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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 12, 2019 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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♪ tonight, two famous moms taken down by the fbi. >> we're talking about deception and fraud. >> lori loughlin and felicity huffman charged. the bribes and elaborate schemes they used to get their kids into college. >> because i didn't have that, i want that for them. >> only we're with mom and daughters talking higher learning. >> you only get one shot at your reputation. then, why j-lo really was shocked that a-rod proposed. what motivated him to get down on one knee, and did a famous ex have anything to do with it? >> she's probably one of the greatest human beings i have ever met. and kate and meghan's royal pact? what the palace is telling us. >> they get on. and the new "aladdin" giving
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us something to sing about. >> this is "entertainment tonight." welcome, everybody, but we have new details today about the bombshell news. felicity huffman arrested. lori loughlin busted too for allegedly using bribes to get their children into university. >> it's all part of a massive fbi sting operation that has a name right out of hollywood. >> operation varsity blues culminated early this morning. >> i do want them to have somewhat of a normal college experience. maybe because i didn't have that. >> deception and fraud, fake test scores, fake athletic credentials, fake photographs, bribed college officials. >> i think particularly mothering, if you do it badly, they're going to need you their whole life. >> felicity huffman and lori loughlin were among the 50 people indicted today. it's among what prosecutors call the largest college admission
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scam ever. "e.t." has learned felicity was arrested earlier today at her l.a. home. lori however, is still wanted. when agents went to her home, they were told she's out of town. both felicity and lori have been charged with one felony count of mail fraud. >> it is a felony so they could face jail or prison time. however, i would expect that they would probably just face a hefty fine if they were convicted. >> felicity's accused of paying $15,000 so her 18-year-old daughter, sofia, would have twice the amount of time to complete her sat exam. then her answers were allegedly corrected. >> felicity know she was committing fraud? >> in the case of lori loughlin, she's accused of conspireing with this guy in california, paid him $500,000 to get her two daughters into college. a coach said that they were members of a crew team when they
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weren't. they weren't even college athletes. >> lori's husband, fashion designer maximo gee knewly was also indicted. olivia posted this last year. >> i'm literally moving into college today. i want the experience of, like, gamedays, partying -- i don't really care about school as you guys all know. >> now i spoke with a former school administrator that said he would not be surprised if more high profile celebrities don't get pulled into this scandal. we go to another. jussie smollett was in a hearing today for his alleged attack hoax. >> is there anything you want to say? >> no. >> a judge ruled that cameras will be allowed inside his hearing on thursday. jussie did not have to be there today, but a source tells "e.t." he wants to be as transparent as possible. all right. let's move on now to some happy news. wedding plans are under way for jennifer lopez and alex
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rodriguez, and we have the latest on that as the happy couple shares with us the moment she said yes. j-lo looked shocked when a-rod got down on one knee, and a source tells us it really was a surprise, that j-lo, quote, wasn't aware he would be proposing on saturday. a-rod captioned the post, locking it down, and #futuremrs.rodriguez. ♪ and today, we have got a glimpse into j-rod's wedding plans. a source tells "e.t." their kids will play a big part in their wedding as they were a driving force in the proposal. this will be j-lo's fourth wedding. >> this is my husband, ojani noa. >> shemarthey divorced after len a year together. ♪ >> in 2001, she married her backup dancer, chris judd. they split after ten months. ♪
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j-lo's longest marriage was to singer marc anthony. they divorced ten years later. a-rod has had his share of famous girlfriends. he dated kate ud hadson in 2009, and he said he was handling rumors of romance with madonna with baseball. >> i love to play baseball, and to go to a place for four years where nobody can get to me, and the personal stuff, baseball is that. >> a-rod dated cameron diaz starting in 2010, and when kevin asked about their relationship, a-rod finally referred to her by her initials. >> i don't like talking about my relationships, but what i will tell you about c.d., she's probably one of the greatest human beings i have ever met. >> c.d. it just sounds cool. now to the union between duchesss. we have heard all about kate and meghan's so-called family feud, but today new details about their royal pact. >> we actually saw kate kiss
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meghan hello there. when they greeted each other, there was a really -- a really warm energy between the two of them. >> yesterday's cheek smooch between the two made headlines, but was it all for show? the duchesss have made a pact between them to be cordial in public. >> i understand that both of them have sort of agreed that, you know, for the sake of appearances, they really want it to look as if they get on. they both realize that the idea of a feud, you know, a royal cat fight between two duchesss, doesn't help any of them. >> the two were aware of reports of a feud and are said to have wanted to put on a public show of friendliness. they don't seem to dislike each other, but are not that close. >> they are living close to each other at kensington palace. they are across the courtyard and apparently they have been in text touch. occasionally kate invites meghan over for tea, but they haven't had a hugely close relationship. >> yesterday's commonwealth service marked meghan's last official engagement before she
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delivers her baby. >> as meghan prepares to put her feet up, it feels like kate is using this as her chance to take center stage. we asaw her out today visiting children's center. that was a duchess that said, i mean business and that's what she's getting down to. >> i can't wait for the baby to get here. we are all ears for this next story. a star-studded hollywood premier of "dumbo." among the stars coming out, angelina jolie and her kids. they were clearly enjoying themselves. mama jolie kicked back with a glass of red wine. helen mirren made it a family affair with her equally festive grandson, and nico followed in her mom's footsteps with this movie. >> i was, like, this is what i want to do now. >> for the record, it's not my idea. dumbo works alone.
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>> her on screen dad is colin farrell, and since the movie celebrates differences, we asked colin if he had issues fitting in. >> i had to wear plaster over this eye, and glasses. that wasn't the most comfortable state to find myself in as a 6-year-old. the message is a beautiful one to be part of. >> colin was solo on the carpet while his biggest a-list supporter and chof star angie was inside. danny devito showed up for their daughter lucy, and joey fatone was just slaying daddy duty for his daughter, chloe. >> very, very, very excited. >> could joey become a permanent part of the show? >> if i'm a judge on it, hopefully that would be fun because now i have an inside view on it and coming from another standpoint, that would be fun to do. >> sounds like he got the gig, right? >> i think he's telling us
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something, right? well, coming up -- >> that's not an answer. >> have a seat. >> after more than 20 years of talking truth, we're breaking news on a first for judge judy. then, colton makes bachelor ory. only we are with one of the women he left confused and heartbroken. >> it was definitely a slap in the face. plus -- >> this is greg brady. >> a very bracy headache? has the show hit a wall in recreating greg's groovy attic? and is this the ultimate prank? how james [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, you!
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will receive the lifetime acheech achievement award at this year's daytime emmy. so happy for her, and tomorrow we'll find out who the honoree will be at the creative arts secelebration on may 3rd. and we have tv news starting with the bachelor nation. because colton, well, he just blew up the whole show. >> in my heart, i know i love cassie. i can't be in love with two people and i love cassie. >> i don't believe this. >> and just like that, colton went from having two women left to none at all. the back to back breakup with tayshia and hannah g. caused a breakdown. after cassie called it quits, he ran away, cried a lot and dumped his last two ladies. this morning, "e.t." was exclusively with hannah who is still reeling from being blind sided. >> it was definitely a slap in the face. i just think that he loved me. there was zero question in my mind. i got my ring, like, sized.
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i was ready to go. >> last night ended with a cliff hanger. will casksie come around or wil colton end up alone? >> why fight for someone who walks out on you? >> you have to choose to love somebody, and you have to choose to fight for anybody that you are in a relationship with. >> what if the bottom line is she's just not that into you? >> i think she loves me. >> as "the bachelor's" journey comes to a dramatic end tonight, "america's got talent" is celebrating a fresh start for season 14. >> welcome to your new world. >> i mean, i love it. i love the people. i love being part of making dreams come true. >> these two are already bonding over gabrielle's 4-month-old daughter, kaavia. >> i just want to, like, eat her cheeks. she's so sweet, and the death stares are incredible. still ahead, will smith. he's ready to grant wishes in the new look at "alatden". >> show time. >> but is had he ready to bring
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laughs? only we're there for his standup comedy debut. then -- the "married at first sight" couple no one thought would last. their jaw-dropping secrets to making love work. >> douglas. and we're with barry williams trying to bring his brady attic back to life. >> that's the place where i got to hide the goat. closed captions provided by --
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♪ we knew it was only a matter of time. brie larson, aka "captain marvel" immortalized in wax. she struck a pose outside the mu soo -- museum before it lands in new york. "captain marvel" has taken more than $450 million worldwide. disney hoping for a superhero size box office numbers for the live action version of "aladdin." now the new trailer drops today
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and it's got this approval. >> the great one who summoned me, i stand by abu, loyalty to wishes. okay, watch this. ♪ you ain't never had a friend like me. >> will sings, raps and even has muscles added via special effects, but he doesn't spend the entire film covered in blue makeup. >> can you make me a prince? >> there is a lot of gray area in make me a prince. i could just make you a prince. >> oh, no. >> i was terrified doing the genie, you know, after robin williams. but, you know, i found a lane that -- that, you know, pays homage, but it's my own thing. people are going to love it. >> sthow time. >> will brings heart and swag eto the role, but can he do
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stand yu comedy? it's on his bucket list, and "e.t." has your first look at tomorrow's episode. >> shooting her show, "the red table talk." have you seen that? you can enjoy it because she's not telling all your business. sorry, babe. i wasn't expecting jada to be here. >> it's okay. >> he is so talented. >> he is. >> at a lot of things, but not standup. >> oh. >> love you, will. here's another thing we cannot wait for, the inside of the brady bunch home becoming a reality. hgtv is making it all happen. look it a them all there together. they're making it happen with the help of thely our nischelle there as barry williams got to work. ♪ here's the story >> this is barry williams, aka greg brady. i am right in front of the brady bunch house, the real brady bunch house. i love social media, and i want
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to go viral. >> barry's all in for this very brady renovation. his assigned part of the house, his groovy attic. >> what significance does the attic hold for you? >> for me, it was everything. you know, it was freedom, it was my own private space. i got to get away from my little brothers. i wasn't next door to my sisters. i could have my own life and priva privacy, and plus, this is the place where i got to hide the goat. the goat who was the mascot, ate my tennis shoes and my term paper. >> what are you planning for desse dessert, my mattress? >> there is just one problem. there is no attic in the real life brady house. the solution? the basement. hgtv stars lara spencer and jasmine roth are helping make it happen. >> the reason we had to go down into the basement is because we
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wanted you to be able to look at the front of the house and not ruin the roof line. >> right. >> right? so we couldn't go any higher. we had no choice, but to kind of dig down. >> we're going to have a faux window with a tree. >> cool. >> the only difference is the staircase will go down instead of up. >> it's pretty amazing. >> they said you have been the worker bee, that you are not playing around. >> no. >> you're here. >> and we get to do everything. they encourage it. >> if you offer to help, i'm going to put you to work. >> don't play with my skills. >> why is nischelle trying to move in with the bradys? stop that. a very brady renovation premieres on hgtv in fall. tonight there is a new episode of "married at first sight" on lifetime. this is one of my favorite shows and i want you to think about the premise. getting legally married to a complete stranger. now for season one's favorites jamie and doug, their marriage started out as a complete disaster, but it turned into a real life love story. to day on. i'm going position.
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>> in the fetal position. could you believe you could turn it around to this moment? >> yes. i'm a phenomenal person. >> i genuinely thought i made a worst decision of my life. >> not to pat myself on the back, but from day one where she was crying, three days later she was in my pants. >> douglas. >> we waited until we got married to have sex. >> king of the sarcastic jokes right here. >> i was one of the many people who thought no way. this "married at first sight" couple would ever last. >> terrible. >> eventually jamie and doug became a happily married couple. they celebrate their five-year wedding anniversary next week and have an adorable 18-month-old daughter named headily. >> oh my goodness. look at you.
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>> the couple has also been very candid about their struggles to start a family. >> we had lost our first born son jonathan at 17 weeks. i delivered him and we got to, you know, hold him and he was just perfect. i didn't know how to -- to go on from there. >> seeing this little person comes from this crazy social experiment of a show. >> it's funny to think, how are we going to explain this to her? >> you know, i think that the moral of the story really is i think at the end of the day, is love comes in the strangest ways. do i want my daughter to marry a stranger? no, i don't. >> no way. >> no. not really. >> marriage has not been easy for those two, but they have worked through all their issues, and i love it. by the way,p. >> yeah. she was a contestant on ben's season and she was voted most awkward kiss in "bachelor"
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history. if she had any regrets, she said that would be it. >> i can see why she would say that. all right. coming up, want to see david beckham get mad? thanks to james corden, you will. it is good. the hilarious prank is next. next on kron-4 news at
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eight: new developments in a homicide investigation in the south bay. why police say the suspect shouldn't have been in this country. bay area connections to a nationwide college cheating scandal. the criminal charges being faced by the rich and famous. and breaking news...what the governor is doing about executions in the state . i'm ken wayne i'm terisa estacio. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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you know james corden doesn't pull off a lot of pranks but when he does, watch out. >> david beckham was honored with a statue, and corden gave him a preview, but the soccer legend was in for a shock when he saw the fake statue. >> i mean, that's my chin. look at my eyes. >> he's being so polite even though it's terrible. >> you have probably done me a favor there. >> oh my god. what happened? >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> oh, that is so good. >> the real statue is beautiful. the real one is. that one was not. >> david beckham. bye. >> bye.
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♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family. visit (ken) breaking news at 8.
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governor gavin newsom is halting executions in the state.... for at least as long as he's governor. thank you for joining us i'm ken wayne(terisa) and i'm terisa estacio in for pam moore. newsom is planning to issue an executive order tomorrow. granting a reprieve to every inmate on death row. he's also withdrawing the lethal injection regulations that death penalty opponents have already tied up in court. newsom will also shutter the execution chamber at san quentin state prison that has never been used. california hasn't executed anyone since 2006.(ken) voters have narrowly supported the death penalty, most recently in 2016 when they voted to speed up the process.


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