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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 7, 2019 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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tonight -- >> i was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. >> alex trebek, what's next in in the fight for his life. >> i plan to beat the low survival rates. >> how his chemo teemts will affect the show. >> then, jason priestley breaks his silence on luke perry. what you never knew about the stars' unbreakable bond. >> i love him, you know? plus, r. kelly back in jail after his blowup with gayle king.but was he just acting? and chris pratt joining "the masked singer"? what he's telling "e.t." >> clearly you have been preparing for this.
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>> yeah. >> and chris evans shows off his new pet project. >> they are some mornings you just need this. this is "entertainment tonight." welcome to las vegas. we are inside the world famous bellagio hotel and casino. i want to take a second to show you really cool videos we found in "e.t.'s" vault. we were there 21 years ago as alex trebek pulled the lever on very first ever "jeopardy!" slot machine. >> i feel lucky! >> of course, those words to hard to hear in light of alex's cancer battle and especially on a day like today where he begins the fight of his life. >> i have hosted close to 8,000 chose. that means close to half a million clues. but i never, ever discount the importance that luck has played in my career. >> and today alex begins the first round of chemotherapy for
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stage 4 pancreatic cancer. >> now, normally the prognosis for this is not very encouraging but i'm going fight this. i plan to beat the low survival rate statistics forp this disease. >> pancreatic cancer claimed the lives of aretha franklin, patrick swayze and michael landon. doctor travis stork of "the doctors" teals "e.t." this is a serious diagnose. >> it's devastating. there's a 3% survival rate over five years and you pray the odds are in alex's favor. >> so how will this affect jeopar? is in the mid-of his 35 season. as of now, alex's diagnose has not further tapings. >> it's close to a 12-hour day, but i do it only two days a week, so it's not exactly a
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rough life for me. >> last week alex revealed he underwent brain surgery for blood at clos after a fall. >> what are you planning on doing in our retirement? >> that was alex at the 92nd street "y" just a couple of years before getting his cancer diagnose. he goes on to say if he does retire, he sees a woman taking over. >> because of the way women have come to the forefront in the recent year it's probably going to be a woman. somebody bright, somebody personable. i nominated betty white. .> here's the an interesting albek has never had a fill-in. missed a day. >> kevin, thank you very much. well, jason priestley and luke perry were best friends forever on 90210 but the same is
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true off screen as well. my deer friend of 29 years. that is how jason described luke, saying he was in so much pain over the loss. jason posted, luke was not only a star, he was an incredibly bright light that was extinguished too soon. >> all the years we have been friends, which super seeds the years we have, whoed together on the show. >> these two had a special bond that formed from the first day they met? >> what about luke? i hate luke. he's terrible. he puts epoxy glue in his hair. no, luke's a good guy. he's all right. >> when jason had his devastating near fatal car accident, luke was the first person to arrive at the hospital. luke asked, what's my name? priestley said, coy l. perry, which is luke's real name. >> jason is going to do just fine.
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he's had the best medicine care he can get and he's in control of what's going on. you never want to see friends like that. >> jason directed luke in a 2011 hallmark movie. they were sweet and filled the smack talk. >> i was a brandon girl back in the day. >> it's never too late. we still got room for you over here. >> i can come on other. >> absolutely. just take that brandon and spin it around most likely it's going to be me on the other side. much better look. jason you're going to be kissing the paint. >> jason's personal tribute to look ended with these words. the candle that bur only rn bus. good night sweet prince. >> we also heard words from ian today. he posted this photo adding, he was this guy. meanwhile, everyone's
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talking about gayle king's interview with r. kelly. he's behind bars again for not paying child support. in part 2 of gayle's interview she asked r. kelly about his three children and once again became very emotional. >> what is your relationship with your children? >> zero! >> chicago authorities say r. kelly won't be released from jail until he pays $161,000 in back child support he owes. he was taken into custody yesterday and is expected back in court nextt wednesday. >> how can i pay child support? how? if my ex wife is destroying my name and i can't work? how can i work? how can i get paid? how can i take care of my kids? how? >> he's very broken in many ways but he's also strong. >> gayle king is winning praise
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for his emotional interview. she spent 80 minutes questioning him. >> i said, john legend called you a serial rapist. la di gaga said she regrets working for you. he's disappointed people have turned their backs on him. >> after gayle's interview i skype with his former collaborator, stephanie "sparkle" edwards. >> i should have never introduced her to him. >> she claimed her niece was the underage girl in an infamous r. kelly sex video. >> you had a chance to watch the video. what's your big take away from it? >> sad. >> why? >> just sad to see a person i once knew just lose it. >> don't try to tell me! >> the acting, not a good acting part. >> so you believe he was acting, he was putting on a show. >> in part. robert is always putting on a
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show, trust me. >> now, tomorrow night, cbs news will broadcast the gayle king interview with r. kelly. it's a one-hour primetime special. now we are moving on to stars out of rehab and doing great. last night, ben affleck made it a date night with lindsay shookus in madrid spain. a source tells "e.t." he's in a good healthy place after being treated for alcohol addiction. his son sam recently turned seven. jen garner dressed in costume. what about ben? >> i did participated in a heavy viking theme how to train your dragon birthday extravaganza. >> it was a tko for demi lovato who knocked out jay glazer's tooth while boxing. a source close to demi reports she's sober and single.
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her relationship ended. he was never her sober coach. earlier this week she looked happy at the l.a. club the echo following a stint in rehab after an overdose. she's focusing on her career and her health. next, good news for selena gomez. she was posting funny filter faces on her instagram page. she spent time in a mental health facility last fall, but a source tells "e.t." she's taking type for herself and reconnecting with friends like taylor swift. coming up, chris pratt reveals his beauty secret and tells us all about farm life with katherine schwarzenegger. then the cast of "cruel intentions" celebrates 20 years. .
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♪ check out brie larson and samuel l. jackson doing ariana grande proud with their version of "7 rings." you can watch the stars on james corden's "carpool karaoke" this friday on the apple tv app meanwhile it looks like their fellow a venninger chris pratt will be doing a little singing of his own. we talked about it last night at his premier of "the kid." >> backstage at "the masked singer." so excited to sing my hitsong. i will be singing shallows. ♪ in the shallows >> you see it? feel it. no, don't. it's really soft. >> soft now, but for his new western it's a lot more rugged. chris plays the bad guy. >> if you only see one movie
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this weekend, you know, make it "captain marvel," but if you see a second movie, go see "the kid." it's really, really great. >> chris was out solo, but earlierer in the day his fiance katherine joined him for "jimmy kimel live." >> live on the farm. >> that farm is his 100 acre spread up in washington state and katherine seems to be adjusting just fine. >> explain the lambs. >> it's lambing season. we had about 40 pregnant ewes. they're all coming at the same time. we are knee deep in lambs. still on set for the real le romance. >> there were days it was hard to watch him kiss other women. then, avril lavigne back in the spotlight after being bedridden for years. the health crisis she didn't
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think she could beat. >> i thought i was dieing and accepted it. and if you didn't have a crush on chris evans before, you will now. >> henry, you're the best. >> how this little guy stole captain america's heart. closed captioning provided by -- you know when you're at ross
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and you realize great minds shop alike?
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yes. or when you find those name-brand shoes that everyone notices? oh, yeah! or when you get exactly what you need for your growing family? yes! that's yes for less. yep! yes, yes, yes, yes... yes! seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. sarah michelle gellar protested that throwback shot of the "cruel intentions" cast in on ignore of its 20th anniversary this week. i cannot believe it. sarah giving props to her whole cast, including selma blair. >> this was her first big screen role. >> hard to believe. >> i know. "e.t." was on that set and we are throwing it back now with the movie's original green "b."
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>> you were just a conquest. >> you gave up on the first woman you ever loved because i threatened your reputation. cheers. >> 20 years. takes a number like that to remind you how old you are. >> close your eyes and wet your lips. >> are you for real? >> some people didn't think it was a good idea. i think we always knew we were doing something really cool. >> it was sarah's idea to dye her hair. her evil counterpart was ryan phillippe, a role that almost went to jonathan rhys meyers. the studio wanted katie holmes to play annette, but ryan phillippe had a different idea. >> i wanted the pse can ryan's
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scenes easier to shoot. as more his other "r" rated moments? >> it was hard to watch him kiss other women and get in bathtubs with other women. >> i don't know it was weird. it just felt like an explosion. >> a behind the scenes secret about this infamous kiss? >> i had to tongue many her mouth. and she kind of just parade for it to be over. but i was torturing her. >> i barely could make it out of my trailer. i was so nervous. the first couple of takes was very awkward. selma is a very good friend of mine but i was like, i'm kissing selma. >> i hope everybody's not looking. just give me a couple of months. >> reese was three months pregnant. she and ryan married three months later. these before and afters prove their ageless. can we expect a "cruel intentions" reunion? >> our kids are all around the
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same age. so we see each other. i doubt it will be a tell vazed reunion, but we see each other. >> those then and now. we are going wow, wow. "cruel intentions" is headed back to theaters but only for a week in honor of its 20th anniversary starting on march 22nd. i love the '90s. >> me too. the '90s also discovered avril lavigne. now the 34-year-old is back with new music that was partially inspired by a very dark time in her life, her long and serious battle with lyme disease. ♪ my life is what i'm fighting for ♪ >> i felt like i was dying, and i accepted it. ♪ i keep my ahead >> right above water, i wrote it from my bed in the middle of fighting for my life. >> avril was diagnosed with the disease in 2014 after feeling achy and fatigued.
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she says is struggle to regain her health is reflected in her first album in five years. >> in the past a lot of my songs are boy bashing and angsty. i tried to challenge myself on this album. >> 2002 assist complicate turned avril into a pop princess. before all that, avril found inspiration in another famous singer, shania twain who also faced her own battle with lyme disease. >> you tolder, i'm going to be a famous singer. >> i was 14 years old. there was a contest to tape a tape of yourself singing. i won, and met shania and sang on stafelt like home, so right >> man, canadian royalty right there. get celine dion in there and you wouldn't know what to do with yourself. earlier we talked about r. kelly, all the attention and
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his initial arrest last month came after the explosive r. kelly documentary aired and before that, true crime docs such as "making a murderer" and "the jinx" helped sign a light on controversial and sometimes overlooked cases. i'm really into true crime. >> i know. season one of npr's podcast "serial" was downloaded by 171 million people, now hbo's followup to "serial" is hoping to become one of the game-changing documentaries itself. >> i was one of the millions of people that was obsessed with the "serial" podcast. >> the jury, they moved like lightning. >> into a murder mystery. now in "the case against adnan syed" we are seeing the names involved. >> i have a photographic memory. that never left my mind. >> adnan syed was convicted of
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killing his girlfriend hae min lee. >> a lower court threw out the conviction because his trial lawyer ignored an alibi witness. >> reporter: syed is in jail, but could a hbo documentary help set him free? it took three years to make and interviewed dozens of subjects. >> i wish i never would have talked to y'all in the first place. >> looking into some of the evidence that wasn't brought forth in the trial, but there's been a lot of developments personally with adnan. >> for years i thought adnan should go media, because they can do things we can't do. >> rabia chaudry is his childhood friend and advocate. >> how's he do us closero the truth. >> itis asunday. coming up, it is the never ending debate in hollywood -- next on kron-4 news at
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eight: a masked gunman storms into an east bay coffee shop --- and orders people to hand over certain belongings.... the item he was specifically targeting. residents of a south bay neighborhood say they're seeing more and more homeless move onto their sidewalks and that nothing is being done about it. . also -- p-g-and-e in the midst of another controversy ...what they asked a judge that has a lot of people angry. i'm catherine heenan i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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. travel consideration provided by -- tomorrow on "e.t." hollywood celebrates international women's day. our exclusive sitdown with
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sistersroseannea arquette. then inside the tour dance rehearsal. could j.lo join him? >> oh, god, there are some mornings, you just need this. >> isn't that the truth? chris evans getting a special hug. i love chris evans even more. >> absolutely. he's one of the stars of superpower dogs. it's a documentary that follows six incredible canines and it appears captain america met his match. >> henry, are you going eat that? go ahead. so good. okay, okay. they really are man's best friend. i can't imagine living alife he everything. it opens in ie max tomorrow. >> bye. now at eight ... i saw a man
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with a gun an armed robber takes over a coffee shop in the east bay ... and demands everyone's laptops.(whoosh) it's just very devastatinga south bay neighbor in shock at the deaths of two young boys and their mother.police are investigating the case as a murder suicide.(whoosh)and another p=r nightmare for pg&e ... the bankrupt utility wants to hand out a quarter=billion dolars in bonsues to executives, managers and other employees.reaction tonight from those left homeless by pg&e=caused fires.


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