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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  March 21, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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for arson. (grant) good evening i'm grant lodes.(justine) i'm justine walderman in for vicki livakis. investigators say at least 3 suspicious downtown fires were intentionally set in garbage bins early this morning. (dan in bam) kron4's dan thorn is live along the peninsula tonight with more on what police are saying and doing in response.. dan? police say they're increasing patrols tonight in downtown san mateo as a result of these fires. they're also calling on people who live in the area to help them identify the two suspects caught on surveillance video.. police are looking for two men accused of setting several fires in downtown san mateo.. sot: we are invested in finding these two gentlemen and asking them why they lit
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these garbage cans on fire.. officer mike haobsh (hopp-shh) says the fires were set within a 30 minute span beginning around 3:30 thursday morning. the first was spotted in an alleyway behind a blood center on 2nd avenue.the building suffered some damage and melted plastic from the bins could be seen spread out on the ground..surveillance video from nearby businesses show the two men walking to the back of the building and then setting the garbage bins on fire..the center was forced to close for the day..sot: this could have been worse this could've really caught fire of that entire building and it could've spread. responding crews soon realized there were more garbage can fires..a second popped up on the 1st floor of the 2nd ave parking
9:02 pm shows the two men leaving the garage... it's still unclear why these two men did this and what they used to set these fires. the police are looking for more people to come forward if they have any information or possibly more surveillance video. reporting in san mateo dan thorn kron4 news. (grant) in the east bay, one woman is getting closure tonight... after her mother's cold case murder was solved. investigators have been working the case for nearly 40 years. (justine) now the suspect is awaiting trial. kron 4's gayle ong reports.
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daughter of betty jean elias. she was 22 years old and living in san diego when she found out her 45-year-old mother was murdered. (jw) a domestic violence case that
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critically injured a pittsburg principal. ápaul shatswellá remains on life support after police say -- he was shot by his wife over the weekend. his wife -- ámaria videsá appeared at áthisá court today. we were ánotá allowed inside with a camera.. vides is charged with attempted willful deliberate and pre-mediated murder. special allegations have been added for using a firearm and causing shatwell to become comatose. vides did not enter a plea... this was due to the fact that the charges may be amended in the coming week -- áifá shatswell dies. vides is expected to be back in court on march9th
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and enter a ánotá guilty plea. (jw) police in san francisco are questioning a 56-year-old man tonight after a deadly stabbing in fisherman's wharf. officers say -- they arrestd ábruce penná yesterday after finding 44-year-old ábrook petty johná on the sidewalk. john was taken to the hospital but died from his injuries. investigators are trying to figure out áwhyá the stabbing happened. they say both men frequently visited the fisherman's wharf area. (grant) in palo alto -- police are asking for the public's help identifying an intruder. this is a sketch of the man who officers say -- walked into a woman's bedroom in the middle of the night. as kron four's haaziq madyun reports -- the goal is to find him before he strikes again. sotthe frightening incident happened sunday in a residence near the 3900 block of el camino real in the city
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of palo alto. palo alto police investigators say it appears the intruder let himself in through an unlocked door. then made his way to the bedroom and struck up a conversationsot if you think you recognize this face palo alto police would like to hear from palo alto haaziq madyun kron4news
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(grant) people across the country and even around the world are talking about áthisá. the super bloom phenomenon in lake elsinore. (justine) a flood of recent visitors to the area caused chaos for the city. as ellina abovian reports -- the city ánowá has a plan to control the crowds. an unusually wet winter has created an explosion of color. the now famous lake elsinore super bloom.the rare phenomenon has attracted tens of thousands of people from around the world. last weekend more than 50- thousand showed ... creating a traffic nightmare. lake elsinore mayor steve manos declared a public safety emergency and it shut down. today local city officials and law enforcement
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are joining forces to map out a plan for the busy weekend ahead. steve manos /lake elsinore mayor: "as a resident for more than 30 years, i grew up here and i can tell you that this natural worldwide phenomenon is unlike anything that any of us have ever seen here before. and i assure you that i have heard your concerns and we are committed to exploring every option." for this weekend visitors will not be allowed to drive to walker canyon.they must take a shuttle at one two locations-- the east side of nichols road or the outlets at lake elsinore.shuttle hours are from 6:30 am to 8pmits $10 per person over the age of 3. no dogs or animals will be allowed on the shuttles. lake street northbound will be closed to temescal canyon. westbound nichols road to lake street to collier venue. also the lake street off ramp both north and south bound.there will be designated routes exclusive to residents with more information on the city's website. police chief michael lujan/lake elsinore sheriff's station: "during the weekday walker canyon will be open and the white rock parking lot will be open weather permitting for visitors.""the division communication center has seen an increase in hour long calls from folks that are traveling through the area when they're experiencing heavy traffic. so we'd like to remind the public to use 911 when you actually have an emergency." the sheriff's department will be deploying 40 additional deputies for traffic control.the chp will also have additional units monitoring the freeway. local
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residents are asked to avoid the walker canyon area ... if possible. steve manos /lake elsinore mayor: "many have suggested that we simply shut down on sunday. we recognized firsthand that this was not an option as people walk miles away on the freeways and cross barricades and fences to see the poppies. we do not have the resources or the supplies to prevent people from visiting this open public space." (justine it was a sunny beautiful day across the bay... (grant) joining us
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now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... with what we can expect for the st of the week as we get closer to the weekend? lawrence karnow: it was a lovely day with plenty of sunshine and only a few passing clouds. there area still a few showers showing up on doppler radar and a few more snowflakes over the sierra. tonight will start mostly clear but clouds will move in late. lows will be in the 40s and low 50s. on the satellite you can another larger storm off the coast. that will begin to bring a few showers tomorrow morning that will increase throughout the day. rain will become heavy in the afternoon in the north bay and spread south throughout the evening. highs will be 50s to low 60s. showers are possible early on saturday but most of the weekend will be dry. more rain and stormy weather if forecast for next week.
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(grant)(grant) in national news tonight -- the trump administration is refusing to give out information on private conversations between president trump and russia's president ávladimir putin.á in a letter earlier this month -- three house committees asked for the susbtance conversations they've had in person and on the phone.. that includes an interview with an interpreter who sat in on their one-on-one meeting in helsinki last summer. the commitees also asked for any documents related to the conversations and whether trump tried to hide any evidence of them. (grant) this comes as special counsel árobert
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muellerá finalizes his final report on the 20-16 election and possible russia interference. the white house is bracing, but for exactly what -- and when -- they don't know. c-n-n's abby phillip reports. pres. trump/ wednesday: "no collusion. no collusion. i have no idea when it's going to be released."the white house on edge today as they await the release of special counsel robert mueller's report.behind the scenes, aides have been preparing for a number of scenarios, while they remain in the dark about what exactly mueller with white house official telling cnn today: "we're tea leaf reading like everyone else."but emmett flood, the whithouse lawyer charged with dealing with the russia probe, áhasá held meetings in recent weeks to determine how they might respond.their response will be based on what attorney general bill barr decides to disclose to congress about mueller's conclusions and what, if anything, implicates the president in wrong-doing.but as the wait has dragged on, the president this week has ramped up his attacks--
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apparently seeking to undermine public confidence in the report, before it's released.pres. trump/ wed."but it's sort of interesting that a man out of the blue just writes a report. i've got 63 million votes, and now somebody just writes a report? i think it's ridiculous." meantime, the white house today also rejecting a request from congressional democrats to obtain documents tied to president trump's communication s with russian president vladimir putin.pres. trump"i have great confidence in my intelligence people but i will tell you that president putin was extremely strong and powerful in his denial today." in a letter to three democratic committee chairmen, the white house counsel claiming presidential communications with foreign leaders is protected and confidential--saying: "while we respectfully seek to accommodate appropriate oversight requests, we are unaware of any precedent supporting such sweeping requests." (grant) as soon as this investigation is over, white house officials say -- they expect a flurry of media
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attention and attacks from democrats. ### (justine) a man found guilty of attacking u-s senator árand paulá will ánotá get a new trial. last month in a civil trial -- a jury in kentucky said árene boucher á should pay the republican senator more than 580-thousand dollars. boucher's lawyer asked a judge for a new trial. the judge denied the request today saying the jury award was ánot excessiveá considering the case. paul suffered multiple broken ribs and got sick with pneumonia after being tacked in his yard in 20-17. (justin) a big story we are following in the bay area -- a sexual harassment allegation on the campus of u-c berkeley.(grant) a former student and cal athletics intern claims -- says members of the cal football program sexually harassed her repeatedly. kron4's maureen kelly has more on the distrubing allegations. what allegedly happened on and off the field here at cal's memorial staduim was described by the former student and sports medicine intern as
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ruthless, endless and persistant sexual both players and coaching staff. we are not naming her because she could be a victim of sexual assault.several of her allegations are aimed at one unnamed coach ...who in one instance invited her back to memorial stadium to his office at midnight.she posted on facebook quote "he snuck me into his office, i put my backpack and binder down, and he immediately grabbed for my waist. i was terrified, my mind was fuzzy, and i do not remember much from that night. he kept kissing me, pushing me against the wall, and i left." she says the next day at practice that coach told her i will get you fired if you do not ha sex with me.and that the night before a game she says he texted her to meet him at his room in the claremont hotel where he tried to have sex with her, but when she started crying uncontrollably he became angry and yelled at her to get out. she says her complaints to cal athletics were ignored and that coach is still working there....while she is out on medical leave from school and in intensive
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therapy.some female students on campus were not at all surprised by these allegations. all these things are pervasive on our campus as well as across the country in the world so as horrible as it is it's not that surprising which is one of the saddest parts of it while a member of the woman's vollyball team says neither she nor her friends have witnessed that kind of behavior.that is surprising those coaches are also our trainers as well we're around them as much as the football guys are it's never come off any of them ever in any form like that cal athletics says the allegations have been referred to the campus office for the prevention of harrassment and discrimination for the cal althletics director, jim knowlton, issued a letter saying these allegations come during an ongoing effort to educate staff and student atheltes on preventing sexual harrasment and violence...writi ng quote,""we have been clear and consistent about our refusal to tolerate this most egregious form of misconduct. if necessary, we will do more." maureen kelly kron4 news
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(justin) áthisá is expected to be the new campsite for the homeless in santa cruz. city leaders hope to re-open a former ásleeping onlyá campsite here on river street next month. the moves come after city leaders ordered áthisá camp off highway one to shut down. about 200 homeless people have been living here for months. but after three deaths in the camp, a fire and allegations of rampant drug use -- the city ordered everyone áout.á "conditions there have deteriorated to the point where there are significant public health and safety concerns. we've known for some time we need to close that for the safety of the people who live there and the safety of the general community." (justin) in addition to re-opening a ásleeping onlyá campsite -- the city also plans to open a second temporary dusk-till-dawn campsite on a city-owned depot park near homes and other businesses. many neighbors oppose the plan. (justine) tomorrow -- officials will consider a proposal to increase tolls on
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the golden gate bridge. the tolls would go up over a period of five years starting july 1st. under the proposal... there would be a 30-cent yearly increase to fastrak, a 20-cent yearly increase to pay-as-you-go and a 35-cent yearly increase if you are billed. the bridge district says the five-year toll increases are necessary to maintain service. the board meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m. tomorrow in the toll plaza building. (grant) saturday is going to be your next chance to win the seventh largest jackpot in history. nobody won last night's powerball... and the jackpot has now climbed to an estimated 625-million dollars. if you choose the lump sum-- the payout would be more than 380 million before taxes. but the odds of winning are one in 292 million to one. the next drawing is saturday night at eight.
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(justine) the march madness was áoná tonight in the bay area... st. mary's gaels played their first game in the n-c-double-a tournament against the vilanova wildcats. (grant) we'll bring you the highlights in just a little bit in sports...(grant) but today was all about gaels fans being proud of their team dancing to the tournament.(justine) kron 4's noelle bellow stopped by a watch party in walnut creek. brackets.. (i do it old school i don't have an app) and brews .. (cheers wooooh!)stadium pub in walnut creek was filled with both, as gaels fans cheered on their team if there's one thing, gaels always bring it. we are bringing it gael force is in full effect tonight!they're slowing it down, key baskets, hustle plays, that's what i'm talking about!they dont mind the underdog status either st mary's is very disciplined if villanova doesn't shoot as well as they normally do i think we'll do well and the constant close score of the game kept fans interested -- including a former player villanova is a great team but me being a gael - gaels for
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life wayne hunter played for the gaels back in 2010 when they beat villanova in the sweet 16 - he says coach randy bennett is the key to their success18 years of experience fluid system is like no other it's tough to guard and me knowing the type of guy he is and how he prepares, that's what had me believing they can do it. randy bennett and jordan ford and fans -- nats cheering -- agree. we couldn't be more proud of the gaels and our patron saint of st mary's college coach randy bennett who brought them here!whether the outcome was what they hoped for or not ... the fans are here to stay to be a gael, is very walnut creek, noelle bello kron 4 news. (grant) u-c berkeley is a home to a variety of of student demonstrations -- including some that turned
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violent over conservative views. how the school is reacting to president trump's executive order tying free speech with federal funding. (justine) and should áyouá pay for everone's clean water? that's what the governor is proposing. we'll tell you about the counter measure -- ahead. (glo) facebook is under fire -- again. this time -- for mis-handling hundreds of thousands of facebook passwords. how you can find out -- if your account was affected. (lawrence) weather tease for comfort food at a comfortable price,
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alert from facebook. the company fadmitted today -- its employees had access to facebook passwords.(grant) facebook says hundreds of millions of passwords were stored in an internal database... that facebook workers were able to access. (vo) facebook did ánotá say how long the passwords were stored in such a manner ... but it noted the issue was discovered back in january during a security review. the company says it will notify facebook and instagram users if their passwords were affected. (justine) american whiskey is booming, but president trump's tariffs imposed last year are hurting the industry's growth. that's the message from the distilled spirits council of the united states. the council released its 20-18 spirits export data today. it shows -- american whiskey exports around the world
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climbed 28 percent in the first half of 20-18 but dropped 11 percent in the last six months of the year. that's after canada, mexico, china and the european union imposed whiskey tariffs as high as 25 percent in response to president trump's tariffs. spirit exports are typically higher in the second half of the year with holiday sales. (justine) a burglary caught on camera. investigators say -- the suspect ran away with less than one-hundred dollars... but áwhereá the incident happened is upsetting a community. (grant) a face of human trafficking. a bay area woman shares her story of becoming a victim as a child. and protect and protect free speech on campus or lose federal funding. that's in president trump's executive order signed today. hear from u-c berkley students and staff on why some of them agree with the president's order...while others say -- it's not necessary.
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♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family. visit "taxpayer dollars dollars
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should not subsidize anti- first amendment institutions, and that's exactly what they are - anti-first amendment. universities that want tax payer dollars should promote free speech, not silence free speech.whoo"(grant) an executive order today -- calling on colleges and universities to protect free speech on campuses.(justine) president trump signed the
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order at the white house -- surrounded by conservative student activists. the president first floated the idea two years ago -- just two weeks after taking office. (grant) áthatá was in the wake of the u-c berkeley riots provoked by conservative provocateur milo yiannopoulos. (justine) kron4's michelle kingston spoke to cal students and faculty today. she has their reaction. the bigger question here is how does it stick? who enforces it and is it necessary?president donald trump signing an executive order on thursday requiring u-s colleges to protect free speech or risk losing federal fundinganthony truisi, turning point usa"it's a major victory for all students"anthony truisi is a uc berkeley student and member of turning point usa.anthony truisi, turning point usa"this is the first step of many to ushering change and more tolerance on campus."the president first floated this idea two years ago in the wake of the uc berkeley riots provoked by milo yiannopoulos where protests turned to mayhem on campusjesse choper, us b"i know our chancellor has done in my judgment everything
9:31 pm
possible to keep the tradition of free speech on campus alive and do what the campus can do about these rebel rousers who have nothing to do with the university at alluc berkeley professor jesse choper says this executive order won't change a thing.jesse choper, uc berkeley law professor"i think that the president is trying to take advantage of the publicity that he gets at places like berkeley"uc berkeley students had this to say about the order"from what i observe, there's frequently students that, students and also non students, that are taking advantage of their free speech.nela braun, uc berkeley "i think that if this is something that is protected under the government, i assume that would be something positive for schools like uc berkeley that generally and inheritantly have that as part of their community."the president of the u-c system wrote in a statement to kron4: "we do not need the federal government to mandate what already exists: our longstanding, unequivocal support for freedom of expression. that tradition is alive and thriving on all of our campuses. this exectuve order will only muddle policies surrounding free speech, while doing nothing to further the aim of the first amendment."
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(grant) (landing) happening now -- a big debate at the state capitol on clean drinking water for áeveryone. about one million people in the state reportedly do not have clean safe tap water. yesterday -- governor ágavin newsomá proposed a monthly water fee ranging from 95 cents to 10 dollars -- depending on the water meter. assembly republican whip devon mathis' district and a bipartisan group of lawmakers are proposing a competing measure
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(grant) the measure would annually set aside 2 percent of the general fund to go toward a number of water improvement projects including ground water clean up and emergency drinking water programs. the final approval would be up to the voters. (justine) in the north bay -- four people are charged in santa rosa in connection to a gang-related robbery investigators say -- the victim called the sheriff's office around 10 last night saying he had been robbed on moorland avenue near west robles avenue. police say -- the victim was walking down the street when four men -- one of them with a knife -- got out of a car, surrounded him and took his backpack and cellphone. officers were able to find and arrest the suspects about 20 minutes later. three of the suspects are adults aged 18 to 20... they were charged for the robbery and brough to jail. the other is a minor. he was cited and sent home.and sent home. (justine) in san leandro
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-- police arrested a man after hours-long standoff. just before midnight -- members of the san leandro police tactical operations team responded to a barricaded subject at the springlake village apartments on sweetwater drive. officers say -- they found the suspect's girlfriend suffering from several head and face injuries. she told police -- she was assaulted by the suspect. (justin) police say the incident began yesterday afternoon when officers first got a call about the subject behaving oddly and throwing objects from his second-story balcony. officers later learned that the subject had a history of mental instability and had not been taking his prescribed medication. they had walked away from the situation since there was no crime committed. (jw) take a look at this surveillance footage. a hooded burglar breaks into a non-profit and gets away with a donation box full of cash. this happened at a senior advocacy network's office in modesto. the group's executive-director says -- the burglar took less than one
9:35 pm
hundred dollars. but that money would have helped senior citizens in need. (grant) ten years ago today... four oakland police officers were shot and killed in the line of duty. kron 4's charles clifford was in oakland today at a memorial held in their honor. well, it has been 10 years since 4 opd officers were tragically killed let's take a look at their pictures. back on march 21, 2009, officer john hege and sergeant mark dunakin were shot and killed by a suspect during a routine traffic stop. later that day, swat team members sgt. ervin romans and sgt daniel sakai were killed while attempting to arrest the today's memorial, mayor libby shaaf and oakland police chief anne kirkpatrick attended the service at st benedict church. about 100 officers attended the service which lasted an hour. before the memorial, the mayor and chief spoke to the media. they say they were here to honor the fallen and that this is a reminder of the dangers that officers face.sot this is a day of remembnce in our police world. our fallen heroes will never be forgotten. they are always a part of our family. we honor and respect them.sotthis is a stark reminder to us of what a
9:36 pm
dangerous job our police officers have. as a city we mourn every loss of, the suspect who killed the four officer, lovell mixon was shot and killed by the swat team 10 years ago today. in oakland, charles clifford kron 4 news. (lawrence bay area weather) (grant) area weather)(lawrence bay kron 4 news.charles clifford in oakland, charles clifford kron 4 news. (lawrence bay area weather) (grant) and ahead -- a kron four exclusive on human trafficking. a young woman tells her story of becoming a victim to child sex trafficking... her warning tonight. (sports tease) coming up in sports....march madness is here....and the saint mary's gaels faced the defending champ villanova wildcats in the 1st round....highlights are next....
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after what feels like forever, the warriors are finally back at oracle arena tonight...taking on an indiana pacers squad that's jockeying for home court in the playoffs. we'll have full highlights tonight in our 10 p.m. newscast...but for now we bring you this last check.....score is.....109-80.....warriors leading with 2 minutes to go....
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march madness... randy bennett and st. mary's taking on defending tourney champ villanova end of the first half... malik fitts... hits the baseline jumper... gaels up two... fitts with 13 points 2nd half... eric paschall... that's what 'nova does best... the three-pointer... wildcats up 8 35 seconds left... jordan ford... with the floater to cut the lead to 6... ford had 13 points 23 seconds left... fitts... tough shot in the lane... lead cut to 4 7 seconds left... st.mary's trying to cut it to one- possession... but ford loses the ball... that's it villanova moves on with a 61-57 win... st. mary's season ends at 23-and-12 after the game... despite the dissapointment... randy bennett was satisfied by his team's effort...(wipe to sot) "i wish we would have played better in
9:41 pm
the second half, but i'm proud of our guys, proud of what they've done this year, proud of them tonight. they kept fighting and competing." "definitely think we had a shot. we cut it to four with 30 seconds left. if we get a few of those loose balls, or maybe make a three i thimnk it's a different game." oakland a's were in japan for their second game of the season early this morning...against the mariners and ichiro suzuki... playing his final game in his native country ... top 3rd... already 2-0 mariners... mitch haniger... drives one out to left center for a solo home run off marco estrada... 3-0 m's bottom 7th... now 4-2 seattle... khris davis ... slaps a base hit back up the middle... matt chapman and marcus semien score... career rbi 499 and 500 for davis... game tied 4-4 top 12th... still tied... domingo santana... grounds one to shortstop... the a's try to turn two to end the inning... but the throw to first is
9:42 pm
high... dee gordon scores what would be the winning run and suzuki... says goodbye to the fans... he finally retires at the age of 45... after 27 years in professional baseball and the world record for hits between his time in japan and the majors... ichiro goes out in style... and the a's lose... 5-4 in 12 innings... now the a's head back home for a few more exhibition games...the bay bridge series against the giants. a's will now head back home for a couple more games...taking on the giants bridge series sunday.
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even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit (justine)(justine) san
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francisco is on the list of the fbi's highest child sex trafficking areas in the u-s. and the trend spans the bay area.(grant) tonight only on kron4, vicki liviakis talks with a young woman from sonoma who was trafficked in the bay area when she was just 12 years old... and is now warning other children. "having "having lived in sonoma county life has always been delightful simple and safe..." that's the image many of us have of sonoma county. but for maya - life there was anything but. and it began in the 6th grade. a child from a good home - even so, she was lured into the world of sex trafficking. maya spent six years being trafficked in sonoma, san francisco and marin. she says it was a woman she calls olivia who approached her about modeling. and from there it lead to fear, intimidtation and a dark path of sex with strangers. maya considers herself a trafficking survivor and is sharing her story with others. she made this film short called "playing the game." and her friend shynie also
9:46 pm
produced this documentary called "strong survival" deputy da evanthia pappas says she's learned a lot from survivors like maya in prosecuting sex crimes trafficking criminals. marin county da - lori frugoli also on the lookout for traffickers who recuit at malls, bus stops even schools. looking for vulnerable girls and boys. maya's message to other kids and their parents. it could happen to anyone - don't let it happen to you. in san francisco, vicki liviakis kron 4 news. (justine) you can join the fight against human trafficking this weekend.... there will be a three-hour event this saturday march 23rd from 3-6 p-m... at dominican university at guzman hall in san rafael.... the event focuses on human trafficking awareness and how people can fight back. you will also hear from a trafficking survivor, young activists, and legal professionals. admission is free however space is limited... (grant) now to our four zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero...embarcadero... outside at the live look we take this forecast... as four zone now to our (grant) is free however admission is activists, and young survivor, a trafficking also hear from
9:47 pm
you will can fight back. how people awareness and trafficking human focuses on the event san rafael.... guzman hall in university at at dominican from 3-6 p-m... march 23rd saturday event this three-hour there will be a this weekend.... trafficking against human the fight you can join (justine) kron 4 news. (justine) you can join the fight against human trafficking this weekend.... there will be a three-hour event this saturday march 23rd from 3-6 p-m... at dominican university at guzman hall in san rafael.... the event san rafael.... the event focuses on human trafficking awareness and how people can fight back. you will also hear from a trafficking survivor, young activists, and legal professionals. admission is free however space is limited... (grant) now to our four
9:48 pm
zone forecast... as we take this live look outside at the embarcadero... joining us now is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow... lawrence karnow: it was a lovely day with plenty of sunshine and only a few passing clouds. there area still a few showers showing up on doppler radar and a few more snowflakes over the sierra. tonight will start mostly clear but clouds will move in late. lows will be in the 40s and low 50s. on the satellite you can another larger storm off the coast. that will begin to bring a few showers tomorrow morning that will increase throughout the day. rain will become heavy in the afternoon in the north bay and spread south throughout the evening. highs will be 50s to low 60s. showers are possible early on saturday but most of the weekend will be
9:49 pm
dry. more rain and stormy weather if forecast for next week. (grant) in four your health tonight -- it's officially spring and here come the flowers and...pollen. (justine) and that means an allergy means an next week.
9:50 pm
(grant) in four your health tonight -- it's officially spring and here come the flowerand...pollen. (justine) and that means an allergy season. the centers for disease control and prevention says -- more than 50 million americans suffer from allergies. many of those are considered seasonal. symptoms include sneezing, stuffy nose, itchy nose, and watery eyes. to feel better: -when the pollen is high, limit your exposure by staying inside and keeping windows closed -change out the air filters in your home frequently and make sure you are using hepa filters
9:51 pm
- wash your hair before going to bed -if you've been doing things outside, toss those clothes in the laundry when you come back in. and- don't forget to talk to your doctor about taking a daily allergy medication. (grant) young people on amphetamines for a-d-h-d treatment have a higher risk of developing psychosis. that's according to a new study from harvard's medical school. researchers followed hundreds of thousands of teens and young adults... ages 13 to 25... who were newly prescribed stimulants like adderall or ritalin for treatment. the results showed a rare the results showed a rare risk of psychosis in the first few months after starting on the medication. the risk was twice as high for those taking adderall -- compared to people taking ritalin. (justine) there's new technology in north carolina that improves brain cancer treatment. ágamma knifeá works by destroying cells so they don't grow, shrinking the size of brain tumors over time. researchers say the
9:52 pm
technology makes it easy to reach and treat a large number of tumors in a single session with minimal recovery. they say -- that means precision, accuracy and convenience for patients. (justine) this man apparently set a world record for planking. for how long he held it up -- coming up next. termites, feasting on homes 24/7.
9:53 pm
we're on the move. roger. hey rick, all good? oh yeah, we're good. we're good. termites never stop trying to get in, we never stop working to keep them out. terminix. defenders of home. (grant) a 71-year-old
9:54 pm
9:55 pm
minnesota man has reportedly broken a world record for planking.(justine) guinness still needs to confirm the time... but we have the video.(justine) check this out. áandy steinfeldtá held the plank with a clock held the plank with a clock and some live music. he is said to have held the plank for 38 minutes. the previous record for his age group was for 36 minutes and 58 seconds. again -- he is 71 years old. (grant) take a close look at the sky. is that a bird or is that a plane?(justine) how about neither. expert skydivers with red bull flew through the sky in downtown los angeles last night. they jumped from a helicopter from four-thousand feet above l-a... and at a speed of more than 120-at a speed of more than 120-miles per hour.(grant) the team wore special wingsuits
9:56 pm
equipped with l-e-d lights and pyrotechnic sparks that left a trail of light behind it. red bull says -- the show was to celebrate the third and final supermoon of 20-19. (justine) meet this year's cadbury bunny. notice anything a bit... off? yes -- henri is a dog.(grant) cadbury did something different this year. the chocolate company held a contest to pick the star of it's next clucking the star of it's next clucking bunny commercial. the winner -- henri the english bulldog from wilmington, north carolina. (grant) that wraps (grant) that wraps up kron 4 news at nine...(justine) but our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. ken wayne is here
9:57 pm
with kron 4 news at ten....ken? (ken) thank you grant and justine... next at ten... an arson investigation is underway tonight in san mateo police say -- two people set at least three fires in gabage bins this morning. the latest on the search for suspects... and some changes you will notice in downtown san mateo right now. plus... an east bay woman is getting closure tonight as the suspected murderer in her mother's cold case will take the stand after being behind bars for three years. (ken) and chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking another series of storms heading to the bay area. we break down when they will arrive. don't go away...hour three of kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break. (ken)
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(ken) a suspected arson caught on camera... and tonight san mateo police are asking for help in identiying the suspects.. wanted for setting the blaze. (ken) thanks for joining us i'm ken wayne. (justine) and i'm justine waldman, in for pam moore. investigators say at least 3 suspicious fires were intentionally set in garabe bins early this morning. (ken) kron4's dan thorn is live on the peninsula tonight with more on what police are doing in response. dan? police say they're increasing patrols tonight in downtown san mateo as a result of these fires. they're also calling on people who live in the area to help them identife


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