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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  March 19, 2019 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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(ken) another weather system is making its way over the bay area. and with it.. more rain. this is a live look at our stormtracker four radar. the rain is expected to be heavy at times ... especially overnight. (ken) thanks for joining us, im ken wayne. (pam) and i'm pam moore. there is more rain on the way for the morning commute .. and towards the end of this week ... áand next week as well. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with the details. lawrence karnow: the clouds returned to our skies today
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with cooler temperatures. highs were in the 60s and low 70s. you can see some rain showing up on the doppler as the storm creeps closer. on the satellite you can see the storm off the coast. rain will pick up especially after midnight and be heavy into early morning. showers will continue during the day with a slight chance of isolated thunderstorms. highs will be much cooler in the 50s and 60s for the first day of spring. another storm will bring rain late on friday and into the weekend. weekend. and into the weekend.
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lock the doors, don't lock the
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lock the doors, don't leave anything of value in your car... we know the drill in san francisco and anyplace ... where break- ins have reached an epidemic level in recent years. but tonight... we meet a woman who tells us the theives are doing more than just stealing things. she says she isn't alarmed by what was taken from her car... but she's positively traumatized by what was left behind. (pam) kron 4's noelle bellow joins us live.. with her disturbing story, noelle... pam and ken -- it's one thing ive been told repeatedly since i moved to san francisco -- your car is going to get broken into. but when a nob hill woman tweeted photos of what she says was left behind by burglars -- i simply couldn't believe it. i feel like i do all i can do and so its frustrating that this happens on and on. ally williams knows how to keep thieves from breaking into her car... or so she thoughta couple years ago my car got borken into -- it was a smash and grabthat was the first me i me personally she says ever since, she keeps her compartments closed and valuables out of sight.. it was locked.. i do the double lock..but when she went to
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leave for work tuesday, she noticed her glove compartment was completely emptied.. and something smelled off.....way off. back here was where the uh ../ feces had been laying for who knows how long.. that's right ... poop, sitting in the backseati never thought anyone was gonna go to town on my backseatthe thieves left her another present too -- a key that she believes they may have used to get insidei dont know if this is someone who has those shave keys that can get thorugh to peopleally says she feels since nothing of great value was stolen she hasn't called police just yet.. the car windows weren't smashed.. and nothing really happened other than there was some feces left in the back.. i didn't know how much of a response i was going to getshe says even though it didn't help this time around -- she'll still be double locking, once she's brave enough to get back inside. in this poopmobile today it was not gonna happen hahaa she does plan on eventually calling police -- because she feels like this sort of thing isn't going to get handled unless they're reported
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(pam) tonight, another bay area jury has sided áwith a plantiff... and áagainst the company that makes 'round- up' weedkiller.(ken) the jury concluding... the popular product was a quote, 'substantial factor' in why a local man got cancer. our grant lodes is here to explain what this means for the plaintiff and thousands of other similar cases. (grant) this now makes two. last year another bay area jury ruled that round-up caused a man's non-hodgkin's lymphoma... and t around 70-year-old edwin hardeman of sonoma county... who's there on the right. the jury's verdict was unanimous... and the trial now moves into the damages phase... where we will learn how much money monsanto... the company that makes round-up.... will have to pay hardeman. in august, a
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jury awarded de-wayne johnson 289 million dollars. the verdict was later reduced to just under 80 million and is being appealed.. johnson was a groundskeeper who worked for the benicia unified school district. that jury made the same decision then... that this jury made today. and that's bolstering precedent... and could help shape courtroom decisions for the thousands of similar cases that have yet to go to trial. (ken) giants c-e-o and part -owner larry baer ... will not be charged for his role in a public altercation with his wife. the incident happened earlier at a park in san francisco. this is video of the incident from t-m-z. you can see baer's wife pam sitting when he reaches over to grab a cellhone from her hand-- when she topples over. the couple released a statement saying they were embarrassed by the situation. just days later-- baer announced he was taking a leave of absence from the giants organization.
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while criminal charges will not be filed against baer -- it is still possible mlb or the giants will take punitive action against baer. (ken) another big story tonight... u-s-c has placed a hold on the accounts of students who may be involved in the recent college admissions scam. those students won't be allowed to register for classes or acquire their transcripts. that is until the investigation is complete. the university says the students have been notified that their status is under review. u-s-c says it has the option of expelling students or pulling their admission depending on the results of the investigation. it's unclear how many u-s-c students are affected. and today we are learning that the university is raising tuition and fees amid the scandal. incoming freshman can now expect to pay more than 57-thousand dollars per year. u-s-c officials insist the value of the degree makes the price worth it. (pam) for some time, p-g-and-e has been blamed for november's destructive 'camp
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fire' ... you will likely recall that wildfire tore through butte county and killed 86 people. now, attorneys for wildfire victims say, they have uncovered internal documents which they say show... the utility knew about the risk and chose to ignore it. kron 4's dan kerman reports. attorneys for victims of the butte county camp fire have discovered this internal pg&e email from 2014 indicating the company knew the towers on the transmission line believed to have started the camp fire were likely to fail, but the company took no action. the email says the "caribou palermo: reliability score is not that high because although the likelihood of failed structures happening is high, the affected customers are likely in the order of >1k."sot you can call it a smoking gun attorney mike danko who represents numerous camp fire victims says pg&e was willing risk its customers safety sot mike danko/attorney for fire victims :39it disgusts me the entire company and corporation they are convicted felons and they have no regard for human life or safetyattorneys also point to a 2016 document indicating on the same
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transmission line "j hook hardware ... broke...( because it) "had been compromised through corrosion." and the lessons learned was to take "special care to inspect the condition of the hardware prior to applying force."sot what these documents tell us is pge knew all the jhooks on the line were corroded and at risk of failing and what pge did instead of replace the hooks is lets treat them carefully and hope when they do fail it happens during a rainstorm so if there is a fire it is extinguished by the a statement pg&e does not address their past actions or details in either document instead saying "the 56-mile caribou-palermo electric transmission line has been de- energized since december 2018. they also say they are enhancing vegetation management, conducting accelerated safety inspections and expanding our public safety power shutoff program standup dan kerman/sf 154at the present time a federal judge in pge's previous criminal case is considering requiring pge to take more steps to prevent wildfires. it remains to be seen if these documents will have any influence on that dedan kerman news (pam) teachers in dublin could go on strike dublin could teachers in (pam) kron 4 newshq, dan kerman decision. at pge hq, dan kerman kron 4 news
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(pam) teachers in dublin could go on strike soon if a deal is not reached with the district.. today -- before the bell rang - teachers at fredrickson elementary school stood outside with signs and handed out informational pamphlets to parents .... informing them about the negotiations with the district. teachers say, some of their goals are to to secure smaller class sizes and work loads.. which would allow teachers to interact with students... and
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they also need special ed support. (pam) a salary raise is also being negotiated. the teachers associaton says, if they do strike, it will not be until the end of april, but the district says, it is hoping to avoid a strike in me-diation. (ken) in the south bay -- san jose police and fire 911 emergency dispatchers are putting in lots of costly overtime, however they say in recent years, response times are still not what they should be. those are among the findings of an audit of response times for the police and fire department. a 65 page city audit finds that the money spent on overtime would be enough to hire more than a dozen new dispatchers. the audit makes several recommendations for improving the response to emergency calls, 95-percent of which are supposed to be answered within 15 seconds. san jose is
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at roughly 90-percent. "....we need technology and there are steps in the process that could be eliminated with technology that is readily available so it's just a matter of investment..."(ken) the audit recommends the city improve it's system for dealing with the estimated 40 percent of calls handled by dispatchers each day that are not true emergences. the audit also calls for aggressive hiring and recruiting in an effort to relieve stress in what is an already stressfull job of sending police and firefighters to emergencies. (pam) some san francisco officials are looking to crackdown on e-cigarettes and the companies which make them. the city attorney and one city supervisor both say, their goal is stopping what they consider.... an epidemic among young people. they say, the use of e- cigarettes shot up 80 percent among high schoolers nationwide ..... while the number of middle schoolers who vape increased 50 percent based on 2018 statistics. the city attorney, along with officals from new york
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city and chicago ..... are calling on the f-d-a to do what he says, the agency should have already done. (pam) in a statement, juul labs- which is based in san francisco, says it has taken aggressive action to curb young people from using their products.. including stopping the sale of flavored products nationwide ..... and supports regulations which keeps e- cigarettes out of the hands of kids. (pam) a health advisory regarding opiod overdoses ... nationally .. prescription narcotics result in more deadly overdoses that heroin and cocaine combined ... according to contra costa health services... and the agency also says, locally,
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the problem is still out of control. kron four's philippe djegal talked with a mother who knows all too well, the harmful effects of overdosing on prescription opiods. (philippe)april rovero/mother- "joey was a senior at arizona state university, when he passed away tragically from a prescription drug overdose." that was nearly ten years ago. april rovero says her 21-year-old son joey had been legally prescribed xanax and oxycodone. but that he lost his life by combining the drugs with alcohol.april rovero/mother- "as young and healthy as he was, 21 years old, and you know, just completely healthy, uh, that's all it took to shutdown his breathing the night after being out with his friends. he went to sleep that night and he did not wake up. and, left his family just absolutely devestated." addiction wasn't the root cause of his death... though neglegence played a role. the doctor who prescribed joey the medicine was eventually found guilty of second degree murder and is now serving time in prison.daniel peddycord/public health director- "opiods are really only effective for
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about a two to three week window, and then you begin to develop a physical dependency, meaning you need higher and higher doses to achieve the same effect, and then roughly around a month, addiction can begin to set in. so, it's a real dangerous curve." one that daniel peddycord is carefully trying to navigate through. he's the public health director of contra costa health services. on tuesday, health services issued a health advisory... warning that prescription opiod overdoses are rising. in fact, the number of opiod overdose deaths doubled countywide from 33 in 2010 to 66 last year.daniel peddycord/public health director- "the idea here is really connecting individuals who are ready to try to beat their addiction to get into a treatment program, that both offers a substitute, um, opiod, called buprenorphine. it's much more ephicatious for it's much more ephicatious for folks trying to quit their addiction. um, as well as therapy." peddycord says purchasing the over-the- counter anti-overdose medication naloxone is also a good idea. in contra costa county, philippe djegal, kron four news.
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(ken) following the death of a 30-year-old cyclist along howard street in san francisco earlier this month, the city has made some changes to improve safety for cyclists. however -- bicycle advocates are saying those changes are not enough. today they took their demands to city hall. advocates want safe bicycle lanes across the city and say lawmakers shouldn't wait for more lives to be lost. the changes that the bicycle coatlion are demanding go far beyond the protected extension of just one block. they say they want to see a city wide change. (pam) a bill which would 'beef up' the penalties for drivers of serious hit and run crashes is gaining traction the state capitol ..(ken) capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala tells us the concerns lawmakers have about the bill, and shows us a victim's testimony that moved them to tears. é"my life was changed forever.."one sentence into her testimony, and susan gladding needed to catch her
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breath.(susan gladding - husnad killed in hit and run) "my husband, best friend and father of two children gavin gladding was stolen from us by a wreckless driver." susan explained to lawmakers how her husband was out jogging when he was hit by a suspected drunk, unlicensed driver. "the driver hid from law enforcement for almost a week while my family struggled with the loss of gavin and also with the weight of not knowing what had happened and who is reponsible." her husband inspired the proposed "gavin's law" which would increase prison time for hit and run drivers who cause serious injury or death... opponents of the measure say there are unintended consequences of the bill... (margo george- ca public defenders association) "all it does is increase incarceration, and we have been down that road before." but gladding's testimony left lawmakers speechless or in tears..((nats- sigh))including bay area democrat buffy wicks.. ((assm. buffy wicks d- oakland)) "i would request that we have more time to think some of this stuff
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through, because we do want to make sure the punishment meets the crime."southern california republican tom lackey was immediately in support of the bill ((assm. tom lackey r- palmdale)) "are we here to allow for accountability to be carried out or are we here to always sympathize with offenders? it gets very, very tiresome." on first vote, the bill failed, but the bipartisan committee vows to work with assemblyman jim patterson to get it passed. ((assm. jim patterson- r fresno)) "they have said, we know the loophole exists we want to work with you, that's never happened before." ((ashley)) gavin's law is now up for reconsideration by this same committee, another hearing on this is expected in the near future. tag. (pam) a fire continues to burn at a chemical storage facility in texas.. but tonight, we are getting new video that shows the moment the explosion happened. surveillance video from a nearby business shows .... a massive plume of smoke erupt
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on the right side of your on the right side of your screen. this is all happening at the intercontinental terminals company facility, in deer park, texas. officials originially thought the fire would burn until wednesday .. but now, they are not sure when it will burn itself out. this is video from earlier tonight ... the fire continuing to rage on. surprisingly, these tanks filled with gas, oil and other chemicals have been burning for three days now ... and authorities say, the air quality in the area is 'not' currently a health concern. no injuries have been reported so far. (ken) still ahead... a shocking revelation for some north bay parents ---who found out their young students accessed explicit content at school. how it happened. (pam) plus.. a local garbage worker thrown to the ground by a blast --- what investigators suspect may have caused it. (ken) and after the break... it just got a little easier to travel to brazil. what you no longer need to visit the country...
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tonight.. general motors says employees from its closed plant in ohio now have new jobs. (pam) but there is mixed news on the g-m jobs locations... in ohio, a spokperson 0- workers have been transferred to other locations ... while 350- workers were eligible for move will get up to 30- thousand dollars in transfer assistance from the company. production for the chevy cruze sedan.... ended at the
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lordstown, ohio plant two- weeks ago. but a plant in baltimore is set to close next month. and one in michigan is due to shutdown in august... and g-m's factory in detroit is expected to close in january 2020. g-m has faced backlash for its decision to close four u-s plants. but the company said, it is a necessary move to help them invest more money in future cars. more than 1-thousand of the 33-hundred u-s hourly workers whose plants are closing down... have accepted transfers. (ken) it is about to get easier to visit copa-cabana. the brazilian government announced plans to allow americans to visit the country without visas. you will be able to stay for 90- days without worrying about paperwork... and if that is not enough, you can extend it for another 90- days. the new visa wavier comes a year after the country saw a 35-percent increase in visa applications after implementing electronic visas last year. the rule takes effect
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(pam) coming up... a man in santa rosa forced to cut his fence down after his neighbors complained about it being too tall... now he is fighting back with another display that is catching more than just his neighbors eyes... we'll explain... (lawrence)ten at ten
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♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family. visit (ken) a second grade
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student in sonoma gained access to explicit content on
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her school issued i-pad ... and now her mother is working with the sonoma valley school district to make sure it doesn't happen to any of her classmates. kron4's michelle kingston talked with the child's mother... and the school district about the incident. (mk)bruce abbott, sonoma valley school district assoc superintendent "quite surprising. quite shocking" sonoma valley school district student ipads were pulled from classrooms last week ... after a parent of a second grade student at prestwood elementary discovered sexually explicit adult videos on her child's device.michelle kingston, mkingstonnewsrely to ... she was in a teher nearly fainted."i sat down with the associate superintendent of the sonoma valley school district ... who explained how he belies bruce abbott, sonoma valley school district assoc superintendent "they put in some, not great but not too risque words, like kissing, in which took them to some sites on youtube and they'll give you other images you can click on and they just kept clicking and clicking and clicking and got more and more risque until they saw something that was
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very inappropriate."bruce abbott says several other kids in the second grade class also accessed the content ... but that's about to addition to the filtering already on the ipads ... they're now installing an application allowing teachers to block inappropriate content at the click of a button and see all classroom screens in real time bruce abbott, sonoma valley school district assoc superintendent "we are going to be blocking youtube and twitter and other things that we think have the potential where a child can get to where they shouldn't be."the student's mother said in a statement to kron4: "we have opened the dialogue and have a light shining on the white elephant that no one wants to speak of. it is time we all take a stand for our children, our future."bruce abbott, sonoma valley school district assoc superintendentit's something that shouldn't have happened and we should've had a way to stop it and we are working on that."the district says students will have their ipads back after spring break. the student's mother says her daughter is still having sonoma county michelle kingston kron 4 news (pam) in the east bay... an explosion injured a garbage worker in oakland.
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investigators are combing through surveillance video to determine what caused the blast. the video shows ... a california waste solutions employee ... being injured after a blast occurred while he was compressing a load of garabage on moss street this morning. investigators say, the video immediately played a key role in ruling out foul play.
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highs were in the 60s and low 70s. you can see some rain showing up on the doppler as the storm creeps closer. on the satellite you can see the storm off the coast. rain will pick up especially after midnight and be heavy into early morning. showers will continue during the day with a slight chance of isolated thunderstorms. highs will be much cooler in the 50s and 60s for the first day of spring. another storm will bring rain late on friday and into the weekend. (pam) another big story
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tonight... severe weather hitting sections of the nation.. several mid- west states have issued emergency declarations .... after historic floods killed at least four people ... and displaced hundreds of others. reid binion has the latest. devastation in the heartland... vice president mike pence: "to all the families that have seen their homes flooded, livestock lost, to have their
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lives their affected by these f severe weathemessage is this we are with you."vice president mike pence touched down in omaha, nebraska tuesday.. delivering words of encouragement as he toured hard hit areas and visited shelters.natsthe historic flooding that left at least four dead in nebraska and iowa.. and displaced hundreds... is slowly beginning to recede..but it's not over for parts of the great plains and midwest -- more rain and melting snow are expected... following the aftermath of a "bomb cyclone" that hit last week.nats according to the national weather service more than 7 million people remain under flood warnings.nebraska, iowa, and wisconsin have all declared states of emergency.. gov. pete ricketts / -r- nebraska: "this is the most wide spread damage we've ever experienced in our state's history." butt sot gov. kim reynolds / -r- iowa: "it's hard to describe the catastrophic events that are taking place with this flooding so it's all hands on deck."i'm reid binion reporting. (ken) some volunteer
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pilots are taking to the skies this week over nebraska... delivering supplies to flood victims and even saving some people from the rising waters. pilot adam liston took off sunday morning at 8 a-m and hasn't stopped since. he said just on sunday he made more than a dozen flights. each trip saved friends and neighbors who weren't lucky enough to make it out.
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realize. andy ortega fonseca was the man authorities discovered near the american river. the 23-year-old was out taking pictures at the american river with his fiance sunday evening. rescue crews say, he slipped and fell in, near the no hands bridge. he worked at his tattoo parlor on and off for several years. (pam)outgoing."> (pam) rescue crews stress, the waters are cold and choppy.. so you will want to be extra careful near these rivers. (ken) firefighters rescued a man who was stuck on a cliff at marshall's beach-- south of the golden gate bridge in san francisco. kron-4 cameras were there as the man was brought to safety. it happened this morning shortly after 8:30. officials say the man was clinging to the edge of a cliff-- and they used ropes to rescue him. it took about two hours to bring him to safety. (ken) scary moments near a turlock school. after a
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student reported a man on a bicyle rode up next to her and started yelling ethnic slurs. all of this happening near a middle school. as kay recede reports... police are still looking for that man. we spoke to the girl off camera she seemed a little shaken, understandably guarded but she says she's doing better after a man yelled racial slurs at her((pkg))a girl wearing a hijab says she was verbally attacked by a man on a bicycle tuesday morning she says she was just on her way to dutcher middle schoolfox40 spoke to the 7th grader off-camera she seemed understandably shaken after the encounter. parents say they are also concerned (dawn lobay, parent)"shocked, scary."(butted to)(vinnie lobay, parent)"it's not safe anymore, not like it used to be."according to the turlock unified school district, the man yelled ethnic slurs at the girl and also threatened her the young student also noticed the bicyclist had a knife(dawn) "'cause that's scary for any young adult boy or girl." frightened - the girl says she ran to campus.once here - she told a campus supervisor about the scary situation.(dawn)"i mean the girl did the right thing telling someone and people gotta pay attention to their surroundings and she did the right thing."the school district tells fox40 the
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police department was called right away officers tried to find the suspect but so far were unable to catch him. after school - the girl's loved ones picked her up she says she's feeling a bit better. (pam) placer (pam) placer county deputies have arrested a man for an alleged home invasion.. and they believe he is also responsible for setting two homes on fire. deputies were called to a possible break- in this morning in colfax ... saying, they believe the suspect entered the home through the back window. when deputies arrived at the home, they heard someone breaking items inside .. then the fire alarm went off. when the smoke started coming out of the home, the suspect ran out from back, where officers were waiting and arrested him. he was identifed as 24- year-old jose rocha- the third. then less than a mile away, firefighters had to deal with another fire. investigators are trying to determine whether both fires were caused by the same suspect.
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feeling, especially because we're all so close here and trust one another.>(pam) cal fire is investigating both fires as arson. (ken) in the east bay... a vote to install 21 automated license plate readers has been aprroved by the contra costa board of supervisors in discovery bay. the controversial technology records the time, date and location... each time a vehicle with a license plate passes by. a database is built... which investigators can use to establish suspects' or victims' path of travel in criminal cases. critics raised issues about people who are not suspected of a crime being subjected to surveillance. they are also concerned about who data might be shared with. city officials assured residents the data will ánot be share with immigration officials. (pam) in the north bay -- a homeowner went the extra mile to express his frustration with the city after he was told to cut down his fence . (ken) this after a neighbor made a
10:40 pm
complaint that the fence was too high, causing a blind spot for drivers at a nearby intersection. take a look.. jason windus, homeownercg from 0:06 - 0:15"a neighbor complained about my fence being too tall, so they came out and made me cut my fence down. so i cut it down, and so i wanted my privacy, they didn't want me to have my privacy, so now they get to see my party.""i put a fence up for my dogs, i have two large dogs, one's a king cane corson mastiff and he's just giant. so i decided i needed some room for the dogs. cleared out the whole area, there was a bunch of brush and trees that were no good. cleared it all out, made it real nice, put the fence in six months ago, spent 9,000 dollars putting the fence in and its got a nice rolling gate, it's a custom fence and i get a call six months later that i need to cut my fence down to three feet.""so a couple weeks ago i was doing a job out in sebastopol for a clothing store that closed down and i hauled out all these mannequins and i couldn't bring myself to get rid of them because they're really cool. so by the time when we started to cut the fence down i came back here and just assembled them all, put them at the table, so when the fence came down there they were."rocco giovanetti, neighborcg in 1:11 - 1:19"i love it, i think it's awesome. i mean the poor guy, living next door to him, the city is coming down on him for his fence, come on, it's freedom
10:41 pm
of speech. you know, freedom of you can do whatever you want with your house.""people just need to come together and just have a little laugh about it, you know what i mean? just relax, it's all in good fun." still ahead... spring training is all about baseball but there's lots to do outside the stadium. coming up we'll explore the streets of old town scottsdale. (sports) coming up i'll have all the day's sports highlights and scores. (pam)
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woman 1: i had no symptoms of hepatitis c.
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man 1: mine... ...caused liver damage. vo: epclusa treats all main types of chronic hep c. vo: whatever your type, ask your doctor if epclusa is your kind of cure. woman 2: i had the common type. man 2: mine was rare. vo: epclusa has a 98% overall cure rate. man 3: i just found out about my hepatitis c. woman 3: i knew for years. vo: epclusa is only one pill, once a day, taken with or without food for 12 weeks. vo: before starting epclusa, your doctor will test if you have had hepatitis b, which may flare up, and could cause serious liver problems during
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and after treatment. vo: tell your doctor if you have had hepatitis b, other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or other medical conditions... vo: ...and all medicines you take, including herbal supplements. vo: taking amiodarone with epclusa may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. vo: common side effects include headache and tiredness. vo: ask your doctor today, if epclusa is your kind of cure. there is still about a week of spring training baseball left... if you would like to catch the giants or the a's in arizona. (ken) and if you're wondering what to do in between games in scottsdale ... i have some id of cowboy culture here to back up that slogan. but scottsdale is evolving. and there's plenty you see more cowboy art than actual cowboys. old town is dog friendly. we got our tourist fix with scottsdale local ace bailey leading carole and i into some funky southwestern shops... arizona's answer to haight street. :25 ace bailey/scottsda
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lelike i was saying if you can't find a souvenir here (you can't find a souvenir anywhere) you're not going to find one. for a daytime break there are new brew pubs everywhere. "craft 64" has more than 30 different arizona brews on tap. beyond ale and coffee trails there's a growing wine market. carlson creek vineyard features wines sourced from grapes grown at 42-hundred feet above the desert floor. :51sam farnsworth/carlson creek vineyard because they're grown at elevation the grapes pick up a lot more uv radiation which causes their skins to grow thicker which is where you get most of your flavor from. for a daytime snack we popped into "simon's" for a colombian hot dog. felipe rondan/simon's hot dogstell me what i got here. i got potato chi ps here. crushed potato chips. the pink sauce is simon sauce. light to guide you. there are 800 restaurants here... many of them worthy of bay area taste buds. mission... right next to the original catholic mission in old town. another popular spot is citizen public house... where we spied some giants broadcasters enjoying dinner. but the true spring training dining experience has to be don and charlies... which sadly... is
10:46 pm
closing next month.1:51don carlson/don & charlie's restauranti'm closing because i'm going to be 75 on my next birthday and i've been working in restaurants and enjoyed every second, not every minute every second, every hour, every month every year every decade. and it's just time to cut back a little. the restaurant is filled with sports memorabilia... including hundreds of autographed there a date on the closure?4-10. wednesday could have made it 4-20. that has real meaning in the bay area.i didn't think of that. we could give everybody medical cards for the night and they could just fire up.(laugh) (ad lib)
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toss to sportssports toss to toss to sports the dubs the dubs looked to finish off their four game road trip with win tonight.....>they were in minnesota on game two of a back to back......>steph and klay....the original splash
10:48 pm
brothers.....had a rough shooting night last night against san antonio...a combined 10-27 from deep.....> first quarter.....the wolves jummped out to a 22-6 lead because of plays like this.....that's a karl anthony- towns dunk......>but then steph curry took over.....26 foot step back jumper here to put golden state up 12....> more from mr. curry....he makes another three....nice pass from an old friend in andrew bogut.....>third quarter....steph wasn't done....another wasn't done....another trey gives the dubs a 16 point lead.....>to the fourth....his boy klay wants in on the action....tonight they combined to go 12-24 from deep....steph had 36, klay had trip......>ubs win 117- it's that time of the year where everyone becomes a college basketball o days, then
10:49 pm
brackets....>march madness is finally here.....>we had two play-in games tonight....and this was a good one fairleigh dickinson of the nec taking on praire view a&m.....>prairie view's gary blackston euro-step fastbreak layup... 52-45 prairie viewfairleigh dickinson coach... greg herenda... gets frustrated with jahlil jenkins... and lets him know! jenkins... finds a spot for three pointer to gain the lead, 68-66 fairleigh jenkins... drives & dishes to darnell edge... for a big three!! 73-66 fairleigh dickinsonand geredia and his team get the school's first- ever ncaa tournament win... final score... 82-76... but next up for the gonzaga(wip) belmont vs game for the ncaa tournament.....>belmont's kevin mcclain... was on fire... scoring a game-high 29 points... including four three- pointers.....>grayson murphy... with the great pass to dylan windler on the backdoor cut for the layup to put the bruins up 11 with 3
10:50 pm
1/2 minutes left.......>and belmont moves on... the 11th seeded bruins take on 5th seed maryland thursday in the round of 64... final score... 81- 70.....> he's one of the most heavily fined players in nfl history.....>and now vontaze burfict a member of the oakland raiders.....>the raiders signed the linebacker to a one year, 5 million dollar deal this afternoon.....>burfict was afternoon.....>burfict was released by the bengals on he wasn't unemployed for very long....> this moves reunites bufict wil defensive coordinator paul guenther, who was the bengals linebacker coach during burfict's first two seasons....>it also makes him teammates with antonio brown who he notoriously knocked out on a hit in a playoff game back in 2016.....> show me the money --- that's what mike trout said and the angels happily obliged.....> anaheim just dished out the pr sports....> worth 430 million dollars.....>the 27 year old
10:51 pm
is widely considered the best player in baseball....>he's won two american league mvp's and has been the runner up four times....>he has a career .307 batting average.....> rumors had been swirling that trout would head to his hometown philadelphia phillies when his original deal ended next summer....>but obviously, that quiets all of that speculation....> (weather) (weather) coming up i'll have the seven day forecast. (ken) disney has released the disney has (ken (ken) disney has released
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10:53 pm
10:54 pm
the first official trailer for "toy story 4."(pam) this is expected to be the last of the toy story films.. bay area native - tom hanks, who voices woody - said goodbye to the cowboy in an emotional tweet earlier this year... here is a sneak peak of toy story four... (pam) we see a (pam) old character favorites ...
10:55 pm
along with some new ones, such as forky ... the movie story line involves woody now questioning his very purpose in making kids happy ...and some predict the film will make people cry... toy story 4 will be released in theaters on june 21st. lawrence karnow: the clouds returned to our skies today with cooler temperatures. highs were in the 60s and low 70s. you can see some rain showing up on the doppler as the storm creeps closer. on the satellite you can see the storm off the coast. rain will pick up especially after midnight and be heavy into early morning. showers will
10:56 pm
continue during the day with a slight chance of isolated thunderstorms. highs will be much cooler in the 50s and 60s for the first day of spring. another storm will bring rain late on friday and into the weekend. kron on continues next at 11. catherine heehan has the latest on bay area news. latest on bay weekend.weekend.and into the late on friday and into the weekend.
10:57 pm
kron on continues next at 11. catherine heehan has the latest on bay area news. you can download the kron on app... just head to kron on dot tv to sign up. [cheering, clapping]
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