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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  March 11, 2019 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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♪ when she wakes me >> say thank you pop pop. >> say thank you. >> thank you pop pop. >> thank you, nana. (grant) (grant) tonight at 5... two people are dead after a shooting at a busy shopping mall in the north bay. and tonight we are learning it involved an estranged married couple. good evening i'm grant lodes. (vicki) and i'm vicki liviakis. police say the tragic incident was a murder suicide-- and there is no current threat to the public. it happened this morning in the parking lot of the coddingtown mall in santa rosa. that's right off of highway 101 and guerneville road. (grant) kron 4's dan kerman is live in santa rosa tonight with the latest details. dan? a tragic scene in the parking lot at the coddingtown mall in santa rosa... police say about
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830 in the morning a man walked up to his wife white suv and shot her multiple times, killing her.sot lt. john cregan/santa rosa police :11theyve been estranged for several months the husband was trying to revive the marriage in the last few weeks the wife said she wanted a divorce and it appears this was purely a domestic violence incidentone of the bullets hit the side mirror of this mazda barely missing a woman who was getting into it. sotit was a scary scene for sure there was a nearby occupant getting into her vehicle and a stray round struck her vehicle but no one else was hurt in the parking lotpolice say the husband then got in his car and drove 2 blocks away to the coddingtonto wn mall apartments where he had been staying and killed himselfsotofficers responded to that scene and located a deceased male sitting in the drivers seat of a vehicle with a handgun on his lap the couple had been married 27 years and had 4 children ages 8 to 25. (grant) (grant) now a developing
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story out of vacaville. police say they now know the identity of a woman they've been calling jane doe for nearly 30 years. kron4's maureen kelly explains how new technology has helped them make a break in the case. it was here that this mystery started 28 years ago.back in april of 1991 some contruction crews breaking ground here at the premium outlet mall off nut tree road in vacaville came across the body of a woman.police have been trying to identify her since then...
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she had been dead a few weeks when they found her the only fingerprint they could get from her was unusable until now....let's roll some video of the picture of who police say is cynthia merkley aka cynthia bilardi.police say the department of justice decided to scan that old fingerprint into the fbi database....because the fbi now has new imaging software that could a better read on that print.....and because of that they were able to get a hitpolice say merkley was 38 years old when she died.there was no sign of foul play but the cause of death could not be determined so police have been considering this a suspicious death case.... now they are looking for anyone who can help them figure out how she died.we have a name but now we have to figure out the person behind the name, so we've reached out and found an ex-husband, we've identified what we believe to be six kids, not sure if there's more, but all the family members we spoke to she's a strange from all of them and they couldn't provide any additional leads to what was going on in her life at that time so here we are reaching out to the community, maybe there's another family member out there or a friend out there who knew what was going on with cynthia at the time of her death they know she had been living between santa rosa and santa cruz....she'd been arrested in both those locations....this is an old mug shot from the early 80's. merkley has no connection to vacaville that they know while this case is a little less mysterious since they know now the identity of jane doe....they area still a lot of questions that vacaville pd say need answering.maureen kelly kron4 news
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(vicki) a man armed with a knife. a deputy armed with a handgun. when it was over the suspect was arrested without anyone being injured at the oakland airport. the sheriff's office credits the deputy's de-escalation training. kron4's haaziq madyun has the story.
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sotthat de-escalation training is on full display in this video from sunday morning's incident at the oakland international airport between a man armed with a knife and an 8- year-veteran deputy with the alameda county sheriff's office sotalameda county sheriff's deputy sgt. ray kelly explains how the deputy used words and body language to dial the temperature down in this real life scenariosotinvestigators say this is the image of the knife
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that the suspect, 27-year-old, fabian roca ruiz of oakland allegedly holding in his hand sothowever there was no one was injured when a second deputy comes in from behind ruiz and takes him into custody sot sgt. kelly says although deputies receive de-escalation training and crisis intervention training year round in alameda county sometimes it is not enough. in those situations it helps to be a little luckysotin dublin haaziq madyun kron4news (grant) (grant) an unusual sight
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in the south bay yesterday... a hailstorm hit san jose. on the left you see video from a park off highway 87... where there was so much hail it looks like snow. the video in the middle is the hailstorm near almaden park. and on the left is video from ásouth san jose-- on coyote creek near highway 101. all of this footage was sent to us from kron 4 viewers through our mobile app. (vicki) taking a live look outside-- our camera overlooking san francisco's embarcadero. a much different scene than we've been experiencing- as we saw clear skies and sunshine all day. fair to say it's the first dry day all month so far? (grant) time now to check on our weather... with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: it was a sunny and bright day all the way to the coast. it was a little warmer too with highs in the 50s and 60s. its mostly quiet on the doppler radar but
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we are still seeing some rain in southern california. tonight will be mostly clear and cold. lows will be 30s and 40s. tomorrow will be a little cooler with partly cloudy skies. highs will be in the 50s to low 60s. high pressure will build in on wednesday and temperatures will begin to warm. by next weekend we could see highs in the 70s. (vicki) to the south bay now where yes, it has stopped
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raining but the run-off from that rain is still pouring down out of the mountains. (grant) kron four's rob fladeboe knows a place where all that rain has brought to life a series of waterfalls that demonstrate the kind of winter we've been having. he joins us now live from san jose with the details. rob? (rob is live) here on the valley floor san jose has seen an impressive 14+ inches of rain so far this winter. that's about 101-percent of normal. but up there in the mountains, a few miles south of mt umunhum, uvas canyon, rainfall is at 150-percent of normal. let'stake a look. nats (water falls)you are looking at what happens when what is otherwise a babbling brook in the redwoods comes to life in especially wet winters like this one. the string of waterfalls along uvas creek here in uvas canyon county park west of morgan hill are at their peak and attracting plenty of visitors like lucy vogellucy vogel/visitoryear to
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date rainfall here in uvas canyon is at 56.61 inches so far. that's about150 percent of normal. downstream, uvas reservoir is full. uvas and the other santa clara valley reservoirs are at 101-percent of their seasonal averagessays the district's marty grimes. marty grimes/santa clara vallet water districtin the wettest years, more than 100 inches of rain can fall here in the greater uvas canyon watershed. those are rain forest numbers. the first sunshine in days attracted many visitors.visitorat one ofthe falls, i came upon what looked like a scene from lord of the rings or some other fantasy. it was just free lance photographer beata becla photographing her friend ivona wiczuk against a backdrop that only comes along every so often.sotpatryk becla/photographer's sonin uvas canyon county park near morgan hill rob fladeboe kron4news (vicki) francisco's newest public
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defender was appointed today. hear how manohar raju says he plans to tackle racial injustice and protect his clients. (grant) the raiders are making big moves on and off the field. while we still wait to find out where they will play next season-- the team just added two big players to their roster. we'll have the latest with sports director mark carpenter. (vicki) a woman's selfie attempt gets cut short by a jaguar attack. and the aftermath was caught on camera. why she is now apologizing to the zoo where it happened. [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, you!
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she reached out over a barrier at an arizona zoo ... and found her self caught in the claws of a jaguar.the thirty year old woman had to have stitches ... she has also apologized.and the zoo is reassuring animal lovers that the jaguar will not be euthanized. we know that she crossed the barrier but we're looking into how that was done."the wildlife world zoo says its four=foot wide safety barrier meets all federal guidelines. but it did not prevent the injured woman from reaching over for a selfie with the big catthe 9-1-1 call came in late saturday afternoonwe have this lady she got hurt by a panther ... one of our jaguars i mean.... we need an ambulance to help her because her arm is in pretty bad shape. she's in
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like pain, like really bad pain.bystanders were able to distract the jaguar by tossing a water bottle into its cage. the woman suffered deep gashes but was well enough to return to the zoo the next day to offer an apology and admit she was at fault.the zoo tweeted well wishes to the woman, along with a reminder... "people need to respect the barriers and understand they are put in place for the safety of everyone."reporter: "has this jaguar ever hurt anyone?"mickey ollson: "she had scratched a person once before when they crossed the barrier."nat sound:cell phone video taken by jeff allan about ten months ago at the same jaguar exhibit.:"well that's not good. that's bad. you might need stitches.""i never climbed over a barrier. i never stepped over a barrier. i was behind the barrier and just reached my arm out."allan says he got 8 stitches......and an attorney... hoping the zoo would add more protection between visitors and the animals.the zoo says that possibility is being examined, "we are taking into consideration all aspects of safety pertaining to this exhibit as well as throughout the entire park ." (vicki) (vicki) the jaguar is one of
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6=thousand animals at the world wildlife zoo about 20 miles west of phoenix. according to the website, it is licensed by the u=s=d=a, and accredited by the zoological association of america. (grant) a big story tonight... san francisco mayor london breed introduced the city's new public defender today. the appointment comes after the death of former long time public defender jeff adachi. kron 4's sara stinson has the details. here at the san francisco city hall, mayor london breed has announced she has picked manohar raju as the new public defender. he says his office is still mourning the loss of jeff adachi, but he's excited for this opportunity."i was super excited. we have a wonderful office, it's been inspired and run by jeff adachi for a number of years and i am humbled to lead this office to the next level."raju has been a public defender for
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18 years, 11 of which was spent at the san francisco public defenders office.he currently manages the felony division. mayor london breed says there was a lot of solid candidates, but picked raju as she believes his experience will help him create change in the criminal justice system. "he has been an advocate not only in the courtroom, but also making policy changes, fighting for more african american representation in juries, going to sacramento to push for policy changes to make our courtrooms more equitable. and i know that mano is commited to continue pushing and advocating for these policy changes."raju says as the new public defender he plans to build on the work of adachi and working with his staff to move forward. "we are going to renew and recharge our committment to excellence for our clients. we are going to continue our broader reform efforts, we are going to continue to protect the public from against over reaching government abuses, we are going to continue our struggle for racial injustices in this city and statewide."raju will fill the role of public defender until the election in november in which we will be able to vote if he keeps this role for the next three years. in san francisco, sara stinson, kron four news." news."
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(anchor) taking a live (anchor) (anchor) taking a live look outside-- overlooking downtown san francisco. (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: it was a sunny and bright day all the way to the coast. it was a little warmer too with highs in the 50s and 60s. its mostly quiet on the doppler radar but we are still seeing some rain in southern california. tonight will be mostly clear and cold. lows will be 30s and 40s. tomorrow will be a little cooler with partly cloudy skies. highs will be in the 50s to low 60s. high pressure will build in on wednesday and temperatures will begin to warm. by next weekend we could see highs in the 70s.
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(vicki) still ahead-- a mother is speaking out tonight-- saying her child has been brainwashed by r-kelly. hear the desperate plea hear the 70s.highs in the could see highs in the 70s.
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(vicki) still ahead-- a mother is speaking out tonight-- saying her child has been brainwashed by r-kelly. hear the desperate plea after she says she hasn't seen her daughter in more than two years. (grant) for the second time-- a boeing 737 max 8 jet has crashed. we'll take a look at the investigation-- and tell you why the u-s is still not grounding the fleet-- despite the questions of safety.
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(grant) after a deadly plane crash in ethiopia that killed everyone on board... some countries and international airlines are grounding one new fleet of boeing planes... but for now, they're still flying in the u- s.. (vicki) this is video of one of those boeing 737-max-8 jets landing at s-f- o. kron 4's washington correspondent alexandra limon takes a look at why the planes are still flying here in the u.s.
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eight americans were among the victims of the ethiopia airlines plane crash that killed all 157 people on board. people who either lived here or were here to work and to contribute to the development of this continent. eight inspiring less than six months two boeing 737 max 8 jets have crashed within minutes after taking you can understand why countries and airlines and flyers are saying - what's going on here.seth kaplan is an aviation expert and journalist.china, indonesia, ethiopia and some international airlines have grounded the 737 max 8 jets -< seth kaplan / aviation expert & journalist>the us airlines and the faa so far seem to be taking a technical approach and saying so far we don't see a specific reason to ground this fleet. so we're not doing it.boeing said in statement "safety is our number one priority and we are taking every measure to fully understand all aspects of this accident based on the information available, we do not have any basis to issue new guidance to operators."< alexandra limon / washington correspondent >a statement from the air line pilots association cautions against guessing about what caused the crash.and the faa said its issuing a continued air worthiness notification for the 737 max 8 -- meaning-- for now-- the agency believes the
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jets are safe to fly.< seth kaplan / aviation expert & journalist>there's obviously lot at stake for these airlines in terms of safety, but in terms of their businesses too. kaplan says public pressure could play a role in whether the united states ultimately grounds the fleet - even temporarily. in washington alexandra limon. (vicki) today-- san francisco senator dianne feinstein called on the f-a-a to ground all boeing 737 max 8 planes in the u-s. in a statement she said the domestic fleet should be grounded until the investigation is complete and it's clear similar risks aren't present in the u-s. the f-a-a says they are demanding boeing make design changes to the flight control systems by next month. (grant) next at 5:30...
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a discovery in the north bay could be the graves of dozens of military veterans. we'll introduce you to the man who is now trying to give those vets a proper burial. (vicki) and an investigation is underway after an oakland councilmember' s son is shot and killed. details on what happened and who police are looking for tonight.
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(vicki) tonight at 5:30... kron4 is always tracking local stories. here's a look at what's going on in your neighborhood right now.
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(grant) the son of oakland city councilwoman lynette gibson-mcelhaney was shot and killed sunday morning. 21-year-old victor mcelhaney was studying music at u-s-c. los angeles police say he was killed in an attempted robbery less than a mile near the campus. police say three to four male suspects approached mcelhaney and one shot him.. the group then fled in a vehicle.. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. police are still looking for the suspects. tomorrow night's city council meeting has been canceled in the wake of the shootng. (grant) in the east bay... police in oakland are searching for a gunman after a deadly shooting at a bar downtown. it happened last night at the liege spirits lounge on ninth street. officers say one man was killed and another was injured, but is expected to be okay. right now police do not have any information on the shooter. (vicki) on the peninsula -- a c-h-p officer is recovering tonight after being involved in a crash with another driver on highway 101. it happened in san mateo this morning around 10


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