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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 14, 2019 1:30am-2:00am PDT

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♪ you only get one shot at your reputation. >> lori, lori, lori. felicity, felicity, felicity. >> are you asking for bribes? i have got my checkbook. >> their family's own words coming back to haunt them. >> we're going to be studious kids. >> after being taken down by the fbi in a college scam sting. >> people who lie a ill wilittl are called liar. >> the shade they're throwing. >> my kids work really hard. >> i know. and then the glam night at buckingham palace. how she's helping meghan prepare for babies. and the most dumped man in bachelor history comes to "e.t.." is colton finally feeling the love? >> i do. most people say that i don't.
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and our "big bang" exclusive. the stars remember the auditions that changed their lives. >> i didn't get it the first time around. i was too young. >> you're still too young for some roles. >> yeah. >> this is "entertainment tonight." aunt becky from "full house" taken into custody by fbi agents. that is a sentence i never thought would come out of my mouth. i'm at the federal courthouse in downtown los angeles where lori loughlin appeared in court today just one day after felicity huffman faced a judge. we have the latest on both stars and their largest college cheating scam in history. >> it doesn't seem like you have had very many pitfalls. >> thank you very much. we have had our moments. >> you could say today was a moment. lori loughlin surrendered to the fbi and was taken into custody.
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next stop, federal court, downtown l.a. she was fingerprinted and held in lockup until her court case was called. it's the same courthouse where lori and felicity appeared yesterday before posting bail and being released. lori was in vancouver filming for the hallmark movies and mystery channel when the bombshell sting operation unfolded yesterday. the couple allegedly paid $500,000 to get their daughters into usc. you can see a usc flag flying at full mast outside their bel air estate. in the wake of the scandal, their past tv roles are coming back to haunt them. >> are you asking for a bribe? >> pretending you're above that? >> i have got my checkbook. >> we may have -- well, he may have embellished, lied a bit on our application. >> it only shows you want what's best for your boys. >> then there's what lori and
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her two daughters, isabelle and olivia told "e.t." back in 2016. >> what is the best advice that your mom has given you? >> your reputation never fades. >> you get slapped with a stigma of something negative, it's hard to recover. also, i always tell them in this day and age, online it doesn't go away. >> lori's youngest daughter, olivia is learning that lesson the hard way. >> the college thing, i don't know how much school i'm going to attend. i don't really care about school as you guys all know. >> the usc freshman and youtube star is taking a ton of online heat for seemingly profiting off her dorm life. >> today, amazon is coming to shoot some of my room because they hooked me up with, like, basically everything in my dorm. >> so how is the rest of hollywood handling the admissions scandal? >> we know a lot of people in that circle and it was really shocking today. >> and now cleaning. >> kyle richards who dropped her daughter, sophia off at george washington university on last night's "real housewives of
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beverly hills" was asked about it on "watch what happens live." >> i'm really so confused by all of this, and until today, have never heard this ever existed. >> minutes later, someone asked kyle on twitter, can you please confirm that all your children got into college on their own? kyle answered, 1 million%. my eldest, farrah, graduated magnum cum laude from usc. kelly ripa who has two kids in college defended herself to a paparazzo. >> i know you worked super hard to get your kids into school and they did their best. >> my kids worked really hard. >> i know. >> rob lowe threw a little shade. his children attended duke and st stanford and in a tweet he has since deleted, he wrote, very proud of my honest, hardworking sons. and "late night" had a field day. >> it looks like felicity huffman and lori loughlin are headed back to tv. >> loughlin allegedly got her
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daughters into usc through the rowing team even though her daughter had never rowed a boat. how the schools fell for these foe to shops, i don't know. use your heads, people. >> we will continue to follow this unbelievable story as it develops. meanwhile, in other legal news today, luke perry's death certificate was released and it confirmed that he died of a massive stroke. it also reveals luke was laid to rest on monday in dixon, tennessee. luke had owned a farm there since 1995. may he rest many peace. back to you in thestudio. let's talk a little george and amal clooney right now because the glamorous couple made their way across the pond, and what were they doing? well, rubbing elbows with prince charles. the clooneys were the prince's guests at a buckingham palace dinner and we wonder what was said to make charles bust out in laughter. amal was stunning in a vintage white gown at the event for the prince's trust charity.
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amal and george seemed to be tight with the royals these days. they attended harry and meghan's wedding and amal was part of meghan's baby shower in new york. last night, duchess kate missed out on hanging with the clooneys. she was out solo at a museum gala in london. there was a private pact to put reported feuds to rest, but meghan isn't reaching out to kate for new mom advice. >> i think the advice meghan is taking is from her close friends, amal clooney, serena williams, talking about her plans, how she wants to raise this baby and what they plan to do. we're led to believe that might be quite different to traditional royal parenting. >> but with kate as a mom of three, hopefully the two duchesses will get closer when meghan has her baby. >> while her celebrity friends are of course, in a position to advise great nannies to help with all the things baby-related, none of them are in that position of raising a royal child, and that's something i think she will really be able to connect with kate on. >> for sure.
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>> kids have a way of doing that. connecting you. >> they do. can we talk about bachelor colton? he's connected now. he got the girl that he wanted, cassie, and no. they are not engaged, at least not yet, but some of bachelor nation isn't buying ithat cassi is in love with colton. she wanted to make it clear to us. >> i do. most people say that i don't. oh my god. i realize i'm really not that great under pressure. pretty soon after the cameras went away is when i realized, okay. this is real. i really do love him. >> colton has moved to l.a. to be closer to cassie. no, they're not living together yet. not a big surprise that the first ever virgin bachelor takes it slow. >> right now we're going to enjoy dating. we are very sure in this. >> is an engagement coming soon? >> she wants to be surprised. i know that. i know the exact ring that she wants. >> cassie rocked a dark brown wig to disguise herself when the
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show was airing and she walked herself break down with the rest of america. >> you looked really good jumping that fence. >> thank you. >> i was proud of him. >> the bachelorette isn't wasting any time in her search for love. >> oh, hey. >> hannie b. met five of her men last night, and we hear the new season officially starts filming this weekend at bachelor mansion. you could say she's ready to roar. >> i freaking roar. >> bachelor nation has mixed feelings about colton's seventh runner-up getting the gig. many say this pageant queen is nothing but a drama queen. >> i'm a total train wreck. i think it would be damn entertaining. i can guarantee that. coming up -- ♪ lance bass reveals the truth behind the nsync/backstreet feud. >> i thought they were going to just snap. >> and who tried secretly taint the band? speaking of secrets, kyra
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minutes away, "e.t." goes behind the scenes of an "ncis: l.a." wedding.
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couples news now. ♪ j-rod left the bahamas in style yesterday. j-lo rocking her million dollar plus ring on a private jet, a-rod packed with gifts. a silver balloon congrats banner, a chalk board sign with their engagement date, and popped the champagne. he stepped up his game. a-rod clearly hit a homer with his new fiancee, but kind of struck out capturing her reaction. >> so? >> yes. >> nick jonas wowed his new wife with an expensive gift. check out priyanka's new mercedes, estimated price tag, $200,000. caption? when the hubby goes number one, the wifey gets one. #extra. >> that is perfect. before nick was a married man, well, he was just a teen with a dream, and "e.t." was there. tomorrow, we'll take youac when we first met the jonas brothers. so good. but speaking of marriage, there is an epichappening on "n
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only we were onset. ♪ >> kensi and deeks are going to finally tie the knot. we have got to get her to the altar. we have to get her there on time. >> the fact i'm giving her away, and it's amazing and surprising as well. >> it's the wedding fans have been waiting fine years for. kensi and deeks' love story has weathered even a helicopter crash. don't expect the i dos to go off without a hitch. >> the dress was chosen because i knew we would have some action sequences so it had to be something that was a little higher up to avoid any revelations that we wouldn't want. like body parts. >> don't. >> had to get in a fight in your good clothes, huh? >> we have some bad guys we have to deal with. we have some threats. we have some issues. >> so how does this action-packed malibu wedding compare to the cast's real life
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i dos? >> i got married in the mountains. everybody sat on hay bales. >> wearing cowboy boots. oh my gosh. >> it was understood beneath the stars. >> i got married in a backyard. this is a little fancy. this is another level. my wedding wasn't at this level. >> oh, yeah, but you and simone have lasted. yes. so by the way, daniella is actually eric's sister-in-law in real life. yeah, because she's married to eric's brother, david, which means eric is always kissing his brother's wife. oh, god. thanksgiving. still ahead -- lance bass blows the lid off the boy band business. why nsync's money went bye-bye bye. >> i open up the envelope, i see the check and oh my gosh. then, the celebs' new workout for your face? >> it may look scary, but it's really, really enjoyable. >> the wild beauty treatment
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raving about. plus, our "big bang" exclusive. the finale just weeks away, and what johnny never knew about kaley. >> 12 years, unbelievable. closed captioning provided by -- br 25% of your mouth.
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♪ welcome back, everybody. now listen. "the big bang theory" fans, we only have six more episodes left until the na on may 16th. i can't even believe i'm saying this.
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i'm still in denial about this whole thing, but we do have this exclusive interview with kaley cuoco and johnny ga he i can. it's obvious these co-stars/exes continue to surprise each other. >> you have green eyes. i never noticed. i never looked at your eyes before. >> 12 years. you didn't know my freaking eyes are green? are you lying? unbelievable. >> 12 years, 279 episodes and a lot of laughs later, they still got a ton of chemistry, but it took kaley two auditions before she landed the role of penny. >> i didn't get it the first time around. >> right. >> i auditioned for the original pilot. i was too young, which i love telling because i can't say that anymore. >> you're still too young for some roles. >> yeah. i'm holding onto that as long as i can. aren playing a grandpa in your next movie? >> johnny was originally offered
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role of sheldon, but then jim parsons showed up and he became leonard. >> i had the job. in hindsight -- why would you mock that? i'm giving a real answer. >> we get it. we get it. >> johnny and kaley are on the cover of the new tv guide, and they are saying that saying good-bye is painful. >> beautiful eyes. >> i don't even remember the question. johnny cannot handle doing interviews with me. >> i don't know why they have to go. i might need you to hold my hand to watch the finale. >> so cute. you know that. it has been quite the year for documentaries. we have had "surviving r. kelly" and "leaving neverland," and now there is a new music doc. it's called "the boy band con." it's about pearlman. >> and lou ran one of the large et cetera ponzi schemes. he was convicted, and lance bass
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shared with us his experiences working for lou starting with this shocking revelation. ♪ >> as an nsyncer and backstreet boyer, i think of you as rivals. >> the bigger we got, the more tension we felt between the groups. when you would see them, you're rubbing elbows with them it's just awkward silence. do i say anything? do you hate me? i would say nothing because i thought they were going to yell at me and just snap. >> we learned a few things from lance's new documentary, "the boy band con." nsync had a special code name, b-5, and in 1998, their manager, lou pearlman set the band up to fail, by dressing them up in awkward clothes. >> he perfectly tainted us for a year and a half to make sure the backstreet boys came out first. he lied to us this whole time. ♪ what's the deal with this pop
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life ♪ >> justin timberlake doesn't take part investigate film, but his mom, lynn, does, and lance explained why. >> we are a little nsync heavy so i didn't ask him to be in the film. i knew -- first, he would probably say no because it was very hard to cast this because when you first tell people, okay. i'm going to tell the lou pearlman story, you immediately think, they are going to they will this salacious story i don't want to be apart of. >> the doc also touches on some potential sexual misconduct. >> the rumors have obviously being swirling around for a long time. >> lou would come into the rehearsal room and be, like, guys, let's see your abs. take off your shirts and you have to be able to sell teen g magazines and take off your shirt. >> ultimately, no one saw any actual proof of it. >> i have to take a break. sorry. >> an emotional aaron carter is also seen in the doc, actually defending lou even though the manager scammed them a million.
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after working nonstop, the boys finally got their first paycheck. >> what could it be? six figures? is it a million dollars? i open up the nvelope, see the check and oh my gosh. $10,000 after 3 1/2 years of working is not a big number at all. it dawned on me. oh my gosh. i have been just working for free, and then you have to realize it's a business. you have to take, you know, the reins and make it your business and that's how we did it, and that's how "no strings attached" came out. moving to tv news now. "project runway" returns tomorrow night on bravo without heidi klum, but with former runway winner christian siriano. carly knows fashion, but she also knows facials. we unlocked the key to carly's skin care in tonight's "e.t." beauty, the face gym. >> you wear your skin every day so i think it's important to have the best product. a good facial, who doesn't love
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that? >> it's straight up, and we see the irina shayk regularly, stella mccartney. >> the claim, going to face gym is equal to doing 20 situps for the cheeks and neckline. >> we're just releasing any tension that's being held this your muscles. >> the cost is between $70 to $275. this part is the cardio. >> it does look like we slap you around the face, but that's really helping to drain all the toxins, all the coffee and the sugar and the stress. >> the drip is a blast of vitamins and a blast of 200 miles per hour. the results are almost meetd, but just like any gym, you get the most benefit if you do the workout often. >> when she was massaging around my cheekbones, i was, like, okay. those are cheekbones and muscles i didn't realize i had. would i do it again? absolutely. >> let's go back to that.
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tomorrow on "e.t." jussie smollett enters his plea. we're on the ground in chicago. plus -- >> i'm the good guy in this movie. he's the bad guy. >> it's true. >> we're with stars of "dumbo." the cast confessions you will only here. >> on my life. >> tomorrow on "e.t.." ♪ quite pretty. >> yes, she does, but guess what? there is a secret about this pivotal scene in "love actually" that even die hard fans never knew until now. >> oh, and we can all relate to this. keira knightley just blew the lid off the reason she was wearing that big denim hat. >> i got the biggest zit of my life when we were shooting this scene. it was like another head growing out of my head, and i was only in the film for two weeks, and the the chances of getting, like, this extra head and they tried to cover it and light it and there was nothing they can do, so the hat went on. >> never fails. the most important day, it happens. >> it's the stress. >> bye.
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