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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 17, 2019 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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you only get one shot at your reputation. >> lori, lori, lori. felicity, felicity, felicity. >> want a bribe, i've got my checkbook. >> words coming back to haunt them. >> people who lie a little bit are called liars. >> how lori and her family are now paying the price. >> i was super naive and ignorant and dumb. then we've got the j-rod engagement scoop. >> we're beginning a new chapter of our lives. >> j. lo's expensive new rock. how a-rod shocked her again. plus only we're with katy perry and her new project -- with taylor swift? >> that's how you win the war. also -- >> pretty intense.
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>> olivia newton john comes to the "e.t." stage where she wants fans to know about her stage 4 cancer battle. >> this one? >> yeah. wendy williams versus howard stern. their vicious war of words. >> howard is so hollywood right now. >> thanks, honey, i never fainted on my show either. >> this is "entertainment tonight." news after desperate housewife star felicity huffman's arrest. fraud charges against her and "fuller house" actress lori loughlin. this as is jussie smollett has his day in court. >> "operation varsity blues" culminated early this morning -- >> hey, hey! >> felicity huffman and lori loughlin among the 50 charged tuesday alleged they were part of what prosecutors call the largest college admissions scam ever. felicity arrested at her l.a.
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home accused of paying $15,000 so her 18-year-old daughter sofia would have twice the amount of time to complete her s.a.t. exams. then her answers were allegedly corrected. husband william h. macy was not charged. lori and her husband were charge the with paying $500,000 to get their two daughters into usc. lori surrendered to the fbi on wednesday. >> we're coming back at our old salary? >> uh-uh. >> in the wake of the massive college scandal, lori's future on "fuller house" hangs in the balance. >> i love that job. i had a hair person. a makeup person. i'm going to miss all my persons. >> "e.t." has learned the fifth and final season of the netflix hit is not in production yet. it wouldn't be difficult for writers to cut aunt becky out since she doesn't play a major role in the reboot. >> everyone drops in for three episodes. >> for now hallmark announced they will no longer work with lori.
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she currently has two projects with the network and has done nearly 20 projects with them over the course of her career. >> good morning! whoo! >> as for her youtube star daughter and freshman olivia, sephora and tresemme both announced they are terminating their sponsorship deal with her. olivia and older sister bella face possible expulsion by the university. as of friday we were told they were worried about bullying and would likely not return on their own. "empire" star jussie smollett made his plea thursday in court. >> jussie's attorney did most of the talking but the actor could be seen quietly concuring with her not guilty plea. the "empire" star is accused of staging a hate crime and falsifying a police report. >> please be advised that you must be present for each and every court date -- >> we're told he will continue to appear on "empire" this season but his future on the show is uncertain.
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now to an update on some of the biggest couples news this week. jennifer lopez's engagement to alex rodriguez. >> her love may not cost a thing but that ring sure cost a thing. forget jenny from the block, now she is again jenny with the rock. j. lo looked shock when a-rod got down on one knee. a source tells us it really was a surprise and j. lo wasn't aware he'd be proposing last saturday in the bahamas. a-rod captioned the post, locking it down, and #futuremrsrodriguez. we got a glimpse into wedding plans. a source tells "e.t." their kids will play a big part as they were a driving force in the proposal. this will be j. lo's fourth wedding. as for that ring, j. lo's emerald cut diamond estimated to be worth over $1 million. the singer dropped a major proposal hint last year when she released a music video "the rain." ♪
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>> of course everyone's going to ask is there a ring? do you want a ring? >> it's more of a symbolic thing. i played it for alex and i was like, are you cool with this? i think it's kind of funny. he's like, yeah, i'm totally cool with it. ♪ >> j-rod left the bahamas in style tuesday, ring on full display, their private jet packed with gifts. a silver balloon congrats banner, sign with engagement date, and pop of champagne. a-rod hit a homer with his new fiancee but kind of struck out capturing her reaction. >> so -- yes. >> a big congrats to j. lo and a-rod, happy for them. now to the union between duchesses. we've heard about kate and meghan's so-called family feud. we have new details about their royal pact. >> we utterly saw kate kiss meghan hello. when they greeted each other, really warm energy between the two of them. >> this week's cheek smooch made
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headlines but was it all for show in the duchesses have reportedly made a private pact to be cordial in public. >> i understand both of them have sort of agreed for the sake of appearances, they really want it to look as if they get on. they both realize that the idea of a feud, a royal catfight between two duchesses, doesn't help any of them. >> the two were aware of reports of a feud and are said to have wanted to put on a public show of friendliness. they don't seem to dislike each other but are not that close. >> at the moment they're still living very close to each other at kensington palace. they really are just across the courtyard. apparently they've been in text touch. i think occasionally kate invites meghan over for tea. but they haven't had a hugely close relationship. >> monday's commonwealth day service marked meghan's last official engagement before she delivers her baby. >> so is meghan prepared to put her feet up? it really feels like kate is now using this as her chance to take center stage. we saw her out visiting a
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children's center. that was a duchess that said, i mean business, and that's what she's getting down to. >> i'm still up for babysitting, just saying. stateside, some of music's biggest stars from katy perry to former frenemy taylor swift to the back street boys in a celebratory mood for the i heart music awards and "e.t." was front and center. ♪ are you ready for it >> taylor, we love you! >> taylor swift was just on this carpet before you. what about the rumors katy perry and taylor swift could make music together? >> i'm open. open, open, open. >> how's that for an "e.t. exclusive"? katy's open to a taylor duet. >> yeah, the bad blood from their stolen backup dancer feud is old. while the two weren't seen together at the awards taylor put an end to theories. for weeks many thought she was posting a countdown to a surprise album. seven palm trees.
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sitting on the sixth stair. five holes in this fence. >> i've seen all the things that you're posting online and i just wanted to let you know that when there's new music, you will be the first to know. i love you so much. ♪ i want it my way >> from the red carpet to the moment cardi b licked her trophy, "e.t." all over the i heart radio music awards. taylor came solo, but look out, boyfriend joe allen may have some competition. >> genesis i think is maybe trying to take taylor out later tonight. he's working on it. looks pretty good right now. >> and as for the future mrs. orlando bloom? >> what made you know that he was the one for you? >> oh, thank you very much. it's just obvious. ♪ doing it well >> j. lo, we found someone who is not happy about your engagement. >> j. lo, she's engaged, your "american idol" girl. >> i'm so bummed. i got to text her right now. >> you're bummed like you wish it was you? >> i came on to her so many
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times on that set, are you kidding? told her i loved her every night and she knows it. >> this may be the mest bromance ever. chris pratt and garth brooks. >> when i met garth brooks i said, garth, you ever need a leading man to play you in a movie, i can make that happen. true story, he looked me square in the eyes, he said, really? you know bradley cooper? >> the mike drop moment when garth pulled chris on stage. ♪ >> there's so many up and coming artists. they look up to you as their inspiration. what is your message? >> make the best you you possibly can in the time you have. on the way -- after danny devito went down hard -- his big premiere with angelina jolie and her kids. then all-new will smith
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ready to grant wishes in "aladdin." is he ready to bring laughs? what happens when will tries standup comedy? >> will, you're flipping the script! barry williams brings his brady addict back to life. >> this is the place i got to hide the goat. and from facelifts to tummy tucks, the housewives aren't shy to try it all. tucks, the housewives aren't shy to try it all♪ find something incredible from somewhere amazing. unique selection, unbelievable prices. homegoods®. go finding. homegoods®. hey, where's the food? what kind of meeting is this? there's no food, we just said that so you would show up. what?! no food? there's someone we think you should talk to. hey, dan! your coworkers told me you haven't done your taxes. i just want to say, you can call a turbotax live cpa for help. we'll help you get your refund and get back to your life.
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compared to those not taking it. ...and patients saw a significant reduction in itch. do not use if you are allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur, including anaphylaxis, a severe reaction. tell your doctor if you have new or worsening eye problems, including eye pain or changes in vision. if you are taking asthma medicines, do not change or stop your asthma medicine without talking to your doctor. help heal your skin from within. ask your eczema specialist about dupixent. welcome back, everybody. as we've shown you, the inside of the home "the brady bunch" used for exterior shots is being transformed to look like the one on tv. we can't wait to see the finished product. >> actv is making this happen with the help of the original brady kids. only i was with barry williams, greg brady, as he got to work. ♪ here's a story >> hi, this is barry williams, aka greg brady.
7:13 pm
i am right in front of the brady bunch house, the real brady bunch house. i love social media and i want to go viral. >> barry's all-in for this very brady renovation. his assigned part of the house? greg's groovy attic. >> tell me this. what significance did the attic hold for you? >> oh, well, for me it was everything. you know, it was freedom. it was my own private space. i got to get away from my little brothers. i wasn't next door to my sisters. i could have my own life and privacy. this is the place where i got to hide the goat. raquel, the goat, the mascot. >> yes, yes. >> ate my tennis shoes and my term paper. >> what are you planning for dessert, my mattress? >> there's just one problem. there's no attic in the real-life brady house. the solution? the basement. hgtv stars lara spencer and
7:14 pm
jasmine ross are helping greg make it happen. >> the reason we had to go down into the basement is we wanted you to look at the front of the house and not ruin the roofline. >> rite right. >> right? we couldn't go higher. we had no choice but to dig down. >> we're going to have a faux window with a tree. >> cool. >> the only difference is the staircase will go down instead of up. >> it's pretty amazing. >> yeah, well they said you've been the worker bee, that you're not playing around. >> no. >> you're here. >> we get to do everything. they encourage it too. >> if you offer to help, i'm going to put you to work. >> don't play with my skills. >> oh, these hands have skills. now let's talk about the body renovations that some stars are taking on to fight aging. a few of our favorite new york housewives know a thing or two about that in our "e.t." beauty segment "real talk with the real housewives." >> tighten this area. >> pull it. >> this procedure to rejuvenate my hands is actually pretty fabulous. >> from facelifts and eyelid
7:15 pm
tucks to fillers and chemical peels. the housewives have done it all in the name of eternal youth. how has 62-year-old ramona singer managed to look almost the same as she did when the show started 11 years ago? >> i think ramona might have had the most work done. >> probably ramona wins the prize for the most work done. >> no, i've done nothing. skin care. >> ramona's so dedicated to skin care, she developed her own serum, ageless by ramona. we were with her for a product launch party. >> i'm passionate about looking as young as possible for my age without being cut by knives by building collagen. >> it's the same line bethany called phony at last year's reunion show. >> i think it is not ethical to pretend to women at home that it's just so easy. >> my message to bethany is, i'm sending you a bottle. >> this season of "the real housewives of new york city" promises plenty more drama." >> you should apologize. >> i know i have a lot of fun. you'll see me dating up a storm. nothing sticking but i'm having
7:16 pm
fun dating. olivia newton-john. why those red heels were so close to her heart. >> i've always regretted i didn't keep those shoes. plus schwarzenegger i do details. what katherine's only telling "e.t." if you didn't have a crush on chris evans before, you will now. >> oh, henry, you're the best. >> how ♪ looking to simplify your skin care routine without sacrificing results? try olay total effects for a 7-in-1 solution.
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its unique formula is packed with vitamin b3, e, and c to naturally renew skin cells for a visibly healthy glow. in fact, a single dose provides more vitamin b3 than 50 cups of kale which is proven to improve 7 key areas of visibly healthy skin. save time and money on your skin routine with olay total effects. brand power. helping you buy better.
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well, there was applause when danny devito hit up members toe city last week to promote the new live action "dumbo" movie. >> the cheers turned to gasps when this happened. >> whoo, ouch. 74-year-old needs a little help getting up but he's fine, everybody, he's fine. >> fine and funny in this movie. nothing that dramatic at the hollywood premiere but it was headline-making since angelina jolie and her kids were there.
7:19 pm
>> angie's four youngest, intra laura, shiloh, knox, and vivienne, enjoying themselves. we're told they hit up the free reception while mama jolie kicked back with a glass of red wine. helen mirren made ate family affair with her grandson wailen. thandie newton supported look-alike daughter nikko. >> i think a week in i was like, this is what i want to do now. >> for the record, it's not my idea, dumbo works alone. >> her on-screen dad is colin farrell. since "dumbo" celebrates differences, we asked colin if he ever had issues fitting in. >> i have a lazy left eye. when i was a kid i had to wear a plaster and glasses. and i wasn't the most comfortable state to find myself in as a 6-year-old. the message is you want to be a part. >> colin was solo on the carpet while his biggest a-list supporter and "alexander" costar
7:20 pm
angie was inside. rhea perlman showed up for these costars danny devito and their daughter lucy. celeb guest joey fatone was slam daddy duty. >> very, very, very excited. >> dad commemorated his role on the masked singer with the new tat. could he become a permanent part of the show? if i'm a judge on it. now that i have an inside view, coming from another standpoint, it would be fun to do. disney's other big live action movie "aladdin" is sure to bring in box office bank. the trailer dropped this week and it's got big willie's genie-sized seal of approval. >> o great one who summons me, i stand by my oath, loyalty to wishes three. i'm kidding. watch out! you going to wow me up. you ain't never had a friend like me. >> will sings, raps, and needed
7:21 pm
special effects to play the genie. he doesn't spend the entire film covered in blue makeup. >> hey, can you make me a prince? >> there's a lot of gray area in "make me a prince." i could just make you a prince. >> oh, no -- >> y'all see my powers? ♪ a whole new world >> i was tear guide doing the genie, after robin williams. but i found a lane that pays homage but it's my own thing. people are going to love it. >> showtime. >> will brings heart and swagger to the role but can the 50-year-old star do standup comedy? it's on his bucket list as seen in this week's facebook episode. >> jada's shooting her show "the red table talk." seen that? you can enjoy it because she's not telling your business. sorry, babe. i wasn't expecting jada to be here. >> note to the fresh prince,
7:22 pm
don't talk about the wife when she's in the room. >> note to every guy out there. >> thank you, thank you. let's talk about this couple. they have a lot to say about their new relationship. chris pratt and fiancee katherine schwarzenegger. both in full wedding mode right now. and that is when they're not busy raising farm animals. >> how about this, katherine explained her land learning curve to lauren. >> i still have a lot to learn when it comes to the lambs. they feel more knowledgeable about dogs. that's more my lane. >> katherine seems at home living the country life on chris' 100-acre spread in washington state. >> farming, it's lambing season. we're knee-deep in lambs. >> i mean, i already knew they were adorable. i just like -- getting to hold them is just an incredible experience. >> and last weekend the animal rescue advocate was feeling some puppy love at the premiere of the new documentary "superpower dogs" about some of the world's most amazing canines. >> i'm really excited to be here
7:23 pm
and watch this movie which is just highlighting all these incredible dogs. >> will you guys be adopting more dogs? >> my overall goal is to rescue every animal. so hopefully, yeah. >> katherine hit the carpet solo, but the day before we spotted chris rushing into the gym, maybe sweating for the wedding? >> is he going to be involved in wedding planning? >> yeah. i feel like we're all really involved in wedding planning. my family's very involved. i'm very involved. he's very involved. so it's a great combination. i'm very happy in all areas of my life and i feel really blessed and really lucky. >> oh, god. ha ha. there's some mornings you just need this. >> chris evans is featured in the super doc documentary. it appears captain america has met his match with his new friend henry. >> are you going to eat that? >> so good. >> okay, okay. >> yeah. >> they really are man's best friend. i can't imagine living a life without one. up next, olivia
7:24 pm
newton-john's brave cancer battle. how she's helping inspire "jeopardy!" host alex trebek in his fight. penny marshall's "laverne and shirley" costar. >> there will never be anyone like her. >> how cindy williams is honoring the legend, and the last conversation with penny mourning her late brother. >> she said that he had passed. and i said, you'll see him again. and she said, will i? but first -- ♪ what's your name what's your style what's your birthday ♪ >> chris lane is celebrating rocking out more than 21 million youtube views for his video "i don't know about you" from his album "laps around the sun." >> just amazing. this song is definitely changing my career as we speak. i never saw it coming. >> chris is heading out to join brad paisley and dayne and shea on their tours. >> one thing that i have to have is strawberry uncrustables. basically like a premade peanut butter and jelly sandwich. >> one person likely to join
7:25 pm
chris is girlfriend lauren bu bushnell. >> we have so much fun together. it makes it easy. i've never been with somebody before that it's absolutely been this easy. >> closed captioning provided by -- ♪ find something incredible from somewhere amazing. unique selection, unbelievable prices.
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pampers swaddlers, the #1 choice of hospitals, is 2x softer and wraps your baby in our most premium protection so every touch is as comforting as the first pampers the #1 choice of hospitals, nurses & parents if you're just joining us, here are this week's topive stories. number five, luke perry's death certificate is released. the document confirms he died of a massive stroke. the actor's final resting place is tennessee where he owned a farm. number four, howard stern versus wendy williams. the shock jock and the talk show host are feuding after wendy slammed howard's upcoming book. >> he's a hollywood "insider" now, which sucks. when you started, like me, being of the people, but at some point you sat behind that microphone for too long and now you are the people. >> not a nice person. nobody likes you. that's why you can't go
7:29 pm
hollywood. >> howard blasted her on his sirius xm radio show and her self-proclaimed nickname queen of all media -- >> you haven't earned that title, you haven't done anything. >> number three, j. lo and a-rod get engaged. ♪ >> we both feel like we're just beginning. >> a-rod announced the engagement on instagram, posting this photo of j. lo's stunning ring and the caption "she said yes." that was followed up with another surprise "i love you" in rose petals on their bed. all this during a romantic weekend in the bahamas. >> can i get a dance move? hey, hey, hey, hey. >> as for that ring, j. lo's emerald cut diamond estimated to be worth over $1 million. number two, jussie smollett enters a plea in a chicago court room. the "empire" star accused of staging a hate crime and falsifying a police report. he's due back in court april
7:30 pm
17th. number one, felicity huffman and lori loughlin among those arrested in a college admission bribery scandal, accused of paying into a scam that would get their kids into elite universities. both were in custody before appearing in an l.a. court and posting bail. their next court appearance is march 29th in boston. >> it doesn't seem like you've had very many pitfalls. >> thank you very much. we've had our moments. >> for the latest go to sandy? >> tell me about it. >> so iconic. who didn't want to be bad girl sandy by the end of "grease"? lucky for us olivia newton-john is sharing untold stories in her new memoir "don't stop believing." >> olivia revealed how she's thriving in the midst of her third breast cancer diagnosis. >> how are you? good to have you.
7:31 pm
>> i'm great, nice to see you. >> how are you feeling? >> very good. >> one thing that you have done through all this is stay very positi positive. >> every day is a gift anyway. we don't know how long our life is. every day is an extra bonus. i'm very grateful. i intend to be here for a long time. i have must have to do still and i'm enjoying my life. >> olivia was originally diagnosed in 1992 with breast cancer. later it came back, then again as a tumor in her lower spine. it caused her to suffer a fractured pelvis which she didn't realize was the cause of her pain when she did this 2018 charity walk for the disease and ended up as a patient in her own cancer center in australia. >> nobody knew i was there, undercover boss in the hospital. on purpose. i didn't want people to know because i didn't want it to be out there in the public that i was in hospital at that time. i was learning how to walk again because, you know. using a walker. so i'd wear a beanie and glasses and i wore masks and no one would know who i was. >> what treatment do you have to
7:32 pm
go through? where are you in your journey? >> well, i finished my radio therapy. chemotherapy is not part of my protocol. i'm on an oral therapy which is hormonal therapy. i take tons of herbs and vitamins and supplements. and cannabis. cannabis has been incredible for me for pain and for sleep and for anxiety. it's an incredible plant that is helping so many people with this issue. ♪ i honestly love you >> olivia has waged her war with disease over a long period. while "jeopardy!" host alex trebek is just beginning his battle. >> i sent a message saying, i know you can get through this, stage 4, don't read the statistics, just stay focused and see how you can heal yourself. ♪ you better understand >> "grease" celebrated its 40th anniversary last year and
7:33 pm
olivia's revealing those iconic bad sandy heels were her own. >> sadly i gave them away for an auction. >> you decided to wear your own shoes for the film? >> comfortable and the right look. >> you had to dance. that makes sense. >> i couldn't do it now. >> good to have you here. >> thank you. >> olivia's number one "don't stop believing" is out now. >> she'll always be sandra dee to me. penny marshall fought cancer but three months ago this week we lost the legend to heart failure. her 75ing "laverne and shirley" costars have gathered to honor her, an "e.t. exclusive." >> there will never again be anyone like her. >> she was our team leader. >> one of my heroes. still is. >> i've been having a hard time not crying. i think that's penny's legacy is teaching people that it's okay to laugh and cry at the same time. >> high-pitched squeal, ha ha ha! ha ha ha ha ha ha! >> a marathon screening of "laverne and shirley" got the gang laughing, reliving their
7:34 pm
favorite penny episodes, including this one with a cocktail party gone wrong. >> i've got to get something to eat. >> okay, okay. >> i haven't eaten, she hasn't slept, they think we're hookers. then the fun ensues. >> is there a place we can lie down? >> gary and penny and i got together on a saturday and we reblocked the scene. and it was just so much fun with gary and penny and doing that and inventing that scene. >> life-long friends, cindy kept in touch with penny right up until the end. >> i remember one time going over, i said, come on, let's go do something, let's have an adventure. she goes, what? we've done it all. no, no, we can think of something. she said, tell me. and i thought we had, you know -- we'd just done everything, if not on the show, we'd done it together. >> it was a fitting tribute to screen their iconic show at the garry marshall theater less than three years after his passing. >> bust last times i spoke with her, she was crying, she said he
7:35 pm
had passed. and i said, you'll see him again. and she said, will i? and i said, yes, you'll see him again. i'm sure he had a big reception party for her. straight ahead, we're in las vegas with gwen stefani. how she's giving back to kids in need. then our time with the jonas brothers way before they reunited and found their forever love. >> single, dating? >> single. no, enjoying life. plus -- ♪ what's the deal >> lance bass blows the lid off the boy band business. why n sync's money went bye-bye-bye. >> i open the envelope, see the check. oh my gosh. [music playing] (sashimi) psst. hey, you!
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7:41 pm
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7:42 pm
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7:43 pm
to snap. flashback with their visit to "e.t." we remember their favorite exs and the stars obsessed with them. >> i love it, i still listen to it, it's awesome. this weekend in the "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which star passed up the role of dr. mcdreamy on "grey's anatomy"? rob lowe, bradley cooper, taste dougs? rob lowe, bradley cooper, taste dougs? your answer that there's a lobster i in our hot tub?t. lobster: oh, you guys. there's a jet! oh...i needed this. no, i can't believe how easy it was to save hundreds of dollars on our car insurance with geico. we could have been doing this a long time ago. so, you guys staying at the hotel? yeah, we just got married. oh ho-ho! congratulations! thank you. yeah, i'm afraid of commitment... and being boiled alive. oh, shoot. believe it. geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance. that guy's the worst. when cravings hit, hit back.
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7:46 pm
♪ ♪ hurry up come see me >> blake shelton's girlfriend of three years gwen stefani is staying in the marriage capital the world. where's the ring, blake? >> i'm not sure they're going to do it -- maybe they are going to do it in vegas. gwen's extended her residency into november of this year. we found stefani having fun off the strip while helping kids in need. >> what is the best part of this las vegas residency and being up there on stage? >> you know what, i'm so grateful. i get up on stage and i think, what am i, who am i, what am i doing? it's something just clicks in and i just have this need for attention from these people. i don't know. i just like -- i do love being up there. it's so physical. it's so emotional. it's so draining. but it's so rewarding. and i feel so honored. >> i caught up with the holler
7:47 pm
back girl in vegas for a special ribbon cutting. blake shelton also spotted with large scissors more than 2,000 miles away in tennessee to celebrate the opening of his third restaurant. gwen's project, a colorful new patient exam room for the cheer for the kids foundation cancer treatment center. >> i saw this woman online 12 hours ago and she's already back doing good work. >> to have somebody like gwen stefani support our organization, bring awareness to what we do, is remarkable. >> there's one star in the room, right here. she started this foundation on her kitchen table 12 years ago for children that are sick that shouldn't have to deal with this. but she's making this amazing environment for them. >> i want to know about the room. >> i worked with a local artist. he had a little bit of a vibe going on. he had the bananas. a lot of what the vegas show looks like. it's something very bright. it makes you feel good when you get in there. very whimsical. there's a hidden mickey in there.
7:48 pm
>> really fun. >> a huge fan of disneyland which we all know. sticking with music, the joe bros are on fire. reunited band of brothers, she's dancing to them already, releasing the comeback single last week. they did something they were never able to do, topped billboard's hot 100 chart. >> at "e.t." we've had our eyes on them since the beginning. check out when we first met the jonas brothers. ♪ >> you are? >> the jonas brothers. kevin. >> nick -- >> hi, i'm 20. >> 18. >> 15. >> it started out with nick being on broad way. then doing a song. getting signed to a record label. all three of us writing songs together and someone hearing it. ♪ this is sos >> the band was almost called the sons of jonas. even officially had the name j3
7:49 pm
before going with the jonas brothers. they were boy scouts, home schooled, their dad was a pastor. the three said they'd stay virgins until marriage and famously wore purity rings as a reminder. >> it was a private decision made public. that's just something that we believe in and whatever. >> the disney machine quickly catapulted the joe bros to fame. their teenage fans were -- >> our fans are amazing. they are crazy. they'll run every time we leave a venue. >> we experienced the frenzy when kevin, joe, and nick came to the "e.t." set. >> do you have nicknames? >> k2. >> nick is president because he pretty much will be president in 2038. >> i have a lot of voters by then, i think. ♪ >> single, dating? >> single. you know, enjoying life. >> same. >> single.
7:50 pm
>> same here. you know, being on the road, girls don't like when it you're gone 200 days out of the year. >> when it came to the ladies, no problem. >> is there time for romance? any girls on the horizon? >> yeah, we do date. we do have crushes. natalie portman. she's the best. >> before priyanka chopra, there was nick's first love, mylie cyrus. he moved on to selena gomez and olivia culpo. >> i'm the happiest i've ever been. ♪ >> in 2015, nick had a month-long fling with kate hudson. ♪ for joe, his first crush was his camp rocco star demi lovato. >> you're a big jonas brothers fan? >> yeah, i was, i still am. >> joe dated taylor swift, so he dumped in a 27-second phone call. look what we found three years before joe started dating his now fiancee sophie turner.
7:51 pm
>> dream show to be on? >> a part of "game of thrones." huge fan. >> what about kevin, whose real name is paul? married with two daughters. ♪ i'm a sucker for you speaking of boy bands there's a new documentary focusing on the man behind the backstreet boys and n sync lou perlman. >> it's called "the boy band con" because he ran one of the largest ponzi schemes in american history. he was twikted and died in prison in 2016. >> lance bass shared his experiences working for lou starting with this shocking n synch revelation. >> i still think of you guys as complete rivals. >> the bigger we got, the more tension we felt was between the groups. when we would see them at award shows, you're in the green room rubbing elbows, it's just awkward. silence, oh my gosh, do i say anything? do you hate me? i'd say nothing because i thought they were going to yell
7:52 pm
at me and snap. >> we learned a few things from lance's new documentary "the boy band kind." n sync used to have a special code name, b5. in 1998, their manager, lou perlman, set them up to fail by dressing them in awkward clothes and giving backstreet a big head start. >> he purposely tanked us about a year and a half just to make sure the backstreet boys came out first. he just lied to us this whole time. ♪ what's the deal with this pop life ♪ >> justin timberlake doesn't take part in the film but his mom lynn does. >> we are a little n sync heavy so i didn't ask jusn to be in the film. first, he'd probably say no. because it was very hard to cast this. because when you first tell people, i'm going to tell the lou perlman story, you immediately think, they're going to tell this salacious story that i don't want to be a part of. >> the doc also touches on some potential sexual misconduct. >> the rumors have obviously
7:53 pm
been swifrling around. >> lou would come into the rehearsal room, guys, let's see your abs, take off your shirts, you've got to be able to sell teen magazines, be in good shape, take off your shirt. >> ultimately nobody ever saw any actual proof of it. >> i've got to take a break for a second, sorry. >> an emotional aaron carter is seen in the doc actually defending lou, even though the manager scammed backstreet and n sync of millions. after three years working nonstop, the boys finally got their first paycheck. >> what could it be? six figures? a million dollars? i open up the envelope. i see the check. oh my gosh. $10,000 after three and a half years of working is not a big number at all. it dawned on me, oh my gosh, i've just been working for free. then you have to realize, it's a business. you have to take the reins and make it your business. that's what we did. that's how "no strings attached" came out. >> yes,
7:54 pm
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birthdays this weekend. lauren graham is 52. erik estrada 70. kurt russell turning 68. take a look at your choices. which star passed up the role of dr. mcdreamy on "grey's anatomy"? rob lowe, who celebrates turning 55 this weekend. anne hathaway among the stars attending the official opening of new york city's brand-new neighborhood hudson yards. >> that's a really exciting thing for new york. we're almost out of time this weekend. for all the late-breaking hollywood news, just go to >> indeed. before we go, check out the new video from selena gomez and her latin music collaborators for "i can't get enough." >> a slumber party on a giant bed. here's what i love, they shot it in one take, nailed it, one time. >> that's amazing. enjoy it and the rest of your weekend, everybody, bye-bye. ♪ we can keep it low key
7:58 pm
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fancy feast medleys. (jr) an east bay school official is fighting to stay alive after being shot in a domestic dispute. thanks for joining us on this st. patrick's day. i'm jr stone.(justine) i'm justine waldman. police identified the victim today as pittsburg school administrator paul shatswell. and he was allegdly shotbuhise wife4. kron4's dan thorn is live in pittsburg tonight with more on how the school district and neighbors are reacting.. dan? shatswell is a principal here at the pittsburg adult education center. police say early saturday morning they found him suffering from a gunshot wound..d


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