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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  March 7, 2019 10:00pm-10:59pm PST

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sot it was scary as hell, yes and my poor customers were scared to death toothe owner of world ground in the laurel district ... recalls the moment a masked gunman came into his coffee shop , held people at gunpoint, and demanded the laptops from every customer inside the crowded cafe. he says the gunman had another customer go around and collect the laptops inside a canvas was one in the afternoon, yuffe gustafsson was in the back fixing pasteries for the next morning when this went down. sot i saw a man with a gun with a drawn gun so i quickly ran out the backdoor and called 911oakland police tell kron 4 news, the gunman had a bandana over his mouth and was wearing a bright orange security vest and a beanie. he ran away on foot ... with about a half-dozen laptopssot all he wanted was laptops he didnt want cell phones and did not go near the register laptop thefts from people sitting in cafes is common. now, police are looking a security video from nearby businesses to find this suspect.sot in the past we have had cases but in this one it is different because the ind was armedeven though it closed early after the crime, ,the coffee shop will be open on friday.because after 20 years serving this
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community... one bad moment will not scare it away.sot but i am not sure what we can do about this one unfortunatly justine standupoakland police don't have more of a describtion of the suspect other than a man about 6 feet tall, weighing 190 pounds between 20-30 years old.there is a possibility that a blue pickup truck is involved, but police are still looking into that.there is a 10-thousand dollars crime stoppers reward leading to an oakland justine waldman kron 4 news. ((pam)) new tonight at ten... san jose police say, they arrested a man seen peeping into news. ((pam)) new tonight at ten... san jose police say, they arrested a man seen peeping
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into several homes, while naked. a warning some people may find this video disturbing. we have blurred much of this video, but police say, on february 15 and march 5th, 60 year old mark veregge was captured on surveillance video, knocking on front doors, peeping into windows .. it happened along meadowlands lane. in a third incident... police say, veregge was wearing a dress as he approached a home. he was arrested on a number of counts of misdemeanor peeping and prowling.and this is not the first time he has been arrested for prowling... back in 2017 he was arrested on similar charges while he was a lecturer at stanford. pg&e is again causing controversy. this timemployees especially eye-opening... because the utility has recently filed for bankruptcy and it could be on the hook for billions of dollars for its role in california
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wildfires. kron 4's dan kerman got reaction from a lawyer for wildfire victims. in a recent filing pacific gas and electric has asked a federal bankruptcy judge to allow them to give out 235 million dollars in bonuses to thousands of employees, among them vice presidents and managers.sotits disturbing franklymike danko is an attorney for thousands of california wildfire victimssot mike danko/attorney for wildfire victims :19its unfair to pge victims, its inappropriate to pay pge employees bonuses while wildfire victims are living in traliers and parking lots or in tents in burned out lots waiting for aids from pge, some who have been waiting for more than 3 yearsin a statement pg&e says the "incentive plan prioritizes safety and operational excellence (and) ....provides appropriate incentives for our team members to help us achieve our safety and operational goals."in court documents the basis for a raise is based 40% on the companys financial performance and 50% on safety, however danko points out of that 50%
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on safety only 10% deals with the safety of the public.sot the reason why we are in this situation is because pge has prioritized profits over safety and the bonus structure they have proposed continues in that traditionstandup dan kerman/sf 1:25pge has asked a bankruptcy judge to hold a hearing on the matter march 27. at pge headquarters, dan kerman kron 4 news. a south bay community is still in shock. that's after a mother and her two- young sons are found dead.. the case is being investigated as a murder- suicide neighbors tell us, they are trying to come to terms with what happened at this dent avenue apartment in san jose. one of them provided this picture of the two boys...
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whom she identified as eric and kevin.. ages four and seven. (pam) the two boys attended lietz elementary school. the district says, students there are being informed... and that grief counselors were on hand today a live look outside lawrence is here with the forecast. lawrence karnow: it was a mostly cloudy day with scattered showers. they became more widely scattered in the afternoon with even a few sunny breaks. the doppler radar is tracking more rain but most of it is light. showers will continue tonight but be widely scattered. on the satellite image you can
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see the jet stream is still south of the bay area. the storm door remains open and more wet weather is headed our way. tomorrow there is a slight chance of a few showers mainly near the coast. highs will be chilly in the upper 40s to mid 50s. another storm will bring rain to the bay area on saturday and maybe sunday. more rain is possible by next tuesday.
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(pam) in the south (pam) (pam) in the south season h started... and an increasing number of sightings are being reported.(grant) santa clara county sheriff's office is warning residents to be aware of mountain lions and coyotes. kron 4's gayle
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ong reports from cupertino. coyotes are on the see one..two..coyotes running free..they were spotted wednesday morning...prowling the suburban streets of the saratoga hills..stalking deer.. you see the pair racing over people's driveways and mailboxes.but the deer moves in on them..rudy romero captured the whole thing on his cell phone..
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heights on his way to work.. another concern..mountain lions..wildlife officials caught this 60 pound female mountain lion after someone reported it crossing the area of parker ranch saratoga..santa clara county sheriff's office is urging residents in cupertino and saratoga to be aware of these it's just the start of coyote season.. (grant) new steps are being taken to tackle a measles outbreak in washington state. 800 students are now being ordered to stay home
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from school to keep the disease from spreading. more than 70 people have contracted measles this winter in that state. there have been three confirmed cases here in the bay area...although local health officials do not expecta similar epidemic here.. kron four's maureen kelly explains. we've essentially prevented measles cases by having this law in place the communicable disease programs chief for the contra costa county heath department is talking about sb 277.....a california law penned by a pediatrician turned state senator that aims to keep fewer non vaccinated kids from entering the school system. it stripped away the personal belief now only kids with a medical reason can skip getting their shots before entering public and private schools....and even day care centers. contra costa county has seen an increase in the number of kids with vaccines entering kindergarten since the law went into affect in our county we see several hundred more children who are protected from vaccine preventable diseases, state wide that probably equates to thousands of children we're gonna be safer and healthier and won't become ill from a vaccine preventable disease the state department of health says 95% of california
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kindergartners have gotten their required shots since the law went into effect....that's the highest reported level on record. because measles is so contagious......the infectious diesease expert i talked to compared it to a wildfire...we want to you know protect people from the vaccine similar to the way we want to eliminate drybrush because if there's a spark we can prevent it from spreading further and putting our community in danger and that's sort of what happens with measles when we have one case and we have enough people around that case who are vaccinated no other cases will develop but if there are many other unvaccinated or susceptible people around that measles case been at measles outbreak is going to continue spreading it largercalifornia is only one of three states in the u-s allowing only medical exemptions to vaccines...the other two are mississippi and west virginia.maureen kelly kron4 news
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(grant) today the city of san francisco held a grand opening for a new apartment complex that will provide homes to dozens of homeless and low income people. the building has 38 one bedroom apartments, 38 two bedroom apartments and 7 three bedroom apartments. set to move in: 40 formerly homeless families and 43 low income families. at today's ceremony, mayor london breed said that the city will build hundreds more affordbale housing units. (grant) individuals.>homeless individuals.> in addition to housing there are also social services available in the building. (pam) in san francisco -- police are looking for two female suspects who allegedly assaulted and robbed a bus driver yesterday in the twin peaks neighborhood.
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police say, the incident happened at 3:50- in the afternoon near the corner of burnett avenue and parkridge drive. a spokesman for the muni said, the bus driver was driving a 37-corbett bus, when she confronted the suspects for not paying the bus fare. police reports say, an argument started .. it escalated when the suspects started hitting the bus driver a number of times. then, they took the driver's backpack and fled. the two female suspects are said to be 18- years old. the driver did not need to be hospitalized. (pam) happening now... san francisco police are investigating a home invasion robbery in the city's outer mission neighborhood. it happened at a home in the 200- block of foote avenue yesterday morning. police say, a 69-year-old woman.. discovered a man in the process of stealing jewelry. they say, she confronted him - but he told her to stay in the bedroom and then he ran away with her items. police are still searching for him. (grant) a federal judge in california is trying to ensure that migrants are fully
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protected by the u-s constitution. judges in the ninth circuit ruled today that immigrants seeking asylum in the u-s should be able to appeal if their claim is rejected. as current u-s law stands, if migrants don't have credible fear of persecution in their home countries and their claim is denied, they face expedited removal from the u-s. the appeals court says that law violates judicial rulings guaranteeing protection under the u-s constitution to non citizens. (pam) governor gavin newsom held a roundtable gathering today ... to talk about the president's national emergency declaration at the u-s southern border. governor newsom met with community members and local leaders in san ysidro today. that is a district of san diego which sits on the u-s border with mexico. the governor has criiticized president trump's proclamation... that there is an immigration crisis on the border. he now says, the national emergency declaration is hurting the border communities.
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(pam)deeper way.">(pam) newsom also visited the opening of a shelter that will temporarily house immigrants. the shelter is supposed to give them and asylum- seekers a place to stay, as they wait to plead their case before an immigration court. (grant) customs and border protection says authorities detained close to a thousand central american migrants in el paso, texas yesterday. that included an unaccompanied two-year-old child. officials said wednesday's activity set a record for the number of migrant families crossing into the city. according to the red cross, some six thousand migrants were believed to be on the other side of the border in juarez. members of the 'hope border institute" advocacy group were on site
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handing out food and water through the border fence. (grant) one border patrol agent says he noticed some migrants are now immediately requesting asylum... before even being processed. (grant) a big national story tonight... president trump's former campaign chair paul manafort has been sentenced to 47 months in prison. manafort receiving a much shorter sentence than prosecutors had argued for. this sentencing is for convictions brought on by special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation. manafort had been convicted of eight counts, including five counts nafraufort will receive a secon sentencing next week.. in a sentencing second sentencing
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second will receive a second sentencing next week.. in a separate case over witness tampering and conspiracy charged he pleaded gulity to last year. (grant)vo president trump's former lawyer michael cohen is suing the trump organization. in a lawsuit filed today - he claims the trump organization broke a promise to pay his legal bills. cohen says he's owed nearly 2 million dollarsto cover the cost of his defense. cohen was convicted of lying to congress and tax crimes.he's set to begin a three-year prison sentence in may. (pam) michael cohen has also been testifying recently on capitol hill, and today, a part of his testimony is being questioned. cohen testifed publicily that he never asked for a presidential pardon. but sources say, cohen's lawyer raised the idea of a pardon more than once with the trump team. republicans are now have lied under oath saying, they are prepared to refer the case to the justice department. today.. democratic house oversight
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committee chair- elijah cummings - weighed in on the developments. he reflected on his promise to hold cohen accountable if he lied. (pam) cohen was (pam) cohen was previously cohen was (pam) it."> (pam) cohen was previously convicted of lying to congress and tax crimes .. he is set to begin a three -year prison sentence in may. (pam)2 shot it may come as a surprise but the violence ai last month... congress failed to pass an extension of the law. (grant)) the
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decades- old law provides protections and support for survivors of domestic violence. as anna wiernicki (war-nik-ee) reports, a group of lawmakers, led by californians, is working to bring that law back to life. katie porter / (d) california: i'm so sorryanna wiernicki: california democratic congresswoman katie porter fought through tears to tell her story of when she was a victim of domestic violence. katie porter: each year millions suffer in silence for fear that getting help will result in their being blamed. anna wiernicki: democratic house speaker nancy pelosi says millions of women, like porter, depend on the violence against women actnancy pelosi: every woman everywhere has the right to live free from abuseanna wiernicki: republicans-inupdated vawa on t weeks after it york democratic congressman jerrold nadler says this bill completely revamps the decades old law and expands protections for survivors of
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domestic violence.jerrold nadleru.s. congressman, d-new yorktake cg @ 0:47-0:55among many things it expands the permissible use of grant money focused on increasing survivor, law enforcement, and community safety. it improves services for victims.anna wiernicki (stand up) @annaewiernickitake cg @ 0:56- 1:01the bill would make it illegal for anyone convicted of date violence or stalking to own a gun.debbie dingell congresswoman, d-michigan1:08 closing loopholes stalkers to have access to guns saves lives. period.anna wiernicki: pennsylvania republican brian fitzpatrick says the bill also addresses online abuse and increases the penalties for cyberstalking. brian fitzpatricku.s. congressman, r-pennsylvaniatake cg @ 1:17- 1:25we are also requiring federal law enforcement officials to constantly evaluate and update practices to combat online harassment and cyber bullying anna wiernicki: the house judiciary committee plans to take up the bill next washington, i'm anna wiernicki. (grant) still ahead... demonstrations are still going on in sacramento to protest the decision to not charge the officers in the deadly shooting o clark... we hear from students who decided to walk out of the classroom and march to the capitol. (pam) plus... residents in one south bay
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neighborhood say they are fed up. why they say nothing is being done to move out the shopping carts that are lining the streets... as more homeless people move into the area.
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from two major american companies say they're making changes after hackers stole
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their customer's and equifax both say hackers stole millions of customers personal information.(pam) but as mark meredith reports... lawmakers say, the companies have a long way to go .. to win back the trust of consumers.. the ceos of "marriott hotels" and credit monitoring giant "equifax" apologized to lawmakers for recent data which hackers stole the personal data of literally hundreds of millions of customers...equifax ceo mark begor."these attacks on us businesses are attacks on .."equifax says hackers accessed 143 million of its customers names, birthday's, and social security numbers.a senate report, released wednesday, accused equifax of neglecting cyber security issues for years.equifax's new c-e-o told lawmakers he's ready to make
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changes and spend at least a billion more on improving security."we deeply apologize"marriott says it's hack was even bigger-- with 383 million accounts of its starwood brand potentially compromised worldwide... "we're committed to determining it how it occured, supporting our affected guests, and enhancing security measures to protect against future attacks" lawmakers criticized both companies for not spotting the breaches sooner.delaware senator tom carper "the constant stream of data breach notifications, we see year in and year out, is a sign we can and should be doing a lot better"senator rob portman says both hacks prove congress needs to do more to address the crisis."companies and government agencies alike, must take steps to better protect the data consumers trust to them...that is clear" portman says congress should also consider new laws to ensure consumers who are hacked...receive notification as soon as washington, i'm mark meredith. (pam) coming up... as alabama works to recover and rebuild from sundays deadly torando.. more severe weather could be heading that way this weekend. (lawrence)ten at ten
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so you can say yes to the biggest selection of the season. yes! or stop and ask yourself, "can i afford both?" at these prices, oh, yeah. or find a look that's, like... wow a price that's, like... whoa. that's yes for less. seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices! more new dresses means more reasons to say yes. at the ross spring dress event. on now! yes for less. (grant) demonstations crame
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ng the state and local district attorney decision not to charge the officers in today hundreds of high school and college students staged a massive classroom walkout. (pam) students were marching in the streets from sacramento city college .. to sacramento high and then, all the way to the state capitol. this was one of the largest groups of
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protestors ... since the d-a's announcment last saturday. (grant) doug johnson explains why students say this demonstration is so important. this was a cause so many of these students say was important to them.take pkgnats organized by the black student union...natstoday's stephon clark student walkout and march started on the campus of sacramento city college.natsa campus where clark himself once attended school.josh robinson, sac city college black student union"this affects everyone on this campus, so that's why it's important they get involved, because they can be stephon clark, i can be stephon clark. my brother my sister, my classmate, my peer could be stephon clark."at first students began marching through the school's buildings... chanting encouragement for others to join them.leveria williams, sacramento city college student "honestly i came out because i just had to see how we're responding to things as a people."h school students from nearby mcclatchy high joined the students at city college.andre young, stephon clark's cousin"i
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didn't expect this much people to be out of school holding up signs you know doing everything they supposed to be doing."andre young is stephon clark's cousin.andre young, stephon clark's cousin"if he was here right now, if this was somebody else if he was here right now, he would tell you oh i don't even know him but hey justice for him, that's exactly what he would say."the group soon started to march in the streets... heading first to mclatchy high to encourage more students to walk-out.natsthen the group headed down 2nd aveune to sacramento high.natson that campus again encouraging more students to join them.natsit was mostly a group of young people... close in age to clark, who was just 22 when he died.leveria williams, sacramento city college student "we can't make it through our college years without getting taken down?"since the d-a and attorney general have both decided not to file criminal charges... most marching are now calling on the sacramento police department to dismiss the two officers who pulled the trigger, ultimately killing stephon ficers. it's a shame that you didn't prosecute them and let thn poli deadly force. clark's grandmother and brother were front and center at the rally, urging lawmakers to pass legislation that would restrict when use deadly the bill, ab author r shirley police know how to use pointed to the arrest of the man accused of the parkland high school mass shooting last year.
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deadly force. clark's grandmother and brother were front and center at the rally, urging lawmakers to pass legislation that would restrict when officers can use deadly force. the bill, ab 392's, main author 392's, main author assemblymember shirley weber says police know how to use restraint.. she pointed to the arrest of the man accused of the parkland high school mass shooting last year. (grant) there is (grant) there is competing lethal force legislation... sb 230. the bill, supported by some law enforcement groups... calls for police to have more
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mental health training and response teams. niether the govenor nor the attorney general have taken a stance on either bill, but both are calling for change. (pam) residents in one south bay neighborhood say, they are at their wits end... and looking for solutions ... as more and more people who are homeless move onto the city sidewalks.(grant) right now -- there are dozens of shopping carts lining a san jose street -- and residents there say, nothing is being done about it. ( pam )kron4's michelle kingston has the story tonight from san jose. (mk)e's been living on the streets for years ... and says these are all of her shopping carts.and all of her belongings.right across the street from a residential neighborhood.james gardner, san jose"sometimes there's 20-30 shopping carts all grouped up and they kind of keep getting moved around." james gardner has lived here for 10 years and says more and more homeless continue to move in ... living in cars and rvs -- blocking sidewalks and ult t safe.james gardner, san jose "there's a lot of trash littering the streets. everything from big piles of garbage to used furniture to
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appliances."he's sympathetic -- and understands how expensive it is to live in san jose -- but says he's now unable to go for walks with his daughter ... he's contacted the city several times but says nothing has been done.james gardner, san jose"it's been brought to their attention, and they've discussed that it's going to be cleaned up, but it hasn't been. it's only gotten worse." michelle kingston, mkingstonnews"we asked the city of san jose if they were aware of the issue on kiely boulevard ... they said they've made multiple attempts to contact tammi to offer her shelter. they say addressing homelessness is one of their highest priorities."pastor scott wagers, cham ministries "the problem is huge. everybody knows it."pastor scott wagers spends his days visiting homeless encampments throughout the city .. delivering food and water -- but he had never seen this one encroached in every neighborhood iit've 's out of c gardner, san jose"it's going to take everybody's solutions that work and help the people out that need it and make it a nicer community for all."in san jose michelle kingston kron 4 news
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turning now to weather lawrence has a look at the weekend... lawrence karnow: it was a mostly cloudy day with scattered showers. they became more widely scattered in the afternoon with even a few sunny breaks. the doppler
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radar is tracking more rain but most of it is light. showers will continue tonight but be widely scattered. on the satellite image you can see the jet stream is still south of the bay area. the storm door remains open and more wet weather is headed our way. tomorrow there is a of a few showers mainly near the coast. highs will be chilly in the upper 40s to mid 50s. another storm will bring rain to the bay area on saturday sunday. more rain is possible by next tuesday. (grant) we're getting a clearer picture of the scope of the damage from the tornadoes that killed 23
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people sunday in alabama. this aerial photo shows a trail of devastation cutting across the landscape. the path of destruction.. seeming to stretch on endlessly to the horizon. the twisters caused widespread damage and scattered debris for miles. the scope of the tragedy is so profound... authorities are still measuring the severity. (grant) and now forecasters say more the national weather service is reporting severe thunderstorms and tornadoes are possible this weekend. they say its too early to determine how damaging the storms could be, or exactly where it might hit the hardest. president trump is set to tour devasted areas in alabama tomorrow. (pam) greg zanis, of illinois, has devoted his life to honoring victims of tragedy. the retired carpenter crafts crosses by
10:38 pm
hand .... in honor of the dead. yesterday, he delivered 23- of them to alabama... honoring the 23- tornado victims there. the handmade crosses bear the names of those killed. his mission is to comfort those left behind.. to let them know their loved ones are not forgotten. zanis has made crosses for tens of thousands of victims of tragedy, ever since the massacre at columbine high school in 1999. (pam) officials are asking people to pay respects at the memoral honoring those killed, and to leave messages for the families. in fact, you may recall, zanis also brought 85- crosses to california following the camp
10:39 pm
fire to honor those victims as well. "every time i see pictures of them, i don't know how this could happen ..."(grant) the colorado man convicted of killing his pregnant wife and two young daughters, delivers an emotional jailhouse confession. last month, state and federal law enforcement officials interviewed chris watts at the prison in wisconsin where he is serving a life sentence.for the first time.. he admitted strangling the little girls.we i wish that it would all go awaychris watts says his problems began with an affair with a co=worker.i know it's wrong to say i wish i'd never met somebody, but i wish i had, you know, maybe just met her at work and kept it that way.watts says while his family was on vacation last summer, he spent every night with the woman,then, last august 13th, his wife returned from a business trip.he told her he wantedto leave.she told him he'd never see his
10:40 pm
children again.he said he climbed on top of her in their bed and put his hands around her neck."it felt like time was standing still. it's kinda like i just saw my life just disappearing before my eyes, but i just -- like -- i couldn't let go. it's, like, some way i was like -- like if you picture somebody else around you, holding your hands, holding you, keeping you from not letting go."he then described a bizarre scene of the daughters accompanying him as he loaded his wife's corpse into their pickup truck and drove them to the oil company where he worked.he buried his wife in a shallow grave, then put a blanket over three year old cece's head and strangled her.after putting her body in an oil tank, he went back to the truck for four year old bella. she said, 'no, daddy,' and that's the last thing she said."watts says he hears those words ever day of his life.i look outside every day and i'm like - what could we be doing right now? you know... right now, i'd have a 5-year-old, a 3-year-old and a -- more than likely -- a 1- month-old son. and a beautiful wife. and i'm just like- right now, it's just me."
10:41 pm
(grant) shanann watt's family says they're hurting all over again after learning these gruesome details they released a statement saying quote."the hardest thing was that bella was witness essentially to the disposing of her mother's body and the witness to the suffocation of her sister." (pam) another big story tonight... high schools students pictured at last weekend's nazi-themed party are now hearing from ann frank's step-sister. we showed you these pictures earlier this week from newport beach. the photos posted on social media show students giving nazi salutes around a swastika formed by drinking cups at an off-campus party.... kids from three different schools were there. holocaust survivor eva
10:42 pm
schloss met with the students involved in the incident today. the 89-year-old called it an emotional meeting. she says the students apologized for their behavior and indicated they didn't realize what it really meant. (pam) still ahead... a bizarre crime at a family's front door. a man dousing the porch with fuel. the reason he says he did it. (sports) just ahead in a's for a spring training e meeting... and a great showing for cal hoops. that's coming up.
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it was a dangerous action.. a man doused a stockton family's porch in diesel fuel. and it is not the first time odd behavior by this same man ... was caught on camera.(grant) kay recede reports.. the man is now in jail --- and the family says, they are relieved.... but still frightened.. (nats pouring fuel)caught on a surveillance video shared with fox40 - this man frantically pours what appears to be two gallons of fuel on this front door as he breathes heavily he then tries to light the porch... but the blaze never takes off.while this is happening around 2 am thursday a woman two young kids and a family are sleeping.. we spoke to the stockton woman who asked us to protect her privacyshe says her mom woke her up and showed her the video(woman)"and she goes that's the guy from down the street and i just start crying and shaking."the woman and her stepfather say they called stockton police and fire frightened they waited for fire fighters to tell them when it was safe.(woman)"ok, are we going to blow up at any minute? do we get the kids, do we take off or is he outside waiting for us?"the family says fire investigators determined the fuel was diesel they were told had it been petroleum this may have ended in tragedy.(woman)"if it had been regular gas that he would have caught himself on fire as well as everyone in
10:46 pm
this house."when officers arrive - they make their move across the street.(nats cell phone)"stockton police department"the stepfather shared the neighbor's arrest... from a distance... you can see he's wearing the same shirt as in the video. (man)"i wasn't scared, i was mad. i wanted to go beat the guy up."his alibi? the family says he told officers he was trying to get rid of a ghost (woman)"they arrested him, he said that he didn't have anything against us, that he thought he saw a ghost in our house and to me that's just even scarier."the neighbor has been identified by stockton police as cuong pham the family and many others know him as troubled. (man)"he's come up to me and asked me to borrow money and i've told o borrow money.'"this isn't the first time cameras captured his erratic, odd behavior in sped up ring footage from march 1st pham is wearing the same shirt and paces mindlessly for about a minute.(woman)"moving constantly, just non-stop. back and forth, back and forth."while the family is relieved he's no longer across the street - they're still shaken.(woman)"you do nothing, you're innocent, you still get your house almost lit on fire." (grant) pham faces attempted murder and arson charges. (pam) cookie crooks near cookie charges. arson murder and attempted pham faces attempted pham faces (grant)
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(grant) pham faces (grant) (grant) pham faces attempted murder and arson charges. (pam) cookie croo a th targeted a girl scout troop outside a c-v-s store in auburn.. northeast of sacramento... the thief ripping off cookies with a counterfeit bill ... leaving the girls to eat the cost. a woman asked for 20- boxes of cookies... and handed over a fake one- hundred dollar bill. a bank teller broke the news to the troop about the fake money. the scout leader says, she now has pens for the girls to check every bill.
10:48 pm
something bad happens, look on the bright side because you'll always get something good out of something bad.">(pam) the story does have a sweet ending... the community got word of what happened ... and flocked to buy cookies by the dozens to make up for the troop's loss. the sharks have won back- to-back...have won back- the sharks the sharks have won back- to-back... and are right there in the hunt for the top spot out west. --let's go to the tank-- sharks and the montreal canadiens, one of the original six. --1st stanza--tomas hertl... watch him hook back around... and light up the lamp...
10:49 pm
the 25-year-old with his career high 30th goal of the season. sharks up 1- nothing. --2nd period-- san jose leads 2-1... watch this play from joe thornton... looks like the puck goes off of marcus sorensen, but it hits one of the habs... and the goal goes to jumbo joe. --sharks with no problems, they win 5-2. ---now to scottsdale-- giants hosting the a's.... madison bumgarner on the hill, but we begin with the giants hitting. ---bottom of the 3rd-- a's up 1-zip....joe panik rips a line drive into center the greenlight to cameron maybin. giants tie it up. ---top of the 4th-- former giant nick hundley....right into the gap in left center... jurickson profar would easily score from 2nd....hundley slides into third ....he winds up with an rbi triple.. 3-1 oakland. ---top of the 5th...time for a home run. matt chapman....goes yard to right field....extending the a's lead to 3... ---a's take this round, 5-1. now to the warriors-- the schedule really picking up.
10:50 pm
the other night, it was the celtics pouring it on. and up next, the 2nd-place team out west. --the champs hosting denver tomorrow night... and the nuggets are just one game back of golden state. --klay thompson... is expected to be in action after missing the last two games with knee soreness. ----that boston blowout from the other night is still very top of mind... and kerr can't wait to have the all-star back in the lineup for his contributions on both ends of the floor. "klay's good. he practiced full bore today, looked good. he should be good to go tomorrow. we'll list him as probable. you guys know what kaly does, puts pressure on the ball, moves without the ball on offense, creates space, the shooting. all the stuff that he's been doing for us for years at an all-star level. that's what we're looking for tomorrow." ---now on to ---now on to the college ranks.... ---wyking jones and cal heading to the farm. ---2nd half-- connor vanover with the triple....bears up by 21. ---later on-- stanford would
10:51 pm
get within 3, but still vanover, throws it down and the foul. 24-points for the big man. ---but golden bears, 64-59..and they've gone from losing 15-straight conference games to winning 3 in a row. ---finally, the cal women's team facing washington state in round 1 of the pac-12 tourney. kristine anigwe was just named conferenced defensive player of the year earlier this week... ---2nd quarter...anigwe going to work, cal takes the lead. ---4th quarter...kianna smith misses the shot....but anigwe is there for the putback...led cal with 27 points and 16-boards. the ---and the golden bears wipe out the cougars....77-58... (weather) coming up i'll have the seven day forecast.
10:52 pm
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news.. last month was dreary at the box office... the worst february for tickets sales in 17- years. luckily, there is a super-hero on the way... to turn things around. david daniel "you ready?""higher further faster, baby.""that's right." here she comes to save the day! brie larson is marvel's first female superhero with her own movie. and "captain marvel," the weekend's only new wide release, is set to soar: forecasters expect a
10:55 pm
debut weekend of 125-million dollars or more. that would easily be the best opening weekend of the year so far, and the best debut for a stand-alone super-hero film since "black panther" last year. in hollywood, i'm david daniel. lawrence karnow: it was a mostly cloudy day with scattered showers. they became more widely scattered in the afternoon with even a few sunny breaks. the doppler radar is tracking more rain but most of it is light. showers will continue tonight but be widely scattered. on the satellite image you stream south of the bay area. the storm door remains open and more wet weather is headed our way. tomorrow there is a
10:56 pm
slight chance of a few showers mainly near the coast. highs will be chilly in the upper 40s to mid 50s. another storm will bring rain to the bay area on saturday and maybe sunday. more rain is possible by next tuesday. (pam) stay tuned kron -on continues next at 11. catherine heenan has the latest bay area news. next rain is possible by next tuesday. (pam) stay tuned kron -on
10:57 pm
continues next at 11. catherine heenan has the latest bay area news.
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(explosion) ♪ baby did a bad, bad thing ♪ baby did a bad, bad thing ♪ ♪ baby did a bad, bad thing ♪ baby did a bad, bad thing... ♪ man: it was e-mailed to campus inboxes. do you know who sent it? my guess is tau kappa theta, the jewish fraternity. i'm not saying anything bad. no, of course not. man: i just think it was this video that provoked the fight at the interfaith rally. and you want us to defend...? jimal mifsud. scholarship student in science.


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