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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  March 13, 2019 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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hit and died at the scene.the 2nd suspect, the woman was taken to the hospital and the dog was's still unclear what the nature of the theft was..this is still developing. .... (grant)(grant) .... .... (grant) (grant) we first told you about this with a push alert from our mobile app. stay connected on breaking news in your neighborhood by downloading it today. (vicki) now to another big
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story tonight.... hundreds of inmates on california's death row are getting a reprieve. governor gavin newsom signed a moratorium on executions across the state. that means the more than 700- inmates on the nation's largest death row will have their death sentences put on hold. nobody has been executed in the state since 2006. but this executive order is a game changer... at least during the newsom administration. it puts in place an executive moratorium on the death penalty in the form of a reprieve... for all individuals sentenced to death in california. - it withdrawals california's lethal injection protocol - it immediately closes the execution chamber at san quentin. - it clearly states the directive does not allow for the release of any individual from prison or otherwise alter any current conviction or sentence. today governor gavin newsom explained his reasoning.
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billion dollars... 5-billion dollars since we reinstated the death penalty in this state. what have we gotten for that?">(vicki)for that?"> (vicki) and the work on closing the execution chamber at san quentin started immediately... this is video as crews removed the equipment today. (grant) president trump responded on twitter, writing: "defying voters, the governor of california will halt all death penalty executions of 737 stone cold killers. friends and families of the always forgotten victims are not thrilled and neither am i!" (grant) senator kamala harris also releasing a statement which reads in part: "i applaud governor newsom for his decision to place a moratorium on the death penalty. as a career law enforcement official, i have opposed the death penalty because it is immoral, discriminatory, ineffective,
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and a gross misuse of taxpayer dollars." (vicki) taking a look now at some of the infamous inmates currently on death row at san quentin. scott peterson was convicted in the death of his wife laci and their unborn son. lonni franklin --- is a convicted serial killer. vincent brothers --- a former high school principal convicted of killing his three children and mother-in-law. and richard allen davis --- has been on death row since 19-96 for the kidnap and murder of 12- year-old polly klaas from petaluma. (vicki) meanwhile the friends and families of victims who lost their lives at the hands of death row inmates are ánot pleased with the governor's announcement. (grant) reporter doug johnson spoke with friends of laci peterson... and the brother of slain stanislaus deputy dennis wallace. they say they were shocked to hear the governor's announcement-- calling it a slap in the face. stacey birdsong, friend of laci peterson"laci and i had been friends since 3rd grade." stacey birdsong and rene tomlinson tell us they can't
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believe governor gavin newsom would prevent their friend, laci peterson's murderer... husband scott peterson... from being exicuted. rene tomlinson, friend of laci peterson"no one allowed any kind of moratorium for those victims."stacey birdsong, friend of laci peterson"how is it humane how laci and conner died? do you think scott was humane about how he ended their lives."david wallace, brother of deputy dennis wallace"you're revictimizing these families."it's a move which also causes great frustration for david wallace. david wallace, brother of deputy dennis wallace "yesterday they were sentenced to death. today they're sentenced to life without."in november of 2016, wallace's brother, deputy dennis wallace, was shot and killed execution style allegedly by david machado.last month machado was found mentally competiant to stand trial. david wallace, brother of deputy dennis wallace"and those guys with life without, all of a sudden because life with the possiblity. because all it takes is a little bit of comfort, and then we move the line a little bit farther over."however gov. newsom's moratorium on the death penalty does have some family members of murder victims applauding.aba gayle, daughter murdered in 1980"why do we kill people who kill people to show that killing people is wrong?"aba gayle's dauther catherine was murdered in 1980... her killer now sits on death row.aba gayle, daughter murdered in 1980"don't kill in
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my name, but far more important to me is don't kill in catherine's name because it would dishonor her spirit."but birdsong feels the governor's actions go directly against the wishes of the people of california.stacey birdsong, friend of laci peterson "because we did vote, prop 66 in 2016 that we want this reformed. we want the death penalty to work."(but with)"in the long run we're paying for him to stay on death row."(but with)"i don't want to hear about how great a life he has because laci doesn't have a life. connor doesn't have a life, he never had life." (vicki)(vicki) that was doug johnson reporting... (grant) laci peterson's family is also very upset with the governor's annoucement. (grant) a local district attorney is praising the governor's order. san francisco d-a "george gascon" says the death peantly is an unfair practice."people that are poor and people of color ore more likely to be sentenced to the death penalty when you look at the economic costs we are paying over 5 billion dollars since 1978 to maintain a broken system, the reality is we are better served to take the death ntpe the last execution in
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california was 13 years ago and gascon points out.... homicide rates have been going down since then. he says -- that helps support the case that capital punishment no longer needed. (vicki) not many people agree with d-a gason... they believe the death peanlty is a deterrent for certain people, that should be left on the table. kron4's michelle kingston spoke to family members of other murder victims today to find out what they think of the governor's order. elisabeth semel, uc berkeley school of law"theres certain areas where the governors powers are very clear and when it comes to executions it is clear from the constitution that the governor has the power to issue reprieves and that he has said he will do" governor gavin newsom put a moratorium on executions in california on wednesday -- and called for the immediate closure of the execution chamber at san quentin.and despite the opinions people may have on the decision -- uc berkeley law professor elisabeth semel says he has the constitutional power to grant reprieves.steve wagstaffe, san mateo county district attorney"this decision by the governor flies in the face of what the voters
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have done. i guess hes decided his personal views outweight that of the public."marc klaas, father of murder victim "once i was able to process what he had said, i died a little bit."marc klaas -- the father of a murder victim -- is disappointed by the governor's decision.marc klaas, father of murder victim "we have to remember that the individuals on death row are responsible for the deaths of more than 1000 police officers, babies, children, women, that these are the spree killers .. that these are the serial killers."but not all families of murder victims disagree with the order.judy kerr, sister of murder victim"he was a very sweet soul. he didn't hold malice toward people."judy kerr's brother bob was killed in 2003. they never found the person responsible for his death -- and the case is now cold. she is one of many survivors of murder victims against the deathe penalty. judy kerr, sister of murder victim"it doesnt serve the needs of victims families. it doesnt serve my needs as a survivor of a homicide victim. im just glad that governor newsom has had the courage to go ahead and take this step." in berkeley, michelle kingston, kron 4 news
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(grant) a developing story tonight....president trump announcing today that he is grounding of all boeing 737 max eight and max nine planes in the u-s.(vicki) the max eight was the type of plane involved in the sunday crash of ethiopian airlines flight 302.157 people died in the crash. it was the second time in just months that a plane of that model went down. (grant) here's a map showing just how many countries are grounding the aircraft... they include singapore... australia... brazil... canada... china... the europe union ... mexico...turkey just to name a few... reporter tom foreman has the latest details... amid fierce, global pressure and political alarms at home, the president finally called it:trump: "we're going be ordering an emergency order to ground all 737 max 8 and the 737 max 9 and planes
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associated with that line. any plane currently in the air will go to its destination and thereafter be grounded until further notice."the order came after days of mounting worries following the africa crash of just such a plane and serious questions about its safety. hours after the federal aviation administration insisted, once again, there was no evidence the boeing jets were unsafe.and just after canada cited new satellite tracking analysis and ordered the planes out of the sky.yet even in issuing the order, the president praised the massive airplane manufacturer and military contractor.trump: "boeing is an incredible company. they're working very hard right now. may god bless the united states of america and god bless boeing."the president has long and openly admired the ceo at trump tower and mar-a-lago, visiting boeing factories, bragging about a multi-billion dollar deal to send planes to vietnam.trump: "...and the reason i like the boeing is because it's jobs for the united states."vietnam says that deal is now in limbo. but boeing's ties with team trump remain strong: his acting secretary of defense is a former boeing executive. trump's former u.n. ambassador was just named to the boeing board, and the company building the new air force one? trump: "actually, boeing is doing it. it's going to be a
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new color system: red, white, and blue. and it looks phenomenal."still, trump says he spoke with boeing and others amid the storm of concern over one of the company's newest jets and said boeing has to figure out what - if anything is wrong with them...trump: "and hopefully they'll very quickly come up with the answer, but until they do... the planes are grounded." (vicki)(vicki) shortly after president trump's announcement, the f-a-a released a statement
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saying it made the decision to ground the planes, not the president.... saying "the agency made this decision as a result of the data gathering process and new evidence collected at the site and analyzed today. this evidence, together with newly refined satellite data available to faa this morning, led to this decision."the agency says it will continue to investigate. (grant) the action taken by the president and the f-a-a this morning is prompting pilots across the country to weigh in. many are calling the decision an overreaction. kron 4's noelle bellow spoke with two pilots who share those thoughts. - pkg - if theres one thing ive learned from my conversations with pilots today its that proper training is the key to a successful flight and pilots both active and retired say they have deep confidence in the training they receive here in the u-ssot captain dick deeds has been retired for 25 years but hes remained active in the aviation community sothe says the recent accidents are
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tragic but he believes it couldve been avoided sot current united airlines captain laura einsetler agrees. she says shes also confident in the aircrafts themselves sot every year us pilots are required to train on two different simulators for four hours at a time. sot lauradeeds says not only is an airline safety crew member on hand during the yearly training, an faa member is too sits both pilots say if youre nervous about your next flight - dont be deeds says from his investigative work experience he expexts theyll have all of this cleared up in about a week or so. live at sfo noelle bellow kron 4 news kron 4 news noelle bellow live at sfo noelle bellow kron 4 news
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(vicki) the grounding of boeing's 7-3-7 max jets is starting to cause problems for some travelers. this is a video from oakland international, miami international and s-f-o... in miami long lines at the american airlines service desk
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as many people had to be rebooked... southwest has a major hub at the oakland airport... the airlines says -- it grounded 34 "max 8" airplanes out of about 750 of its fleet of 737 jets. but the grounding of max 8s didn't appear to impact flights today. several passengers say say although the grounding may be an inconvenience... better safe than sorry...(vicki) we did we did reach out to the oakland airport for comment. they declined to be interviewed and referred to us to individual airlanes. teational airport...(grant) joining
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us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... with a look at how the flights are now? lawrence karnow: it was a beautiful spring-like day for the bay area. there was plenty of sunshine and highs were mainly in the 60s. doppler radar is quiet for now and the winds have calmed down. it will be a clear and starry night with chilly temperatures in the 30s and 40s. on the satellite you can see high pressure sitting over california. it's going to stick around through the weekend. highs tomorrow will be in the 60s with sunshine and high weekend will be even warmer with 60s and 70s.
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(vicki) actress felicity huffman made a quick exit tuesday as she left a los
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angeles courthouse after posting bond. the 56-year- old has been charged with felony conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud in what's being called as the largest college admissions scam ever prosecuted. actress lori loughlin of "full house" is facing the same charges. this afternoon... a judge said loughlin can be released after posting $1 million bond kron4's maureen kelly has new information about two prominent families local embroiled in the cheating scandal who are linked to a prestigious marin county school. san rafael's marin academy confirms that two of their parents were amoung those charged in the nationwide college bribary scandal that has so far enshared 50 people. one of those parents is mill valley resident bill mcglashan jr....he had been on the board of trustees of the college prepatory high school but has since resigned since the story broke.he has also been put on leave from tpg...the global private equity firm he founded. mcglashan's accused of bribing a usc associate director to
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get his son recruited as a punter....despite the fact that marin academy doesn't have football an except from the court authorized wiretap rick singer....the alleged ringleader of the scheme...identified as cooperating witness number 1...says so i'm going to make him a which mcglashan laughs and says he does have really strong legs. another marin academy parent agustin huneeus jr an affluent napa valley wine maker is accused by the feds of paying singer to help his daughter cheat on the sat test....and bribing to get heronto usc's water polo team by fabricating her athletic profile that included the photo of another girl playing the sport.a wiretap allegedly caught huneeus asking is there any risk this thing blows up in my face? singer replying hasnt in 24 years.marin academy has issued a statement saying there is no indication that anyone at the school was aware of or participated in the alleged illegal and highly unethical behavior.they say they are shocked by these charges against these parents....and are especially concerned about the impact this will have on their children.maureen kelly kron4 news
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(grant) outrage on a local campus tonight after racist graffiti is found in a restroom. students say... the message threatens black students. dozens of students walked out of class today at diablo valley college in pleasant hill. they say -- the hate message was written a week ago but were notified days later. these students say -- this is not the first racist graffiti incident at their school they are protesting the adminstration's handling of the incident. "we have talked to faculty. we have sent emails trying to figure out why id this happening and what is dvc going to do?"(grant) d-v-c officials say campus police are investigating the incident. they are also offering counseling to students who may have been impacted.
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(grant) coming up... teen soccer players are speaking out tonight after surviving what could have been a deadly accident.... a light pole comes crashing down onto the field below during their soccer game... tonight we'll show the moment the light pole fell... injuring a referee... (vicki) plus...measles isn't the only disease people need to worry about.... details on the other outbreak that is happening at a major university... (grant) and up next... biometric technology will be available on the next generation of credit and debit cards. we'll explain what that is and how it impacts you...
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♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family. visit tonight... a british bank will
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be the latest to test out biometric technology áoná a payment card.(grant) the tech is already being tested in markets worldwide -- including south africa, the middle east, italy ... and in some u-s banks. but we don't really know how exactly it works... so here's a break down... biometric technology is used for services like apple pay and android pay. and now, visa and mastercard are adding biometric sensors directly to credit and debit cards. these prototype cards feature embedded fingerprint sensors that capture and match the cardholder's print to a digital image stored on the card -- no need for a signature or pin. (vicki) fiat chrysler is voluntarily recalling nearly 900-thousand vehicles across the u-s... because they don't
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meet the country's emission standards. the vehicles involved in the recall include the 2011-2016 dodge journey, the 2011-2014 chrysler 200 /dodge avenger, the 2011-2012 dodge caliber and 2011-2016 jeep compass/patriot. owners of vehicles involved in the recall must wait until they receive notification from fiat chrysler before scheduling a dealership appointment. the e-p-a will continue to investigate other fiat chrysler vehicles.... (grant) you won't find any books about curing autism on amazon. the retailer removed the books from its website today in an effor to limit the amount of misinformation related to autism and the notion that it's caused by vaccines. the c-d-c says there is no cure for autism spectrum disorder -- only medications that can help some function better. it also says there is no link between vaccines and autism. last week, facebook announced it would hide groups that spread
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misinformation about vaccines causing autism from search results. (vicki) ahead at nine... lanes on a busy highway will be shut down during rush hour all for road repairs... where it's happening and how it'll impact your commute... (grant) plus... new accusations that local police departments are sharing your information with ice... (vicki) and up next... controversy in the south bay after an undocumented immigrant is charged with a brutal, random murder. why one county leader says áice should take some of the blame in cases like this one. (lawrence) weather tease
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(vicki) the arrest an undocumented immigrant accused in the murder of a san jose woman has rekindled the debate over to what extent local law enforcement should cooperate with federal authorities. (grant) as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now, santa clara county says it's only following the law, despite criticism from other local officials. (suspect mug) carlos eduardo arevalo carranza, an undocumented immigrant with a long criminal history, was arrested in connection with the brutal murder of 59 year old bambi larson of san jose. police on tuesday revealed that carranza had previously been locked up and released from the santa clara county jail twice in recent months. but before he allegedly stalked and stabbed larson to death late last month, carranza had been ordered detained by ice nine times in an effort to stop him from offending again. but those requests were thwarted by local sanctuary policies mean to protect undocumented immigrants who are not
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considered a threat to the public. echoing previous criticizm of the policy, san jose mayor sam liccardo in a statement said.. ".....the current policy of ignoring detainer requests undermines public safety and violates common sense..." the mayor called for restarting the conversation on the policy. sheriff laurie smith said... ' has been my long standing position that we should notify ice of all undocumented immigrants who are serious or violent felons...i will advocate for changing the policy..." also in a statement, county supervisor dave corteze reminded critics of the policy that the courts have thus far ruled that the county cannot hold immigrant suspects for ice without a warrant or judicial order unless the individual is currently charged with a crime. corteze insisted that ice is indeed notified ofcustody releases in real time but that ice often shows up too late to take action.county council james williams clarified the policy. james williams/santa clara county council "...there has been a lot of confusion about the law and about what the county can and cannot do. federal courts for many years all across the country have ruled that holding people beyond their release time violates the 4th amendment of the u.s. constitution and the only way we can legally hold people is if we have a warrant..."unless the courts rule otherwise or there is a change in local policy, law enforcement will continue to be caught in the middle trying to make a distinction between providing protection to otherwise law-abiding undocumented residents and violent criminals like carlos carranza who is one again locked up here in county jail. in san jose, rob fladboe, kron 4 news.
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(grant)(grant) california is a sanctuary state, but the a-c-l-u recently discovered local police departments are giving u-s immigration and customs enforcement officials access to people's personal data... and it's all happening through license plates. the a-c-l-u believes ice is using the inforamtion to deport undocumented immigrants. more than 80 local law enforcement agencies
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nationwide are said to be involved. they discovered... ice agents nationwide are able to track more than five- billion drivers. they added that granting ice access to this information violates the california values act... (grant) ice released this statement saying "like other law enforcement agencies, ice uses information obtained from license plate readers as one tool in support of its investigations. it doesn't use it to track or locate it doesn't use it its investigations. it doesn't use it to track or locate individuals who have no connection to ice enforcement activities, and it doesn't take enforcement action against any individual based on the information obtained." as of right now, we don't know whether any deportations have been made as a result of the license plate reader data. (vicki) former trump
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campaign manager paul manafort facing mounting legal troubles. minutes after being sentenced for the second time in federal court... new york state prosecutors hit manafort with more than a dozen new charges. that happened moments after manafort learned he will spend about seven and half years in prison. that's 43 more months behind bars in addition to his a sentence he received last week. (vicki) beto o'rourke is running for president of the united states. the former el paso congressman will make the announcement on thursday morning, but confirmed to kron4's sister station, that he is seeking the democratic nomination. speculation on whether he would run for president has been discussed since his senate loss to ted cruz in november. the field of democratic candidates already includes elizabeth warren, bernie sanders and julian castro, among others. (grant) now that the weather is turning warmer - summer road construction season begins. kron 4's justine waldman tells us about an emergency repair project in marin county now underway that
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is causing some serious delays for drivers. and what other road project bay area drivers should be ready for.. when a typically easy afternoon commute looks red on a traffic map - something unusual must be slowing drivers down.sot it was like a huge surprise too none of us had any idea about it construction taking a normal 15 minute ride to almost 2 hours.sot it looked like la out thereon 101 south in marin county, between spencer ave and the robin williams tunnel, cal trans is repaving part of the road.recent storms damaged the 101 and the emergency repair project is now underway. sot if we dont do the repairs now the road could deteroritate anymore and there could be even more closures. the work on 101 will continue wednesday and last until monday.with several lanes shutdown each day to accodomate the construction work.the morning rush is not impacted.but daytime construction is a must, says caltrans, to complete the project.sot we we do the work at night they can cant pave as
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much because the asphalt does not stick as well when the weather is cold the warmer weather is also opening the door for other big bay area road construction to start ... such as , along 80 in the east bay caltrans will raise the overcrossings at university and macarthur.with all this work drivers should be epextra time to their commutes.cover sot there is no good time to close lanes on 101 in marin county standuphere in marin county, caltrans tells me the work on 101 will improve the riding surface and enhance safety. i'm justine waldman kron 4 news. (vicki)(vicki) high school students in arkansas are speaking out-- after surviving what could have been a deadly accident.(grant) it happened during a soccer game -- a light pole fell... injuring several players including a referee. and the whole incident was caught on camera... reporter jo ellison shows us what happened... andrew davis/soccer player: "about 17 minutes left in the game and we are beating
9:35 pm
dardenelle 1-0."but mena soccer player andrew davis and his team mates never finished that game on saturday in clarksville.wind gusts of more than 40 miles per hour pounded the stadium.and in this video, you can see the moment a light pole snapped in half... landing on a referee and grazing davis' side.andrew davis/soccer player:"i started running around because i felt my head. i felt blood. i started running around saying i need help because i didn't know what kind of condition i was.parents, coaches and fans rushed the field trying to see who all was hurt.camden broderson/soccer player:"i heard the glass shattering and that's when the glass kind of blew right around where i was." another mena player camden brodersen says he had glass in his eye but ran to help the referee now pinned under that pole.camden broderson/soccer player:"he was face down at the moment. he was kind of screaming but i heard he was calm when he got to the ambulance but he was screaming at the moment. i kind of pulled the bar off of him and that's when everybody started crowding up."broderson washed the glass from his eyes and was taken to the hospital. davis and the referee were rushed away in an ambulance. andrew davis/soccer player:"my head was swollen pretty bad. my hands got tore up. i had seven stitches in my knee." parents and players say the field was quickly evacuated and shut down as other light poles were shaking due to the wind.andrew davis/soccer player:"i didn't get lucky. it
9:36 pm
was by the grace of god that i was able just to move out of the way." (grant)2 shot tag(grant)2 shot tag the tag(grant)2 shot tag the students say the referee had to go through surgery after the accident. (vicki) the school district is still evaluating the safety of other light poles on their field. (vicki) back here in the east bay... a tesla crashes into a restaurant in danville. it happened this morning at the "fish on fire" sushi restaurant at the town and country shopping center off of san ramon valley boulevard. police say the crash was caused by a "pedal confusion". they say the tesla's self- driving and self-parking features are not factors.
9:37 pm
nobody was injured and officials say the building appears to be structurally safe. (grant) this afternoon... instagram and facebook appeared to go down around the world. at this point... it's unclear what caused the issue but users were having trouble accessing and logging into the social media networks. the partial outage is believed to be the biggest interruption ever suffered by the network. despite early rumors it was caused by a hacker attack...facebook says that's not true. users then headed to users not true. users then headed to another popular social media network, twitter, using the hashtag #facebookdown. the apparent outage quickly became one of the top trending topics. users of facebook's other platforms including messenger and 'what's app' were also affected. a facebook spokesperson tells usa today that the company is aware and is working to resolve the issue. (lawrence bay area weather)
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(grant) plus as we continue to celebrate women history all month long... you to a young girl whose dream is to.. end hunger... one garden at a time. (sports tease) coming up important test for the warriors tonight...we'll show you whether they passed after the break.
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basketball...the houston rockets have had the warriors' number this year...three- and-oh record against the champs heading into tonight's matchup. with kevin durant out to rest the ankle he tweaked last game...the rest of the dubs would have to step up against james harden and company... first half winding down...harden makes the step back jumper...ties it up, warriors would lead by two at the half. onto that second half...dubs up 2...steph curry for three...what he for steph curry 2...half...dubs up 2... steph curry for three...what he does best...72-69 golden state.the other splash brother getting in on some action...klay thompson for three...dubs starting to pull away... 90 - 78little bit later...dubs up 11...demarcus cousinsdemarcus cousins makes cousinsdemarcus cousins makes 16-foot jumper 102 - 89chris paul makes 102 - 89chris paul
9:42 pm
makes 5-foot driving floating jump shot 104 - 102james harden misses free throw 2 of 2 106 - 10... misses free throw james harden shot 104 - 102james harden misses free throw 2 of 2 106 - 10... andre iguodala defensive rebound 106 - 104 some say antonio brown is the best receiver in the n-f-l...what we know for certain is he's officially an oakland raider. brown arrived at raiders headquarters yesterday...and was introduced today...but the stats speak for themselves...brown put up more than 1,000 yards receiving in each of the last 6 seasons...and led the league in touchdown catches last year...oakland is putting 3- years and more than $50
9:43 pm
million dollars into the hope that brown will remain prolific. today, the newest member of the silver and black addressed the local media for the first time. "i bring accountability. i bring actions. so what i say, what i do. how i approach things. holding the guys accountable in the receiving room. developing a pot. challenging guys if they drop a ball.we gonna have a pot, just super accountable." it all starts with accountability. looking forward to seeing brown as a raider...and looking forward to more news after the break. [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, you!
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and a simpler online application, getting into my dream home was easier than ever. get your human to visit what would she do without me? (vicki) all month long we are
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celebrating women in history... one in eight people in the united states struggle to put food on their plates. (grant) tonight we meet a woman who is on a mission to lower that number... one garden at a time. reporter laura smith has the story. ((nat sound)) "how long have you been helping out in the garden for?"age is just a number..((sot: katie stagliano, founder, katie's krops)) "there is not hing that you can't do."((nat pop)) "alright give me a high five." katie stagliano.. proving that.. it's never too early to achieve your dream.((sot))"i started all of this when i was 9 years old."her dream is to reduce food insecurity in the united's a real and big problem. 40 million people live in a household that's
9:47 pm
food insecure.. including more than 12 million children.((nat pop))"that's parsely."so back in 2008.. as a 3rd grader.. katie got to work in the garden.. ((sot: katie stagliano/founder, katie's krops))"i brought my seedling home. i planted it in my back yard and it just kept growing and growing."and before she knew it.. the cabbage checked in at a whopping 40 pounds. ((sot: katie stagliano/foun der, katie's krops)) "i was just blown away. i didn't even know cabbages could even grow to be that big and i was just like this is far too much food for my family and i to eat."it was at that moment.. that katie knew exactly what she wanted to do with the cabbage.. ((sot: katie stagliano/founder, katie's krops)) "i decided i wanted to donate my cabbage to a soup kitchen and help families who didn't have enough to eat." that 40 pound cabbage.. fed 275 people. ((sot: katie stagliano/founder, katie's krops)) "and that's when i got the idea that would change my life forever."her dream.. planted.. and from that.. her non-profit... katie's krops.. was born. ((sot: katie stagliano/founder, katie's krops)) "imagine how many people an entire garden could feed and that was the start of katie's krops .. it all kind of snowballed from there." snowballed into a non-profit.. that now has 100 gardens growing in 31 states across the country. ((sot: katie stagliano/founder, katie's krops)) "and all of these gardens are run by youth between the ages of 9 and 16 at schools, in their backyard, community centers, churches, libraries."((nat pop))"what if we didn't have bees? then we would have no honey. we would have no food."((sot: cheron
9:48 pm
bryant, teacher, oak christian school))"we've been a katie's krops grower for about four years now"students at oak christian school are getting their hands dirty.. and giving back.. ((nat pop))"do you see anything?"((sot: cheron bryant))"in 2018 alone we grew over 500 pounds of fresh produce that we donated." teacher.. cheron bryant.. runs this garden.. ((sot: cheron bryant)) "the kids love it, they love it. i can be walking in the hallway and they will be like when do we get to go to the garden again? a garden.. transformed into an outdoor classroom. ((sot: cheron bryant)) "they find worms, they find lizards and frogs, and they get to see how their gardens are growing." ((but sot)) "and i've had parents say how did you get my child to eat salad? how did you get them to eat lettuce? it's because they planted it and harvested it, they got to touch and feel it."bottom line -- this is the kind of impact katie's krops is having around the country.((sot: katie stagliano))"and it's so important for kids to learn about gardening at an early age or how to be able to feed themselves, feed their neighbors."katie's work over the last 11 years .. ((nat pop))"my name is katie and this is how i make my mark." has not gone unnoticed.. ((nat pop))"i get an understanding of hunger"she's received national recognition.. including from u-s food company.. general mills. ((nat pop))"we are bringing communities together and kids together to grow a healthy and end hunger one vegetable garden at a time" ((sot: laura on camera))"i do have to ask, what's your favorite vegetable to grow?"((sot: katie)) "i
9:49 pm
think my favorite vegetable to grow has to be a cabbage."oh.. and the 40 pound cabbage she grew in 2008.. is still her biggest. in summerville, south carolina, i'm laura smithin 20-18 -- katie's krops donated more than 40 thousand pounds of fresh produce to people in need. there are so many ways you can help her organization end hunger. you can start a garden or buy something off katie's krop's wish list. the website is katies krops .com in charleston, south carolina i'm laura smith. (grant) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero... joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow...
9:50 pm
lawrence karnow: it was a beautiful spring-like day for the bay area. there was plenty of sunshine and highs were mainly in the 60s. doppler radar is quiet for now and the winds have calmed down. it will be a clear and starry night with chilly temperatures in the 30s and 40s. on the satellite you can see high pressure sitting over california. it's going to stick around through the weekend. highs tomorrow will be in the 60s with sunshine and high clouds. this weekend will be even warmer with highs in the 60s and 70s.
9:51 pm
(vicki) (vicki) 4 your health tonight... measles isn't the only disease people can get when they opt out of its vaccine.(grant)2 shot front land the c-d-c is reporting 151 cases of mumps in the u-s as of februa 28th... and 93 of those cases occurred in february. but those numbers are not all
9:52 pm
that unusual. there were more than two-thousand cases reported in the u-s last year. a mumps outbreak is currently underway at temple university.... which has eleven confirmed cases. mumps and rubella can be mostly prevented by the same vaccine given for measles... known as the m-m-r. symptoms of the mumps includes swollen, painful glands, fever, headache, fatigue, and appetite loss. (vicki) after the break... a taste of the hawaii islands right here in the bay area. that's next on dine and dish. alright, you excited? yeah! waaahoo...
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hawaii... tourists flock there for the sun, the beach and... the food.(vicki) now you don't have to hop on a plane - at least for the food. tonight on dine and dish - i give you a taste of the islands in san francisco at trailblazer tavern. if you need a hawaii fix, this is it. trailblazer tavern - in san francisco's salesforce east building. complete with ohana vibes.. meet the james beard nominated hawaiian chefs husband wife team - wade and michelle. they're bringing a taste of the islands to hawaiian comfort food like the huli huli chicken. the ahi poke nachos is a real crowd pleaser. you might order up the spam musubi - a savory island favorite. or go hog wild
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with a spam can mai tai drink (the if- can can a signature happy hour cocktail.) save room for dessert - michelle is famous for. she's whipped up wicked desserts from honolulu to french laundry in the wine country. michelle's dad had wanted her to become a banker or pga golf pro... thankfully she using her many talents to sweeten up - diners here at trailblazer tavern.
9:57 pm
(grant) that wraps up kron 4 news at nine...(vicki) but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. ken wayne is here with kron 4 news at ten....ken? (ken) thank you grant and vicki.... next at ten...deputies open fire on a pair of robbery suspects in the east bayone suspect was killed, the other is in the authorities are trying to piece together what led up to the gunfire.a live report...coming up. plus... president trump grounds all boeing 737 max 8 and 9's after that deadly ethiopia airlines crash over the weekend.we hear from a former pilot who says the president is overreacting. and i'll show you one of the most spectacular wildflower blooms in the country...and it's taking place right here in california. don't go away...hour three of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break.after the
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even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit
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one man is dead and a woman is injured after a deadly officer involved shooting in the east bay.(ken) thanks for joining us im ken wayne(grant) and im grant lodes in for pam moore. this happened just after 4:30 this afternoon in san leandro. police responded to a robbery at a business called "thrift town" on east 14th street at 162nd avenue.(ken) that's where we find kron-4's gayle ong she joins us live with what investigators are revealing tonight (gayle)


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