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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  March 22, 2019 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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♪ tonight, new college scandal details. >> don't want to do anything that might rear his ugly head and my children have to pay the price for that. >> lori loughlin prepares for her day i federal court. more interviews come back to
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haunt her. plus, the reality star parents tied up in the scam. then, a rosie versus barbara bombshell. untold stories from "the view." how one backstage blowup got way too personal. and -- >> this is a nightmare. >> before "us" takes over the box office, we have a warning from lupita nyong'o. >> that's what you are signing up for. and the "friends" connection to the error film. and a "parks and rec" reunion ten years in the making. >> very personal. >> and when we first met -- >> me, chris pratt. ♪ >> this is "entertainment tonight." welcome, everyone. thanks for joining us on a busy friday. >> a lot of news to get to, so let's get started. here's tonight's top story. >> a federal judge has pushed back court appearances for lori loughlin and felicity huffman. the actresses both echarges in the college scandal will appear in court on april 3rd.
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one of loughlin's old interviews has come back to haunt her. >> when i have children, i always thought, i don't want to do anything that one day might rear its ugly head and my children have to pay the price for that. >> i'm just as scared as that. >> lovely played aunt becky on "full house." she discussed morality with the christian broadcasting network. >> the morals are right, and there's a message invery episode. you know, how to be a good person, how to be a better person. right from wrong. it's a good message. >> loughlin and huffman may be the most famous faces caught up in the scandal, but you might also recognize this woman. >> i'm jane buckingham, french strategist. >> the parenting expert and author appeared multiple times on "gma," and she hosted an abc family reality show. >> job or no job. >> buckingham is accused of paying $50,000 for an acc proctor to take the test for her
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son. meanwhile, ben stiller brought his daughter on "ellen" today and poked fun at the admissions scandal. >> she's here because you're looking at colleges. >> we are visiting colleges this week. >> wow. >> yes. >> that's exciting. >> southern california colleges. >> how's that going? >> it's great. she's going to go to yale on a full football scholarship. >> oh. >> i mean, look. there's crazy pressure that the kids go through and the parents go through, but obviously, you have to draw the line. >> exactly. now rosie o'donnell versus barbara walters. >> that's part of the joy of the show. >> in an upcoming book, "ladies who punch," rosie reveals their backstage blowup at "the view" got way more personal than we ever knew. in 2007 at the peak of her trump feud, o'donnell's return from vacation to co-host, rosie wanted to be defended, but felt barbara didn't have her back. >> once and for all, we could
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rise up. >> it's not we. it's him. he's doing every show in america. >> backstage, o'donnell really went off. quote, i definitely yelled. i said, how disappointed i was and how shocked and hurt i was that she wouldn't stand up for me. i felt very betrayed about her going behind my back and speaking to donald trump. i said something about her daughter which i should not have said. >> barbara's daughter, jackie, ran away at the age of 15, and they had a strange relationship. she yelled, no wonder jackie can't stand you. barbara's response, do not speak about my daughter. rosie later abruptly exited the show after this on-air blowup with elisabeth hasselbeck. >> you said nothing. >> no, no, no. >> the "ladies who punch" book could be a hot topic. they compared barbara to joan crawford in "mommy dearest". >> there could only be one
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alpha. >> rosie also referred to barbara as an alpha in her bombshell 2007 autobiography where she first referenced thisser fight. >> rosie sent me the book without telling me how much she loved me. i have read the book, and i will concentrate on rosie's expressions of love. all right. let's move onto movies and talk about the box office battle. watch out, "captain marvel," because "us" is coming for you. >> be careful. >> "us" has already sold more advanced tickets on fandango than "get out," and last year's horror hit, "a quiet place". >> who are you people? ♪ >> "us" is only lupita's fifth on-screen rule. she and winston duke are a married couple who are tormented
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by creepy lookalikes. >> to have winston as my scene partner was such a comfort. we went to the same school. we had "black panther" behind us. we have a friendship and an intimacy that is unbreakable. >> they both went to yale school of drama. wonder if they went to a class called scaring the bejesus out of you 101. ♪ >> the tight-knit cast rapped on the way to their premiere and the movie kids are also terrifying. >> i think it took it home, like, an accomplishment. of scaring an adult because these days it's very hard for a child to scare an adult. >> yeah. >> like, boo. >> a little boy knows how to rock the party. >> i can't believe how big they have gotten. >> elizabeth moss as also terrorized. her movie daughters are played by noelle and cali sheldon.
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they shared the role of rachel's daughter on "friends," and aunt monica is causing an instagram frenzy. >> good night, guys. i'm going home. it might be one of the best throwbacks ever as courtney cox posted this vote of her walking into the new york city building that was the actual exterior shot for the famous friends apartment. >> i almost died with the rest of america when you posted the video where you visited monica's apartment from "friends". >> she blamed jennifer aniston for the nostalgic video that is inching towards 2 million views. >> i was at jennifer's house. >> uh-huh. >> she is, like, post that now then. let's jus s what happens. she' not on instagr yet. i posted it late at night and it still -- it will work. >> it's going. it's going. >> we all get along really well we're all friends. >> we were on the sitcom set just days before the comedy went on air for the first time in september of 1994. it was clear then the cast had already bonded. just watch these guys crash the
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"e.t." interview. >> they're doing a skit right now. they want to be on tv. >> are you going to have lunch with us? >> i'm doing "e.t." right now. >> a little later? >> we'll leave and try another bit. okay. >> come back later. that was pretty good though. but try again. go off and try again. the entire government would like to let you know we will do everything we can to help you. >> would you pass me my itch stick? >> "parks and recreation" premiered ten years ago, and last night, the residents of indiana reunited for one epic treat yourself celebration. >> here we are. check it out. >> our costume designer from "parks," and leslie would wear always some kind of red when she was feeling solo of love. do you see what red is wearing? that's amazing. >> we're trying to connect it through texting. we have this thing called the
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parks family text. we're filling in context. >> it feels like a reunion. >> very emotional. >> i'm totally overwhelmed. >> yeah. amy got choked up on stage, but all the emotion didn't stop the cast from mess with a superfan and host patton oswald. >> are you talking to me? >> yes. >> something we learned, well, chris pratt actually predicted his hollywood success during a behind-the-scenes shoot years before he would land the lead role in "jurassic world". >> i got a text message from speec steven spielberg. i'll have to get back to you later about "jurassic park 4." boom. >> another secret? creator michael shore would schedule time at the end of shooting where the cast could improvise lines like this one. >> you could have network connectivity problems. >> is there any possibility everything in the worlds being rebooted? have we talked about it on the group text? >> we have joked about it in the
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group text. i have a feeling every one of us would be up for it. coming up, j-lo drops tour news. a look it a her movie all about strippers. >> you have the portable pole like j-lo does? and a "voice" exclusive. we're behind the scenes with adam levine's secret weapon, charlie puth. >> a great headline for you. and we're bringing back ron burgundy. it's -- >> kind of a big deal. >> can he stay classy during a hockey game? >> oh my god. that is delicious.
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visit your local chase branch. comes with 100% beef, grilled onions, and two types of melty cheese on toasted sourdough, plus fries and a drink. it's comfort food for the uncomfortable things in life. yep, this guy knows what i'm talking about. try my $4.99 sourdough patty melt combo. ♪ only six months until the premiere of the kelly clarkson show. woo! >> so you think kelly clarkson's a little excited? well, her talk show debuts september 9th on nbc, but you know kelly has a lot of work to do on "the voice," and the competition is about to get tougher this monday because adam levine is bringing the heat with charlie puth. >> charlie, are you ready to do "the voice"? >> yes. ♪ hollywood >> my advice for the season is charlie puth. >> guys, it's charlie. >> no pressure. >> no pressure. >> the greatest thing about this is making it your own.
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i'm excited to hear what y'all do with it. >> talking about music and really we are cut from the same cloth as far as what we love. >> okay. >> this is the closest friendship i have had with someone on the show. >> charlie is adam's real life "voice" best buddy, and we sat in on one of their sessions. >> i think we should stop. the song is so confusing. >> he is mega talented and he's my friend, and -- >> aw. >> he's super cool and i love him. >> i would say all the say things. >> i hope so. >> no. i genuinely mean that. >> "the voice" battle rounds begin monday. kelly's got kelsea ballerini, and brooks and dunn. >> these guys have accomplished everything musically that you can dream of. they're icons. they're here. >> but win or lose, it's all good for adam whose adviser is his bestie. >> that's a great sweatshirt.
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it's expensive if you want it back. half your stuff is at my house. >> half your stuff is at my house. >> sleepovers. >> charlie is not new to "the voice." he was a mentor for alicia keys. coming up, our friday flashback with chris pratt. >> i signed college for door to door sales. >> his glamorous life before becoming a star. >> i wasn't lonely in this van because i had roommates. something to binge this weekend? why mrs. maisel would be a marvelous choice. and scoop on season three. >> many more outfits ahead. closed captioning provided by --
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♪ [baby crib musical mobile] millions are still exposed to the dangers of secondhand smoke. and some of them can't do anything about it. but you can. protect your family. visit ♪ remember this video of j-lo practicing her pole dancing moves? that was for her upcoming film about a group of former strippers "hustlers." also starring llili reinhart an
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cardi b. who is trying to trademark her line. >> okurr. >> this is the first pic from the set. the "crazy rich asians" star sporting leather boots and bangs. >> do you have a portable pole like j-lo does? >> i have one installed in my living room. >> what? >> to get into character. >> j-lo will be doing double duty prepping for her concert tour. this morning, she shared a sneak peek of what to expect. >> here's what we have. ♪ we want to give them a good show and make sure the music is great and the flow is right, and the set is right. that's what i do. it's a party, baby. >> chris pratt may be a big movie star now. not to mention an avenger, but his humble hollywood beginnings, our flashback is dedicated to when we first met him.
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♪ i signed clemg follege for prestigious career in door to d door sales, and i acquired a taste for rejection, and that led me to acting. >> you're going to screw this thing up, right? >> on the set of "everwood," we quickly fell in love. >> back to my role as an actor. me, chris pratt. to be quite honest and to be blatantly real, like, three months ago, i was going out on friskies commercials and now i booked a series and this is great. >> this is your first work show, right? >> i won the most inspirational award in high school track my junior year. this is basically just a walk in the park. it's just another thing i got to do. >> before finding fame with "parks and rec," chris was a waiter at bubba gump shrimp and lived out of this van. >> i wasn't lonely in this van because i had roommates, so it's not as bad as it seems. oh. look at this young boy, full of
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ambition. >> it's me, babe. i'm back. >> thank you so -- whoa. >>eing naked on camera and having no filter. those are the few trademarks pratt is proud of. did we mention this guy also knows how to braid hair? >> you start with braiding the top one. i don't have a comb here, so i'll re-style. >> what can't this guy do? it's ridiculous. >> gosh. this is not embarrassing at all. >> what really caught our eye was when he dropped almost 70 pounds for his "guardians of the galaxy" role. how did he do that? >> i haven't drink beer. >> it's been difficult for my wife too. i'm a jolly drunk, so she has more fun when i'm drinking beer. >> he's sexy now. he's all ripped, but very cuddly before. >> yes, our belief in love was tested when chris and anna faris divorced, but now he's engaged to katherine schwarzenegger. what do i know about an i do date?
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here's what we were told. >> get engaged, let's pull it off within a year. the best relationship advice i have received. don't go to bed mad? i think that's garbage. sometimes you have to go to bed mad, but at least touch toes. >> as for the secret to his success, it's the same philosophy the star shared back in 2002 when we first met chris pratt. >> i want to never take life too seriously, and i want to always have fun, and i want to always make decisions that allow me to do that. i want to be a free spirit. >> he certainly is a very free shirt and a great guy. not to mention he's also a part-time farmer. chris often posts photos of the animals he helped raise with help from his fiancee on his 100-acre property in washington. >> can we talk about one of my favorite shows right now, "the marvelous mrs. maisel." the cast was celebrating at the festival, and that's where they talked about what makes "the marvelous mrs. maisel" so
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bingeworthy. >> i think it goes down smoothly, like a fine wine. people like to spend time with these characters. >> especially with rachel ros than. >> how can you take your eyes off of that? >> it's an incredible cast. the writing is topnotch. that makes it bingeworthy. >> it's easy to fall in love with rachel as the "the marvelous mrs. maisel," the housewife who turns to standup comedy after her husband leaves her. >> oh, come on. >> i'm serious. i am a mother. >> great. we'll use that. >> did one of your kids do something weird? >> i love it and it feels like we have gone back in time in a time machine. it's about two hours, maybe two hours and change of hair, makeup and wardrobe. >> yes. the sets and costumes are magical, but there's another reason to give "maisel" a try. it's from amy sherman-palladino who also gave us "gilmore
7:53 pm
girls." there's heart, and a lot of female empowerment. >> it's a lot of ambition, and she can do it all in heels. >> she's a joyous character. even in times when her life is crumbling, you know, we make a point to not let her crumble. >> great plan. cross our fingers and hope for the best. >> season three started of the eight-time emmy-winning comedy. there is plenty of time to binge all 18 episodes before new ones are expected to drop later this year. >> i make a hell of a jell-o mold. >> we were told they would like to have sterling k. brown guest star next season, but they're trying to work around his busy schedule. all you true fans of "beverly hills," stick around. >> only "e.t." is reuniting the cast 30 years later. >> come on down. ♪ >> songs, surprises and secrets from the set. >> the "ghostbusters 2" guys
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wanted to use kumbaya. but we have it. >> this is your first casting role, right? >> it was. >> i was, like, help me. >> attention, k-mart shoppers. >> it's on tuesday only on "e.t.." " next on kron-4 news at
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eight: new details have emerged on the cause of death of san francisco public defenders . we have a timeline of events leading up to his death. plus the robert muller investigation has been completed. we take a look at what is next and have reaction during a live interview at 8:30. and the rain is coming down again all over the bay area. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow breaks down how long the wet weather is going to stick around this time. i'm ken wayne i'm pam moore. the news -- at eight -- is next.
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travel considerations provided by -- well, we have run out of time tonight, but one more thing for you to check out before we go. >> have a great weekend, everybody. >> take care now. >> he scores. put that baby to bed without a diaper. >> that's ron burgundy broadcasting an l.a. kings game. >> i'm kind of a big deal. >> cleared by the kings. take that, san jose. zero stanley cups. >> you stay classy, san jose. >> his cocky alter ego took over the entire second period, snatching slap shots. >> we have a shot on goal. saved by martin jones. you know what he does in the off season, he works with puppets. >> while ron famously got in a
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ask for paragard by name. now at eight ... some heavy rain moving through the bay areaa wet start to the weekend ... we have some good news about what's coming tomorrow. (whoosh)the autopsy of san francisco public defender contians some surprising details on the cause of his death(whoosh) that report needs to be made public, the american people have a right and a need to know and reaction pouring in as special counsel robert mueller turns over the results of his investigation of possible russian collusion with the trump presidential campaign. (pam) we are taking a live look at the richmond san rafael bridge tonight ... the rain has been coming down nd


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