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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 5, 2019 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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♪ luke perry's final hours revealed, and the family he leaves behind. >> i love my kids. >> those closest to him still in shock. >> there had to have been a mistake. >> new heartwarming stories about the reluctant teen heartthrob emerge. and what you never knew about luke's "90210" role. >> you were the justin bieber of 1991. how does that make you feel? then, the royal fab four
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reunite in glamorous sfafashion. >> it escalated into quite a party. >> what we're told about the baby on the way. >> we're very happy for you. and hoda tells us how she's preparing to say good-bye to kathie lee. >> things will change. plus, we're with movie star justin hartley. >> welcome to the set. >> and halle berry's back tattoo revealed. >> i'm in warrior mode this year. >> this is "entertainment tonight tonight.". thank you so much for joining us. we have new information about luke perry's final days and what happened inside the hospital before he passed away. >> i think everybody is still trying to come to terms with this. luke touched so many lives and today, they're struggling with this heart breaking loss. today, shannen doherty, luke's "90210" girlfriend, shared photos and wrote, i'm struggling with this loss and processing this is impossible right now. >> do you know how lucky i am that i met someone like you?
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>> a source tells "e.t." luke's family is also in complete shock about the actor's death. the 52-year-old died yesterday morning after a massive stroke. >> rescue 94, stroke. >> we're told when paramedics arrived to the home, quote, his heart rate and blood pressure were very low and they thought he wouldn't make it to the hospital. luke's family never left his side throughout his hospitalization, including his son, 21-year-old wrestler jack perry. today his daughter, sophie, posted a pic with her dad and wrote, how she flew home from a humanitarian mission to be at his side adding, bear with me and know that i am grateful for all the love. >> you're proud though. >> i am. i love both my kids. >> yeah. >> our thoughts are with his family. >> yeah. >> of course, and his beloved children. >> kelly ripa fought back tears this morning after a heartfelt tribute to luke. >> i know that you and your husband especially are very close because they worked together. >> yeah.
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well, they spent all their time together on that "riverdale" set and, like, really off the "riverdale" set. >> we asked luke about this memorable "riverdale" moment when he punched mark. >> you know, mark, he's always ready to go for stuff like that. if they hadn't called cut, he would have been swinging right back. >> a source tells "e.t." that production on "riverdale" is expected to resume tomorrow and counseling services will be offered to the cast and crew. luke suffered frihis stroke las wednesday, the same day the "90210" reboot was announced. he was not signed to the project, but there was hope he would guest star. we're told that the series on fox is not slated to go into production for several more months, and they're figuring out how luke's death will be addressed. but what did luke really think about his "90210" role? >> i think, woo, look at that hair. that's some big hair.
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>> i'm sorry. >> it's uncomfortable for me to watch. i don't know why. i get embarrassed because i remember, you know, i remember all the stuff that was going on behind the scenes that day. >> behind the scenes of the show, there were rumors of cat fights and stars hooking up. for the record, luke and jennie never did. same goes for him and shannen. off screen, doherty gained a bad reputation with his credit. he never bad mouthed his co-star. >> it's not good to be judgmental about another co-star when working in the public eye because it's a fickle thing and it could spin around and next week you could be me. >> thank you. >> i can't tell you what else i'm thinking because your parents are right there. >> luke's favorite episode of all time? when brenda and dylan go to prom. >> go faster. >> in this episode, he accidentally ran over jennie with a jet ski which sent her to the hospital. this entire cast remains close friends even long after the show ended in 2000.
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>> we have to reunite because that would indicate we broke up. this bromance -- >> that would indicate -- it has been active for 20 years, man. i mean, come on. don't break us up. >> we're hanging. >> come on, man. >> boy, he is missed. stay with us tonight because we have an exclusive interview with luke and jason that you don't want to miss. what happens when jason called luke the justin bieber of 1991? his reaction is priceless. >> pretty cute and funny. all right. well, it has been awhile since the royal family stepped out together. the rumors of a rift still persist. what have we learned from their new public appearance today? >> this is the first time we have seen them back together as a foursome since christmas. i think probably both of the duche duche duchesses are quite keen to put rumors of a rift to bed. they seem comfortable in each other's presence, and there have
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been tensions. it's my understanding the tensions have been between the royal brothers. >> today they celebrated the 50th anniversary of prince charles becoming the prince of wales. as usual, meghan was touching her bump. her baby is due at the end of april or early may. >> i think prince harry has tried to encourage her to slow down a little bit. her feeling is while she's fit and well, she would like to work up as close to her due date as possible and take the maternity leave on the other side. >> some are speculating it's a boy. >> there were some rumors coming out about the baby shower she was openly telling people she's expecting a boy. who knows? >> and we just spoke to meghan's former "suits" co-star patrick j. adams. he and his wife, troian had a baby girl. >> we share exactly zero tips with her because i don't think she needs tips about anything. >> patrick attended the laugh
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event for children affected by war. future play dates? >> maybe at her house. it's a little bit bigger. >> a little bit bigger. >> bigger than everybody's, right? >> right. >> meghan's schedule is certainly packed. i don't know how she's doing it all, and she will join a panel for international women's day. there is a lot going on with hoda kotb's world. we were with her to talk about her new children's book and emotional countdown to kathie lee's last day. >> the idea that this crazy thelma and louise road is coming to an end is scary. it won't end the same way, b but -- but it will be a sad ending. >> but hoda says she's excited to build new kinds of chemistry with her replacement, jenna bush hager. >> pretend like you were dating someone for 11 years, and it ended amicably, and you started dating someone else. we'll figure out where our magic moments are. >> hoda is grateful for the
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magic moments in her life. her daughter is 2 years old, and the i thinspiration behind her second children's book, "you are my happy". >> all the things that make us happy, let's count them. >> it got kathie lee very emotional this morning. >> it's such a joy to watch you just bloom and watch you become a mom. >> wow. >> watch your dreams come true. >> she really, really wants to see good things happen for me. >> she's my partner in crime. >> that last day, i don't know if i can make it through. it's going to be a tough one. now let's talk about brie larson. she shut down hollywood boulevard for her big "captain marvel" premiere. >> i don't know if it's ever going to make sense to me. >> the fierce females of "captain marvel" were killing it. brie had us seeing stars in a custom rodarte gown, but it's her relationship with sam jackson that really shined. >> we're the comedic duo you didn't know you needed.
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we're trying to figure out what our next three movies will be. >> and we got the low down on spike lee's moment at the oscars. >> when spike jumped in your arms and it was one of the best things i have ever seen in my life. >> he was on me. climbing me like a tree. i was, like, oh. back surgery. stop. >> "captain marvel" drops friday on international women's day. brie's character, the most powerful investigate marvel universe, and in real life, she made a powerful impact on her youngest co-star. >> how was it working with brie? >> it was so cool. she even gave me a nickname. >> what was that? >> sis. i met her for a little bit inside of the makeup trailer and i looked at my mom and i was, like, oh. oh, snap. coming up, halle berry joins the back tat. can you name the other big stars rocking massive ink? then, did colton pop the question? the empty ring box driving bachelor nation crazy. >> is the ring on someone's finger? and from "this is us" to movie star. only we're on the set with justin hartley. >> i tell what you i do feel.
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i feel lucky. >> why his first leading film role is bringing back memories of this.
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look. we knew it was coming, but now it's official. kylie jenner is a billionaire. >> whoa. >> the 21-year-old is the youngest self-made billionaire of all time according to "forbes," and they are very legit. how much were you worth at 21? >> you really want to know? like $2 and a box of paper clips really. >> that much? that's more than i expected. kylie made her fortune with her makeup company she founded less than four years ago. >> that's crazy. kylie is a billionaire now, but she is not part of another elite hollywood group. i am talking about stars with massive back tattoos. >> like halle? >> look who we found in the
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club. >> i'm in my warrior mode this year. >> now she has warrior inck. the caption, who says i'm not a mermaid? her fans went gaga. halle follows newly single mother monster making her mark along the spine with a nod to her "a star is born" role. but the biggest, boldest star back tat? got to be ben. >> he went shoulder to shoulder. >> i have never seen a good representation of it in the media. >> affleck got flak, but diplomatic damon never broke the bestie code. >> it's not one man's job to tell him what he can do to his back. >> nick cannon had to cover up back there. ♪ after he split from mariah, nick lost her name and went full crucifix. >> everybody talks about, like, oh, she's trying to cover up the previous one. it's just life. >> adam levine's took six months. amy schumer's took an afternoon,
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but she's just as proud. >> i have a lower back tattoo. >> that inspired the title of her book. she even gave our cameron mathison a version. >> it says, i'm hustling. some of it didn't come off. >> that's okay. >> thankou so much for your sympathy tattoo. >> that would be wrong. that would happen to him. let's take a look at that real quick. that's 52, y'all. great googly moogly. still ahead -- our favorite moments with luke perry. the stories you have never heard. >> my car's over there. >> yeah. >> there are 20,000 people between me and it. >> the crazy way he once escaped swarming fans. then -- >> hey, "e.t.." we're here in san francisco. >> justin hartley steaming up the big screen. >> he's a real life hunky beef cake. >> only we're on his new movie set and why he's in for a shock on tonight's "this is us."
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♪ i am on my way to your hotel. surprise. so how have your meetings been going? >> kevin's relapse and ongoing struggle with alcohol addiction will take center stage on tonig tonight's "this is us." in real life, he's taking on his first leading role, and only "e.t." was invited to join him. >> hey, "e.t.." we're here in san francisco. welcome to the set. >> we're getting our chance to visit justin hartley, the movie star. what was the moment you first felt like a movie star? >> that hasn't happened yet. i tell you what i do feel like. i feel lucky. i feel lucky to be given these opportunities, you know, to come in and kind of yuck it up for a few days and do something light hearted. >> we last saw justin in "a bad moms christmas." what has changed? >> not as much dancing or stripping. there is a fireman element which is interesting.
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>> you're an idiot. >> you're an idiot. >> he plays a guy trying to win his ex-fiancee back. only problem she has moved on with a funny guy. >> he's a true, real life hunky beef cake and admittedly, i'm a little intimidated by him, in real life. >> it's called "lexi," which is a play on siri, and explores what happens when you love your phone more than anything or anyone else. >> i don't know if i would call myself a phone addict. i do rely on my phone a lot. i have a 14-year-old daughter and when i see my name on the phone, i get to it right away. i kind of like the idea of the siri thing being, like, a silent thing. i don't need people talking. you know what i do like though? with the navigation in my car. i like a calm, gentle, maybe accented voice not telling me what to do, but maybe suggesting take this exit. if you wish. >> he always needs directions, doesn't he? all right.
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now to more "e.t." moments with the one and only luke perry. you know, no show spent more time with him at the height of the "90210" hysteria. only our cameras joined luke and learned what it was like for a day in the life of a tv heartthrob. [ cheers ] >> you were the justin bieber of 1991. how does that make you feel? >> real good. >> just how big of a star was luke? in this "e.t." canada interview, he revealed that at one event, he had to be wheeled out, hidden in a laundry bin to escape the crowd. >> all i thought was, my car's over there. there are 20,000 people between me and it. i jumped in the bin and threw the stuff on. she just started pushing. >> okay. here we go. time to get on the plane. >> back in 1998, "e.t." spent a day in the life of luke tagging city meeting fans. from city to >> over the years, we have
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learned a lot of things about the star. he loved his family. >> my favorite moment of the day is when i get home and the door closes behind me. i know i'm home. >> luke was never ashamed of the mullet he rocked in the '80s. h he also said why he never joined social media. >> i have dyslexia, and it's hard to deal with typing and numbers and i don't do any of it. >> when it came to his status as the crush for the entire generation -- >> i don't think i'm that big of a deal. it freaks me out. the big cars and the cameras and that stuff. nobody gets here by themselves. it takes a great deal of people. yeah. i feel very fortunate, and i just want to work hard. i love what i do and i'm glad to be doing it. >> just a great guy, and whenever we had a chance to interact with him, nothing but fun and good times. all right, you know, we are hearing so many stories about how nice and down to earth luke was with his fans, case in point. these photos that he took with
7:52 pm
our producers in new york. luke was there to talk "riverdale," be you he also hung around to chat with everyone in the office and look at the ladies. they lost their minds. >> so cute. like prom. >> they lost their minds pds. >> he was sweet. i had a crush on him too. let's talk about "the bachelor." tonight is the women's tell all, and we hear it is going to be explosive. of course, it is. fighting for love on tv, it can be quite stressful, but our favorite "bachelor in paradise" couples know what to do to relax so, we teamed up with secrets resorts and spas for unparalleled pampering and unlimited luxury. ♪ so it's been an amazing trip and we wanted to tap it all off with the perfect treatment for you guys. this is the signature massage involving wine therapy. you can choose between chardonnay, merlot, champagne. you guys enjoy. >> thank you. >> we're going for it.
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♪ >> this was my favorite part of the entire vacation. next to the shochocolate covere strawberries and champagne in the hot tub. >> you have a new little baby at home. you guys are planning a wedding. what do you guys do though to treat each other to little luxury moments? >> this one time, jared gave up his first class ticket for me on a plane. so that was really -- really kind and luxurious. >> social security simple and carly is, like, i have to wash my hair. >> that's my luxury moment. >> your love language. >> it has taken me six hours, but it's all worth it. >> that's a good trip. wine therapy. seems like they liked that. >> don't go there. trust me. don't go there. by the way, more bachelor
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news is on the way. the mystery the empty box. where is the engagement ring, my brother? we ask next. next on kron-4 news at
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>> we're with maureen mccormick exclusively inside the renovation. how the brady kids are turning up the heat. >> i was shocked. and how do these stars unlock the secrets to eternal youth? tomorrow on "e.t.." colton. he just jumped the [ bleep ] fence. >> the moment the bachelor nation has been waiting. it happened last night. >> his favorite lady quit the show. what is colton going to do now? >> you know what i mean? there are two other relationships. so, you know, i obviously have to make the decision. >> and what about his biggest decision of all? will there be a proposal and why is the box empty? >> rings are meant to be on fingers and not in boxes. >> is the ring on someone's finger? >> i don't know what you are talking about. >> was there ever a ring in the box? >> yes, in that box there has been a ring. >> he's going to get married. >> bye, everybody.
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for just $4.99! the $4.99 fish sandwich combo. now at eight ...nat chaos at a city council meeting in sacramento after the state attorney general declines charge the police officers who gunned down the unarmed man last year,(whoosh)very gusty winds, some very heavy rainfall thoughought the night tonight ... we are tracking the latest storm moving through the bay area right now (whoosh)and another east bay school district is facing a threatened teacher strike....


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