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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  March 12, 2019 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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no major hot spots. bay bridge wb 80 is less then 30 min from the maze to sf. san mateo bridge less then 30 min from 880 to 101. richmond bridge drive less than 20 min from the toll to 101.
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(robin) there are still some questions after bart was out of service for three hours saturday. bart says a computer network failure caused the shut down. they originally thought scheduled maintenance on the system caused the outage -- but they quickly determined that was not the cause.. kron 4's noelle bellow has the story. why were we vulnerable to the system failure, we have redundancies in place so why didn't they work or what went wrong to cause the redundencies not to workbart communications manager alicia trost says they're not lost on the impact saturday's shutdown had on its riders. saturday we typically get 150k riders -- this was only for 3 hours in the morning so it was just a tiny fraction of that, but it was still people who neeed to get to work and other important placesriders headed to work or the airport that mroning, were instead given
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free rides on bus bridges - connecting bunot without delay.(eric enberg)we week every two weekseric engberg is hoping a definitive answer comes soonthe concern is that they really understand what caused it of course so it doesn't happen again during commute hourstrost is hoping that doesn't happen either.. on saturday engineers had to reset more than 100 different locations in the field.. they know the glitch was software related, and that it was specifically one switch that caused the train systems to stall. but what they don't know is how. we have sent the data to cisco which is who provides the computer network and the system and they are performing a comprehensive forensic analysis of exactly what happened so we have a better idea of what happened if anythign needs to be fixed so it doesnt happena gain(tony walker)hopefully they get it together cuz it's my main choice of transportation despite saturday's glitch, most riders aren't too phased.. laurel gonzalesi'm not concerned they have issues sometimes, but they're pretty quick with resolving itit's working today so,... you know how these thigns go.. hopefully they get it together
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now bart says they don't know whether this issue could happen while trains are in service.. that's soemthign they hope to understand better once the analysis comes back.. but they do know when systems fail they fail in a safe mode -- meaning bart riders safety would not be in jeopardy. when everything stalled saturday, though it was inconvenient it's exactly what the system is designed to do. in san francisco noelle bellow kron 4 news. (robin) in the north bay... two people are dead after a shooting at a busy shopping mall... police saying it was a murder-suicide involving an estranged married couple. (robin) it happened in the parking lot of the
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codding-town mall in santa rosa. that's right off of highway 101 and guerneville road. kron 4's dan kerman reports. a tragic scene in the parking lot at the coddingtown mall in santa rosa... police say about 830 in the morning a man walked up to his wife white suv and shot her multiple times, killing her.sot lt. john cregan/santa rosa police :11trheyve been estranged for several months the husband was trying to revive themarriage in the last few weeks the wife said she wanted a divorce and it appears this was purely a domestic violence incidentone of the bullets hit the side mirror of this mazda barely missing a woman who was getting into it. sotit was a scary scene for sure there was a nearby occupaont getting into her vehicle and a stray round struck her vehicle but no one else was hurt in the parking lotpolice say the husband then got in his car and drove 2 blocks away to the coddingtontown mall apartments where he had been staying and killed himselfsotofficers responded to that scene and located a decesaesd male sitting in the drivers seat ofa vehicle with a handgun on
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his lap the couple had been married 27 years and had 4 children ages 8 to 25. 101/eight to twenty five standup dan kerman/santa rosa 101we asked police if there had been any history of violence between the two or any restraining order issued. they are still investigating.. in santa rosa, dan kerman kron 4 news. (robin) san francicso now has a new public defender... after the death of former long time public defender jeff adachi. manohar raju (man-nah/ raw-jew) says he is humbled to lead this office to the next level. raju has been a public defender for 18 years... 11 of which was spent at the san francisco public defenders office. he currently manages the felony division. mayor london breed says there was a lot of solid candidates... but picked raju because of his experience and hope he'll help him create change in the criminal justice system. raju says his office is still mourning the loss of jeff adachi, but is excited for this opportunity. (robin)
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raju will fill the role of public defender until the election in november in which we will be able to vote if he keeps this role for the next three years. (robin) the first sunshine in days finds people out and about and trying to forget the rain. but as kron four's rob fladeboe shows us, that's hard to do in a place where the rain has turned a creek into a string of waterfalls. nats (water falls)you are looking at what happens when what is otherwise a babbling brook in the redwoods comes to life in especially wet winters like this one. the string of waterfalls along uvas creek here in uvas canyon county park west of morgan hill are at their peak and attracting plenty of visitors like lucy vogellucy vogel/visitoryear to date rainfall here in uvas canyon is at 56.61 inches so far. that's about150 percent of normal. downstream, uvas reservoir is full. uvas and the other santa clara valley reservoirs are at 101-percent of their seasonal averagessays the district's marty grimes.
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marty grimes/santa clara vallet water districtin the wettest years, more than 100 inches of rain can fall here in the greater uvas canyon watershed. those are rain forest numbers. the first sunshine in days attracted many visitors. visitorat one ofthe falls, i came upon what looked like a scene from lord of the rings or some other fantasy. it was just free lance photographer beata becla photographing her friend ivona wiczuk against a backdrop that only comes along every so often.sotpatryk becla/photographer's sonin uvas canyon county park near morgan hill rob fladeboe kron4news
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(robin) a "tiny house village" is now under construction in berekely. volunteers broke ground on the development for the homeless yesterday. it's all part of a campaign that started three years ago by an organization called youth spirit artworks. over the weekend -- organizers worked with contractors and engineers to begin the building process. the village will feature 14 tiny houses with beds... windows... electricity... furnishing and other amenities. (robin) youth spirit artworks will
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continue building next month. organizers say 12 more houses will be built in august and september. (robin) and here's a live look outside... at the embarcadero. (ácommercialá)(áábreakáá) (áábreakáá) (robin) welcome back.
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checking in on your morning forecast. (dave)a mainly dry cold front will pass through the bay area today. isolated showers are possible but the main impact will be gusty northerly winds along the coast and in the hills creating blustery conditions into this evening. high pressure builds wednesday through the weekend with dry and seasonably mild weather. next chance of rain returns by middle of next week.
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no major hot spots. bay bridge wb 80 is less then 30 min from the maze to sf. san mateo bridge less then 30 min from 880 to 101. richmond bridge drive less than 20 min from the toll to 101.
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(robin) san francisco police are trying to figure out what led a man to stab a woman in the soma neighborhood friday... with an ice pick.
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police say the stabbing happened near fifth and harrison streets... a man walked up to a 35-year-old woman and stabbed her for no reason. the woman was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. police were able to arrest the suspect and identifed him as 40-year-old sean carsetti. police say its not known if the suspect and the victim knew each other. carsetti is being held without bail on suspicion of attempted murder. (robin) a 25-year-old man was shot while driving in san francisco's bayview district early monday morning. police say the man then crashed into parked cars. the shooting was reported just bfore 3 a-m in the 2-thousand block of jerrold avenue. the victim was taken to the hospital in stable condition. no arrest has been made in the shooting and police have not released any suspect information. (robin) the san francisco public works department is working to fill potholes cr fill about 350 potholes during a typical dry month.. but when
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it rains that number goes up. this past february crews filled almost 18-hundred potholes. they will be working up to 12 hour shifts on some of the more heavily traveled streets, including 19th avenue, park presidio boulevard and lombard strret. they will also be responding to service requests that have come through the citys 311 center. (robin) an attempted car theft turns deadly in stockton. police say a 35-year-old man was breaking into a car when someone confronted him. two males physically restrained the man.. by the time officers arrived, the man went into cardiac arrest then died. attorney allen sawyer says when it comes to use of force the law is explicit. (robin) the san
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joaquin county district attorney's office says it is waiting for the police report and the autopsy... and after they review the files- they will determine if they will charge the two men. ( robin ) more protests in sacramento over the fatal police shooting of stephon clark. this time, some doctors and medical students got involved. our sacramento bureau reporter ashley zavala has more on their message. an abnormal scene at the uc davis hospital center monday.. dozens of doctors, medical students and staff staged a die-in. ((spencer may -medical student) "we take an oath as medical students to do no harm, to cure illness, treat injuries, to comfort the afflicted. we are here to stand with our community." current and future doctors in their scrubs and white coats laid on the ground for 12 minutes.. they say each minute represents a month without justice for stephon clark. community members now urging the police chief and city manager to fire the two
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officers who shot and killed clark.. the officers say they feared for their lives when they mistook his cellphone for a gun.(pastor lee simmons) " i want to invite us simmons) " i (pastor lee simmons) " i want to invite us to continue to push to call out those two officers and to demand they are not policing our community any longer." doctors say health care is on the frontlines of violence and trauma (may) "we want to call on our health care system at uc davis to bring more resources to address the acute and long term affects of violence and trauma." monday's demonstration also served as a push for a proposed law to restrict police use of force... legislation lawmakers are expected to debate within the coming weeks. tag. (robin) live look outside... at the san
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my name is jedda and my favorite thing about the grilled chicken club is the multigrain bun. it's toasted and then you get the cheese. so if you but really slowly you can literally taste every level of the sandwich. i don't eat very slowly, but if you do. my name is leslie. well i love the grilled chicken club sandwich because the grilled chicken. like, it's actually been on a grill. as soon as you grab it to go take your first bite, it's like just like, "psscheew". insanely good. (dave)a mainly dry cold front
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will pass area today. isolated showers are possible but the main impact will be gusty northerly winds along the coast and in the hills creating blustery conditions into this evening. high pressure builds wednesday through the weekend with dry and seasonably mild chance of rain returns by middle of next week. (robin) take a look (robin) take a look at
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this car made completely of snow! a nebraska state trooper found the replica mustang on saturday. if you look closely you can see what looks like a ticket on the windshield. sergeant mick downing says it's just a "courtesy check" tag he put there as a joke. no word on who created the snow-car. (robin) coming up on the kron-4 morning news at 5... more information on the son of an oakland council woman killed in los angeles... find out how the friends from u-s-c are honoring 21 year old
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oh, wow. you two are going to have such a great trip. thanks to you, we will. this is why voya helps reach today's goals... ...all while helping you to and through retirement. can you help with these? we're more of the plan, invest and protect kind of help... voya. helping you to and through retirement. i'm live at sfo...there's growing concerns over boeing airplanes after a deadly crash in ethiopia...what federal lawmakers are sayiing about the incident. ( james ) family and friends are remembering the
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life of an oakland council woman's son....after he was shot and killed over the weekend. ( james ) plus how police were able to stop a man who traveled across the country to harm executives at google. ( darya ) good morning i'm darya folsom..( james ) and i'm james fletcher. lets start the morning with a check of weather and traffic... (dave)a mainly dry co


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