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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  March 7, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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role in a number of california wildfires. thank you for joining us, i'm pam moore. (catherine)and i'm catherine heenan in for ken wayne.the utility says it's factored these bonuses into its chapter 11 filing. kron 4's dan kerman is live at pg&e headquarters with more on what both sides are saying tonight. dan? pge bonuses 0307196 insert despite filing for bankruptcy because they may be on the hook for billions of dollars for their role in california wildfires, pacific gas and electric has asked a federal bankruptcy judge to allow them to give out at least 235 million dollars in bonuses to thousands of employees, among them vice presidents and managers.sot mike danko/attorney for wildfire victims :19attorney mike danko represents thousands of california wildfire victimssot in a statement pg&e says the "incentive plan prioritizes safety and operational excellence (and) ....provides appropriate incentives for our team members to help us achieve our safety and operational goals."sotin court documents the basis for a raise is based 40% on the companys financial performance and 50% on safety, however danko points out of that 50% on safety only 10% deals with the safety of the public. 128/is safety.
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(pam/tele vo) the reason is still a mystery police asuicide that claimed the life of a mother and her two young sons... seen here riding their bikes in san jose. kron four's rob fladeboe talked with neighbors of thefamily.... they are struggling to cope with what happened on wednesday. maria flores/neighbor
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"'s sad because we are never going to see the children riding their bikes again..."bouquet in hand, maria flores is still coming to terms with what happened to her neighbor and her two young boys, whose bodies were discovered here at their dent avenue home on wednesday.maria flores/neighbor "...i think it's been tough on all the residents especially the other chldren who were good friends withwith the two little boys..."another neighbor provided this photo of the two boys, whom she identified as ages 4 and seven, whose lives were allegedly taken by their mother in what police are investigating as a murder- suicide.maria flores/neighbor "'s just devastating because as a mother i want to love and protect my kids, you just never think that someone would do something like this..."san jose police were called here to the family home on dent avenue avout 12:30 wednesday afternoon where the father of the children was said to be distraught after discovering the bodies of his wife and children, who attened school at nearby lietz elementary school. in a statement the district said students were being appropriately informed of the tragedy and that grief counselors were on hand today. maribel vejer/neighbor "'s just so sad, i would never have expected something like this...."as for a motive, neighbors say the children's mother may have acted out of depression after losing her job. police offered no ne apartment where maria flores and other neighhbors have been leaving flowers. rob fladeboe/san jose "...... the coroner continues to work to identify the victims and the exact cause of death. in san jose rob fladeboe kron4news.
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(catherin(catherine) new developments tonight in a police -involved shooting that left a homeless man dead last year in oakland.(pam) a
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federal court- appointed monitor overseeing the oakland police department ... has released a report that is critical of that shooting. kron 4's grant lodes joins us now with details of the report. (grant) monitor robert war- shaw says officers over- reacted by shooting 32-year old joshua pawlik -- a homeless man with mental health issues. he also says internal investigations by oakland police were "deficient"... and police chief anne kirk-patrick's summary of the shooting was "deficient and myopic." in his report -- warsaw said investigators failed to question officers about officer coradicted their account of the moments before they opened fire -- killing pawlik."get your hands up. gun shots" this is the
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body cam footage from the incident on march 11th of last year. oakland police said -- four officers found pawlik unconcious with a gun... between two houses in west oakland. police claim -- pawlik ignored repeated commands to take his hand off the gun...and when he began to move, he posed an immediate threat to the officers. that's when four officers opened fire. warshaw says the video does not support that account.(grant) alameda county district attorney nancy o'malley tells the chronicle she would not file criminal charges against the officers. she says there wasn't enough evidence to find wrong-doing... and that the officers "acted in what they actually believed to be self defense or defense of others." chief kirk- patrick wrote in her report that "the lethal force used in this case was within law and policy." (catherine) .. there
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have now been three confirmed cases of measles here in the bay area. this as over 800 students in washington state are being ordered to stay home from school to keep the disease from spreading. kron4's maureen kelly talked to local health officials... who say they do not expect to see a similar epidemic here. a measles outbreak is similar to a wildfire it can threaten the community the communicable disease programs chief for the contra costa county heath departmentsays that's because measles is so contagious.....a nd he says making sure you and your family are vaccinated against measles is like clearing dry terms of heling keep your community safe.because if there's a spark we can prevent it from spreading further and putting our community in danger and that's sort of what happens with measles when we have one case and we have enough people around that case who are vaccinated no other cases will develop but if there are many other unvaccinated or susceptible that measles case been at measles outbreak is going to continue spreading it larger and that's what seems to be playing out in washington where 800 school kids are being told to stay home in one county because more than 70 people....mostly unvaccinated kids under 18 have been stricken with the measles virus. unlike washington california has a law now on the books that aims to let fewer unvaccinated students into the school it stripped away the personal belief now only kids with a medical reason can skip getting their shots before entering public and private schools. the state department of 95% of california kindergartners have gotten their required shots since the law went into effect....that's the highest reported level on record.according to the infectious dieses expert i talked to....the more
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vaccinated people are in the communtiy the safer it is. 19 out of 20 be vaccinated to prevent these outbreaks from happening so every extra person we can get vaccinated that helps protect us from these disease outbreaks california is only one of three states in the u-s allowing only medical exemptions to vaccines...the other two are mississippi and west virginia.maureen kelly kron4 news
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news... former trump campaign chairman paul manafort ... has been sentenced to 47- months in jail... that is significantly less than the recommended 20- years. manafort was convicted last year ... on eight- counts of tax and bank fraud... related to his overseas work advising politicians in ukraine. federal sentencing guidelines call for a term of roughly 20- years ... but he received less than four years. supervised release.. and he must pay restitution of between six- and 25- million dollars. manafort also still faces sentencing in a separate federal case related to witness tampering and conspiracy. he is reportedly suffering from gout
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and poor health... and arrived in court in a wheelchair today. (catherine)president trump's former lawyer michael cohen is suing the trump organization. he says company reps failed to pay him for his former work as an attorney.he says that includes recent congressional hearings - where he testified about doing business for and with trump. cohen also cites the 130-thousand dollar payment to adult film star stormy daniels that was given to her as hush money. he wants trial and compensatory damages and all related expenses.cohen was convicted of lying to congress and tax crimes.he's set to begin a three-year prison sentence in may. weet our first look at the four zone forecast with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow.
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lawrence karnow: it was a mostly cloudy day with scattered showers. they became more widely scattered in the afternoon with even a few sunny breaks. the doppler radar is tracking more rain but most of it is light. showers will continue tonight but be widely scattered. on the satellite image you can see the jet stream is still south of the bay area. the storm door remains open and more wet weather is headed our way. tomorrow there is a slight chance of a few showers mainly near the coast. highs will be chilly in the upper 40s to mid 50s. another storm will bring rain to the bay area on saturday and maybe sunday. more rain is possible by next tuesday. coming up... scores of state workers refusing
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vacation time ... and all those extra work hours are adding up big time for california. also -- a test of a self- driving uber car led to a tragic death.. now investigators are deciding whether the company and the tester involved - will face charges. . he was killed while doing his job helping others stranded along the road .. a heartbroken vallejo family lays to rest their 38 year old husband and father.. details next.
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(catherine) last week... the tow trucking community in vallejo lost one of their own -- doing what he did best... aiding people on the side of the road . today, 38-year-old james morris was rememebered by friends and family in vallejo... kron four's philippe djegal has the story.. . (philippe) it's extremely difficult for the heartbroken loved one's carrying james morris' casket out of the hill church in vallejo... knowing they've seen the well- respected business owner and family man for the last time. softing the pain though -- the humbling contigent of tow truck drivers from across the bay area who took time off to properly send him off.justin blankinship/childhood friend- "it's a rough day for all of us here, especially for the morris family." at 38-years-old, james was a husband to his high school sweetheart and wife of 20 years. the two raised two young daughters together in benicia. james was also co-owner of wiler's towing in vallejo. he was working during a storm event tuesday february 26th... when he was hit and killed by a car
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that lost control on highway 101 in sausalito... while he was helping a distressed driver during.justin blankinship/childhood friend- "as a owner, you know, he was still out operating, uh, uh, a tow recovery vehicle, and that just states who he is. not a lot of owners would still be out working."jason bostian/best friend- "doing his job. he never thought nothing about it. he worked the crazy hours in the rain, uh, bad weather to take care of his family."justin blankinship/childhood friend- "that's who he was -- he worked. not that he had to, just that's what he did." following the funeral services at the church... a long procession of tow truck drivers honored james, with help from the california highway patrol... escorting him through town before finally being laid to rest.jason bostian/best friend- "he'll be deeply missed, be a hole in our hearts forever." the emergency road service coalition of accepting donations on family's behalf. in vallejo, philippe djegal, kron four news. most people are excited about taking their vacation time ... but some california
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state workers are not taking any at all. the los angeles times reviewed payroll data from the state controller's office... and found, the state paid employees nearly 300- million dollars for banked time- off last year. as of 20-17 -- state workers had 3.5 billion dollars in unused leave. vacation balances for most employees are supposed to be capped at 640- hours. but the analysis found, that sporadic enforcement of the rule, and an increasing number of state workers retiring... led to a 60- percent rise in the number of six- figure payouts since 20-12. (catherine) stephon clark's could change when police use deadly force. and police groups are responding. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has the story.. another day of demonstrations in sacramento in the name of stephon clark..."at the end of the day my brother's gone so.."clark's grandmother and brother.. front and center at a rally urging lawmakers to
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pass legislation that would restrict when officers can use deadly force.((stevenate clark - stephon clark's brother)) "to prevent anything like this from happening to anybody else's family, that's the best we can do."ab 392's main author assemblymember shirley weber says police know how to use restraint.. she pointed to the arrest of the man accused of the parkland high school mass shooting last year... ((assm. shirley weber d-san diego)) "anytime someone can kill 17 people in florida, which says they are a dangerous individual who means but the desire to take life, and they can be apprehended without any incident, speaks to the fact that our officers do individuals into control without their lives."members of the group rallying thursday also urged the authored the competing legislation to drop the bill.emotional response right now, i understand damon kurtz is a police officer and the vice president of the peace officers research association of california.... a group that helped develop the other use of lethal force legislation...sb230.their bill calls for police to have more mental health training and response he says is more effective than what ab392 proposes..((damon kurtz - peace officers research association of california)) "what are the circumstances leading up to use of force..many health, substance abuse, many not that's the case so that's 230 for mental health services to give law tools to help us be more effective and hopefully to avoid use of force situations all together."((ashley)) neither the attorney general have taken a stance on either bill but both are calling for change. tag. look outside right now...look outside let's take a
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for change. tag. both are calling either bill but both are calling for change. tag. let's take a look outside . chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with the four zone forecast. lawrence karnow: it was a
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mostly cloudy day with scattered showers. they became more widely scattered in the afternoon with even a few sunny breaks. the doppler radar is tracking more rain but most of it is light. showers will continue tonight but be widely scattered. on the satellite image you can see the jet stream is still south of the bay area. the storm door remains open and more wet weather is headed our way. tomorrow there is a slight chance of a few showers mainly near the coast. highs will be chilly in the upper 40s to mid 50s. another storm will bring rain to the bay area on saturday and maybe sunday. more rain is possible by next tuesday. coming up... a coming up ...a live picture..
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a pair of bald eagles are about to be new parents... and you can watch the baby hatch live online.we'll tell you how you can witness the rare sight. up next.. it might surprise you but the bill designed to protect survivors of domestic violence has expired .... california lawmakers are now leading the way.. to save it .. ♪
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fill your heart with ireland. the one with the designer dog collar.(sashimi) psst. hey, you! wondering how i upgraded to this sweet pad? a 1,200-square-foot bathroom, and my very own spa. all i had to do was give my human "the look". with wells fargo's 3% down payment on a fixed-rate loan and a simpler online application, getting into my dream home was easier than ever. get your human to visit what would she do without me? against women act expired last
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month.. congress failed to pass an extension of the law. the decades- old law provides protections and support for survivors of domestic violence. now, in an emotional appeal, washington bureau correspondent anna wiernicki (war-nik-ee) reports, a group of bi -partisan lawmakers is working to bring the bill back to life. katie porter / (d) california: i'm so sorryanna wiernicki: california democratic congresswoman katie porter fought through tears to tell her story of when she was a victim of domestic violence. katie porter: each year millions suffer in silence for fear that getting help will result in their being blamed. anna wiernicki: democratic house spea, like porter, depend on the violence has the right to live free from abuseanna wiernicki: house democrats áand some republicans-introduced an updated vawa on thursday-three weeks after it york democratic congressman jerrold nadler says this bill completely revamps the decades
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old law and expands protections for survivors of domestic violence.jerrold nadleru.s. congressman, d-new yorktake cg @ 0:47-0:55among many things it expands the permissible use of grant money focused on increasing survivor, law enforcement, and community safety. it improves services for victims.anna wiernicki (stand up) @annaewiernickitake cg @ 0:56- 1:01the bill would make it illegal for anyone convicted of date violence or stalking to own a gun.debbie dingell u.s. congresswoman, d-michigan take cg @ 1:02-1:08closing loopholes that allows stalkers to have access to guns saves lives. period.anna wiernicki: pennsylvania republican brian fitzpatrick says the bill also addresses online abuse and increases the penalties for cyberstalking. brian fitzpatricku.s. congressman, r-pennsylvaniatake cg @ 1:17- 1:25we are also requiring federal law enforcement officials to constantly update practices to combat online harassment and cyber bullying anna wiernicki: the house judiciary committee plans to take up the bill next washington, i'm anna wiernicki.
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coming up next at 6:30 .. hackers are getting your personal information from major companies which are supposed to protect it ... today, congress put two companies on the hot seat.. demanding answers.. and later in sports... the warriors have struggled without klay thompson... so what is his status for tomorrow night's game?... mark carpenter has the answer... coming up f no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors.
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secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit equifax exposed the sensitive
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personal information of 143- million people... and then last november, marriott announced one of the largest data breaches in history. (catherine) today, the hotel chain's c-e-o faced tough questions from a senate panel. it's looking at the causes and the reach of data hacks in private companies trusted by millions of americans.(pam) karin caifa (prono: kay-fuh) has the details from washington. two companies.two of the largest data breaches in history.arne sorenson /marriott intl pres & ceo: to all our guests, i sincerely apologizemarriott c-e-o arne sorenson testifying before a senate subcommittee -- about a massive breach of the starwood reservation system, announced by the hotel chain last 2016 marriott completed an acquisition of starwood in 2016.sorenson now says information from up to 383 million guests was passport and credit card numbers.arne sorenson /marriott intl pres & ceo: we have shared everything we have with the fbi, including the addres in the system so that they can do that kind of investigation. we've simply been focusing on making sure the door is closed, and communicating with our customers.mark begor


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