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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  March 8, 2019 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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people impacted by the e-f 4 tornado-- as well as families who lost loved ones.23 people were killedparts of the community - destroyed.pres. donald trump: "a lot of folks get aid and we're providing all of the aid//we love you all, we thank you all. we love the state of al."the president spending time with governor kay ivey...and first responders pres. donald trump: "i just wanna thank you for the job you do, you're incredible people."and reiterating his commitment to lp with the recovery process.on tuesday - president trump declared the situation a 'major disaster' -- ordering federal aid to the state.flags are flying at half staff a cross alabama until sundown sunday.honoring the lives lost.... ranging in age of six to 89.the youngest victim - 6-year-old armando 'a'j' residents grieve -- and start the recovery process- they are facing another threat of severe weather this weekend. though weather experts say the danger is not as great as last washington, i'm kristen holmes reporting. (pam) california will 'n' get hundreds of millions of dollars in federal dollars in millions of hundreds of will 'not' get california (pam) reporting.
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(pam) california will 'not' get hundreds of millions of dollars in federal reinbursement for repairing oroville dam... the repairs became necessary when the spillways crumbled and fell away during heavy rains in early 20-17. today -- the federal emergency management agency rejected 306- million dollars in reimbursements for california. the amount is less than half of what the state has requested so far. state water officials put total reconstructin costs at 1-point-1 billion dollars. fema did approve $333 - million for repairs. (catherine) today the european union announced that americans traveling to europe will need a visa to do so ... as of 2021. you'll need a passport and a credit or debit card to apply for the permit... it will allows travel to 26 european countries for no more than 90 days. until
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now - americans had been exempt from the visa requirements. the registration will be valid for 3 years. americans do not need a visa to visit great britain.. let's get a check of the weather around the bay area.... more rain this weekend!!!! chief meteorologist lawrence karnow.... lawrence karnow: we had a few showers and a little sunshine today with cool highs in the 50s. we continue to see a few showers on doppler radar and more snow in the sierra. on the satellite you can see another storm coming our way. more heavy rain is headed our way tomorrow morning. clouds will increase tonight with showers developing by early morning. (pam) lots to talk (pam) early morning.
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(pam) (pam) lots to talk about in the sports world tonight... (ken) mark carpenter joins us in the studio.
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through through this era of warriors basketball, they've always found ways to protect home court, but that hasn't been the case this season. --golden state and denver tonight at oracle... a showdown for the top spot out west as the nuggets are just a game out of first place. -- the last time we saw the warriors at home, it wasn't pretty... boston ran past em by 33- points. --and the team has acknowledged they haven't been as strong at oracle this year... 23-and-9 --steve kerr says it's a priority to find that homecourt advantage once again, especially since this is their last season in oakland. "we've let our fans down many times this year at home. but particularly on nights that are big ones, against great teams, national tv. i think we owe it to ourselves, we owe it to our fans, particularly, to our fans in oakland, to give them our best stuff over the coming months."
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and for all your warriors coverage, we've got you set up. jason dumas and kate rooney...leading the charge for the kron4- hoop session. it's our weekly show dedicated to the warriors.... and the top basketball stories throughout the bay area. join us saturday night at 11, just after the 10-o-clock news. the kron4 hoop session, right here on kron4. --and conference tournaments are picking up this weekend... we go to the pac-12 tourney... miramonte alum sabrina ionescu is leading her oregon ducks against arizona in the quarterfinals. --another outstanding performance from the reigning pac-12 player of the year... 18-points... 13-dimes... and 8- rebounds.. --and the ducks are flying to the semis... stanford and cal playing right now. it's also tourney time in the prep ranks... the girls from oakland high suiting up today in the division 3 california state title game... --wildcats facing mcfarland... and what an outing from oakland... rolling their way to a 51-35 victory.. --they bring home the first state championship in school
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history... --we'll catch up with the team's head coach orlando gray on tonight's edition of bay area sportsnight... 7pm on the kron on app. finally tonight, we are just a few weeks away from opening day... and the a's are already showing what kind of damage they can do at the plate. --we head to mesa, oakland facing the padres. marco estrada got the starting nod... not the best of days, spotted san diego 3-runs. --but it's a good thing the a's can hit.. bottom 7th, a's down 5-zip... josh phegley...going opposite... 2-runs on the board. --the a's kept chipping away... bottom 8th, a's down by a run... greg deichmann...launches a no- doubter... sends one all the way to the tour bus in right. --a's take the lead and go on to win 6-5. giants playing the indians as we speak (pam) coming up -- a sight to see. where wildflowers are popping up at an unexpected place... and the phenomenon which is causing it.
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with wells fargo's 3% down payment on a fixed-rate loan and a simpler online application, getting into my dream home was easier than ever. get your human to visit what would she do without me? the possibility of a quiet flight path .. the loud sound of airplanes overhead .. may soon be a thing of the past for people who live near s-f-o new technology is being tested right now ... which could all but silence the commercial aircrafts kron 4's haaziq madyun has the story nats/haaziqat's that sound overhead?sotthat is the sound of another airplane flying over this foster city neighborhood heading to sfo. that noise is part of the
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foster city lifestyle that may soon be coming to an end thanks to a ground based augmentation system or gbas being tested at sfo. sfo spokesperson doug yakel explains how it workssotand he says there are a couple of real benefits for the airport and those who live along the arrival flight pathsot sotfoster city residents paige mcdonald and ric turek describe what is has been like living in the path of sfo's runway for the past 12-yearssotsot
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turek/foster city resident: "if i am watching the warriors game at night i have to crank the volume up a bit. i can't hear the play by play">what will life be like without that sound?sot officials at sfo say there are still a few hurdles like getting the faa on board. if all goes well gbas could be up and and running in sfo haaziq madyun kron4news (catherine) speaker nancy pelosi is fighting for new legislation to protect voting rights... and get money out of politics.. but will it be dead on arrival in the senate? if you're watching us on the 'kron on' app - our news coverage continues during the commercial break. visit kron-on- dot-tv to subscribe."
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>> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he brings you through that, that's like he has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and your faith in him. [music] (pam) sunday
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morning at 2 am... clocks all over the state will "spring forward" an hour ... marking the beginning of daylight saving time. (catherine) but one south bay lawmaker says he hopes that this will be the last time californians will have to lose an hour of sleep.grant lodes joins is here to explain... (grant) that lawmaker is assemblymember
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kansen chu -- who represents san jose. he's been working since 2017 to get california on permanent daylight saving time. his reasoning? it will benefit public health and safety. it has now been 100 years since daylight saving time was first observed in the state. it was put into practice back in 19-18.... to preserve coal. a recent study showed that losing an hour of sleep leads to 25 percent more heart attacks. california voters passed proposition 7 in november... which allows california legislators to vote on whether or not to keep the state permanently on daylight saving time.
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doing this? and so i did some research and found out that the lifestyle has changed so much since the 40s... switching back and forth doesnt save any energy... it also creates some health problems. im hoping that this is the last time that we will have to do it > have to do it > (grant) if assembly bill 7 passes with two-thirds approval in the legislature..... california would still need congressional approval... as well as the signature of the president. congressman ro khanna of santa clara... has co- sponsored a companion bill in the house... and says he plans to support legislation to
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allow year-round daylight saving. (pam) the democratic controlled house voted along party lines this morning .... to pass h-r -one (catherine) the bill is designed to protect voting rights, make it easier to register and vote, and provide greater transparency for campaign financing. but our washington corerspondent alexandra limon says the plan is unlikely to become law. nats the bill is passed.the house passed hr one - the for the people act - along party lines.nancy pelosi / speaker of the househr 1 restores the people's faith that government works for the public interest, the people's interest, not the special interests.the package of bills is designed to change the election system. it requires political donors to be public, and changes rules for political ads and pacs. rep. elissa slotkin / mi-di am a former cia officer and the role of foregin governments and foreign entities in our govenrment is just one also takes on government ethics - it seeks more oversight of elected officials including requiring tax returns for presidents and vice presidents.and for voters
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-- it creates automatic voter registration, makes election day a federal holiday and prohibits partisan gerrymandering and voter roll purges.alexandra limon / washington correspondent republicans say they want to make it easier for people to vote, and agree federal government has a role in things like election security. but they strongly oppose hr one saying it's government overreach.ldr. kevin mccarthy / ca-r40% of this bill has not even been marked up.rep. rodney davis / il-rhr1 misuses taxpayer dollars, takes power away from the states to administer their own elections and threatens to limit americans constitutional rights.the white house says hr one micro-manages elections and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says the senate will not vote on hr one. in washington alexandra limon. (catherine)
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governor newsom was at the c-h-p graduation ceremony today for itslatest cadets.. his show of support comes after a tense week of protests over the police- involved killing of stephon clark. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has the story. (nats---)63 highway patrol cadets officially became law enforcement officers friday. a handshake from the governor sealed their graduation. "the sense of optimism about the future and public service, it's a wonderful thing. i encourage folks to think about that when we think about law enforcement and the incredible heroism and sacrifice these people make every single day and i think that needs to be recognized." the governor's show of support comes after a week full of protests and marches against current laws surrounding police use of force and state officials deciding to not prosecute the officers who killed stephon clark. "it's understandable i've been in public life over 20 years, we've had difficult times in my city of san francisco, obviously we're having difficult times across the nation... things haven't gone away."the governor has said change is needed to the
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justice system that treats black and latino men and women differently than their white counterparts... newsom says that change will come down to training. "i think training will fundamentally be the most important thing we can do, change culture, change training people are increasingly struggling with conditions that have changed radically issues of , mental health, the homeless, the interactions, and the issues most vexxing, the issues of implicit bias and issues of deescalation."those issues are the center of a debate in the capitol between police groups and victims of officer involved shootings. the governor says early next week he plans to meet with assemblymember shirley weber on her proposed law restricting police use of deadly force. in that same time frame, he says he plans to meet with law enforcement representatives. tag.
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(pam) californi deserts are looking rather colorful -- as the state experiences its second super bloom in two - years. what a sight this is. bright purple, yellow and orange wildflowers are popping up across deserts. the super bloom happens only when rain and warm temperatures set the right conditions for mass concentrations of wildflowers in the desert. and having two super blooms in two- years is highly usual. "i just think it's crazy how a place that can be so desolate and dry forever can look like this every once in a while. pretty cool to me."(pam) (pam) wildflowers are also in bloom in the walker canyon poppy fields in lake elsinore. (catherine) a landmark space flight makes a splash for space-x --- and a splash in the atlantic. why this mission has great potentialfor the future..
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if you are watching us on the 'kron on' app - our news coverage continues during the commercial break. visit kron-on- dot-tv to subscribe."
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(catherine) the space-x dragon capsule detached from the international space station early this morning... then began its slow descent back to earth. it was a historic first flight...and ended when it splashed down safely in theatlantic - after six days in space. (catherine) it was (catherine) it was
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recovered by a ship early this morning. the dragon capsule was unmanned...but hada space-suited dummy named 'ripley' on board.ripley has sensors to record everything an astronaut would experience. it's all part of elon musk's plan to launchtourist driven space travel. the dragon had brought 400 pounds of supplies to the international space station. space-x and boeing are expected to begin launching √°real√° astronauts into space this year. let's take a look outside right now... chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with the four zone forecast. lawrence karnow: we had a few showers and a little sunshine today with cool highs in the 50s. we continue to see a few
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showers on doppler radar and more snow in the sierra. on the satellite you can see another storm coming our way. more heavy rain is headed our way tomorrow morning. clouds will increase tonight with showers developing by early morning.
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(catherine if you're watching us on the new kron on app - a full hour of local sports coverage is coming up next on 'bay area sports night'. kron on is the bay area's only commercial-free 24-hour streaming news service. (pam) it's available for i- phones, i-pads, apple t-v, devices and it's on ama
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>> little boy locked inside a cooler. his family's desperate search for him before he suffocates. then -- >> i am okay. i'm not dead. >> whoopi goldberg's revelation. >> i came very close to leaving the earth. >> and the creepy message that jayme closs' capture sent her behind bars. i'm sorry, jamie in big bubble letters. plus the $273 million lottery winner and the ex-wife that supported him for 15 years. >> she didn't have a chance getting back with me a


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