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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  March 12, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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joining us im ken wayne. (grant) and im grant lodes in for pam moore. newsom is planning to issue an executive order tomorrow.... granting a reprieve to every inmate on death row. california has the largest number of death row inmates in the nation.. (ken) tonight we are getting reaction from local lawmakers. kron 4's noelle bellow is live in the newsroom with the latest..noelle? grant and ken -- governor newsom says the death penalty is inconsisent with our bedrock values and strikes at the very heart of what it means to be californian. as you mentioned tomorrow he is expected to sign an executive order that will halt the executions of all 737 inmates now sitting on death row. not only will his executive order place that moratorium on the death penalty -- it will also include plans to withdraw lethal injection regulations, which are already tied up in court. governor newsom also plans to shutter the new execution chamber at san quentin state prison -- which has never been used. newsom's office says he can act
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unilaterally on this because he's not changing anyone's, california voters have narrowly supported the death penalty as recently as 2016 when they voted to speed up the process.. of course this order -- halts it all together. as we mentioned local lawmakers have been tweeting their support for the governor's decision -- oakland mayor libby schaaf tweeting quote - "halting the death penalty is the right thing to do. i strongly support gov. newsom's action to suspend a system that is unfair, unjust, and immoral." and within the last hour -- senator scott wiener issued a statement saying quote "i applaud governor newsom for his courageous decision to put a stop to all executions in california. the death penalty doesn't make our communities safer, is immoral, and has huge racial disparities. it is time to end capital punishment in our state." while the governor's move is expected to be challenged in court, his aides say his power to grant reprieves is written
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into the state constitution. live in the newsroom, noelle bellow kron 4 news (grant) we first told you about this breaking news with a push alert on our mobile app. stay connected by downloading it today and opting in for push alerts. (ken) developing story tonight... wealthy parents, hollywood stars, ceos, elite college coaches, and college prep executives are just some of the individuals accused of carrying out a nationwide bribery scheme to help students gain admission to some of the nation's top colleges and universities. (grant) stanford is among the univiersites tied up in this case. kron 4's dan kerman explains how more than a dozen bay area parents are also alleged to have taken part in the scheme... the fbi has announced 50 people including 33 parents have been charged in a nationwide bribary scheme, whereby parents payed off college coaches and administrators to get their kids into elite universities sot joseph bonavolonta/fbi :12
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this is a case where they flaunted their wealth baring no expense to cheat the system so they could set their children up with the best education money could buy. some spent between 200-thousand to 6 and half million dollars to guarantee administion. their actions were insidious selfish and shameful. these are the 13 bay area parents who are among 33 charged. prosecutors say they paid this man , rick singer, to have someone take college entrance exams or correct their child's answers afterward. singer also used the money to pay off coaches and create fake athletic profiles so students could be recruited as star athletes.sot andrew lelling/u.s. attorney, district of massachusetts :59 one of those parents on the list, todd blake, tweeted in march of 2019 so very excited that my daughter charlotte will be attending usc next year! court documents allege blake paid $200,000 to singer's foundation and $50,000 to usc's 'women's athletics department to make that happenalso implicated stanford university head sailing coach john vandemoer, who has now been fired. he plead guilty tuesday afternoon
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to accepting bribes. according to court documents vandemoer conspired with singer to hold admission spots for two prospective students who were falsely suggested to be competitive sailors. in return he received 270- thousand dollars in contributions to stanford's sailing program. neither of the two students ended up attending.standup dan kerman 156and the fbi noted the investigation is not done and they will continue to search for parents and others who are not playing on the rules, dan kerman kron 4 news. (grant) stanford released a statement addressing the statement released a stanford (grant) news.kerman kron 4 rules, dan kerman kron 4 news. (grant) stanford released a statement addressing the two cases laid out in charges... saying in part: neither student came to stanford; one student was initially denied
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admission and intended to reapply but never did, and the second never completed an application. however, the behavior in the case runs completely counter to stanford's values. (ken) meanwhile, two of rick singers's business associates also have ties to the sacramento area. according to documents filed by the u-s attorney's office of massachusetts. 69-year-old steve masera worked as an accountant and financial officer for singer's companies until december of 2017. and 32-year-old mikaela sanford was employed by the key doing various different jobs. both were in a federal courtroom in sacramento today. the arraignment was to decide if these two suspects should be released or held before they have to appear again in boston. tonight -- mikaela sanford neighbors are reacting to the arrest. (ken) both sanford and masera are now expected a bosto
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courtroom on march 25th to face racketeering conspiracy charges now filed against them. (grant)(grant) our coverage of the college cheating scandal continues at kron-4 dot com. there you can find out how many parents are among those charged. how the scheme worked. and read the full criminal complaint from the department of justice. (grant) tonight the national debate on dangerous suspects who are in the country illegally... is focused in san jose and santa clara county. police say a murder suspect is undocumented, had been deported, has a long criminal history and randomly broke into a woman's home before stabbing her to death. 24 year old carlos carranza has been arrested and charged in the brutal slaying of 59-year old bambi larsen. a memorial grows outside her home on knollfield way. surveillance video shows a man police believe is carranza... walking past larson's home.
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a salvadorian national, carranza has a long rap sheet including kidnapping, false imprisonment, burglary, and drug offfense. san jose's police chief says following his many arrests, immigration authorities áunsuccessfully sought information about his release on six separate occassions. the chief paints a picture of a ruthless attacker. (grant) san jose mayor sam liccardo says it's long overdue for the county to-
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reconsider it's currentl policy of ignoring ice hold requests. liccardo releasing a statement that reads in part:my views were consistent with those expressed by police chief eddie garcia, and with the proposed policy of district attorney jeff rosen, who sought to have the county accept ice detainers for individuals, like the defendant in this case, arrested for prior first-degree home burglaries and other 'strike' offenses. (ken) and tonight neighbors are reacting to what happened and remembering bambi larson.(grant) kron 4's j.r. stone is following the story and joins us live where bambi lived. j.r. you talked with neighbors and the police officer's association president? sot as far as i'm concerned if there was a violent offense once there is a violent offense he should have been deported.san jose police officers association president paul kelly sounding off referring to murder suspect carlos carranza. the
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undocumented immigrant accused of killing 59 year old bambi larson by stabbing her multiple times.sot we're not talking about sanctuary laws in california....county that have certain laws where ice detainers are ignored.and kelly says that is what happened in the case of carranza. he says that if san jose police officers act on ice detainer requests they can lose their job because of county laws. those who knew bambi larson say she will be remembered for the wonderful person she was.sot we just connected with her right away...good way about fact one neighbor said that carranza's clothes were recovered in a garbage bin a matter of feet from his home. sot one neighbor said clothes recovered...kelly says that those living in this area, other parts of the bay area, and the state should be concerned by what happened here and what is considered violent and non violent in california.sot oc: we need to worry about that lawrence
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about thatneed to worry sot oc: we need to worry about thatneed to worry about that lawrence karnow: it was a windy day for much of the bay the 50s and 60s but felt cooler with the wind. a weak cold through t a few clouds and gusty winds.
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winds will decrease tonight under mostly clear skies. you can still see a few showers passing through the state with snow over the sierra. high pressure will take over now for the rest of the week. in fact some temperatures could reach the low 70s by the weekend. tomorrow will be mostly sunny and breezy near the coast. highs will be in 60s. (grant) p-g and-e will not face criminal charges
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related to the 20-17 wildfires related to the charges criminal will not face p-g and-e (grant)
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(grant) (grant) p-g and-e will not face 207 wildfires in the north bay. the sonoma county district attorney's office made the announcement today. they said there was not enough evidence to prove p-g and-e
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acted with a reckless disregard for human life. which they say is the standard to sustain criminal charges. last year --- calfire did determine that p-g-and e's equipment caused numerous fires in four counties. however -- p-g and e remains on federal criminal probation. and are facing several pending lawsuits related to the fires. (grant) the european union is banning all boeing 737 max 8 and 9 model aircraft from its airspace following two deadly following two deadly crashes. an ethiopian airlines flight crashed on sunday -- five months after an indonesian lion air jet plunged into the ocean. the european aviation safety agency issued a statement today -- saying they can't rule out that similar causes may have contributed to both events. a team of u-s aviation experts are in ethiopia to join an investigation of sunday's crash right now -- the u-s and canada are the only two nations that still allow
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boeing max planes to fly. (ken) two brothers from redding were among the dozens of people killed in a plane crash in ethiopia sunday. mel and bennett riffel were on an adventure before mel's daughter would be born. word spread quickly that the two died in the crash. those who knew the brothers are in mourning. parishioners at their church have already started placing flowers at the base of the bell tower in the brothers' memory. (ken)(ken) (ken) the parents of mel and bennett are trying to come to grips with this tragedy. through a spokesperson, they outpouring of love and support from the community. we ask for continued prayers. (ken) in the south bay tonight -- we know the names and ages of two children
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killed by their mother in a murder-suicide last week. the santa clara county medical examiner's office identified them as four-year-old chuck nguyen and seven-year-old eric nguyen. investigators identified their mother earlier this week as 43- year-old uyen thi phung tran. police say -- they found tran and the two children dead at their san jose home last wednesday. officers later determined the case to be a murder-suicide. i was victor's mom, but victor was not lynette's son. he was a son of the village, a global village of people who loved him (grant) him(grant) him(grant) oakland city councilwoman lynette gibson mcelhaney, speaking for the first time about her murdered son today. (grant) victor mcelhaney was shot and killed during an apparent robbery inos angeles. mcelhaney was a music student at u=s=c... a likable prodigy who could keep a drum beat
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before he could talk... and more recenntly someone who used music to bring people together. today the campus was the scene of a highly emotional news conference.... as those who knew him best described him as kind, authentic, and courageous. victor was my sunshine ... mmm ... mmm ... and i pray like every momma, don't take my sunshine awaylynette gibson mcelheney and her husband clarence heard u=s=c faculty members praise her son and their own bravery,it takes tremendous courage to do this ... just hours after a parent's most horrific describe brilliant musician and wonderful human being.and i can't thank you enough for bringing him into this world ... i can't look at yodown)he w next month.(friend) he did not deserve this. we should not be here right nowvictor mcelheney went with a group of friends to a market a few blocks from campus last saturday night (cop) they had left the market when they were confronted by three individuals. apparently it was a robbery attempt by those individuals and unfortunately one of those individuals shot victor..
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clarence mcelheney appealed for information on his son's murdersilence is worse than the bullet that killed our son. (grant) city police records reveal the university park neighborhood southwest of downtown l=a recorded 93
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violent incidents in six months.that's an average of two a day.usc instituted a safety zone around the campus after the murder of a chinese exchangre student a few years ago ... but victor mceleheney was killed outside that area. (ken) police in the east bay are trying to find a gunman who opened fire on highway 24. a man was shot several times while he was driving. it happened this morning around 6:30 as the victim, a 20-year-old man... was driving a white nissan sentra... when he was approaching highway 13. police say he noticed a blue sedan that came alongside his vehicle and then he heard several gun shots. the victim was shot several times... he managed to get onto highway 13 where he pulled over and called police. the victim told investigators that he got a good look at the man firing the gun but didn't recognize him. (ken) the victim was taken to a local hospital for his
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injuries. the chp is asking for anyone traveling on westbound highway 24 this morning who may have saw something around the time the shooting occurred to give them a call. this is the fourth freeway shooting in oakland in 2019. (grant) police in redwood city have arrested a 36-year-old man on suspicion of attempted murder. police say scott thompson injured a woman at the capri motel in the 23-hundred block of el camino real around 4:30 sunday morning. the woman called police saying she was hurt badly... thompson was found a short time later walking north along el camino real. the woman was transported to the hosptial with non-life threatening injuries. (grant) teachers in dublin could soon go on strike. right now-- members of the teachers association are taking a strike authorization vote. this means if a contract settlement cannot be reached with the dublin unified school district-- teachers will strike. they are asking for smaller class sizes and a small raise. the voting will go
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through noon on friday at dublin high school (ken) stll ahead.. residents in a south bay neighborhood are not happy after a homeless encampment was forced to relocate. we'll hear from neighbors who want a chance to speak out against the move. (grant) and the white house is being grilled over the presidents proposed budget... why some are saying its facing an up hill battle. (ken) and why one state says bringing meatless meals to schools will be good for the students.
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for your health tonight... take a close look inside your kitchen cabinet.(grant) hometown food company is recalling more than 12-thousand cases of pillsbury unbleached all-purpose flour. according to the u-s department of agriculture-- the items in question might be contaminated with salmonella. the recalled products have the best if used by dates of april 19 and april 20th of 20-20. there are no reports of related illnesses. customers are advised to return the items to the place of purchase for refunds. we've posted the specifics on (ken) starting next year, students in new york schools won't have to wonder what's in their mystery meat... it will be tofu... or some other plant- based food. that's before the school district is implementing meatless mondays. all breakfasts and lunches served in the city's public school cafeterias will be vegetarian the first day of the school week. new york
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mayor bill deblasio says the move will improve health and help reduce greenhouse emissions. experts agree cutting meat from your diet just one day a week can make a difference. parents who insist on a meat-based diet for their kids will still be able to send them to school with their own lunches. (grant) coming up... changes are coming to how much you pay for different products on amazon. why companies will now have the power to price their products. (lawrence)ten at ten (ken)
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♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family. visit (ken) a homeless encampment
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in san jose is being forced to relocate. and the people who live near its proposed new site are not happy about their possible new neighbors.(grant) hope village has been operating near the airport for about six months now. but according to the city -- the federal aviation administration says they are in violation of a grant by leasing the site and it needs to move.(ken) kron4's michelle kingston visited the proposed new spot today -- and talked to neighbors who have a lot of questions. this is hope village .. a homeless encampment housing mostly older women near the san jose airport -- it's fenced in ... and has bathrooms, showers and garbage service.its operating on city owned land leased to the county of santa clara that is contracting with the hope village operatthose operators tell kron4 it runs on donations only and after six months of housing about 20
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people ... the city needs to relocate the village, according to the faa.kathleen almoslio, willow glen"you are taking a problem, i'm sorry, they are taking a problem and they are putting it into our district."the proposed new site for hope village is in willow glen -- and neighbors there are not happy about the idea.these signs are posted on willow glen streets, alerting neighbors the encampment is coming soon.lori marshall, willow glen"you can't just come in and shove this down people's throats. that's not right."neighbors here say the city never told them that this site -- on willow and lelong street -- was even a possibility. and that they want the chance to speak up. mansour nasser, willow glen "it's not just the people living within the compound that is the concern. it's when you sanction something like that, you also attract other homeless rvs and other vehicles."the city says they are nowhere near finalizing plans and are doing what they can to meet the needs of the homeless population in san jose.ragan henninger, san jose housing department"the reality is, that homelessness impacts every part of our city and the solutions, housing and services, belong in every part of our city."michelle kingston, inthere's a willow glen community meeting on wednesday at 7 at the elks lodge in san jose.and then there is a city meeting to discuss this on monday. again -- there have been no votes and no final decision made just san jose
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michelle kingston kron 4 news turning now turning now to weather lawrence how's it looking... lawrence karnow: it was a windy day for much of the bay area. highs were in the 50s and 60s but felt cooler with the wind. a weak cold front passed through today bringing a few clouds and gusty winds.
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winds will decrease tonight under mostly clear skies. you can still see a few showers passing through the state with snow over the sierra. high pressure will take over now for the rest of the week. in fact some temperatures could reach the low 70s by the weekend. tomorrow will be mostly sunny and breezy near the coast. highs will be in the 50s and 60s. (grant) a teacher at cloverdale high school was arrested after police say they uncovered evidence of a fight club type atmoshpere inside a
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teacher's special education classroom.(ken) kron4's maureen kelly talked to a student who says she saw what he was refereeing the fights as you would see in a boxing ring or an mma type fight he was refereeing the fightthat's what cloverdale pd are saying special ed teacher federico vargas was doing inside his classroom at cloverdale high....police turnd up thursday to investigate the rumor of a fight club after another teacher notified school officials.multiple student injuries were uncovered during the requiring treatment. at least one fight was caught on video by a student.police believe there were multiple fights but are unsure of the exact amount or how long it had been allegedly going student inside the classroom thinks it's unfair that vargas was arrested.he's the best teacher and he's the only one who all actually cares about his kind a like two kids had beef wanted to fight each other and this is his best solution, you nobody it out i'll be the referee not gonna let you get
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hurtthe superintendent says vargas has taught here 8 years and has been put on leave pending the investigation., it just rocks me, just know that as a superintendent this has my full and undivided attention and we will do everything in our power to get to the bottom of this to make sure all of our kids are safe vargas turned himself in saturday and faces 13 counts contributing to the deliquency of a minor and five counts of endandering children. maureen kelly kron4 news. (grant) when bullying happens at school -- students may not speak up because they are afraid of being called a snitch or a tattle-tale. a school district in elk grove is lnow eading an effort to take away the fear. the elk grove united school board
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rolled out this new online tool for students and parents. it lets them report any issues like bullying -- and choose to remain anonymous. the reports get sent to the school principal and an incident response team launches an investigation. one mother called on the district to come up with the system after she says -- her son was bullied at school. "the thing that really broke my heart is his bully told him he should just go kill himself because he's a loser and no one likes him." (grant) the district stresses... the online reporting system does not replace talking in person with teachers or counselors if students have issues. its just another way to help. (ken) today, alabama representative mike rogers and members of the alabama and georgia delegations held a moment of silence in the house of representatives for the victims of the devastating tornadoes that tore through the states last week. 23 people died when a series of tornadoes touched down. lee county schools welcomed
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students back to school today for the first time. school officials prepared for a lot of emotions from all the students, offering a grief counselor who worked with teachers. a benefit concert was planned for tonight in support of the tornado victims. bands from the surrounding area were set to preform... with all donations going to victims (grant) in national news... the white house is defending its 2020 budget proposal before congress. (ken) the budget, released yesterday calls for sharp cuts to domestic programs and major increases in defense spending. kron 4's mark meredith has the details from washington. house democrats grilled president trump's acting budget director over plans to cut spending on domestic programs while spending more on defense and border security. nat: unfortunately when you look at the budget the trump administration has produced, it is not responsible or even usable"kentucky congressman john yarmuth says proposed cuts to education, health care, and welfare programs would be devastating to house c the cuts necessary to reign in
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..what it calls out of control spending."no agency can spend well, when they don't live in a resource constrained world" texas congressman lloyd doggett says the white house is also sending mixed messages. claiming it wants to improve infrastructure but refusing to spend the money."i don't see how cutting the transportation budget by 20 percent, is going to get people out of the gridlock we have all over the country today"congressional democrats have come out united against the budget.senate minority leader chuck schumer is encouraging voters who depend on entitlement programs, like medicare, to speak out."this budget says 'promises kept'. balderdash. balderdash when it comes to social security, medicare, and medicaid. for their part...congressional republicans are embracing the president's plan.nat: " our nation is nearing a fiscal crisis, i would argue we're already in one""republicans agree we need to remain focused on important goals, like rebuildnig our military" congress has until the end of september to pass a funding bill for next washington, i'm mark meredith.
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(ken) the president's proposed budget also includes 750 billion dollars for defense spending. pentagon officials say the money will help better prepare troops to defend our country and support military families. the plan includes building new equipment, boost the number of service members by forty thousand over five years, a proposed three point one percent pay raise for troops and investing in space force. (ken)that challenge>(ken) but researchers say while the money will improve military readiness, it will do little to meet long term goals such as building the ers will take q from lawmakers about the proposed budget. (grant) house democrats have introduced a new bill aimed at providing a pathway to citizenship for more than one million undocumented
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immigrants in the u-s. it's called the "dream and promise act", and was unveiled by house speaker nancy pelosi and others at a news conference today. supporters say the bill would provide a greater sense of security to those undocumented immigrants whose fate has been tied up by the courts. the measure would give undocumented immigrants who came to the u-s as children permanent resident status for 10 years, as well as cancel removal proceedings if certain requirements are met. it would also give immigrants with temporary protected status the opportunity to gain lawful permanent resident status.
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(grant) homeland security agents are telling more asylum seekers to wait in mexico for their immigration court hearings in the u-s. d-h-s says as of today, the u- s has returned 240 migrants to mexico under a new expanded version of its migrant protection protocols program. the program is also know as remain in mexico. under the plan, d-h-s returns migrants primarily from central amercia to mexico to wait as they apply for aslyum in the u-s. yesterday the department expanded this program from one port of entry to ports along three california areas. according to d-h-s, it does not apply to mexican citizens and unaccompained minors. (ken) in world news tonight, venezuelan president nicolas maduro is blaming the u-s for the widespread power outages and water shortages crippling the country. in a televised speech late monday night, he called it an "electric coup"
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carried out by "criminal minds." maduro says school and work will be suspended for another 48-hours, but the country will slowly recover. meanwhile, u-s secretary of state mike pompeo says he's pulled all remaining staff from the embassy in caracas. and pompeo is blasting maduro, cuba and russia for venezuela's economic crisis. (ken) video tonight out of venezuela showing a country in complete desperation. the country currently lacks power and is also experiencing a shortage of water, gas, food, medicine and other basic supplies. at the same time, they are seeing looting, protests, road blocks and even deaths connected to the power outage. these are images from maracaibo in northwestern venezuela. maracaibo is one of the country's hottest cities and one of the most (grant) still ahead... a proposal to get parents paid leave divides congress. why some say the solution
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on the table is a terrible idea. (ken) move over, mickey... there's a new fox in this the merger between 20th century fox... and disney... will impact the way you consume content. (sports) just ahead in sports, the gaels from moraga topple the top-team in the land... and the next stop is the ncaa tourney. we'll have the dramatic highlights. the ross spring dress event is here-finally! so you can say yes to the biggest selection of the season. yes! or stop and ask yourself,
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"can i afford both?" at these prices, oh, yeah. or find a look that's, like... wow a price that's, like... whoa. that's yes for less. seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices! more new dresses means more reasons to say yes. at the ross spring dress event. on now! yes for less. (grant) honda is recalling
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more than a million cars,
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because their airbag inflators can explode. the recall covers many honda and acura models from 2001 through 2016. the inflators are manufactured by takata. 23 people have been killed worldwide because of the faulty inflators. and these are actually the replacements... after takata faced a similar recall years ago. for more information on this recall and the exact models affected-- go to our website at kron-4 dot com. (grant) in about a week -- disney and 21st century fox will be one company. the companies announced today that the merger of the two entertainment titans will take effect on march 20th. the 71 billion dollar deal was made officisummer.21st century movie studio, a controlling stake in streaming giant hulu, and several cable channels including fox news channel and fox sports. the rest of
10:46 pm
what was 21st century fox will become a new company simply called "fox". (ken) amazon sellers now have a little more freedom when it comes to pricing their products. amazon has changed its policy for third-party sellers. the e-commerce company used to prohibit third-party sellers from listing products on other sites for less... but amazon confirmed monday it won't do that anymore, effective immediately. the change comes amid concern that the stipulation, called price parity, could be in violation of u-s anti-trust law. of u-s anti-trust law. (ken) americans are expected to spend less green celebrating saint patrick's day this year. a survey by the national retail federation finds -- the average reveler plans to spend an average of 40-dollars on march 17th. much of that money will go to food and drinks. in total -- the irish celebration will bring in 5-point-6 billion dollars to the economy. that's below last year's total of almost 6-billion. (grant) part of trump's
10:47 pm
budget proposal includes paid family leave. according to u-s labor statistics only 17 percent of u-s workers can count on their employer to pay them while they stay home with their newborns.(ken) as kron 4's capitol hill correspondent raquel martin explains... both republicans and democrats support the plan... but it is unclear if they can agree on the details. "nat pop baby crying"many say the first few weeks after birth can be the most precious for new parents and their babies.but labor statistics show just a small fraction of u-s families can afford to take the time off.only 17 percent of workers get paid parental leave."as a nation we can do better for our families."tuesday republican senators joni ernst and mike lee introduced a conservative solution to a problem dispraportionally impacting working women."it's long over due that congress have a conversation on e matters, but get serious."under their plan eligible workers could
10:48 pm
tap their social security funds early to help pay for up to 3 months of off time. groups like the independent women's forum praised the idea. "now is the time for these innovative ideas"but here's the catch- once it's time to retire parent will have to wait that same amount of time to get their social security money back."it's not mandatory and it's not a tax on individuals.""it's a trade off but a trade off i think many would be willing to take." ohio democrat senator sherrod brown sternly disagrees arguing the solution would errode an already unstable social security program."it's a terrble half hearted attempt to do family and medical leave.""it's just bad policy." talks are still in the early stages and lawmakers hope to work together to find a solution agree washington, im raquel raquel martin toss to sports
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before tonight, st. mary's was a team on the bubble... and the talk was that in order to make the tourney, they would just need to keep it close against gonzaga. well, how about just beating them outright? --the st. mary's gaels facing top-ranked gonzaga in the west coast conference title game... randy bennett leading the charge as usual --2nd half... malik fitts... hits the 3-pointer... the gaels up 6 with 14 minutes left -- gonzaga rallies... -- gonzaga rallies... killian tillie... now back and healthy... nails the three to cut it to one... 40-39 st. mary's --later on, gaels up 4... jordan ford... almost has it stiolen... but gets it back and it goes down for three more... ford with 17 points... st. mary's up 7 --about 2 minutes left... st. mary's still up ... and tommy kuhse (cousey)... throws in the wild shot... it's a 9-point lead and that's
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it... st. mary's stuns the top- ranked bulldogs 60-47 to win the w-c-c tournament... first win against an ap-top team in school history... next stop, the big dance now to the nfl-- the raiders stayed quiet today and didn't hand out another historic contract. but the 49ers are bulking up that defense. san francisco reportedly acquiring pass- rusher dee ford from the kansas city exchange for a 2nd round pick in 2020. and the niners will be sigining him to a deal of 5-years, 87-point-5 million dollars. at 27, he's coming off a pro bowl season where he started 16- games...and racked up 13-sacks. and the latest transaction to come out tonight...another big name off the market. le'veon bell...the former steelers back who sat out all of last year because of a contract dispute... is expected to sign with the new yorkit's a 4- 52-million dollar deal, 35-million guaranteed. also today,
10:51 pm
superstar receiver odell beckham junior has been traded to the cleveland browns. according to multiple reports, the giants sending obj to cleveland in exchange for a 1st and 3rd-round draft well as... safety jabrill peppers. that package is much more than what the raiders had to give up to land antonio brown. the 26-year-old beckham is considered one of the best... and last season, new york signed him to a lucrative deal. let's now talk some sharks-- the hottest team in hockey right now... --san jose in winnipeg...sharkies have won 5-straight going into tonight. --3rd period-- sharks up 1. 3-30 to go... matthew perreaolt...def lection at the net, liights the lamp. game knotted at 4. game knotted at 4. --then in the final seco 4-all. 2-on-1...timo meier and joe pavelski...get loose on the break... and captain america saves the day... right between the pipes... and that's the game winner... 5-4 san jose your final, they've won 6 in a row. how about a little spring training baseball... giants
10:52 pm
hosting the brewers... --and check out scottsdale stadium... the rainbow right over the outfield... --madison bumgarner... his best outing of a difficult his best outing bumgarner... his best outing of a difficult spring... gave up a couple of runs and 7 hits over five innings... striking out 4 --bottom 4th... brandon belt... almost hit one out in the 1st... no almost here... belt goes yard for a solo home run... 1-0 giants the rain brought this one to an early end... final score... 4-2 giants in only 5 innings thank mark. lawrence tease. (weather) coming up i'll have the seven day
10:53 pm
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studios released the official trailer of its upcoming aladdain remake. (ken) the live-(ken) the live-action remake version of disney's animated classic features actor mena massoud, who plays aladdian. namoi scott will be princess jasmine, while will smith plays the blue genie. but the trailer shows that smith's appearance changes during the movie. it appears the movie will keep some of the music from the 1992 original. that includes the song a whole new world that won an oscar and a grammy. the new aladdin will be in theaters may 24th. lawrence karnow: it was a windy day f the bay area. the 50s
10:56 pm
and 60s but felt cooler with the wind. a weak cold front passed through today bringing a few clouds and gusty winds. winds will decrease tonight under mostly clear skies. you can still see a few showers passing through the state with snow over the sierra. high pressure will take over now for the rest of the week. in fact some temperatures could reach the low 70s by the weekend. tomorrow will be mostly sunny and breezy near the coast. highs will be in the 50s and 60s. kron on continues next at 11... terisa estacio has the latest bay area news. the kron on app is available on apple and android devices. head to kron on dot tv to sign up.
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