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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  March 21, 2019 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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president making good on a threat from two years ago ... signing an executive order allowing the government to pull federal funds from colleges... if do not protect free speech.(ken) thank you for joining us i'm ken wayne.(catherine) and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore. the president first floated the idea just two weeks after taking office ... in the wake of the u=c= berkeley riots provoked by conservative provocateur milo yiannopoulos. i've been watching things for too long. i've been watching things that were unwatchable, but were going to do something about it.the president said he wants to safeguard the rights of anti=abortion students to speak their minds ... putting up crosses to protest abortions or passing out to students jesus=loves=yo u messages on valentines.these universities have tried to restrict free thought, impose total conformity and shut down the voices of great young americans like those here today.schools found to have violated free speech rights would risk losing their federal subsidies. $35 billion in research funding. all of that money is now at stake. that's a lot of money. they are going to have to not like your views a lot, right?the university of california has
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spent millions of dollars in recent years policing free=speech president janet napolitano issued a statement saying, we do not need the federal government to mandate what already exists: our longstanding, unequivocal support for freedom of expression. ... this executive order will only muddle policies surrounding free speech, while doing nothing to further the aim of the first amendment. (ken) as we mentioned the president's executive order comes two years after he first suggested pulling federal funding from u-c berkeley.(catherine) the president took aim at u-c berkeley following a protest that turned violent over a
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conservative speaker on campus (cross) our grant lodes joins us now to take a look back at the tumultuous, politically-fueled protests in berkeley that followed. (grant) ken...catherine ... 20-17 was a turbulent year for the u-c campus and the city of berkeley... because of the free speech debate. protests throughout the year... often escalated into violence... and ended in arrests. and it all started when the berkeley college republicans invited controversial provocateur milo yiannopoulous to speak. (grant) before yiannopoulous could even take the stage... what began as a peaceful protest spiraled out of control. protesters broke windows...toss ed smoke bombs...and started a raging fire. yiannopoulous had to be escorted off campus in a bullet-proof jacket. only one person was arrested but more than 100-thousand dollars in damage was done. (grant) a month later...
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tensions ran high as pro- and anti trump protesters met in civic center park. heated encounters led to physical confrontations. five people were arrested for battery... four for assault with a deadly weapon... and one for resisting arrest. among the weapons police confiscated --- a dagger, metal pipes...bats and bricks. (grant) chaos again erupted amongst protesters that april... as hundreds gathered again at civic center park. many resorting to violence. people were left bloodied. others shouted at each other. in the end 20 people were arrested... facing charges like battery, assault with a deadly weapon... and committing a crime while wearing a mask. eleven people were hurt. (grant) and in the same month --- u-c berkeley canceled a campus appearance by conservtive columnist ann coulter. it was supposed to take place on april 27th. the two went back and forth over when and if the event would eventually take place. but neither side came to an agreement. it all culminated in a relatively
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peaceful protest. while there was some conflict. no real violence. berkeley police did come prepared though dressed in riot gear. two arrests were made. (grant) there was a pause in the protests until august when protesters met berkeley and san francisco. there was also a plan for free speech week at u-c berkeely...planned b te student group "berkeley patriot" that was eventually that was eventually cancelled. but conservative radio host ben shaprio did speak on campus to a sold out audience. the event cost more than 800- thousand dollars to secure. you can follow all these stories at kron-4 dot com... and always stay connected by downloading our free app (ken) the wife of a beloved adult education principal made her first court apperance today.(catherine) prosecutors say she shot and tried to kill her husband. kron 4's dan kerman has the latest developments. it was early saturday morning
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when police entered this pittsburg home and found this man paul shatswell with a gunshot wound to the head. his wife maria vides was arrested and thursday afternoon she made her first court apperance. after being charged with attempted willful deliberate and predediated murder.special allegations have been added for using a firearm and causing shatwell to become comatose due to a brain injury as well as suffer paralysisvides did not enter a plea... this was due to the fact that the charges may be amended in the coming week, if shatswell does not survivesot alison chandler/deputy district attorney :43family and friends of the couple did not want to speak on camera but off camera one said she just couldn't understand how this could happen.shatswell, the father of 8 children, and the principal at the pittsburg adult education center remains hospitalized in critical condition and on life support. standup dan kerman/pittsburg 110 (ken)(ken) (ken) it's finally
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official... the raiders will play in oakland for at least one more season. (catherine) the oakland city council voted today to approve the lease for 2019 with an option for 2020. the alameda board of supervisors had voted earlier in the week in favor of the lease. and it was approved by the coliseum authority last week. the raiders will pay 7-point-5 million dollars in rent for the coliseum and the practice facility in alameda in 2019. that rent would go up to 10-point-5 million in 20-20... if the raiders have to stay in oakland for yet another final season... that would only be if their vegas stadium is not ready yet.
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(ken) former 49ers colin kaepernick and eric reid settled collusion lawsuits against the nfl... but the exact amount was not revealed... until today. according to the wall street journal... kaepernick and reid will receive less than 10-million dollars. they filed collusion grievances against the league, saying they were blacklisted because of protests during the national anthem at games. kaepernick has not played in the league since 2016, while reid missed three games last season before signing with carolina. (catherine) a facebook post from a young woman claiming she was sexually harrassed by cal football players and coaches is going viral. the accusations - coming from a former student and cal athletics intern. kron4's maureen kelly has the story.. what allegedly happened on and off the field here at cal's memorial staduim was described by the former student and sports medicine intern as ruthless, endless and persistant sexual both players and coaching staff. we are not naming her because she could be a victim of sexual
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assault.several of her allegations are aimed at one unnamed coach ...who in one instance invited her back to memorial stadium to his office at midnight.she posted on facebook quote "he snuck me into his office, i put my backpack and binder down, and he immediately grabbed for my waist. i was terrified, my mind was fuzzy, and i do not remember much from that night. he kept kissing me, pushing me against the wall, and i left." she says the next day at practice that coach told her i will get you fired if you do not have sex with me.and that the night before a game she says he texted her to meet him at his room in the claremont hotel where he tried to have sex with her, but when she started crying uncontrollably he became angry and yelled at her to get out. she says her complaints to cal athletics were ignored and that coach is still working there....while she is out on medical leave from school and in intensive therapy.some female students on campus were not at all surprised by these allegations. there's this supposed facade berkeley kind of hides behind that were this liberal have a progressivism and i don't think that's true at all i think these allegations coming forward or just another proof of that while a member of the woman's vollyball team says neither she nor her friends have witnessed that kind of behavior.that is surprising those coaches are also our trainers as well we're around them as much as the football
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guys are it's never come off any of them ever in any form like that cal athletics says the allegations have been referred to the campus office for the prevention of harrassment and discrimination for the cal althletics director, jim knowlton, issued a letter saying these allegations come during an ongoing effort to educate staff and student atheltes on preventing sexual harrasment and violence...writi ng quote,""we have been clear and consistent about our refusal to tolerate this most egregious form of misconduct. if necessary, we will do more." maureen kelly kron4 news (2-shot/catherine)(2- hundreds of complaints about
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rats, discarded needles and unsanitary conditions, a large and very visible homeless camp is to be shut down in santa cruz.(2-shot/ken) but as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now, the alternative is not sitting well with neighbors. (gateway plaza homeless camp) here at the gateway to santa cruz, just off highway one, is a sea of tents and tarps where 150-200 homeles people have been living for months. merchants say there are rats and trash and that business at the plaza is off 20-30 percent. residents are fed up.jan bryant/santa cruz resident "....people come to visit santa cruz and what do they see but filth and rats..."after three deaths in the camp, a fire and allegations of rampant drug use, the city has ordered the camp be shutdown says assistant city manager tina shull.tina shull/santa cruz assistant city manager '...conditions there have deteriorated to the point where there are significant health and safety concerns so we need to close the camp for the safety of the people there and the general safety of the
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community..."next month, the city hopes to re-open a former "sleeping only" campsite here on river street and a second temporary dusk till dawn campsite on a city owned at depot park rrnear homes and other businesses. neighbors like body shop owner dan foy say it's a bad idea.dan foy/opposed to homeless camp "....the boardwalk is just two blocks away and so is the warf and the beaches...."the police station is just across the street and the city says there will be security, supervision, sanitation and outreach for services to get help get people out of the camps and off the streets. the city insists the new sites are temporary and the situation at gateway plaza is dire, a publc heath emergency and must be closed.tiny shull/asst. city manager "...right now we have authorization for thirty days to operate this alternative, we need to close this camp because it is a really unsafe situation so that is our objective..."rob fladeboe/santa cruz "....neighbors say their objective is to fight this. they have begun a petition drive and are hinting bat legal action. in santa cruz rob fladeboekron4news
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(ken) coming up at six. a frightening encounter in a woman's own bedroom in the dead of night. what happened next...(catherine) governor newsom is proposing a water fee up to 10-dollars a month for californians. what the money would be used for.. (ken) mounting problems for facebook.. what the company is now admitting it did with millions of passwords.
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the problems continue to mount for facebook. the social media giant is admitting that it failed to properly mask the passwords of hundreds of millions of its users.(catherine) facebook says the passwords were stored in an internal database -- that its workers were able to access. roughly 600 million users may have had passwords stored in plain text. but facebook says there's no evidence that employees abused their access. . the company hasn't said how longthe passwords were stored that way...but says the problem was discovered in january during a security
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review. the company says it will notify facebook and instagram users if their passwords were affected. the news was first reported by "krebs on (2-shot)(catherine) palo alto police are asking for the public's help in identifying an intruder who walked into a woman's bedroom in the middle of night(ken) investigators want to track him downbefore he strikes again. kron4's haaziq madyun has the latest details.. sotthe frightening incident happened sunday in a residence near the 3900 block of el camino real in the city of palo alto. palo alto police investigators say it appears the intruder let himself in through an unlocked door. then made his way to the bedroom
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and struck up a conversationsot if you think you recognize this face palo alto police would like to hear from palo alto haaziq madyun kron4news (catherine) happening now... march madness in the east bay. as saint mary's college opens it's run in the n-c- double-a tournament against villanova university on the east coast. (ken) hundreds of
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students are taking in the first-round game on campus in moraga. kron four's philippe djegal was there.. (philippe) the saint mary's college student body relishing at the chance to shock the basketball world. pulling for their 11th seeded gaels to boot sixth- seeded villanova university out of the nc-double-a tournament early... a first-round knock-out.jairo cuellar/sophomore- "after last year, not being able to make the tournament, and now this to do something. uh, super ty exciting for not just the team, but everyone here at smc." 20-10 was the last time saint mary's and villanova hit the court against one another... and, the gael's won. student's hoping history repeats itself.carlie polkinghorn/freshman- "i still feel like, we're like underrated and we still have a lot to prove, so i think we're ready to surprise everybody." since most students couldn't make the trip to the east coast and catch the game in-person in hartford conneticut... the next best thing was the campus watch party in moraga at dryden hall.connor
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lee/sophomore- "we have a great coach, great staff and pretty confident in our winning. i just know we have a good winning record, so that's all i know."jairo cuellar/sophomore- "that's another good team on the east coast, um, but i think our odds are pretty good this year." this is saint marys' tenth trip to the nc- double-a tournament. the seventh behind coach randy bennett in moraga, philippe djegal, kron four news. let's take a look outside right now... chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us now with the four zone forecast. lawrence karnow: it was a lovely day with plenty of sunshine and only a few passing clouds. there area still a few showers showing up on doppler radar and a few more snowflakes over the sierra. tonight will start mostly clear but clouds will move in late. lows will be in the 40s and low 50s. on the satellite you can another larger storm off the coast. that will begin to bring a few showers tomorrow morning that will increase throughout the day. rain will become heavy in the afternoon in the north bay and spread south throughout the evening. highs will be 50s to low 60s. showers are possible early on saturday but most of the weekend will be dry. more rain and stormy weather if forecast for next week.
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(catherine) coming up at 6:45... the number of people covered by traditional pensions is shrinking. how the government just made it easier for employers to get rid of them (ken) and next. some lawmakers are raising national security concerns about the projects that might get the axe to build the wall. (catherine) (catherine) the pentagon
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has released a list of construction projts that could be on the chopping block -- because of the presidents national emergency declaration to build the border wall. (ken) brie jackson reports some lawmakers are raising national security concerns about the projects that might get the axe to build the wall. funding for military training centers, water treatment plants and cybersecurity facilities are on the chopping block.defense officials say it's still unclear which military construction projects won't recieve money but guarantee military housing and barracks are ánot at risk. "military construction at the border will not come at the expense of our people our readiness or our modernization" the updated list comes as senators raise concerns about dangerous living conditions
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for military familes.opponents say the money should stay with our military instead of going toward the president's border. texas republican congressman mac thornberry says congress shouldn't be forced to choose between the two."unfortunately that is kind of where we are" the defense department is working to narrow down the list of potential cuts and says projects with an award date before the end of september won't be affected. members of congress are still taking a serious look at the twenty page list to see how it could impact their states. molly reynolds with the brookings institute says the final list could impact all states."we should expect members of congress to care about those projects" supporters say the plan is to backfill affected projects through the defense department's 2020 budget. but opponents vow to vote against it.lawmakers are now gearing up for a political battle over military funds. in washington brie jackson (ken) coming up next
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at 6:30 as new zealand moves to ban assault weapons in the wake of its deadlist mass shooting... a gun- related ban is set to go in effect in the u-s (catherine) and next. the governor wants to charge californians a water fee of up to 10 dollars a bring clean water to all.. not everyone's on board. (lawrence)and i'm tracking your weeknight forcast... that's just ahead.
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♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family. visit (ken) a big debate at the
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state capitol now centers around safe, affordable drinking water... and how the state should pay to make sure everyone has it.(catherine) capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the governor's proposal for a water fee.... and why some lawmakers are pushing back. ((pkg)) trt 1:30nats--as more than a million californians don't have access to clean dinking water..there is an outpouring of lawmakers who are trying to help, but clashing on solutions.governor gavin newsom is proposing a safe affordable drinking water fund to clean up contamintated water in rural and low income areas.the fund would come from water customers across california, proposing each pay between 95 cents to 10 dollars a month, depending on the water meter.((mathis)) "i'm tired of hearing it's the cost of a cup of coffee, or it's a pizza or whatever..."assembly republican whip devon mathis' district has areas where tap water is seriously contaminated..mathis and a bipartisan group of lawmakers are proposing a competing
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measure which would annually set aside 2% of the general fund to go toward a number of water improvement projects including ground wer clean up and emergency drinking water programs. its final approval would be up to the voters.((assm. devon mathis r- porterville)) "it keeps that promise the state of california made to its people... this isn't just one piece, it's let's get the water, let's capture the snowpack let's move it down, let's put it back in the ground, let's make sure we're covering the environmental things we need to, let's do everything we possibly can to cover all aspects in a hollistic fashion. "dozens of contaminated water customers from the central valley lined up at the capitol this week with their concerns..((isabel valdez - tulare county resident)) "it's our right to have that and not worry and have those concerns for our unborn children and for already have... "solution soon. tag. (ken)today is the ten year anniversary of the shooting anniversary of ten year today is the today is the ten year anniversary of the shooting death of four oakland police officers. kron 4's charles clifford was in oakland today at a memorial held in their honor.


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