coming months. in berkeley, philippe djegal, kron four news. (grant) next at 5:30... a rash of car breakins in one south bay city. details on where they are happening-- and who is most vulnerable. (vicki) and taking a look at stormtracker 4 radar as the rain is starting to intensify tonight. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow will tell us how long the wet weather is going to last.
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stormtracker 4 radar... the rain is expected to pick up tonight-- and continue overnight. this as the ground is already saturated from last weeks atmospheric river... (vicki) joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... lawrence karnow: more rain will move in tonight and will be heavy at times after midnight. the doppler radar is showing some showers now but they


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