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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 23, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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(jr) if you live in the north bay a major highway is closed right now. good evening and thank you for joining us at 8, i'm j.r. stone. justine waldman has the night off. at 7 o'clock highway 37 just east of highway 121 was forced to close for emergency repair work to a railroad crossing. kron4's dan thorn joins us live tonight in sonoma county where that work is going on.. dan... the often-difficult highway 37 is closed tonight not because of the usual flooding but because of railroad repairs.. you can see the work going on behind me right now--and that
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work will continue until tomorrow morning.. highway signs provide an early warning for drivers along highway 37..the heavily used stretch of road closing saturday night because of emergency repairs to a railroad..heavy machinery is being used to fix this crossing just east of highway 121 near sears point in sonoma county..a spokesman for north western pacific railroad says a broken rail has become a hazard to trains and drivers.. workers will replace the rail and the panels owned by sonoma marin area rail transit.. meanwhile, drivers are being told to watch for detours..plan ahead and take alternate routes..during this closure west bound highway 37 traffic should use northbound highway 29 to westbound sr-12 to southbound highway 121. drivers can re-enter westbound 37 at the highway 121/37 interchange. eastbound 37 drivers should use northbound 121 to eastbound highway 12 to southbound highway 29. do this before re-entering highway 37 at the highway 29/37 interchange.. chp is also helping direct drivers out here. this emergency repair work should wrap up tomorrow morning at 10. that's the latest here live in sonoma county..dan thorn kron4 news. (jr)
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(jr) alcohol and an incredibly high rate of speed likely led to a deadly plunge this morning in marin county. that's from a park ranger at mount tam state park. police say -- a mill valley man in his 50s died after his car fell 600 feet down a cliff. investigators called in a sonoma county sheriff's helicopter to rescue the driver. he was airlifted to the roadway and pronounced dead. police say the driver was the only one in the car. (jr) now to the deadly stabbing at fisherman's wharf.
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a man charged in connection to the case is expected to be back in court tuesday. police say -- 56- year-old ábruce penná stabbed 44-year-old brook pettyjohn on wednesday. penn was arraigned yesterday but did not enter a plea. investigators are trying to figure out áwhyá the stabbing happened. they say both men frequently visited the fisherman's wharf area. (jr) happening now -- police are still searching for a man wanted in connection to yesterday's stabbing at fruitvale bart station. the victim suffered non-life threatening injuries and is said to be in stable condition. but as kron 4's sara stinson reports -- the stabbing has many bart riders feeling uneasy tonight. (on cam)
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minding your own business the next someone could be attacking you.">here is a photo of the suspect from the security footage that shows at unfolded at the fruitvale bart station just before three friday afternoon.two men got into a fight on the train - once it stopped at the station - the fight spilled out onto the platform.a man was stabbed and taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries. the suspect fled the scene on foot - he is described being about 30 to 35 years old, 5'6 to 5'8 tall with a slender build wearing a green colored jacket and blue jeans.with this being another violent attack on bart - everyday riders say there needs to be more security.(on cam)
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news.">kron four sara stinson, san francisco, sara stinson, kron four news."> (jr) if you lost power last night in pacifica -- this is why. police say -- a car crashed into a power pole at around 10:45 last night on state route one between fassler avenue and reina del mal drive. the power poll broke and live power lines fell across the car. everyone in the car got out safetly and only suffered minor injuries. the road was closed for about an hour last night... and crews shut it down again this evening to repair the pole. the road was scheduled to re-open at eight. (justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our
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forecast. . as skies clear overnight, temperatures will drop into the upper 30s in the inland valleys to the mid 40s in the bay area. expect patchy fog to form in portions of the north bay valleys overnight. temperatures on sunday will warm near average into the 60s in most areas. high clouds will increase during the afternoon as the next storm approaches the bay area. these systems will bring periods of rain and breezy conditions to the region. (jr) in the 20-20 presidential race -- senator ákamala harrisá is campaigning in texas this weekend. she held a rally earlier in houston -- annoucing a houston -- rally earlier in she held a weekend.texas this campaigning in harrisá is ákamala region.
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(jr) in the 20-20 presidential race -- senator ákamala harrisá is campaigning in texas this weekend. she held a rally earlier in houston -- annoucing a plan to increase teacher salaries. "i'm declaring to you that by the end of my first term we will have improved teachers' salaries so that we close the pay gap because right now teachers are making over ten percent less than other college educated graduatesm and that gap is about 13 thousanddollars a year, and i am pledging to you that through the federal resources that are available we will close that gap." (jr) harris is citing a
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study from the liberal-leaning economic policy institute. she plans to release more details of her plan next week. (jr) another democratic candidate -- bernie sanders is campaigning in california this week. he held this rally today in los angeles. this was his second campaign rally in califonia following yesterday's event in san diego. (jr) sanders will be in san francisco tomorrow afternoon. a rally is scheduled for 12:30 at great meadows park in fort mason. doors will open at 11 a-m. (jr) how the music festival ácoachellaá aims to be more welcoming this year after -- when it comes to visitors' gender identity. (jr) plus -- today there was a security scare at s-f-o. what we now know. (jr) a fight against human trafficking -- here in the bay area. the message that
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these activists want to share with you to prevent the crime.
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♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app, jason wu could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while putting on a runway show for new york fashion week. ♪ ♪ he could. or, he could make it even easier - and set up recurring payments to his neighbor. for cat sitting. (meow) whoa. you've groomed her, too. (cell phone vibrating) and now she's ready for the catwalk. life, lived jason's way. chase. make more of what's yours. (jr)in sonoma county, healdsburg police say there have been several thefts out of vehicles all over town. officers are reminding residents to stay alert and secure your vehicles and valuables.kron 4's gayle ong is live in healdsburg tonight with this story.gayle...
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healdsburg police say most of the time, the thefts are happening from unlocked resident caught the whole thing on camera. anyone who recognizes that person in the surveillance video is asked to call police. live in healdsburg, gayle ong kron 4 news.
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(jr) san francisco is on the list of the fbi's highest child sex trafficking areas in the u-s. and the trend spans the bay area. in the north bay today -- activists... police officers and legal professionals came together for an event focused on human trafficking awareness. the event called "dare to fight back against human trafficking," was held at dominican university in san rafael. people who joined the event heard from a trafficking survivor, young activists, and legal professionals. organizers showed a film produced by a teen survivor and activist. < "we somehow don't realize
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that this could be happening right under are noses in sonoma and marin and we don't recognize it."> should be alert to."> (jr) the f-b-i considers human trafficking to be the third- largest criminal activity in the world. (jr) tonight only on kron4, vicki liviakis talks with a young woman from sonoma who was trafficked in the bay area when she was just 12 years old... and is now warning other children. "having lived in sonoma county life has always been delightful simple and safe..." that's the image many of us have of sonoma county. but for maya - life there was anything but. and it began in the 6th grade. a child from a good home - even so, she was lured into the world of sex trafficking. maya spent six years being trafficked in sonoma, san francisco and marin. she says it was a woman she calls
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olivia who approached her about modeling. and from there it lead to fear, intimidtation and a dark path of sex with strangers. maya considers herself a trafficking survivor and is sharing her story with others. she made this film short called "playing the game." and her friend shynie also produced this documentary called "strong survival" deputy da evanthia pappas says she's learned a lot from survivors like maya in prosecuting sex crimes trafficking criminals. marin county da - lori frugoli also on the lookout for traffickers who recuit at malls, bus stops even schools. looking for vulnerable girls and boys. maya's message to other kids and their parents. it could happen to anyone - don't let it happen to you. in san francisco, vicki liviakis kron 4 news. (jr) it has been a beautiful saturday for much of the bay area but the rain caused some major problems overnight. this is all new video into our newsroom that you'll only see on kron. a rescue caught on video. it's hard to see everything because of the conditions but if you look closely you can see a vehicle that has rolled over. it was actually smoking when these people walked up to it. they worked hard to get the woman inside out. eventually you see her come out and she is okay. this happened in sausalito this happened
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okay.out and she is see her come eventually you out. woman inside to get the worked hard it. they walked up to these people smoking when actually it was over. has rolled vehicle that can see a closely you if you look conditions but because of the see everything it's hard to video. caught on kron. a rescue only see on that you'll our newsroom that you'll only see on kron. a rescue only see on that you'll our newsroom new video into this is all overnight.problems major caused some the rain bay area but much of the saturday for beautiful it has been a (jr) (jr) it has been a beautiful saturday for much of the bay area but the rain caused some major problems overnight. this is all new video into our newsroom that you'll only see on kron. a rescue caught on video.
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it's hard to see everything because of the conditions but if you look closely you can see a vehicle that has rolled over. it was actually smoking when these people walked up to it. they worked hard to get the woman inside out. eventually you see her come out and she is okay. this happened in sausalito just north of the golden gate bridge near spencer avenue. the northbound lanes of highway 101. elvira gonzalez sent us this video and says the accident happened just before ten thirty last night. officers and fire crews arrived a short time later but again no one was hurt. (justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. . as skies clear overnight, temperatures will drop into the upper 30s in the inland
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valleys to the mid 40s in the bay area. expect patchy fog to form in portions of the north bay valleys overnight. temperatures on sunday will warm near average into the 60s in most areas. high clouds will increase during the afternoon as the next storm approaches the bay area. these systems will bring periods of rain and breezy conditions to the region. (jr) (jr) efforts are growing
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to crack down on anti-vaccine campaigns. the latest social media company to ban anti-vaxxers from raising money. (jr) two children diagnosed with cancer... and their mothers say -- it's because of what stands outside the children's school. their fight to protect other kids in their community.
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(jr) go-fund-me is banning anti-vaccination campaigns.
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the fundraising service announced this week -- it will shut down any campaign that promotes "misinformation" about vaccines. it has a policy that prohibits users from making health claims that have not been approved or verified by regulatory agencies. apparently -- anti-vaxx content has received quite a bit of suppot through go-fundme campaigns. daily beast reports that more than 170-thousand dollars was raised before the crackdown the move to specifically ban anti-vaccination campaigns comes after companies like facebook, instagram, and youtube did the same. (jr) good news if you are traveling to las vegas. some resorts in sin city are rolling back fees to boost tourism. some spots are eliminating parking fees for people who spend a certain amount of money. others are offering rooms without resort fees. the las vegas review-journal reports -- tourism in las vegas reached a four year low in
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20-18. and during that same time period, other major u-s destinations like san francisco, chicago and new york -- all saw increases in tourism. (jr) the coachella valley music and arts festival wants to be more inclusive this year. the concert's organizers announced a new initiative called the áevery one campaign.á the goal is to quote -- create a festival culture that is safe and inclusive for everyone. the move comes a month after the a-c-l-u sent a letter to organizers saying two transgender siblings were denied access to restrooms corresponding to their gender identities last year. organizers called the incident "unacceptable"... they say -- they consulted with women's rights and transgender activist groups to create a more welcoming environment this year. this year's coachella festival begins april 12th. (jr) plotting from prison? what prosecutors are learning tonight about paul
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manafort and his ties to a possible financial scam. (jr) plus -- the college admission scandal fallout continues as more cases of fraud are being discovered. the drastic action one california university is considering against its alumni. (jr) flights grounded...and terminals shut down today at s-f-o. what led to the travel nightmare.
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(jr) flights grounded... and, some boarding areas at san francisco international airport shutdown earlier this morning. that happening after a security scare at an airport checkpoint. kron four's philippe djegal reports this was all the result of t-s-a discovering a loaded gun magazine. (philippe) for about an hour... two checkpoints in terminal three and another in the international terminal at san francisco international airport were shutdown early saturday morning. this while law enforcement tracked down a passenger who just been flagged by transportation security administration agents -- who noticed a loaded gun magazine in the passenger's bag.nats- the ordeal caused major delays and long lines. passengers were prevented from entering some boarding areas.nick martin/traveler- "it was a bit, um, a lot of confusion, so all of the, all of the tsa guards sort of yelled breach." and, while the search was underway to find the passenger in question... flights not already on the taxiway were grounded.nats-
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the t-s-a agents initially pulled the wrong bag for inspection at a screening.. so, the passenger involved took their luggage with the loaded magazine into the terminal.nick martin/traveler- "we had thought originally that somebody was waiting for their bags, tsa saw that there was something in there that they were discussing and that that person had just bolted and run because they were anxious about getting caught, but it does seem like now that that person didn't realize that they had packed their loaded magazine." eventually, the t-s-a agents were able to track that person down. travelers impacted by the incident took to social media to share their experiences and frustrations. one person saying they saw a man dragged away by law enforcement... another remarking how little communication was coming from the airport about the situation. long lines and long delays drawing the ire of someone else waiting to board a flight. an aiport duty manager says the passenger had the gun magazine in his carry-on bag after visiting a shooting range. once located, he was re-screened and allowed to leave. philippe djegal, kron four news.
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(jr) in east bay -- one person is dead in a house fire near bay point. firefighters responded to the home on the 100 block of loftus road around one friday morning. crews learned a woman was able to get out of the home through a window, but a man was still trapped inside. firefighters were able to get the man out of the home, but he later died at the hospital. (jr) this sprint cell tower in ripon is set to come down. this -- after two mothers held protests and took their concerns to the school board for roughly two years. the tower stands outside an elementary school in the town located in between stockton and modesto. the mothers say -- the tower made their sons sick... both boys are diagnosed with cancer -- along with eight others. "having so many at one school in the district, with that tower being the one thing that sets weston apart from the other schools, it's the only
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thing we had to look into." (jr) spring did agree to move the cell tower but stresses the tower is fully compliant with state and federal regulations. (jr) in national news tonight -- prosecutors believe ápaul manafortá might be trying to pull off another financial scam -- this time from jail. manafort is president trump's former campaign chair. he was sentenced to more than seven years in prison in two separate trials this month -- including for bank fraud and money laundering. some of his financial misdeeds included using shell companies. but now, a mysterious company named áwoodlawn l-l-cá claims it gave manafort a-million dollar mortgage loan two years ago. and it's demanding that the loan be paid back from manafort's restitution for his crimes. but prosecutors said in a court filing today -- they're not sure the loan really existed. they also can not verify who owns woodlawn - and whether the company is anyone
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but manafort himself. (jr) we all want to get to along with our co-workers and for the most part -- hope that they like us. but police in arnold, missouri say -- a 19-year-old employee at a rental car agency áenterpriseá spiked his co-workers water with l-s-d. the man reportedly said he did it because they had - quote - negative energy. russell kinsaul has the story, david brading/arnold resident: "i can't believe it, it's ridiculous. i just can't understand why anyone would think about something like that."ann gay/arnold resident (too quick to font): "terrible, he should be arrested.he was arrested.. on monday. police were called to this enterprise rent-a-car location on jeffco boulevard in arnold after workers started feeling funny. a 19-year old worker admitted to putting lsd in a couple of co- workers' water bottles and in a third worker's coffee cup. julie ferrell/arnold resident (too quick to font): "it's just a crazy kind of thing going on."he wanted to mellow out the work place but instead two workers suddenly started feeling dizzy and shaky. sgt tony dennis/task force commander: "you're going to have an increased heart rate, temperature, uh, higher blood pressure. it's been described
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as causing the shakes or tremors before."sergeant tony dennis is the task force commander of the jefferson county municipal enforcement group. he says l-s-d has faded in popularity but is still around. sgt tony dennis/task force commander: "you can also just use that liquid form to ingest it orally with drops under the tongue or you can put some drops in somebody's drink."two employees were taken to the hospital to checked out and were okay when the l-s-d wore off. no charges are expected until after lab tests are done on the bottles of water. (jr) when lab test results come back -- the suspect could be charged with possession of a controlled substance and second-degree assault. (jrs) a robbery...turned into a knife-slash-machete fight.... at a gas station in alabama. and by the looks of it - the clerk wasn't going down easy. lindsey connell breaks down the intense surveillance video.. surveillance cameras show how a daring robbery played out at a north huntsville gas station
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and the clerk made for a surprising turn of happened early saturday at a conoco on pulaski pike. according to police seth holcomb walked up to the counter to make a purchase.he leaves the store then comes back in as if to make a second purchase.that's when he pulled out a knife at the counter. what he didn't expect was that the clerk would pull out a machete of his own.holcomb tries to run away at that point.but the clerk remotely locks the door.that's when a full on knife fight broke out tearing up the store.holcomb eventually escaped the store by throwing something through the window but the clerk chased him outside.that's when the second suspect comes into play.lady nicholson was waiting outside the store near the suspect's car.she allegedly also pulled out a knife.when the clerk chased the first suspect out and also started fighting with the clerk holcomb ran back inside the store and took the cash drawer out of the register.but the
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clerk didn't make the suspect's getaway easy. pounding on their car with his machete he told police that he wanted to leave enough marks on the vehicleso that they could easily recognize it a dangerous chain of events. cameras documenting the whole thing.a clerk who did what he could to defend the business and himself. (jrs) that was lindsey connell reporting... the suspects were able to get away, but they were arrested by police a short time later. they're charged with robbery and other offenses. the clerk was not injured. (jr) a massive evacuation is underway in the ocean waters off of norway. you are looking at cellphone videos from aboard a viking cruise ship. it's flooded after a wave crashed into the ship and blew out a door. 13-hundred people are on board the ship. helicopters are airlifting passengers and crew members one person at a time, and the process could continue overnight and through tomorrow.
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(jr) u-s-c considers action in the wake of the college admission scandal school officials want to take away degrees from some alumni. but ácaná they? hear from a lawyer -- ahead. (mabrisa)i have your forecast coming up a bit later on... (jr) and the oakland a's hopes to hit a home run with the changes at the coliseum. we have the exclusive tour -- ahead.
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(jr) major league baseball is just under a week away and the a's are making some changes. kron four's christina tay-tro spent the day at the colosseum and shows us what to expect... before fans fill the stadium...the a's are putting the finishing touches on new technology...and a whole new menu of food like this.package:it's not just peanuts and cracker jacks anymore..."you think a lot about a ballpark and you expect the hotdog and beer over time taste and desire from fans has evolved 20:45 the a's...partnering with aramark catering...will now have boba tea...a kitchen with a rotating menu of oakland local chicken tenders and well as lighter plates with vegan options.but it doesn't stop at the pops...alcoholic popsicles...and a beer cycle will be available for those 21 and up.ánatsthis is 'the market'....where you can buy booze and snacks...ánatá no cashier neededánatá...making it quicker to get back to your
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seats.ánatsas for a place to sit and eat? ánatá crews...putting finishing touches on three new seating areas..."the terrace..."lounge seats"...and "theater boxes" new ways the a's...are hoping to knock their upcoming season out of the park.ashwin puri, vp of strategy and business operations "i want them to feel like this is the best ballpark in the world 21:25 look live tag:opening day for the oakland athletic's is next thursday...march 28th. reporting in oakland...chris tina tetreault kron 4 news. (jr) nealry 60 of these dogs and puppies are looking for a new, forever home. they were rescued from áelk grove animal rescueá last month. the rescue group reportedly left the animals wihtout proper care for 48-hours. an animal shelter in sacramento took them in... and the dogs are ánowá ready for adoption. "it's primarily an outgrove case from my understanding, it was an animal hoarding case. i believe there were about 50 dogs. we ended up with about 25 here at the animal shelter." (jr) a few puppies are
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still too young...and nursing. they are not available for adoption. just ahead in sports....the warriors took on the dallas mavericks at wasn't a pretty affair....we'll have those
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(jrs) the college admission scandal fallout
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continues as more cases of fraud are being discovered. now u-s-c is thinking of revoking degrees for some alumni. laurie perez reports. if you're there by fraud, what right have your really to be there at all?attorney steve meister says usc can and should take away the degrees of any alum found to have gotten in by fraud.ácaná, he says: because colleges have broad discretion to protect the system by which degrees are awardedand áshouldá because:if they don't do it they undermine the integrity of any degree they award to anyone else.anyone who looks at that degree is gonna wonder about the integrity of the admissions process for the person who's holding that degree.tmz is reporting usc has eight suspicious cases where alums used admission scam ring leader rick singer's servicesand is considering revoking the degrees of any alums involved.some usc students we spoke with were,
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perhaps surprisingly, forgiving:i don't think they should take away their degree if they completed their course work and did it while they were at sc, but yeah there should be some penalty to some extent."i think it depends on a case to case basis probably." "i don't know there has to be some sort of consequences, can't go through the system the wrong way and have this rewarding, the same rewards, 04 so i mean they have to figure something out."one student suggested something akin to major league baseball's asteriskkeep the degree but with a checkmark: "it kinda falls under the degrees of like barry bonds you're gonna take his records away just cause he took steroids?"meister is less charitable, saying even students who claim they didn't know their parents were cheating to get them inshould lose their degree:you give a second break to the kid who never gotten the first oneat everyone else's expense and it has to stop.victims of parents who didn't believe in them and now they're victims of what to them but that doesn't mean just because you're a victim of something that everything is going to work out your way." (jr) parts of the houston ship channel in texas are closed because of áthisá fire at a chemical plant. the fire first broke out earlier this week and burned for four days. but just yesterday -- it re-ignited and caused a dyke wall to collapse. the company that owns the plant says flames breached the dyke wall around its chemical tank yard and chemicals leaked
8:46 pm
out. "some of the liquid behind the containment wall remained on the barrier but some did get escape. the escape liquid was made of a mix of the products from the tanks that burned in the fire, firefighting foam and water from our firefighting efforts." (jr) the u-s coast guard deployed 85-hundred feet of boom in hopes of trapping leaked chemicals. but they detected benzene in the water. officials say the ship channel will re-open once they determine that the area is safe. the ship channel is a part of the port of houston-- which is one of the countries' busiest seaports (jr) flooding continues in the midwest. this is video of the missouri river in kansas city. flooding has damaged thousands of homes and agricultural land along the river. crews with kansas city power and light also shut off power to customers in five communities because of the
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flooding. (justine) taking a live look outside....(jr stone) meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez has our forecast. . as skies clear overnight, temperatures will drop into the upper 30s in the inland valleys to the mid 40s in the bay area. expect patchy fog to form in portions of the north bay valleys overnight. temperatures on sunday will warm near average into the 60s in most areas. high clouds will increase during the afternoon as the next storm approaches the bay area. these systems will bring periods of rain and breezy conditions to the region. region.conditions to the and
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breezy conditions to the region.
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the warriors....fresh off of a drubbing of the indiana pacers....figured to do the same tonight to the lowly dallas mavericks.....>but
8:50 pm
that's why you play the game....and the mavs had a different plan in mind......> get this ---- dirk made his oracle arena debut on february 7th, was his second career nba game...he had 16 points.....>this could be his final game in oracle and he really turned back the clocks on the dubs tonight......> mav's jumped ahead early.....dirk from beyond the arc....they would go on a 16-5 run to start the 1st....>3rd quarter....nowitzki again....draining threes left and right.....i mean even if you're a dubs fan...this is so cool to see....>4th quarter....dirk....finishing the night with 5 treys and 21 points for the mavericks....> golden state falls to dallas.....126-91....on possibly dirk nowitzki's final night at oracle....>steve kerr reacts thoughts on tonight's loss to dallas...> "well, defensively, we were not connected. we weren't talking
8:51 pm
and we got off to that slow start, and dallas is always a hard team to guard. i mean, they execute well and i think they made 12 threes in the first half, 21 for the game. lot of miscommunication. but, we just couldn't pull together after that slow start and we could never get any traction in the game. so, we just got to flush this one down the toilet and move on to tomorrow. not much else to do." do."not much else to on to tomorrow. not much else to do." let's go to the college of the tournament so far....lsu ner goes to the sweet 16....> under a minute to go....we have a tie game....skyler mays....from nba range....puts his squad up three.....>but the terps answer....anthony cowan gets into the lane and finds a wide open jalen smith in the corner.....big time shot from the freshman.....> under 10 to go.....tremont waters uses the screen....gets into the lane and scores the game-winner.....lsu survives and advances...they'll head to washington dc for the sweet 16.....>
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the oakland raiders have a new backup quarterback.....>after releasing aj mccarron last week....the team signed former buc and former bear....mike glennon....>glennon spent last year backing up josh rosen with the arizona cardinals....> he is orginally a third round pick by the bucs in 2013....> (jr) (jr) one university's beekeeping club is assessing the damage to their hives and honey supply after an overnight break-in. áwhoá they think is responsible....a nd how they plan to catch the thief.
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have you seen this bear? this is a wanted poster for a suspect in a theft, vandalism and death case in pennsylvania. members of a college beekeeping club there believe -- the bear got into the hives last weekend -- damaged the hives...ate the honey and killed quite a few beers. there were bees probably up in the feeders which got knocked off. they were stranded outside the hives overnight and that night it was in the 20s.'(jr) the pennsylvania game commission set up a bear trap...with donuts to lure the suspect. the plan is to trap the bear and move it to a location with fewer people and fewer things to get into. it's been three days so far but the bear
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has not come back. (jr)"music""music"(jr)(jr) "music" check out his moves. this is former san francisco mayor and state assemblyman áwillie browná celebrating his birthday. there was a special gathering last night at fairmont san francisco with several guests -- our own vicki liviakis was there. and current san francisco mayor álondon breed.á she is also in this video. áwillie browná is now 85 years old. his exact birthday was wednesday, march 20th. (grant) (grant) a group of friends who áintimately know the river were the ones who found áthisá body on wednesday. 5-year-old ámatilda ortizá her dad on sunday when she slipped into water -- kicking off a frantic and desperate four day search. spoke to the friends who helped bring grieving family. the crew with river journey adventures are not only friends they're family...
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brothers who protect each other especially when in the dangerous stanislaus river
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(upbeat rock music) (sirens blaring) (sirens blaring) - we're going to a reported 211 that involved a gun. we got three, looks like younger aged males that entered the chevron in town center and put a gun,


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