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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 17, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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fancy feast medleys. (jr) an east bay school official is fighting to stay alive after being shot in a domestic dispute. thanks for joining us on this st. patrick's day. i'm jr stone.(justine) i'm justine waldman. police identified the victim today as pittsburg school administrator paul shatswell. and he was allegdly shotbuhise wife4. kron4's dan thorn is live in pittsburg tonight with more on how the school district and neighbors are reacting.. dan? shatswell is a principal here at the pittsburg adult education center. police say early saturday morning they found him suffering from a gunshot wound..and tonight
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he's on life support. paul shatswell a 45-year-old father of eight is clinging to life after police say he was shot in an apparent fight with his wife. shatswell was found with a gunshot wound at this home on barrie drive around 1:20 saturday morning..sot: im still in shock..can't believe it..neighbor and close family friend john tiscareno (tiss cah reno) says shatswell and his wife were the ideal neighbors. he says he cannot imagine what provoked this shooting..sot: my heart is in that gutter right now. shatswell is a former contra costa county reserve deputy but current principal at the pittsburg adult education center. the school district has released a statement about the shooting saying in-part quote "his impact is wide across our pittsburg community. along with the shock and grief, there will be many memories of his love of music, friends, family, pittsburg, and his passion for education." janet schulze, ed.dsuperintendent, pittsburg unified school districtpolice say shatswell's wife 39 year old maria vides shot him with a handgun. she's since been
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arrested and is now facing charges of attempted murder. the school district says they plan to have grief counselors on site here at the adult education center tomorrow.the investigation into the shooting is still on-going. reporting in pittsburg dan thorn kron4 news. (justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. current temps. teasing to rain. . tracking another mild night in
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the bay area with overnight lows in the 40s. expect warm temperatures 5-10 degrees above average for your monday afternoon, with highs ranging from the mid 60s to mid 70s. the storm door opens tuesday night with light showers. periods of wet and unsettled weather will be possible by midweek and likely continue into next weekend. (jrs) it's been a weekend
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dedicated to all things irish -- the music, the food and of course -- the beer but major concerns are out there tonight when it comes to drinking and driving. (justine) with the holiday, comes the parties and local law enforcement are warning drivers that they are out in force looking for people who had too much to drink.(jr) in the north bay, it was a sea of green at one popular irish bar. as kron 4's gayle ong reports, the owners go the extra mile to prevent drunk driving.(justine) gayle joins us live at moylan's brewery with the story. gayle. it was a bustling day at moylan's brewery in novato..the beer was flowingand the traditional irish menu of corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes was's their busiest day of the year.eileen moylan is the manager of her family run business.for the moylans, it's all about bringing everyone into their family and making it a good
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day..anof course celebrating irish heritage.
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officers are on patrol, ready to stop and arrest drivers suspected of driving under the influence.this time last year, c-h-p reports one person was killed.48 others were injured in d-u-i crashes on st patricks avoid conflict, the moylans say they go the extra mile to ensure their cutomers are safe.we do that."> (jr) to those who commute on interstate 880 listen up. several lanes will be shutdown for construction.(justine) this starts tomorrow... and kron four's sara stinson has details from hayward.
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delays, but it's all because they need to install those 880 express lanes signs.">(chp phoner) the closures will be for southbound lanes between winton avenue and highway 92. all lanes will be closed between 11:59 sunday and 4 am monday and that will go into tuesday and wednesday. early morning commuters should allow for extra time on interstate highway 880 this week, when all southbound lanes of the freeway are closed for four hours.
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a little more time, leave a little earlier we are expecting the road to be a little more busy.">during the closure there will be detour signs, construction crews and crews will also need access to two lanes on the northbound side.(on cam)
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is attacking the late senator john mccain -- again.(justine) this time -- the president targeted mccain's ties to the controversial russia dossier - - as well as his vote against repealing obamacare in july 2017.(justine) he tweeted last night -- "spreading the fake and totally discredited dossier 'is unfortunately a very dark stain against john mccain. he had far worse 'stains' than this, including thumbs down on repeal and replace after years of campaigning to repeal and replace!" (justine) mccain's daughter meghan tweeted back -- quote -- "no one will ever love you the way they loved my father. i wish i had been given more saturday's with him. maybe spend yours with your family instead of on twitter obsessing over mine."(justine) trump was referring former independent former independent counsel ken starr's interview on fox news saturday. starr called the dossier "a very dark stain" against mccain. but he also called mccain "a great man" and "an american hero." senator mccain died in august. (jr) one democratic is slamming trump's attack on mccain. presidential candidate and senator áamy
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klobuchará spoke on c-n-n today -- calling the president's action outrageous. " john mccain was a war hero. he served our country well. and he died. and the courage he showed in life was matched when he was in that cell for five years in vietnam as a prisoner of war was matched by the courage he showed us when he died. and the fact that the president would be now attacking john mccain for things like turning over a report to the fbi, which was, of course, the right thing to do, for things like serving our country. i cannot even express."(jr) the democrat from minnesota is campaigning in iowa this weekend. today -- she marched in a st. patrick's day parade in cedar rapids. (justine) two people are hurt in los angeles after a nine-thousand-gallon tanker caught fire and exploded. more than 70 firefighters worked for hours today get the fire under control. fire officials say the tanker had
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been leaking fuel... when it somehow ignited. the fire damaged at least one building. (justine) in texas -- this chemical fire prompted a shelter-in-place order for the entire city of deer park... that is near houston. city officials called the tank-fire at intercontinental tank company out of control. it's unclear what caused the fire. but it comes one day after the exxon plant fire in baytown.. at another fuel facility in the area. (jr) still ahead -- a skimming ring busted in california. how invetigators say -- four men accessed dozens of bank accounts. (jw) plus -- extra resources for undocumented families living in the bay area. a preview of two publications titled " if ice comes knocking" (jr) several states in the midwest are in state of emergency tonight as floodwaters continue to rise. the latest on the devastation...and the problems impacting a u-s military base.
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would you like a desk chair, weekends off, or the bathroom code? yes, please! which one? it's time to get more. lower fares. better service. sweeter rewards. alaska airlines. (jrstone) tonight out of
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the east bay -- we now know the identity of the woman killed yesterday in a freeway shooting in concord. police say -- she was 25- year-old ádestinee hilleryá from antioch. deputies say at around 2 p-m -- officers learned that a silver honda collided into a guard rail on eastbound highway 4 at port chicago highway. authorities say the vehicle drove off the roadway and collided with the guardrail. investigators found bullet holes were on the driver side
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door. hillery was pronounced dead at the scene. she was the only occupant in the car. (jr) a big story we are following this sunday night -- parts of the midwest are battling historic flood levels. (justine) at least two people have died.(justine) in nebraksa -- this is what a u-s air force base looks like. at least 20 buildings on the base are flooded... with some hangers and offices under up to 8 feet of water. the air force started evacuating a number aircraft from the base because of flooding. but as kaylee hartung explains -- the worst is yet to come. bridges destroyed.highways washed and cattle stranded.this is the aftermath of a bomb cyclone.the powerful weather system slammed the midwest with hurricane-like winds and blizzard conditions last week, leaving drowning rains and flooding in its wake. and after heavy snowfall this winter, natural snow melt is making bad conditions wisconsin, darlington
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officials say the city hasn't seen this much flooding in more than 25 years.freemont, nebraska, home to more than 26,000 people, became an island when roadways in and out of town flooded friday. nebraska's governor touring the damage in his pete ricketts/ nebraska"this has probably been the most severe widespread flooding - as far as the parts of the state's been impacted - in the last half century."nebraska rescue teams have been pulling trapped residents out of flood waters since least one person has been confirmed dead because of the dangerous waters.james wilke, a nebraska farmer, got a call to assist a stranger, left home on his tractor and never returned.two other men are missing and presumed dead.the national weather service predicts "much calmer" weather in most areas this weekend, but, flooding will persist throughout the mississippi and missouri rivers.and forecasters caution -- more snow melt is on the the worst flooding may be yet to come.kaylee hartung. (jrs) after months of rainy weather it now appears
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that california is drought free. this new map released today shows that about seven- percent of the state is abnormally dry but actual drought conditions are completely gone. kron 4's charles clifford has details. every thursday, the us drought monitor, which is run by the federal government releases a map of the country that shows drought conditions. that map includes california and right now the state is drought free. if you look at the map there is a little bit of yellow and the north and south ends of the state, but that is only what the consider abnormally dry. so, no drought. if you look at the drought map from a few months ago, back in december, you can see the most of the state was under some sort of drought conditions but the rainy winter has literally washed all that away.across the state the snow pack and reservoirs are in good shape. here in the south bay the santa clara valley water district says there will not be water use restrictions this summer but they are saying that this is a good opportunity to prepare for the next drought.sotin a year like this it's important to think about the long term. recognize that there will be more drought so if your thinking about making decisions about your yard. maybe think about
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a drought tolerant landscaping. so, that when that drought comes along your going to be sitting pretty with a landscape that's going to thrive in dry weather.and winter isn't over yet. the rainy season doesn't usually peak until april 1st and there is rain in the forecast over the next few weeks. in the south bay, charles clifford kron4 news. future cast. rain totals. (justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. . tracking another mild night in the tracking another tracking
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another mild night in the bay area with overnight lows in the 40s. expect warm temperatures 5-10 degrees above average for your monday afternoon, with highs ranging from the mid 60s to mid 70s. the storm door opens tuesday night with light showers. periods of wet and unsettled weather will be possible by midweek and likely
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continue into next weekend.
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catholic church in san francisco -- stealing a safe filled with records -- dating back to the 18-hundreds. some good news the church is sharing tonight. (justine)(vo) and just a month after amazon scrapped its expansion plan in new york.... another community is at odds with the retailer moving in. we'll take you inside a city council meeting -- where some people got fired up.
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(justine) in four your money tonight -- authorities say they busted a large west coast credit card "skimming" ring in sacramento.(jr) átheseá four men are accused of stealing credit card information from at least 40 people in the sacramento area. police say -- they used a small camera that gives them a view of the pinpad -- where you would punch in your pin number.(jr) áthisá is video from one of those cameras. deputies found it while searching the suspects' apartment. after the man installs the camera at the a-t-m he comes back to add the skimming device. investigators expect to find more victims. sgt. shaun hampton/ sacramento county sheriff's department"we know they've at least traveled through several states here on the west coast. and we're looking to see if they've victimized any more folks in other communities."(jr) because the men had been because the (jr) because
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the men had been stealing credit card info for months -- they warn skimming devices could still be out there. (justine) investigations continue into the mosque attacks in new zealand that killed 50 people. what the prime minister has vowed to do tomorrow.. in the wake of the murders. (jr) how this new publication aims to protect undocumented families living in the bay area from unexpected separation and deportation. and san francisco takes action to protect bicyclists. these barriers went up on howard street this week. but why one group says -- they aren't enough.
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getting into my dream home was easier than ever. get your human to visit what would she do without me? now to breaking news -- police in fremont are investigating a fatal car crash on central avenue between blacow road and southwood drive. this is a possible dui crash. traffic is blocked off in both directions. police say a mini-van and honda civic collided on central ave. the male driver of the mini-van ran away. but the man was located by officers in a nearby neighborhood and taken into custody. a passenger in the honda sadly passed away at the scene as a result of injuries. alcohol is being investigated as a possible factor. we will continue to follow this investigation throughout the evening.
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(jr)a bike accident in the south of market neighborhood of san francisco left a 30 year old berkeley woman dead earlier this month. it pushed the city to create another protected bike lane. (justine) the move to add a barrier between car traffic and bicycles on howard street was swift -- but the san francisco bicycle coalition wants more to be done. kron 4's noelle bellow has more on the state of safety for bicyclists in the city. we can't just keep piecing and adding little bits and little bits. it's just a bandaid on a bigger problem bicyclist fiona tay says the death of tess rothstein hit her hardits acutally really personal and im really angry it was just 60 feet away from where the protected bike lane startedon march 8th, rothstein was riding her bike down howard when she was struck and killed. witnesses say she had veered away from the bike lane to avoid being struck by the open door of a parked car. just days after her death, the city removed parking on the block rothstein was hit --
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creating a temporary protected lane.. we can get a protected bike lane in pretty quikcly after someone is hit and killed charles deffarges is the senior community organizer for the sf bicycle coalition the outpouring of greif and and support for protected bike lanes city wide has been enormous and we are mobilizing that to city hall with supervisor matt haney for demand for protected bike lanes city widestandup: the coalition beleives a protected bike lane like the one behind me wouldve saved rothstein's life. they're hoping that going forward the city decides to be proactive instead of we want protected bike lanes for the full length of folsom and howard from the embarcardero to 11th. deffarges says right now projects like this can take years..many are wondering in the mean time -- what rights do bicyclists even have in the city?(steve clark) people are saying opening your doors in san francisco is getting to the point where it's hazardous to bicyclists legal analyst steve clark says rothstein's family will likely
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have a civil case, but unless theres some level of intentional harm that was done, the chances of drivers being prosecuted is slim. i think what the case here would be is the da wouldnt have much to deal with because it was not involving the operation of the vehicle. mearly opening the door. with 10's of thousands of people riding their bikes in the city everyday, the coalition says enough is enoughwe understand the importance of enforcement -- but this is a design issue and we're pushing for better infrastructure. if there was a protected bike lane there, we wouldn't have to have the convo of who's at fault, who's guilty, in south of market noelle bellow kron 4 news (jr) the s-f bicycle coalition will be holding a rally tuesday afternoon at 12:30 on the steps of city hall. members will then head up to the sf-mta board meeting to push for protected bike lanes on the entire length of folsom and howard streets. (jr) tonight a catholic church in san francisco is saying thank you for your prayers and support.(justine) records that were stolen earlier this week are back. (justine) we first told you about the theft at st.
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dominic's catholic church on wednesday. thieves broke in overnight and a stole a safe. inside the safe was nine-thousand dollars worth of gift cards given to struggling families and records dating back to 18-73. (jr) church leaders posted this on leaders posted this on facebook today saying quote -- "yes, we acknowledge that our church needs to upgrade our security efforts, and we are working on that straightaway. thank you for your patience and care." (justine) california is known as a sanctuary state. and now a local advocacy group's publications will teach families what to do during ice encounters. kristi gross reports. sacramento -- the sacramento immigration coalition is launching their newest campaign to protect families who live in the country without legal permission from being detained by immigration customs enforcement, better known as ice."this is one way definitely of keeping families safe," said mahmoud zahriya. monday, zahriya, joe engles and others with the coalition will unveil two publications,
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one being a "what to do if ice comes knocking" newsletter.the newsletter will include "real stories from people who have been approached by ice, what they did, then whether it was right or wrong and then give practical suggestions on what to do in that kind of case," explained sic member engle with n&r publications.the second publication is a graphic comic that is meant to teach children the do's and don'ts if they ever encounter ice."if a child is able to understand to dial 911, if their mom or someone is at harm, i think this comic book will help as well for them to be able to call the rapid response number that we have for ice sightings and to really keep their parents safe," zahriya, who is also the policy and advocacy coordinator for the council on america-islamic relations (cair), said.engles says the goal is to make sure people who live in the country illegally know their rights to save them from being detained or deported by ice."a gentleman was dropping his children off at pre-school. he there to pick him up," engles explained. "so, rather than staying silent, he actually spoke with them and so he was taken away. so he didn't realize he had the right to
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remain silent."he says it's stories like those that first sparked the idea behind both publications."we want people to actually understand what to do and what not to do," engles stated.after the coalition's press conference, the organization will give hundreds of copies of each publication so advocates can pass them out to their own communities and spread the word."i want the community to actually make sure that americans feel safe, whether you're a citizen or a non-citizen," zahriya said.the press conference for the sacramento immigration coalition is scheduled to begin monday at 11 a.m. at the cair sacramento valley office. (justine) to world news now... preliminary data recovered from the black boxes of last week's ethiopian airlines crash has revealed "similarities" to october's lion air crash. this is the black box from the ethiopian airlines plane. the ethiopian minister of transport announced today -- investigators have recovered all relevant data from the black boxes. he did not provide additional details about the "similarities" between the two crashes but said they would be quote -- "subject to further investigation." similarities between the two incidents led aviation authorities around the world
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to ban the use of 7-37 max 8's. (justine) the new zealand prime minister said her cabinet will consider tightened gun laws on monday. she has said options include a ban on private ownership of semi-automatic rifles. we are learning more tonight about the man charged in the new zealand terrorist attacks. investigators say ábrenton harrison tarrantá from australia opened fire inside two mosques in christchurch -- killing fifty people and injuring more than 30 others. today -- owner of a christchurch gun store said -- the store sold four weapons to tarrant via police-verified mail order process. police say -- tarrant was a frequent traveler -- who recently spent time in pakistan, turkey and bulgaria.(jw) these are pictures of a room -- where tarrant stayed in buglaria. tarrant was charged with one count of murder in a christchurch court this week his next court appearance is set for april fifth.(jw) a community continues to pay tribute to the 50 people kiled in friday's mosque attacks.
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you are looking at pictures from the growing makeshift memorial in christchurch. new zealand authorities are rushing to identify the fifty people killed to allow families to bury their loved ones in accordance with muslim tradition. the prime minister says all the bodies will be returned by wednesday. (justine) the bay area will come together on monday to mourn the lives lost in the new zealand mosque attacks. the arab resource and organizing center is planning a vigil at 6:30 in the evening at the lake merritt amphitheater in oakland. the amphitheater is located between 12th street and first avenue near the lake merritt bart station. (jr) also on monday -- first lady ámelania trumpá will review youth programs at various government departments and agencies. she will host the inter-agency working group on youth programs at the white house. the goal is to build upon and improve youth programs that align with her "be best" initiative -- which focuses on the well- being of children, their
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safety online and avoiding drugs. the working group was established under president george w. bush. (mabrisa)i have your forecast coming up a bit later on... (justine) and "captain marvel" dominates the weekend box office again. how much it raked in ...just 10 days since it hit the big screen. your weekend box office wrap is next. at the box office this
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weekend -- there were a couple of surprises.(justine) david daniel has the top five flicks. "a madea family funeral" fell two spots to fifth place, on ticket sales of eight-point-one million dollars. "how to train your dragon: the hidden world" took fourth place, earning nine-point-three million dollars for a domestic total of 136-million."what are you doing? will? will, no, please, get down!"the romantic drama "five feet apart" opened in third place with a better-than- expected 13-point-two million dollars.(nat) "no way!"(nat) "wonderland is now open!"the weekend's top new movie, "wonder park," also overperformed, opening with 16-million dollars."name of your first pet?""mr. snoofles." "mr. snoofles?""that's what i said."to no one's surprise, "captain marvel" retained the top spot: 69-point-three million dollars gave the superhero flick 266-million domestic in 10 days. in hollywood, david daniel. (justine)
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(justine) in four your health tonight -- more people are getting plastic surgery in the u-s. the american society of plastic surgeons says -- almost 18 million people underwent surgical and minimally invasive cosmetic procedures last year. the total means that there were almost a quarter of a million more procedures in 20-18 than in 20-17. cosmetic surgical procedures have been on the rise in the u.s. over the past 5 years. (justine) taking aspirin every day is an age-old approach to prevent strokes and heart attacks. new guidelines just announced recommend áagainstá the practice. the guidelines say doctors may consider aspirin for certain older high-risk patients -- including those having trouble lowering their cholesterol or managing blood sugar. that's as long as there is no increased risk for internal bleeding. (jw) after the break... a taste of the hawaii islands right here in the bay area. this week's dine and dish is next.
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(jr) hawaii is a favorite vacation spot for many in the bay area. tourists flock there for the sun, the beach and... the food.(justine) now you don't have to hop on a plane - at least for the food. tonight on dine and dish - kron four's vicki liviakis gives us a taste of the island in san francisco. if you need a hawaii fix, this is it. michael mina's trailblazer tavern - in san francisco's salesforce east building. complete with
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ohana vibes.. meet the james beard nominated hawaiian chefs husband wife team - wade and michelle. they're bringing a taste of the islands to downtown. think hawaiian comfort food like the huli huli chicken. the ahi poke nachos is a real crowd pleaser. you might order up the spam musubi - a savory island favorite. or go hog wild with a spam can mai tai drink (the if- can can a signature happy hour cocktail.) save room for dessert - michelle is famous for. she's whipped up wicked desserts from honolulu to french laundry in the wine country. michelle's dad had wanted her to become a banker or pga golf pro... thankfully she using her many talents to sweeten up - diners here at trailblazer tavern. (justine) speaking of (justine)
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(justine) speaking of hawaii-- there's now a direct flight to honolulu from oakland. oakland airport celebrated the launch of southwest airlines' inaugural flight to honolulu today with hula dancers, and water arch over aircraft upon departure. oakland airport is the very first us mainland airport to serve hawaii on southwest airlines. you may remember we reported the introductory flights sold out nearly immediately with fares as low as $49 dollars one way from the bay area to the hawaii islands. southwest will expand service to hawaii to san francisco international airport and san jose airport in the next month. (jrs) california lawmakers
8:47 pm
unveiled a set lawmakers unveiled a set of proposals to make rent more affordable. lawmakers announced a set of bills to protect renters... with measures that would require landlords to prove just cause... before evicting a tenant. the bills would also aim to prevent rent gouging. redwood city renter sasha powell stood before lawmakers holding up a letter from her landlord... (jrs) her rent increase is an example of what millions of renters have experienced in the last decade across california... lawmakers are considering this a housing emergency. the governor has promised if lawmakers bring him a good package of
8:48 pm
laws on rent stability, he will sign it. (justine) two sides of one big debate. yesterday -- leaders in arlington, virginia approved a multi-million dollar deal to bring amazon to crystal city... but not before the public got their say. tim barber was at the meting that -- at one point -- got too heated. nats:all in favor?aye.aye. people were estatic and disgusted when arlington approved 23-million dollars worth of incentives for amazon. nat- shame! shame!more than 100 speakers argued for or against the tech giant during public comment and despite multiple warnings from county leaders several people disrupted the meeting nat- you
8:49 pm
should all be ashamed of yourselves!this man was so disruptive he was arrested. nat- let go of my arm! let go of my arm!maha hilal has lived in crystal city for more than a decade.she worries amazon will drive up housing prices when it take over up to six- million of square feet of office spaceelect these people. we did.but virginians like izzy santa are hopeful amazon will deliver the 25- thousand jobs its promising.we have a virginia to become the next silicon valley.county leaders say arlington needs the jobs because the area has lost 24-thousand jobs since 2001.their projections show arlington alone could get a tax benfit of more than 160- million dollars during the next 12-years.reporter: what are you going to do to ensure that amazon keeps its end of the bargain?dorsey: well you know the ironic thing here is that amazon brought a focus to all of these concerns come a commitment for new partnerships resources to actually deal with them. (justine) that was tim barber reporting. last month -- amazon abandoned its headquarters plan in new york city because of pushbacks from politicians and activities who were angry about the tax breaks that had been offered as well. (justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. microclimate forecast --
8:50 pm
another very warm, dry day. . . tracking another mild night in the bay area with overnight lows in the 40s. expect warm temperatures 5-10 degrees above average for your monday afternoon, with highs ranging from the mid 60s to mid 70s. the storm door opens tuesday night with light showers. periods of wet and unsettled weather will be possible by
8:51 pm
midweek and likely continue into next weekend.
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a big day for th on the pro and college's been a great week to be a fan of the golden state warriors...and it just might be getting even better. the team finally making the return of andrew bogut official....we learned today that bogut will make his debut during tomorrow's game against the san antonio spurs...demarcu s cousins will be out with foot injury...and while we wish boogie well, we are of course fired up for the return of bogut...we will have much more on that coming up at 9 on an all new sports night live. also at 9...recognizing the only local college hoops team to make it to the big dance...after upsetting top- ranked gonzaga in the wcc tournament to earn a ncaa tourney berth...the st. mary's
8:53 pm
gaels will take on villanova this thursday in the first round. ahead at 9, j-r and i talk st. mary's and look ahead to the program's 10th tournament appearnce. those stories, and a whole lot more, coming your way just after don't go anywhere. (justine) and these bear cubs were found on the side of a highway. where they are getting the care they need before going back home.
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(jw) say hello to áblazeá and áyreka.á the five- week-old bear cubs were found on the side of a highway last saturday in yreka.(jrs) the department of fish and wildlife believes a person illegally separated the cubs from their mom. so far -- they haven't had any luck finding the mamma bear. (jw) while officers investigate, the cubs are being looked after at a rehabilitation center in south lake tahoe. "our job is to make sure they grow up big and healthy and strong and they can get released back into the wild, so everyone can appreciate them." / "we know when to start pulling back to let them develop into wild bears"(jw) the cubs will return to the whild when they reach around 100 pounds. right now -- they each weigh around four pounds. we're all busy.
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