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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  March 21, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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(ken) (ken) a suspected arson caught on camera... and tonight san mateo police are asking for help in identiying the suspects.. wanted for setting the blaze. (ken) thanks for joining us i'm ken wayne. (justine) and i'm justine waldman, in for pam moore. investigators say at least 3 suspicious fires were intentionally set in garabe bins early this morning. (ken) kron4's dan thorn is live on the peninsula tonight with more on what police are doing in response. dan? police say they're increasing patrols tonight in downtown san mateo as a result of these fires. they're also calling on people who live in the area to help them identify the two
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suspects caught on surveillance video.. a bright flash caught on surveillance video actually shows two men setting fire to garbage bins in downtown san mateo..police are hoping this image of the arson suspects helps them in their investigation..sot: we are invested in finding these two gentlemen and asking them why they lit these garbage cans on fire..officer mike haobsh (hopp-shh) with san mateo p-d says at least 3 fires were set within a 30 minute span early thursday morning.the two men are spotted here walking in an alleyway around 3:30am.they targeted garbage cans behind a blood center on 2nd avenue.. the building suffered some damage and melted plastic from the bins could be seen spread out on the ground..the center day..sot: this could have been worse this could've really caught fire of that entire building and it could've spread. video then shows the two men leaving a nearby parking garage..responding
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crews found a second fire had been set there..san mateo business owner joyce huynh (who wen) says she parks here almost everytime she goes downtown...sot: a third fire had to be put out a few blocks over. this time it was set in front of the jos a bank on 3rd avenue..the suspects are seen here walking on the curb not far from where it was burning.. it's still unclear why these two men did this and what they used to set these fires. the police are looking for more people to come forward with any information or possibly more surveillance video. reporting in san mateo dan thorn kron4 news. lawrence karnow: it was a
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lovely day with plenty of sunshine and only a few passing clouds. there area still a few showers showing up on doppler radar and a few more snowflakes over the sierra. tonight will start mostly clear but clouds will move in late. lows will be in the 40s and low 50s. on the satellite you can another larger storm off the coast. that will begin to bring a few showers tomorrow morning that will increase throughout the day. rain will become heavy in the afternoon in the north bay and spread south throughout the evening. highs will be 50s to low 60s. shows are possible early on saturday but most of the weekend will be dry. more rain and stormy weather if forecast for next week.
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(ken) a big story tonight... a facebook post from a young woman claiming she was sexually
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harrassed by cal football players and coaches is going viral.(justine) the accusations - coming from a former student and cal athletics intern. kron4's maureen kelly has the story.. what allegedly happened on and off the field here at cal's memorial staduim was described by the former student and sports medicine intern as ruthless, endless and persistant sexual both players and coaching staff. we are not naming her because she could be a victim of sexual assault.several of her allegations are aimed at one unnamed coach ...who in one instance invited her back to memorial stadium to his office at midnight.she posted on facebook quote "he snuck me into his office, i put my backpack and binder down, and he immediately grabbed for my waist. i was terrified, my mind was fuzzy, and i do not remember much from that night. he kept kissing me, pushing me against the wall, and i left." she says the next day at practice that coach told her i will get you fired if you do not have sex with me.and that the night before a game she says he texted her to meet him
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at his room in the claremont hotel where he tried to have sex with her, but when she started crying uncontrollably he became angry and yelled at her to get out. she says her complaints to cal athletics were ignored and that coach is still working there....while she is out on medical leave from school and in intensive therapy.some female students on campus were not at all surprised by these allegations. there's this supposed facade berkeley kind of hides behind that were this liberal have a progressivism and i don't think that's true at all i think these allegations coming forward or just another proof of that while a member of the woman's vollyball team says neither she nor her friends have witnessed that kind of behavior.that is surprising those coaches are also our trainers as well we're around them as much as the football guys are it's never come off any of them ever in any form like that cal athletics says the allegations have been referred to the campus office for the prevention of harrassment and discrimination for the cal althletics director, jim knowlton, issued a letter saying these allegations come during an ongoing effort to
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educate staff and student atheltes on preventing sexual harrasment and violence...writi (justine) the wife of an adult education principal was in court today. prosecutors say she shot, and tried to kill her husband. maria vee-dez made her first court appearance after being arrested for shooting her husband paul shatswell early saturday morning. she's been charged with attempted murder. special allegations have been added for using a gun and causing shatswell to become comatose because of a brain injury. he's also paralayzed. vee-dez did not enter a plea... that's because the charges could be amended - if her husband dies. (justine) vee-dez
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is due back in court next week... shatswell, the father of eight children, and the principal at the pittsburg adult education center remains hospitalized in critical condition and on life support. (ken) developing tonight... the lawyer for ghost ship wareshouse creative director max harris has filed a motion asking to delay the trial of harris and derick almena by six months because of newly discovered evidence. almena and harris are charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter for the fire during a music party that killed 36 people in 2016. almena and harris' trial is set to begin april second. but harris' attorney says he wants to delay the trial so he has time to investigate what he said are "recently discovered facts which considerably impact defense strategy." he would not discuss what the evidence entails. (ken) an east bay woman is getting closure tonight... after her mother's cold case murder was solved. (justine)2 shot investigators have been working this case for nearly 40 years. now the
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suspect is awaiting trial. kron4's gayle ong has the details. d-n-a led to the
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arrest of dennis ray eagle in 20-16..he was serving time in virginia for another sex crime. and is awaiting jury trial in alameda county..paletta is now settled in niles, with her family..her message to anyone suffering from a cold case-- there is always hope..
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mailing explosives with intent to kill and using weapons of mass destruction. he apologized in court -- saying he knew the actions were wrong and he's "truly sorry." he sent more than a dozen mail bombs to cnn, barack obama, hillary clinton, and one found in burlingame addresed to democratic activist tom steyer. none of the devices went off and no one was hurt. f-b-i agents arrested sayoc in florida after a sayoc in florida after a four-day, nationwide hunt. (justine) a big story tonight... president trump signed an executive order today tying federal grant money to the issue of free speech on college campuses. (ken) but many see it as a mostly symbolic gesture to the president's more conservative base. our grant lodes is here with the details. grant? (grant) the president was following up on a promise he made at a recent conservative conference... signing an executive order today... intended to promote free speech on college campuses. the president was joined at the white house by students who said they experienced backlash while expressing
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conservative views. the move comes amid criticism highlighting instances of alleged violence and suppression of conservative voices on college campuses. (grant) the order also aims to improve transparency about college costs and provide information to students. federal agencies will be requried to publish information about the financial risk of attending specific schools... including how much money students can expect to earn after graduating from a certain program... and the likelihood they'llbe able to repay student loans.(grant) white house officials didn't provide details about how the
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order will be implemented or enforced.... leaving it unclear what affect it could actually have on students and college campuses. (ken) we have continuing coverage of president trump's executive order today the president says he wants to safeguard the rights of all students ...(justine) but do áall students agree with the order? kron4's michelle kingston talked to students at u-c berkeley and has the details. anthony truisi, turning point usa"it's a major victory for all students"anthony truisi is a uc berkeley student and member of turning point usa. anthony truisi, turning point usa"this is the first step of many to ushering change and more tolerance on campus."the president first floated this idea two years ago in the wake of the uc berkeley riots provoked by milo yiannopoulos where protests turned to mayhem on campusjesse choper, us berkeley professor"i know our chancellor has done in my judgment everything possible to keep the tradition of free speech on campus alive and do
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what the campus can do about these rebel rousers who have nothing to do with the university at alluc berkeley professor jesse choper says this executive order won't chan a thing.jesse choper, uc berkeley law professor"i think that the president is trying to take advantage of the publicity that he gets at places like berkeley"uc berkeley students had this to say about the order"from what i observe, there's frequently students that, students and also non students, that are taking advantage of their free speech.nela braun, uc berkeley "i think that if this is something that is protected under the government, i assume that would be something positive for schools like uc berkeley that generally and inheritantly have that as part of their community."the president of the u-c system wrote in a statement to kron4: "we do not need the federal government to mandate what already exists: our longstanding, unequivocal support for freedom of expression. that tradition is alive and thriving on all of our campuses. this exectuve order will only muddle policies surrounding free speech, while doing nothing to further the aim of the first amendment."
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(ken) it's official... the raiders will play in oakland for at least one more season. the oakland city council voted today to approve the lease for 2019 with an option for 2020. the alameda county board of supervisors had voted earlier in the week in favor of the lease. and it was approved by the coliseum authority last week. the raiders will pay 7-point-5 million dollars in rent for the coliseum and the practice facility in alameda in 2019. that rent would go up to 10-point-5 million in 20-20... if the raiders have to stay in oakland for yet another final season... that would only be if their vegas stadium is not ready yet. (ken) former 49ers colin kaepernick and eric reid settled collusion lawsuits against the nfl... but the exact amount was not revealed... until today. according to the wall street journal... kaepernick and reid will receive less than 10-million dollars. they filed collusion grievances
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against the league, saying they were blacklisted because of protests during the national anthem at games. kaepernick has not played in the league since 2016, while reid missed three games last season before signing with carolina. (justine) palo alto police are asking for the public's help in identifying an intruder who walked into a woman's bedroom in the middle of night. investigators want to track this intruder down before he strikes again. kron4's haaziq madyun the latest details on the investigation. it is after 3am. a woman is alone in her bedroom studying when suddenly the bedroom door opens and she sees this facesot the frightening incident happened sunday in a residence near the 3900 block of el camino real in the city of palo altosot palo alto police investigators say it appears the intruder let himself in
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through an unlocked door. then made his way to the bedroom and struck up a conversationsot the incident has rattled nervous of folks who live in this quiet neighborhoodsot sotthe intruder is described as a hispanic male in his mid thirties, 5 feet 8 inches tall, weighing about 180 pounds wearing a dark hooded sweatshirt and black pants. if you think you recognize this face palo alto police would like to hear from palo alto haaziq madyun kron4news (justine) police in san (justine) (justine) police in san
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francisco are questioning a 56-year-old man tonight after a deadly stabbing at fisherman's wharf. officers say -- they arrestd ábruce penná yesterday after finding 44-year-old ábrook petty johná on the sidewalk. john was taken to the hospital but died from his injuries. investigators are trying to figure out áwhyá the stabbing happened. they say both men frequently visited the fisherman's wharf area. (ken) a first round knock- out as march madness takes off.. saint mary's college was eliminated in the first round of the n- c-double-a tournament... as the reigning champs villanova university beat the gaels 61- 57...(justine) most of the students couldn't make the trip to connecticut.. so there was a campus watch party. kron4's noelle bellow talked to fans who say they're still excited their team came this far.
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--pkg--brackets.. (i do it old school i don't have an app) and brews .. (cheers wooooh!) stadium pub in walnut creek was filled with both, as gaels fans cheered on their team if there's one thing, gaels always bring it. we are bringing it gael force is in full effect tonight!they're slowing it down, key baskets, hustle plays, that's what i'm talking about!they dont mind the underdog status either st mary's is very disciplined if villanova doesn't shoot as well as they normally do i think we'll do well and the constant close score of the game kept fans interested -- including a former player villanova is a great team but me being a gael - gaels for life wayne hunter played for the gaels back in 2010 when they beat villanova in the sweet 16 - he says coach randy
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bennett is the key to their success18 years of experience fluid system is like no other it's tough to guard and me knowing the type of guy he is and how he prepares, that's what had me believing they can do it. randy bennett and jordan ford and fans -- nats cheering -- agree. we couldn't be more proud of the gaels and our patron saint of st (ken) still ahead... a massive homeless camp is being shut down--- but two more are planned in santa cruz neighborhoods. why people are not happy with the decision. (justine) plus... new fears in the wake of a huge chemical fire in texas... after a toxic vapor is detected. (ken) and facebook under fire again. this time for mishandling passwords. how you can find out if your account was affected.
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other liver or kidney problems, hiv, or other medical conditions... vo: ...and all medicines you take, including herbal supplements. vo: taking amiodarone with epclusa may cause a serious slowing of your heart rate. vo: common side effects include headache and tiredness. vo: ask your doctor today, if epclusa is your kind of cure. (ken) a big story tonight.. the problems continue to mount for facebook. (justine) the company is admitting that is failed to properly mask the passwords of millions of its users. facebook says the passwords were stored in an internal database that its workers were able to access. the company has not said how long the passwords were stored in such a manner. but noted the issue was discovered back in january during a security review. the company says it will notify facebook and instagram users if their passwords were affected. (ken) san francisco-based álevi straussá is public again. the blue jean maker returned to the stock market after a 34-year absence.
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it will trade on the new york stock exchange under the ticker symbol "levi." the retailer placed its initial public offering at 17 dollars per share. that values the company at six-point-six billion dollars. the i-p-o is expected to raise more than 600 million dollars for levi strauss -- which is seeking to expand its brand. (ken) coming up... more than a million californians don't have clean drinking water. the debate to make sure everyone has accees. (justine) and the new challenges midwest states are facing after historic flooding.. and why some cities may not be in the clear. (lawrence)ten at ten
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amid hundreds of complaints about rats, discarded needles and unsanitary conditions, a large and very visible homeless camp is to be shut down in santa cruz.(justine) but as kron four's rob fladeboe reports now, the alternative is not sitting well with neighbors. (gateway plaza homeless camp) here at the gateway to santa cruz, just off highway one, is
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a sea of tents and tarpwhere 150-200 homeles people have been living for months. merchants say there are rats and trash and that business at the plaza is off 20-30 percent. residents are fed up. jan bryant/santa cruz resident
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"....people come to visit santa cruz and (ken) a big debate at the state capitol centers around safe, affordbale drinking water and how the state should pay to make sure everyone has it. governor gavin newsom is proposing a safe affordable drinking water fund to clean up contaminated water in rural and low income areas. the
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fund would come from water customers across california, proposing each pay between 95 cents to 10 dollars a month, depending on the water meter. but assembly repbulican whipe devon mathis' district and a bipartisan group of lawmakers are proposing a competing measure. (ken)fashion. ">(ken) the measure would set aside 2-percent of the general fund a year to go toward a number of water improvement projects including ground water clean up and emergency drinking water programs. the final approval would be up to the voters. (justine) happening tomorrow... officials will consider a proposal to increase tolls on the golden gate bridge. the tolls would go up over a period of five years starting july 1st. one scenario being considered would bring a
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30-cent yearly increase to fastrak, a 20-cent yearly increase to pay-as-you-go and a 35-cent yearly increase if you are billed. the bridge district says the five-year toll increases are necessary to maintain service. the board meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m. tomorrow in the toll plaza building. turning now to weather with lawrence karnow. lawrence karnow: it was a lovely day with plenty of sunshine and only a few passing clouds. there area still a few showers showing up on doppler radar and a few more snowflakes over the sierra. tonight will start mostly clear but clouds will move in late. lows will be in the 40s and low 50s. on the satellite you can another larger storm off the coast. that will begin to bring a few showers tomorrow morning that will increase throughout the day. rain will become heavy in the afternoon in the north bay and spread south throughout the evening. highs will be 50s to low 60s. showers are possible early on saturday but most of the weekend will be
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dry. more rain and stormy weather if forecast for next week. (justine) a tree trimmer in fresno is recovering... after an accident while he was working on a palm tree. but he didn't fall out of the tree... he fell into it. helmet cam video captured the moments the worker got trapped between palm fronds. you can see half of the workers body covered by debris. fire crews were called and gave the man an oxygen mask as they wokred to free him. firefighters described the
10:34 pm
tedious process. capt. lupe fernandez/fresno fire dept."we ended up using our hands, and one by one pulling it out. because of the danger and the exposure, he was buried so far in there we couldn't see his safety rope -- which we knew was holding him to some degree. we didn't want to cut his rope and we couldn't see him clearly, so we had to one by one move them out."(justine) it took crews 45 minutes to get the man out. he was taken to the hospital but is expected to be okay. (ken) six people were hurt ths afternoon when a car drove into a starbucks on travis air force base. a base spokesperson says the car drove into the coffee shop just after noon at the base mini mall. six people including the driver were taken to the hospital. the crash is currently under investigation. (ken) police in san francisco are searching for a man who robbed a bank in the richmond district wednesday afternoon. the robbery was reported just before 5 p-m in the 55-hundred block of geary boulevard. the suspect approached the teller and demanded money. after the teller complied with the man, he went to a second teller and demaned money. police say no weapon was seen in on the suspect. police have not released any
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descriptions of the suspect. (justine) today marked the ten year anniversary of the shooting death of four oakland police officers. on march 21, 2009, officer john hege and sergeant mark dunakin were shot and killed by a suspect during a traffic stop. later that day, swat team members sgt. ervin romans and sgt daniel sakai were killed while attempting to arrest the suspect. oakland mayor libby schaaf and police chief anne kirkpatrick attended the memorial service along with 100 other officers. they came to honor the fallen. (justine)(justine) the suspect who killed
10:36 pm
the four officers was shot and killed. (ken) modesto detectives are investigating a deputy- involved shooting that left a person in critical condition. deputies were following up on a previous carjacking and robbery incident when the person was shot this afternoon. deputies believe one of the suspects fired a gun when the shooting happened. but the department has not said if any of the deputies were injured. the shooting and police presnce startled people in the neighborhood.
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surveillance video, driving a grey two-door honda. investigators say he's exposed himself at least five times within the city, the ámost recent incident, tuesday morning in this residential area of craig avenue and 23rd street.surveillance cameras of homeowner desiree gonsalves, shows a woman walking in front of her home shortly before 8 a.m., when the suspect passed her by.police say the man asked the woman for directions while inappropriately touching himself. cops say he's a hispanic man in his 20s to 30s, hitting mostly in the southern part of sacramento, and his parking lots of shopping centers. investigators believe these incidents are áunrelated to several other incidents of a flasher earlier in the year, primarily in the land park area. ... along with distinct
10:38 pm
license plates on his car. (justine) police say if you see the man to contact
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them immediately. (ken) developing tonight... the historic flooding in the midwest is continuing to cause misery. (justine) millions of people are under some sort of warning as the floods move south.(justine) our grant lodes is here with the details. (grant) conditions are improving in nebraska where the water is receding but further along the mississippi river... the threat continues. this is aerial video over craig, missouri, a city northwest of kansas city. you can just see the wide- spead devastation from the flooding. city officials are urging residents to evacuate as floodwaters breached a levee near the town yesterday. flooding is expected to continue for the next few days as the surplus of water flows
10:40 pm
down the mississippi river. in nebraska, residents are getting a look at what's left as the water starts to recede... leaving behind a grim reminder of how powerful the floodwaters can be... as farmers and livestock owners assess the destruction. (grant) livestock stranded by the high water... received air drops of hay from the state's national guard. (grant) vice president mike pence visited nebraska earlier this week as governors in several mid- western states are starting to tour the hardest hit areas... and give estimates of what it will cost to get people back on their feet. (ken) in national news tonight.. a shelter in place has been lifted in deer park, texas after residents
10:41 pm
were told to stay inside this morning due to levels of benzene in the air. the toxic vapor was detected after a raging chemical fire was extinguished this week. the trheat was enough to cancel school in six districts. benzene is a colorless, flammable liquid with a sweet odor that the cdc says can cause symptoms after even brief exposure. the chemical is used in gasoline production. (ken) after the (ken)in real time.">(ken) after the storage facility fire, emergency responders used a foam blanket to keep benzene
10:42 pm
contained, after the permanent container was damaged in the fire. readings of benzene in the air dropped before noon, so the shelter in place was lifted. but as the work continues after the fire, officials say they will monitor the air and water quality. (justine) in world news... at least 44 people have died and dozens severly injured following an explosion at a pesticide plant in eastern china. officials say rescue operations are ongoing and the environmental impact is still being determined. authorities are still trying to figure out what caused the blast. video footage shows a fire and shattered windows in nearby buildings. among the injured were children at a kindergarten near the plant. (ken) still ahead... we explore spring training... outside the ball park. the things to do in and around arizona's second largest city. (sports) still ahead ...we've got warriors, we've got sharks...and march madness...a whole lotta highlights from the day in sports up next.
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(justine) we hear a lot about scottsdale and the giants during spring training... but we're not going to overlook the second biggest city in arizona.(ken) mesa is the home of the oakland a's spring training camp... and it's a city that also has a lot to offer outside the stadium. ========(pkg) we did a flyover of hohokam stadium in mesa... home of the oakland a's. the a's and cubs both make mesa home... bringing a lot
10:46 pm
more fans exploring this part of the valley of the sun.:12 mark gallo/city of mesa4322 our streets are busier and to be honest with you i like seeing more people here but for us having two teams has really changed our community. 4330 just for fun i put a camera on our dog mango's back to see what it looks like running to first base. the camera, and mango, verred off track. :34courtesy: country music fans may want to walk across the street from the stadium to the mesa cemetery. it's where legendary outlaw country star waylon jennings is buried.:44 rick fifield/mesa cemetery0135 we get people in here all the they come in, "we're looking"
10:47 pm
and we say, he's right over there. 0139 on our visit we found flowers... and a can of beer at his grave. down the road we found a popular scenic hiking area... the desert botanical garden. five trails wander through 55 acres of one of the best collections of desert plant life on earth. every kind of cactus you (ad lib)
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quite the gem. (ad lib) toss to kate for sports. it's been awhile since the warriors have been at the warriors awhile since it's been it's been awhile since the warriors have been at oracle arena...and they put on quite the homecoming for the bay area crowd... taking on the indiana pacers tonight, a team the dubs beat by more than 30 points in
10:49 pm
january...after missing two games due to a sore right ankle....demarcus cousins was back in the lineup for the warriors....1st quarter....warr iors leading by 2....stephen curry....his three.....nothing but net....2nd quarter....dray mond green to demarcus cousins down the court....cousins with the one-handed slam....warrior s lead by 6....3rd quarter....cousins drives it....lays it in....boogie led the warriors with 19 points tonight....most points he's scored in a golden state jersey 4th quarter....warriors blowing out the pacers....jonas jerebko.....his trey would put the warriors up by 33 points....dubs biggest lead of the night....all five starters and andrew iguodala off the bench scoring in double figures...warriors manhandle the pacers..'s what steve kerr had to say "just have to stay patient. that's probably the only thing we did poorly in the first half. we had 9
10:50 pm
turnovers. but, overall, i thought we did a really good job of staying patient, and playing off of our defense. 48 minutes is a long game. eventually, our shots are going to start going in." march madness... randy bennett and st. mary's taking on defending tourney champ villanova end of the first half... malik fitts... hits the baseline jumper... gaels up two... fitts with 13 points 2nd half... eric paschall... that's what 'nova does best... the three-pointer... wildcats up 8 35 seconds left... jordan ford... with the floater to cut the lead to 6... ford had 13 points 23 seconds left... fitts... tough shot in the lane... lead cut to 4 7 seconds left... st.mary's trying to cut it to one- possession... but ford loses the ball... that's it villanova moves on with a
10:51 pm
61-57 win... st. mary's season ends at 23-and-12 after the game... despite the dissapointment... randy bennett was satisfied by his team's effort...(wipe to sot) "i wish we would have played better in the second half, but i'm proud of our guys, proud of what they've done this year, proud of them tonight. they kept fighting and competing." "definitely think we had a shot. we cut it to four with 30 seconds left. if we get a few of those loose balls, or maybe make a three i thimnk it's a different game." now talking some nhl.....the san jose sharks visiting the los angeles kings....we'll pick it up in the 2nd period....tied at 1....brent burns to tomas hertl.....he shoots it in....that gives the sharks the lead 2-1....3rd period....tied at 2....anzay kope-itar to the left of the sharks' goalie martin jones....kings go out in fron 3-2....sharks ultimately fall to the kings....4-2.....sharks have now lost 4 in a row.....
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thank kate. weather thank kate. weather tease. (weather) coming up i'll have the seven day forecast.
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through the sky in downtown los angeles. the team wore special wingsuits with l-e-d lights and pyro-technic sparks that left a trail of light behind it. they jumped from a helicopter from four- thousand feet above l-a... and a speed of more than 120 miles per hour. the l-a-p-d said the stunt was part of a film shoot. (ken) meet this year's cadbury bunny. notice anything a notice anything a bit... off? yes -- henri is a dog. cadbury did something different this year. the chocolate company held a contest to pick the star of it's next clucking bunny commercial. the winner -- henri the english bulldog from wilmington, north carolina. lawrence karnow: it was a lovely day with plenty of sunshine and only a few passing clouds. there area still a few showers showing up on doppler radar and a few more snowflakes over the
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sierra. tonight will start mostly clear but clouds will move in late. lows will be in the 40s and low 50s. on the satellite you can another larger storm off the coast. that will begin to bring a few showers tomorrow morning that will increase throughout the day. rain will become heavy in the afternoon in the north bay and spread south throughout the evening. highs will be 50s to low 60s. showers are possible early on saturday but most of the weekend will be dry. more rain and stormy weather if forecast for next week. (ken) kron on continues next at 11. catherine heenan has the latest bay area news. you can download the kron on app today. just head to kron on dot tv to sign up.
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next week.forecast for next week. (ken) kron on continues next at 11. catherine heenan has the latest bay area news. you can download the
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diane: this is about a plane crash. a hammett gr-6 carrying 35 passengers and five crew. all 40 dead. many of their widows and widowers are here today. and all want to know one thing. why did this plane just drop from the sky? like kyle lidtke. he lost his wife and two daughters in this crash. now, the ceo of hammett aerospace would have him believe it's the pilot's fault, and not their plane. but we ask you to reject this cynical, blame-the-victim defense, because this is a very simple case of...


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