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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 6, 2019 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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♪ tonight, alex tremendous beck reveals he's battling cancer. >> i'm going to fight this. we'll get it done. >> the "jeopardy" host's devastating diagnosis. will he leave the show? then -- >> don't tell me!
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>> r. kelly, his explosive interview. >> is this camera on me? >> breaking his silence on the sexual abuse allegations. >> use your common sense. >> only we're with gayle king getting exclusive details on just how intense things got behind the scenes. >> oprah calls me and says, are you okay? then, luke perry. what he told us about returning to "90210." >> when people watch, they're, like, oh yeah. >> and how his other tv family is paying tribute to him tonight. and taylor swift fearing for her life? why she's carrying army supplies to feel safe. this is "entertainment tonight." welcome, everybody. well, our top story tonight, sad, shocking news about belov beloved "jeopardy" host, alex trebek. >> he revealed he's battling cancer and fighting for his life. today the 78-yearend revealed he's battling stage four pank yatic cancer.
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stage 4 is when it spread to other parts of the body. >> normally the prognosis of this is not very encouraging, but i'm going to fight this. >> alex will continue to host "jeopardy" while undergoing chemotherapy for the disease. he'll start tomorrow. he has hosted "jeopardy" since 1984, and "e.t." was with him before the show started airing. >> it's a cerebral thing. americans like to compete and they want to -- i liken it to the old commercial. they want to make money the old fashioned way. they want to earn it. >> last year he opened up about brain surgery. >> i had a slight medical problem. sub do you really hematoma. blood clots on the brain caused by a fall. >> also last year, he renewed his contract through 2022. i spoke to him after he was inducted into the broadcasting hall of fame in 2018. >> i have been a broadcaster for
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56 years, and this is quite an honor, and i guess it's fitting that it comes at this point in my career, near the end. >> alex has won multiple emmys. he hosted more than 8,000 episodes and counting. >> i'm good at what i do and have been for a long time, but i never, ever discount the importance that luck has played in my career. >> he is married to wife, jean, and they are parents to a son, matthew, aged 28, and daughter emily, 25. >> hosted many things with alex. a nice man. we're pulling for him. >> a good man, yeah. "wheel of fortune" host said this, quote, there is no one i know who is stronger and more determined and i would never bet against him. we and the entire country are pulling for you, alex, and we'll have much more tomorrow on this. right now, let's turn to r. kelly. the singer was taken into custody this afternoon after a
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hearing on unpaid child support. this coming just after the release of his riveting interview with gayle king. now kelly's emotions bubbled over as he defended himself against sexual abuse charges. we are the only show that spoke to gayle about the interview and how she remained calm in the eye of the storm. >> i thought a couple of times that maybe we're witnessing a breakdown as it's happening. >> this is not me. i'm fighting for my [ bleep ] life. y'all killing me with this [ bleep ]. >> robert. >> my career. y'all trying to kill me. >> he was very much aware of what he was doing, but i also thought that on some level, we were watching someone who was really -- needed help and needed help right away. >> this is not about music. i'm trying to have a relationship with my kids, and i can't do it. y'all just don't want to believe
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the truth. you don't want to believe it. >> oprah called me and said, are you okay? are you afraid? i was never afraid. i knew that he was upset with me. i knew he didn't like some of the questions, but i never thought that he was going to physically attack me. >> oprah praised her bestie tweeting, bravo, gayle, for calm and steady focus during r. kelly interview. >> i didn't see any point in both of us overreacting. >> r. kelly became so emotional they briefly paused the interview. >> why would i hold all these women? >> in an exclusive clip that airs in full tomorrow on "cbs this morning," gayle asked if the performer has a kind of split personality. >> are there two r. kellys? there's a robert and there is an r. kelly? >> like dr. jekyll and mr. hyde? >> we'll go with that. >> but absolutely not. absolutely not. >> seven weeks after lifetime aired the documentary "surviving r. kelly," the performer was charged with ten counts of
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aggravated sexual assault. in the documentary, the parents of r. kelly's girlfriend claimed she was being held against her will. today, r. kelly's team released an audio recording of her telling them that's not the case. >> i have told you guys a million, million times that i am okay where i am and i'm happy. >> r. kelly had some harsh words for lady gaga. >> lady gaga has apologized for working with you. >> that portion also airs tomorrow. >> lady gaga, very great talent. it's unfortunate that her intelligence goes to such a short level when it comes to that. >> i think he's disappointed, you know, that people have turned their backs on them. he attempts to keep making music and he hopes that people will still listen to his music. >> now as of right now, r. kelly is in custody. we will continue to update this developing story. it is -- it's a wild one. >> that was a wild interview. >> kudos to gayle.
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a heck of a job. >> she did. in other tv-related news, we'll see luke per ry in "riverdale." how did he feel about the "90210" reboot happening this summer in well, luke told us. >> they reboot everything all the time now. we know we would have a lot of fun getting back together. we just want it to be something good and stuff that with people watch, oh yeah. >> i still have questions. >> i think we all have questions and that would be a great way to answer some of them. >> that's what luke told us almost two years before the "90210" reboot became official. >> is everyone back? >> almost the entire original cast. >> okay. >> we have some issues because luke is full-time on "riverdale." we will do as many episodes as he can. >> tonight, fans will see luke in a new episode of "riverdale," and this morning, the executive producer tweeted, we will watch fred doing what he does best, helping archie. it is dedicated to luke as all episodes will be for the rest of
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our run. >> it's going to take you a minute to pick up the pieces. you'll just have to keep fighting. >> luke was worth the reported $10 million. it's a fortune he made over three decades of work. besides "90210," he had many roles including "buffy the vampire slayer," and "8 seconds" where he did many of his own stunts. "e.t." was onset in 1993. he was injured, but still a charmer. >> my shoulder popped ut. it was a muscular tendon kind of thing. >> i know a friend of his that will make it better. >> i'll be taken care of. >> well, last night it was announced that luke's 21-year-old son, jack, pulled out of a wrestling event scheduled for next week. today he posted this sweet shot on instagram and wrote, he was a lot of things to a lot of people. to me, he was always dad. my heart is broken thinking about everything he won't be
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here for. i'll carry on your legacy and make you proud. all right. let's talk about the star-studded celebration for the queen of soul, aretha franklin. >> so much r-e-s-p-e-c-t in that auditori auditorium. the performances were fire. i was backstage where you could not only hear the love, but you could also feel it. ♪ >> i don't even think i could really put it into words how much it means to me to just be able to, like, pay tribute to the queen. ♪ what it means to me, r-e-s-p-e-c-t ♪ >> she scored an amazing top ten singles. ♪ >> do you remember the first song that, like, stuck with you right here? >> john legend did it tonight, and i said nit back with i many eyes closed, "bridge over troubled water." ♪ i will lay me down >> what did you pick, and why
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did you pick it? >> "say a little prayer," one of my favorites. ♪ >> i love that. ♪ >> of the 21 singers paying tribute to aretha on sunday, smokey robinson knew her the longest. they grew up together in northern detroit. >> aretha franklin, the phonebook, it would be a hit. >> i love that lady. there is nobody ever going to be like her. ♪ and if you need me >> do you remember the first song of hers that really spoke to your core? >> i think "natural woman." ♪ you make me feel like a natural woman ♪ >> with not seeing her tonight, we lived her. >> i don't think any singer would talk it lightly at all. ♪ freedom coming up -- danny devito
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goes down hard. his scary fall. wait to see what he did after the tumble. then, taylor swift's most candid confessions yet revealing a heartbreaking family crisis. plus -- ♪ "like a prayer" premiered 30 years ago right here on "e.t.." "like a prayer" premiered 30 years ago right here on "e.t.." what you never knew aboutou! the one with the designer dog collar. wondering how i upgraded to this sweet pad?1,200-square-foot bat. with wells fargo's 3% down payment on a fixed-rate loan and a simpler online application, getting into my dream home was easier than ever.
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get your human to visit what would she do without me? on "e.t." it's the bachelor women tell all moment everyone is talking about. >> that went way too far. >> we're
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♪ you know, there were applause when danny devito er entered to room in mexico city to promote "dumbo", but this happened. i mean, oh my goodness. 74-year-old needed a little help getting up, but he appeared to be fine, and even cracked a joke. >> no printing that picture. >> thank goodness he's okay. >> the movie looks great by the way. >> and danny's okay. >> we're going to play that on repeat when we finish the show today. not really worried about falling and she owns the stage, but she does have a serious safety concern. ♪ are you ready for it
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>> always followed by security, the superstar tells "elle" magazine, in the wake of the manchester concert attack, she was completely terrified to go on tour, and quote, i carry quikclot army grade bandage dressing which is for gunshot or stab wounds. taylor who turns 30 in december reveals more, writing about 30 lessons learned before 30. one of the biggest? in times of trouble, lean on your squad. swift learned that after getting trolled online. >> it's kind of like this alliance that is the best kind of friendship you can have. ♪ >> so where did the hate come from? taylor doesn't mention kimye by name, but having to get over those snake emojis left her feeling, quote, lower than i have ever felt. it would be nice to get an apology from people who bullbul
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us, but maybe i'll get the satisfaction of knowing i could survive it and thrive in spite of it. her mom andrea is battling cancer again. taylor has always been open about their strong bond. >> she kept a really good balance between being very honest with me, but also being there for me when i really needed her. >> swift now tells "elle," quote, i used to be so anxious about daily ups and downs. >> and of course, we're thinking about taylor and her entire family. still ahead -- the brady house renovations are in full swing. and only we're getting a look at the progress from marsha, maureen mccormick. plus, the housewives are trying it all, but has this star found the secret to eternal youth? >> there is nothing fake about me. closed captioning provide bid --
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♪ welcome back, everybody. you know, this friday will mark
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45 years since the last "brady bunch" episode. but thanks to the renovation, we get to go back in time. it has been four months since they broke ground, and we get to look inside. you will see the transformation is well under way. >> there we go. >> it's going to be perfection. >> amazing. >> the inside has been totally gutted. new slats and studs put up. one of maureen's jobs, that famous staircase starting to take shape. >> nice. >> that was iconic. >> the pressure is on to get that just right. >> it's got to be right, and especially the brady house because every person in america, they think this house is their house, and it really is. >> yep. >> so we were here day one. >> you were. >> when you first went in. >> wow. >> when i first stepped inside, i was shocked. >> hi, honey.
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i'm home. >> so how hard has it been now that you are in the thick of it to recreate this 50 years later? >> quewell, it's really challeng because unfortunately so many of the things, they're gone. >> that led to an online appeal to their fans for items matching those in the brady house. >> america, we need your help. >> the tree fern that we had to -- we took it from a neighbor's house. she gave it to us. we couldn't find it anywhere to buy. >> are you guys competitive at all, like, my room's going to be the best? >> girl power. >> seriously. >> we don't need the brothers. >> i don't think so. i mean, to me everything has to be the best. it's so great because it's such a group effort. everybody is doing their bit. [ cheers and applause ] >> that's amaze. >> why did you get to do that? renovation" to premiere this fall.
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"like a prayer" tnsand "e.t. "e.t." had the first exclusive look at the video all the way back in 1989, and believe it or not we had our own controversy getting it on the air. >> the brand-new song "like a prayer." >>. ♪ like a prayer >> it was this week 30 years ago that "e.t." first debuted "like a prayer." we had no idea what the video's theme would be. only that it was delivered just before the broadcast. producer lu murray screened it first. >> i remember snatching the video and running into an edit bay and handing it to the editor, and i started watching it and we looked at each other and i went, my god. oh my god. ♪ >> we stayed away from the burning crosses, but we were the first ones to see it and we knew it was going to be a big story. >> it's hard to put into context just how much madonna backlash followed once the full video was released later that day.
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♪ let the choir sing >> wait. wait. okay. >> go ahead. make a wish. >> within days, pepsi dropped her $5 million contract. >> it may go down as one of the most expensive advertising blunders ever. ♪ >> the vatican even tried to boycott her "blonde ambition" world tour in italy. >> they are trying to keep people from seeing it. >> the backlash didn't stop "like a prayer" from becoming one of madonna's most iconic hits. >> well, no risk, no glory. >> she took to instagram to commemorate the 30th anniversary saying, quote, made a video that caused so much controversy because i kissed a black saint and danced in front of burning crosses. happy birthday to me and controversy. >> and madonna still loves to make a splash these days. we know she loves a good
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beauty trick, but some of our favorite new york housewives take things a step further. tonight "e.t.'s" beauty realhou. >> tighten this area. >> pull it, don't pluck it. >> this procedure to rejuvenate my hands is actually pretty fabulous. >> from facelifts and eyelid tucks to fillers and chemical seals, the housewives have done it all in the name of eternal youth. how has ramona singer managed to look the same as when he started? >> i think ramona might have had the most work done. >> i think ramona wins the prize for the most work done. >> no. skin care. >> she developed her own serum, ageless by ramona, and we were with her. >> i'm passionate about looking as young as possible for my age without being cut by knives and that has to be by building your collagen. >> it's the same line bethenny called phony at last year's
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reunion i think it is not ethic pretend to women at home it's just to easy. >> my message to bethenny is, i'm sending you a bottle. >> and the premiere promises plenty more drama. >> you should apologize. >> i know i have a lot of fun. going to be dating up a storm. nothing's sticking, but i'm having fun dating. >> they call it real draw in a. still ahead, a bachelor blowout. will demi file charges after next on kron-4 news at eight: we are following breaking news out of the south bay.... two children and a woman found dead inside a home.... what we are learning about the victims.. in a live report from san jose. also - fare evaders are a huge problem for bart... and an expensive one. the millions of dollars lost every year.. there's a new program that uses tax money to stop fare cheats...but why it doesn't seem to be working very well. . i'm catherine heenan i'm pam
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travel considerations provided by -- you literally have the maturity of a 3-year-old. there's a time-out. >> yep. courtney really did shove a pacifier in demi's mouth during the bachelor women tell all. you wouldn't believe it unless you watched it for yourself, right? >> they were all acting like children. our lauren zima spoke with demi. >> will you be filing the assault charges that you mentioned? >> no, and she's lucky thatshe tonight and that was all the pleasure i needed out of that. >> okay. no love there. bye, everybody. ♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app, jason wu could pay practically anyone, at any bank,
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all while putting on a runway show for new york fashion week. ♪ ♪ he could. or, he could make it even easier - and set up recurring payments to his neighbor. for cat sitting. (meow) whoa. you've groomed her, too. (cell phone vibrating) and now she's ready for the catwalk. life, lived jason's way. chase. make more of what's yours. horrific scene scene of a
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now at eight ... we are at the scene of a horrific scene in the south bay ... a woman and two children found dead .... in a possible murder-suicide. (whoosh)bart's crackdown on fare evaders is not exactly living up to expectations ... we'll tell you how the the transit agency is wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars.(whoosh)and after the flood, the cleanup in guerneville reveals a new is a toxic emergencyemergency


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