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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 20, 2019 7:30pm-8:00pm PDT

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♪ tonight, jessica simpson finally has her baby. >> just so happy that it's a girl. >> we have the first photo and surprising details on jess's little birdie. then -- >> it's called manslaughter. >> brad, leo and luke perry's final role. we're revealing the first scenes and big surprises from once upon a time in hollywood. >> that was the best acting i have ever seen. plus, jenny mccarthy slams "the view." her scathing attack on whoopi, and even barbara walters. plus -- >> after the show, i go back to my soeber house. >> wendy williams after her tear-filled addiction tell-all. >> and i had some fat put into myith the woman who had
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$30,000 of plastic surgery to look like meghan markle. >> let's talk about this for a second. >> this is "entertainment tonight." well, we told you yesterday that jessica simpson would be having her baby any minute, any second. >> guess what? we were right. jessica's little one is here. it's the adorable photo of birdie mae johnson, holding her sister's finger. jessica delivered the ten-pound, 15-ounce baby via c-section. >> i love being a mother. it feels like the most natural thing in my life. i'm happy it's a girl. >> the dad slipped and broke the news with this tweet, but minutes later took the post down. as for what happened inside the hospital room, a srce tells "e.t." ashley and evan ross were there. so were all the grandparents. the kids made signs that said, welcome birdie, and jessica had the perfect outfit to bring her home. she sacrificed a lot through
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this tough pregnancy. from being hospitalized for bronchitis to sciatica pain, a broken toilet seat, and swollen ankles and feet, but all that compared to this? priceless. >> i feel like i know her so well. like somehow your heart opens up, and you have the capacity to love deeper and stronger. >> congrats to jess and the entire family. also dropping today, the first scenes of brad pitt and leonardo dicaprio in action. here's everything we know about "once upon a time in hollywood." ♪ >> so rick, explain to the ce exactly what it is a stunt double does. >> actors are required to do a lot of dangerous stuff. >> cliff here is meant to help carry the load. >> brad and leo have that best buddy chemistry, but the just released trailer, into tension. >> is that how you describe your job, cliff? >> carrying his load? that's about right. >> oscar-winning director quentin tarantino delivers a
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groovy late '60s l.a., and this surprise. brad pitt versus bruce lee. played by mike moh. he broke out on "empire," and you has a black belt in tae kwon do. i kill you, i go to jail. >> it's called manslaughter. >> and you can say the trailer is notable for the stars you don't see. bruce dern replaced burt reynolds after his death, and luke perry wrapped filming just before he died earlier this month. despite an upbeat vibe, it glimpses at a dark story line. the manson murders. that's margot robbie as sharon tate. her friend is played by rumer willis. >> i have wanted to work with quentin my entire life. >> dakota fanning is a manson
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family member. >> it's really like a pinch me moment. >> i have to say, leo and brad from that era, i might take that era over this era. >> they look great in any era i think. >> i'm with dakota. >> by the way, "once upon a time in hollywood" hits theaters on july 26th. here's another movie we're soo excited about. a beautiful die in the neighborhood. check out this image of tom hanks playing mr. rogers. i thought this was the best doc of last year. >> he looks so much like him in that movie. now some tv news. remember when jenny mccarthy was part of "the view"? well, according to jenny, it was a living nightmare, and she is telling everybody why, blasting her former co-hosts, starting with barbara walters. >> i have been watching barbara's every move. >> there can only be one alpha. there is tension, usually
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backstage when there is bigger egos sitting at the table. get out there and fight. >> the movie, "mommy dearest." that's what jenny says working with babs was like. quote, i have never seen a woman yell like that before until i worked with barbara walters. >> that's the -- the blessing and the curse of "the view," is that you get to voice your opinion, and the curse is you will be punished for it. >> stop that. >> jenny also claims barbara made her into a human barbie doll, forcing about 50 outfit changes because she didn't like her clothes. >> i can't move in this dress. >> i paid my dues. >> when it came to whoopi, jenny says whoopi had an idiction to controlling people's thoughts, their words, the room, your feeling, their moods. >> back off a little bit. >> the tirade is featured in "ladies who punch," and she explains there was, quote, a war
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between bar barbara and whoopi. behind the scenes, jenny claims the producers would, quote, try to input opinions in me. i was going to work crying. i was the most miserable i have been on a job in my 25 years of show business. >> she's not holding anything back, now is she? >> she can give her own opinions on her sirius xm show which is fantastic. let's talk about wendy williams. she's living her own daytime drama, but today it was back to business after her sober house revelation. >> you all right, wendy? nothing but love for you, wendy. >> williams was spotted this morning leaving the sober living house in new york where she has been staying, heading to the wendy studios. she returned after wrapping production on her show, looking decidedly happier. just one bay after making her tearful announcement. >> i am driven by my 24-hour sober coach, and i fall asleep to wake up to come back here and see you. so that is my truth. [ applause ]
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>> a source tells "e.t." it's a very real and constant fight. it's been extremely difficult to put herself out there. meanwhile, katie couric guested on her show today. >> i'm so proud of you. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> i was really moved. >> thank you. after the show, i go back to my sober house. look. >> she wasn't the only one showing her support. >> she's being applauded for being so candid about what she's going through because of the very personal and painful process that she's going through. >> i have to tell you there was a vun neshlnerability and stren about her watching her stand up and say her truth. it felt good. now to the continued fallout from the college bribery scandal. >> are you worried about going to jail? >> a week after felicity huffman's arrest, our sources say the scandal has put a, quote, a tremendous amount of pressure on her 21-year marriage. >> we have got two daughters. i guess our monster is how can we make this fun. >> our source claims macy has been skeptical about including their daughter, sophia in the
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sat scam. quote, they love each other, but they have been arguing a lot. >> and that's why they call it a who dunn nit. >> as for lori loughlin, social media can't get enough of this scandal. one user gave them a real housewives tag line. the only thing i'm desperate for is a topnotch education. >> i mean, amazing. >> and lori, quote, my house is full and so is my jail cell. >> you're screwed. the emmy nominations came out and they were announced on "the talk." >> i was onset with our favorite top talkers who have their sights set on a three-peat. >> outstanding entertainment talk show host -- >> we're so excited for this. >> i'm, like, shaking. it's amazing. >> i can't even cope. >> this year, "the talk" received eight nominations hot off last year's win. >> outstanding game show host. alex trebek, "jeopardy." >> happy news for the "jeopardy"
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host who has rekrencently revea he's battling cancer. this is his 29th nomination. jada pinkett smith picked up her first. >> "red table talk". >> do you think jada pinkett smith will come to the emmys? >> it's going to be the place to be on may 5th. >> outstanding drama series. "days of our lives." >> this show had the most nods with 27. cbs was the most nominated network nabbing 61. and this -- >> outstanding intertaientertai news program nominee, "entertainment tonight." >> we were all just -- >> yay! coming up, channing tatum doesn't look like this anymore. the new do he's hiding you under his hat. and has kevin hart met his match? no, and we're not talking about jennifer garner. >> hey. hey. and if you think lupita nyong'o's contacts were -- >> weird. >> -- see how she outdid herself at the premiere of "us."
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>> be very afraid. and only "e.t." was on the set of your crime obsession. "the act" is based on gypsy rose blanch a blanchard. >> how do you plead? >> she says she was abused by her mom who convinced her that she was extremely sick when she wasn't. >> her mother had money chauzen by proxy, and had her in wheelchair. j >> joey king had
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minutes away on "e.t." how pete davidson just mate kate be
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♪ ♪ this world can hurt you
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well, we now know the headliner for the 50th anniversary concert. it's miley cyrus who is perfect because she wasn't born for the first one, but she has the flower child vibe. >> a free spirit, right? >> yes. the other names announced, j-z, imagine dragons and chance the rapper. the three-day celebration in new york kicks off august 16th. wow. >> cannot wait, right? meanwhile, something big is going down in friday as well. jordan peele's follow-up to "get out" is hitting the theaters. >> "us" is on track for an even bigger opening than "get out," but it's not all about money for lupita nyong'o. >> no. it's also about fashion. >> a horror film is a really good excuse to be a little weird. >> last night in new york, lupita went for an edgy look in this coat. and it's clooear she's loving t chance to show off fashion and color contacts while promoting the film. >> that's nice. i'm trying to pay attention to
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what you are saying. >> why not, you know? why not? >> and lupita's scissor ring, it's a nod to the movie. >> be very afraid. >> in "us," lupita's family ray occasion turns into a nightmare when they come face to face with evil lookalikes. >> who are you people? >> bring somebody that, you know, you want to cuddle up with after the film. that's what a horror movie is for. >> jordan brought his wife, and we're thinking it will be a long time before their 20-month-old son can see "us," but in the meantime, jordan's got this. >> they're making another "toy story" movie. i can't wait until my son is old enough that i can, like, take him through the first three and be, like, and guess what? boom. daddy's in 4. still ahead, in the o.r. with the woman who had $30,000 of plastic surgery to look like meghan markle. why she's being royally
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attacked. >> some very nasty messages. then, couples news. channing tatum's vacay with his pop star girlfriend, and how this jonas fiancee shocked an entire arena. plus, the cutest little interviewers ever. only we have the kids of single parents, grilling their tv moms and dads. >> what did you think when you first met us? >> that we looked so much alike. my gosh. >> what? closed captioning provided by -- ♪ no hormones!
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♪ first comes love, then comes marriage, but j-lo and a-rod have a head start on the endorsemen endorsements. thought i would say something else, didn't you? the pair striking a pose for their sunglasses campaign. >> someone has to pay for that ring, okay? bling-bling. meanwhile, all eyes are on jessie j and channing tatum's budding relationship, but first,
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the blond ambition. jessie and channing are back in l.a. after their pda-fest, holding hands across the pond, and just in time for channing to show off his brand-new do. that shirtless "magic mike" star asked his instagram followers for approval on his platinum blond hair, but he might have gotten a negative response. well, bad ideas are sort of my thing. next, a jonas fiancee's chuggathon on the jumbotron. sophie turner shared a smooch with joe at last night's rangers game, but when caught on the big screen, she made it game of throwing it back, playing her wine and the crowd. sophie captured this, send it for stark. and then he meets the parents. davidson was driving kate beckinsale, her step dad and mom to a sushi dinner in malibu.
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she's 20 years his senior. >> apparently people have a fascination with our age difference. >> but first, this moment became a big deal with kimmel and the "queer eye" guys. >> they're back. >> people think that he was just trying to pay attention. it's always in his mind thinking about something else. let's talk about meghan markle now. her fashion has been emulated worldwide, but in tonight's "e.t." beauty, one woman has taken her love of the duchess to the next level. >> i wanted a strong jawline like meghan. i wanted a more refined nose like meghan. i wanted my figure to be a little bit slimmer like meghan. just really nice and tight. >> this is houston lawyer xochytl greer before she had a makeover. >> i had fat put into my cheeks, liposuction to the abdomen and inner and outer thighs.
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and i had the buttocks to give me a nice lift. i had filler in the jawline to give me a stronger jaw. filler in my lips and under my eyes. >> all these procedures cost around $30,000. cameras from abc's "nightline" followed her into the operating room last november. >> i'm really, really excited to see the these results once the swelling goes down. >> once all the bruising went away, and the swelling went down, i looked in the mirror, and i just felt happy again. >> this single mom of three says after her surgery, her youngest daughter, actually confused her with the duchess. >> i have a large cutout of meghan and she sees that and thinks it's a picture of me. she's, like, mommy, mommy, no. that's not mommy. >> this 36-year-old says she's open toing looing for love on a reality show. >> i applied to "married at first sight." my friend wanted to put my name in for "the bachelor." would i do it?
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i don't know. >> but resembling a royal? >> the only backlash i have received so far is nasty messages telling me that i look nothing like her, i should be asking the doctor for a refund. there have been really mean comments, but i try not the read them. >> i don't know. i don't know if this is a good deal. >> i'm thinking, what's the use of looking luike meghan markle f you won't get prince harry anyway? >> or the clothes. she has only been to london once and hopes to go back and meet meghan. >> you have to get past security. >> yeah. now tonight is an all new episode of "single parents" on abc, and lots of buzz around the show and only we were on the set as the kid actors turned the tables on their tv parents. >> my name is ella allen. >> i'm mia a allen and we are interviewing brad. >> hello. >> do you swear to tel the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? >> so help me god. >> will you tell me if i get them rugt or wrong? >> there is no right of wrong. >> will you grade them?
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>> single parents form a support group, and even with brad garrett and leighton meester, the scene-stealers are the kids. >> did you order pizza or are we on our own? >> you're on your own. >> who is your favorite guest star? >> adam brody. >> rihanna. >> rihanna? >> the interview is over. take my mic. i'm kidding. >> who the heck is rihanna? >> probably justin bieber. >> justin bieber? >> i'll tell you why. because my daughter would love it. like love it. >> justin, oh my gosh. >> she does a lot of that. >> why is the mother/son relationship the best of the bunch? >> we know how to sing. we know how to dance. ♪ still the one i need >> okay, okay. >> if you could be a kitty cat for one day, what would you most likely do? >> invest in apple.
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>> what? what does invest mean? >> i'm a lucky stage dad. >> spoken like a true dad. he will also be our kids' correspondent at the kids choice award. very cute. next on kron-4 news at eight: dramatic video of an east bay recycling worker injured in an explosion ... how a careless homeowner may have put his life in danger. and stopping sideshows the sideshow scourge reaches rural contra costa county. officials have deployed a unique deterrent. and a family is pleading for many answersas they mourn for their highway shooting. i'm ken wayne i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next. next. for comfort food at a comfortable price, try my sourdough patty melt combo
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is is is is is from when -- you know why we're here. hey. hey. >> finally, someone can outtalk kevin hart. it's a rooster. >> you have actually tried to do it. >> and failed many times. >> only we have these new clips from kevin's youtube series. "what the fit." he and jennifer have trouble fitting in on a working farm. >> do i do a full magine that y be better than you are now. yeah. i think -- we're embracing this. >> the full episode drops thursday on youtube. i love this series. >> bye, everybody. ... painful, very painful ...
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(ken) now at eight the father of the young woman shot while driving on highway four ... pleades for someone to come forward with information on her killer. good evening i'm ken wayne.(pam) and i'm pam moore. it is an unspeakable tragedy to suddenly lose a child. but for the hillery family in antioch, having very few answers about their daughters death, makes it even more difficult to cope. kron 4s noelle bellow sat down with father of the 25- year old woman... who lost her life this past weekend on highway- 4 in concord. we don't know what to do... how to feel. everyone asks how do you feel -- you don't know how to feel. fred hillery hasn't slept much since he received the call. 03:10i have no clue why this would happen, you see it all the time and you never


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