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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 22, 2019 1:30am-2:01am PDT

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tonight, wendy williams. is a love triangle you causing thoer melt down. >> i have my own experience. >> why there's so much more to her sober living situation you haven't heard. then, "game of thrones" without the mother of dragons? why it almost happened. emil ya clark reveals how she cheated death twice. the condition that left her unable to speak. then, justin bieber crying, emotionally singing in public, dropping millions on a new house. what we know about a wedding now. >> plus, the reason amy schumer revealed her husband's autism
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diagnose will make you love them more. >> i'm like, does this look okay? and he's like, well, it's too late. this is "entertainment tonight." what a week this has been for wendy williams. first she revealed she's living in a sober house. now s a love triangle the reason she's struggling? >> wendy's husband has been living a double life for a decade. we are hearing the situation just got even more explosive. >> wendy williams left her sober living facility this morning wearing a chanel coat and flashing a peace sign. a source close to the talk show host tells "e.t." the struggles are because of her husband having a mistress. >> she's been married to kevin hunter for 20 years. today, the daily mail broad kas this photo of kevin with his
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mistress, a 3-year-old massage their miss. our source claims kevin's mistress is pregnant and the baby is due any day now. as for wendy's stint in sober living, it was kevin's idea. he wanted wendy out of the way when the baby arrived. wendy was candid about an affair her husband had early on in the marriage. in her memoir she wrote hunter cheated on her shortly after their son was born. >> we got through it. it made us stronger. >> wendy hired a private investigatorle our source says she confronted kevin and they got into a fight. >> there's some sort of weird story going around the internet about me and my husband. i'm still very much in love with my husband. i stand by my guy. you know marriages have ebbs and
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flows. marriages are not easy and don't ask me about mine until you see bomb. it ain't going anywhere. not in this lifetime. >> i spoke to wendy's husband kevin this afternoon and he told me they are together and solid this afternoon and he also told me through their foundation they have helped thousands of people get into treatment. he doesn't want to honor the rumors by talking about them. he wants to focus on wendy and getting better. shocking news on amelia clarke. she revealed she suffer add brain aneurysms. >> she suffered a extreme head ache while working out. it was far more serious. she reveals being diagnosed with an aneurysm. he said, i wanted to pull the
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plug. i asked the medical staff to let me die. doctors told her they found a second aneurysm but that they would not operate. she said she went on a press tour and sipped on morphine between interviews. doctors found the second aneurysm has grown, requiring a another surgery. she says i emerged from the operation with a drain coming out of my head. the base of my skull had been replaced by titanium. she says you can't see the scar from surgery and she blocked out a lot. she feels telling her story may help give inspiration to others and she feels truly lucky to be alive. >> all that matters is she is happy and healthy. did you see "empire" last night with jussie smollett? the episode was filmed before his alleged assault hoax and according to show's creator lee daniels the scandal hit the cast
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hard. >> these past couple of weeks have been a freaking roller coaster. ♪ roller coaster >> in the beginning lee daniels stood by jussie but vented on how the hate crime scandal has affected "empire." >> me and my cast have experienced pain and anger and, um -- um -- sadness and frustration. and really don't know how to deal wit, you know? >> last night's episode was shot before the allege assault occurred on january 29th. >> everything you're seeing happened before the incident. >> taraji p. henson gave us her take of the feeling on the set. >> great atmosphere. >> anything else you can tell us about how you all are dealing with this. >> >> i can't really talk about that. >> jussie was indicted on 16
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felony counts in chicago. he pled not guilty and insisted on his innocence since the beginning. his character was written out of the final two episodes. jussie's final episode this season is april 24th the season finale is may 8th. promo for next week hints at a major character death. >> which lyon will end up six feet under? >> i think we all know that jussie's character is the number one candidate to end up in that coffin. back in the real world, jussie's next court appearance is scheduled for april 17th. now beiber news. last night the embattled pop star and wife hailey went to church in hollywood as he continues faith-based treatment. >> some of it sucks but everyone has things in life that suck. so i take it to the chin, i guess. >> justin drove off in a new
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$200,000 lamborghini so is he always engaging in a little retail therapy? here's a beverly hills pad he bought. it's 6,100 feet, more than enough room for him, hailey and their possible expanding family. right thousand, that's not the focus. right now, justin's health is. last week, he and hailey took a quick trip to southern california, but some fans were concerned when he was spotted getting emotional and singing to himself in public. >> what's up, j.b.? everything good bro? >> 20 days ago the artist posted, been struggling a lot. but our source says he's in great spirits right now. we are told he's focused on being happy and healthy and that comes with recognizing when he
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needs help. >> listen to people who care about you and their advice. don't just try to take it into your own hands all the time. >> such good advice. family is so important. just ask amy schumer and her husband chris. people were surprised when amy revealed he was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder but amy's explaining why she did it. >> we both want to talk about it because it's been totally positive. i think a lot of people resent getting diagnosed and even some of their children because of the stigma that comes along with it. >> all of the traits that are clear he's on the spectrum are all the reasons i felt madly in love with him. >> it's made his life better and our life more manageable. i want to encourage people to not be afraid of that stigma. >> amy says her husband of over a year was totally on board with going public with his diagnose. she made the revelation during
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her new netflix standup special "growing." >> he's an amazing guy. i don't want to make it sound a like, i'm so nice i married someone with autism. >> one of his best characteristics she says is he can't tell a lie. she tells seth meyers it's a blessing and a curse. >> you want your partner to be like, we do need to get home. he's like, we have nowhere to be. >> he's here. i came out right before, like, does this look okay? and he's like, well, it's too late. he's right, though. it was too late. coming up -- how courteney cox set instagram on fire with her return to the "friends" apartment. then, nothing bogus about this. bill and ted are back. >> together we are wyld
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minuting away on "e.t." me, and nancy odell and a giant tub op
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so i guess you can go home again. that's courteney cox outside the apartment building they used on "friends." she captioned it, the one where my rent went up $12,000. courtney not an only one embracing her past. so is keanu reeves. it's official -- bill and ted, they're back. >> i'm alex winter. >> i'm keanu reeves. and together. >> we are. >> wyld stallyns. >> wyld stallyns! >> it looks like he might actually hopefully make a movie this summer. >> "bill & ted 3," face the music. >> yes, way. our time traveling experts fwroek news yesterday. >> stranges are afoot at the circle k. >> the movie arrives 30 years after the original and goes into production in new orleans this summer with an august 2020 release date. >> it's being written by the same guys to wrote the first two so, expect plenty of bodacious
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humor. they're now middle-aged dads who must change the world with their music. we can also tell you there will be a few cameos by music legends. >> you are going to have to most excellent adventure through history. back then, the idea of a third movie, totally bogus to them. >> three? two. one. >> so what changes their mind? >> it's all because of you guys we owe you a huge debt of gratitude. we want to say thank you. >> thank you. >> and be excellent. >> be excellent. >> imagine trying to look like chris hemsworth at all times. what it's really like channelling chris. >> he's going hate the fact that i just told you that. >> candace cameron bure on the end of "full house." >> any chance the twins will
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come in on the last season? plus, can you believe livin' la vida loca is two decades old? what's crazier, our ricky martin throwback closed captioning provided by --
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hitting some big kegs. >> look at chris hemsworth hitting the waves or as he calls it some big kegs. is that aussie? >> one thing you may not know about chris is he loves pizza, and the more pizza he eats the more shredded he gets. gonna hate the fact that i told you that, guys. he will look at a dumbbell, do maybe four or five curls, and it's quadrupled in size. how is that even possible? >> secrets to how chris looks like this? we got 'em, thanks to bobby
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holland hanton, his body double for "thor," "snow white and the huntsman," "bad times at the el royale," and "men in black." >> thor mode is the most difficult out of all of them. between six to eight meals a day. chris has a cook on set. they cook for me as well. it's training twice a day, six days a week. >> so whether you want to look like chris or look at him, thor himself came up with a way to get you close to that goal. he and bobby developed their own fitness app called centre. >> you have ax to the team live views. that team is now your team. >> how does he compare to the other stars he worked with? >> i've doubled christian bale in "batman" and doubled ryan reynolds in "green lantern" and channing tatum, daniel craig, jake gyllenhaal, henry caval, captain america chris evans. they're all in fantastic shape. he literally was just put on
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don't get me wrong but chris, literally was just put on this earth. he's perfect. it's ridiculous. >> kev, this is great inspiration for you to get working out. okay, here's another star that's easy on the eyes, ricky martin. >> can you believe it's been 20 years since he got us all livin' la vida loca? i spoke about the impact of his biggest hit ♪ >> not many people have a song that's been engrained into the public. ♪ upside inside out >> it's a song that for sure broke out and brought people together, and it's one of those things that everybody nose where they were the first time they heard it. >> ♪ >> ricky's first english crossover hit became a phenomenon when i was first introduced in 1999. >> "e.t." had an all access pass
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to ricky martin mania from day one. >> ricky! ricky! >> dreams can come true as long as you fight for them. >> ricky's success helped usher in a whole new renaissance of latin pop songs. ♪ if you had my love >> j.lo and her husband marc anthony and enrique top that had charts later that year. fans remember ricky and his luscious locks from daytime tv. ♪ >> "e.t." was on the general hospital set with ricky in 1994. >> in order for you to get success, you have to know where you come from. >> we first met a 12-year-old ricky in 1984 when he was in the latin boy band menudo. >> yeah, very happy. >> i have been doing this since i'm 12 years old and i'm very proud of the track. it's like a before and after ♪
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so happy for ricky. he's one of the nicest guys in hollywood. well, candace cameron bure knows what it's like to be a child star thanks to "full house." d.j. tanner forever. she costarred with lori loughlin who's wrapped up in the big college bribery scandal now. but i spoke to candace before all of that. the main thing on her mind, the fifth and final season of "fuller house." >> we have already had to say good-bye to d.j. tanner once in your life. is it harder the second time around because you had her back? >> it probably will be. i'm not going there yet, keltie. i'm not thinking about the end yet because we haven't started our season, but i'll probably cry a lot. >> candace says there is a silver lining, the cast got a heads up that season five will be their last. >> "full house" we had the most awkward ending of eight years. we are not going to have that on "fuller house."
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>> any chance the twins will come in? >> no, no chance. >> this author, advocate and mom of three has a full plate but still makes giving back a priority. i caught up with her at the salvation bell shelter in l.a. >> what are you cooking? >> they have an acre and a half that produced organic vegetables and all of that is sourced and made here, but it gives everyone in the program job opportunities. so i got to pick some vegetables in the garden. in the kitchen we cooked the roasted vegetables. put a red wine vin great shelter on it. >> this shelter is serving 6,000 meals a day. why is it important for you to do good work and give back in your life? >> i'm here to inspire you all to do gad and be kind. >> if you love "full house" i'm betting you're probably like me and loved the movie "troop
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beverly hills" and wanted to be in the troop so bad. now we are celebrating a big anniversary. only "e.t." is reuniting the cast 30 years later. ♪ songs, surprising and secrets from the set. >> the ghost besters 2 guys wanted to use kumbaya, but we already had it. ♪ kumbaya >> tori this was your first acting role right? >> it was. >> i quit acting after that. >> attention k-mart shoppers. >> the reunion airs friday on "e.t." >> i'm so excited about this. >> were you a girl scout? >> i was a browny. >> can you imagine nancy o'dell getting slimed? >> impossible. >> it's not impossible. that's why you got stay with (vo) zero calories... ...make nature's sweetener...
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troech travel consideration provided by -- something big is happening here on saturday, the nick load-on kids choice awards. what a lot of people don't realize is they need slime testers for the show. >> they called me and said, will you come down and get slimed? i said i don't do anything without nancy. consider us the crash test dummies of the awards show. >> dumb to agree to this. >> let's go. >> three, two, one. >> oh! oh! >> be careful. >> no, get away from me. >> that was unbelievable.
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>> it was! kids choice awards on
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