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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  March 17, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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(jrstone) now at 10 -- an east bay school official is fighting for his life after being shot by his wife in a domestic dispute. (jrstone) thanks for joining us tonight at 10. i'm jr stone. (justine) and i'm justine waldman. police identified the victim today as pittsburg school administrator paul shatswell. kron4's dan thorn is live in pittsburg tonight with more on how the school district and neighbors are reacting.. dan? shatswell is a principal here at the pittsburg adult education center. police say early saturday morning they
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found him suffering from a gunshot wound..and tonight he's on life support. a pittsburg administrator and father of eight is clinging to life after police say his wife shot him in an apparent fight. shatswell was found with a gunshot wound at this home on barrie drive around 1:20 saturday morning..sot: my heart is in that gutter right now. neighbor and close family friend john tiscareno (tiss cah reno) says shatswell and his wife were the ideal neighbors. he says he cannot imagine what provoked this shooting..sot: sot: im still in shock..can't believe it.. shatswell is a former contra costa county reserve deputy but current principal at the pittsburg adult education center. the school district has released a statement about the shooting saying in-part quote "his impact is wide across our pittsburg community. along with the shock and grief, there will be many memories of his love of music, friends, family, pittsburg, and his passion for education." janet schulze, ed.dsuperintendent, pittsburg unified school districtpolice say shatswell's wife 39 year
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old maria vides shot him with a handgun. she's since been arrested and is now facing charges of attempted murder. the school district says they plan to have grief counselors on site here at the adult education center tomorrow.the investigation into the shooting is still on-going. reporting in pittsburg dan thorn kron4 news. (jrstone) also in the east bay -- police in livermore say a 24-year-old woman was shot in the leg while driving on i-580 in the livermore area. it happened around 5:45 this evening. the woman was sitting in the passenger side of the vehicle. her and another person drove off the freeway to call c-h-p the victim suffered non-life threatening injuries. police say this is an on-going investigation and could not provide us with a description of the suspect or the suspect vehicle. (justine) in world news tonight -- new zealand's prime minister says gun law reforms to be announced in 10 days. cabinet ministers had met and made an
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in-principle decision to tighten gun ownership but details still need to be worked out. this as, the owner of christchurch's "gun city" store in new zealand said it sold four guns and ammunition to the alleged mosque shooter through a "police-verified online mail order process." today's news comes as the community in christchurch continues to mourn the 50 lives lost in the the tragic shooting mosque last week. new zealand authorities are rushing to identify the fifty people killed in friday's terror attacks -- to allow families to bury their loved ones in accordance with muslim tradition.meanwhile, the christchurch community is paying tribute to the victims with memorials. police announced today that the first body belonging to a victim of christchurch terror attacks have given back to their family... all of the bodies are expected to be returned wednesday.
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(jrstone) acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney is defening president donald trump saying "he's not a white supremacist." in an interview today -- mulvaney said it was unfair to characterize the new zealand gunman as a supporter of trump. (jrstone) authorities discovered a 74-page manifesto in which he describes himself as a supporter of trump "as a symbol of renewed identity and common purpose." tracking another mild night in the bay area with overnight lows in the 40s. expect warm temperatures 5-10 degrees above average for your monday afternoon, with highs ranging from the mid 60s to mid 70s. the storm door opens tuesday night with light showers.
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periods of wet and unsettled weather will be possible by midweek and likely continue into next weekend. weekend. into next likely continue midweek and possible by weather will be possible by midweek and likely continue into next weekend. (jrstone)with the holiday, comes the parties and local law enforcement are warning drivers that they are out in force looking for people who had too much to drink.(justine) in the north bay, it was a sea of green at one popular
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irish bar. gayle joins us live at moylan's brewery with the celebration. gayle. it was a bustling day at moylan's brewery in novato..the beer was flowingand the traditional irish menu of corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes was's their busiest day of the year.eileen moylan is the manager of her family run business.for the moylans, it's all about bringing everyone into their family and making it a good day..and of course celebrating irish heritage.
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holiday and here's to saint patrick.">it was something to drink to..and something the owners here are strict about. with major holidays like this, comes major drinking,c-h-p and local police are keeping an eye out for impaired drivers..extra officers are on patrol, ready to stop and arrest drivers suspected of driving under the influence.this time last year, c-h-p reports one person was killed.48 others were injured in d-u-i crashes on st patricks avoid conflict, the moylans say they go the extra mile to ensure their cutomers are safe. (jrstone)
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(jrstone) lanes of interstate 880 will be shutdown for construction in one hour. kron four's sara stinson reports from hayward. (chp phoner) the closures
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will be for southbound lanes between winton avenue and highway 92. all lanes will be closed between 11:59 sunday and 4 am monday and that will go into tuesday and wednesday. early morning commuters should allow for extra time on interstate highway 880 this week, when all southbound lanes of the freeway are closed for four hours.during the closure there will be detour signs, construction crews and crews will also need access to two lanes on the northbound side.
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northbound side.">(on cam)
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mini-van ran away. but the man was located by officers in a nearby neighborhood and taken into custody. a passenger in the honda sadly passed away at the scene as a result of injuries. alcohol is being investigated as a possible factor. we will continue to follow this investigation throughout the evening. (jrstone) coming up -- a northern california immigration coalition is launching a campaign that shares real stories from people who have been approached by ice... who it's geared to protect families who could be detained. (justine) and -- two bear cubs were found separated from their mother and left beside the highway. their road to recovery... when wecome back. (jrstone) plus -- san francisco takes action to protect bicyclists. these barriers went up on howard street this week. but why one group says -- they aren't enough.
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(jrstone) a bike accident in the south of market neighborhood of san francisco left a 30 year old berkeley woman dead earlier this month. it pushed the city to create another protected bike lane. (justine) the move to add a barrier between car traffic and bicycles on howard street was quick. but the san francisco bicycle coalition wants more to be done. kron 4's noelle bellow has more on the state of safety for bicyclists in the city. we can't just keep piecing and adding little bits and little bits. it's just a bandaid on a bigger problem bicyclist fiona tay says the death of tess rothstein hit her hardits acutally really personal and
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im really angry it was just 60 feet away from where the protected bike lane startedon march 8th, rothstein was riding her bike down howard when she was struck and killed. witnesses say she had veered away from the bike lane to avoid being struck by the open door of a parked car. just days after her death, the city removed parking on the block rothstein was hit -- creating a temporary protected lane.. we can get a protected bike lane in pretty quikcly after someone is hit and killed charles deffarges is the senior community organizer for the sf bicycle coalition the outpouring of greif and and support for protected bike lanes city wide has been enormous and we are mobilizing that to city hall with supervisor matt haney for demand for protected bike lanes city widewe want protected bike lanes for the full length of folsom and howard from the embarcardero to 11th. deffarges says right now projects like this can take years..many are wondering in the mean time -- what rights do bicyclists even have in the city?bike traffic is somewhat unique in analyst steve clark says rothstein's family will likely
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have a civil case, but unless theres some level of intentional harm that was done, the chances of drivers being prosecuted is slim. i think what the case here would be is the da wouldnt have much to deal with because it was not involving the operation of the vehicle. mearly opening the door. with 10's of thousands of people riding their bikes in the city everyday, the coalition says enough is enoughwe understand the importance of enforcement -- but this is a design issue and we're pushing for better infrastructure. if there was a protected bike lane there, we wouldn't have to have the convo of who's at fault, who's guilty, in south of market noelle bellow kron 4 news (justine)(justine) the s-f bicycle coalition plans to call for urgent, action on high-injury corridors city wide. it scheduled a rally tuesday afternoon at 12:30 on the steps of city hall.
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members will then head up to the sf-mta board meeting to push for protected bike lanes the entire length of folsom and howard streets. (anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist mabrisa rodriguez. tracking another mild night in the bay area with overnight lows in the 40s. expect overnight lows in bay area with mild night in the tracking another rodriguez. tracking another mild night in the bay area with overnight lows in the 40s. expect warm temperatures 5-10 degrees above average for your monday afternoon, with highs ranging from the mid 60s
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to mid 70s. the storm door opens tuesday night with light showers. periods of wet and unsettled weather will be possible by midweek and likely continue into next weekend.
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(justine) two bear cubs were found separated from their mother and left beside a northern california highway. (justine) the department of fish and wildlife believes a person is responsible for illegally moving the cubs. (jrstone) while officers investigate, the cubs are being looked after at a rehabilitation center in south lake tahoe. reporter jessica mensch shows you how one couple is making sure these cubs are able to return to the wild.
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(jrstone) coming up -- a northern california immigration coalition is launching a campaign to protect families who could be detained by ice. we'll explain after the break.
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(jrstone) the sacramento immigration coalition is launching their newest campaign to protect families who live in the country without legal permission, from being detained by ice.(justine)
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two publications will be unveiled on monday... one of them being "what to do if ice comes knocking" newsletter. krisi gross reports. "this is one way definitely of keeping families safe," said mahmoud zahriya. monday, zahriya, joe engles and others with the coalition will unveil two publications, one being a "what to do if ice comes knocking" newsletter.the newsletter will include "real stories from people who have been approached by ice, what they did, then whether it was right or wrong and then give practical suggestions on what to do in that kind of case," explained sic member engle with n&r publications.the second publication is a graphic comic that is meant to teach children the do's and don'ts if they ever encounter ice."if a child is able to
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understand to dial 911, if their mom or someone is at harm, i think this comic book will help as well for them to be able to call the rapid response number that we have for ice sightings and to really keep their parents safe," zahriya, who is also the policy and advocacy coordinator for the council on america-islamic relations (cair), said.engles says the goal is to make sure people who live in the country illegally know their rights to save them from being detained or deported by ice."a gentleman was dropping his children off at pre-school. he turned around and ice was there to pick him up," engles explained. "so, rather than staying silent, he actually spoke with them and so he was taken away. so he didn't realize he had the right to remain silent."he says it's stories like those that first sparked the idea behind both publications."we want people to actually understand what to do and what not to do," engles stated.after the coalition's press conference, the organization will give hundreds of copies of each publication so advocates can pass them out to their own communities and spread the word."i want the community to actually make sure that americans feel safe, whether you're a citizen or a non-citizen," zahriya said.the press conference for the sacramento immigration coalition is scheduled to begin monday at 11 a.m. at the cair sacramento valley office. (justine) two bear cubs were found separated from their mother and left beside a northern california highway.
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the department of fish and wildlife believes a person is responsible for illegally moving the cubs.(jrstone) while officers investigate, the cubs are being looked after at a rehabilitation center in south lake tahoe. reporter jessica mensch shows you how one couple is making sure these cubs are able to return to the wild. (jrstone) up next tonight -- up next (jrstone) -- police take down a large
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credit card skimming operation in northern california. the warning signs authorities
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want you to know about. (justine) and -- tonight we dig deeper into the largest college admission scam ever prosecuted by the justice department. how actresses lori loughlin and felicity huffman past comments are coming back to haunt them. (mabrisa)a look at your forecast coming up...
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(jrstone) the massive college admissions scheme
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revealed this week by the justice department has sent shockwaves through hollywood-- and through campuses nationwide.(justine)actresses lori loughlin and felicity huffman are among at least 50 people accused of buying their kids' way into elite universities. and as reporter randi kaye reports -- their past comments -- online and on t-v -- are coming back to haunt them. (nats)as actress lori loughlin was preparing to appear in court, after being named in the largest academic fraud case in history--it turns out her daughter olivia jade was cruising on a yacht.not just any yacht, but the yacht owned by the chairman of usc's board of trustees.billionaire rick caruso has told reporters "once we became aware of the investigation, the young woman decided it would be in her best interests to return home." lori loughlin/ actress"you know, i don't ever do, i never pushed my kids to - i always say, 'do the best you can'" that was loughlin... back in 2017... playing it cool as a parent... but prosecutors say
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she and her husband were anything but.. paying as much as $500,000 in a cheating scheme to get both their daughters accepted to usc as members of the crew team, even though neither ever rowed. another actress-- desperate housewives' felicity huffman -- is also charged.she's accused of paying $15,000 to get one of their daughter's sat scores boosted with help from the same fake charity. felicity huffman/ actress"i want to model for my daughters being a woman of agency, having a voice in the world and that means having influence, and having power, and to tell you the truth having money." (jrstone) that was randi kaye reporting for us tonight. felicity huffman's husband -- actor william h macy, has not been charged. (justine) authorities say they busted a large west coast credit card west coast credit card "skimming" ring in sacramento. this is video from one of those cameras. deputies found it while
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searching the suspects' apartment. deputies say the suspects planted a camera near on the a-t-m's pinpad where a potential victim would punch in their number. after the man installs the camera at the a-t-m he comes back to add the skimming device. the suspects are accused of stealing credit card information from at least 40 people in the sacramento area. (justine) because police say the suspects had been stealing credit card info for months -- they warn skimming devices could still be out there. investigators say there are steps you can take to keep yourself safe. hide the keypad when you're plugging in your pin. check the machine to make sure it's secure. (live) taking a live look outside at san francisco's embarcadero....
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(anchor) time now to check on our weather... with meterologist mabrisa rodriguez. tracking another mild night in the bay area with overnight lows in the 40s. expect warm temperatures 5-10 degrees above average for your monday afternoon, with highs ranging from the mid 60s to mid 70s. the storm door opens tuesday night with light showers. periods of wet and
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unsettled weather will be possible by midweek and likely continue into next weekend. (justine) (justine) coming up -- new
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data recovered from the black boxes of last week's ethiopian airlines crash... how authorities say it could be connected to to october's fatal lion air crash. (jrstone) and -- a chemical fire forced authorities to issue a shelter- in-place order a shelter in one area of texas. an update on the investigation when we come back.
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[ dramatic orchestral music ]
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[ announcer ] tiger woods. [ tap of the putt ] expect anything different? [ waves crashing ] probably the most important shot dustin johnson has ever hit right here. [ crowd cheering ] what a gem! now keopka, down there into the wind. [ club thwacking ] how about that? back to back united states opens. [ tense elegant music ] just awesome. (justine) preliminary data
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recovered from the black boxes of last week's ethiopian airlines crash has revealed "similarities" to october's fatal lion air crash. the ethiopian minister says investigators have recovered all relevant data from the black boxes. the prime minister did not provide additional details about the purported "similarities" between the two crashesbut said they would be "subject to further investigation." similarities between the two incidents led aviation authorities around the world to ban the use of 737 max 8s. (jrstone) two people in los angeles were hurt when a nine-thousand-gallon tanker
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caught fire and exploded. more than 72 fire fighters worked for hours today to get the fire under control. fire officials say the tanker had been leaking fuel... when it somehow ignited.thick, dark smoke could be seen for miles. several fire departments arrived to help, including hazmat crews.some of the fuel entered storms drains... causing underground explosions and dislodging several manhole damaged at least one building. (jrstone) and in deer park, texas -- a chemical fire forced authorities to forced authorities to issue a shelter- in-place order for the entire city today. city officials say a tank-fire at intercontinental tank company deer park is out of control. residents were asked to remain sheltered and avoid going outdoors if at all possible. community air-monitoring is being's unclear what caused the fire.but it comes one day after the exxon plant fire in baytown.. another fuel
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facility in the area. (jrstone) for your health tonight -- new guidelines recommend against taking daily low-dose aspirin to prevent strokes and heart attacks in healthy, older adults.(justine) the age-old approach is no longer recommended for older adults who do not have a high risk of heart disease -- or who already have it. the american college of cardiology and the american heart association announced the new guidelines today. the guidelines say doctors may consider aspirin for certain older high-risk patients -- including those having trouble lowering their cholesterol or managing blood sugar. doctors say can save lives for anyone who's had a stroke, heart attack, open-heart surgery or stents inserted to open clogged arteries. (jrstone) still ahead tonight -- a homeowner chooses to hug it out after a woman dangerously crashes into his house... details ahead. still ahead in sports...some news warriors fans have been waiting for...and a waiting
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for...and a local team going dancing in the ncaa's biggest stories coming your way after the break.
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(justine) ... take alook at this -- a couple crashed their car into someone's yard in los angeles thursday night... (justine) the uninvited guests decided to hold an impromptu party there. (jrstone) and as juan fernandez shows us... the homeowner's doorbell camera captured it all. take a look.
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(jrstone) that was juan fernandez reporting. juan fernandez that was (jrstone) (jrstone) that was juan fernandez
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reporting. the woman was arrested on suspicion of being intoxicated. after a lot of ups and downs this season...warriors fans have been able to breathe easy this last week thanks to two big wins...and at least for today, the good news continues... an old friend will be suiting up for the warriors tomorrow... andrew bogut... the starting center from theior 2015 nba championship... who was signed last week... will join the warriors tomorrow for their game in san antonio... it was thought bogut would be back until the team got back home thursday... but boogie cousins imending m-r-i on his right foot sped up the process bogut... who played 24 games for the lakers last season... was playing
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professionally in australia when the dubs came calling the 34-year old played 4 seasons in golden state... didn't score much but was a major facotr defensively and knows steve kerr's system well college mary's is the lone local representative in this year's ncaa tournament...after the gaels knocked off number one gonzaga in the wcc tourney to earn an automatic bid. st mary's is making it's tenth trip all- time to the ncaa tournament...2 nd time in the last three seasons...and the 12th straight post season appearance for randy bennet's club. this time around they earned an 11 seed. as for their opponent...another team that's very familiar with the big dance...villanova, the reigning ncaa champ... nova is a 6-seed this year...after winning the big east tournament.(wipe to fullscreen) the date to go dancing is this thursday the 21st. the gaels will make the trip east to hartford, time 4:20 pacific. and despite the long flight ahead...the gaels had some fun watching
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today's selection show and learning their opponent for round one. team cheers some people thought this would be a down year for st. mary's...the gaels lost some early out of conference games and the wcc is strong... but players like jordan ford, malik fitts, and tanner krebs stepped up...knocking off top ranked gonzaga in the conference tournament and winning nine of their last 11 games. some call it golf's 5th major... the player's championship wrapped up today at florida's tpc sawgrass... fans in the st. patrick day's spirit... 7th hole.... tiger woods... pretty much out of it at this point... but sinks the long putt for birdie putt... he finished 6-under for the tournament... tied for 30th place are you ready to see the longest made putt ever on the famous island hole??.... the 17th... jonathan 17th... jonathan vegas... from 70-feet out... up the hill... left to right... and in!!... vegas
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finished the tournament 14- under... tied for 3rd... just two strokes back of the winner but on saint patty's day the irishman prevailed.... rory mcilroy.... drains the birdie putt on the 15th hole to take the lead 18th hole...mcilroy taps in for the win... he finishes 16-under for the tournament... one stroke better than furyk... it's mcilroy's first player's championship... next up... the masters 3 1/2 weeks from now... the only major rory has not won and our final story... of course it has to be in honor of saint patrick's day... the first ever "shamrock run today in san jose... runners dressed up in their most imaginative green outfits to partake in the 5k or 10k runs... it was followed by a saint patty's day festival and even included a "leprechaun kids race" for the little ones the event benefits the san jose/dublin sister city scholarship program.... a great cause... and a lot of fun to boot! (justine)there were a couple
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of surprises at the weekend box office -- though not which movie led the way. david daniel has the top five. "a madea family funeral" fell two spots to fifth place, on ticket sales of eight-point-one million dollars. "how to train your dragon: the hidden world" took fourth place, earning nine-point-three million dollars for a domestic total of 136-million."what are you doing? will? will, no, please, get down!"the romantic drama "five feet apart" opened in third place with a better-than- expected 13-point-two million dollars.(nat) "no way!"(nat) "wonderland is now open!"the weekend's top new movie, "wonder park," also overperformed, opening with 16-million dollars."name of your first pet?""mr. snoofles." "mr. snoofles?""that's what i said."to no one's surprise, "captain marvel" retained the top spot: 69-point-three million dollars gave the superhero flick 266-million domestic in 10 days. in hollywood. (jrstone) up next -- he's giving up
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food and taking on the "liquid lunch" diet! we'll tell you about a man plans to to live off beer for more than a month! the ross spring dress event is here-finally! so you can say yes to the biggest selection of the season. yes! or stop and ask yourself, "can i afford both?" at these prices, oh, yeah. or find a look that's, like... wow a price that's, like... whoa. that's yes for less. seriously, 20 to 60 percent off department store prices! more new dresses means more reasons to say yes. at the ross spring dress event. on now! yes for less. you' may have heard the
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term "liquid lunch," it means to drink booze instead of eating your lunch.well, a man
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in ohio will is trying to do a month and a half of liquid lunches... and dinners... and breakfasts.(justine) for lent, he's giving up food... planning to live off of beer for more than a month. that's right -- no solid food until easter. for 46 days- there will only be one thing on del hall's menu.del hall: "i'm going to have all styles of beer."yes, beer-only beer for breakfast, lunch and dinner.del hall: "i am nervous, i'm very nervous about it .. i've only fasted for 4 days."he's going from four days to 46 of fasting for lenttaking a nod from monks in the 1600s - that would fast during the season by a bock beer diet.del hall: "that would be their liquid bread and that's what they call it so the monks in bavaria they would call dobblebock liquid bread and basically it would sustain them through 46 days of lent."del knows what people say.del hall: "they think i'm crazy."but the fifty west worker has a game plan and wants to see if he can prove to himself that it's possible.
10:56 pm
del hall: "i'm an army veteran, so you know - i was number one in my class in the army. i've run a full marathon before 26.2 miles i've done big challenges but this seems very daunting so i'm just curious if i'm up to the challenge, if i'm going to be able to do it or not." (jrstone) that was kathryn robinson reporting. in addition to tracking his own health, hall will be checking in with a physician as he pushes forward on his beer fast.
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for dr. ho's cleanse, brought to you by trusted thera botanics. (narrator) do you feel sluggish and low? does your gut feel heavy, bloated, and slow? did your get up and go just seem to go? do you ever have gas, indigestion, constipation, or irregularity? then you may have a toxic gut. with our high-stress lives and low fiber, over-processed diets, it's one of the most common hidden health problems in america today. and 70% of your immune system is in your gut, so if it's unhealthy it affects your whole body. i feel sluggish, gassy, bloated. and i--i don't like it. i am feeling bloated and i feel like i've gained weight.


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