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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 10, 2019 8:00pm-8:58pm PDT

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the son of oakland city councilwoman lynette gibson- mcelhaney was shot and killed in los angeles this early this morning. her 21-year-old son was a student at the university of southern california. good evening and thanks for joining us. i am justine waldman. jr stone is off tonight. los angeles police tell kron 4 news he was killed in an attempted robbery near the campus. kron 4's gayle ong with details. gayle?)room sad news out of los angeles.. the 21 -year-old son of oakland city councilwoman lynette gibson-mcelhaney died m district 3 council member released this photo with her
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son victor mcelhaney celebrating his 21st birthday.. in a statement,sharing the tragic news he was slain in a seneseless act of violence. according to the university of southern california,victor mcelhaney - a student of thorntons school's jazz studies programwas the victim of an attempted robbery less than a mile east of the main u-s-c campus.the university reports l-a-p-d recieved the call just before 12:30 this morning..police say three to four male suspects approached mcelhaney and one shot him.. the group then fled in a vehcile..the school reports mcelhaney was in critical condition when the fire department arrived to the scene..he was taken to the hospital where he later died.. mcelhaney was 21-years-old,he transferred to u-s-c in 20-17 from cal state east bay to pursue jazz studies according u-s-c.. (gayle)libby shaaf tweeted out a response just moments ago saying our hearts grieve w @lynettegm. victor's tragic is an unspeakable loss. lynette's leadership and passionate focus on violence prevention has healed wounds in our city and created new
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pathways for families all across #oakland. we send warmth + love. (justine) (justine) tense moments caught on camera at oakland international airport. the alameda county sheriff's office arrests a man who they say wanted to kill deputies with a knife. kron4's dan thorn is live at the airport tonight. he joins us with more on what happened..dan? (dan)the alameda county sheriff's office says this all happened around 8:45 this morning. a man armed with a knife apparently telling deputies he was intent on killing one of them. the intense moments were all caught on camera. video from oakland international airport shows a man armed with a knife being confronted by a deputy with her gun drawn. the alameda county sheriff's office says
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he wanted to kill a deputy.. earlier video shows the unidentified man lurking around patrol cruisers sunday morning. he was peeking into the windows but the vehicles were empty because deputies were patrolling on foot..the man was carrying this golden eight inch blade...he was soon confronted by deputies and dropped his knife..he then decided not to cooperate and picked it back officer approached the suspect while pointing her pistol at him.. sot: very tense moments there as she had her firearm withdrawn worried that he was going to come forward with an attack. for a period of time there she was alone, she was by herself and she was trying to keep the man calm..and heads back toward the cruisers..the tense 3 and half minute ordeal ended with other deputies arresting the man without anymore trouble..sgt. ray kelly with the sheriff's office says the man's goal was suicide by cop..sot: it takes a lot of courage like this deputy showed she showed her
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courage today because she stood up there and was not afraid to to confront this man but tried to save his life as well really proud of her and the work that she did. (dan)the man is now facing several charges tonight including criminal threats. the sheriff's office says they're happy deputies were able to descalate the situation without any problems. reporting at oakland international airport dan thorn kron4 news. (justine) a plane crash in ethiopia is having a world-wide impact -- passengers from more than 30 different countries were on board -- including 8 americans and 18 canadians. as the world mourns the lives lost -- investigators are trying to determine what caused the crash. david daniel has the latest. tewolde gebremariam/ceo ethiopian airlines: "today is a very sad and tragic day for all of us."an ethiopian airlines flight crashed shortly after takeoff on sunday --killing all 157 people on leaders
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reacted as the death toll reached 35 different countries -- withdead. tewolde gebremariam/ceo ethiopian airlines: "we are deeply sorry and we express our deepest sympathies and condolences to the families, friends and relatives." ethiopian airlines flight e-t 302 took off from the capitol city of addis ababa just before 8:40 sunday morning -- bound for nairobi, kenya with 149 passengers and eight crew members on board --it lost contact with air traffic control and went down just six minutes after takeoff.the plane -- a boeing 737 max -- was purchased by the airline in november of 20-18.the c-e-o of airlines said it passed all routine maintenance checks --and that the pilot had an excellent flying record with more than eight-thousand hours of experience.tewolde gebremariam/ceo ethiopian airlines: "it is a brand-new airplane with no technical marks, flow by senior pilots." investigators haven't
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pinpointed what caused the aircraft to go down --but say the pilot reported technical difficulties and had been given clearance to return to the airport.the n-t-s-b is sending a four-member team to the site to assist in the investigation.i'm david daniel reporting. (justine) police in oakland say a security guard was shot 10 times last night. it happened inside a pot cultivating house on the 12-hundred block of 23rd avenue. the shooting happened around 9. the guard was taken to a hospital with major injuries. no word on his condition tonight. police have not arrested any suspects. (justine) also in the east bay, a man is dead following a shooting in antioch. it happened last night just 9... r intersection of west 19th nd tw with gunshot wounds in the middle of the street. a 20-year-old man died at the hospital..while a 25-year-old man, suffered non-life threatening injuries. police have not made any
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arrests. rain made for a wet day. as it was on and off ...all day long this video is from a downpour on highway 24.... right near rockridge. meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez is here now and this could be the last of the rain for a while? . overnight lows will c30s and 40 area. daytime highs the upper 5 to mid 60s on
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conditions return for monday before another weak system moves across the area on tuesday. most locations will see little to no precipitation as the system passes on tuesday. high pressure will build over the west coast for the remainder of the week and into next weekend resulting in a warming and drying trend. opener of the 11th annual sunday streets in san francisco. the event shut down valencia street to all cars and people to get outdoors and experience the
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neighborhood. kron 4's sara stinson hit the pavement on her skateboard to show us what the event is all about. (on cam) the 11th annual sunday streets event kicked off in the mission district. they completely closed valencia street from duboce avenue to 26th street. i brought my skateboard so we can go check it out. (nat)the 11th season of sundays streets didn't disappoint as people of all ages were able to dabble with music, street art, leggos, hulla hoops - you name it.the whole point of the event is to transform an area into aar space for everyone to enjoy.wit and the noise. we love is street usually now its double the fun.">sunday streets
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started as a mayorial initiative by our current governor gavin newsom back in 2008. the event coordinator says it's been a hit ever since working with the city, county and non-profit liveable city. i skated - others walked, rode bikes and scooters and some even brought out their dogs too to check out the different booths, vendors and activities.(on cam) "hi, baby." what one couple who lost everything in the camp fire... credits for being reunited with their cat e months later. (justine) flooding in the
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north bay has left a devestating mess. we take a look at how the community is finally starting to clean up. (justine) first there were protest.. now comes the healing. a prayer rally in sacramento wants to peacefully get their voices heard.
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(justine) this past week people in sacramento were dealin tension and protests following the decision to not charge the officers involved in the fatal shooting of stephon clark. now this weekend the community is trying thebridgette bjorlo t people gathered for a prayer rally to let their voices be heard.
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dozens of people gathered on the west steps of california's state capitol to join together in prayer...carmen losenicky/ choir director:"the climate of our community right now is very high tension and a lot of disappointment and anxiety over things that have happened." week after sacramento district attorney anne marie schubert announced she will not be charging the police officers who killed stephon clark.the d-a's office and the state's attorney general - xavier becerra - both determined there was a lack of evidence to file criminal charges... both laying out their cases that the officers believed clark was armed - and that they feared for their lives when they shot the 22 year old. carmen losenicky/ choir director:"we definitely pray for the clark family and pray they'll be healed and whole. and laws can be passed so that moving forward these types of situations don't have to happen ever again."natsthe
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prayer rally follows a tense week of protests with demonstrators making their voices heard and demanding justice for stephon clark. darien slushes/ demonstrator: "as a young person myself, i understand the frustration and the confusion, but we want to make a difference in a peaceful and loving way."nats but the message today is love and unity.for the community to stand strong together during a time of uncertainty and unrest darien slushes/ demonstrator: "the general purpose of this is to just show the unity in sacramento, of the leaders and the people, to show that we can all come together to bring peace and pray for our city to unite."people in this crowd say if the community rallies together, positive change can be had...christopher ash/ demonstrator:"we need people to come together and say things are wrong and need to be changed, and we need people to come together and uphold what is right."...and through peace and support for one
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her and so we're standing here just to heal this community." (justine) since the d-a and attorney general have both decided not to file criminal charges... many are now calling on the sacramento police department to dismiss the two officers involved. (justine) take a look at this hail that covered the bakyard of an east bay home our viewer teri tanner sent us this picture from pleasant hill where temperatures are expected to drop to the upper 30s again tonight we are now joined by meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez with this chilly forecast. .
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overnight lows will cool into the 30s and 40s for the bay area. daytime highs will warm up into the upper 50s to low to mid 60s on monday. dry conditions return for monday before another weak system moves across the area on tuesday. most locations will see little to no precipitation as the system passes on tuesday. high pressure will build over the west coast for the remainder of the week and into next weekend resulting in a warming and drying trend.
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(justine) and signs of progress in flood damaged areas in the north bay. badger park in healdsburg along the russian river is open again. the park's community garden is the only area that remains closed. three other parks in the area --- railroad park, fitch mountain park and open space preserve remain closed as the cleanup efforts continue. (justine) in sonoma county a temporary post office has been set up in guerneville. residents with p-o boxes can pick up their mail this week from a trailer set up next to the flooded guerneville post office. previously they had to go to occidental to get their mail. the trailer will open on tuesday from nine saturday from nine to noon. the guerneville post office is not expected to reopen before april first. (justine) curbside clean up starts this week for
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russian river flood victims. the drop off center closed. and now the waste will be collected on the curb starting this monday until friday. and next week as well. sonoma county employees ask that you separate debris into three categories. appliances with metals. then household hazardous waste. and other debris. also remember to remove refridgerator doors so animals do not get trapped inside, put a tarp over the piles and drive slowly around workers. san francisco's streets took a beating in the recent string of storms. public works' pothole-repair crews have been working throughout the weekend to patch the city's streets for a safer and smoother ride. they focused on 19th avenue, park presidio boulevard and lombard street. public works fills about 350 potholes during a typical dry month; the number balloons when it rains. this past february, for example, crews filled nearly 18-hundred potholes.
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(justine) its a happy ending for one couple who survived the campfire. a tearful but joyous reunion in st louis friday... ... between a couple who lost their home in butte county wildfire ... and their feline friend. the fire forced sandra and paul ritchie from their home in paradise. and that was the last day they saw their cat, dexter. he spent 103 days scratching meals out of the debris before he was found by the field haven feline rescue center. because dexter had a micro-chip, they were able to find his mom and dad ... and a reunion was set up.< voice of sandra ritchie/dexter's mom: "he's fatter, he's bigger ... than he was him. leslie zaletel/field haven feline rescue center: "we're feeding him a lot. anyone who doesn't have a microchip on their animals is crazy.'> (justine) field haven field haven rescue center says they still have volunteers looking for pets in the area around paradise. they believe there are still hundreds of cats out here, and think it will take a couple of
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years to get them all. (justine) it is and all out political war between governor gavin newsom and president donald trump. the reason newsom says hes not backing down without a fight. this could be good news if you live near s-f-o. the new technology being developed to quiet the skies around the airport.. [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, you! the one with the designer dog collar. wondering how i upgraded to this sweet pad? a 1,200-square-foot bathroom, and my very own spa. all i had to do was give my human "the look". with wells fargo's 3% down payment on a fixed-rate loan and a simpler online application, getting into my dream home was easier than ever. get your human to visit what would she do without me? (jsutine) the loud sound
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of airplanes may soon be a thing of the past for people living near s-f-o... new technology is being tested
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right now .. and it could all but silence the commercial aircraft. kron4's haaziq madyun has the story. nats/haaziqwhat's that sound overhead?sotthat is the sound of another airplane flying over this foster city neighborhood heading to sfo. that noise is part of the foster city lifestyle that may soon be coming to an end thanks to a ground based augmentation system or gbas being tested at sfosotsfo spokesperson doug yakel explains how it workssot and he says there are a couple of real benefits for the airport and those who live along the arrival flight path sot
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also a noise benefit because this new system could allow us to fly higher over communities before coming in to land and it could also allow our aircrafts to fly over san francisco bay, keeping them further away from communities"> sotfoster city residents paige mcdonald and ric turek describe what is has been like living in the path of sfo's runway for the past 12-yearssotsot what will life be like without that sound sotsay there on board. if all goes well sfo haaziq madyun kron4news (justine) it's the
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breakfast beer we did not know we needed. you will not believe how much this lucky charms inspired brew is selling for online. (justine) the national security advisor is saying isis is still a serious threat. the areas where the group is still growing. (justine) governor newsom is taking on the president. the reason he says he will not back down... even though he blames trump for withholding necessary state funds. for 50 years, cracker barrel
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has been making folks feel right at home, with meals like homestyle country fried steak,
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grandma's sampler, and our signature chicken n' dumplins. so, come on home to what you love. come on home to cracker barrel. 2 good to let go. so, come on home to what you love. get 2 for $2 egg and cheese wraps, 2 for $4 bagels with cream cheese spread, and 2 for $5 bacon, egg, and cheese croissants with dunkin' go2s. america runs on dunkin'. there's a new war of wards brewing on the political
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landscape. one one side, president trump. on the other side -- the governor of the largest and most influential state in the u-s. california is home to more americans than any other state. our economy is larger than most of the world's nations. and our democratic governor -- is dead set at not being pushed around by president trump -- especially when it comes to immigration. gary tuchman reports. gov. gavin newsom / (d) california: "the federal government cannot get its act together on comprehensive immigration reform."california governor gavin newsom has only been in office a couple of months - and he's angry. ((nats))he's not wasting any time taking on what he sees pre issue.((nats))newsom: "i've got four kids. so these things hiya in a deeper so he's taken the controversial
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step of using california taxpayers money..((nats))25 million dollars((nats))for services to asylum seekers. services that include this brand new san diego shelter for migrants who are beginning asylum proceedings.newsom: "the federal government should be doing this. it's the federal government's responsibility. immigration. these are people who came in legally. i just people who came process legally. seeking asylum. legally."natsot: "what's your name? vita! vita? that's a pretty name. nice to meet you."the state funding of this shelter follows some serious gubernatorial fuming. this from newsom's twitter feed.gary: "you said, 'instead of fighting the actual threats facing americans, the president has chosen to undermine our constitution and fan the flames of nativism and
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xenophobia. this is not a national emergency; it's a national disgrace."newsom: "it is! it is! a national disgrace! it is not a national emergency!"gary: "do you think the president is xenophobic?" newsom: "i think a lot of the actions over the last few years are by definition are textbook nativist. textbook xenophobic. textbook racist in many respects."gary: "are you at war with the trump administration?"newsom: "not just the trump administration, but broadly trumpism. on the streets and sidewalks, there is something going on. there's a lot of toxicity in our body politic right now. and it's being flamed for purely partisan political purposes." gary: "you've made the decision to pull the california national guard from the border to end their border duty. there are some say you shouldn't be doing it, the president thinks it's necessary; there's a national emergency; you're not being patriotic."newsom: "i can't even keep a straight face. this whole thing, it's just comedic."gary: "you think it's funny?"newsom: "i think it's tragic. i don't think it's funny. the comedy is the tragedy. that is the comedy. it's political theater. every single person knows it. they all know it. everybody knows it."gary: "they would deny that."newsom: "of course they deny it. but they all laugh in private. they all know
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better. this is pure political theater."gary: "who is they - you think the president?" newsom: "this is all schtick." gary: "are you concerned if you anger donald trump, that when there is a disaster here, like a mudslide or wildfires that he will be thrifty on the emergency funding?"newsom: "so the alternative is what? just to roll over, be complicit?" ((nats)governor newsom says the united states needs border security and he would not tear down california's current border barriers but he believes the president's future priorities and emergency declaration are naive and wasteful.((nats)) ...and says he won't be shy about using the bully pulpit offered as the governor of the most populous state in america. newsom: "i don't want to spar with the president of the united states. i want to work backs of the people of this ext ourselves we will do it vigorously and we will do it from a position of strength."
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there will likely be more battles to come between the governor and the president. gary tuchman, cnn, san diego. (justine) president trump will reportedly ask for eight-point-six billion dollars in new border-wall funding on monday. that's according to a white house official who says the white house will reportedly ask for 5 billion dollars from customs and border protection, and three-point-six billion in military construction funds from the pentagon. trump says the wall is needed to stop an "invasion" of illegal immigrants. in a joint statement, house speaker nancy pelosi and senate minority leader charles schumer said president trump will not get the reported 8-point-six billion dollars he will be requesting for a wall. the statement also said, quote, "at a time when our country faces challenges about jobs for the future, this money would better be spentn on education and workforce development."
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(justine) president trump's top national trump said that u-s backed forces have retaken "100%" of the territory once claimed by isis in syria. but national security adviser john bolton says trump says that isis fighters are still scattered around syria and iraq. bolton added isis is growing in other parts of the world. bolton said the reason there's still a small u-s presence in syria is to be able to deal with a possible resurgence. general joseph votel, the top u-s general overseeing military operations in the middle east, said last week that the fight against isis is quote "far from over." (justine) a jaguar attacked a woman trying to take selfie at a zoo in arizona saturday. and she came back to the zoo today, to apologize. a warning now, the video we are about to show you is a bit graphic. here you see her on the ground - in obvious pain.
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take a picture of the jaguar animal reached out and swatted her arm. the jaguar let go after a witness distracted it with a water bottle.with a water bottle. the woman needed medical attention but is expected to be okay. the zoo director says this is not the first time the female jaguar has hurt a park visitor. reporter: "has this jaguar ever hurt anyone?"mickey ollson: "she had scratched a person once before when they crossed the barrier."(justine) zoo officials say the jaguar never got out of her enclosure and won't be put down. (justine) a new propsition in san jose could give the homeless a place to live. the plans that will make this possible. ♪ [baby crib musical mobile]
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millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family. visit (justine) it's not unusual
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to find r-vs parked on the side of the road in san jose - the city thinks it's getting out of hand and wants so do something about it. there's a proposed dinance parking areas -- at churches and service organizations -- where people can park and sleep overnight. but that is not all -- these businesses will also provide people who are homeless with restrooms, water and trash disposal. kron4's michelle kingston has the details. (mk)ragan henninger, san jose housing department"the goal is to take vulnerable people who are in need ... whether it's a family sleeping in their vehicle or an adult in an rv to bring them into a safe place."san jose is working on a safe parking ordinance -- hoping city council will soon
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vote to approve this plan to allow people to park their cars and rvs in parking lots across the city.ragan henninger, san jose housing department"i think right now if you are living in your rv or vehicle, it is very challenging from being able to find a safe place to leave your vehicle over night to just trying to get your basic needs."the city says businesses will take on the expense -- provide bathrooms, security, water and trash disposal -- and give the people do is register with the city. the idea -- of course -- is to take the rvs off residential streets -- and into designated areas -- and to provide services to the thousands of homeless in need in the city. ragan henninger, san jose housing department"if you have an interest and a desire to help our community, we don't want to make it harder for you to help people in need." michelle kingston, mkingstonnewssome churches in
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san jose already provide shelter to the homeless...and the city is also operating a safe parking area here at the seven trees community center. they say they expect the ordinance to pass within the coming san jose, michelle kingston, kron 4 news. (justine) food trucks are popular - especially in san francisco.... we'll show you what it takes to be part of the roaming mobile food extravaganza-- vicki takes us "off the grid" -- in tonight's dine and dish...
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(justine) food trucks are a common sight these days. tonight on dine and dish - vicki liviakis takes us behind the scenes as food trucks fight to make it to the top. the sign reads 'check us out we're fresh.' a giant chicken in the sky beckons you to try hot rotisserie chicken from a food truck. "this is coconut chicken." or this tasty dish from the and st. have to fight for your attention and your dining dollars... ask the chairman. you could say it's dog eat dog out there in food truck land. off the grid organizes the bigget food truck events in the bay area. this is the ninth year off the grid celebrates mobile food at fort mason. to get in on the action, creators have to compete for a spot. like these food truck chefs. a brother and sister team. husband and wife team. think top chef - only top food truck chef. off the grid
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tasted everything from filipino street food to poke rice plates, to dumplings like grandma used to make. sadly only one actually got the slot - it's momo noodle. there are a total of 30 food trucks at fort mason - and if you miss it, there's always a street corner somewhere to tickle your food truck fancy. in san francisco, vicki liviakis, kron 4 news. (justine) for a full list of food truck events all around the bay- go to ourwebsite at if you have a restaurant, cafe or bar that you'd like to see featured on 'dine and dish... send an email to dine and dish at kron 4 dot com .... or fill out the submission form on our website. you can also check out our 'dine and dish' facebook page. (justine) a craft brewery in norfolk, virginia recently made headlines with an unusual beer that tasted like
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lucky charms cereal. the i-p-a -- called "saturday morning" -- went on sale last saturday morning -- and sold out almost immediately. margaret kavanagh reports.. it's even sparked a thriving resale market. the prices are high -- four hundred and fifty dollars for four cans of beer.that's one online post.there are other bids and even an empty beer can going for five dollars.the president of smart mouth brewery porter hardy is overwhelmed by the response his popular saturday morning beer that was featured on late night talk shows is getting. porter co "a little part of like terror in there because it was so unexpected but a huge amount of gratitude."he said people were lined up at 7:00 a.m. saturday morning.porter hardy/president, smartmouth
8:47 pm
brewing co.: "so they sold as fast as we could ring people up."macnair jennings/norfolk resident (quick): "i was proud of them, but i was like i don't wanna wait in that line." the crowds were massive and the lines were long on saturday.the president says that people came from several surrounding states.margaret kavanagh/norfolk, va: "today those crowds are gone and the now. but the big question is will he make more."porter hardy/president, smartmouth brewing co.: "i don't know. we were just talking about that this morning. i kept saying let's get through the weekend and see what happened."macnair jennings/norfolk resident (quick): "i'll get some outside make it again, yeah." porter hardy/president, smartmouth brewing co.: "it's definitely not a no but it's not a yes, it's somewhere in there. (laughs)"lucky charms lovers wanted to get their hands on an ipa that's described as ridiculous, made with pounds of marshmallows. the charm of the beer is striking a nerve with those in the community.porter smartmouth brewing co.: "i think part of it is certainly the think people also breweries to be fun. you know we're not big beer, we can - we can do fun."hardy is the support they received.voice of porter hardy/president, brewing co.: "people want to try something interesting from us small guys."the small guys that are of attention.macnair resident (quick): "i'm glad that norfolk's making their name out there." (justine) according to a press release, "saturday morning" got it's unique, "lucky charms"-like flavor
8:48 pm
thanks to pounds of toasted and untoasted marshmallows along with fruity calypso hops. (justine)(justine) take a look at this timelapse video of lake tahoe... the day started out slear and beautiful for the resort town. you can see people walking up and down the shore enjoyign the views. but the snow did start to come down as you can see here. now meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has todays snow totals for us. . will cool into the 30s and 40s highs will warm up into the upper 50s to low to mid 60s on monday. dry conditions return for monday before another weak system moves across the area on tuesday. most locations will see little to no precipitation as the system passes on tuesday. high pressure will build over the west coast for the remainder
8:49 pm
of the week and into next weekend resulting in a warming and drying trend. what is going what is going on in warriors
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land? that's the question on everyone's mind after a roller coaster of a week...the latest for golden state...a loss to phoenix earlier tonight... we'll talk about what went wrong tonight at oracle arena on a new edition of sports night's been an up and down week for the dubs...losing to boston...then getting a big win against denver...but back to taking the l tonight...lots to breakdown, and we've got you covered at 9 p.m. right after news...we'll also got all the details about the newest oakland raider antonio brown...and plenty more from the gridiron and the hardwood. (jsutine) there was no question which movie would top the weekend box office -- only how high it would soar.
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(justine) the first female marvel lead super hero movie took the box office by storm for it's opening weekend. david daniel has your top five. "alita: battle angel" fought its way to a fourth straight weekend in the top five, earning three-point-two million dollars. "the lego movie two: the second part" stayed in fourth place, taking in three-point-eight million dollars. 12-point-one million dollars put "a madea family funeral" in a solid third place."legends tell of ships that sailed too close to it, only to drop off the edge of the world."after two weekends on top, "how to train your
8:55 pm
dragon: the hidden world" settled for second place: 14-point-seven million dollars gave the animated adventure a domestic total of 120-million. (nat-action)"captain marvel" arrived with plenty of power! the first marvel super-hero movie with a solo female lead opened even higher than expected: 153-million dollars, easily the best debut of the year, and the seventh-best opening in marvel history. in hollywood, i'm david daniel. (justine) hollywood's captain in congress. texas republican dan crenshaw-- who lost an eye during combat service in afghanistan -- surprised captain america actor chris evans... by revealing his glass-eye, which is painted with the comic book character's famous shield. evans was on capitol hill this week to meet with lawmakers on several topics, including criminal justice reform. this isn't the first time
8:56 pm
crenshaw has shown off his sense of humor. the former navy seal grabbed national headlines last year with a cameo on "snl" -- roasting pete davidson for making fun of his eye patch.
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even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit (nats - show theme music>
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welcome to sports night live... i'm mark carpenter alongside kate rooney. so much to talk about tonight, antonio brown to the raiders... spring training... pac-12 tourney time... but first, only 7-regular season games left at oracle, so let's soak
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up every moment... warriors busy tonight in oakland...facing the suns... you'd figure this would be an easy night of sorts... as the warriors were at home hosting the team with the second worst record in the nba... the 15-and-52 phoenix suns... tonight at oracle... but it wasn't a good shooting night for sthe splash brothers... it looked good early... kevin durant nauls the 3-pointer in the 1st... 27-11 warriors rolling... durant had 25 points 2nd quarter... suns coming back... devin booker... hits the


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