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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 11, 2019 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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♪ tonight -- all the j-lo/a-rod engagement scoop. >> we're beginning a new chapter of our lives. >> their road to love. >> you also said that ben was
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your first heartbreak. >> and how her new rock compares to past bling. >> plus, why one celeb's accusing a-rod of cheating. plus, prattzenegger i do details. what katherine is only telling "e.t.." >> how did you not see khloe? then justin bieber's cry for help. >> i have been having a lot of cries. >> why he's asking fans for prayers tonight. plus, luke perry's fiancee speaks out for the first time. her surprising revelation about their relationship. and -- >> pretty intense. >> olivia newton-john comes to the "e.t." stage. what she wants her fans to know about her stage 4 cancer battle. >> yeah. >> this is "entertainment tonight." jennifer lopez is famous for singing her love don't cost a thing, but tell that to alex rodriguez. i mean, come on. look at the size of her ring. >> why are you shocked? alex knew he needed to come correct. it's jennifer lopez.
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hey, look. forget about jenny from the block. now she's once again jenny with the rock. >> we both feel like we're just beginning. >> a-rod announced the engagement on instagram posting this photo of j-lo's stunning ring and the caption, she said yes. a-rod followed up with another surprise, spelling out, i love you in rose pedals on their bed. all this during a romantic weekend in the bahamas. >> can i get a dance move? >> j-rod danced, golfed and watched the the sunset. as for that ring, j-lo's emerald cut diamond is estimated to be worth over $1 million. the singer dropped a major proposal hint last year when she released the music video meaning the ring in spanish. ♪ >> of course, everyone is going to ask you. is there a ring? do you want a ring? >> it's more of a symbolic thing. i played it for alex and i was,
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like, are you cool with this? i think it's funny. he was, like, yeah. i'm cool with it. >> j-lo tagged ellen in her engagement post and the talk show host responded, yes, i'll be your maid of honor. last month, she quizzed j-lo. >> what is your favorite body part on a-rod? >> oh. i love his arms. >> and gave her this j-rod clock. >> it's to remind him that time is ticking, and he should hurry up and propose. >> the proposal news was all so sweet and romantic until a-rod's baseball rival jose canseco said, little does he know he's cheating on her with my ex-wife. he talked about aliens, teaching us time travel and provided no evidence for the cheating claims, but said he was, quote, willing to take a polygraph to prove it. back to their love story. they began dating in 2017, but
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this is the same woman who has been showing off her yankee pride for years. this is the day they first met. it was 2005 and j-lo was married to ex, mark anthony. they reconnected when they were both single and they were spotted together in march of 2017. their relationship seemed to come out of left field, but they actually have a lot in common. besides being proud latinos born in new york city, their kids are also around the same age. j-lo's twins max and emme, and a-rod has two twins. as we discovered in our archives, years before getting together, they shared a verbatim stance on gratitude. >> how lucky am i? >> how lucky am i? >> i'm incredibly blessed. >> i count my blessings. >> they went to the gala in 2018, and "e.t." saw their
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electrifying chemistry during their joint interview with hollywood's hottest couples. >> it has got to feel so good how people just love you two as a couple. it's incredible to see the reaction out there, and how much people are kind of, like, you know, into this. >> i think we're very alike in many ways andic that's what makes it work and i think that's why people respond. >> we're alike, except i can't sing, dance, act and i don't look like her. besides that, we're twins. >> i love them together. this is actually the fifth time j-lo has been proposed to that we know of. can you name the other four guys that we know of? and what about the famous ladies in a-rod's past? we'll take a look back at alex and jenn's road to love. that is coming up. well, love and marriage are definitely on chris pratt and katherine schwarzenegger's minds. that's when they are not busy raising sheep. katherine is explaining her lamb learning curve to our lauren zima. >> i still have a lot to learn
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when it comes to the lambs. i feel much more knowledgeable dogs. that's much more my lane. >> still, katherine seems right at home living the country life on chris '100-acre spread in washington state. >> we're knee deep in lamb. >> i mean, i already knew they were adorable, but i just like getting to hold them. it's just an incredible experience. >> and this weekend, the animal rescue advocate was feeling puppy love at the premiere of a documentary about some of the world's most amazing canines. >> i was really excited to be here and watch this movie which is highlighting all these incredible dogs. >> will you be adopting more dogs? >> i mean, my overall goal is to rescue every animal, so hopefully yes. >> kat rip hit the carpet solo, but the day before we spotted chris rushing to the gym. maybe doing sweating before the wedding? >> is he going to be involved in wedding planning?
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>> yeah. i feel like we're all very involved. my family is very involved. i'm very roinvolved. he's very involved and it's a great combination. i feel really blessed and really lucky. >> she's a sweetheart. i like them. also leah michelle, got married in northern california. there is a first look at their i dos. it was a weekend of love. >> it was. let's keep that love thing going because chance the rapper also tying the knot with his fiancee saturday. he knew he wanted to marry her when he was 9 years old. meant to be, i'll tell you what. meanwhile, newlywed justin bieber is having a rough go with his depression battle. >> it's something we expected for a while, and now he is admitting it to his fans. ♪ >> i have been having a lot of
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cries lately. >> justin's now asking fans for help. bieber posted a message with this pic of him praying, quote, being struggling a lot. just feeling super disconnected and weird. pray for me. your prayers really work. he added, this is the most human season i have ever been in. our source says his wife of six months, hailey baldwin knew he needed help when he began sleeping more than usual. he, quote, struggles to get out of bed until very late into the morning or early afternoon. in the past, he self-medicated to cope, and after becoming addicted to xanax in 2014, he moved in with his pastor for an informal detox. >> i have people who are really supporting me. >> this time, bieber is trying to stay positive. >> i want the jonas brothers. >> he posted this video joking the hailey. we're told she has been nothing but a good support system.
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>> now to luke perry's family spotti spotting each other. that's his ex-wife leaving a dinner with his son in l.a. studio neighborhood. madison just broke her silence sharing this statement with "e.t.." quote, the countless heartwarming stories of luke's generosity and kindness have been solace. she noted they had been together for 11 1/2 years. she thanks his ex and kids, quote, we have found comfort in one another and in the knowledge that our lives were touched by an extraordinary man. coming up, did meghan and kate just kiss and make up? their royal reunion today. plus, what idris elba told us about his perfect singing with taylor swift. >> it's a little bit surreal. then olivia newton-john's new "grease" secret. why those red heels were so close to her heart. >> i always regretted i didn't keep those shoes. and everyone wants to see
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each other on both cheeks. they were all smiles. look at that. but behind the scenes, more turmoil for meghan as she loses yet another aide, her private secretary quitting. this is the third key palace aide to quit since november. makes you wonder. >> the drama never ends. and you were dramatic reading that. idris elba has no problem working for harry and meghan. he was asked to deejay. >> harry and meghan are friends, and super close. we know the obligation is just about making sure they have a great time. >> from royal wedding deejay to sexiest man alive, idris is definitely having a moment. he just hosted "snl." >> oh, that's my jam. >> it was really good. "snl" was amazing. >> and he's making his directorial debut with a gritty revenge drama, "yardie." >> it's been awhile working on it. maybe seven years. a great experience. i'm excited for it. >> elba doesn't appear in the
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film, but you'll see him in plenty of other projects. it's the bad guy in the next "fast and furious" film, and the 46-year-old is showing off his comedic side in the netflix series, "turn up charlie." >> give me one shot to prove myself and if you hate me tomorrow, which you will not because i'm adorbs -- >> he's a washed up musician who agrees to be his best friend's nanny. >> what's your first love? music or acting? >> first one is definitely the music. i was way too young to understand when i was holding up an album cover like this. >> you were the sexiest man alive back then. see that face? >> let's get it on, at 4 years old. >> and idris will star in "cats" the movie. >> james corden is hilarious in this film and i get to sing with taylor swift. it's almost a little bit surreal. still ahead, jennifer's jewelry collection. how a-rod's rock compares to her other four engagement rings. plus, we're taking to the x
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files. >> it was my first kind of heartbreak. plus, olivia newton-john's brave cancer battle. how she's helping inspire alex trebek in his fight. and becca and garrett as they take their biggest leap for love yet. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ sandy? >> tell me about it, stud. >> oh, so iconic. who doesn't love or want to be bad girl sandy by the end of "grease"? we all did, didn't we? lucky for us, olivia newton-john is sharing untold stories about that time in her new memoir, "don't stop believing" and how she's in the middle of her third breast cancer diagnosis. we are so honored to have olivia newton-john on our set. how are you? good to have you.
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>> great. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. how are you feeling? >> really good. >> you have stayed really positive. >> every day is a gift anyway. we don't know how long our life is, and so every day is an extra bonus for me and i'm very grateful. i intend to be hooer for a long time. i have much to do and i'm enjoying my life. >> olivia was originally diagnosed in 1992 with breast cancer. later it came back and then again as a tumor in her lower spine. she had a fractured pelvis, which she didn't realize because because of this charity walk, and she ended up a patient in her own center in australia. >> i was undercover in the hospital. on purpose. i didn't want people to know because i didn't want to be, you know, out there in the public that i was in the hospital at that time. i was learning how to walk again because i, you know, i was using a walker, and so i would wear a beanie and glasses and i wore a mask so no one would know who i was. >> what kind of treatment do you
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have to go through? where are you in your journey? >> well, i finished my rad radiotherapy. chemotherapy is not part of my proto come. i'm on hormonal therapy. i take vitamins and supplements and cannabis. it's been incredible for me, the pain and for sleep and for anxie anxiety, and the incredible plant. it's helping so many people. ♪ >> olivia has waged her war with the disease over a long period. while alex trebek is just beginning his battle with pank yatic cancer. >> i know you can get through this, and don't listen to stage 4. don't read the statistics and just, you know, stay focused and see how you can handle yourself. ♪ better shape up, better understand ♪ >> "grease" celebrated its 40th anniversary last year, and olivia is revealing those bad
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sandy heels were her own. >> sadly i gave them away for an auction. >> you wore your own shoes for the film? >> they were comfortable and they were the right look. >> you had to dance. >> yeah. >> well, that makes sense. >> i couldn't do it now. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> olivia's memoir is out tomorrow. >> can't wait to get that on my book, and nischelle turner almost fainted when she found out those shoes were gone. back to j-lo's engagement news. she has been down the wedding road before and taken a few wrong turns. let's take a look back at jennifer's rocky road to love. ♪ >> at the end of the day, it's just jennifer and shawn. it's about who you are, and what that person sees in you is and to me, he's just sean. >> you also said that ben was your first heartbreak. your first real heartbreak. >> it was my first kind of heartbreak. >> really? >> yeah. i was an adult. we were about to get married. it didn't work out, and it was just a bad heartbreak. ♪
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>> any lack of row ma-- row man schism or passion. >> what have people said about you dating younger men? >> i'm not one to really follow rules or, you know, stay within a box. >> j-lo's ex files include an actor, rapper and a backup dancer, but j-lo's first marriage was back in 1997. ♪ live it up >> comparing the rings from all three engagements, it's clear j-lo has a type. she likes the emerald cut, but how does a-rod's bling rank? mark antony's cost about $4 million, and the ring she got from ben was a rare pink diamond estimated at $2.5 million. and as for how j-lo feels about her two most famous exes -- >> yes. >> you look in the ocean. you see ben affleck and you see
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him. >> let them both drown. >> this is the one, right? this is the one. >> i'm all in. this is it. they're together. i love them. >> i love this dress and the color. all right. so have you -- you have j-rod getting engaged after two years together, and then there is "the bachelor." we thought it was over after cassie left and then colton jumped over the fence, but here's the big question. could cassie come back? >> i don't know. >> could she come back? part one of "the bachelor" finale is tonight. >> let's talk about becca. she made the leap for love when she got engaged to garrett, and now the duo are jumping for joy, literally for another reason and our lauren zima was there. >> you're going sky diving together. who is more nervous? >> i'm just nervous i might pee my pants a little bit. >> where are we at? is there any type of wedding plan right now? >> no. no wedding plans. that's what everyone asks. >> do you have a time line?
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spring, fall, next year? >> it's a time frame. >> becca and garrett say they have been together 24/7 since they got engaged ten months ago. even though he was in nevada and she was in minnesota, they finally moved in together a month ago and confessed they're happy being away from the cameras and letting colton take center stage. >> who do you want colton to pick? >> i don't know. i mean -- >> i have got to watch the show first. >> all right, guys. the plane is overhead. how are you feeling? any fear or anticipation? what's going through your mind? >> i'm excited. i want to get up there. >> i'm excited too. i'm still falling for you. >> oh, wow. that was cheesy. >> i'm a little more nervous now. garrett, i love you. >> love you too. >> were you scared at all? >> no, not really. but then it all happened so quick that you are, like, if i die, i die. >> is it being on "the bachelor" or "the bachelorette" like jumping from a plane? >> i think it's worse.
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travel considerations provided by -- travel consid provided by -- tomorrow on "e.t." america's got brand-new judges.
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>> that's a big deal. >> we're with julianne hough and gabrielle union before their big "agt" debut. >> i'm really excited. plus, only we're inside the very brady renovations with barry williams. tomorrow on "e.t.." yeah. "captain marvel" was full of surprises this weekend. brie larson gave moviegoers a thrill in new jersey serving up popcorn and soda. >> i just heard that i was on the cups and popcorn and i wanted so for myself. >> can you imagine? >> she bought her own popcorn, and the blockbuster crushed expectations taking in $153 million at the box office. >> that's the biggest opening weekend of 2019. very impressive. go girl. well, the first movie was to open with more than $100 million this year. >> and brie is going to break the bank again next move because "avengers" opens april 26th. do you, brie. >> she's having a good year, isn't sne. >> she is. she is on role. i want some popcorn though. >> bye, everybody. >> bye, y'all.
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try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo. now at eight people were nervous ... it would be more cautious to just ground them. passengers at s=f=o react to the f=a=a's resufal to ground boeing's newest airliner ... despite a second deadly crash. (whoosh)... i've been riding bart for four years and never had anything like this happen. bart officials reveal the cause of saturday morning's unexpected systemwide shutdown. (whoosh)and in the north bay, bullets fly in a shopping mall parking lot it was a scary scene for sure. (ken) the federal aviation administration is now responding to growing concerns over boeing's 7-3-7 max 8 after a crash in ethiopia killed all 157 people on board. the same type of jet crashed last year... killing


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