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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  March 8, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit are not seeing much outside in
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terms of precipiation right now... but into the overnight hours, we are tracking yet another storm that could dump heavy rain on the bay area. this is a look area. this is a look at the stormtracker future cast .. (pam) thank you for joining us, im pam moore. (grant) and im grant lodes in for ken wayne. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with a track of when this rain is going to hit the bay area.. lawrence karnow: we had a few showers and a little sunshine today with coolighs in the 50s. we continue to see a few showers on doppler radar and
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more snow in the sierra. on the satellite you can see another storm coming our way. more heavy rain is headed our way tomorrow morning. clouds will increase tonight with showers developing by early morning. (pam) tonight... we are re- introducing you to the little girl from napa ... who is the inspiration behind steph curry's new shoes. not just any basketball kicks.. they are curry's signature shoes.(grant) and the latest version.. is here thanks to version.. is
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(pam)(pam) tonight... (pam) tonight... we are re- introducing you to the little girl from napa ... who is the inspiration behind steph curry's new shoes. not just any basketball kicks..
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they are curry's signature shoes.(grant) and the latest version.. is here thanks to a 9-year-old from napa... named riley. the shoe was fittingly unveiled today on international women's day. (pam) kron4's gayle ong is live at oracle arena with more... gayle? warriors star steph curry made good on his promise to a nine year old girl from napa..riley morrison - sitting courtside with her family sporting a brand new pair of sneakers she helped design..the shoe is called the curry 6 "united we win" decked out in deep purple and white in honor of all women around the world who are using their voice for equality. something morrision did in november when she wrote curry a letter..asking why his under armor shoes are not made for girls..she also plays basketball...and just wanted
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new girls shoes for the new season..he wrote back.. promised her change...and since then, she has recieved two pairs of new sneakers..she was one of the first kids to get the curry 6 shoes..a christmas gift from curry himself...we saw her wearing them in january at curry's big party in the time showing his gratitude to all his fans..and today - a letter...turned into a movement..riley morrison: it's been amazing. it's a really special experience. i never imagined that this would happen. i'm really happy i wrote that letter. and i really happy that he wrote back curry may be focusing on tonight's game against the denver nuggets..but he too is wearing the special curry 6 shoe in honor of international women's day.. (pam) (pam) (pam) it has been one
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year since the horrific shooting at a veterans home in yountville. three women were killed ... by man who had recently been discharged from a residential treatment facility. kron 4's justine waldman shows us how the victims will be remembered at a special ceremony tomorrow. outside what was the pathway home... hang 4 hearts. one for each victim... executive director christine loeber. clinical director jennifer gray golick. psychologist jennifer gonzales
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shushereba, who was 7 months pregnant.. the smaller heart is for her unborn daughter sot larry it's hard to believe it has been a year, it has been a very challenging year. larry kamer speaks for the pathway home....which has now closed. it shuffled paitents to other facilities saying it was too difficult to go back ... after 36 year old albert wong, shot the women who had been part of his care at veterans home of california. he then shot himself in the head and died. the families of the victim have recently filed wrongful death suits against the state and the county.sot you have family here that lost loved ones so it could not be any worse for them attorney ronald foreman who represents golicks husband and 10 year old daughter claims ... the facility did not warn that wong had made other threats of violence. and lacked proper security.sot the state of california is held to duty to negligence and has to mainta the p the lawsuit will prove the facility was man in a dangerous condition previously, the state , county and sheriff's office declined to comment, citing pending litigation. the loebers' have started a foundation and scholarship program in her name in her home town of boston. and there is a new plaque at the san francisco va medical center in honor of jennifer gonzales shushereba. now, one year later the
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community prepares to pause and remember the women killed ... who were mothers, daughters, wives and best friends. after what has been a very difficult year.. larry. some people are very angry, some people still dealing with trauma, ptsd, that came from the incident, some asking questions about how it could have happened.jw kron 4 news (pam) ceremony is at noon - saturday at veterans memorial park in yountville. all are welcome. if you cannot go and want to watch .... we will be streaming it live on our new kronon app. (grant) developing news...
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the mental competency of the man charged with the deadly stabbing on a bart platform-- remains an uncertainty. 28-year-old john lee cowell is accused of killing 18-year-old nia wilson at the macarthur bart station back in july. a judge suspended the legal proceedings-- saying there is substantial evidence cowell is mentally incompetent to stand trial. in a hearing today-- one doctor supported that claim. but another doctor said he was not able to make a definitive conclusion regarding cowell's mental competency. next week, a judge will decide if he will appoint a third psychiatrist to examine cowell. (grant) a deadly crash this morning in san francisco. police say a person on a bike died in a crash involving a truck in the area of sixth and howard streets. a viewer shared this video from the scene. police did not yet release the identity of the victim. they are still investigating what happened. mayor london breed called for action to improve safety. "i know we have a number of
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long term projects that we are going to get done to improve safety on our streets but the infrastructure projects in order to make our streets safer for people who are walking or bicycling. it's so critical and i know that sometimes folks are not very happy with the construction that's going on in the city as we make changes to dedicated bike lanes and other really necessary tragedies like this one."(grant) the mayor also released a statement on the crash -- calling it heartbreaking. (grant) san francisco supervisor matt haney - who represents the soma area - tweeted today that it's "infuriating that we haven't done more to make our streets safer for cyclists and pedestrians on howard and throughout the city.' he added...' i fully support the bike coalition's demand for protected bike lanes in this corridor--and other high injury networks in district 6-- immediately." (pam) we are learning tonight... that the sacramento county district attorney's office will 'not' file charges against the 84- people arrested monday during a protest there. the group held a march to protest the d-a's decision not to charge the two officers involved in the deadly shooting of unarmed stephon clark last year.. those arrested during the protests monday.. included two journalists and several
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members of the clergy. (pam) in the north bay... people who lost their homes in the 20-17 'tubbs fire' in coffey park ....are eligible for up to 100- thousand dollars.. to help them rebuild their homes --- that is as long as they have not already started to do so. the funding is through the city of santa rosa's cal-home disaster assistance program. to be eligible --- you cannot have already started to rebuild or repair your home. and you must have lived in the area, before the fires, and intend to be the home owner after repairs are done. applications for the gap funding are available online --- and at a community meeting march 11th at the finley center in santa rosa. the meeting is scheduled to begin 6 p-m next monday. (grant) tonight there's an ongoing search for the personwho's throwing things at cars...on a south bay highway. it's happened over several months along a stretch of highway 152. now the c-h-p is intensifying its
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search before someone is seriously hurt. kron-4's rob fladeboe reports. reports.
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(grant) the c-h-p says the person they're searching for is a middle aged white man... with a thin build... and shoulder length hair. anyone with information is being askedto contact the c-h-p immediately. (grant) it's not unusual to find r-vs parked on the side of the road in san jose - the city thinks it's getting out of hand and wants so do something about it. there's a proposed ordinance to create safe parking areas -- at churches and service organizations -- where people can park and sleep overnight. (pam) these organizations will also provide people who are homeless... with restrooms, water and trash disposal. kron4's michelle kingston has the details. (mk)ragan henninger, san jose housing department"the goal is
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to take vulnerable people who are in need ... whether it's a family sleeping in their vehicle or an adult in an rv to bring them into a safe place."san jose is working on a safe parking ordinance -- hoping city council will soon vote to approve this plan to allow people to park their cars and rvs in parking lots across the city.ragan henninger, san jose housing department"i think right now if you are living in your rv or vehicle, it is very challenging from being able to find a safe place to leave your vehicle over night to just trying to get your basic needs."the city says businesses will take on the expense -- provide bathrooms, security, water and trash disposal -- and give the homeless from 7 at night to 10 in the morning to park.if a business is interested in allowing people to park in their lots -- all they have to do is register with the city. the idea -- of course -- is to take the rvs off residential streets -- and into designated areas -- and to provide services to the thousands of homeless in need in the city. ragan henninger, san jose housing department"if you have an interest and a desire to help our community, we don't want to make it harder for you to help people in need." michelle kingston, mkingstonnewssome churches in san jose already provide shelter to the homeless...and the city is also operating a safe parking area here at the seven trees community center. they say they expect the ordinance to pass within the coming san jose, michelle kingston, kron 4 news.
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the way.. today a ground - breaking ceremony was held on the express lanes ..... that will stretch from the peninsula to silicon valley. cal-trans is building express lanes along highway- 101 in both directions from san bruno to sunnyvale. they are also converting existing h-o-v carpool lanes... to express lanes. caltrans says, if you have three or more people in your car... you may use the express lanes for free. if not, you can opt to pay with fas-trak.. the price will be based on demand. the more people who want to use the express lanes at any
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given time.. the more it will cost. the estimated price tag of the project is 567- million dolalrs. the majority of that will be paid for using money from voter approved s-b-1. some tech companies including google and facebook are also chipping in tens of millions of dollars. (pam) this express (pam) this express lane project is expected to be done in 20-22. cal-trans say, it is part of a broader vision to bring the network of express lanes in the bay area .... to 600- miles by the year 20-35. again - it's international woman's day.
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it's a day that celebrates women's achievements... it's also a call for action to help promote gender equality. kron4's maureen kelly was with san francisco's mayor - as she offered words of inspiration at an all girl's grade school today.. the purpose of today is to have hope, to realize times of changed are changing for the better and to be motivated to push forward to change ourselves upper classmen started the international's woman's day assembly at a private all girl's k-8 school in sea cliff. reminding their classmates that the world can be a tough place for women. in saudi arabia women cannot go outside without a male guardian. in malta manner allowed to kidnap a woman if he has the intent to marry her a seventh grader hoping to break in music shared her research on pay inequity in that industry. on average women made $20,000 less than men another reminded the audience of far women have come in this country.150 years ago people thought it was improper for women to give a speech well look where i am now when mayor london breed entered to the auditorium.... the students of katherine
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delmar burke school gave her a standing ovation..... make sure that you reach for the stars that you fill it in your heart and you focus on doing the best you can in school the best you can in life, because if you want to be a scientist if you wanna be mayor if you want to start your own company or be a musician you can do it. it's really in a credible honor to be the first african-american woman to serve as mayor and the first woman married over 30 years here in san francisco history but it's important make sure that we cultivate the next generation of leaders so that i'm not the last planting seeds of inspiration to grow the female leaders of the future.maureen kelly kron4 news. (grant) in national news... the house has passed its first major piece of legislation since democrats took the majority earlier this (grant) (grant) in national
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news... the house has passed its first major piece of legislation since democrats took the majority earlier this year ...... but it appears the bill will be stuck in limbo. house lawmakers voted to pass legislation aimed at addressing government corruption, election integrity, and campaign finance. supporters of the measure, dubbed the "for the people act", saying it will enact wide-ranging ethics reforms as well as expand voting rights. it would also require u-s presidents, vice presidents, and presidential nominees to disclose their tax returns. that's likely a poke at president trump, who has famously refused to release his returns. house speaker nancy pelosi says the bill puts the power of the government back in the people's hands. (grant)
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the bill now goes to the senate, where republican majority leader mitch mcconnell says it will not be considered. (pam) critics are slamming the sentence given to former trump campaign chairman paul manafort. the judge in the case.. gave him 47 - months in prison... which is just under 4- years... prosecutors had recommended close to 20.. next week, manafort will be sentenced by another federal judge who may take a harsher view of his crimes. he will face a judge in virginia... for conspiracy and witness tampering... crimes that carry a maximum sentence of 10- years. that judge, in deciding what to sentence manafort, could weigh the fact that he continued to commit crimes .... even after he was arrested and he later lied to investigators when he was suppposed to be cooperating.
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thought of as against the very being of who we are and what is in our collected best interest gets off for the 47 months/so, the sentence does not match. two, we are looking at further evidence in america's judicial system of absolute unfairness where white collar versus the other kind of crimes does not - you know, this is what i say, people who commit white collar crimes, they should be prepared to bring their tooth brush and spend as much time behind bars as anybody else and so should paul manafort."> (pam) the judge who sentenced manafort to 47 -months said... the recommendations were excessive and claimed that manafort - quote -"lived an otherwise blameless life." (grant) still ahead at 10:30... president trump tours the disaster area in alabama.. and pays his respects to the people who lost their lives in last weekend tornados. (pam) plus... fema has denied millions of dollars to
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the oroville dam repair. what this means.. to the state. (grant) and after the break... its late in the season... but flu activity is still high. details on the new warning about a second wave of severe infections. you know when you're at ross and you realize great minds shop alike? yes. or when you find those name-brand shoes that everyone notices? oh, yeah! or when you get exactly what you need for your growing family? yes! that's yes for less. yep! yes, yes, yes, yes... yes! seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices every day. at ross. yes for less. (pam) for your health
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tonight... flu activity is still high across the u-s. and right now -- there is a second wave of severe infections striking some states. the centers for disease control and prevention released its latest weekly flu
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report today. it says -- between october first and march second, there were as many as 26-point-3 million flu illnesses. states with high flu activities are mostly in the midwest and the south. california is in yellow -- which means moderate range. health experts advise everyone six -months and older ... to get a flu shot. (grant) you'll need a visa to travel to europe -- starting in 20-21. the european union announced the travel requirement for americans today. you will need a passport and a credit or debit card to apply for the permit... which allows travel to 26 european countries for no more than 90 days. the registration will be valid for 3 years. americans do not need a visa to visit the united visa to visit do not need a visa to visit the united kingdom. (pam) coming up... an amazing story of survival. how a cat was found in
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paradise ... more than 100 - days after the camp fire destroyed the town. (grant) and governor gavin newsom attended the chp graduation today.. how he says training will be the most imporant aspect when it comes to change in the justice system. (lawrence)ten at ten ♪ [baby crib musical mobile]
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millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family. visit we are tracking more rain
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overnight... into tomorrow morning for much of the bay area. (grant) chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with a look at how heavy the rain will get.. lawrence karnow: we had a few showers and a little sunshine today with cool highs in the 50s. we continue to see a few showers on doppler radar and more snow in the sierra. on the satellite you can see another storm coming our way. more heavy rain is headed our way tomorrow morning. clouds will increase tonight with showers developing by early morning. (pam) a major setback tonight for state plans to
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fully repair the oroville dam. you may remember, the spillways crumbled away during heavy rains in early during heavy (pam) a major setback tonight for state plans to fully repair the oroville dam. you may remember, the spillways crumbled away during heavy rains in early 20-17. rains in early 20-17. fema - the federal emergency management agency announced today -- it will ánotá pay millions of dollars requested
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by the state ... to help fix the spillway. eric rucker talked to governor newsom about all this ..he is now holding president trump responsible. nats: dronemoney denied!in the latest setback for the department of water resources - fema has announced it will ánot be paying the 306-million dollars requested to help fix part of the spillway at the oroville a statement to fox40 the federal agency said in part:'two separate independent engineering reviews indicted that a variety of problems existed at the dam prior to the february 2017 floods'the agency added that femaús public assistance can only fund work directly linked to the declared governor gavin newsom reacted to femaús decision by inferring president trump played a role in that decision' itús sad itús unfortunate i guess heús trying to express his opinion by basically belittling and demeaning the folks in the district that are directly impacted by those cats that probably overwhelmingly supported him the great irony of this.'californiaús denied request for the 300-million pper gate section of the spillway... pproved dy two other requests for reconstruction of different portions of the spillway.that money totals 333-million awarded to the dwr.'iúm pretty confident that there are no political cheap shots going on here'california senator jim nielsen -who represents oroville at the capitol -
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believes this was not a trump decision...adding that he believes the d-w-r is to blame for its lack of maintenance in the decades proceeding the spillway crisis.'for 50 years the lack of vigilant inspection and attending to then any possible the forensic review committee thatús what they determined'
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and first lady melania trump spent the day in lee county alabama... they surveyed the damage from the deadlist tornado outbreak in nearly 6 years. kristen holmes has more on his presidental visit as the community mourns the 23 lives lost. president trump -in alabama-- touring 'ground zero' of sunday's deadly tornado outbreak.pres. donald trump: "we saw things that you wouldn't believe. here it is." the first family touring parts of lee county.meeting with people impacted by the e-f 4 tornado-- as well as families who lost loved ones.23 people were killedparts of the community - destroyed.pres. donald trump: "a lot of folks get aid and we're providing all of the aid//we love you all, we thank you all. we love the state of al."the president spending time with governor kay ivey...and first responders
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pres. donald trump: "i just wanna thank you for the job you do, you're incredible people."and reiterating his commitment to help with the recovery process.on tuesday - president trump declared the situation a 'major disaster' -- ordering federal aid to the state.flags are flying at half staff a cross alabama until sundown sunday.honoring the ranging in age of six to 89. the youngest victim - 6-year- old armando 'a'j' residents grieve -- and start the recovery process- they are facing another threat of severe weather this weekend. though weather experts say the danger is not as great as last washington, i'm kristen holmes reporting. (pam) ack here in california... governor newsom was at the c-h-p graduation ceremony today for its latest cadets. his show of support comes .... after a tense week of protests in sacramento .. over t police involved shooing of stephon clark. our
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capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala has the story. (nats---)63 highway patrol cadets officially became law enforcement officers friday. a handshake from the governor sealed their graduation. "the sense of optimism about the future and public service, it's a wonderful thing. i encourage folks to think about that when we think about law enforcement and the incredible heroism and sacrifice these people make every single day and i think that needs to be recognized." the governor's show of support comes after a week full of protests and marches against current laws surrounding police use of force and state officials deciding to not prosecute the officers who killed stephon clark. "it's understandable i've been in public life over 20 years, we've had difficult times in my city of san francisco, obviously we're having difficult times across the nation... things haven't gone away."the governor change is needed to the justice system that treats black and latino men and women than their white counterparts... newsom says that change will come down to training. "i think training will fundamentally be the most important thing we can do, change culture, change training people are increasingly struggling with conditions that have changed radically issues of , mental health, the homeless, the interactions, and the issues
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most vexxing, the issues of implicit bias and issues of deescalation."are the center of a debate in the capitol between police groups and victims of officer shootings. the governor says early next week he plans assemblymember shirley weber on her proposed law restricting deadly force. in that same time frame, he says he plans law enforcement representatives. tag. (pam) for two consecutive days, police converged on two separate neighborhoods in tracy... both situations both
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situations turned out to be hoaxes. the hoax is when someone reports a fake emergency on unsuspecting residents, in the hopes of prompting a large police response.. which can sometimes include the swat team. the tracy police department is now on guard... after being called out to two swatting situations recently. (pam) police say, the fake 9-1-1 calls are more than just a nuisance-- they are putting people and police in danger.. they say, they have not gotten another swatting call in the last week ... and they are hoping that's the end of it. (grant) a chain of colleges is shutting its doors across the u-s. the art institute of california's
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parent company, dream center education holdings, is accused of mis-using 13 million dollars in financial aid. the art insitute of california in hollywood closed down today... on short notice. students say they got an email on wednesday telling them the school was closing today. students showed up on campus yesterday and today to voice their concerns and figure out what's next for their educational futures. (grant) police say some students police say some students
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were arrested during a protest. dream center education holdings released a statement saying it's working to give students as many options as possible, going forward. (pam) a big story tonight... jussie smollett is facing more than a dozen felony charges. the former actor on the t-v show 'empire' was indicted on 16- counts of disorderly conduct after police say, he lied about being the victim of a violent hate crime. in january, smollett told police two men attacked him in chicago. but just a couple weeks later.. police say, they got new evidence and suspected smollett knew the men he claimed attacked him... and, in fact, allegedly paid them to stage the attack. smollett says ... he is innocent. he is scheduled to be arriaged march -14th. (pam) meantime.. the chicago police department has launched an internal investigation into reports of leaks in the case against jussie smollett. a chicago police spokesperson says, it is standard procedure for a probe to be launched when there are
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allegations of information being leaked. (grant) new details tonight in the child sex abuse case involving r-kelly. attorney michael avenatti says the singer had a suicide pact -- and that his girlfriends would kill themselves when told to. avenatti spoke out today in defense of angelo clary-- a man who says kelly brainwashed his daughter. this comes after an interview where azriel clary defended kelly... and said her parents are blackmailing him. the 21-year-old said there is nothing inappropriate about her relationship with the 52- year-old. but avenatti paints a different picture of the accusations surrounding the r-and-b singer. michael avenatti/attorney:"mr. kelly is a sociopath who has preyed on young girls for decades, who has lied to their parents and those around them in an effort to further his deviant sexual behavior. and that is exactly what he did with azriel clary and it continues to this day. this man is a master manipulator who has convinced these young girls to lie in an effort to save him from serious criminal charges."angelo clary / father of alleged r. kelly victim, azriel clary:"the woman she had become now is like, robotic. like somebody got an
10:42 pm
on and off switch that- kelly say this? it's what he say. let's believe him."(grant) believe him."(grant) kelly spoke out earlier this week in an explosive cbs interview, denying ever doing anything illegal with women - both of age and under age. he has not responded to claims of the suicide pact. (pam) still ahead... lost for more than 100 days... how a cat was able to survive the camp fire... now the reunion with his owners. (grant) and after the break... a bus driver turned hero... after one of her students started choking.
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how the driver was able to save the second grader. (sports) just ahead in sports....the warriors put on a show tonight at oracle and pounce on the 2nd place team out west. .highlights coming up.
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(grant) a student started choking whole he was heading home on the school bus... but lucky for him the bus driver jumped into action. video from the bus ride home shows the dramatic moment when bus driver carolun goering (geh- ring) rushed to the resuce. 2nd grader allen lovegreen
10:46 pm
was choking.. and his 5th grade brother noticed something was wrong. allen's brother yelled for help. the bus driver says she's had first aid training but never did she think she would have to use it. it took several tries before the object popped out.. and allen was okay. (grant) it's not required for the district's bus drivers to have first aid training but now they say they'll look into ways to make sure every driver is trained just like goering was. (pam) an elementary school principal in beaumount, texas, is taking a creative approach to try to get more students interested in reading. once a week, belinda george puts on some
10:47 pm
cute p-j's ... and reads bedtime stories over a social media livestream. she calls it "tucked in tuesdays' -- and students get reading points for tuning in. principal george started the bedtime readings in december, in a bid to raise the school's low reading scores. it is george's first school year as principal. (grant) an (grant) an incredible discovery made in the devastation caused by the camp fire. a cat who lost his home more than three months ago was found safe and sound ago was found three months ago was found safe and sound last week. (pam) now he is set to reunite with his family in missouri. angela greenwood has the story. his home was destroyed in the camp fire--woman:"this is dexter."102 days later, dexter
10:48 pm
the cat rose from the ashes, alive, healthy and happy.woman: "there's no singed hair, there's no burned hair."his owners stunned he survived. paul ritchie:"i myself had horrible thoughts about him burning up in the fire."paul and sandra ritchie spoke with us over the phone from missouri-- where they moved after their home burned down in paradise.paul ritchie:"we had like five minutes to get out of the house."they found three of their cats-- but couldn't find dexter in time....then last week.woman: "big level of excitement. lots of fears."he was found in the fire zone by rescuers from the field haven feline center and he was microchipped.woman:"his dad answered the phone and i said we have dexter here."paul ritchie:"and i said what? i don't know, it was pretty emotional."dexter will board a flight to missouri friday to be reunited with his family. "it's gonna be unbelievable. i just stand there to hug him." already living through hell cat now living out a feline
10:49 pm
fairytale. (grant) that was angela greenwood reporting. dexter flew out of california this morning and landed safely in st. louis, missouri -- where he reunited with his family. the last time the warriors played denver, the nuggets were in first place out west... and golden state dropped 50-points in the first quarter on the way to a blowout. tonight-- denver was just a game back for the top spot... and once again, the champs sent them
10:50 pm
another message. --we head to oracle-- pregame, steph curry taking photos with his special guest riley morrison... who helped jump start under armour's line of girls shoes. --klay thompson back in the lineup after missing the last two games. --didn't take long to make an impact... three-ball is money... warriors raced to a 19-point lead out of the gates. --but the nuggets managed to punch back.. 2nd quarter- -warriors only up 2.. malik beasley...connects from downtown... and denver takes the lead... --in the closing minutes of the first half, golden state went ballistic... converted 11-straight field goals... thompson with 6-treys... 27-points going into the break... and the warriors led by 17. --out of the half, they allowed no room for a denver comeback. kevin durant...crosscourt...and goes right to the rack.. 26-points for kd. --then later on, curry... from just beyond halfcourt....bri lliant. and you know that's getting a shimmy... warriors 18-of-35 from beyond the arc.... and thompson
10:51 pm
led all scorers with 39-points. --warriors with no problems...122-105... up next, the suns on sunday. --now to the college game-- the quarterfinals of the pac-12 all bay area affair. ---tara vanderveer and the stanford cardinal hosting lindsay gottlieb and the cal golden bears.. ---4th quarter-- stanford leading by 5... cal's kristine anigwe...lays it off the glass...14 points and 14-boards for the conference defensive player of the year. ---- the cardinal...were just overwhelming kianna williams....nothing but net.... led the squad with 23-points. ---stanford takes out cal...72-54...and advances to the semi-finals to face the winner of oregon st and washington -elsewhere in the bracket-- miramonte alum sabrina ionescu is leading her oregon ducks against arizona in the quarters. --another outstanding night from the reigning pac-12 player of the year... 18-points... 13-dimes... and 8- rebounds.. --and the ducks are flying to the semis... it's also tourney time in the prep ranks... the girls from oakland high suiting up today in the division 3 california state
10:52 pm
title game... --wildcats facing mcfarland... and what a showing from oakland... rolling their way to a 51-35 victory.. --they bring home the first state championship in school history... unfortunately, bishop o'dowd fell in their state final. and for all your hoops needs, we've got you set up. jason dumas and kate rooney...leading the charge for the kron4- hoop session. it's our weekly show dedicated to the warriors.... and the top basketball stories throughout the bay area. join us saturday night at 11, just after the 10-o-clock news. the kron4 hoop session, right here on kron4. finally tonight, we are just a few weeks away from opening day... and the a's are already showing what kind of damage they can do at the plate. --we head to mesa, oakland facing the padres. marco estrada got the starting nod... not the best of days, spotted san diego 3-runs. --but it's a good thing the a's can hit.. bottom 7th, a's down 5-zip... josh phegley...going opposite... 2-runs on the board. --the a's kept chipping away... bottom 8th, a's down by a run... greg deichmann...launches a no-
10:53 pm
doubter... sends one all the way to the tour bus in right. --a's take the lead and go on to win 6-5. giants shutdown the indians, 2- nothing. (weather) coming up i'll have the seven day forecast.
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karnow: we had a few
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showers and a little sunshine today with cool highs in the 50s. we continue to see a few showers on doppler radar and more snow in the sierra. on the satellite you can see another storm coming our way. more heavy rain is headed our way tomorrow morning. clouds will increase tonight with showers developing by early morning. (pam) stay tuned kron -on continues next at 11. continues next kron -on stay tuned (pam) early morning. developing by showers tonight with increase clouds will morning. way tomorrow headed our way
10:57 pm
tomorrow morning. clouds will increase tonight with developing by early morning. (pam) stay tuned kron -on stay tuned stay tuned kron -on continues next at 11. catherine heenan has the latest bay area news.
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