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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 9, 2019 1:30am-2:01am PST

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♪ tonight -- >> i came very, very close to leaving the earth. >> whoopi's shocking health confession. >> i had pneumonia and i was septic. >> the real story behind her month-long absence from "the view." >> then, no one knew luke perry like the arquettes. >> he has lived in our house. >> a rare exclusive with both sisters, patricia and rosanna. how they're supporting luke's children. >> luke would want that. gayle king reveals new onset drama from her sitdown with the singer. >> i just thought, okay. all right. plus -- ♪ >> hey, "e.t.." >> new kids on the block sti
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still "hangin' tough," but do they have a secret leak with another boy band? >> there is a question i wanted to ask. >> lance, you naughty boy. >> this is "entertainment tonight." hi, everybody, and welcome. thanks so much for joining us on this international women's day. happy women's day. >> right back at you, my friend. the ladies of "e.t." are handling all the news tonight so let's get started. here is our top story. it's whoopi goldberg's frightening health scare. >> i came very, very close to leaving the earth. good news. i didn't. >> that shocking revelation from whoopi this morning on "the view." >> i had pneumonia, and i was septic. pneumonia in both lungs which meant there was fluid and all kinds of stuff going on. >> joy behar had been downplaying her absence. >> he's under the weather a little bit i think, yeah. >> two weeks ago, she put rumors to rest that she was out because she was prepping as oscars host.
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>> she's not even well enough to host the show right now, much less host the oscars. >> i am up and moving around, not as fast as i would like to be. >> now comes this revelation. double knew moeia and acceptance us that is dangerous the older you are. whoopi is 63. >> that is very serious. when we specifically look at people who are older, we know that they have a weakened immune system. >> whoopi has had serious health issues issues in the past. a herniated disk put her in the hospital in 2015. >> it's better than anything. >> lady,s i cannot wait to see y'all. this has been interesting. >> support has been pouring in from all over. >> thank you for all of your good wishes. >> but whoopi still hasn't said when she'll return to work. >> to everyone. [ cheers and applause ] now as we mentioned earlier, today is international women's day, and only i sat down with patricia and rosanna arquette who were honored for their
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powerful voices, but also in their hearts, the loss of their dear friend, luke perry. >> he was like a real quintessential kind of cowboy. all-american. >> yeah. >> 30 years, i never heard him say one bad word about anyone. >> he lived in our house. my mother loved him so much, and one of the memories i had was him bringing his daughter, sophie when mom was dying to the bed and she was, like, oh. and it was this beautiful newborn baby, and he was quite a beautiful human being. >> luke loved without boundaries and that's especially true with his friendship with alexis arquette and his friendship from 2015. >> when you love someone, i love them. bottom line. i love lex, and lex loves me. >> when he started having success with "90210," there were stories that luke perry's gay. he is having a relationship with alexis arquette, and luke never said it wasn't true. he said, well, to deny that
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would be saying there would be something wrong with this, and there is nothing wrong with that. so luke was way ahead of his time. beautiful, beautiful, incredible person. >> the entire arquette family was there last night as patricia and rosanna were honored by visionary women, an organization about empowerment. >> it's a subconscious way we dim our light and apologize so much. we say i'm sorry. >> visionary women raise money and give it to incredible charities that help women and girls. >> another way of paying it forward, the arquettes plan to pay tribute to luke by bringing his song and david together. >> i just promised someone i would go see david if he wrestled with jack perry. >> luke's son is a wrestler and him and david may have a bout and i promised that would go. >> luke would want that. >> yeah. >> also thinking about luke last night was cole sprous. he plays jug head on a"riverdal"
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and i joined him on the set of -- at the premiere of his new movie. >> do you have anything to say? >> he was a good man and he will be missed. >> his co-star k.j. apa posted, rest and love, bro. the tv family is all in mourning. these shots of her mom quote, rock, she is the rock for everybody grieving in this family right now. other "riverdale" cast mates lug lili reinhart paid tribute to luke in his honor. >> it's hard to go on past something like this, but he loved everyone and everybody adores him, so we have to do it for him. >> it's just life. it will be over before you know it. >> the movie, "five feet apart," struggles with serious subjects.
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he must avoid close contact or face life-threatening complicatio complications. it's being called the next "fault in our stars." not bad since it had a first-time film director. >> how was it to wear so many hats this year? actor, director, daddy. >> i know, you're going to make me start crying. it's been hard. i'm building a legacy and i hope that -- i hope that my children can also look at this one day and not be resentful of the fact that daddy wasn't around and say, well, daddy helped make a small difference in the world. >> "five feet apart" hits theaters one week from today. olivia newton-john opens up about breast cancer. >> they were telling me i was dying and i said, i don't feel like it. i feel pretty good. the rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. >> the icon appeared slimmer on "the today show" this morning. this is her third cancer battle and she has a lot to say about it. we're going to get much more
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into her health struggles on mopd wh monday when she joins us on the "e.t." stage. now to "jeopardy" host alex trebek. he began chemotherapy yesterday. >> i plan to beat the low survival rates for this disease. >> today we have this update from the show, quote, the outpouring of good wishes and support in response to alex's recent health news has been humbling and overwhelming. please know your messages are being conveyed to him and are appreciated. sad news tonight. actor jan michael vincent has died at age 73. the '70s heartthrob was amongst one of the highest paid actors in the world with movies like "big wednesday," and "world's greatest athlete." he was best known for the tv series, "air wowolf." >> a lot of times when people have success and they aren't ready for it, it might be less
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than a blessing. >> he hit rock bottom in the '90s battling drug and alcohol addicti addiction. he was arrested several times and almost died in a 1976 car crash, but in 2007, it was clear all his hardships had taken a toll on krvincent. >> your life must be real special. do not destroy it by doing anything like that. now to r. kelly. as of this afternoon, the embattled r&b singer remained in jail because of back child support. he was taken into custody wednesday, the same day the first part of his explosive interview with gayle king aired. >> y'all trying to kill me. >> gayle asked r. kelly about this surprising trip to mcdonald's. it was last month after he posted bail on sexual abuse charges. >> what do you say to your fans? >> i think considering the seriousness of the charge, i just wouldn't think you would go and hang at mcdonald's. is it just me? >> my favorite restaurant, okay, is mcdonald's because i love my
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mom and i have the memories of me and my mom when we would go to mcdonald's and we could only afford the danishs a coffee, okay? >> gayle king. >> she hosted with stephen colbert who asked about this. >> thanks to her for totally redeeming herself after the smollett fiasco. >> that was not gayle king. >> i knew that. >> robin roberts. >> i just thought, okay. all right. it's okay. >> gayle said she personally e-mailed the the host who made the correction. >> i said, hi. just wanted to thank you for letting him know that we're two different people and could you let the rest of your colleagues know that not all black people look alike? could you share that? >> tonight, the rest of the interviews airs. gayle told us she was a little taken aback when she walked into r. kelly's home. >> we went inside his apartment where you can see he has a
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christmas tree that stays up all year long. it was also very hot. what is the temperature in here? 90 degrees? it was very hot and he says he does that for his voice and he was planning to sing later. coming up -- meghan markle celebrates international women's day by talking about her baby bump for the first time. then, imagine buying your dream home. >> i won $5 million by accident. >> we're with hgtv and making this lotto winner's dream come true. and the jo bro carpool karao karaoke. >> do any of your brothers' wives get on your nerves? >> no. >> that's
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♪ meghan markle kept hold of her baby bump as she celebrated international women's day leading a panel discussion in london. the duchess is due next month. >> i saw this documentary on netflix about feminism and one of the things they said during pregnancy was i feel the emonic kicking of feminism. whatever it is, we hope that's the case. >> what would you buy if you won the lottery? well, probably a new house. with all that money, which one would you buy? only our brooke anderson joined a lucky lotto winner. >> how big a winning has someone had that you have worked with a client? >> so my very first episode was a gentleman in california who won $180 million.
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ugh. i was, like, yay. >> but six seasons in, "my lottery dream home host" david bromstad knows that's not the norm. the average collected is about 1 million bucks. >> most come from humble beginnings living paycheck. a lot of times it's like i would love my own bedroom, and i would like a yard. they are not big asks, but they are for them and that's what makes this so special. >> the auto finance manager and his daughter-in-law are david's clients tonight. >> i won $5 million. by accident. >> what was your life like before you won the lottery? >> stressed. >> he has been so generous with it too. >> and only "e.t." was there as they toured one of the three bea beachfront options in north carolina. this house for $585,000. >> wow, david. this is so open. >> we were looking for
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waterfront. this has that. close access to the beach. it has that. >> and he may be buying a beach house, but he still plays the lottery every week. something david never does, but if the host did win big -- >> i would do a series of me buying several houses around the world and then i would retire. still ahead -- the new kids on the block, paying respect to boy bands. >> we have good relationships with so many of them. >> why were the jonas brothers left out? and speaking of the jo bros -- >> are you a better singer than your brothers? >> james corden hooks them up to a lie detector test. plus, hope you're listening, j-lo. derek has plans for you and he's telling "e.t.." >> i love making you feel awkward and weird. closed captioning provided by --
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video on a loop over and over. new kids on the block premiered their new video "boys in the band," and it immediately started trending on youtube. that's something we asked the guys about today. ♪ >> "the boys in the band" video and song have gotten so much love across really every realm of music. in celebrating our 30 years, we wanted to celebrate who we are and what we are. we own that. we're a boy band and we're good with that. ♪ >> hey, "e.t.." we're the new kids on the block on the set of our new video, "boys in the band." we're giving you exclusive behind-the-scenes action. >> hey. >> "e.t." was the first to show you the making of the video. ♪ >> their nods to boy bands from the backstreet boys to nsync. lance bas plays a teacher in the video and he had a surprise for the guys. >> all right, new kids on the block. there is a question i have been wanting to ask since 1991.
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boxers or briefs? >> boxers or briefs? >> lance, you naughty, naughty boy. >> first of all, lance, you were incredible in this video. >> morning, class. >> he set the tone of the whole video and he was class and a pro and we were so happy to have him. but that question sucks. >> but we have to answer it, right? >> it's both, right? >> boxers and briefs. >> the new kids launch their mixtape tour starting in cincinnati, and "hangin' tough" is in stores now. donnie and jenny mccarthy wrapped up a successful first season of "the masked singer," and on stage was her husband. >> she was, like, where are you right now? she started wondering if it was me, so i stopped dancing and she realized it wasn't me, but we had a lot of fun playing around with it. >> well, it turned out to be nsyncer joey fatone.
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the jonas brothers are not featured. is there beef? >> we're going to do "boys in the band" part two. >> no. >> we like the jonas brothers. >> they're welcome to the party. >> in the meantime, the joboroughs are plenty business s with their comeback in a carpool car yee key ride we have never seen before. >> i'm going to wire them up. >> james corden hooked them up to a lie detector test exposing one jonas family secret after another. here's what we learned. >> which brother gets on your nerves the most? >> kevin. >> true. >> and nick's new bride, priyan priyanka chopra might want to cover her ears. >> was there a point during your many weddings that you thought, i'm done with these weddings? >> yeah. >> true. > >> it was when i looked at the bill. >> are you a better singer than your brothers? >> no. >> that's a lie.
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>> do any of your brothers' wives get on your nerves? >> no. >> that's a lie. >> and remember when the trio wore purity rings vowing to wait for the right lady? >> who took their ring off first? [ laughter ] >> kevin. >> no way. you dirty dog. did you really? well, "the good fight," led by christine baranski returns to all access. you have plenty of time to catch up. here's where it's so "e.t." bingeworthy. >> i love it. i love, love, love this show. i'm going on my tenth year of playing the same character. is that amazing? >> "the good fight" spinoff has dia
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diane lockhart practicing law in chicago. she's no nonsense, andst the all about fierce females calling the shots. i think we should fix this. >> there is a lot of diane lockharts out there who are poised and educated and powerful women and it's our moment in the culture. >> the women could be as bold and kind of hard cased at work as they were funny or sexy or attractive. >> another reason to binge? the show isn't afraid to tackle real life scandals and topics. >> they went headlong into it in season two. >> season three starts next week and that gives you 120 hours to catch up on 23 episodes. our favorite reason to watch? >> i love the fashion. >> the fashion is to die for. they call up asking for their clothes to be featured on the show. >> it's always exciting to walk into the changing room in the
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morning and be, like, that's what i'm wearing. >> the women who love diane and her brooches and her clothes don't worry. >> ain't nothing wrong with a good deal. >> well, "the good fight" season three premieres on cbs all access march 14th. coming up -- >> our exclusive inside derek hough's tour rehearsal and why j-lo could join him on stage.
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well, we have run out of time for tonight, but we have one more thing for you to check out before we go. >> have a great weekend, everybody. >> bye-bye. >> bye. >> derek hough is launching his first solo dance tour without sister julianne. she's joining "america's got talent." >> how do you think julianne will do with simon cowell? >> she'll be great. >> she can handle her own out there? >> she's a beast. she is a strong woman. let's just say that. >> derek expects to see another strong woman on his tour, fellow "world of dance" judge, j-lo. >> would you pull her up on stage? >> i mean, i would definitely make her feel uncomfortable for sure because i love doing that. i love making her feel awkward and weird. >> the show will include an homage to derek's idol, gene kelly, recreating this scene from "singin' in the rain." kelly's widow says gene would
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