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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 16, 2019 1:30am-2:01am PDT

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♪ tonight, bye-bye aunt becky? >> you aren't mad. are you mad? >> uh-huh. >> will her fbi arrest get lori loughlin fired from "fuller house"? >> and the new nightmare. and felicity huffman back in court for her alleged role in the college admission scamp. >> anything that helps in parenting is worth it. and while meghan markle has found a real friend in george clooney. >> she's thea kind, intelligent young woman. >> why he came to her defense again today. and only we're with katy perry and her new project with taylor swift? >> that's how you win the war. and -- we're one-on-one with gwen stefani who is bringing
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good vibes to start your weekend. >> i feel so honored. >> this is "entertainment tonight." welcome, everyone. there is new fallout tonight in the college bribery scandal. the families of felicity huffman and lori loughlin both suffering the consequences of their alleged involvement. >> we're coming back on our old salary? >> no. >> in the wake of the massive college scandal, lori's future on "fuller house" hangs in the balance. >> i love that job. i had a hair person, a makeup person. i'm going to miss all my persons. >> "e.t." has learned the fifth and final season of the netflix hit is not in production yet. it wouldn't be difficult for writers to cut aunt becky out since she doesn't play a major role in the reboot. >> everybody drops in for about three episodes. >> john stamos took to instagram in hopes of lightening the mood. >> what's so funny? >> he posted this adorable video
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of his 11-month-old son. he said, quote, for those of us who just need a good smile right now. he posted this video of her daughter. >> you have good values and you project morals. >> the usc freshman and her older sister, bella, both face possible expulsion by the university. >> see you later. >> but a sort tells "e.t." they are worried about being bullied. >> i was super naive and ignorant and dumb. i said, i'm not going to college for an education. now that i'm here, it's actually really interesting and i love it, and that's why i'm still here. >> so far, sephora and treseme have dropped their partnership with olivia. >> don't cry. >> and for lori, the role for hallmark is finished for now.
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they have canceled her tv series, "garage sale mysteries." >> are you worried about going to jail? >> today felicity huffman and her husband showed up to federal court in l.a. holding hands. >> do you have any comment? >> no comment. >> the reason for their return is unclear, but felicity and others are now being sued for $500 billion after angry parents and students filed a class action suit claiming they were denied a fair chance. >> it's just not fair. >> ma'am, you're going to have to come with us. >> it's also now incredibly eerie to rewatch "desperate housewives" scenes. >> for my children. >> in season one, huffman's character discusses a payout to get her kids into private school. >> how generous. >> $15,000. >> that's the same amount authorities say felicity paid to help her daughter get into college.
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>> can all the fallout put felicity's future projects in jeopardy. >> >> we will bring in every kid that was in the park last night. >> her voice can be heard for ava do you ev a ava duvernay's series, "when they see us." the streaming service shot another project with felicity expected to debut this year. netflix wouldn't comment on either, but the hollywood shade isn't stopping. >> chrissy photoshopped your faces on collegiate athletes. you know what you have to do these days. >> john legend poked fun at the scandal last night with "e.t." but also had this message. >> a lot of people look at this rightly as fraudulent and dishonest, but the bottom line is the system has been rigged for wealthy people for a long time. >> there is also big news from last night's i heart radio music awards, and only our lauren zima was there with the radio host. ♪ are you ready for it taylor, we love you.
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>> hi. how's it going? good to see you. >> taylor was on this red carpet before you. what about the rumors that katy perry and taylor swift could make music together? >> i'm open. open, open, open. >> how's that for an "e.t." exclusive? katy's open to a taylor duet. >> yeah. >> the bad blood from their stolen backup dancer feud is so six years ago. >> life is really unpredictable. >> while the two were never seen together last night, taylor did put an end to the recent fan theory. for weeks, many thought she was secretly posting a countdown to a surprise album. seven palm trees, sitting on the sixth stair, five holes in this fence. >> i love what you are posting online, and i wanted to let you know when there is new music, you will be the first to know. ♪ i want it that way >> from the red carpet to the moment cardi b. licked her trophy, "e.t." was all over the i heart radio music awards.
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look out. boyfriend joe alwyn may have some competition. >> my son, genesis, i think is maybe trying to take taylor out later tonight. he's working on it. looks pretty good right now. >> and as for the future mrs. orlando bloom -- >> what made you know he was the one? >> oh, thank you very much. it's just obvious. ♪ >> oh, and j-lo? we found someone who is not happy about your engagement. >> j-lo, she's engaged. your "american idol" girl. >> i'm so bummed. i got to text her right now. >> you wish it was styou? >> i came onto her every night. i told her i loved her and she knows it. j-lo, i love you. a-rod, not so much. >> this may be the best bromance ever. chris pratt and garth brooks. >> when i met garth brooks, i said, garth, you ever need a lead man to play you in a movie, i can make that happen.
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true story. he looked me square in the yays and said, really? you know bradley cooper? >> the mic drop moment, when garth pulled chris on stage. ♪ >> there are so many up and coming artists. i look up to you as their inspiration. what is your message? >> make the best uh-uh possibly can with the time you have. >> by the way, we are going to be seeing garth again on april 7th. he'll join all the stars at the acm awards on cbs. now we turn to george clooney defending duchess meghan. >> i think it's a little unfair at times when, you know, i have seen it when the press can turn on you for sort of ridiculous reasons. it seemed to be a little unjust since she hadn't done anything except just happen to live her life. >> george and amal have become close to meghan and harry, and he told "good morning britain," the british press has wrongly attacked her. >> she's a really kind and
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smart, intelligent, young woman, and they're a really wonderful, loving couple. most of it, you can just shrug off and not pay attention to, but sometimes it's unkind. >> the clooneys were last night out in edinburgh for their charity work. >> i took a picture with my wife. >> they had dinner with prince charles which got us thinking, sir george? turns out americans can receive honorary knighthoods. angelina jolie was made a dame, and henry winkler was presented with therd to of the british empire. he was certainly chivalrous to this reporter. >> you stand out in a crowd. kate beckin s.e.a.l. locking lips with a "this is us" heartthrob. >> don't we look good together? >> and there is something kate just revealed you should know. and the celebs' new true
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crime obsession, "abducted in plain sight." >> have you seen this? >> what you don't know about the unbelievable true story about the survivor kidnapped by her neighbor twice. but first -- imagine all the cirque du soleil shows in las vegas on one stage. >> they put on a show that you can only see one time. >> our man, kevin frazier, joins olympic gold medalist tara lipinski. the charity event raises awareness about water conservation. >> it's the first time it has ever been broadcast. >> don't miss it tomorrow night on cbs.
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>> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he brings you through that, that's like he has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and your faith in him. [music] ♪ last night on "the late late show," kate beckin say does lip locking with milo ventimiglia. >> let's put miles on it. >> in real life, she has been dating pete davidson for two months. >> do you have questions about the relationship with a big age difference? just ask leonardo dicaprio,
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jason statham -- >> there will be plenty of time to get in dates with kate. >> i don't really like dates anyway. >> when "snl" does return on march 30th, sandra oh will host. >> a lot of our writers got to work with her when she hosted the golden globes, and so i can't wait to see what she's going to do. >> you fools are all about to get roasted. >> in the meantime, aidy is doing double duty in a comedy, "shrill." >> you're cool with that, right? >> so much of this is my own story, you know? just kind of giving so much time and energy to -- to lose weight and kind of hating yourself, and basically getting fed up. >> what is it like for you to really have the spotlight shining on you with this new series? >> oh my gosh. stressful? >> still ahead -- how gwen stefani is lifting spirits off stage in las vegas. >> it's magic. i'm pretty lucky.
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then are you hooked on true crime? >> welcome to "very scary people." >> deep inside, we have all been conned. and is "big little lies" co-star coming back? what alexander skarsgard told us. >> you're dead, but you're not dead, are you? closed captioning provided by --
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♪ tonight gwen stefani continues her hit las vegas residency "just a girl," and despite one very hectic schedule, the mom of three still finds time to give back. >> what is the best part for you? this las vegas residency and being up there on stage? >> you know what? i'm so grateful. i get up on stage and feel like, what am i? who am i? it clicks in, and i have this need for attention from these people, and i don't know. i just -- i do love being up there.
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♪ ain't no hollaback girl >> it's so physical. it's so emotional. it's so draining. it's so rewarding and i feel so honored. >> we caught up, and her man blake shelton was spotted with large scissors more than 2,000 miles away in tennessee so celebrate the opening of his third restaurant. gwen's project, a colorful patient exam room for the cure 4 the kids foundation. >> i saw this woman on stage 12 hours ago, and she's already back and doing good work. gwen stefani supporting our organization, it brings great awareness to what we do here. >> there is one star in the room and she's right here. she started this foundation on her kitchen table 12 years ago for children that are sick that shouldn't -- i mean, they shouldn't have to deal with this, but she's making this amazing environment for them. >> i want to know about the room. >> i worked with the local arti
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arti artist. he had this vibe, and the bananas, and what the show looks like. it's very bright and makes you feel good when you get in there. >> it's very whimsical, and there's a hidden mickey. >> there is a hidden mickey in there. a huge fan of disneyland, which a we all know, so am i. >> we love gwen so much, here's another reason. a dollar from every one of the ticket sales to her vegas residency goes to cure 4 the kids. on tv this weekend, the hln original series, "very scary people" which chronicles the twisted lives of some of the most diabolical killers in recent history. >> welcome to "very scary people." >> donnie wahlberg also serves as executive producer and told us, he jumped at the chance to show off his hosting skills. >> between the boy band and the acting career and the hamburger sales pitches, i'm a chameleon. but not a serial killer.
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>> true crime is all the rage right now on tv, and people are buzzing about "abducted in plain sight." this is one of the strangest kidnapping stories you will ever hear. trust me. you are going to want to watch this more than once. i sat down with the victim turned activist to learn more about this netflix documentary that is totally bingeworthy. >> i know this is your story, and it must be a bit surreal for you that you're gaining so much national attention. like it's everybody's new obsession. >> it's a documentary called "abducted in plain sight." have you all seen this? >> how was a child sexual predator able to kidnap the same child twice and get away with it? >> why do you think that the story has captured people's attention in such a way? >> we don't think this kind of thing could happen to us, and yet somewhere deep inside, we have all been conned. >> but this con was horrifying.
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she was 12 when she was first kidnapped by her trusted next door neighbor, robert berchtold who masterfully manipulated her family. >> he had a wonderful personality. we became very good friends. >> i remember talking to my mother about it. she said, at the end of the day, there is no time i would ever let you go as a 12-year-old girl, somewhere with a 40-year-old man. it just wouldn't happen. >> you don't have an uncle or somebody in your family? >> it's different. he's your neighbor. >> that's what i'm saying. it's not different. that's what people want to believe, that this is different. it is not different. this is the person that you trust most who has become like your second father. >> let me ask you this. because i think one of the biggest shocks during the documentary for me as well is the revelation that your mother, your mother and you all had sexual experiences with this man. >> he could give me a great feeling about myself. i was attracted to him.
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>> would you say that even as adults you feel like your parents were molested by him as well? >> yeah. i feel like they were completely manipula manipulated, and therefore they were used. >> if you lay the trap for me -- >> his number one goal was . if he had to destroy the family, he would do it. >> there was talk of turning this into a feature film. >> if you could play casting director, who would you cast to play you? >> oh, millie bobby brown. i know who i want to play berchtold too. >> do you? >> it has to be somebody that you so love, that you are in love with. it has to be, like, aaron eck hart or ryan reynolds. >> the real goal today is simple. raise awareness about abuse. >> i have been telling my story for 20 years, but now to have it go like this, all of a sudden, it's, like, oh, good. finally people are going to get empowered to tell their story,
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and that's really why i did it. >> in theaters today, the keira knightley and alexander skarsgard hit will be back. i'm here with alexander skarsgard to talk about terrorizing the women of "big little lies." >> you're dead, but you're not dead, right? there's going to be flashbacks and we'll see more of you. >> i can't answer that. >> is it exciting that whether you show up or not, that meryl streep is your mother? >> i want to know what happened that night. >> meryl is the mom who is trying to uncover the truth about how her son bit the dust. >> i can say that i have read the scripts. >> yeah. >> it's -- it's a really great continuation of the first season. they have a really good take on it and the fact that they interject meryl's character into that, it's very, very interesting. >> so while we wait to see if he appears in season two, alexander is burning up the screen opposite keira knightley in the
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tear-jerker, "the aftermath." >> the least you could do is pay her a compliment. >> they shot the movie 18 months after welcoming daughter edy, and says motherhood and lack of sleep helped her diffeliver the film's most powerful scenes. >> the weird thing is sleep deprivation makes your emotions very close to the front. >> right. you're going to cry. >> i feel like cryinghe time. you're, like, oh, yeah. i can turn that on the all the time. that's great, but apart from that, the crying is good. >> all right. coming up, the strangest things we learned at the i heart radio music awards. whose favorite meal is a birthday cake?
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travel considerations provided by -- kate hudson. why the 40th birthday bash may rival jen aniston. >> i love a party. then, taraji p. henson tells us how the "empire" cast is coping in the midst of the jussie smollett scandal. we have run out of time tonight, but we have one more thing for you to check out before we go. >> it's our i heart radio music awards edition where the celebs ask the questions. >> what's the recipe for macaroni and cheese? >> you know what? i love a lobster mac and cheese
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